The Office Gentlemens Club



640 West Prospector Court, Lincoln, NE 68522


40.7845729, -96.7295634




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Office Gentlemens Club

  1. T-Bone

    Nice new gals dancing this weekend. A little shy at first but very nice and friendly. Especially Fire and hot hot! Where’s Magdalena, miss her…Nice atmospere will come back fur sure…


  2. john
  3. Kelli
  4. Adam

    Overall girls were very cute, most were friendly. Lap dances are decent but no touch. Dj kicked ass the music was great.

  5. yuck
  6. Jerry

    Amature night at the Office last night was off the hook. Beautiful ladies. Everybody had a great time. Just like the Grove used to be…Thanks Office and please continue Wednesday night Amatuer night like the Groove used to have! As far as the private rooms I never noticed them being small, If your looking for a room at the Hilton heres a couple hundred bucks…lol

  7. penis
  8. Bon Jovi
  9. don
  10. Jimbo

    Great time! Thanks

  11. Terri

    Unlike another strip club in town, these gals are actually friendly and unlike another club in town, they are very cute…love this place!

  12. Rob

    Wow, I was there last weekend. They had more girls than i could count.Like a party, I partied with the gals all nice and fun…Thnaks for a helluva night ladies!

  13. Kalvin

    Ya, its a nice place but someone needs to tell the girls

    that they are there to make money. Not smoke weed with the

    customers outside or hide in the dressing room then bitch

    when they have to dance on stage? Also, The tall girl with

    long hair is a b.i.t.c.h. You need to smile or something

    woman. One dancer actually did come over to us and tried to

    have a conversation but all she did was complain about the

    owners. wont come back

  14. Geoff

    Wow, I havent been here in a few months and i must say the ladies are off the hook. Friday night was the bomb. I have never been here when both stages was open. Thanks for a good time and nice gals….

  15. cassie
  16. Davis

    Fun Fun Fun…Love this place!

  17. Stubby

    “Bartender” is right…It’s been about 6 months since I’ve been here…much better, place is cleaner, niceest sexy dancers in city

  18. Tim

    Great club! Was in town for business and had a great time!

  19. Doug

    Holy sh?! This is it they r back and I am happy. Thank god. The office is

    back and unbelievable. To nice to even explain. The girls are sweet.

    Thank you. I’m so glad the Viper room is gone. These guys know what

    they are doin.

  20. TeatherisFakelikeherboobs
  21. fun

    This place is actually a fun place to go to.Yes, its a strip club,but it has a different atmosphere than most clubs.There are times when there are just as many female customers as there are men.People are up dancing around and having a good time,its pretty cool.The staff that work there dont just sit around,they actually walk around and BS with everyone.Its just a fun place and funner than your average strip club.Most clubs people are just sittin there, this place people are dancing and walking around talking to other people, a very cool atmosphere.There are always people who are just bitter or pissed cuz they got fired etc.,but go check the place out on a Fri.or Sat. nite around 11 or 12 and see what I mean.Sure there could be better dancers there at times, just like anyother strip club,but different strokes 4 different folks.

  22. the bright side

    Nice new girls, freindly place, really shaping up


    Where are the hot girls? Tired of going to clubs rated by the dancers and owners.

    It’s all a lie. No, no and I repeat NO hot girls….

  24. Sammy

    Sexy Girls, Cheap Cover, Easy going atmosphere. Like this place

  25. been there

    Been there and it sucks.Got rid of the wrong people.Place looks cheap and trashy and I suppose that it is, NOW.Great new owner,he will be gone in a year or the bar will be.Nice classy floor,if you want to go roller skating.Atleast before it looked worse but you had way better dancers/staff.Great job,your Bartenders drink more than the clients.HAHAHAHA,what a joke of a club.

  26. CrimsonDynamo

    Fantastic array of dancers to satisfy any mood you are in! Really enjoyed some private dances and the beer garden for smoke breaks. Girls will spend time talking without a hard hustle. Great time again!

  27. 1st Time Lady

    I went there and had a great time, everybody was great and very entertaing. I will defidently be there again

    Thanks for a great night out ladies.

  28. disappointed

    Came to this club Friday night. Was here

    for at least an hour. Not one dancer spoke

    to me. Came back the next night b/c it was

    close to my hotel, one dancer spoke to me

    and then went and sat on her boyfriend’s

    lap the rest of the night. Spent the rest

    of my time here in a lame atmosphere. I

    won’t ever come back here. The only

    positive was the drink prices.

  29. Yee haw!

    I love this place! Hit n’ friendly gals..hey Hanna miss you babe! Go Huskers!

  30. won't be back
  31. Hannah

    To lincolnlog….hi to you too:)thanks for the shout out!!!!The new tall girl is pretty and on top of that she is a nice sweet girl, thats rare:)

  32. Bubba Lou

    this has to be the funnest strip club to go to in the city bar none. was therelastnight reminded me of a frat party where everyone from the dancers to the cute bartender is nice and they have the cheapest strip club beer in town!!!!Yeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  33. Timmy
  34. Bobby

    Nice place, warm ladies, reasonable drink prices….

  35. Rudy

    Wow wow wow, all you ladies last night really made my night, thanks for the smiles and good times!

  36. Jimmy
  37. LincolnLog

    wow!this weekend was hot! new tall thin girl. at least 5-9…Total model material…cleopatra haircut…Yipee…Hi Hanna and Felicity…Sill love you too!

  38. CrimsonDynamo

    This club continues to have great variety of top talent

    girls working. Excellent views all around. Bartender is a

    honey and keeps you happy. Really can’t miss with this

    place. I do get around and the girls here are fantastic!

  39. the bartender
  40. Larry

    Hot honeys and the cheapest drinks in town! Lovin’ it!

  41. Newbee

    First time at the club…Nice girls Friday night! lots of room in the club…. Drink prices are great for a strip club.

  42. Sara

    Yall should all come down and see us. the club is looking great and the new owners totally Rock! we are getting some new dancers too and they need some guys to help them get experience in dancing and some veterines who need you to come down amd see them too. we are always happy to see new faces and old ones too!

  43. Cleo

    I’m puzzled that I suddenly see some negative things on here this week about the club. I know the club fired some girls in the last week(thankfully) maybe its them hating on this club but i must say, the office has the nicest hot gals in Lincoln!

  44. Rick

    Was there tonight. Looking good. Fire is back and looking as hot as ever! yeeeeee haw!

  45. Boss Hog

    I gotta say, the group of ladies now dancing at the club is the best collection of dancers ever seen at the place..Rockin, thanks for an awesome weekend lovelies!

  46. club,,


  47. Joey

    Kendall you are an Angel!!! Sweetest (and hottest) Dancer in Lincoln..Thanks for the kind smile last night!

  48. Trent

    Nice Place, hot freindly gals, Had a nice time…

  49. Vinnie

    Cheapest Drinks around and verrrrrry nice cuties. Best strip club in Lincoln hands down!

  50. sunshine

    the club was alright. some girls were bitchy! but other then that it rocked!!!

  51. paul
  52. bill
  53. VERY disappointed

    Ok. I wrote the previous post titled

    disappointed. I gave this club a total of

    3hrs of my life. That in retrospect I

    regret. 3hrs in a strip club and to only

    have ONE dancer even speak to me, not

    approach, but happened to be same place

    same time. Unfortunate for then b/c I came

    with a few hundred $$ to spend, but not

    for THAT kind of treatment. The bartender

    made over $30 from me b/c she was sweet

  54. buffalo bob

    very good club especially the dancer named “angel”

  55. Lincoln Log

    Glad youre doing better Hannah. We miss you too. Looking forward to your amazing pole tricks and sizzling smile again!

  56. fred
  57. Hank

    Wow I enjoyed the compnay of two new gals Alex and Cindy both of whom are hot hot hot..tall lean and soo cute and nice. See you both next week ladies!

  58. clubgoer

    friendly girls and staff.

  59. Bad Ass

    Nice place, cold brew, hot chicks…Glad its gotten better..hats off to the new owners…

  60. Travis

    Wow, this place used to suck..but somethings changed. I think they cleaned it up or something. maybe painted or changed the stage. who knows, but one things for sure, they got some really nice girlies going on in there now. Will be back!!!

  61. Impressed

    I was very impressed with the new Office. Nice big stage and the club has been totally renevated and enlarged. The dancers are young pretty and socialize with the patrons. This had been a issue with the Old Office and Viper Room. One bit of advice for mangagement. When a DJ is not in use allow the dancers to pick their own songs. Every dancer I talked too said this was a issue and they need their own music to dance too.

  62. This place sucks!!
  63. Frank

    Wow the new ladies are glad some of the ladies have left…Cindy is yummy. Thanks London Montana Demi Ro Alex..they are the sweetest..Thnaks for a fun night….This is the only club were you have cute ladies AND fun in the same place!

  64. bob

    love this place, cheap drinks great girls!

  65. Chet

    Wow, nice looks alot better. Nice dancers…thanks for a fun night…peace out

  66. The Devil

    Hope you make it open on October 29th, 2008

  67. Stiles

    I was there last night, real nice party for a Wednesday and 2 for 1 private dances!!! Very impressed.. Also you have to check out there new gal Kendall What a smile what a bod… this club!

  68. ParismovedtoFrance
  69. Matt

    I had a rockin time Friday! Demi, Star, Kaylee you guys are sexy bitches. Of course Im comin back! Rock on

  70. James

    Holy Moly!!! Do the ladies know how to treat a guy or what!!!!For a genuine goooood time its The Office!!

  71. bummed
  72. CrimsonDynamo

    Stopped by and visited after being away for awhile. Some nice and new, to me at least, girls dancing. Met a very hot blonde Russian gal, Anya, and got to enjoy some private dances with this beauty. In a word, WOW! She is a knock out! Even the other girls working were very nice to look at and watch dance.

    But do yourself a favor and get out to see this Russian dancer. She’s a dream come true.

  73. Lenny

    This place is huge!….friendly cover…Thumbs up!

  74. billy
  75. Charles

    This is BY FAR the best in Lincoln. Don’t waste time or money anywhere

    else. Best girls cheapest drinks and on site parking. I heard they even have

    a limo and will pick u up for free and take u home for free!! That’s awesome

  76. Bethany
  77. Not bad

    I will come back, not bad at all. pleased with the price of drinks. Nice variety of girls none of them looked the same.

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