Club 51 Gentlemen’s Club



2810 U.S. 98, Mary Esther, FL 32569


30.411358, -86.775327




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Credit Cards

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0 reviews for “Club 51 Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Vick

    This place surprised me. From the highway it looks small, but when you walk in, you see it has lots of room. The place was clean and did not smell like funk. The manager (Derek) let me in for free as it was my first visit. The girls were stunning, friendly, and very entertaining. The bartender was a sexy brunette that kind of had that naughty school teacher kinda look to her. The crowd was laid back,and there were a few couples there. The club overall had a “classy neighborhood” bar feel. They do have a very large screen that is very clear. Prices were fair and I really enjoyed myself there.

  2. How Doin?
  3. brad

    Good club, not many people there. plenty of girls. The Brazilian/Italian girl was smokin hot and very friendly.

    I will go back and stay longer next time.

  4. ???

    who is destiny?

  5. wouldnt you like to know

    the girls from the other night were HOT, just about everyone there was great on stage a few of the girls couldnt or rather wouldnt keep a conversation unless you were throwing money at them and only them that little asian hustler got on my damn nerves shed get pissed at me if i even talked to another girl…..she needs to get a life other than that the girls were great and the waitress was just as gorgeous as the dancers!!

  6. cali boy

    loved it

  7. aguy

    who still works at this club from the old sammys?

  8. just saying

    this is one of the best clubs i have ever been to in this part of florida

  9. this guy

    caught the bartender charging me 60 bucks on my credit card that i didn’t even spend.. be careful

  10. Travis

    I always have a great time when I am there, most of the dancers are gorgeous. Of course from being in there on a daily basis and considering it a second home, I grew to have my favorite dancers. The Bartenders are damn good looking too. The bouncers are cool guys. The dayshift managers are great and very good lookin, and the night shift managers are pretty cool too.

  11. F-Dub

    Tha best bang for tha buck!! Even the bartenders and waitresses are HOTTT! I’m hooked!

  12. J. Peterson

    Very impressed with this club. The girls are total knockouts! The bartenders were awesome and were dancing with each other behind the bar. The D.J. was out in the crowd and I got to play twister on the stage with 2 girls! Awesome TV’s and very clean! I have found a new favorite place.

  13. Ryan

    Dropped in around midnight. Grabbed a large wad of one dollar bills out of the ATM and hung them out. Girls overall ignored me. The DJ played one of my requests, I tipped him 5 dollars and by the time I made it to the stage he stopped the song and played something else. I talked to the general manager and he overall gave me the finger, after I dumped 25 dollars on one girl, not even a private dance. The girls are alright but the DJ and the manager are ridiculous. Not a good place to drop by if you really want to have fun, they act tooo picky about their clientele. The bouncer was cool, other than that the club was a joke.

  14. Jim

    My buddie and I went out on a friday and had a really good time. I got a chapagne room with a gorgeous girl named June. She cut me a deal and stayed back there for almost 2 hours for a 150 bottle of champagne.

  15. Cledus

    For a big size club, it has way less girls and too much staff.

  16. Steve F.
  17. j
  18. Aaron T.

    Been in a few times this week and the girls were pretty hot. most were really cool to talk to and not all money hungry. I did get a dance from the tall skinny blonde, i think her name was holley or hailey, it was ok until she stradled me backwards and shoved her ass in my face, all i got to say is my semi went limp with a quickness! I thought her pussy was gonna bite me!! my advice is look for the tall chick and her friend they are way better looking and dont push you for drinks and dances.

  19. Bada-Bing!

    Stopped in on my way to P-Cola. This place is great! Watched a pre-season game on the sweetest screen I have ever seen. The girls were awesome. Went to the champagne room after the game with Kristy, and had a blast. Very impressed with this place.

  20. marcus

    This place is awesome! Just went in tonight and the girls are hot. The only place in town with $1.25 draft beer, and they are doing the UFC pay per view fights. This place has changed for the better since my last visit.

  21. tim
  22. kk

    the club was nice…but i think the waitress’s should be the ones on stage

  23. Just Passing By

    Some Really good looking girls! Hot Daytime bartender. Nice Tits!!!

  24. RICK

    The club is great. The girls were nice, and not too pushy. Loved the bartender Julie.

  25. Johnnyboy123

    Stopped in tonight, around 9:00. No dancers, $4.50 for a domestic bottle… Wow. Not sure what’s going on here, but I thought “gentlemen’s clubs” had barely dressed dancers…. If there’s nobody dancing, ya really can’t charge $5 for a beer…

  26. yet
  27. drover33

    Very nice club for the area. Great atmosphere, and the facilities are very clean. Everyone is very polite. Even the bouncers are nice guys. I enjoyed myself there.

  28. jay

    Club is pretty good, my favs at night are star and marissa

  29. Mike Martino

    Back there again last night. I just love this place. I feel at home there.

  30. Stripper-ella

    love the club girls are wonderful and the management is great!

  31. Customer

    was in last weekend…WoW!!! It’s a bit out of the way but worth it. I stayed from 2:30pm until close. Great pitstop on the way to P-cola.

  32. Lambert

    I love skank but this is the worst skank I’ve ever seen. Fugly to say the least.

  33. Danny

    Drinks are a little on the high side, but the bar was nice and clean. A few of the girls were absolute knockouts, but the bouncers tend to watch you as your getting a lapdance.

  34. need2spendcash

    looking for a dancer from spain name carmen ,any girl name carmen from sp. works here?

  35. Steve On Travel

    Just left the club and had a excellent time. The place is clean, safe, the beers are cheap, and not much of a cover to get in. The DJ is great and the songs seem to go on forever. The girls are really friendly and hot, but at the same time they do not pressure you all night long for a dance. I had lap dances with Amber and Montana. Both were good, but Montana is the BEST. Good thing I am just passing through or I would be there every night getting dances from Montana. Great price and probably one of the best lap dances I ever had. The only negative is the manager hovers around everything you get a dance. He needs to chill. However, the dance is still worth the money. It is not one of those air dances. Race down and get a dance and tell Montona Steve said Hi.

  36. mike
  37. Maney

    I have stopped by a few times on my way to P-cola. There are some really hot girls working on the weekends. The bartenders and waitress are some of the hottest girls in the club….and they will dance for you! Very laid back place.

  38. Mr. X

    Sugar has the best ass in the world! The club is nice Caught the end of the Alabama (ROLL TIDE)game on that giant tv. I will be back when I have more money.

  39. Nathan

    Had a good time. They had $1.25 draft but it was only Natty Lite. Girls were nice, and had lots of fun. Very laid back and comfortable place.

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