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3932 Jonestown Road, Harrisburg, PA 17109


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0 reviews for “Adult World

  1. JC

    I have been to many clubs, and i’m sorry to say, this was one of the worst. The chairs are uncomfortable, you can’t see the stage unless you sit right up front, the DJ was atrocious and had gaps in music over a minute at times with no filler, and no dancer introduction, and the girls didn’t want anything to do with you unless you threw tips at them. Several girls even came to the back of the room and had the balls to ask me for a tip for their dance. Here’s a tip for you: a TIP is something you give someone if you appreciate a service provided to you. The only time you saw the girls not on stage was if they were hustling the room looking for tips or trying to take you to the VIP. Piss poor service+tip wrangling=money better spent elsewhere

  2. I love Maria

    The girls here are very nice. I personally like Maria and she is very nice to talk to and even better for private dances. The only thing I wish the club offered more privacy rooms for upper prices. Very nice girls overall!!!!

  3. The Dude

    This club is great. Cant wait to go back!!

  4. Mike

    check out the list

  5. Former Cust.

    I came in to see if anything had changed since I was there last. IT HADN’T!!!!! No matter how much anyone tries to hype the club, the truth is evident when you go! For those that just don’t get it, the girls are not friendly, the club is small, the lights are too bright, no smoking permitted (some people might like that part but I am a smoker), the lapdances aren’t very private (I don’t really enjoy being watched, even If I exercise good manners). I have been a regular and yes, if I spend alot (a few hundred) on a girl, I get treated better. But I find the rewards don’t justify the $$$$$. And although not all, alot of the girls seem just to hard (no pun intended!)

  6. JohnDough

    Descriptions of the place are accurate. The dancers vary wildly but all have positive qualities and it’s always worth a stop. Tip generously, these girls work hard! Extra points for the very thin young blonde who aggressively strokes your hard-on during a lap dance with her legs. Awesome!

  7. Modern Iconoclast

    Very nice and better than the one next door!!!

  8. rubix cube

    This club would have gotten a ten, but the lighting is horrible. The management should really do something about that. I was in the club next door just before it burnt down and the lighting was dim, not bright. Those bright lights make the girls look, well, nevermind. The girls are all very pretty, but the lights do not one of them any justice.

  9. Allen

    Not impressed. It’s kinda creepy here. When u get a lapdance all of the other customers stare at u… Savannah’s has a more private lapdance room.

  10. blade
  11. Jesus Christ

    You are either gay, a fat jealous stripper, or a gay fat jealous stripper. either way im sure you have ass herpes. bamboo is awesome and smells great. so go get on a treadmill fatty fatface

  12. Answer

    The reason the dancers put false comments and reviews is with the hope that some customers will actually believe the lie. What they don’t seem to realize is that once the new customer comes in, the lie becomes obvious. End effect for the dancer is known as a “Net Sum Zero”. Therefore, the lie only helps the dancer to delude herself. Psych 101

  13. DaManz

    This place ROCKS! Jenna is da BOMB! Aw yeah, yeah, yeah!

  14. What?

    You were the only two in the club and you couldn’t get a lapdance from dancers seated at a table? They are out there waiting to give lapdances. Why didn’t you just ask the one you liked best for a dance? I have never had a problem with having them come over because I look them in the eye, smile, and give a small nod. They always come over and I then ask them which booth they would like to go to. The girls have always been great to me, so I have to agree with firefighter. Sorry you had a bad trip, man.

  15. Newbie

    I stopped in friday night and I stayed about a half-hour. When I was approached it was like “give me money”. The girls didn’t seem like they wanted to “play the game”, they just wanted to get down to business. Been to many clubs and this one seemed to lack class.

  16. Rob's ass is full of sperm

    or maybe you just like picking on girls. i assure you im not a girl and i have never worked there. you think only a girl would stick up for AW? go drive by there tonight. tons of guys go there. so you must not be man enough to pick on another guy. you have to keep pretending its a girl. go paint your toenails, put another tampon in and jerk off to Playgirl. it takes a real big lady to come on the internet and insult specific people at AW when nobody knows who you are. why dont you come into AW and when the girls are dancing, you can stand up and tell everyone how they suck and how ugly they are? see how long it is before someone bitchslaps you through a wall. or maybe you can just stay on the internet where its safe Robgina

  17. some girl

    I’ve been to this club a couple of times with my man and, while most of the girls are pretty talented, I always find myself bored. Maybe its because there is no drinking, but all the other customers are boring. We’ll drive up to 50 miles away and find a club with lots of fun people to joke around with and girls that will chat with you. I don’t mind being asked if I’d like a dance, because thats their job. I dunno, just not my favorite club. Also, they don’t even discount a female customer’s cover fee. We would tip a lot more and maybe even pay for a few dances if we didn’t have to pay 30 bucks for the two of us to get in.

  18. jokeollins

    to the wetawd: anorexic hos must be your thing. gotta love the ones with more cushion for the pushin’:)

  19. me

    Jamie! Jamie! Jamie!

  20. Corky


  21. lolita/bullshit

    thats bull shit and every one knows it first off have you ever been there there is no where to be giving bjs or any of that nasty shit some come on enough is enough you dont like a/world then dont go if you dont like the girls then dont go if you dont like managment then dont go a/world is great ive been giong for years an i know its a good club maybe a few girls i dont perticarly like but i still say over all its a nice clean friendly club to everyone else dont listen to the people who are tring to ruin the reputation go and see for your self

  22. 2 asswipe

    “i struck out at a stripclub?” whats that mean? i came 2 a stripclub filled with asswipes and whores and i left a review about it here and u call me a fat pig. YOUR AN IDIOT SIR.

  23. Larry

    Nice set up very unfriendly girls .I would fire storm,Diana

    and Nicki. they constantly walk pass customers .RUDE RUDE RUDE

  24. On The Money

    I agree! DUI needs to go as do many others there. All of the good ones are gone or are going. This place is in real danger of losing any of its remaining appeal.

  25. Hairy Dawgs

    not a bad stop…can get out of there pretty cheap. The morning has the best girls.

  26. I_love_naked_women

    I say all the girls that have gotten the boot over the last year should feel privleaged, particuarly Carmen and PJ. They can do so much better then AW. They probably already have. This place really shouldn’t be classified as a gentleman’s club. They may as well put coin operated peep show booth’s in here and just be done with it. There is no bouncers to take care of the girls, no booze, no smoking and horribly UGLY girls with really bad attitudes. Not all the girls are butt ugly, just most of them. There is always that rare gem, IF your lucky enough to find her.

  27. WOW

    What a waste!

  28. Adam

    Adult World is awesome. i dont know who all these people are who are bitching but it seems like a big fat coincidence that someone is harrassing Leighann and putting down the club right when the club next door is opening up. could that have something to do with it? sure looks like it. some one is trying to make adult world and the people who run it look stupid. who does that benefit? the club next door maybe? the dancers at adult world are beautiful and i have never had one offer me anything illegal or heard about it happening. and Leighann has always been nice to me so maybe you are just a couple of jerkoffs who like to start trouble. and since you are all to afraid to put your name on here so people know who you are, i will put my name and phone number on here. Adam at 7172328686 call me anytime and leave your name and/or number. i doubt i’ll hear from any of you.

  29. Conan

    A great time was had by all!

  30. Something smells fishy...

    I have had many dances from Bamboo and she definitely does not stink. I don’t know what planet you come from. It’s probably your own shit that’s coming out of your mouth that you’re smelling?!?! Or, maybe you are gay fat jealous dancer?

  31. your daddy

    maybe you guys are just losers! you ever think of that? i bet the rest of your life sucks too. then you go into a strip club and expect to be cool. nope youre still a loser. i have an awesome time at AW. the girls are always very friendly and willing to earn their money. they usually only ask for a tip for stage show when youre sitting there for 2 hrs not getting a dance (loser move). anyway, us cool people (bring money, friendly, are not drunk, smell good, keep cock in pants) are having a great time. too bad for you. money dont make you cool

  32. Re: JC

    Dude were you even in this club? There isn’t a DJ and nobody hustles dances for the VIP (which is just a raised platform). Many dancers don’t really hustle dances here at all because they tend to have a regular or two waiting for them. The seats are a bit uncomfortable, but the girls are good here. They are what brings the guys from around these parts back for fun entertainment. It’s hard to take your comment seriously when so many details are incorrect.

  33. club man

    yeah this is my favorie club 2 say the least. not a hustle joint. hardworking friendly girls. FAIR PRICES. fun place 2 b. if u dont like this club try next door and youll b running back broke.

  34. Rob - Miss the good ones

    The best of the best are all long gone at Adult World. Venus and Corrinne before it closed down, and Dakota since it reopened. Venus had moves most of these talentless girls today could only dream of. If you ever saw her in white dancing to Smash Mouth’s “Walkin’ on the sun” you know exactly what I’m talking about. Corrinne was the coolest chick I ever recall there. I never saw either again after the closure. In more recent times Dakota was the best there. I’d even put her right beside Venus IMO. I won’t waste the effort to name those who I have no desire to ever see again, but most of them are bitchy enough to walk up to you with an attitude and their hand out for a tip for the stage show which was poor enough you ignored it. If I sit there bored to sleep and turn you down on a lap dance don’t think I owe you money just because we’re both in the building at the same time. I know one guy knocked “the chatty ones” but personally I like them. That is a big reason Corrinne is on my top girls of all time list. Management needs to get rid of the ex-dancer out front and the has beens or never weres and get some girls who can dance and entertain. After all that’s why most of us go there. Just a personal preference but if they’re half covered in tattoos you don’t need to bother me with looking at them. BTW, the 3 I mentioned were beautiful ladies I would have found beautiful fully clothed on the street. The tattooed crack ho’s there now wouldn’t get a first glance from me on the street let alone a second. Let things like that be your guide in who you hire and fire.

  35. yeah

    best place 4 miles around


    Carmen would probably destroy the diminutive Shae. Carmen is much more sexy and beautiful than the lowly Shae and a nicer person.

  37. 2 fire fighter

    when i was there i got 3 dances and was polite and a few times during the night i was the only 1 tipping at the stage and these bitches were mad rude and didnt even want 2 talk. even when me and my friend were the only 1s there 4 like 20 minutes all the whores just sat at a table and talked. this place is full of stuck up bitches. i used 2 have great times at this place and idk what happend.

  38. Review

    The Dancers are rude and the management is weak.The girls all

    sit in the back.I waited 40 minutes to be asked for a dance.The dancer with the beer bottle tat’s walked by me several times.If I owned this club she would be fired.

  39. Karl

    turn off that damn spotlight on the stage. Put some nice dime lights in there and create some sort of relaxing sort of ambience. This club has potential if the management would make a few small superficial changes.

  40. Bo

    I like club very much. Is good and see sexy ladies. I like sexy ladies very much.

  41. Joe

    Angelyn is a hot piece of a$$. She don’t disapoint.

  42. To Butch

    I don’t usually post on here unless someone specifically asks me a question or something to that sort. But I just have to say that Dynasty has a tight body, a beautiful face, and a wonderful personality. She is a complete package. But I can’t knock your opinion. I work day shift and I’m sorry to disappoint you by saying that I’m not going anywhere for about another year. Then you can have your goodbye, farewell celebration.


  43. ARDIS


  44. LOL

    You went into the club looking to pay women to flirt with you and couldn’t find any willing to take your money? WOW, you are brave. I don’t think that I would admit that I couldn’t get women, even if I paid them, out loud. Never saw that anyone claimed women were 10s, maybe in your perfect world. I always have fun here. Just the right size! I’m sorry that you can’t even pay a woman to come near you.

  45. r u kidding

    what are you writing a book about strip clubs ya know for being so judgemental what do you look like

  46. Shach
  47. To Charlene

    Carmen never had a shitty attitude. My observation of this particular dancer was that she came to work everyday and actually worked hard and made money. She did quite well from what I understand. The problem wasn’t with Carmen. The problem was and still is that Girls have bad attitudes and sit in the dressing room all night and talk shit about the girls who are out on the floor making money. It’s called jealousy. As for Shae, she had that shit com’n and it’s about time someone actually stood up to her and said something. Shae is a 2 faced bitch. I admire Carmen for not going out like a punk ass bitch. The only thing that would have made the whole thing better is if Carmen would have beat that lil’ beyotch’s ass. I would have paid to see that.

  48. Oh, My!

    Angelyn and Bella are gone! I enjoyed both! πŸ™

  49. Wolf

    I love adult world! If you have been to other strip clubs youll see they have a lot of flumpos walkin around. adult world has the best selection of hot girls of any club ive been to. there are so many i dont even want to start naming them because there are too many. OOOOOO im so horny i cant wait to go whack off in a cup and drink it

  50. 2 EVERY 1

    i know its not a place 2 pick up a date i wasnt expecting that. i was expecting more of a conversation than “dance?” and then walk away.

    and 2 the idiot. I DIDNT CALL THEM WHORES I REFFERED 2 THEM AS WHORES ON HERE. i have a good attitute as long as i am having a good time and dancers at least say thanks when i am the ONLY 1 tipping them!

    like i said b4 i ALWAYS HAD a great time at this place but the past 2 visits idk what happend. these chicks need 2 work 4 there tips not just say “DANCE?” and b naked i wont tip them 4 that!

  51. NY420BEAR

    yeah me and a couple buddies traveled from NY for the truck show this past weekend in carlisle , so we stopped into adult world because we like seeing hot chicks get naked….however we didn’t get much of that….we got overwieght cottage cheese ass instead. There was a couple nice girls but thats it…maybe 2…..we obviously won’t ever be back…whoever does the hiring must just let any girl willing to get naked dance there. The only highlight was the cross eyed chick….not cuz she was really hot but because it was funny. Oh and the DJ is top notch too…hehe…don’t think i heard an entire song the whole time i was there..this place is ass

  52. Updated Schedule

    How do you become a stalker by requsting a schedule update ? That type of mentality is why this club is going down hill fast . You get a life so you will not have to undress to make money .

  53. JD

    This is the best club in south-central PA because of the ladies who work here and the gorgeous manager! The girls do a great job of entertaining and are very sexy, with little of the hustle that one usually feels in adult establishments. A very good time especially after a very rough day!

  54. Suck it

    I look like Brad Pitt from “Fight Club” but with a 13 inch cock. What do you look like?

  55. noone special

    Storm is fine from the neck down. But she kind of looks like a crackhead from the neck up.

  56. adult world harrisburg
  57. Jeff

    I was in on Monday and was very disappointed with this place. The girls had real bad attitudes. Only maybe 2 nice girls in the whole place. Only 2 pretty ones too. To the girl with long hair and who is a bit overweight, maybe if you didn’t have such a nasty attitude then I would have at least tried ya out. Can’t hate on ya just cuz your a big girl. To the tall skinny black girl, you need to wash between your legs or something cuz you smelled really bad.

  58. GoodGuy

    Nice ladies, Missy treated me right – very erotic lap dances, hot. Very good place, I was surprised – plenty of hotties and even the “average” girls were great looking. Friendly crew, no hustle and really good time. Lots of mileage for a $20 lap dance, 2 songs each. Definitely will be back – especially to see Missy, she was so nice.

  59. ted bundy

    mmmmm, Gina, Platinum, Bella, Angelyn and well just speechless

  60. annonoymous
  61. Sam

    Things seem to be getting catty

  62. larry1

    Creepy, dirty and gross.Felt like I would get an STD just by sitting in their “lounge”.

  63. Overall, not a bad time...

    Stopped in Tuesday. Had an ok lapdance from a slightly heavy but super hot dancer named platinum. Dance lacked any personality or excitment. Had a few more danced with the bear bottle tatoo’d girl named storm. She made a nice effort to make sure I enjoyed the danced. She was sexy and appeared to enjoy the dances as well. Althouh unusual from a lapdance I couldnt’ avoid ending the dance without a rather noticable wetspot in the front of my pants. I’d recommend Storm. Overall the club could use a personality lift.

  64. regular

    Good club overall, girls are nice here.

  65. Average Joe

    For a small club, this place isn’t too bad. The girls are phenominal. Very beautiful, and very polite. I had a really good time here.

  66. john doe

    i had a great time

  67. Can't Disagree

    I’ve seen better attitudes in a biker bar!!!!!! I think even they would throw you out!! hahahaha

  68. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    for there not being alot of tallent those girls seem to make a lot of money i think maybe you should just keep your comments to your self why dont you just go to another club because a-world is great i have fun every time i go

  69. rossmoyne

    they that have been axed join a mostly lusterless list, and i’d have a hard time missing either, especially the spider-coochie hoochie.

  70. shaefan

    this place is awesome, shae is one hell of a dancer

  71. kjgjk

    Most unsocial club I’ve seen.

  72. To Overall

    Want better? Try Bamboo, tasteful tat’s, no smoke smell hair, and always aims to pleases.

  73. philmonte

    The atmosphere is not very exciting, the previous poster who said it is like some guy’s basement was right on. But I like that it is smoke -free and I don’t need to get drunk here, I come to see the girls.

    There is a good variety of dancers, some do more strutting than dancing, but most are pretty enough to pull it off. Star does a handstand that is awesome, I always give her a ‘standing ovation’. Lindsey has a very seductive stare and a gorgeous body that makes me melt.

    Lapdances can be hit or miss, some girls don’t get that we’re here for the visuals, not just friction. Also, some can be a little chatty, which I am not good with, but I know they are just being friendly and it works for some guys.

    I prefer a nice and slow technique, like Julia and Anastasia. Jazmine, however, has ruined the other girls for me. My toes still have not uncurled from the work she did on my lap yesterday. I’m not sure how she does it, but it feels incredible. I’ll be back…

  74. Alfred

    Adult World is a bad experience. This place is one of the worst places I have been to in the past 5 years! Seating is god awful MOST, not all, MOST of the women dancers are ugly with slpooy boobs and stretch marks.

  75. aj

    this club isnt 2 small its hardly ever filled on saturdays even. its not that bright and the booths r private enuff, no one can really c u but they can see the dance going on. great club.

  76. BaconBits

    This is a very relaxing and enjoyable club and atmosphere. I really enjoy visiting this club.

  77. master valmont

    This is my favorite PA club, period. I ALWAYS stop in when I’m in the Harrisburg area!

    The girls are attractive have great bodies, and are really friendly. I almost always get a really good lap dance (I can count the number of mediocre dances I’ve received here on one hand).

    But most of all, they’re polite when they ask you if you’d like a dance and nice if you say no. They don’t hassle you, and if you approach them later, they’ll still give you a great dance (I’ve had problems with all of those things in other clubs).

    It is a cozy (read: small) club, and sometimes it can be a little crowed because of it. But the girls totally make up for it.

    Overall, it’s a friendly, fun and laid back atmosphere. Perfect for me!

  78. LL
  79. I'll tell you why...

    The management got rid of the “good” dancers because either they were bringing drugs into the club (big no no) or they were trying to start drama/fights with other girls.

  80. smart guy

    this place sux

  81. vonRatt

    I used to be a regular at Adult World when I lived in Harrisburg and it is the club against which I compare all other clubs. There is a lot of variety here, with some girls being absolutely gorgeous, while some are not my type at all. This club has more thick and curvy girls than most clubs, which is to my liking. Unlike most clubs, there really is no drop-off in quality for the day and early evening shifts. There are more girls at night, but the average appearance and skill level is pretty much the same in the day as it is at night.

    Most of the girls here seem to rely heavily on their personal regulars for a go part of their income. This is not like Vegas where dancers will only see a guy once. Therefore, the Adult World girls try to give good dances so that the customer might become one of their regulars.

  82. Pedro

    DUI must go and most of the other 50 some year old dancers who just look sad on the stage. Some dancers you used to have that could really dance, you got rid of?!?!? Why do this?

  83. Long Time Customer

    I always say good things about this club because I always have a good time here. I must agree with the commentors below about one thing: the hostile demand for a tip from dancers desperate for money must end. This needs to be a club policy. “Would you like to tip me for my stage show?” needs to be outlawed. Guys tip what they want to tip, hence the term TIP. Don’t demand it, or we won’t be coming back and nobdy will get anything. If you have to beg for money, you are in the wrong business here, your time has passed.

  84. JR

    Love this place.

  85. Josh

    This is my favorite place to be! I’ll see you girls on Monday!

  86. Charlie
  87. Right

    Way to go Platinum! I dig watching you dance.

  88. jim jones capo

    seduction is good and so is mirage and so is that 1 brunette white chick but over all every1 is cool and polite. love seduction tho

  89. george

    Lots of smoking hot ladies and fair lap dance prices. $10-20 to start.

  90. never again

    So, I was in the club tonight with a few friends and have never been treated so bad. We got there after 11 and the place was packed, which is expected and understandable. After a few dancers came up and we said no to dances Gina walked up and we all said yes. After a dance one of the dancers came up and asked us if we were going to tip her for her stage dance, since we didn’t sit up at the stage and weren’t impressed by the girl we declined and were quite puzzled. She got quite pissed and went and told the rest of the dancers that we don’t tip. This is the first time in 6 months of going to adult world that a dancer has come up and begged for money. Quite tacky if you ask me. So for the rest of the night none of the dancers except Gina came up and even paid attention. Just to let you girls know if a guy is interested in you he will give you the time of day, if not leave him alone, your not his type. Thanks Gina, Gauge, and most of all Shae, for the good times. Thank the rest of the bad attitude dancers for loosing more of your good tipping customers. Ever since Oasis burned down Adult world has sucked. We will pay the extra money to go to sally’s, al’s, or the dome next time.

  91. Deve

    alot of fat strippers…

    this club has only one or two attractive strippers

  92. Re: Fakers

    Speaking of fakers, the last few reviews look rather conspicuous!!!! πŸ™

  93. big doug

    it is the greatest

  94. I agree

    the last post summed it all up for me too. There are a few older girls at adult world who need to retire and move on. There is one who works mostly during the day with gray hair. Not what I want to see on a woman when I’m at a titty bar.

  95. bolivar


  96. Bear


  97. Jackie Boy

    Some hot chicks at his place.

  98. adams

    wow i used 2 LOVE and SPEND MONEY at this place and then the prices went up and the whores turned into bitches. wont b back . fuck this shithole. it used 2 b AWSOME.

  99. My Birthday At AW

    My boys and I were in the other night for my 21st after we hit up the bars downtown. We had a great time and saw so many hot chicks it was insane. My favorite a dancer was tall, blond with a killer body. I forget her name but, for her we will be back. I did not like that this club has no bar but the hot babes made up for it.

  100. San Juan

    So maybe the guys are losers. That doesn’t really matter in the discussion because they are talking about why they don’t enjoy a certain dancer. I get lost in your moron logic. Does money matter or doesn’t it? You argue both sides in your retarded state of mind.

  101. question

    why are ’employees’ writing on this board about the club to make themselves look better and possiably the club itself?

  102. Rick

    Best Lap dance I have ever had!!!!

  103. Ralphie

    I agree with the previous reviewer in theory, however I have to say that Dynasty was always a very nice lady to me over the years even when I didn’t get a dance from her.

  104. JD is a real customer

    Actually, I know for a fact that JD really IS a customer. His name is James and he’s got a very big crush on a certain dancer. But I can honestly say he never has a negative thing to say about a dancer. The negative guy below this comment must have gotten his feelings hurt by one of us. Poor guy.

  105. Shawn

    All these ladies are extremely talented and beautiful.

  106. Cedric
  107. H-Girl

    I went there and had a great time! While some of the girls are kinda trashy, some were down right hot! This was my first time there, so I didn’t catch any of their names. The club is really small and crowded. Its a pretty good place for couples, but they didn’t let me in for free, even thoigh I was there with my boyfriend. =( I thought that was a standard practice.

  108. Tony

    Let me say to the guy below …. These girls work for tips…. if you look at their pussy you can atleast give a $1 and if you cant afford a $1 you should stay home.. 2nd.. Do you give your wife $$$?? same deal you look at her pussy an she is taken more then thses girls … 3rd maybe you just smell like cat piss an they dontwant a dance from you i never have a prob when i go here girls are great if you are great to them an not just with your $$$ .. i have girl just talk to me an im not spending all my $$$..if youjust want to bitch stay home … this is a JOB for these girls they are not here to show their pussy for free .. that dont pay their bills o an they dont have a d.j they play their own music so stop bitching or stay home

  109. fakers

    the last 4 comments were most definitly from oasis assholes!

    this is a great club.

    fuck those liers.

  110. suck what

    yea im sure you do i bet you have all the girls beating down your door thats why you spend all your time at all the strip clubs so you can see the kind of girls that other wise would never give you the time of day mr.Brad Pitt maybe with a 13 cm cock

  111. Rob's momma

    Sounds like Rob is pissed because he is a fat old broke has-been douchebag. who cares about your opinion? are you the only customer there? i dont think the place is going broke without your gay ass. plenty of other guys enjoy all the gorgeous girls at AW. Jade, Fantasy, Cameron, Gina, Angel, Lilith and many more are beautiful and have great stage shows. maybe if you liked seeing naked ladies, you’d like their stage shows. why dont you go find a Chippendales? you might like that better. the girls behind the counter have always been nice and helpful to me too. sorry you’re a grumpy fag with diarrhea balls. nobody cares what you think.

  112. Butch

    This club has changed over the years with management, lights and seating. I think it sucks now with the bright lights and girls that are not friendly. They need to get rid of some of the girls who have been there for years and get some new material on day shift. It was about time Dynasty left and a few others should follow.

  113. Disappointed Cust.

    Geronimo said it well. This club was a disappointment. It’s like a Strip Club, Hospital Style. They want my money but costs more than it’s worth. And yes, the girls seem to be more anti-social than other clubs. I wouldn’t say that they treat customers poorly, they just seem to avoid any interaction with the customers.

  114. Jim

    This club is something else. And I will go… Somewhere else!!!!!

  115. Re-DUI

    DUI= Storm the wicked witch of AW.This dancer is good for

    running customers away .

  116. qorthon
  117. jka

    Nothing special. I used to think this place was alright… that is when it was the only club I’d even been to.

  118. How?

    How did you know? I have been brought to my fat knees and can’t get up now. It is like you have ESP. You are awesome and I would like to worship you. I am jealous of her because I am an ugly fat man and I want to be an ugly skinny woman. You are so right! You win.

  119. Walt

    This was a lot of fun and I had a good lap grind by a very sexy young lady named Jade. A great time was had by my friends and me and the girls were all very friendly. I don’t know what happened to the guys below who were upset, but this was the best time that I have had in a strip club in years and I have been to all of the local clubs.

  120. Past Customer

    I see alot of new names on the schedule, did the club get rid of the old timers ???

  121. Dissatisfied customer

    I went to the club hoping to get an attractive woman to flirt with me if I tipped them. When i got there, I saw that almost all of the women were covered with body piercing and tattoos. The one or two that had neither tattoos or piercing were either overweight or had stretch marks from giving birth. Not one girl was a 10. And the sound system was so loud that the few that would talk, you could not hear. On top of all this, it is too small a club. With 10 customers, the place looks crowded. Bottom line, there is no good strip club in the Harrisburg area.

  122. I love this place!

    I love this place! It’s so good! It’s fucking great!

  123. OK

    Hot bitches!!!!!

  124. JaY SMooTH

    yo this place is the shit…me and my boys r there atleast once a week…the girls if u get to know them r nice and they r fine…SEDUCTION IS MY FAVORITE…but if u like sexy ladies, good music and a place to jus chill…go to ADULT WORLD…but keep ur hands off my lady!!!

  125. McLovin

    Storm is beautiful! I dont get all the bad reviews for her. She has a knockout body, great unique tattoos and piercings, her lapdances yesterday made my cock wanna bust through my pants and she has a great personality. very cool & funny bitch. i have that dollar u gave me taped to my fridge (know who i am now?). cya soon sugarnipples. and to all you guys putting her down on here, stay home with your fat toothless girlfriends. thats just more Storm for me! its too bad we dont have a website to review your sweaty, cankle having, bubblegut smelly girlfriends/wives or i guarantee you would all shut your faces.

  126. razzie

    storm on your arm? you on smack too? Even Bill Clinton wouldn’t get serviced by that kind of trash, and there was a man who KNEW his white trash hoes.

  127. Name

    Ive been to a LOT of clubs and this place is my favorite. Lots of hot girls,lapdances are awesome, wide variety of girls all day and night, not a bunch of security around acting like dicks, no alcohol so not a lot of drunk asswipes, no annoying dj (they could use a new stereo system though) and the prices are fair. if youve been to other clubs you will appreciate this place. anyone who puts this club down probably works next door and doesnt want you coming to aw. adult world rules. they even have hot bitches working behind the counter

  128. Bob

    Had a great time here and was never treated rudely. I also was not harassed for a dance and forced to give money. Maybe those other guys don’t belong here because without them, the girls seem to be fine.

  129. Kirk is gay

    let me guess, kirk is a DJ? who else would care if adult world has a dj? the club next door sucks and the one that just opened up is way overpriced and wont be around long. have you seen the girls at aw lately? holy shit i saw stacy last nite that girl is friggin unbelievably hot. she is built like a playmate of the year. aw has the hottest girls around.

  130. Excellent Idea

    Yes. Carmen & Shae should duke it out! Where? When? Any ideas? Who will be making the arrangements? This should of course be totally legit so there is no legal retalation on either participants part.

  131. Miss Fyre
  132. re

    Why does the manager still have that loud month jenna working there? I make sure shes not on schedule when i want to come in.

  133. Jon

    This club really does have the hottest exotic dancers in Central Pa.

  134. stud

    the club is awesome. The girls are friendly if you treat em right. If you’re rude or don’t tip then you get what you deserve. Lap Dances Rule!! Price is right. Dakota just rocked my world tonight!!!

  135. Joey M.

    I love this place!

  136. CaliBound

    I used to frequent this club but it went downhill. There are too many catty girls. What happened to the sweet girls who worked just a few years ago? Everytime I stop in there are girls arguing from the back and you can hear it in the rest of the club. These women have no class at all. Please bring back the girls that were there 2-3 years ago.

  137. Another Former

    Former Cust. is right!!! For some reason, the girls just don’t get it! Your club is bad and your attitudes suck!!!! Alot of you act more like a bad wife than a good dancer!!! LoL

  138. frank
  139. A REG

    You know, I thought that things (and Dancers) would get better with no competition. It just goes to show, I was wrong and competition forces better quality. I get the feeling that this club (and its girls) don’t have a hint!!!

  140. Sexy Beast

    I understand what you guys are saying but you have to be a regular to have a good time here. You also can’t go in with the idea that you are going to get laid. It isn’t that kind of joint. What you can do is see some quality, up close pussy and then have a hot girl grind on you. You can give $5 for a lapdance but you need to spend about $20 to get a good, long lapdance. The girls can’t tell you the price because that would make it prostitution. I can tell that you guys aren’t regulars because every regular knows that the girls dance on stage for three song sets, not one or two. Once you visit a few times, the girls get very friendly. I have always had a lot of fun at this club and have several dancers that I visit. It is a stripclub and you can sit right up close to the stage and see a very sexy stage show for $1 a song. It is a bargain and the girls are hot and naked! It isn’t a place for extras, so if you go with that in mind you are going to be disappointed.

  141. john
  142. Tom

    Definitely a Soap Opera!!!

  143. b lover
  144. fuckery12

    Unless you’re a regular, don’t bother. Some of the girls are hot, but if they don’t recognize your bankroll, they walk right past without even a smile. They’ll spend hours on the same guy’s lap and even stay in the dressing room if their sugar daddy isn’t there. Far better option right down the road, unless you like sitting by yourself and being ignored.

  145. Nish

    Hey. I Love this club , Has Hot and Sexy girls. I had a dance with the young looking LOLA who is very hot and sexy. I love the stage dace and Lap dance of Lola & other girls. I will definately visit Adultworld to have dances with hot & sexy girl Lola.. I Love this cute girl Lola.

  146. RE-Storm

    She and a few other dancers should leave. AW is going down hill fast. I was in last week and the place had one customer, that should tell the owner something, get some different dancers.

  147. Toby Keith was here

    I saw Toby Keith at this place, and he turned to me and sang “I love this club” to the tune of his song “I love this bar.” Then, we had an old-fashioned cock off in the parking lot. It was totally awesome!

  148. ???/Tom

    Stupid strippers should stop with thinkin so highly of themselves

  149. SOS

    To give every devil its due, I accept that JD is a legitimate customer and withdraw my remark!

  150. mr. big

    Gina is beautiful and a great dancer. It’s hard to find girls that can do both. Her blonde pal is hot too. It’s hard to get a dance from either of them, they’re always busy. So if you see them sitting around, snatch them up while you can. see u soon ladies!

  151. Ray Ray

    I will miss Bella and Angelyn! 2 superstars gone, very sad.

  152. Former Customer

    I see some dancers are still blowing smoke on this board!!!

  153. re: take out the trash

    you are retarded. you said you feel sorry for people who get petty on internet message boards. Then you proceed to make fun of the “sunken face, spermy eyebrow” girls which is extremely petty. You talk about how AW should boot the negative people but you are pretty negative and bitchy yourself. your message is rambling and has no point. you wouldnt happen to be Kayla would you? she quit of her own volition i believe. just a guess

  154. Big Mike

    Veronica is dancing at Vixens in West Virginia almost every Friday and Saturday. You should call first before you go and make sure shes there. Its a nude club and she gives full nude lapdances πŸ™‚

  155. SCOTT

    This club rocks!!!!! Best club around and girls and prices are great .Will b sure to send everyone i know to ADULT WORLD .Keep up the great job .

  156. farm boy

    Wow, I stopped on tuesday to see platinum and she wasnt there. I asked a dancer and they said that she would not be coming in. So how could that be. Oh and platinum I love you the way u are and will see you in two weeks!

  157. JT

    Finally a club that has above average girls!!

  158. Uz a dumb Bitch!

    TO SHAE. You might be pretty, but your not that pretty that you can walk around like you got a stick up your ass and think it’s ok to have an attitude like that. Bitch’s like you make a man not wanna come back to a place. Do you know what I mean???? I’d rather give my money to a woman with a sweet attitude then a stupid ass bitch like you. You are seriously a stupid, stupid bad attitude hav’n, big mouth bitch. You need to be gone already. Damn!

  159. Morbos

    I had a great time tonight…Had a few lap dances from Gina she is a great doll.

  160. ERRRR

    Quite a few cute girls at this place, and quite a few uglies.

    I cant believe they let that nasty bitch PJ back.

    God that woman is gross

  161. Robert

    Love this place! Great dancers, great dances, loving some of the new girls!

  162. What a great place!

    I do truly enjoy this place and all the beautiful ladies of Adult World. This will always be the best club in Central PA!

  163. bill

    very nice

  164. Beast

    I like the place because there isn’t any smoking or drinking. I come there to check out naked chicks because it makes me happy. Yes, they all have gotten totally nude on stage everytime I have been there. They always DO take their clothes off. As far as the privacy thing, I have nothing to hide and it is common courtesy not to stare at some other guy’s dance (unless your queer for him). This is a fun place for many people, so please don’t try to pretend that nobody likes it. By the way, if you don’t like the place, don’t come back. Nobody will miss you.

  165. re: some girl

    I work here and I have to agree with you about the customers. NOT all of them. But a lot of them sit there and act like they are absolutely miserable. Those same customers come in all the time, so it’s not like it’s their first time. They just sit there like a bump on a log and just seem so depressed or something.

  166. Jimmy

    Well there are still some hot, talented girls left. Jade, Adrianne, Gina and now Cameron is back (I like her alot). So this place is not doomed yet.

  167. Just another no tip'n fuk'r

    THIS PLACE IS DISTURBING. The girls suck. So when is the next time all the “good dancers” are gonna be on the schedule again??? Am I actually supposed to come back in so I can watch 10 dancers with bad attitudes dance on stage then come off stage and yell at me for not tipping? Only for 1 or 2 descent girls to finally come around?? Umm, i don’t think so. Apparently the day shift girls are “better” and less “dramatic” then the girls at night??? I don’t believe that either. Who comes into this club during the day anyway. I actually work for a liv’n so that’s not gonna happn even if you have Pamela Anderson and Jenna Jameson doing a girl girl at 12 noon. THIS PLACE IS REALLY DISTURBING.

  168. shit

    this place used 2 b great and now its a sad shithole

  169. Kameron Wansel

    It was the best strip club Ive ever been too. I had wood all night

  170. Thanks 4 Rockin My World!

    I recently went to this club on my 21st birthday, and I must say the ladies of AW totally rocked my world! Thank you for making my 21st special! Now, it’s time to go back to my hole in Grantville.

  171. The Man

    Platinum never fails to please! HOT,HOT,HOT. Damn!

  172. In agreement

    I have to somewhat agree with you. My opinion of this place has seriously diminished over the years. I don’t go for just another pretty face, but I wanna be entertained. I have to admit, there are way too many bad attitudes in this place. Just last night a girl who has been working there as long as I have been coming in there (about 7 years on and off) got on stage. Over the years she has put on a considerable amount of weight, I can deal with this, but she doesn’t even do anything on stage, never smiles, and tends to yell out sarcastic comments from the dressing room about not getting tipped. Now why should I give you anything more then a dollar? You danced to two songs the other night and you were on stage for about 3 min. of those two songs. Bad bad attitude you didn’t even deserve the dollar.

  173. Karma

    To the AW management or any of the girls that work at AW. You should really worry about postings on your own board. AW itself has gone downhill. It is mediocre at best. There is something to be said about the atrocity of the so called talent you have working there. Miss Leanne needs to take a good look at what has been happening in her own club over the last year and worry about herself, her girls and the business that she is supposed to be managing, instead of sticking her/your noses into other peoples postings on other strip club list websites. That’s really sad. AW used to have talent..past tense…used to. You used to be an ok club to work in…used to. Not anymore. Times are changing and Karma is a bitch. Worry about your own drama AW. K??

  174. russell


  175. Tyler M.

    I love this place! Dancers are just as hot as the new place and are much nicer and more attentive. This place gives you the best bang for the buck!

  176. Jazmine

    Hey Butch! I appreciate the comment. For a minute there I thought I was going to have to take you over my knee πŸ˜‰

  177. sorry homie

    dude i shouldnt have said that. my apologies. good luck with your serch.

  178. Rod Stiffler

    Fantasy is the bomb. She has a great stage show and her lapdances are the best. That girl is tight-

  179. Geronimo

    Well there isn’t much neary Hershy, PA but I did find Adult World. Considering is was the closest place to me I had to at leas try. Basically this is a adult bookstore with a small stage area. I went on a tue night. There was a $8 cover. After walking into the stage area I noticed it was very bright. Not much privacy if your getting couch dance. Basically there is a small stage a few chairs around the stage and several bar tables then there are small little couch areas around the room. Like I said its very bright so no privacy at all. From what I observed and experienced there is no contact from the guys. Basically a irl comes on stage for about 2 songs, by the 2nd song tere usually full nude. There is no alcohol served. There is a soda machine. After they dance on stage the ladies come out and ask if you want a couch dance. I asked how much and they said the moe you tip the longer they stay. I hate those rules. After watcing for a while I did finally pick a attractive brunette. I forget her name. She wasn’ to personable. I tipped $5 then $10 for the next round. SHe grinds you from the front then te back and thats it. Like I said you can’t ouch them at all. After that I left. I did notice shift change is at 9pm. There were about 10 guys at one point and maybe 1 girl on stage and 2 walking around. they seem to hang backstage more. Like I said it was the closest place to me but i don’t think I’ll be visting it again.

  180. Dissapointed

    Been over a year since my last visit and what a change…..of the 7 advertised girls 5 were actually present. Three of which spent the entire time in the back room rather than out with the customers. One, while on stage, actually patted on her leg for me to come tip her…like I was her f’ing dog or something. No way, f that. That was likely the rudest thing I ever saw in a club. This place has gone way down over the last year… is no wonder there were only 3 customers there. There was one girl doing lap dances…..and there was one other customer who stared into the booth and watched the whole time. Anyway… time I get the chance I am going elsewhere…..anywhere would be better than this. Don’t waste your time here…..

  181. firfighter

    Love this place. Girls are beautiful, hospitable, & talented.

  182. Jack
  183. Da man

    yo i was here yesterday and man this place never changes always great had dances from 2 great girls and had a great time. i fucking love this place.

  184. Tony From Michigan

    Can Any One Please Tell Me If Their Is A Dancer There By The Name Of Chris or Christine Wilson Who Is 38 to 39 Years Old And Short Like 4’11 in Her Bear Feet And 114 to 130 Lbs With Light Brown Hair And From Virginia ? Thank You Tony P.S. I Would Like To Fly In From Michigan To See Her Dance

  185. Rod Woodcock

    Bamboo is the best. She got a fine, tight ass body, gorgeous face, and she gives lapdances like she just escaped from prison and wants a hard cock inside her

  186. Joey

    What happened to Veronica?

  187. Wont Be Back

    Just read everyone elses comments!!

  188. Chris

    Madison was amazing… a must see… All the girls were sweet and very nice

  189. Lewis

    The girls seem to have a good time at “work”. That makes for a better atmosphere.

  190. bc

    really liked it….deanna is my favorite…small but intimate.

  191. alan smithee

    storm isn’t someone these guys hate, they just aint blind to the fact that she is a crackhoe who bears no resemblance to an attractive woman.

  192. PA regular

    If you come to central PA, there isn’t a better place to visit! The girls are really friendly as long as you take good care of them, which let’s face it, we all should… Angelyn is particularly worth a visit! She will knock your socks off…

  193. Nickie Doo

    Bad club, OK?

  194. Bobby

    PJ is extremely attentive to me. I just love her. She makes we want to keep coming back to the club just to see her.

  195. Fun place

    A great place to have a good time with some nice ladies. Always a good time. I don’t know why anyone would call these ladies whores. They have never been like that to me. Rude people ruin this world!

  196. Kevin

    I have no idea how anyone would not love this club. I have been to many clubs and this one ranks up with the best. No cover, Pay as you go lap dances and of course beautiful women. I am a breast man and this club overall had the best nipples I have ever seen. All of the girls were friendly and put on a fun show when on stage. Next time I am in Harrisburg I will be going back. Thanks girls for a wonderful evening.

  197. Pussycat


  198. Super

    Just the right size, bright enough so that it is legal and safe. Sexy ladies, unlike the dogs next door. A great club and the best in central PA! Don’t listen to those posting from the shithole next door.

  199. Mark

    Yes this club is the best ! .. not, well from the recent comments i tried to give it the benefit of the doubt. But apparently the others were right.

  200. Customer:

    Most of the girls are friendly and nice, I’ve seen a few who don’t treat the customers very nice, the girl with the tattoos of beer bottles has a big mouth and runs around like she is HOT stuff.

  201. bowser

    this is the lamest club i think i have ever been 2. its bright with camras and bitches. expensive lame lapdances and terrible stage dances. not 2 mention my living room is bigger than this whole place

  202. Tommy

    I have always had a good time here.

  203. re: Viper

    I heard Lesh changed his name and moved out of state because some guy named Viper was parking outside his house every night and sending him love letters

  204. ransack

    was once great, is now grotty

  205. Zachary

    This club is smok’n hot!!!

  206. John2510

    Going into the back of an Adult Book Store with a big neon sign that says “Adult World” is the only bad part of the experience. Well… that, and no alcohol. Girls are first rate, both in looks and performance. Also, the idea that you can pay $10.00, then just pay another until you are ready to stop, beats the hell out of $30.00 and not knowing what you’ll get, or paying a second $30.00 when you don’t want a full second set. That aspect makes this a great option.

  207. just another reg

    loved seeing u girls ur the best in my eyes

  208. Double G
  209. Axel Bellemonte

    Nice variety of girls in the 7+ range. Seating has been through several changes in the last few years but the club always manages to keep open areas for grinding lap dances, although there is no private area.

    No drinks served.

  210. Shaes bitch
  211. customer

    Why don’t Carmen and Shae just duke it out in the parking lot and get all this BS over with.

  212. scooby

    scoobie doobie doooooo

  213. Shae fan

    i dont know how you could even type all that dumb shit about Shae because Im sure your fingers are so fat youre hitting 6 keys at once when you try to hit one. Shae IS that hot and you know it. Im gettin a hardon just thinkin about her on my lap. i never thought she had a stick up her ass, but i would like to bend her over and take a look. in fact just thinking about her is making me wanna get a lapdance from her. im gonna go check the dancer schedule.

  214. Best in Central PA!

    Kudos to A-Dub for having the highest rating in the Harrisburg area- better than that other place!

  215. Enjoyable Atmosphere

    I really enjoy the atmosphere and ambience of this club. It’s truly relaxing! Great place, great times!

  216. Simon

    Awesome place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. apples n oranges

    Sad, sad “club”. With the exception of the naked chicks there isn’t much to compare between Al’s and AW. 2 very different types of places.

  218. re something fishy

    i might be fat and gay and maybe my breath does smell like shit but im not a stripping so it dosnt really matter and if you like her get your rocks of me personaly i think she stinks and she does nothing for me i rather have jade or lola now there is talent buterfly and camron too

  219. George Costanza

    I had sex with your mother!!!

  220. PA Firefighter

    I’ve read alot of the past reviews, and I cannot see what they are talking about after my trip there Friday night. All the girls were nice when they talked to me. Even when i turned them down for a dance, (I had already had an amazing one at that point) they smiled and said thanks. And a while ago, someone said these girls shouldnt think too highly of themselves… that is just BS… these girls deserve alot of respect for what they do… I could never do it… Keep up the great work girls… I need to figure out who is who… besides the girl who already gave me a lap dance… i could never forget her πŸ™‚

  221. YOU ARE........

    ANASTASIA..And the funny thing is I wasn’t the one to guess. I just read those posts and how i figured it out is I work with you and you have used certain words plus you are dumb as nails…………..

  222. I love this club!

    I love this club! Perfect place to get my nob rubbed.

  223. John Smith
  224. Oh no you didn't!

    I just have something to say to the previous reviewer:

    Is you is or is you isn’t talkin bout my girl, Harley? She’s most definitely my favorite dancer here. And she gives the best rub and tugs! Y’all just jealous!

  225. Re Yes

    Are u crazy ? These girls are awesome and i love that they talk.Better they talk then just take my $$ and run.Keep up the great work,great looks,and great conversation.You ladies are the best

  226. yo

    something could b done about the seating but its ok and u can c the stage from about everywhere but yo most of the girls r perfect and some arnt that great just like at every other place.

  227. Ralph

    Awesome club had a great time with several lapdances from the ladies. Can’t beat the price. Why on earth would anyone drive 8 hours roundtrip to go to an expensive club in New York, unless they have a sex addiction?

  228. Mr. Fix It

    There has to be a solution to the lighting problem. Perhaps the girls, or the person working the front desk, could take a brief intermission at the change of shift and wipe down the mirrors. It’s quite simple. There is a solution to every problem IF you take the time to fix it.

  229. FYI

    Two of the girls I heard got fired but you never know and One is I guesse taking time off. Doesnt mean they arent making money just not at AW.

  230. Brandon

    I work the front desk here on the weekends.

    If anyone can give me a good reason…a REAL reason as to why women should be let in for free, I’d be happy to take the matter up with management. And no, just because they have the same parts as the women who are inside getting naked is not a real reason.

    Call me old fashion, but I think that if you’re going to take your date to a strip club (or anywhere else for that matter) YOU should be the one paying for them…so essentially THEY are still getting in for free. Date entertainment should come out of your pocket, not ours.

  231. Jay

    There are so many hot ladies at this club. Gauge, Passion, Lindsay, Chloe, Shea, Angle and many more. Sorry I can’t remember all of your names. I plan on stopping in again the next time I am in town. Thanks for a great night ladies.

  232. AW Fan

    I’ve been going to this club for a little bit and have to say it’s really great. I do advise going on weekdays and during the 4-9 shift instead of the 9-12 shift if you can. Late at night it tends to get a little crowded and the dancer/customer ratio dips. A lot of hot girls. It’s definately a place that encourages regulars. The more I’ve gone, the dancers seem friendlier. There are no extras to the dance but you still get a good lap grind from most of the girls.

  233. abraxus335

    Kelly is the best. A lap dance with her is better than some sex I have had.

  234. Good

    A good time was had be all.

  235. someone else

    I wish instead of the girls saying “would you like a lapdance?” , they would say “can i fuck you through your pants?” or “may i dry hump you til you cum on me?” or maybe “please let me rub my pussy up and down your cock” that would be a nice change.

  236. VOLTRON

    I have no life so i spend all my time here

  237. Ken

    Well maybe they should stop all the nonsense and get to work like they are supposed to be.

  238. big guy

    your right

  239. Tazzfan

    AW is a great club in the Harrisburg area. All the girls are really nice. I go there atleast once a month to see all the great girls.

  240. HAHAHA

    I know who you are. You think you’re so smart and you think you are so much better than all the other dancers and like talking shit and gossiping about everyone else. If you are so smart and have such a great education, then why are you begging for dollar bills at Adult World???

  241. agreed

    Just want to add to the last couple posts, I tend to agree. I used to think the girls at AW could compete with those at any other club I’d been to including Philly, Jersey, and West Virginia. Now I just don’t have a good time here anymore, I can’t exactly pinpoint when the club went downhill, but the attitudes and the lack of the young attrative girls that used to fill almost every shift has made the atomsphere unpleasant. Also the one or two hot girls seem to have some sad dude that’s a regular who will tie her up for a long time spending hundreds of dollars just for her to sit of his lap and talk, not even really getting a lap dance. So if you’re not one of these guys the girls don’t even pay that much attention to you.

  242. huge in japan

    these girl are fuckin hot and you get your money’s worth i work in a strip club and this one is one of the best i have been at

  243. YES

    Awesome time this weekend ladies! Very sexy and a lot of fun. I will be back.

  244. Ben

    Hot girls! Great dances!

  245. dollar bill

    let me guess……you weigh about 290 lbs, youre fat sweaty pimply ass is stuffed into a computer chair right now, chubby sausage fingers typing on your cumstained keyboard. well listen up fatty. Storm is gorgeous. you are either 1. angry cuz she wouldnt fuck you, 2. jealous shes better looking or 3. both 1 and 2. im sure you are the kind of person who would rather have a can of Milwaukees Best beer instead of champagne and youd rather have a velvet Elvis painting instead of a Salvador Dali. when youre done watching nascar, why dont you let everyone know who your favorite dancer is? since youre such a judge of beauty. you obviously hate Storm for some reason. because she is beautiful. so who do you think is hot?

  246. Kirk

    You guys really need to think about making some changes and, in a hurry. Clean it up! Get a DJ! And your going backwards by not having a dancer schedule. With next doors renovations and the new club coming into town your in trouble but, you could change that around with a few fixes. No one can beat your lap dance prices, so advertise your best asset. But you need the other stuff to keep them coming back.

  247. fedfred

    china coming back is a xmas present for us all.



  249. Rocky

    I didn’t even have that much money and the girls took good care of me. There were a few weird looking dudes that didn’t get the time of day. Can’t see how you can’t get attention here. Definition of loser: Someone who brings a money roll into a stripclub and still can’t get a female to hang out with him. Use some of that money to tattoo a large “L” on your forehead.

  250. M A.

    Just had a customer tell me we have the best ladies in the area! I keep hearing this and it’s making me super proud to work at a place that receives such nice compliments! Our ladies are all so sweet and we have a selection of dvd’s, toys, and lingerie to check out when you’re taking a break or (keep your receipt from that day & you can ) go have drinks and dinner and come back anytime until we close! πŸ˜€

  251. Cockstar

    Who is Ivy? What does she look like and what kind of dance can I expect?

  252. Puer Maximus

    I like the dancers here, they aren’t junkies, most are single Mom’s trying to make a good life for their kids. You can’t charge a fixed amount for services here because that would make it prostitution. So there can’t be a “titty tax”. I agree that you give what you will and nobody can force you, but the dancers also have the right not to spend any time around you or in your direction. You probably won’t have a good time if you don’t tip. Unlike the old days, there isn’t a center audience seating section where non-tippers can hang out. While it isn’t a rule or law that you must tip, it is a social norm that you tip in a strip club because that is how the girls get paid. If you don’t want to pay, then don’t play. This is America and you are free to go somewhere else. Nobody is forcing you to enter this establishment.

  253. Miz

    love the girls especially jade what a smokin body

  254. take out the trash

    personally, i feel bad for most of you. you’re going to pay for a sexual fantasy in south central PA and then get petty on an internet message board about the things you don’t like? nobody’s making any drastic changes.dancers and ‘regulars’ at this club deserve one another. most of the less desirable girls here have somewhat of a napoleon complex, but in a way that’s uneducated and humorous. what adult world should do ideally is boot (is that an appropriate word? since some of them are oversexed country bumpkins) the leftover negative people (ones that are there to support their shitty lifestyles. they flock to the back of the club [their scary banter can be heard through the wooden fence] and inhale tar or talk down the other girls’ physicalities self-importantly amongst each other for part of the shift to ease their low self esteems. sunken in faces and spermy eyebrows ensue) and continue to hire more happy young people that are just doing a job and being gracious for easily earned money. i’m very happy that this seems to be a more positive place to work and for the girls that are doing well. keep having those $400-$700 dollar days as well as a good attitude so that this place doesn’t cross the fine line it rides between low-scale club and jack shack.

    – an ex-aw girl. (i already know the catty retaliation is coming; “you were probably fired/weren’t attractive enough to make money) but just for your information, when i quit it was of my own volition and i was very well off when i did πŸ™‚

  255. Truth

    Wow, you must be the only guy that the dancer with the beer bottle tattoo has been nice to in the past few years. She is down right nasty to most customers and should have gone awhile ago. You better keep coming in dude cause you are the only one that likes her. Take note manager, please!

  256. Former Dancer

    Used to work here. Lame club. Rude dancers. Rude staff. Waste of time!

  257. NY Traveler

    Worst club ever!!!!! I have been to several In NY and Pa and that was the worst club I have ever seen. Why do the hire cottage cheese ass fat black moms to strip? Yes there were a couple pretty good looking chicks. Did get to see my first crosseyed stripper. If your planning a trip near here or passing through don’t stop look for another club to spend your money. Scranton and Binghamton NY don’t even compare to this club!

  258. lame

    that’s all i have to say…..lame

  259. ronaldus magnus

    if it is tipping, then that is discretionary spending. if it is supposed to be automatic, call it a titty tax or something else. until the commie bastards make it illegal to not fork over money to an aggressive junky, ‘tipping’ will remain optional. as for those who disagree, more power to you. that’s what makes this america and not russia.

  260. nipps

    All I can say is AWESOME!!

  261. Lolita

    The perfect place for a $20 BJ & a quick makeout session with your favorite dancer. Apparently anything goes here anymore. If your a customer this is the place to be if you want some quick release. The girls are so desperate they will do practically anything for a couple bucks. Two thumbs up!!

  262. M.
  263. My momma? Like hell U R

    It is downright laughable when the hacks post reviews posing as a happy customer. That was either from the has been at the counter or one of the never was girls that supposedly dance there. Take a compliment when it is offered and learn to take valid criticisms constructively before you have no counter to sit behind and scowl. Finding a real job will be a rude awakening for you wanna be momma.

  264. Ronnie Dobbs

    Love this club! LOVE IT!!!

  265. not happy with bambbo

    bambbo is nasty one of the skankiest strippers i ever seen and she stinks really bad i got a dance one time and i felt dirty and had to go home and get a shower to wash the stink off of me she puts so much perfume on to try to cover it up well it dosnt work just take a bath and use mouth wash or something but there are other girls that smell as good as they look just stay away from bambbo and your leave happy not stinky

  266. Spaceman

    I love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. hey tony

    your a fucking dooshbag. go find another stripclub u dumb bastard.

  268. Monroe

    I stopped in Monday night on my way to DC; just a little something to break up the monotony of a long drive. I travel a lot. Spend most of my time in my vehicle, and I have been to many clubs up and down the East Coast. I must say, I was disappointed to say the least. I couldn’t get a dance to save my life. One or two girls caught my eye, but that didn’t work out. Seems to me like everyone was hiding in the dressing room except 1-2 girls, but those two were busy almost the whole time. Well, I won’t be stopping here again. Next time I’ll just keep going. Wasn’t worth the $ I spent to get in the door.

  269. Dan

    This is a terrific club. No high pressure. The girls are friendly, and it is basically a pleasant atmosphere. This is a great place to relax and enjoy the sights.

  270. to dog

    First of all did u every ask yrself why the so called hot ones no longer work there. 4 booze girl i like her tatoos and so does alot of other people. If she is so ugly then why does she still have a job and make $?

  271. darryl

    I have to vent about my afternoon at AW today. The dancer with all the bottles on her legs, I don’t know her name but based on the tattoos I’ll refer to her as DUI, would not shut up. I was getting a lap dance and all I heard was DUI’s annoying voice and laugh. It made my wood get soft. Look, ugly girls like DUI need to work. I get that. But all I have ever seen her do is sit with her arms crossed looking unhappy, yell at other dancers while on stage and bitch to the check in girl about stuff. I could handle all of that but when DUI ruins my hard earned lap dance, I have to complain. Hey, DUI, I know you are bored or upset because no one ever gets a dance from you but can you please keep your mouth shut while others are enjoying themselves. By the way, where does the Natty Ice tattooo end up?

  272. To Manager

    Overall you have an excellent club but I will not be back until some of these older, tired women are gone. The customer below has it right and I would add that any girl who has come over from the place next door after their fire just spreads the hustler plague.

  273. re: "me"

    Unfortunately the club isn’t allowed to dim the lights. The cops actually come in with their stupid light meters and measure the brightness/dimness to make sure it’s with in regulations. If it’s too dim, the club gets in trouble. They were just in last week. The mirrors are a different issue. LOL.

  274. REG


  275. get real

    Well that last comment made absolutely no sense. What a loser. ROTFLMAO!! The reality is that any girl who comes into this place who is pretty, talented, or has a good attitude, which ultimately means increased money making potential, is either fired by the ex-dancer manager who plays favorites OR is run out by the other girls who have been there for like 10 years and can’t stand it that they are sitting in the dressing room on their big fat ass, looking at there ugly ass faces in the mirror and bitching amongst eachother about how there not making any money while the the other girls are out on the floor hustl’n there ass off for the money they are making. I wonder what all those stupid bitches are gonna do when they can’t dance anymore and they have to go out and get a real job where there actually gonna have to use there itty bitty little brains. I wonder if when the time comes, and there out there in the real world there gonna sit around amongst all their other loser lackadaisical co-workers and talk about the smarter more successful co-worker. If this money actually made any money off of it’s dancers I guarentee that half of the bad attitude having bitches would be long gone already. But, since that’s not the situation all the girls that are really working hard, the one’s that the customers actually enjoy coming in to see will keep getting fired or keep quitting. The owners need to realize that they need to do some house cleaning and set up some new rules & regs before something really bad end up happening. No bouncers? Get serious. One of these days you may seriously regret that shit.

  276. Viper

    I haven’t been in the Harrisburg area for a while but wanted to know does Lesh “bald headed guy” still work there or is he gone now? If he’s gone I wish him the best of luck he was a pretty cool guy when I visited the club a while back.

  277. Good times

    This is a great place to go and conveniently located within driving distance from Grantville. I shot on down 22 riding my Harley and then had a broad named Harley ride me! It was unfuckingbelievable! Shot a load right on up through my rim shorts! So if your from Grantville like me, I highly recommend this place.

  278. Mr. Smith

    Rude, didn’t smile, wouldn’t talk to the customers. That’s not why I go to a gentleman’s club. Sorry girls, I have to act like I enjoy my job, you do the same!

  279. j
  280. Dog

    They got rid of the hot ones. Too many dogs now like the one with the booze tatoos on her body. Ugly!

  281. Matt

    This club is the greatest.Dont know why people are on here talking shit.Prob.girls from next door.Every girl in this place is hot ,and can dance their ass off.not afraid to work for their $$$$ not lazy fat cows like next door.Ladies i will be back.Guys dont waste your $$$ payin the cover charge next door….Go right to Adult World

  282. Rusty

    I don’t know what these pansies are talking about, this club is a real man’s club. Sexy pu$$y all over the place!

  283. Houdini

    AS with most clubs the girls vary with regard to beauty, personality etc, but some are outstanding on all counts. Private dances are not all that private, but there are days and times when the club is less crowded when that improves. The atmosphere is cousy, no food or drink, but that helps keep one focused, overall an A+ depending on the lady.

  284. d rokk

    my wife and i stopped in here just last sunday at around five.. we didnt expect much for that time of day and were pleasently surprised.. only six dancers on at the time.. but 4 of which were of very high quality.. very good looking and happy to do the job we were paying them for..

  285. Corey

    this place fuckin rocks

  286. Bye Bye, Fat Pig

    Watch who your calling idiot, you asswipe. You struck out in a stripclub, boo hoo. Go away, they don’t need your business as you are a gross, petty, human being. You HAVE called these dancers “whores” on here, which goes to your core beliefs: hence your attitude. You may not understand what I am saying, but find someone who can explain it to you. You don’t like the dancers and the club, then don’t come back. The vast majority of the guys who come to this club, like it! Good bye and good ridance!

  287. Guest

    This club sucks…….

  288. Casanova

    Bamboo is a very fine girl, indeed. Stay away from the skanks and you will have fun here. The one with the beer bottles is gross (come on, she was “classy” enough to get multiple beer bottles tatooed on her legs). Listen to the guys on here, all of he girls that they like are the good ones and people have told you the poor ones. In general the guys do a good job of telling it like it is.

  289. paul

    Great club to visit,Girls are hot and very nice to all.Prices are great .

  290. Phil
  291. Dave C

    The ladies in this club are very professional in what they do and are the best looking ladies in the area. There is a lady for anyone in there. I am partial to a lady named Tiffany, a very cute little blond.

  292. ERIC

    To my personal fav, the beautiful green eyed brunette, as well as all the other beuties, thanks for a great time. You are all amazing. I’ll be back in again soon.

  293. Garth

    An amazing time was had by my whole crew on Saturday. Don’t know what the problem is with some of these guys. All ladies were polite and fun and more than willing to dance with all of us. No dirty, sleazy dancers here. Good, fun time!

  294. DexEverlasting

    Just stopped in for my birthday this past weekend with a buddy of mine. We both had been regulars in the distant past, but had not been in for quite some time. We were early enough to see the first shift girls working and catch the shift change, mid day on a Saturday. All of the ladies were pleasant and friendly. Dances were good too.

  295. gino
  296. Short Guy

    Amazing girls!

  297. Nate

    I love this club. The girls are smoking hot and give great dances. Tip though…The more you give the girl to start the better the dance.

  298. steve

    well i took my chances after i read the reviews for current drama. Guess i was right. should have gone to a dif. club!

  299. Kev

    New to the area and this was pretty lame. Go to N.York or DC. It’s worth the drive.

  300. Hero
  301. karma aka bamboo

    your just mad that u got in trouble or did you have butch your boyfriend or maybe your husband post that because we all know you couldnt of writen that your self if i was leigh-ann i wouldnt even let you come back its girls like you that are bring this club down

  302. Stinky

    I don’t know which episode of Baywatch you were watching or which issue of Playboy you were lookin at, but you won’t ever get those three or four minutes of your life back. DUI doesn’t look like any of those models. Maybe she isn’t a bad person, but I won’t come here to see her…not a put down, just the truth. No competition in the area means that dancers like this will keep working here. Too bad.

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