Club 390



390 E. Joe Orr Road, Chicago Heights, IL 60411


41.5202416, -87.617371




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Club 390 is an upscale strip club that combines sexy entertainment with great food, liquor, and fun you will not find any place else! Newly remodeled, Club 390 offers you a luxurious and elegant environment, with stadium seating, three stages, a full liquor bar, VIP rooms and more! The party never stops here; we are open until 6 am and serve a full menu all night.

We have an impressive roster of Chicago’s finest fully nude strippers and when you are in the mood for something more intimate, pick out one of your favorite 390 showgirls and experience the ultra-privacy and luxury we have to offer. We offer lap dances, semi-private and private full contact dances; the choice is yours!

The staff at Club 390 is here to serve you; we make sure our guests never need to ask for anything, and whether you are with a large group of people or just on your own, we will cater to your every need. From our Managers, hostesses to the wait staff, our goal is for you to have the best time of your life.


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120 reviews for “Club 390

  1. Eddie Reynolds

    I had a bachelor party here on Saturday night and it was awesome. The club was packed, we still had good service and the girls still came around. They didn’t stay long, but at least they came up to us and we got some dances. The bouncers were friendly and helpful the stage show was awesome! If anyone is reading this, thinking about bringing a party to a club this is the place! awesome time and thank you all so much for giving us an awesome time this 4th of July weekend!

  2. Anonymous

    hey does that dude Chris still manage the place, my balls are turnin blue and I need a girl that’s sellin pussy or at least a nice bbj

  3. Big Blag Big Blag

    Absolutely unsafe! Sits in a horrible, terrible, extremely bad neighborhood. No sooner did I step in then I heard automatic gunshots across the street and heard several bullets hit a number of parked cars. About 10 minutes later I hear “Officer Down! Officer Down! Send SWAT!” outside the club. I heard and saw several bullets come through the walls, hitting two other patrons. I was out of there pronto, only to find my car was shot up. No way could I possibly recommend this place in a war zone.

  4. Big Al

    Love this club. Not to big or to small.

  5. vampire

    Used to be a regular at another club. Went to 390 for the first time. Had a blast, great atmosphere, talant is top notch.

  6. Ron

    This place was awesome tonight. I just had the best time and got a great deal on dances. They have 3 dances for $50 or 3 dances for $80. I also was informed that they have $3 drinks on certain liquor and $3 appetizers. I went had a great time, got some dances, ate and drank for a reasonable amount of money. If you are looking for a discount day to go, thursday are the day. Will definately be back for another thursday night at 390. Girls were looking good as always

  7. Jer

    Girls are hotter than most other Clubs I have been to. Better dances, good prices. Clean club

  8. Russ

    club was recommended by my hotel conciere in the city. took a cab and was about 20-25 mins from downtown. Had a great time, lots of friendly girls. Will definately be back on my next visit.

  9. Rob

    Prefer day shift girls, they’re laid back and fun to hang out with. Not pushy at all.

  10. Joe

    Not bad. Had fun

  11. Bria

    Threw my guy friend a party here..AMAZING service from start to finish..def the place to host your party! And can I say WOW on a couple of their dancers..Valerie, Vanity, Tori, Kendra & Monica are incredible. Oh, and the atmosphere is classy, not your typical dive strip club and they have this new stage that is going to be awesome, not up a running yet, but soon I guess..looks like the colors are melting together!! But overall..I would TOTALLY recommend this place to everyone wanting to have fun with hot girls in a classy environment!

  12. natasha
  13. First Rate

    dancers in a second rate club. All good !

  14. Jalisha Garrison

    Im an experienced, young, beautiful entertainer. I live near this club And I provide my own form of transportation. I’ve filled out multiple apps in person and online. Majority of the dancers are white ladies, the few ones of color have seniority no new colored faces. I’m black if u haven’t picked that up. Club 390 won’t even give me the privilege of auditioning. My applications have been mysteriously miss placed each and every time I physically arrived to speak with management. Although they are hiring and it has been publicly advertised I’m not allowed to even audition!!! I feel discriminated against I feel that club 390 is being extremely prejudice and I’m letting everyone know!

  15. FAN TA C

    OMG what can’t you say about this club? Hot girls wiatresses & dancers. Supper friendly all way around! I’m becoming a regular…dont tell da wife!

  16. Leslie
  17. The Dude Who Knows

    Did you see that chick with the snake! WTF

    When does she work next?

  18. Ray

    A very beautiful Club, tastefully decorated. Hot girls and great dances. I definite thumbs up!

  19. Scott P.

    I love all the gals there. Food isn’t bad either. Had the 390 burger…pretty good!

  20. Ronny

    Met my boys there last night. Great party!

  21. Jimmy

    Love the day girlz!

  22. Fat Guy

    I’ve been to several area clubs and this was my first visit to Club390. This place was perfect. The girls were awesome. The waitresses were great. The staff was friendly and made me feel like they wanted me there. For me it’s worth the extra 5 or 10 minutes past Club O.

  23. Ramjam
  24. Arnie #1

    WTF! Madison is fine! And Nakita is really cool.

  25. XMD

    went here on a saturday evening with my girl. Only ONE dancer approached us in the 3 hours we where there…why is it that the dancers are afraid to approach couples…we are all there to spend money..very disappointing. also Club is Gorgeous inside. however it took way to long for a drink. we will be back. hope they get these dancers to go towards couples…hey why would we go with our girl if she has a probelm with us being there??think about it…security staff was curteous and professional as well

  26. Response to Tony

    Tony, I’m sorry you had an unpleasant experience at the club. It certainly was not our intent to treat you like that. I personally am looking into this incident. I’d welcome the chance to speak with you in person about your experience you had on Saturday night. Please feel free to call the club 708-758-7582 and we can arrange a time for you to come in. Thank you. Dan GM

  27. Ricky

    Came in on Sunday (6/2) after the Blackhawks game. The new DJ did an excellent job! And I’m in love with Mariah!

  28. Lloyder

    Great new girls! burgers bad either.

  29. Awsome

    This is an awsome club you have to check it out!

  30. anon
  31. Jorge

    Awesome variety of girls. Great dances in the back! Nice place.

  32. George

    Dancers ok, nothing special, private dances are charged by 2 minute increments not by song. They need to let people know it’s by time, not song

  33. Pleased
  34. Only live once

    Since I’m from Milwaukee I always make sure I go see Dr. Nick That boy hooks you up BIG TIME! Whtever you want he’s got, and they’re super hot! YES

  35. Brian

    I was at the club for the first time this past monday, and did not expect much. WOW was I impressed. They had about 20 hott girls that we’re cool and gave great dances. Staff was ok, not pushy like at most clubs. drink prices are awesome. Got a dance from Mia totally recommend this place. Management is good to ask for Tom he did me right..

  36. Silva


  37. Kat
  38. Tim P

    I recently brought a new friend to be entertained here. I choose this club, because its my understanding Club 390 is suppose to be the best talent in Chicago and features an upscale setting and full liquor bar! I was pleasantly surprised that the girls were able to go completely naked, and gave great dances!

  39. tony

    sexy buddies and me had xxxtra fun food good 2

  40. Brad K.

    First time at the Club to see Jenna Haze. This place is really, really nice. Girls are hot too. Dances awesome. I’ll be a new regular.

  41. Big Daddy

    Went there on Saturday, wow!!! Really HOT dancers.

    Can’t wait for Jenna Hays this Friday.

  42. Mark

    I had the best time in the club. I had nothing but a positive experience here. It was awesome. girls are friendly, waitresses ok, management and floorhosts very professional. I have never been to a club where the managers will come up to you and talk to you and see how your evening is going and if they can make it better. 390 has made a true believer out of me in “entertainment” i will be back next weekend to celebrate with my new friends and favorite dancer KENDRA! WOW IS SHE HOT!

  43. chris

    loved this place the girls r awsome and very sexy

  44. Danny

    Was at club for first time for a bachelor party on Fri night. Very reasonable drink specials/ packages. Dance prices are reasonable. About 35 girls, some hot as hell, some ok. Service, music is good. Will definately come back.

  45. visitor

    great place, hosts very friendly, and even when girls don’t come around to meet, hosts will bring them around. All girls will try to stick to obvious sugar daddys in such a place, but even with that inclination, the hosts make sure the girls will make the rounds – and the resulting private dances are amazing!

  46. andrew

    Really fun club, hot girls, nice staff, girls of all

    races. I come here every now and then and see alot of

    new faces. Met a white girl I really liked a while

    back named Ariel and I came in there Thursday and

    didn’t see her. Found out she left for Club O. May

    need to find a new favorite or go there.

  47. 9 9 09

    Was in last night. Saw Vanesssa & Kendra. What a variety!! A tall blonde, great body. A petite blond great body!! Really loved it lots..

  48. Why
  49. Pat

    I was also in saturday night and the place was rocking. My friend and i had no place to sit, but it was ok, because the waitresses and bartenders still served us and the dancers still came up to us. 390 seems like the place to be on saturdays. Will be back this weekend again!

  50. Joey 1

    Plenty of beuatiful gals there. Went after work, stayed the whole nite!

  51. custy

    I had the best time here saturday night. I came in with a group of friends had an awesome time. I had never been in before and think everyone should come and check this place out. It is very upscale gentlemens club, not a whole in the wall “stip club” I will definately be coming back and bringing in more friends. oh yea and the girls are HOT HOT HOT!

  52. josh

    this place was awesome this weekend. Teagan was awesome, there must have been at least 50 girls there for their anniversary weekend. i had the best time. I was in the club for 5 hours and never got bored. thanks for a great night

  53. Goliath

    Club 390 is overrun by vicious, violent gangs, flash mobs, armed cop killers loitering in broad daylight, and the club sits in a war zone of a very bad neighborhood. Shootings are a minutely occurance and they occur in broad daylight. Numerous on-duty police officers have been gunned down here, and even the military has been called in countless times. Stay the blazes away from this violent war zone.

  54. Jeremy

    This is what a G-club is supposed to be like. Great atmosphere, reasonable drink prices, great talent, awesome dances and hospitality. Will be back

  55. looking

    I was looking for a new club to find my “home” and i just found it! This place is amazing. I had to best time and the staff was GREAT to me. Tony, i don’t know what you are talking about. Sounds like you are cheap and didn’t want to pay. You have to pay to play. I had a great time, spent a little bit of money, i had some dances with maria and natalie. They are both fantastic. Very wide selection of girls and girls actually seem happy here. I will be back and you all have a new “regular” in me.

  56. indy
  57. Danny Noonan

    Excellent atmosphere and girls! The DJ needs to talk less

  58. Holiday Treat

    Decided to treat my self to a little holiday cheer at this club. Glad i did. Did the hour Executive Room with Diva…omg she was super great hi energy and worth the $$$ guys if ur looking for a girl to do a room with, my vote is for Ms., DIVA!!! ROCKSTAR…

  59. Jonathan

    390 is a great club there where lots of women in there the friday night i was there all young nice bodies most gorgeous got approached by many girls but the best ones i got daances from were jameson cory kendra mariashu or something like that and natalie there the girls i would recommend to anyone i am sure the others are great to. the only thing i didnt really like was the mandotory 2 drink an hour minimum. i just wanted to have fun with girls

  60. Coach

    In from OHIO, love the club.

  61. Ben
  62. Very

    interesting club.

  63. cc
  64. blueman577

    Had a lot of fun on a saturday night, lots of new faces. Will be back.

  65. Big Dadddy

    Loved It! The dancers were in cop costumes on tuesday. Some were in nurses to. The waitress Gina was there GREAT SERVICE. We’ll b back!

  66. JoeDiangelo

    I fly into the area a few times per year on business and I must say that his place is a really great club, love the variety of girls, great hospitable and friendly atmosphere and just an all around well run establishment. Always have a great time here. The best strip club in the area.

  67. Brad

    I’ve only been to 2 different clubs, so far, but I don’t feel like I need to try another one after 390. I’ve only had one disappointing night there. The only Friday I went, the place was just over half full and I couldn’t count more than 7 girls. I like Thursdays, with $3 drinks and $10 off if you get 3 songs. $30 for the private dances isn’t cheap, but I always go that route over the $20 topless dances. The seating is good and comfortable. The wait staff isn’t perfect, but I’d call it rare that I have to wait more than a minute for service. Every time I go in, I see 3-5 new girls, which I appreciate. There’s a good variety of body types and attitudes. The only thing missing for me is Asian girls (I’ve only met one, so far). 390 is a great place to spend an evening.

  68. miketheman

    Was at the club on saturday night hott girls, great staff, reasonable drink prices. Will definately be back

  69. Jack

    Great club all the lady’s are fantastic special thanks to Lori and Marilyn.

  70. Susiabelldavis

    Like yes love

  71. Jim


  72. Geo

    Overall Club is awesome. Very nice, clean, great staff and good looking girls!!

  73. Tim

    Was in saturday night and had a blast. The place was packed. Couldnt even find a seat, standing room only, but i didn’t care because i still had girls coming up to me. 390 is the place to be right now. i will be back this weekend to check out there feature! thanks 390 and to my “special friends” i met.

  74. Not Sure.

    We’ve been to 390 a bunch of times and always had a great time. Great service compared to other clubs in area. Plus the girrls are awesome looking. Can’t believe the women there. Plus they dont gouge you like other places with the drink prices. Very reasenable.

    Cant wait to see Teagan Pressely there next week! Love it.

  75. Eddie

    Get a dance from Venum my girl

  76. Richard

    Last time I came here was about a year ago, I decided to give this place another

    chance. WHOA! 390 has come a long way… new staff and SMOKIN HOTT GIRLS!

    Good vibes, amazing full friction dances & reasonable prices. Plus you allowed

    to buy the girls a drink or two.

  77. Fitz

    Waitresses and bartenders are hot! Dances are very private. Classy place.

  78. Roy

    Had my friends bachelor party here last Saturday. The club was very busy and the girls were pretty. Dances are awesome in the back 😉 !!

  79. Leonard

    This place was packed on Saturday night. Girls were fantastic. Great stage show. Private dances were “very good”. I’ll be back

  80. Matthew

    Took their limo, top notch.

  81. Susiabell

    Love like and good girl sexy

  82. customer
  83. Marty

    Checked out Club 390 Saturday night. They were very busy and had good energy in the room. The atmosphere is comfortable and cozy. The girls are very pretty and friendly. The dances were full contact and lots of fun. I will definitely be back.

  84. Alfonso Zayas

    Oh my god I was there this past Sat. and I had a blast gorgeous women everywhere. Then they have the girls go around and they do a dollar dance i thought this was awesome. This is my favorite club and It has been for a couple of years now. My favorite, was a girl named “Demi”, if she reads this I hope she remembers me. I want to see her again, I’m the one who gave her a Jackson to have some drinks for me after I left.

  85. Facts

    Girls aren’t allowed to sit for more than 5 minutes before asking for dance. Even if you take dance they won’t sit and hang unless you keep dropping money. Use to drop 300-600 Everytime I visited. Never again. Idiot manager has no clue how to treat VIP’s.

  86. hottie
  87. Thanks

    Thanks to all the staff and girls that made my buddys party such a good time! I will be back! See Suzy for dances, she rocks

  88. Big Mike

    Love this club ! The girls are terrific !

  89. trvlnman
  90. david

    they need to bring that dj danny back. this cracker guy sucks. its 2010 i dont want to hear obscure rock from bands that never made it from 1989. completly killed my mood for the night.

  91. 390 VIP

    This club is the best I’ve been at. Their service & girls are the best! Can’t beat the gorgeous girls and super friendly staff. What a breath of fresh air.

  92. Rex

    I would have to say this club is top notch. Even there door girls are hot!!!

  93. Mike A

    who knows if anyone reads this stuff, but let me tell you about this place. I had a bachelor party here on saturday night and it was awesome. The club was packed, we still had good service and the girls still came around. They didn’t stay long, but at least they came up to us and we got some dances. The bouncers were friendly and helpful the stage show was awesome! If anyone is reading this, thinking about bringing a party to a club this is the place! awesome time and thank you all so much for giving us an awesome time this weekend!

  94. Jazzy X

    What can u say, hot girls, $3 drinks on Thrsday and lots of jugz!

  95. Clubber 1

    Lucie & Sarah. Whoa!

  96. pilot

    Been in here twice. Once day shift and once night. Night shift was much better in terms of the number of attractive girls. Day shift..a couple of lookers. Day shift over quality 2/10, night 8/10

  97. DataCollection

    Sorry, the previous review was intended for Industrial Strip not Club 390. 390 does not collect driver’s license info. Industrial Strip does collect that info in a scanner before you can enter the club. Sorry again for the mistake. 390 is cool.

  98. Scott

    It’s a party here. I just wish they had more of the girls pics up on the web site.

  99. RE: XMD

    I come in with my girl all the time. You just have to go to the stage, or more importantly have your girl go the stage and ask the girl to come see you. Or we ask one of the securty people to bring a particular girl over. We have talked with several girls there and they say that in general girls are very rude when they have approached couples in the past, so sometimes they stay away from them. Not making excuses, but we alway have a great time here. Try having your girl go to the stage, it is like telling the girls that it is ok to approach you two and im sure that you will have a much better time! We always do!

  100. Flip

    Feel comfortable, welcome and excited every time I walk in the place. Enough said!

  101. jake

    Good selection of girls almost too many. Rather have few girls that are smoking hot vs a lot of below average girls at once. Food was decent drink prices are way too high for a beer. Just like another person wrote if you get a dance or use restroom be sure to take your drink with you or the waitress will snatch it up. PLEASE LEAVE THE DRINKS ON THE TABLE some people do got to take a piss or get dances my god.

  102. Del

    Good service, friendly staff, music is okay. Girls are very pretty. Much better than dead Atlantis.

  103. GreatClub

    This club has it all. Great management, service and great line up of girls that are waiting to fuck you for the right price. Fucked a girl named Tatiana last week and she was great. If you want to fuck strippers this is the club for you.

  104. Good Kid

    The place rocks. My lady & I visited ther twice last week. They even show luv to the smokers!

  105. Steve
  106. Ant

    Jenna was hot, you need to bring her in more often.

  107. Zodric

    The girls aren’t as attractive here as they were when the place first opened, but you can get away with more than you could back then and they still have some better looking girls than most clubs in the area. I did heard from one of the girls that used to work there that someone fired gunshots in the parking lot when she was there. It’s kind of obvious that there have been issues like that by their security. They do pat you down before you enter the club sometimes. I was there one night when two dancers got into a fight, but overall I would say that the club is worth going to.

  108. Alan

    Good times.

  109. Post

    I’ve been coming to this club for a long time and never had a problem. I am a honest person and I respect people. But I felt I rated this club fairly and honestly. As far as club hospitality I rated it at a 1.5 poor. This isn’t against the bouncers which I would rate at a 4.0 excellent you see they respect the customers the “management” doesn’t. And from what I here that’s why a lot of the good entertainers have left. From what I here. And like I said I am being honest with the rating the way I feel. It was a good club until things change it will be hard for them to come back. And p.s. keep allowing gang bangers in and kick out the honest good paying customers out. Let’s see how long that last. Look at your Friday and Saturday nights. DOWN. SNF I’m just s customer.

  110. Jeremiah

    Probably the best Club I’ve been to in a long time. Friendly staff, hot girls and grrreat dances !

  111. Regular

    Alcohol and full nude full contact dances! The girls are hot, friendly and not there to pressure you. Friendly staff. Rooms are very private. This Club has it all!

  112. Gary

    Good variety and lots of attractive girls

  113. Matt

    This is one of the nice looking clubs around in the south suburbs. They give you lots of privacy and I had lots of fun.

  114. Frank

    Lots of hot girls. Thursdays rock! Only 3 bucks to get in.

  115. DataCollection

    If the customer is clearly, without any doubt over 21 there is no reason the customer needs to surrender his driver’s license to the club so the club can copy his driver’s license info. A terrible policy at a failing club.

  116. !!Yeah baby!!

    Malice oh my Malice, how do I love thee?

    Was at the club last night and what a blast!! Great dances from above mentioned Malice, plus other great babes tooo!

  117. New

    So i went to atlantis before coming here and thought it was overpriced, and bouncers are RUDE ASSHOLES. i decided to try my luck here and had the best time. Great selection of girls, all staff very friendly, reasonably priced drinks. Although atlantis IS awesome looking, i got much more for my money here and will definately be back.

  118. Big Bitch
  119. Anonymous

    Best place in the entire state of Illinois…

  120. John S.

    Went on Sunday. Have you seen all the pretty chix they have hanging on the wall by the bathrooms? There girls are soooo hot!!!!!!!

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