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325 20th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201


41.5091441, -90.5716334




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Body Shop

  1. ted
  2. Random Guy

    This club is confusing half strip club half wannabe sports

    bar and it’s very dark. Bleacher seats that nobody uses.

    Dancers are pretty good if you catch the right night. Rules

    in the VIP room boarder on a high school dance with security

    standing on top of you. Essentially Rock Island is hell bent

    on eliminating strip clubs on the Illinois side of the


  3. GammaRay

    I stopped by last night. Hadn’t been there for a while. The place seemed a little more run down then when I had last visited. The girls were super nice and great dancers too. The main downside is the VIP rooms. $150 for 15 minutes? reminds me of a place that used to be in downtown Davenport where you could get a lot more then a lap dance for that amount of cash!

  4. William

    So I hear The Body Shop is the first live strip club on the net. Too bad that’s not true. Anyone ever heard of The Gallery in DeSoto, IL? Sounds like an exact rip off to me, not to mention the name, The Body Shop in Holywood, CA. Wow, is this place real? WTF?

  5. marty

    you can’t lead a dead horse to water…

  6. regular

    all the dancers worth coming to see are gone! I miss the ORIGINAL body shop girls. Breezy and Shannon are the only two girls worth seeing.

  7. JAY

    The club owners and Shannon are the 3 nicest people you will meet. Everyone has a better feel about themselves since the last mgr. was taken out of the picture. 🙂

    The club has bounced back and on the right track. Good food is served too. Try the club out again, guys.

  8. customer

    Thought DAKOTA brought excitement to a dead club!Too bad this club is run so poorly and that management didn’t improve on the mistakes made daily. great JOB on bringing Dakota here but I’m sure she will have nothing good to say.

  9. Jeremy

    I miss most of the girls, but other then that the club still rocks, Shannon kicks ass at the Bar.

  10. Eddy

    This club has made a huge turn around from a few months back. Girl’s are hot, plus there are alot more of them! this club has really cleaned up not sure what you did but, it worked!

  11. bummed
  12. fuk u
  13. Josh

    The place needs help and the dancers need boobs.

  14. Red Beard

    This club suffers from locality problems. It is in Rock Island so the club, just like the one down the street, is a topless bar competing with several full nude juice bars all within a short driving distance, for the same customer base. So to compete it has to offer sizzle that the customer does not get elsewhere. It has never found its identity and the sizzle that it opened with has petered away. Now it is just a notch above the Jolly Roger, maybe. I give it a C- grade.

  15. Disappointed

    Not a fun place any more put the private dance area back were it was. And bring back the girls.

  16. ur momma

    way better than the jolly ranchy

  17. Kieth Moline
  18. wow

    LOTS of new girls!!! Keep up the good work

  19. BRAT

    Always a good time. Breezy and Shannon are the best bartenders in the Quad Cities. Chaos is one of the best dancers I have ever seen man can that girl work the pole.

  20. jes
  21. John and Rhonda

    These girls are hot and talented. This is a great place for couples to hang out.

  22. John&Rhonda

    We as a couple love the atmosphere of The Body Shop. The girls are hot and friendly.

  23. Dean & Dee

    Last year we showed up there with a small group of 4(Me, my girl and 2 friends)on a Thursday nite and we had a blast… Maybe because we had our own party going on… My Girl went up to the stage for a dance and the dancer actually pulled her on the stage and they put on a awesome show ( My girl basically ended up nude in the 69 position with dancer) It might not be the best club or location but we’ll never forget it !!! Cant wait to come back and go again…

  24. Curtis

    I used to be a regular at The Body Shop and still drop in from time to time. They bring some of the best features to town like Daisy Duxe and Levena Holmes, both of which gave outstanding shows. Every club has its ups and down, but I still support The Body Shop because it is a great place to hang out and have fun.

  25. joe blow
  26. Jeff

    No better club in the QC always a blast!Sexy girls, good drink prices always fun any day you show up!

  27. Kenny

    love all the new young girls!

  28. Bob

    HOT GIRLS!!!!!!

  29. Jersey

    I think this club went to shit when brice and his pimp daddy took over.

  30. Joey

    This club sucks and the girls are FAT and UGLY. Cellulite all over the place on these girls.

  31. I won't be back

    Well, the place LOOKS nice, I guess. The girls are pretty and they seem friendly enough. But the ridiculous no-touch policy and over-agressive bouncers really lay a buzzkill over the place. My buddy was talking to a girl and touched her gently on the arm. On the arm! The bouncer instantly ran up yelling “NO TOUCHING!!” The girl was embarassed and apologized to my friend. It’s difficult to relax and enjoy yourself in that kind of atmosphere. The girls know it too, and it totally affects their attitudes. It’s a shame because this could be a really fun place if they’d just lighten up a little bit.

  32. Dick
  33. boone
  34. jimmi
  35. Rhonda & John

    We had a blast last night. And we are glad that our favorite girl Chaos is back. Breezy and Shannon you girls are the bomb. Andy is one of the best DJs arround. The party is deffinately at the Body Shop.

  36. sam
  37. gem stone
  38. Chaz in Iowa

    Loud music, but not too bad. I heard Marolyn Manson ,De Angelo, Pink Floud, Ludicus, and others. Gals do the usual hussle for drinks and tips. “Cream” is a very sexy black gal, with big boobs and she will knock you out for a buck! Girls range from hussle to doing a guy right to just an extended $1 dance in the “private” dance for $20. Go for tipping gals a buck every dance and a dllar dance.

    $150 gets you into the VIP room. That means $25 a beer for four beers, and not much more than the $25 “private dance”.

    Like most of these tittie bars, take the $1 dance, and forgwt the private dance/VIP room. 20 $1 dances are much more fun, and about the same as private dance.

    Now if “Cream” offers you a $1 dance as a sample, the $20 sorta private dance is all good, if you like a black gal brating you to death with big boobs.

    Remember, the girls are not emplopeyes, but indipendent contractors. They get an escort to their cars, and do not do sex dates. A Bud is $2, a shot of Royal Crown is $5. Go from there. $5 bucks admission.

  39. k
  40. MIKEY

    This is a party club!

  41. Big Dog

    was there for the first time shot pool league ! the ladys was very nice and friendly !choas was sweet!!! but my money is on august as one of the sweetest and sexiest one in town! didnt have time get get dance but will be back to see her thanks ladys The Big Dog

  42. Rick

    Loved to shower shows, sexy ladys, great bar i’ll be back!

  43. Rob

    Dull, boring, and no action. The dancers are poor. Don’t waste your money.

  44. gem
  45. groupleader

    Only 4 dancers on a Friday night! 1 (Trouble)looked like she fell face first into a tackle box, 2 too fat and 1 looked really good (Amanda), but had a piss poor attitude. Got a private dance from Amanda, but the entire time she just bitched because her cable got shut off for nonpayment and she bitched about her 2nd ex husband. Gee, what would have happened if I didn’t pay HER for the dance? Deadbeats like that say a lot.

  46. TBS Girl

    This is a great place to work. I love Shannon and Breezy. Dennis and Kristi are also great owners. They know how to run a great club. Even tho Bryce has not done a very good job. I have faith that Those two will bring the body shop back up to where it used to be. I look forward to the next few weeks and seeing the good changes Dennis and Krisi will be making.


  47. The Body Shop

    To Dakotas husband- stop talking bad about a club that booked your wife just because you feel she is worth it doesnt mean that we did. She looked fine until you see her in real lighting and how about YOU stop being so hard to deal with. If you dont like the club dont ask to be booked back!

  48. Dancer

    We really miss Big Mike and even Bryces bitch ass

  49. da

    it sucks

  50. curious

    I had a great experience at the Body Shop. Great music. Hot and friendly girls. Over all it was a great experience. I just wish they would make changes to the web sight.I have been on it every day for two weeks and nothing has changed.

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