Gold Club Tampa Inc



6222 Adamo Drive, Tampa, FL 33619


27.952976, -82.384649




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Gold Club Tampa Inc

  1. Greg

    This is the biggest club in Tampa and the best Topless one too.Great place.

  2. Gargl
  3. Great club

    This club has the best day shift. The food is great.

  4. c v d
  5. Tony

    Never seen so many HOT chic in one place at the same time as I did here.

  6. MikeT

    This club is absolutely the worst club in the bay area! The

    staff was honestly the worst I have ever seen. I was so

    disgusted by the lack of quality ladies. Will never go back!

  7. T

    I love the sexy bartender with the big tits.

  8. lex
  9. Adam Anderson

    Great place to relax & enjoy your self !


    great place. tampa’s best

  11. Eric

    This club is the only one I go to. Everyone is so nice and friendly. No body is left out. Some amazing dancers. I went there on a wed. And they had a Mexican all you can eat. It was the best Mexican IV had. Got a really good dance from Avery. She’s amazing in the pole too.

  12. jd
  13. Arron

    Took a little while to get my drinks but other than that club rocks

  14. <3*
  15. Milf

    Smokin Hot Women…YUMMY!

  16. Token

    Good visit, nice club. Worth the trip.

  17. Mark K

    The best time I have had in any club in Tampa Bay.

  18. attn

    Night Moves Carivan of stars Sat. Oct 11 9:00 pm Til.

  19. Walter C

    This is one great club.

  20. Danny T

    WOW what a great club. The best girls.

  21. ALLEN

    The best in the bay. Friendly staff great girls fun place!

  22. Kim and Karen
  23. T ren
  24. big joe

    ugly girls, staff even uglier.owner is ex drag queen.what do you expect.

  25. Big Rig

    Best strippers in the city !

  26. johh b
  27. Drew

    A great place to start the day and end the night. This place

    has a full kitchen and sexy ladies what more could you ask

    for. Me and my buddies will be back.

  28. holland

    nice plaece

  29. Ron W.

    This is a great club. They let you have fun in there.The girls are friendly and the dances are good.

  30. Boris

    I love this club. Lots and lots of sexy girls.

  31. Chezz
  32. mmhm

    loved it here, favorite club to work at.

  33. Christian

    I live just outside of Tampa. There is a strip just east of the main city where there’s a lot of different clubs like this, but Gold Club is the only place I go to. Great girls, the management is cool and makes us feel welcome. They recently redid their kitchen and the food is RIDICULOUSLY good.

  34. Star
  35. gd
  36. Big Baller

    Good atmosphere friendly feel

  37. Dave F

    Club sucks too many fat girls

  38. Henry

    hottest waitresses in town

  39. club pairs
  40. Joe Bloe

    Not my favorite, but OK

  41. nick k

    This is the best club. They run a good clean club.There are alot of girls day & night.

  42. BigMike

    Free champaingn with a champaing room, good price on the room, hot friendly girls, I got spoiled. Real fun. I recommend it.

  43. Jake B

    Had a great time last night.VIP dances great.Diner really good.

  44. Joey

    This is one top club. They have best girls and great steaks. I will be back best time.

  45. NYJohnny


  46. james t

    great place good girls.

  47. Joe
  48. JC

    This place is awsome. There is known place as nice.

  49. guru

    this place needs help

  50. alan

    hottest dancers that i have ever seen

  51. Amber

    Nice club to work at. Good money.No problems.Fun place.

  52. Soe Hot Girls

    Like this club for a few reasons mostly the hot girls

  53. ivqvms


  54. Mike O

    Very pretty girls. Just stay away from Brandi. Coke whore tried to tell me this stupid sob story and tried to get me to feel sorry for her to buy dances. I recomend getting a dance with Peaches.

  55. doodoo
  56. Harley
  57. fun

    Had an amazing time.

  58. Jay

    This club has the best girls. Great .

  59. DB
  60. Lee

    Gold Club is the best. Girls are great.

  61. Tisk Tisk

    You would think mgmnt would be a little more creative in writing 90% of the reviews that appear below this one. Go in for yourself and see if it lives up to any of these reviews… NOT. LOL! This place isn’t terrible but certainly a far far cry from “The Best Club Around”. It’s lucky to make it up to the level of “Average”. Kinda sad when the club itself has to come on here and write stellar reviews of themselves. Food isn’t too bad, but, make sure you have plenty of TP waiting for you at home. That food ran through me faster than Lance Armstrong on a downhill.

  62. Bryan
  63. Tall Tim

    This place is gross and the dj talks too much.

  64. taylor
  65. KJ

    Best in Tampa

  66. Couchie King

    Awesome club. Very big, nice new vip room, great champaign room experience.Nicer new staff. If I could afford to go everyday I would.

  67. no more

    stay away from this place, someone got shot and killed!!!! all thugs now!!!

  68. TallGuy

    Whoever said this club sucks obviously didn’t have enough money to hand around for more than mins. I also was in there on sunday and spent $500 on a very exotic looking young lady. And she by far was not the only other girl in the palce on sunday afternoon.

    They lack the strict rules of other places and give you free champaign if you get a champaingn room!!! All of the girls dance when they are up there and like to talk. The bar tenders need to pay more attention, but other than that, it has the best dances and the most people reguardless of what day it is.

  69. DAN


  70. out of town

    Visted while on vacation. This is tampa’s best GENTLEMEN”S CLUB. The place is run well.

  71. Sam

    Love all the stippers !

  72. Morten

    The dust has settled and the air has finally been cleared. All of the losers have been removed from their positions and replaced with competent management. Good job!

  73. TR
  74. Luke Perry


  75. Candace

    Had the best time, love the girls, love the staff!!!

  76. Walk
  77. billy joe

    great dayshift, fine girls, love the staff!!!!

  78. Visitor

    I’ve worked at a number of these establishments and this club was very disappointing to me. I visited the club late Friday night and it was pretty slow. I tried to work there on a Monday night(huge mistake) and there was only 1 customer on the main floor and a handful of barflys not spending any money. After wasting my time and money for approximately 3 hours, I decided to check out Thee Dollhouse. It was much busier and the women were beautiful but I could tell they had attitudes. The dancers at the Gold Club were sweethearts but not as attractive and the entertainers at Thee Dollhouse. This is based on my 2 visits in December 2008. Maybe all the pretty girls were on vacation or work during the day.

  79. Just stopped in

    This is the best club in all of Tampa Bay. They have the best steaks and the hottest girls.

  80. Eliza
  81. King Kong

    Go see LEXIS from dayshift for the best lapdances !!!!!!!!!

    Went in other day, took her in the VIP and WOW can she booty shake. I always wanted to try out a black woman and damn it was good !!! Once ya go black ya never go back.

  82. Club traveler

    Best in the Bay area. This place has it all.

  83. Tom
  84. Bill D

    Very nice club. The girls are real good. Well run club.

  85. Richie

    Since the change in ownership this club has steadily improved. My wife an I love to sit at Anna bar and drink her special drinks.

  86. Mr T

    This is the best club in tampa.

  87. Leigh

    Im a regular and I go in for Cortney (bartender). She makes me feel at home with her sence of humor and her ability to make some new kick ass shots (liquad whippit). Ill be back there next week!

  88. LongtimeCustomer

    Been coming here for almost 10 years. Over the past year or so it has become overloaded with Cuban girls. Most of them not so attractive. Most of them not fluent in English. On Friday and Saturday nights you can still find a good mix of girls, but daytime you will find a very poor selection.
    A few years back, a law was passed allowing dancers to charge whatever they want. This requires you to negotiate a price before getting a room. If not, you might get surprised with an absurd bill when finished.

  89. jim

    I went to Gold Club while visiting Tampa. The girls were great! I’m going back on my next visit to Tampa.

  90. CC
  91. Jo

    Those managers couldn’t manage their way out of a well lit two sided paper box. But it’s all entertainment so at least I was entertained! At least they have pretty girls and got rid of the fat ones. I’d go again. It’s fun.

  92. Nada
  93. fuckwadd
  94. jt

    geart club i vote number onr in town.

  95. tim

    felt like miami

  96. lkhy
  97. BL
  98. Al

    Should be sheetmetal club. sucks

  99. James

    whoever said Gold Club doesn’t have any specials obviously hasn’t been there in a long time. They had $4 camicausies all night and I got drunk as fuck!!!!!! I thought there would be more people but who is there to look at guys anyway?

  100. nick l

    great place to have a praty.

  101. Also New!

    Was there on Friday and I would agree, but met nice girl and I returned on Saturday and there was a diferent DJ and he was awesome! so I guess it is hit or miss

  102. Anonymous

    I have been to nearly every club in the bay area and Gold

    Club has by far the best day shift. Friendly staff, very accommodating. Beautiful girls, excellent music. All

    around my favorite club in the Bay. Fantastic nightshift as

    well. Lot’s of gorgeous ladies, and a great kitchen.

    Everything from wings to 5 star filets.

  103. Josef

    Had a great time!

  104. art

    Very well run club.Tampa’s best.

  105. Ike

    It is worth the drive just to see Krisse !

  106. Car man

    Great club. Best barteners on days.

  107. Sid

    Very nice club. It is by far Tampa’s best strip club. Lotts of hot girls.

  108. just stoped in

    This has to be the best club in Tampa Bay. They run a good club. Thanks for a great night out.

  109. snobunny

    I love gold club!!! always have love u jessie and the shortbus!!!

  110. Bill from NY

    Shayla was fantastic and the clib has a nice atmosphere

  111. ken

    great place. tampa,s best.

  112. summer

    the club is kicking ass again. gorgeous remodel on the inside! good food, they know how to take care of the dancers.

  113. big dummie
  114. golden pussy

    Eliza is tha best bartender eva!! Make sure to give her a good tip next time! She’s betta than 95% of the dancers in there!!! Eliza…WATUP!!!

  115. Big G.

    This club rocks. Great place to party at.

  116. nick

    I love this bar.

  117. jimmy dee

    Had a great time here. This is the best club in tampa bay.Friday was just too much.

  118. Big T

    Carmen has got to be the best dancer in Tampa.

  119. Tranced
  120. Sal
  121. Bubba

    This place used to be a dump. If you haven’t been there in a while you will be shocked!

  122. Roger

    This place is great. Best in Tampa.

  123. LARRY

    Lots of new girls. Club is improving.

  124. LongTimeCustomer

    Stopped in Sunday night. What a mess. Two attractive girls, the rest were unacceptable. Come on! One girl must have been pushing 250. What happened to this place?

  125. good

    nice club that they got here

  126. hot
  127. Tangeray
  128. Babyface

    It was my first time there. I had a lot of fun. I got a champaign room with a velumcious lightskinned girl. Cheaper than any other place in tampa and it was more worth it. They give you free champaign and I was a limp noodle after an erotic massage. That was my fantasy come true. If only I could afford this weekly!!! Damn!

  129. Donie D

    I love going to the Gold Club. It is a great gentlemens club.Girls are hot the Drinks are cold.Fun is to be had.

  130. jUstMe
  131. Sandy
  132. dd
  133. George

    Food was great and the dancers were nice. Could have used more dancers though.

  134. Robert West
  135. Authur

    Best club in the city

  136. everheart

    This is one great gentlemens club. Tampa Bay ‘s best.

  137. Albert

    This club is the best in tampa. I had the best time in VIP.My friends loved this club too. Great job.

  138. Rodney

    Been here 7 times in the last 2 weeks and not a bad experience

  139. Sam Cook

    This is one great gentlemen’s club.

  140. mark

    great place

  141. regular
  142. gay biker

    what a dump, they changed staff and management again. this is what you get when a white trash wanna be gay biker owns this. save your money, someone already died in a shooting

  143. N/A

    Ya know what? The only thing this club has going for it is the staff. Everyone who works there does the job they are asked…..It’s Jesse, Rich, and Dwight who make it all run…hopefully people see that.

  144. ralph
  145. locksmith
  146. TC
  147. Kevvers
  148. Razel

    Truely a cut above the rest.

  149. goodclub

    this club is the best in tampa no doubt… best dance prices best champagne rooms best dj’s. this club is the best period

  150. Stevie

    This Club ROCKS!!!

  151. Markie53

    Visited March 26, 10p-1a. Several dancers politely asked for a dance. My evening was magical when “Dice” walked up and started pouring on her charm and sweetness. She was in no hurry to ask for a dance and seemed to enjoy just talking and smiling. I did about 8 VIP dances with her and really enjoyed our time. It was difficult to walk out that night. She felt more like a sweet date than a dancer/customer. I wish I lived nearby. I will be back to see her soon.

  152. Louis
  153. MMM

    Not worthy of all the hype

  154. dick boy
  155. lisa mae
  156. Nick t

    WOW what a great place. This is the best club in Tampa.

  157. Big Daddy
  158. john c

    WOW had a great time.

  159. kenny
  160. Al Thomas

    I like the clubs atmosphere, upscale but not stuck-up. Stacy is a crazy bartender.

  161. jason
  162. Don Jaun
  163. perry r.

    Great club the biggest club in tampa.

  164. FANTASY

    best in town.

  165. tits
  166. little Bobby

    Amy (The new bartender) makes the BEST drinks in the bar! You can’t fuck with her!

  167. South FL Bull

    Went on Sun evening and there were only 2 girls who were more worried about talking to each other than working. Horrible experience, would not recommend

  168. CAESARS

    tampa’s only place too bee

  169. tom t

    great place

  170. Grace

    I love this club.Tampa’s best.

  172. Mike

    Super club !

  173. B-

    This place was actually very nice. The outside did not suggest the inside was going to be that nice- But the place is beautiful. Its really big too. I went on a Wednesday night and they had 30 or more girls. Most were hot, some questionable, but overall good quality. Food was amazing. Bartenders were hot. I’ll go back next time I’m in town

  174. Wade

    The girls were friendly. Their were all different types. The waitress could have been faster but she was worth the wait cuz she was very pretty and nice. The manager seemed to care when I told him about the little delay in service. Bartenders were fast. I enjoyed my lapdance!

  175. SAMMY


  176. great
  177. johnny

    best time i had in a long time. graet steak dinner and fine wommen!!!!!!!!

  178. strip club hopper

    Great Place! Great Entertainers! Great Time!!!

  179. Joe Black

    Very nice club. Well run. Great day and night Girls.

  180. bb
  181. Ben

    Best gentlemen’s club In Tampa.

  182. WoW!
  183. pat

    great new lobby, awesome girls . best food ive had. gotta check out VIP rooms!!!!!!!!!

  184. Jason H

    WOW this place is big and very nice.I like to go to the bigger clubs and this is the biggest club in Tampa Bay.They run a good place.

  185. frank
  186. BRANDI


  187. Wow

    Only really one hot girl in there when I went. Some other so-so girls, but the rest were nothing to get excited about. There were only like 8 girls and it was a Friday night, so that was kinda strange. The private dances are good, not overpriced like the other area clubs.

  188. Chip

    The best run club with the hottest girls anywhere in the bay. This place has everything food, drink, and hot girls.

    The staff is very friendly and fun. Will be back again and again!

  189. Lover


  190. NYCcrowd

    Some hard-working hottie waitress named Shayla made our experience at Gold’s a night worth remembering. She kept the drinks coming and was always there when we needed her. She’s the reason we spent both nights at Gold’s, spent so much money there and why I am writing this. You guys can’t be paying her enough – send her to New York!

  191. caut
  192. Noneya
  193. Mario

    Nice place, Jesse said i should check it out and that he was there for a while. He was right it was cool, good girls. Thanks to him I spent like 400 in that night..

  194. gage
  195. shane

    If you wait for the d.j. to run specials then you are usually gonna wait a long time mgr. needs to make it happen

  196. Gregor
  197. jake

    Tampa,s number one club.

  198. TGIF

    This place has the best fridays.

  199. adem

    gay gm go back to the parkin lot

  200. medds
  201. biggy

    what arippoff!!!!! got sick from the food, no girls!!!!

  202. Ronny G

    Had the best time Friday night.The girls are great.

  203. alex
  204. its me

    Golds is the best club I have been to in Tampa. The barkeeps Amy and Crystal are always friendly and the shot girl Kate has a sarcastic sense of humor which keeps me coming back more than the lovely dancers. Very large inside, most places in Tampa are as big as an elevator. Recommend.

  205. Nack Daddy

    Only thing to make this club better would be alcohol. Best club in Tampa by far……

  206. JoeShmoe


  207. carroll,tiffany

    best girls in tampa bay.

  208. nyca

    You should fire bartenders who throw drinks. No excuse

  209. mr. t
  210. john
  211. ppk
  212. CRACK


  213. John Z

    What an awesome place to chill AND party!!

  214. Dave

    This is the best club in Tampa Bay.

  215. wqw
  216. club hopper

    club looks great lots of new girls, lots of fun!!

  217. Southside

    Great place. This is the best club in Tampa.

  218. Don W.

    Had the best time at Gold Club.

  219. Davey
  220. Strip club traveler

    Very big club lots of fine girls. This place is on the up swing.They run a great place.

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