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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Bare Dem

  1. Nip fan

    I agree with Dirty Bastard. The “curtained off” area is great. You can go back there and watch the girls shake thier titties, but they can’t see you. It’s a great place to BEAT OFF! I advise anyone who plans to go here to check out the “curtained off” area. Just make sure to bring some hand lotion.

  2. Carlos

    it is a small local place, but the girls are super friendly, the drinks are strong and more dancers show after 10pm

  3. Customer(regular)Dave!!

    Let’s start with that dj. Nick or something… Really bad attitude and really bad mix of music. Worst I ever heard In a gogo bar

    OK The drama sux badly all these girls need to grow up… All they do is fight and argue and go into some stupid competition with each other.. lets face it there are some really pretty girls but the one’s that are stuck up like Jamie, watch your shit! I heard she steals and (for her mom who used to work there and she stole from customers and the bar!) They all need to grow the hell up! It’s a second highschool to them… I know most of the girls and the ones I talk to and tip are down to earth! Theres way to many nasty agency girls, and the Brazilians that work all the time that arent agency are really pretty like nicole… Thats all for now…

  4. The Pumper

    Hello fellow perv’s! Your old friend The Pumper is back! I decided to stop by the new Rays BYOB recently and I gotta say, The Pumper was VERY disappointed! I’ve seen better tits on a farm! Sagging old hags working the pole in the filthy shithole! How he can charge $20.00 to get in is beyond me. Full of dirty old bastards rubbing thier crotches while staring at retired go-go dancers just ain’t for The Pumper! I give this place one month before he shuts down for good. And believe you me, it would be a service to the go-go bar industry to have him close his doors.

  5. cableguy

    any black girls ever dance here?

  6. Jack Meyoff

    Straight forward place. What customers want. Worth traveling to.

  7. handy manny

    Huge improvement From the shithole ray the slum lord ran

  8. Armstrong
  9. VIP member

    I have been going to this place since I heard the new owners made the

    place respectable, clean, & made the interior nicely done. I tend to go

    here at least twice a week. Their new girls are a lot better than the girls

    that used to work here. Huge improvement! Alexa, Danielle, & Krystal are

    fascinating on the pole. Jennifer, Kitty, Shannon, & Banana keep me

    coming back.

  10. joe

    TOTALLY a dive…aka the happiest place in the world! raunchy stuff in here. low class all the way. yee haw.

  11. Juicer

    BYOB stands for bring your own boobs cause they got the same 4 girls EVERY night

  12. sonofa

    I’ve been hearing good things about this club since it has opened under new ownership but I havnt gone to check it out till just last week. A friend of mine had his bachelor party at this club. They had about 16 dancers, 2 stages, 3 poles. The dancers were smoking hot, especially 2 that kept catching my eye Danielle & Jennifer. I got a LD from Jennifer, definately worth my money and more. They put my buddy on stage, they called it the hot seat. All of their dancers got on stage at the same time and I’ve never seen anything like what they did. He told me he’s still recouperating from that night. I got to hold their 5ft snake around my neck as one of the dancers took it out its tank that was right by our VIP area. She took it on stage and did a very cool act with it as it slithered down her cleavage and wraped itself around all her bodyparts. I dont know why i waited so long to go check this place out. I will definately be back.

  13. Dirty Bastard

    This place is great! Bare titties and stiff nipples give me a throbbing hard-on! And kudos to Ray for putting up the curtain area. Its perfect for “rubbing one out” after you’ve looked at enough tits. I think all go go bars should have a curtain area where customers can “relieve” themselves after getting a throbber! I’ll be back!

  14. ?

    ??nothing to say??

  15. Lou

    I love this club! The girls are very friendly and most of them are good looking. I stop in every time I’m in the area.

  16. To Dave

    Since they got Jamie this Club just turn 10. Maybe she just don’t like you. I did hear you were a real asshole.

    Shame on you talking bad about such beautiful people. Your

    a Hater. Must lead a miserable life. Don’t hang out if you don’t like it. Nobody likes you anyway, I heard.

  17. Quiet Guy

    I would like to see better lighting around the stage area and when you first come in – too dark. This is a friendly place….The bartenders are just too cute and the dancers to what they do best – DANCE…..

  18. Never Going Back

    Was at this lame excuse for a go-go bar on Friday. Kept hearing some bitch named Echo constantly complaining to some little guy who acted like a pansy on estrogen. Only one decent girl. Most kept falling off the stage (I think they are on drugs from the look of their arms). I should have read The Pumpers comments BEFORE wasting my hard earned money at this shithole!

  19. Pumper

    Hello to all! I just got back in the area and visited Ray’s over the weekend. NICE selection of girls this time around. The only thing that annoyed me was this guy with dark hair and a mustache keep coming over and trying to start up a conversation. At one point he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place to party. He said a couple of dancers were going to his place after they finished working. I thought to myself, if this guy has girls coming over to his place to party, then why does he need me there? I thought it was odd. I did get a lap dance, but the room was full so she wouldn’t do any extras. Oh well, maybe next time I’ll get there earlier.

  20. Customer no more

    95 adult clubs in NJ take the drive to one of the better ones. This place is not worth it. Over priced for everything.

  21. Larry

    I’m the manager of Rays BYOB. I’m here to say that we do not allow masterbating in our club! Anyone caught masterbating will be immediately removed from the premises. We do not want our club to turn into a jerk off emporium.

  22. Joe C.

    I was at x-rays last week, I had a killer time. dancer’s were hot. Lap dances were AWESOME but I forgot who I got my dance’s from. Massage girl is FUCKING EPIC I think im in love with her. this place is great I heard it used to be shitty but its definitely not now. going back tomorrow for more. bringing my boys.

  23. Dirty Bastard Re: Larry

    I’m confused. You show bare titties that give us guys hard ons, but you get mad when we stroke one out. What do you expect us to do. You know, after reading what you wrote, I’m gonna beat off even more now in that shitty club. And I dare the Larry to stop me. I think hes just mad cause hes probably the guy who has to clean up the messes!

  24. johnny

    I’ve become a regular at X-Rays. The girls are very gorgeous & professional. Classy place. very clean. I usually end up staying there for over 3 hours every time. There is no “Hoe Train” like at Smile’s, Rumors, & Club 15. I dont get swarmed by 20 girls in 20 minutes, which only makes me want to leave so quickly. X-Rays seems to be the only club in the area that books celebrity porn stars. I’ve made it to 2 of those events. Both times, the place was alive, energetic, & the stars put on a spectacular performance. Shay Lynn was the best i’ve ever seen. She had my jaw dropping the whole time. Best of luck to the new owners. You’ll keep getting my money for years to come.

  25. loveboobies

    After seeing all the stuff, pro and con, I had to check it out for myself. Talent was good, it was a quick recon. Outstanding blonde on stage when I went, followed by a nice hispanic followed but a very busty all natural hispanic. All in all, the place may be worth a visit again. I will be back. Cover was 15 and included the first juice, water or soda. No more shower curtains; the pool table is back. Just taking tonight into account, things are much different. Talent was 20’s to maybe 30’s. It is worth it. Did not partake in LD as I was drained from a visit to Dover. This place is now known as x-rays lounge. New hours are 6p-2a Tue-Sat. Still BYOB. Staff was good, no complaints, made ya feel welcomed and appreciated.

  26. fun time

    went on a friday night and had a great time. no pushy dancers or bartenders begging for a bottle here.

  27. Earl the Pearl

    I was robbed at this place and I mean really robbed. As I was paying for a drink I had TWO twenties in my hand by mistake and the ho tending bar grabbed them both and gives me change for a twenty.

    When I complained my untouched drink was dumped out and I was escorted to the door. It is organized thievery, if you go keep an eye on your money.

  28. Concerned

    I heard that this place has slowly been allowing queers to hang out there because the owner is strapped for cash. I guess it won’t be long before the girls will be battling the gays for room on the lap dance couch.

  29. Tommy G

    Are there any cool guys who hang out here. I wouldn’t mind having a little jerk off session in the LD room.

  30. Pissed Off

    This is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT to all of my fellow strip club patrons. I heard that Rays was going BYOB and that he was hiring some young new girls to bare it all. So I decided to stop down there last Saturday night. As soon as I got in the door, I was told to pay a $20 cover fee. When I asked if I could see the girls who are working before I pay, the douchebag collecting money tells me “I have to pay before I can look”. So I pay him and walk in, only to find out that not only are they just taking thier tops off (NO BOTTOMS!), but it’s the same old skanks that have always worked there. And these girls have these wrinkled, saggy milkbags that remind me of a deflated hot air baloon. I actually felt sorry for them. Oh, and did I mention that they have an area where the pool table used to be where there are a row of chairs behind shower curtains where customers are encouraged to “release” themselves (it’s very disturbing). I actually got sick to my stomach when I saw a guy coming out from behind the curtain alone. With the same old dingy atmosphere and the same old skanks with saggy tits, along with the shower cutain thing, this palce is nothing more than a poor excuse for a 42nd Street peep show.

  31. Jack

    This place blows

  32. Happy Har Don

    I have to say I stopped in Friday night and I was impressed. I’m a veteran gogo traveler and to have the girls actually have their tiities out is WAY better than a bikini club with a chance of flash. They had a bunch of new girls that wew very “friendly” will be back this Fri. Cheapest fri I had in a long time too with BYOB.

  33. first timer

    I finally went to check out X-Rays this past weekend. I’ve driven past the past a million times, i figured, why not. I’d say its probably the nicest looking club in the area. they had about 14 dancers, 2 black, 8 white, and 4 latin. All were straight up 10’s. Music was great cause they played a little of everything. Theres no way i can ever go back into a bikini go go bar, after being in this all nude and very comfortable club.

  34. Doug8181
  35. John

    I always have a great time here!!

  36. GetARealJobWhores

    Finally the town has done something about this place and stripped the owner of his liquor license because of all the shady shit that happens here! Hopefully, this place will disappear forever or get someone in there who can run a business without having girls do about anything for money!

  37. retire!!

    when will those sisters retire? man they are so old now. come on girls, let the young girls have a chance.oh and lets not forget the girls with the scars that look like road maps. i call them just plain ugly.

  38. nice guy

    it’s a dinky club but the extra’s are so worth it-and the dancers are hot and very friendly-

  39. one timer

    this is bar none the foulest club i have ever been too. i almost threw up when i walked in from the smell of dried up hags and had been dancers. i advise no one to ever go here

  40. Pool Guy
  41. Pissed off!

    Same old dancers that used to work here that no one else will hire. Better off spending your $20.00 on a porno and jerking off at home.

  42. Customer

    Good ‘ol local place. Girls are down to earth and fun. Whaddya want for Sussex County? Go to NY iffin ya want models. These gals know how to party!

  43. Bitch
  44. been there done that

    drama queens every one of them,most of them need therapy, rehab( big time )weight loss ( a couple )

  45. Local

    Good Club, good LD room. Sexy girls most of the time. Always tip and you’ll have a “good time”

  46. ray's

    Isn’t this place closing soon?

  47. Low Life Club

    Music sucks, Majority of dancers are horrific, overall place is comparable to a local white trash dive bar where you can watch Tv a have a few. I was there last Saturday, saw a new bartender that was good looking and friendly but outside of that, nothing worth writing about.

  48. To: The Regulars

    I dance at Rays alot and I have to say that us girls are really fed up with you regulars coming in and treating this place like a social club or neighborhood gin mill. This is a go go bar. Do you know what that means? I’ll explain. You come in, sit down, mind your own business. We dance, we come around and collect your dollars and make money. Thats it! Period! We don’t WANT to dance, we HAVE to! Do you think we like getting up on stage and bareing our bodies for you pathetic losers? WE DON’T! If you are looking for a place to hang out,socialize, read the paper, or sit in the same damn seat all the time, the FIND ANOTHER BAR! This is not the place for you! If you want a place to look at pretty girls and get some quality entertainment and are looking to spend your money on us, then please drop by. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this, but for now thats all.

  49. Dick hurts

    If you like flys swarming around your warm beer and OLD HAGS, then you’ll find yourself at home!

  50. Queen bitch

    Well thank u for statIng the obvious since u sat close enough to hear me

    speak that is ur sorry ass problem mayb if u had a life n got laid ud feel

    better oh n pumper come on in we will pump u alright right out the fucking

    door into traffic u sorry ass jerkoff if u don’t like it here don’t come all

    American girls who r young n hot instead of hiding behind ur computer

    say what u got to in here to our faces if u don’t like it stay home n look at

    ur fat wives or at ur walls feel bad for u guys living only to put others

    down to make urself feel better rock on n real men r always welcome

  51. C
  52. roland

    great place

  53. A NEW SCAM

    I’ve never posted a message on this site but after what happened to me on Wednesday night, I feel I have to. There was a new barmaid working, I think she used to be a dancer. I ordered a drink and put a $20 bill on the bar. When she gave me my change, it was change of a ten! When I told her that I gave her a twenty, she argued with me and insisted it was a ten. I had another drink and got the correct change, but I wasn’t convinced that I hadn’t been ripped off. I decided to go outside for a Marlboro, but before I did I put a $20 bill on the bar and placed my drink on top of it. When I came back in, my $20 had been replaced with a $10. When I asked her what happened to my $20 she said she didn’t know. I promptly finished my drink and left before this little thief could scam me out of more money! If you go to Rays and see her working, turn around and leave or risk being ripped off. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  54. Very Upset

    Please read this before going here! i need to warn guys out there that i visited this place about a month ago. i posted a story but it got deleted, so i am posting again. i recently got divorced and wanted some “company”. i ended up going here and getting some in the lap dance room (and wore a condom). well, just a week later i noticed something weird going on down below. i was told by my doctor that i had contracted genital warts! i told him that i used a condom, but he said that does not protect against the disease i contracted. please do yourselves a favor and do not get involved in the ld room. you have been warned.

  55. Dino

    Going down hill fast. Girls are getting worse and worse. It needs a new owner.

  56. disappointed

    The club is full of big girls.

  57. Buddah

    DJ was a bit annoying and there were a couple of chunky dancers and one who was WAAAYYY too old, but lap dance room is legendary and best bang for your buck in NJ!

  58. bababooey

    hot. hot. hot dancer’s. awesome massag’s. going back.

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