Kingstons South Cafe



2608 New York 32, Kingston, NY 12401


41.8834934, -74.0461935




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Kingstons South Cafe

  1. Dom

    this club has done a complete 360 not like it was before the girls are hot hot hot i would have to say better than pk and newburgh if u come with friends and money u will have a great time.even if u come light on money still get to watch for quite some time im back to liking this place finaly.and no drug addict strippers and shit no more.colin the guy runnin the place is really turning it ugly girl came in lookin for work and he told her read the sign it says cuties you cant work here.witch is a big diff from previous people

  2. Tom

    First time here in a long time and the club has improved. No more fat nasty girls. I was the only guy in there tonight but had a blast. “Penny” and I went to the Champaign room and I almost came in my pants. Then got a lap dance from the bartender who is starting out stripping. she did a great job. she grinded on my crotch so had she actually ripped the seam over my junk.

    They let you touch here

  3. john doe

    girls are looking better

  4. mitch

    I just went against my better judgment and it was terrible. Crystal meth strippers who stink. The one decent one who showed up at the end had a cute body and personality but was also covered in hard moles or pimples or something, which made my lap dance very uncomfortable.

  5. Nate

    I have been to this place once before and wasn’t impressed but things are starting to change. The girls are super cute and overall improvement is quite drastic. The new owner is pretty cool and has big plans for the place.

  6. Mike

    place is looking better

  7. This place sucks

    Stay away from here.

    The fat ass girl who should be working the drive thur at McDonnalds (because she must eat enough) was grinding her nasty ass on me and I was about to hurl. Not to mention her nasty ass worts.

    I feel like I’ll get hep-b or something else there.

    most of the girls had nasty looking skin on some part of their body…some more than others…..I think there was only one girl there that made me hard


  8. John

    Club is on the upswing – the girls are usually very friendly –

  9. Justin

    Haven’t been to this club in about 4 months and then stopped there this week. Met the girl penny the previous post was talking about, he wasn’t kidding. There is a new owner in there named Paul and it looks like he is spending money, the place has had a lot of work done since I was there last. He was telling me about more renovations to come in the next few months. Girls are pretty, friendly and not over aggressive. Cheap dance prices also.

  10. BooBoo

    We are HOT HOT HOT…

  11. Collin

    I’m disappointed to say the least about the reviews the club has had in the past but promise you that you’ll be hearing nothing but good things from now on. Yea; I’m the new guy!

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