Mons Venus Best Strip Club and Gentleman’s Club in Tampa!



2040 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, FL 33607


27.960868, -82.506106




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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141 reviews for “Mons Venus Best Strip Club and Gentleman’s Club in Tampa!

  1. Sean

    Wasn’t a big fan room layout kinda weird but it’s crowded as hell and not like it’s busy and it’s worth it but like tons of people with scrawny looking girls from the time I went

  2. sell junk car

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  3. mons venus

    Joe Redner, Tampa’s long-reigning strip club king, still has something to say

    TAMPA — Besides being the high-profile proprietor of the Mons Venus nude establishment near Raymond James Stadium, businessman Joe Redner also makes a living leasing out properties he owns around town.
    One notable tenant: the Internal Revenue Service — an agency Redner says used to routinely audit him, hunting for some nefariousness they did not find.
    “That’s the one thing I like to tell people I own: I’m the IRS’ landlord,” Redner, 82, said recently.
    Today, in sandals and a graying ponytail, he works from an office in a beige warehouse around the corner from the Mons Venus and across from the lucrative Cigar City Brewing, where he was an investor. He’s best known for battling police and politicians who went after the lap dance business model that made Tampa infamous. He got arrested more than 150 times, ran for office and taunted public officials from his strip club marquee on busy Dale Mabry Highway.
    A conversation with the still-and-always-outspoken Redner.
    What businesses are you involved in these days? The Mons Venus …
    Yeah, the Mons.
    Mostly, I’m a landlord. I have the Cigar City (Brewing) property across the street. I lease to them … I’m a landlord for a warehouse out on Adamo Drive … I’ve got a piece (of property) on Kennedy Boulevard … I own a Wendy’s (that’s closed and supposed to turn into a dispensary).
    I have Florida Avenue Brewing, but they jacked my rent up (so) I bought a piece of property in Wesley Chapel. It’s doing very well. It has a restaurant and a tasting room. (He also has the Brew Bus, which gives local brewery tours.)
    I’ve got about 12 houses I rent to people that don’t have a lot so I don’t charge a lot.
    Is the Mons Venus the most successful business and the one you like best?
    The Mons is the best business (but he doesn’t necessarily like it more or less than the others). The Mons is the Mons.

    A dancer collects her tips from the stage floor at the Mons Venus club. Times (2012)
    I need to do something, though: I need a new sign. (His old marquee was replaced by a digital one.) This one needs more animation. The man across the street (at the competing 2001 Odyssey nude club) is going to take my business if I don’t watch out. He does a good job.
    I think there’s enough business for both of us.
    You know, we changed the format (at the Mons Venus) a little bit (adding private dance rooms). We’re getting more money per customer but we’re not getting as many customers.
    Back in the day, you used your marquee sign to poke public officials and police who were fighting strip clubs. You put up some pointed slogans.
    I have a list. (A printable one: “Hey Mayor Greco Censor This.”)
    As long as they keep putting women in office, I’ll be all right. Never when we’ve had a female mayor did I get raided. I think they have more compassion and common sense than men do.
    After the the Tampa City Council passed a rule keeping dancers and customers 6 feet apart, the Mons Venus displayed this sign taunting the mayor to enforce it. Times (1999)

    Does the strip club serve alcohol?
    No. We’re nude (nude clubs don’t serve alcohol). And no sneaking it in. The stuff that breaks the law? You’ve got to be crazy.
    The IRS used to audit me all the time. But they never found anything because I pay my taxes.
    When you don’t do anything wrong, how powerful that makes you. You can look at all these people and say “do your worst.”
    How did the pandemic effect business?
    It shut us down for months. People were afraid. It’s never recovered, the amount of customers we had — that’s why we put the (private) rooms in. We’re doing OK. People are being a little more frugal.
    How has the business changed over the years?
    Our claim to fame is we have not changed through all the arrests and everything. The interaction between the dancer and customer is exactly the same.
    How many times have you been arrested?
    Over 150 times. Lewd and lascivious …. indecent exposure … allowing those things. Zoning violations, that was their favorite. The thing is, I studied the law, I looked at the caselaw, I looked at what the courts of Florida were saying, what was a crime, what wasn’t a crime. I knew what I could defend and I stuck by it.
    When I started out, I went to jail with the girls. They took me to jail for being the manager, the owner — “allowing,” they called it.

    Tampa Police arrest a dancer at the Mons Venus. Times (2000)
    Then they stopped taking me (to jail). I tried to get them to take me. I said some outrageous things. (He said them to Tampa Mayor Jane Castor when she was still working in the police department). I was trying to get her to arrest me. She wouldn’t arrest me.
    I saw her in court one day and I went over and apologized profusely. She said she understood. Very gracious.
    When (Bob) Buckhorn (who helped push the rule to keep dancers and customers 6 feet apart when he was on the city council) ran for mayor, I said “You going to bother me, Bob?” He said “I’ve got better things to do, Joe.” I turned around and left.
    I voted for him.
    How long has it been since you’ve had trouble with the authorities?
    It’s been awhile. They did bother us a little bit recently (over required human trafficking signs in the club. Court records show the case was dismissed).
    I defended it. I could have paid the ($265) ticket. The prosecutor, he threw the case out.

    Mon Venus owner Joe Redner states his case to city council concerning a ban on contact at adult clubs. The city council voted for the law after the hearing that lasted more than 13 hours at the Tampa Convention Center. Times (1999)
    Tampa’s been called the strip club capitol. Is that true?
    If it was about where are the best clubs, yes. But if it was about the number of strip clubs, no.
    But it was publicized — the authorities, the police, (things like out-of-town sports figures getting arrested in Tampa). So it was the publicity that got us the reputation.
    I was in a train in Europe. When I said “I’m from Tampa,” they said. “Oh, the Mons Venus.”
    What gets your blood boiling these days?
    The most recent would be the abortion ruling … the other thing is the environment. The frog in the cold water that starts to boil and it’s not smart enough to get out. They just don’t understand what’s happening. I’m kind of glad I won’t be around to see it. But then I think I will be, because it’s coming fast.
    (Redner ran for unsuccessfully for office several times, including for city council and state senate.) Do you regret those runs for office?
    Oh no. I’ve never regretted anything in my life that didn’t hurt somebody.
    Are you well? (Redner previously had stage 4 lung cancer, but with treatment was cancer-free for ten years.)
    I have cancer again (but) it’s not stage 4. They think radiation will knock it out. I’m already eating the best I possibly can. No sugar, whole fruit. I’m a raw vegan mostly, except for beans and rice. I work out (on equipment from a gym he previously owned in Hyde Park). I do the treadmill, get myself gasping.
    I’m doing my thing to fight the cancer and I let the doctors do their thing. I don’t argue or fight with them.

  4. James H.

    This is the first strip joint I’ve ever been to which set the standard for what I was to expect of all strip joints. Unfortunately though, every other place I’ve ever been to has disappointed me. No smoking or booze inside is nice. The dancers are awesome. You get what you pay for here and I’ve always been treated fairly. I have no complaints about this place and miss being able to go there on a regular basis.

  5. jim

    i was ripped off so beware

  6. Weedman420

    Other than enjoying the thorn in the side that Joe Redner is to local politicians, his strip club doesn’t have very many redeeming qualities. They have great looking women Thursday through Sunday, but the rest of the week it’s about what you’d find at any other Tampa strip club.Where it takes a back seat, no pun intended, to other clubs in Tampa is the laundry list of things worth complaining about:1) $20 cover. I get it, you’ve been around a long time and you’re famous, but there’s nothing inside that $20 lets you see that other clubs do not.2) Mandatory drink most nights, and I’m talking water or soda since there is no booze.3) No booze.4) The very very awkward floor plan. Stage in the middle, and a looooong bench seat that wraps around most of the exterior walls of the place, with tables and chairs sprinkled around in between. The bench seat is the lap dance area. I’m no exhibitionist, so personally I find it really awkward sitting on a bench getting a dance and a few feet away there’s another random dude getting the same thing. Umm, no thanks, I don’t need to see some other dude getting grinded on, that does not get me where I want to be.5) Not good for couples. Partly due to the above of course since that would get really weird having other guys getting a dance while looking at your woman getting a dance, but also because the girls here are all about cranking out the lap dances to the shortest songs and moving on to the next guy with money in his pocket. It is an efficient operation and it comes off as that.At this point in time, the only money I give to the Redner family is to the son via his excellent Cigar City Brewing beer line. For strip clubs, try Thee Doll House, yeah it’s not full nude, but if that’s truly a make or break issue for you, you probably have other matters you should be concerned with.

  7. NO good!
  8. Rick

    No DJ, No Private Rooms, No Smoking, No Alcohol. 🙁

  9. ryan123

    Mons Venus, you are my favorite little stop in Tampa. So here’s the deal (and i am repeating what my man Carlos wrote below, but in more detail). The cover is $20. I was at Chili’s getting a drink across the street, as there is no booze in Mons, and the bartender just happened to have a free pass to Mons that one of the girls dropped off. I am not guaranteeing that this will occur again, but i got the feeling that it was a regular occurrence. So, no cover and i stroll into Mons. Its small, dark, with a center stage, and couches against the outer walls. I sat against the stage in a bar stool and the girls came by and i tipped them a dollar each. The girls were fully nude, top to bottom. Most wore those 6 inch high heeled stripper shoes, but a few wore gym shoes or even flip flops. That was the first i had seen of that. It was like “wear what you want” there. The girls were not shy and they kept stopping by to see if i was ready for a dance. When i found a young lady i liked, off we went. Let me step back quickly and discuss the ladies. Most were attractive, but they had few women that should have been escorted out. I guess there is someone for everyone though and even those “questionable” ladies seemed to get business.So, back to the dance. I was escorted to the couches on one side of the room and the girl plopped me down and asked if it was my first time in the club. I said yes and so she explained the rules, or the one rule: no touching the bearded clam, everything else goes. She said dances were $25 a piece. As she said this i noticed the sign above her head that said “dances are negotiable”, so i negotiated. I ended up getting 3 dances for $60 (next time i will negotiate harder). The dance was more then i expected. She sat on my lap and didn’t get up for the remainder of the song. I got to touch and had plenty of fun. Unlike most strip clubs this dances here were well worth the money.My friend had purchased a bottle of booze and had left it in the car. He preceeded to go out and have a drink in the car and then come back in. You can exit and enter as much as you want.I left an hour or so later. What a blast. Don’t mis this place if you are in Tampa. The one knock on it would be the lack of private rooms for lap dances. Considering that you can almost touch anything you want, maybe they don’t need them. But for those people looking for anything beyond what i described here, it ain’t gonna happen. There just isn’t anywhere for it (unless you can get them out to your car that is).Enjoy!

  10. That Guy

    This place is AMAZING !! The dances are full contact, the girls are easy to talk to and really know how to dance. Club is clean and non -smoking, but you can go outside and come back in. The $20 cover charge is well worth it. Every type of girl you can imagine (all 8-10 range…smokin’ !) Dances are 20-30 and I gave the girl that danced for me 40 per dance (I bought 8 dances from her and a few from some other girls..Heather was the best, I had to get 8 from her). The girls are very professional and I had a great time..will definately be back soon 🙂 Always 4-8 girls on stage at once, bouncers are discreet and there isn’t an annoying DJ yelling through a microphone. Girls pic their own music and the sound system is great

  11. ClubGuy

    Absolutely amazing dances. Simply the best I’ve ever been to.

  12. nctravels

    This club is excellent for quality of girls and dances. Customer allowed to touch anywhere but privates.

  13. Dean

    One of a kind !

  14. MONS!!!!


  15. RJ

    Visited on business travel based on a recommendation. Jayda was sweet, sexy, wonderful to be with. I will go back as soon as possible.

  16. Janet
  17. Santa

    Merry Christmas

  18. WOW!!!!!

    Just found out they own a local hotel tooooo! Hot tubs in the suites!!!!

  19. Chris P.

    2 separate times we called tonight. Both times they said they don’t serve alcohol but you can bring it. The guy stopped us at the door and said we couldn’t bring our bottle. Then said its $20 a person to get in. Ummm NOPE. I bet I’ll spend more than YOU!

  20. rogerrab2

    A few really beautiful women – I know it was a Sunday night, but I’m used to a little more going on. I didn’t care much for the music they were playing, and no drinks really Kinda sucks… I had fun either way.

  21. Darrin B.


  22. We're HOTTT

    Still the BEST

  23. George
  24. J.R. L.

    I think if Santino lived in Tampa he would be the Don of Mons!!!

  25. A B.

    Small, overblown, no booze & crowded as hell.

  26. John Jones

    This place really sucks!

  27. travelling Jo

    The club is very good. I have been to clubs all across the country and this is one of the best. No drinking alcohol inside is the only negative. the girls are very pretty and the milage high.

  28. A.K.A.


  29. ruff
  30. dom

    Small club. I was charged $20 at the door. One stage. Pretty standard stage dances for a nude club. One dance clothed and one nude. A tip and you had a close up view. The girls were 7-10’s. Maybe 10 when I was there. The private dances were not private. The dances were $30 each, but some offered dances for $20. Be sure to ask first. Lap dances were nude with lots of two way touching. Some girls had there own restrictions. Again a little conversation first helps. Tampa must be the strip capital of the world. The only thing keeping it from a 10 was the open lap dances.

  31. Bigguns

    I’ve been coming to Tampa on business for a few years and decided to check out Mons. The place is smaller than I expected. I would rate the dancers btw 5-8 with maybe 1 9. Lap dances was decent, not much more than any other club.

  32. Pete
  33. GUY

    Was there over the weekend!! The hottest chics and they walk around NAKED!!!

  34. titty dancer

    love it!

  35. Mons Venus

    STILL # 1!!!!! Best in the world!!!

  36. XXXbeast

    I can’t believe I’m publicly rating a strip club as 5 stars. I won’t write details. It’s good. I missed a trip here in 2007 when my coworkers and I came to Tampa. Finally made it in 2014. I think the bouncers don’t have to be assholes because there’s no alcohol served on premises.

  37. This club sucks

    This club sucks

  38. clpk

    fuckin awesome place. I’m in love with a stripper!!!

  39. Harrison69

    I have only been here once and while visiting Tampa and going to many place on top of my list was this place, why? I have heard and read reviews about this place and have heard good things even from a family member. The place is small so do not think you are walking in to a mansion full of girls dancing to the latest hip pop, OK they are dancing to the latest hip pop but the place is small and can get pretty packed on the weekends. I cam here on a Saturday night and it was great and this place is easy to spot from the road wit there color full sign, the inside is dark and does not have that many places to sit near the stage so you might be stuck at first to sit near the back and watch but the girls here are worth the wait. There is a cover charge of $20 bucks to get in but the girls make it worth it because I did not see one single ugly girl here sure they were no models here but over all the girls were happy to be here and most were reasonably worth giving a chance to a lap dance witch most charge 30 bucks per song but if you try to be nice and ask you might get it for $20 witch is what I got, lets just say the girl I got a dance from was pretty and she was a very good dancer not just that she was very good at her job.There is NO alcohol sold here so if you want to drink do it before you come in here, also they don’t have food, the only thing they have besides girls here is water and soda. Another thing I like about this place is that it is open very late, I believe 5am if I am not mistaking. The parking is also small and not many spots available. Overall and out of probably 5 or so strip clubs, I mean “Gentlemen s club” I have been to this was my favorite because the girls were good dancers and they were not covered up and also they played good music but yeah the place should be bigger for the amount of people that come here. I can tell this place is popular, there was two guys having there bachelor party here witch was also fun to watch this guys getting a dance from each girl and then getting humiliated in the end (I will not get in to details on that)GOOD EXPERIENCE AND A GOOD PLACE TO SPEND SOME MONEY AND HAVE MEMORY’S FOR A LIFE TIME. I would of gave this business five stars if it was not for the fact that they do not sell alcohole and the place is small.

  40. PA Farmboy

    HATED IT! The girls were rude and pushy. Seems they are all waiting to pick clean the bones of superbowl fans. I just got to town, heard about this place, decided to try it out before my friends come into town this weekend. Wasn’t planning on spending much money, just wanted to check it out. When I explained this to one girl, she said “then I don’t need to talk to you. Come back when you have money!” Needless to say, I will not be back and I won’t be recommending my friends. It’s a shame that they didn’t have better attitudes, a few of them were hot…

  41. Steve

    Mons isn’t what it use to be.

  42. Keefer

    Great club…best looking dancers in Tampa and a lot of grinding during the lapdances.

  43. NUDIE BAR!!


  44. Vince

    Constant flow of very beautiful dancers – most of the girls are very attractive, face and body. A bit crowded at times and girls are a bit agressive, but overall a good experience. Very high quality of dancers.

  45. yanard12

    I went on a Friday night paid the $20 cover each for my girl and I went to the restroom then we left. Because it was a standing sausage fest with mediocre girls at best on Friday. As I stood in line for the bathroom big enough for 1 person at a time a tall(Fugly) woman asked me if I wanted a dance. I thought it was awkward enough to turn down a tall(Fugly)but no being asked as you are next in line to urinate is a fairly strange thing. Save your money and go throw it at the big booty girls at Emperor’s and Deja Vu! Mons Venus isn’t fun to say by the way doesn’t really roll of the tongue nicely. What does roll nicely you ask? The big booty beauties at Emperor’s and Deja Vu. Oh check out Hush too they are pretty good too.

  46. dancerx

    oh yummy – i already work for the club did you not understand that? things are not always as they seem remember that. i been working there longer then you actually if you are who i think you are. i will be a mystory here but i like you and we work together just fine. i never had any beef with you and think highly of you. peace out.

  47. We still got it!!

    Mons Venus is still the BEST!!!!!

  48. Dave

    I always stop in at Mons when I come to Tampa.

  49. Johnson12

    I went with my boys and all I gotta say is one star for the beautiful girls, but hella rude unless you have money. Very small and VERY packed. If your military and they give you a ticket for a free lap dance you might as well throw it away because no stripper will give you one and they come up with an excuse to refuse, unless you pay them. They don’t serve alcohol. I’ve been to better. It was my first time and will be my last time.

  50. Miles

    The girls are skinny and not very classy looking. was a little dissapointed in lack of variety and talent of the dancers.

  51. larry1

    Went recently with a friend. Thursday night, after 11pm. The $20 cover at the door for each of us was a little steep, but I can deal with that.Walked in, grabbed a few waters and found some seats. Liked the fact that the bottled water was a few dollars rather than $10 a bottle. This place does the “feature” stage a little differently. Instead of having one girl do a few songs, then go to a smaller satellite state, then another stage before roaming the floor, there are anywhere from 2-5 (even 7 at one point) girls on the stage. Each girl has their own flavor, style and roams whatever sections they need to. Fully nude. No booze. Boo.The girls seem to come and go as they please, roaming all over. Occasionally they would approach a guy around me (I was with a female friend) and talk – ask for a dance, etc. If the stage emptied, the “dj” would call out for more girls, and the stage would fill. The girls seem to play their own music from a jukebox in the back of the club.The quality of girls here is very high. Something for everyone and a lot of the girls are stunners. Small rundown: buxom blondes with sexy lingerie, young-looking petite girls, fun-loving pin-up girl, 2-3 tall and leggy beauties, one girl topless with sexy yoga/sweats on, a few international girls, and a bevy of brunettes and blondes to round out the order. Perfect for the man or woman who is a social butterfly, has ADD or just enjoys all types of women. I couldn’t keep track of them all, and a lot of them were in private dances, but there looked to be about 20 girls or so on that night.I noticed that you can touch too, but I didn’t get a private dance so your mileage may vary on that one. You can touch the main stage dancers, but don’t get too frisky, fellas.The only downside I could see is the size – it’s a rather small place. Also, the “private” areas are several sections of booth seating that perimeters the club. It’s pretty open and everyone can see you and your entertainer. If that’s your kinda thing.

  52. harryharry

    Wow wow wow what an amazing place. Just mind blowing. 99 percent of the girls are young and dynamic. Perfect figures & beautiful faces that’s what you get when you visit the place. Full nude honeys and full friction dances. Price range 20 to 30 $ bargain and u will have good fun. Must go for a good time. Mind you the place doesnot serve any liquor so drink & go.

  53. Marc

    I had the best time last week. Since then I can’t sleep without thinking of those beautiful and very fun girls.

  54. Les

    No Alcohol,No Class Girls, Across the street is better.

  55. Anonymous

    I can’t wait to go back!

  56. AssnTits5

    I received a message from Katie H./Stacy (Why the different names?), an employee of Mons Venus, complaining about my 4 star (potentially 5 star) review. I found the message unthoughtful and distasteful as most of her comments did not apply to my review. I still highly recommend Mons Venus for your adult entertainment, but maybe you should avoid Katie H/Stacy.

  57. DJ Wanted

    This club has alot of women but no managment and it’s lack of DJ’s make 2001 across the Street a Much Better Club..

  58. joseph1k

    I’ll be the old geezer here and say uall missed the golden age of the place. I might have as well, but at 1987-1992 I was closer to it.

  59. eddyL

    When I walked out of here I realized that I had spent several hundred dollars. At first I was mortified by my expenditure. AND, then it hit me: It was the BEST money I ever spent! The girls were all Gorgeous, and Friendly. A few times I even negotiated a “volume discount” for staying with the same girl for several dances. LOL! They are good business people too!! But let’s face it, don’t go for their business acumen; go for their beautiful T’s and A’s!! Be nice to the girls and tip them well!

  60. james1412

    great lap dances

  61. E $ homeskillit

    was there sat at 8pm the place was empty came back around 10 and it was completely packed. dancers where everywhere. most extra friendly all attractive (very skinny not my type) got a dance from 1 4 $20 it was ok nothing specail. not my kind of place. dont no what all the hype is about. not bad tho if your in2 just chilling. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND COMING HERE DRUNK ALREADY.

  62. Hank

    Mons is the Best in Fla.!

  63. ja

    excellent club girls are freinly best lap dances i ever had beautiful girls not pushy like the place across the street i highly recommend this place can’t wait till next time

  64. caliber09

    I have to agree with the last review. I’ve been to Mons quite a few times and I

    will say i use to think it was one of the best in the area. It seems like every

    time I go in there I see new faces but they aren’t pretty ones. A lot of the girls

    are way too skinny or look like they are drugged out. We come to strip clubs

    to see women not girls with 12 year old bodies! Wise up Joe Redner and stop

    hiring all these skinny girls!

  65. best

    Best club in Tampa! Better than club 92 for sure!

  66. MisterE

    Went there monday, after a disasterous visit to another club. The cover, $20, was a bit high but worth it. All the girls get completely naked and show EVERYTHING. The dancers are friendly, but not to agressive. There is no drink minimum and the drinks (non alcholic) are resonably priced. The prices for the individual dances are negotiable and are FULL contact. The only place you cannot touch is the pu**y. The only other restriction is that you cannot use your mouth on her t*ts.

  67. crorkz matz

    Q3kUgr Looking forward to reading more. Great blog.

  68. Sy

    I’m here 2x a month.

  69. Bilbo

    So many girls so little time.

  70. edward

    what the fuck?? these girls just walk around however they want to …my wife is sexier than these bitches

  71. Stripclublover
  72. BOB
  73. Jeff
  74. Yummy

    I am an entertainer at the Mons and would like to say to dancer X the Mons would never hire trash like you. So make your comments on your club’s page.

  75. Johnnyboy123

    O mons… what is there to say about you… ppl complained to me that yall were over rated and i was hesitant to go… Your staff were huge assholes to me on the phone when i tried to call days before to let them know we had a huge party coming. A bachelor party of 17 dudes from all across the country. Your response to me was who cares? we are mons. Youre going to come here. This was true… we could not come to tampa and not go to mons. Mons was AMAZING. The club maybe tiny but there is nothing like mons. The dancers were all great. The dancers were friendly and the performance for the bachelor was AWESOME. Loved getting the bachelor on stage and abusing him. There is also a special at the end of the bachelor dance. I dont want to ruin the surprise but youll love it. Love the give aways too. No alcoholFully nudeopen till 5am$20 cover – brutal but they are mons. they can do whatever they wantNo DJ was a little disappointing. The music would stop at times and girls would run to put in money into a juke box. That’s a little odd to me…

  76. PATRON

    I am a local music artist and i had a great time there about 6 girls rotating on stage then 6 more prob 30 diffrent girls fine young girls there model girls this is the place to be.

  77. YEA BABY!!!

    Guavaween wouldn’t be the same with out a trip to the MONS!!!!!

  78. fritter17

    Not at all from what I had remembered from 20 years ago. Not too many girls on a Wednesday night and I could count all the customers with one hand. But the girls were pretty cool and not pushy. No privacy and uncomfortable bench seats. Ridiculous entrance fee!

  79. Peter

    Just there and had a good time. lot’s of girls and not to busy. Just the way I like it!

  80. Joseph

    Unique club. One of a kind.

  81. Ace S.

    Well, I have been to a lot of strip clubs in different countries and Mons is by far the best I’ve been to. Mons is not the typical strip club you see in movies. You won’t see a dozen security guards, talk of champagne rooms, back door access and special treatment, loud stupid DJs, mandatory drinks or anything like that. Rules are simple. You pay $20 to get in, and then you negotiate on the dance prices that go from $20-30 depending on the number of songs. Normally, 3 dances are $60… Don’t be an asshole and everything is good. I’ve been to Mons many times and can’t think of a single instance where there’s been a fight or any drama of any kind. It’s simply a low key (but very famous) strip club that operates very openly. Despite its popularity, the club is fairly small with limited seating and can get pretty crowded on the weekends (after 10 pm). I would recommend going there early just to see the girls before there is too much competition and hustling.The girls are very good and you will see what you are looking for. The girls on the day shift are a different crowd though and operate differently.Just to sum it up, if you’re hoping to see some flashy strip club, live\dj music, lots of drinking, and possibly getting kicked out barfing on yourself, you might wanna find yourself another establishment. Although, Joe’s Pizza (Next door and also owned by Joe Redner) does serve alcohol.

  82. gus
  83. THE BEST!!!

    Mons is and always will be THE BEST!!! Best place to work, best place to visit!!! Girls are 10’s!!!

  84. richard95

    Here it goes. The girls are attractive, but extremely pushy to make you buy a dance. The private room is wide open for everyone to see what is going on, and the dances aren’t anything to brag about. It is fully nude and you can touch except between the legs. I personally recommend Dixie and some other ridiculously looking blonde that my friend fell in love with. They were the only ones worthy of spending your hard earned money on. Good place for a bachelor party pit stop. They took care of the bachelor without hesitation.

  85. Dickolo

    Yo What’s up with your face

  86. jxl

    $20 for the cover is kinda expensive, but the club is clean, non smoking. girls are about 7-8, not like some moron said 8-10 something. maybe monday is not the right will try again later.

  87. Clit Torres

    This Club was amazing..The Girls there are just a $100 away from being hookers. They were so easy. Every girl talked to me, unlike my high school experience. Wish my Prom was here, I would of gotten lucky, and no not with just my own hand. This is a must for every person above the age of 18 or with a fake ID!

  88. Halloween

    Mons is DEFINEATELY the place to go!!!! Hott chics!!!!

  89. timmykilla

    Had a really nice time with my friend on last saturday, the place was full of smiling hot gorgeous girlz.Lap Dances lack of privacy since every dude can see you but it ain’t a big deal for me, had way more interresting stuff to focus on: the beautiful temptresses are fully naked, you can touch almost everywhere! Songs lenght are average. Prices from $20 to $30 per LD + $20 cover.About the stage, right in the middle, with always a bunch of hot girlz.

  90. Bobby
  91. Mons

    It’s not called …”the worlds famous”… Mons Venus for nothing!!! The best EVER!!!!

  92. R.I.P.

    Too bad another american institution going down. Hope the ownership wakesup but I think it has its head up it butt to far to realize what they are doing

  93. lanceboy42

    I have been to the Mons a few times. I love the club, I always have a great

    time, most of the girls are pretty friendly. They definitely have better looking

    girls than most places. My only complaint is TOO MANY SKINNY GIRLS..there

    needs to be more variety with the girls. More girls with curves, I prefer girls a

    little thicker with hips and ass not the very thin girls Mons seems to always

    have. That would probably be my only complaint.

  94. Kevin

    Was in Tampa for a business trip and had a great time with some clients.

  95. ryan

    Roxy and Angela made my trip

  96. aaron

    god is your holy creator and commands you to repent or perish and die in your sins and burn forever in torment and suffering in hell fear god he has the power to destroy your souls and bodies in hell fire

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    7 Be not ye therefore partakers with them.

    8 For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light:

    9 (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth

  97. Aidan

    The girls are incredible. I was never really a strip club guy, then was dragged to the Mons Venus while we were in town for the ACC basketball tournament. I will just say it was an INCREDIBLE experience. A few of the girls were genuinely sweet as well as smoking hot. I know they make their money that way, but one went out of her way just to be friendly.

  98. Vinny

    Constant flow of very beautiful dancers – most of the girls are very attractive, face and body. A bit crowded at times and girls are a bit agressive, but overall a good experience. Very high quality of dancers.

  99. mathewater12

    Came to Mons Venus during my pledgebros bachelor party weekend and had an awesome night with our party. The previous night we went to 2001 Odyssey, so I think we ended the weekend on a very high note. Both are great, but I think Mons has better talent (better looking) and more girls on the floor, so it was easier to get a dance. People may dock Mons a point for not having private rooms (2001 does) but I don’t think it mattered, unless you’re a slime ball trying to get a little something extra. The dances were great and the girls seemed to be pretty personable and enjoyed having conversations if you were respectful and there to have fun. Some of the girls were more talented than others and had higher demand so it was hard for some of the guys in our party to get a dance from a specific girl, but don’t be afraid to approach the girls to ask for a dance. Our bachelor had a great time, each time we pulled a girl to get a dance for him he came back with the biggest smile. The girls really knew how to treat the bachelor! Bachelor party weekend successful. Mission accomplished. Thank you girls of Mons Venus!

  100. Hott!!

    STILL #1

  101. right

    just love mons venus !!!

  102. justin

    i think this club was a 10.There all really nice great attitude petty girls. but i had alot of fun with a girl name krystal she was really nice great personality , really pretty she had the best breast i have ever seen and they were real but they don’t look it . it was awsome i had a couple dances but she was the best she might charge a little more most charge 30.00 and it was worth every penny i had alot of fun.and i will go back to see her ever time i go to tampa ,but that sucks because i live phoniex,az .but u have to go !!!!!!!

  103. Christian

    This club is nicknamed world famous for a reason! Love it!

  104. mons_has_gone_downhill

    With no DJ, the music was repetitive and sporadic at best, non existent at the worst. The dancers were not interested in anything but standing around when on stage. Overall I felt it was a major disappointment compared to even topless bars I have been to.

  105. bikby


  106. joe
  107. Stud

    This is the best club I’ve ever been to in the US. Dozens of very hot women. That aren’t shy to put their boobs in your face or talk with you. Great lap dances for the most part, I came my pants the first time there it was so good. Touch anywhere except the holes. Wish I could afford to go more often. Other clubs should follow their example, they are the best.

  108. DJ Jam

    This club is very inconsistent. Some of the girls were too messed up to be in

    public. There is no privacy during dances. There is no DJ. It’s really gone

    downhill in the last year.

  109. The Chi-town 4

    This klub was off the hook! Beautiful women, very sexy time, a must come back and visit soon!!! Very great price for what you get and trust me its worth every penny!

  110. X X.

    Hot dancers. Great contact on lap dances. My lady and I had a blast there. Strippers rubbing tits with her and being cool with both of our roaming hands.Lap prices are negotiable so find ones who offer a better deal.

  111. Average

    Place is nothing special. just Average.

  112. tednel

    Intimate friendly club. Daytime dancers go out of their way to be social without being pushy. Absence of VIP area tends to be a more honest presentation of private dances.

    I really enjoy visiting this club.

  113. Ari

    I visited this on 30 Jan 2008, I can only imagine what a Fri or Sat night is like. The club had at least 50 dancers on the floor and kept 3-5 on stage all of the times. I don’t know what all the complaining is about concerning the lack of a DJ as the sound system is excellent and if you enjoy the benifits of lap dance you actually get the entire song. I thought the cover charge of $20 was way too much but I was absolutelty surprised for my first visit to any Tampa area club. This club had so many girls in the 8-10 category it was hard to keep count. And, the girls weren’t shy and were always asking to see if you wanted a dance. To me this is perfect as I can’t stand waiting for the girls to approach me. I go to these clubs for the dances and to view some quality entertainment on stage. The dance prices were advertised at $20 but I soon found out many of the girls want $25-$30 but will negotiatate, especially if you want 2 or 3 dances. In total, I had probably 20 dances and only multiple dances from two of Asian dancers there. There were so many girls that I can’t remember any names but even the waitress staff was hot. This place is no doubt world famous for a reason. I can’t say it’s the number one place in the Tampa area because it’s the only Tampa club I have been too. But let me tell you, I’ll be back.

  114. Hottie

    Was pissed that I had to pay $20 to get in (yes, even ladies have to pay $20) but girls were hot. Many different kinds of girls. Fun atmosphere…wish it wasn’t so crowded

  115. Sam

    Spent some time with dancer Jenna recently, started talking about OTC

    and than I noticed the sore on her lip!!! No thank you, be careful guys she

    was trying to hide it under red lipstick!!

  116. Russ

    absolutely awesome place!! second to none!!

  117. Beware

    Diamond Dolls Is posting fake comments and trash talking all other clubs to keep them nuber one in florida

  118. Paul
  119. Lap Lover

    This place still rocks only friday & saturday though

  120. curtis17

    Great strip club with hot girls and friendly service. The prices are a bit high, especially the $20 cover, but you get what you pay for. Plus, Mons is pretty famous. Definitely a must see if in Tampa. Avoid their ATM and its crazy fees, though.

  121. XhXeXy

    This place is an emotionless lap dance factory. The dancers rarely spend anymore than 2-5 minutes sitting with you before moving on to the next customer if you don’t want a dance right away. I felt no emotional connection to any of the dancers (guess this is a good thing but I still like the chat and flirt before dance) The lap dances prices vary. I did 1 dance for $35, another dance for $30, and I negotiated a deal of 5 for $100 and another one for 3 for $90. The prices usually depend on how hot the dancer is or how many dances you are willing to buy.The only reasons this place does not get a 5 star from me is because1. most of the dancers here are fake and superficial in terms of their breasts and personalities. I like to see some natural boobs every once in a while and a personable smile and conversation.2. $20 cover charge and $30 per lap dance drains your wallet fast and furious. No 2fer1 deals here. 3. No private VIP area for any privacy. You will be watched by other club customers while getting your lap dances. This did not seem to stop anyone from groping the dancer’s tits and ass though (although this is supposedly against the law)

  122. Ray Jones

    A fun club. The girls are very friendly and attractive. Lots of dancing. I haven’t seen so many naked girls in one place ever. I had 3 dances with different girls and all were hot. I’ll be back.

  123. Janey

    Variety of girls, only two should have stayed home…fully clothed in a dark room. VERY VERY crowded…it is true on a friday night you’re going to wait a while just to get a seat or a good view of the stage. Dances are worth it, most of the girls are really nice and sweet only a few are aggressive (the “ghetto” ones) if you get my drift. I traveled hours to see these girls and it was worth it.

  124. Snoop Dogg

    The girls are almost all insanely gorgeous, and the dances are full contact except for the coochie and licking tits. However, it is very small and on weekend nights it is standing room only. Plus, there is zero privacy for your dances as you will be sitting on a padded bench along a wall with a bunch of other guys. It’s weird at first, but you get used to it quickly. One of the benches faces a mirrored wall, and it is just bizarre to look at that mirror while getting a dance and seeing a dozen guys all getting LDs at once, with every pair of hands holding either a pair of tits or an ass. The only downside to this club is that they hire too many fake breast blond girls – not enough diversity.

  125. toonice

    As i went into this club there was so much girls that i realy getting some fear. Most of them are between 8-10 there are realy some beautifull girls if you like them small and skiny i was missing a real woman.

  126. T-Snub

    No private dance rooms!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said.

  127. Hott50

    Hard to believe some of the other reviews. Always attractive dancers – most above 8’s. No private area, but lap dances are near full touch (no body openings). Stop here every time I am in Tampa.

  128. eL Kabong

    Single best lap dance I’ve ever had (in the US) was here, as full contact as you’ll ever get. Everything’s out in the open, so not very intimate at all, but if the girl is hot you can get past that. Only annoying thing was all the ghetto ‘nogs who stand around close by and watch you as you’re getting a dance.

  129. bigdaddy

    this place is a joke….wow

  130. winston12

    No alcohol, cover is 20 bucks. 30$ for a private dance which isn’t really private. I think it’s too small and the main stage sucks but you can see the dancers on stage. girls are mostly friendly and will chat with you. I didn’t like the music they played overall it was ok I’ve been here twice.

  131. Bill

    Slow.. old ugly girls

  132. maxxy1

    Love this place! Haven’t been in a few years, but the last time was so much fun. The girls are pretty. There is no alcohol, which is why I give 4 stars instead of 5. 🙂

  133. Got DJ?

    went to mons and was ripped off.. 20 bucks to get in and stayed for 45 minutes. i drove almost 3 hours to a club with no dj, girls were picking songs from a jukebox. kind of cheap considering the high price of admission. what was to stop me from randomly playing a song considering the bouncers were all shooting the breeze with each other across the club. this was saturday night..had more fun across the street after i left here. mons: $20 cover,no dances.. 2001: $15 cover and 6 dances. next time im in tampa i will go to 2001 or drink in ybor but never come back here.

  134. GeorgiaBoy

    I have been to many clubs in Tampa but overall I found Mons Venus to be the best for me. There were at least 30 to 40 girls when I was there. Most were an 8 to 10 in my book. ALL of the women that approached me were friendly and respectful, even when a dancer would approach me and I did not desire a dance from that particular girl they still were friendly and not real pushy. I would just say no thank you Im taking a break and they would always smile and wish me a good time. They didnt harass me and keep hanging on me like most other clubs. But let me tell you this, there was a constant stream of beautiful women coming up to me! The only draw back was no private rooms but I will say that the quality of the dances I got were excellent even though there was no private rooms. But that just brings further credit to the dancers. The establishment was clean, staff was nice, security appeared good and the girls were great. Guys, if you are looking for a place to take your wife or girlfiend, I would recomend Mons Venus, It looked to be a good atmosphere for couples who enjoy female entertainment. Overall I like this club the best out of the others I have been to in Tampa. Thank you to all the friendly beautiful girls at Venus that made my night there a great time. Especially “Michelle”, you are a real sweetheart, thank you for a great time and yes, I did make it back to Georgia safely. I hope to visit again soon.

  135. DAZ04

    Went a couple of weeks ago. Had a good time, but not great. Basically two types of girs, big & fake or real and flat. Being a natural boob liking type of guy, this was disappointing. Club was very small, cover was too much and no DJ…just a juke box??? Overall, I would send others here but I’m sure there must be better. Will go to 2001 next time.

  136. strip club hopper

    hands down best club in tampa. viva mons!!!

  137. chris
  138. Mons #1

    #1 CLUB…World’s FAMOUS!!!!

  139. M

    PoleRoll long ago?

    Florida Feline

  140. Chase

    No dj? No manager? Girls with no dance shoes. Are you serious? I would have a better time snapping my fingers on the street and letting a hooker dance!

  141. Michael M.

    So every now and then a man might find himself at a strip club. A little advice. Don’t go often because only losers go often. Don’t look like a bum, bums can’t afford these places and the girls might not pay any attention to you. Be respectful, the girls that work here are humans too and deserve respect.That being said, this place is one of the best clubs in America. It used to be the best in Florida because they would fill this place with beautiful and talented girls. In my opinion, these days only half of the girls have the assest or skills that made this place famous. Still its always a good time. They recently renovated the outside which really needed it. The renovations look great.

  142. Derek

    Me likes this club a lot!

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