Deja Vu Showgirls



226 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70130


29.9552424, -90.0686437




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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One of the wildest party meccaas on the planet has to be be the glimmering City of New Orleans. And most importantly is its world famous French Quarter that teemac with live entertainment, Cajun eateries and fully-blown gentlemen clubs.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. HB

    The one african american girl from the ATL gave the best lap dance I’ve ever had, and was one of the sweetest people I’ve met in such a place. I would return in a heartbeat if I ever came back to New Orleans!

  2. jonas
  3. Gary

    Good club… Some great girls… and one of my new favorite bartenders that we got to get up on stage! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll be back I’m sure.

  4. igor34

    The drag show was very entertaining and fun. Shoutout to Wednesday Bonet and co for your performances and ability to loosen up the crowd. When the second part of the show began with the regular strippers, my friend and I left. We were only there to see the Queens. A must do if you’re on Bourbon.

  5. Dennis

    Great front desk, door man and hostess. Dancers are a bunch of fun. Ask for Kate she is one awesome Irish gal, sit back drink a pint and reminise about the old country.

  6. randyhad a great time

    had a great time girls are notpushy for private dances

  7. don

    didn’t like being set up by tia for a 100 dollar lap dance burn “downstairs”

  8. goomah

    I love Vegas, Bubbles, Alison, and Anna.

    Please give them all your money !!

  9. AssnTits5

    A waitress recommended this place to us on a Tuesday. They have $2 Tuesdays. All the drinks you want, $2, plus a $5 cover. You don’t even have to like strip clubs to want to go to this place. Just order whatever you want, pay your $2 (plus tip) and chill. Not too busy before 10, from what I saw. Yee!

  10. candy


  11. jake short

    i love cali baby

  12. a cop
  13. kane

    i was at the re-opening. wow!! it’s worth checking out again. the quality of girls got way better. brooke haven is hot as hell!!

  14. rick

    a dancer who calls herself noel offered to give me a blow job for a hundred bucks in vip and when i gave her the cash she had me esorted out by security for pulling my wang out. how else was she going to do it?

  15. Joshua F.

    Stop by to experience awesome drink specials and a burlesque show with a twist. The girls are hot the drinks are cold and the party never ends!!!!

  16. BIG WILL

    That was the best time that i’ve ever had at a strip club. Jena, visiting from Ontario, CA was amazing!

  17. JGirl

    Mgr is great…his crew are real pro’s….see ya’ll again soon.

  18. '

  19. Joanna&Butch

    We had a great time last week,we cant say enough good things.See Bailey if you go.She is the best.See you soon.

  20. zachary

    its really fun with sexy girls

  21. Natalie D.

    I went here for a bachelorette party I planned and loved it. The manager was very accommodating and reserved tables ahead of time for us. The girls were friendly and beautiful. The club struck the perfect balance of classy and sleazy. I loved that they occasionally played sultry jazz and had one dancer who performed with large, feathery fans. The dances were a little pricey at $40, but that’s less than you will pay elsewhere on Bourbon, and they don’t skimp on the time like other clubs nearby do. I will definitely be going back here next time I’m in New Orleans.

  22. Gigilo

    Well it is summer in NOLA and the talent is dropping like flys. The good girls have left for the season. Management is out to grab all the cash they can with overpriced drinks. Monday night is $100 for 1/2 in private room, but the girls like to talk and grind that is all. If ya want more, other places to hit up. A few months this WAS THE PLACE TO BE, but no more. All clubs have cycles, but this one has run its course. A lord help ya if you break out the credit card.

  23. Eddie

    I have to say C.j and her friend are really good in the

    V.I.P’s…. I got more than a dance, I mean these girls

    were all over each other and me, I have to say that if you

    want all the way, go to them…….

  24. Eric Barth
  25. Chicka

    i liked it

  26. victor and sean

    Kate. There are no words. You are phenominal. Yeah. you are so sexy,

    there aren’t sexier women in new Orleans than kate

  27. Chad

    My wife and I were there a couple of nights ago. I couldn’t believe how talented the girls were. They all were unique. Highly recommend.




  29. sam

    there needs to be more girls like starr. she knows how to treat a man.

  30. harryharry

    The girls were so unattractive.But…they are fairly entertaining. One girl with a big butt and big tummy did some amazing things with her legs and butt cheeks. I laughed so hard watching her that it made paying cover worth it.

  31. Tex

    Girls get much better at 10 or 11pm; very bad before then. The food is great, though. So plan to come late, eat and then stay later when everything gets much better.

  32. jethroe
  33. james1412

    Voodoo burlesque was advertised, but in reality it was just a strip club. The stripping was mediocre with not very beautiful women, but there was absolutely none of the exquisite dancing that I associate with burlesque. Furthermore there was absolutely nothing even remotely voodoo about the stripping. Overall very disappointed.

  34. DJ


  35. TKP

    These aren’t the hottest looking girls in the world but they very friendly! The couch dances are must.

  36. joseph
  37. Marco

    The cover charge was ridiculous (20$).

  38. your mom

    Love this club. Always a great time. The waitresses dressed as schoolgirls!Everyone should check this place out.

  39. C

    Have been dancing in this club for a year. Must say that money wise its going down. Impossible to make money on a week day as it is usually 5 girls per customer Sun through Thur. Slow during a week, as this place is now surrounded by whole bunch of other strip clubs.

  40. Darryl

    Was just in New Orleans for a week. Went to this club twice and couldnt get enough. The girls were all knockouts. Schwin and Holly were exceptionally talented and Vegas and Hollywood did not disappoint. I cant wait to come back down and hit up the VIP. Highly recommend this club.

  41. paris hilton

    thats hot

  42. Ant

    Excellent club. If anybody is in New Orleans check them out

  43. Who You Kiddin?

    Big Daddy’s has this place beat. Deja Vu should be ashamed to have it name on it.

  44. big jal atl

    yea i liked this club. spent alot of money there especially with tecky(aztec).

  45. Emilio of Lafayette

    I had a great time the best club so far I’ve been to since I turned 18. It was a good place to just relaxand have a fun time. My favorite dancer was Pinky, I’ll be going back in a couple weeks to get another private dance from her.

  46. To Dennis

    Why who cares, there are plenty of sane girls here that are more than happy to take care of you, big boy.

  47. John

    The girls and staff were very friendly. We had a great time. I liked the fact that they played both rock and country songs.

  48. :-p


  49. Donna

    This club is nice. We had a great time this weekend, just wish there would have been more theme sets!!!

  50. Calvin

    Love this club and MYSTERIOUS. She’s knows how to have a good time,

    gives fire lap dances, and a down to earth type of entertainer. Her lap

    dance made me get more time just with her in the VIP ROOM! where she

    a lot more fun one on one! GO SEE MYSTERIOUS AT DEJA VU 226


  51. Monte

    Great dancers and amazing lap dances.

  52. Phil

    Food and cowgirls. This is the best.

  53. Travis
  54. nick

    Where is Miss Kate?

  55. z


  56. Luv New Orleans

    What a city, best place for in and out of club specials. Highly recommend this place any day of the week.

  57. Jamie

    I love DEJA VU! The girls are great, and everyone is so cool. We can relax and still have fun here.

  58. justin

    ported in mississippi for the military, me and my friends decided to take a drive to new orleans for a good strip club. most of us were new to the whole scene, and let me tell you for my first strip club i had an awesome time. totally worth the hour and a half drive. i laid eyes on a dancer i believe her name was heather, she was amazing. very beautiful, talkative, and gives a good lap dance, quite a bit more than what i expected actually haha. the rest of the night me and my buddies sat around one of the poles downstairs and just about every dancer was incredibly nice and talkative, and had a few nice tricks up their sleeve. ran into a few not so attractive boring girls though, which was really no big deal what else can you expect? anyway i definitely plan on hitting this club up at least one more time before i head out to california. hope to see some of the same girls again.

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  61. Daine

    For a first foray into strip clubs, this club did NOT disappoint in any way, shape or form. I’m glad I just kinda wandered in there this past week. Beautiful girls with talent. Great stuff. My only complaint is that I wish I had more money to blow on some of these girls ๐Ÿ˜‰

  62. steve

    Best club I went to on Bourbon. The girls were friendly as can be.

  63. Mike

    Good club had “some” hot girls there, over all had a pretty good time but the fact that i saw what looked like a drug deal go down with one of the floor guys was a turn off…

  64. eddyL

    This is one of the best strip clubs I’ve been to in years. First, the girls actually dance. They don’t mail it in, they actually have rhythm and they clearly have pole skills. You don’t get inversions, suspensions or spirals in most clubs. Every girl who goes up on stage puts on a show. It’s worth it just to sit and watch them for an hour or two while you drink.Second, there is actually some variety to the women. They are not all bony, blondes with boob jobs (try to say that five times fast). There is a diversity in race, height, shape and body modification. If you want all your strippers to come from Eastern Europe (which seems to be the trend these days) you might be overwhelmed here.Finally, there is no hassle or pressure here. Girls will offer a dance, but they won’t push if they’re not what you are looking for. The prices are no higher than any other normal bar in the area and security isn’t constantly looking at you as if your standing in the prison yard with a shank in your hand. It is a place you can actually relax and enjoy yourself.I haven’t been to a strip club in NYC as good as Deja Vu. NOLA can be proud of its achievement. Have fun.G

  65. Paul B.

    One overriding theme with this place: Deceitful. They advertise Voodoo Burlesque, zombies/vampires/bdsm, so you think it will be pretty edgy and different. It is just a basic strip club. Topless only. They have 3 “voodoo burlesque” shows each night, I have watched Disney films that are more edgy. I say the entire burlesque show is 6 songs long.I agree with another comment, the front door man and lady in the lobby are rude. Walk in and the place is empty.Dancers pounce you for private dances or to buy them drinks every opportunity they get. Also, I was buying drinks for myself and one of the dancers, got a private dance from her, finished my dance and was considering VIP when a waitress approached and asked if I wanted a drink. I said, no thanks I am fine. She then said just remember there is a 1 drink minimum. So I guess that doesn’t include the 7 jack n cokes I just bought. $10-$12 for a Jack n Coke and they skimp you on alcohol, maybe half a shot in each drink. I would love to give you a set price but the first Jack n Coke was $12 and the others were $10, not sure how that works.The thing that made me leave though is they said, 2 for 1 private dance and get a free tshirt! I got a private dance then after asked about the tshirt and was denied. Bait n switch. Almost like saying it is Voodoo Burlesque just for it to be a normal strip club.We get it, you are a business and you want to make money. But can you at least put in a minimum effort to show that you care about your customers?! I will never return and I suggest you find another club. Go to Larry Flynt Hustler instead.

  66. zz


  67. Chris

    loved meeting China and Mystery

  68. schatz

    i had so much fun, dancers are awsone! def. come back!

  69. Forest
  70. Felix
  71. Kim

    Awesome … espcially Bella with her innocent face & seductive looks and Foxy and Kat with their amazing pole dances! Whoo Hooo! Definatly the place to go. (Burboun Street, New Orleans, across from Hooters Club)

  72. Shauna

    My husband and i had a great time. the dancers made me feel really comfortable. the place is very clean.the drinks were really privey but we spent the extra $5 each and got the vip bands so we could come and go as we pleased so we went somewhere else for a bit to drink.

    My hubby got 2 very hott lapdances, one from Naomi and one from sugar, we had a great time with Kitty but she was leaving so he didnt end up getting a lap dance with her. we are definately going back there…but next time I’M getting a lap dance too :D.

  73. J Gillie

    Had a ball! I’ve been to in three countries and all over the nation. Deja Vu, News Orleans is one of best, if not the best club I havee been in. The dancers are outstanding. Two dancers that I can’t remember their names used the pole like no one I’ve seen. Two thumbs for DV,NOLA!!!!

  74. Samantha

    This club was great. I went there for the showgirl of the year competition & had myself a blast. Man, the girls r pretty, the atmosphere was great, it was an overall great place to hang out & see alot of ass.

  75. raymond

    this is the best club you will ever find on bourbon street,very classy and lovely women. the private dances are the best ever,these women really know how to show you a good time and after i went for one nite i am going to be a regular customer

  76. "Big Body"

    I went to the showgirl of the year competiton last night & had myself alot of fun. The competition went very smoothly & kept me intertained in between sets. If you were in New Orleans & didn’t go you missed a great show. The girls were beautiful & the stage shows were just as good. So, for all of you going to New Orleans stop by Deja Vu cause they know how to put on a show.

  77. RK

    I was in the club this past week and had a great time with Tori I hope she is there next time I am in town

  78. vince

    great club

  79. Garry

    Well I have to say that the Managers are asshole here, expecially the redheaded guy with the attitude and and the pajamas suits, I have to say though, hollywood is one hot bitch, she gave lapdance ever. Her hot friend Anna was all up on my cock and it was awesome!!! I would definitly be back for them, but next time that manager doesn’t need to get an attitude with me when I’m trying to spend my money off my credit card..

  80. Sanchez
  81. Emily

    The club was great! My botfriend and I were treated really well by the girls and the rest of the staff. My favorite place on Bourbon Street. We will go again!

  82. james

    this was a great time! i went to hustler, and none of the girls would talk to me. these girls were ready for a party! the staff was really helpful, and i love stevie and lindy… they took great care of me. i give this club an 11!

  83. sparky

    Friendly fun atmosphere. The pool party is a must see. If you are going to book a party, these are the people to call. They know how to take care of their customers.

  84. Cobie

    I stop in about once every 3 weeks and have a blast everytime

  85. Jack

    This club sucks! If I wanted to see nasty girls with tattoos, and ugly tats at that, I might as well go to Big Daddy’s because this club is really one step away from it- It’s boring inside and the “VIP” red couches smell like sour ass and vomit! YUK!!!!

  86. Tina D.

    This was my first drag show and I must say it was amazing all the ladies were good and I was laughing and singing along the whole time they really know how to work the crowd and give you attention I left fully satisfied and happy

  87. ryan123

    Who doesn’t love to go to a strip club once in a while? You won’t get any arguments out of me on that one.This strip club has cheap drink specials on Tuesdays. $2 Tuesdays to be exact. But seriously, DID YOU REALLY COME HERE JUST TO DRINK?!?!?!?!We all know the real reason people come, to see some boobs! They got some good looking girls here and a wide variety to boot. Best of all they are incredibly friendly and make you feel welcome.In short if your trolling around on Bourbon street and looking for a strip club check this place out!

  88. Chris G.

    We had my bachelor party here in march and everyone had a great time. So much, that we decided to all go back for my friends bachelor party next month. Thanks.

  89. Matt

    My first visit left a lasting impression, and I will return again very soon! Vega was definitely my favorite dancer, and puts on a great show!

  90. Future Feature Film Director


  91. JC

    My friends and I were in town for a Bachelor Party and we were shown unbelievable hospitality and great fun! We had an absolute blast, the girls are very friendly, and the VIP cover charge gave us the best value for drinks and dances that you could find on Bourbon Street…This gave us instant access to the upstairs which provided copious amounts of fun All Night Long!

  92. Franklyn

    I’ve gone weekly to $2 Tuesdays for the better part of a year now and I’ve stopped in on a few other nights as well. I’ll say that the experience can vary depending on a lot of things, but all in all it’s usually a good time without breaking the bank. My tips are as follows:1. If you want a table, get there early (before 11pm), particularly if you have a group of four or more with you.2. Tip the door girl. If you become a regular, she’ll give you the regular price even when they jack up the cover during season and will occasionally let you in for free when she can.3. Tip the bartenders/waitresses like you would at any other bar. It gets busy and they will remember you and take good care of you, even when it is. 4. Be nice to the girls. Tip every now and again, especially when no one else is. Do this because it’s good karma and because it’ll earn you the appreciation of the staff too. They notice, trust me. Tuesday nights at Deja bring out a good mix of a crowd and when you want to have a strip club outing without feeling buyers remorse the next morning, this is your best chance on Bourbon street.

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