Hollywood Showclub



5481 Bunkum Road, Washington Park, IL 62204


38.6237009, -90.08568




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Hollywood Showclub

  1. Ricky

    I’ve been to a lot of club around the country and this is the one I return to, over and over again

  2. Tiger

    Excellent talent and great surroundings. Not the typical unkept dirty hole in the wall. The daytime ladies are exceptional.

  3. David

    Nice place. You almost don’t have to get a lap dance just by setting near the stage and throwing ones around. Very nice place and a good range of girls.

  4. sean

    trina gave me a hand job for 30.00 and it was horrible

  5. richard95

    Went ther for my friends bachelor party and he was very happy there.Perfect Strip club..cheap 25 $ couch dances where mutual touching is allowed and can leave very HAPPY if possible.look for barbie( milf) for 2 songs and u’ll not regret.. drinks are around 8 $ beer for a club like this is costly..

  6. AssnTits5

    Free admission before 7PM and after that it is $7-10. This club is unique because the lap dances are done on beds, which make them more fun. $25/song is standard prices for strip clubs but it does add up fast.

  7. Pedro

    Management and Amanda the bartender is great.. dj blows.. dancers not hott.. hustler is way better

  8. James

    The girls at this club are so sexy and down to earth sooo fun. I love that in a girl. The drinks are expensive ,but it’s a quality club. Im telling all of my friends about it.

  9. LRP

    Seriously, this club was sweet. Amora and Diamond are the hottest girls on the planet!

  10. Edf

    A Great safe well lite Club with nice bathrooms great hot Dancers at a good price

  11. Bobcat

    Hands down, Best Club on the East Side!

  12. HardWood

    Above average, but not excellent. Haven’t seen excellent in years – comparing to one that closed down the street years ago.

  13. Eddie

    Love it here. Best Daytime dancers around.

  14. Very Satisfied

    Great club & fantastic girls!

  15. John J

    Rachael hot as hell.great private action.dirty talking was a bonus.good atmosphere–recommend highly

  16. gatekeeper

    Was my first time there and was very pleased…Will go back

  17. hmmm

    Can’t judge the whole club on one girl. Still a great club.

  18. hd

    Never had a bad time here, even Sunday afternoons are a blast. However, drink

    prices are outrageous!

  19. Big Edward

    The current dancers in

    general are bad. Most of

    them to you drama stories

    about their lives to get your

    money. Dumb bitches. Best

    dancers like Dakota not

    there anymore. Sad.

  20. White Tim

    I whined like a little bitch!

  21. Papa

    WOW I love this place. Have visited many clubs and found very few as good. Drinks might be expensive, but keeps me sober to enjoy the ladies. Facility is great and the ladies even better. Most for the $$ in private dances af any I have visited. I’ll be back often. Did I mention the girls are fantastic and friendly.

  22. Ardvark
  23. nice

    ok club. hot girls, better than other clubs around here.

  24. Tommy

    Very disappointed

  25. DPW

    Excellent club. The club was spotless clean, the girls were smoking hot and the contact was better than OG in Las Vegas. Highly recommend the club.

  26. Kevin

    Only negative is that the waitresses seem to push drinks all the time even when you have a drink in front of you. Also the push drinks for the ladies and I’ll buy them one when I want not when asked ten times. Plus the porn gets old real fast

  27. Strip club expert

    Best club period.

  28. XhXeXy

    I will never come here again. The girls aren’t dancing or anything. I want my money back. You can’t dance to this music.

  29. Big Dick McGee

    hollywood is the best deal for the money and super hot chicks.

  30. someone
  31. JTut


  32. dan
  33. The One

    Club is nice and so are the girls. The owner is a complete jack ass.

  34. nasty club
  35. Not worth it...

    Overpriced, no mileage in the private area….there are better clubs to spend your money in..

  36. jason
  37. dexture

    over priced and the owner is a douche. use to be a good club, now the owner is running off all the talent with outrageous fines. the servers are not hospital either.

  38. just visiting

    Stoped by while in town. Nice club but poorly run.

  39. Reg. Club Goer

    I go to all the clubs and this clubs looks nice and is a clean place to be at. The prices are the highest prices of all the clubs and there are no special drink prices to draw more customers into the club. The cover is a fair for how nice the club is. The girls are better looking than most other clubs. The pornos are not that appealing and they are the same ones week after week (if you want pornos in your club at least change them every day with fresh ones).

  40. Daytime Joe

    Great time here if you want it!

  41. paradise

    i love this place

  42. arthur

    best club in metro east

  43. JD 69

    Owner is a dick.. heard him say too many niggers in here get them the fuck outta here…girls are ok, but nothing to brag about. Club looks nice but the overall enjoyment is crap!

  44. Ararm
  45. Steve R

    This is a great strip club, with very friendly ladies. Worse case, you stay for 20 minutes and leave, but I seriously doubt it!

  46. Club & Management Sucks

    I use to spend a lot of money in this club so and I get hounded to buy drink after drink after drink. Now I am looking for a different club to spend my money at.

  47. Timmy

    Okay club.

    Needs hotter girls.

  48. greg b

    this clubs owner is a dick head go to hustler way better everything!!1

  49. dyllian

    owners a dick but one of the best the clubs

  50. joe don baker

    this club is awesome, great value, great lighting, great girls.

  51. Nasty
  52. hardlarz

    they spent the money, you can too.

  53. Bill Talen
  54. Mel

    Good value for your money. Bed danceing rocks.

  55. Memories!

    This club is so awsome, the women here know how to please a man! The afternoons are great, no cover and the women are hott!! Keep it up and I’ll be back there real soon!

  56. dadawg

    Always a nice visit to HSC. Good mix of girls. Lots of mileage for the money. If it’s slow enough, a seat at the table can last you an entire song for just a few bucks. The private dances are generally excellent with lots of grinding, groping, etc. Just watch out for the typical hard luck stories from some girls (often the drunk ones) trying to get extra cash out of you for lame reasons.

  57. berry
  58. Stuffed Suit

    I really like the XXX movies showing all over the place. A very horney touch. But the ladies were stuck up and one of them missed out on a couple of hundred bucks. I still don’t know what’s possible there.

  59. Lake Girl

    Wonderful club to dance at. All of the managers and staff are friendly.

  60. random guy

    Trina and Nikki are hot, friendly, and fun

  61. freddy
  62. adamrod

    Awesome club. i love that it is well lit. Clean bathrooms. love the fact that there is porn playing on the television sets. Love that the club has fixed prices on private dances. The girls are cute and there is a diverse selection. It’s free to get in during the day. The thing not to like about the club is the sky high drink prices!

  63. mikel
  64. Joe Schmoe

    Very friendly ladies who know how to entertain.

  65. Jeff

    the owner is an ass and I see why all the girls go to Penthouse.

  66. Col. Fagin

    Horribly dangerous and unsafe! Sits right in a World War I

    battlefield of a bad neighborhood!

  67. LL

    my favorite spot in area. girls fun & willing to provide lots of fun and playtime in back

  68. Re: Kiki

    Well I was dancing there last night and I have no cellulite and stretch marks!!! I know of a few other girls who don’t either. Not everyone is perfect lady.

  69. Strip club regular

    I frequently visit strip clubs around the country and consider this one of the very best. Club is cleaner and nicer than most and has decent lighting. The girls are fantastic. Variety in ages and bodies and all very friendly. Drinks are kind of high, but the private dances are reasonable and terrific.

  70. Seansy

    Very clean club. Very nice attractive women. And great private dances. Overall a very classy place. AND JAMIE IS SMOKIN!

  71. r

    better than flynts

  72. bp67

    Was there Friday afternoon/night. Was a good variety of girls and wasnt overly crowded. Had a wonderful low pressure time which is nice for a change.. Very nice club. Enjoy.

  73. Sue

    This club is the best St. Louis has to offer

  74. Kiki

    We stopped here for a few drinks during my friends bachelorette party. I’ll just say this,(and yes I am a female)…my friends and I look better naked that these girls do…atleast we don’t have stretch marks and cellulite–YUCK!!

  75. Terry B. And Dave K.

    Club is BITCH!!! Chloe is great, as is Racheal. My buddy Phil even got to motor boat some snatch!!!! GOOD TIMES!!!!!! But the owners a dick.

  76. Sky

    This is a cool place, hardly no girls of any color, girls need to learn new dances everyone does the same thing

  77. Joe

    Still the best!

  78. moon

    the club is great, i was treated like a real person when i went there, not just another dollor. good music, the dj did a great job keeping me entertained when i wasnt with a girl, and many girls to choose from even for 3pm. i think there was about 13 or 14.

  79. Wondering

    This is an excellent club. I tried Hustler down the road – WHAT A DIVE!!! HSC is excellent, and I can certainly ditto all the positive comments.

  80. RR

    Have visited clubs throughout the country for 30 years and this is the best as far as I am concerned

  81. Best Club

    Best club in the area.

  82. ryan

    good club, shitty managment, dont work here if your a dancer

  83. Boondock

    nice enough club, I have been to a few. Some nice girls but I had an incident with one girl, some little brunette with nipple rings (I didn’t catch her name) was obviously drunk or high, was yelling about something to someone, swayed around a bit and nearly fell off stage when she held her g-string open for me to put money in, I personally didn’t think deserved anything but I gave her a dollar. She looked at me and pushed the dollar back in my face and screamed at me “a dollar? fuck your dollar!” then she spit in my face. seriously. I almost punched the little cunt whore. Hopefully she gets fired soon or she OD’s in a gutter somewhere. either one would be fine with me.

  84. Greg

    I used to visit this club all the time several years ago when I went to school in St. Louis. I’ve visited a couple times this past week when I was in town visitng friends. I don’t know if there is new ownership or what, but this place has gone down hill. ALL of the girls used to be hot. Now, only a few. Most of the girls looked overweight and strung out now. No wonder RFT no longer ranks them number 1…

  85. dj

    hot girls

  86. outlaw

    i love this club its very nice it smells good drinks are a little expensive but the girls are worth it guys i recommend this one. Go during the day 12pm-8 days girls are nice and fun

  87. Nice club

    Nice club, girls are hot. Drinks a bit pricy though.

  88. joe-don

    this club is awesome. the dances are cheap, the girls are hot, and yes, the owner is an ass (just like at every other club in the world).

  89. Tim

    The owner kicked me out because I’m black.

  90. ed

    Totally unsafe, in a World War I battlefield of a bad


  91. passin through

    Fantastic club, very clean, the girls are hot and polite. The dances are awsome!! Will definately return.

  92. james1412

    Don’t go!! Drinks are watered down! Girls are mediocre. Most look under the age of 21. 20$ to get in? For what??!!! Don’t go!! Take my advice!! Check out the strip in Brooklyn Illinois, you’ll get a lot more for your money, alcoholic drinks, panty less freaks, private dances for half price, better music, smoking. Don’t go! Try pink slip for a real experience of pleasure.

  93. John T

    Hands down best club in the STL area. At $25 for private dances you can’t go wrong. The contact level is higher here than any other club I’ve been to – that includes the STL clubs, LA clubs, Vegas clubs, and Dallas clubs. If you’re whining about getting hastled to buy a $6 drink because you already bought one in the first two hours you spent there, then you shouldn’t be there. You’re one of the losers tipping singles every third song and consider dropping $25 in an evening to be “big spending.”

  94. Chris

    Love the club, the girls, the dances…..

  95. TurboX

    Fuck this club

  96. John H
  97. Fuckthisclub

    The owner is a complete dickhead

  98. Not Satisfied

    The quality of this club sunk to a new low. With Jasmine and Baby gone I don’t see any reason to go back to this club again. Thanks for ruining a daytime getaway. The only upside is that I will be saving all of my money.

  99. EdinIndy

    Went last Saturday with the wife. Both treated very well.

    Drink prices were a little high, but the girls were naked, what can I say?

  100. pete

    this place rocks.

  101. 00
  102. Tyler

    I came here a few times during the afternoon in December. I’ve been to clubs all over the country and this is my favorite. Permissive rules in the VIP, no cover during the day, great-looking and friendly girls, everything one could want. Drinks are expensive, but that wasn’t what I came for so no big deal. Highly recommended.

  103. Terry

    Uncomfortable, unfriendly, expensive.

  104. Charles

    I had a very good experience. I had a private dance with a

    particular girl that I will see again next time. Made my

    night and made me a repeat customer.

  105. Dancer

    Ladies, DO not dance here. Go anywhere else but here. Just trust me on this!!

  106. MD

    Great club! Had a fabulous time wuth two great blondes who had great attitudes to go along with their bodies! Best club in St. Louis area and I’ll definitely be going back!

  107. bmad

    It seems that there are always a good variety of women there and some are more friendly than others but the ones that are friendly are worth coming back for. I have never had a bad experience there which I can’t say about other clubs.

  108. Walleye

    Best I have been to, and there are many. Privates are fantastic.

  109. Lee

    got kicked out because i’m human

  110. duff60901
  111. Nick
  112. sam

    Best club ever. Day shift is the best. Always a good time.

  113. Psycho killa

    Hell yeah !! it beat the shit hole down the street by far( Miss Kittys) !! The girls are hot and the place is clean . It has a few too many lights out on the roof but hey if Bob wants to blow his money on lights he will if you like it or not!

  114. ryan123

    I would give this sin bin one star if it weren’t for Pandora. She saved the entire experience from being a complete train wreck and 6 months after the fact, I still remember her stage name…so yeah. o_O;This is one of those experiences that’s actually really easy for me to remember, even though it was a while back. My brother had just won a bunch of money at the casino and wanted to burn through it while it was still meaningless to him, so we went to Hollywood.Personally, I’m pretty indifferent about strip clubs. To me, the only time they’re cool is if you’re going with your woman or if you’re a rapper. When you go by yourself or with your guy friends, all I can think is “Sure, I’m into the idea of spending ballpark prices for beers so that I can go home covered in glitter and so sexually frustrated I wake up with a hernia.” But I digress. We made our way over to the bar for some $8 beers. I hadn’t even finished my drink order before two girls latched onto us. Even in the dark, I could tell I wasn’t interested in these two. Seriously, I don’t even know how they got hired. I had my back to them hoping they’d go away, and when I heard “hey, pay attention to me!” I turned around and politely informed them I wasn’t planning on blowing a whole lot of money on lapdances tonight. Overweight stripper: “Fag!” *clomps away with her friend*Yeah.After I stood there in stunned silence for about 15 seconds, I got my beer and took a swig, thinking about the awesome story I had for later. It was just then that things took a major upswing. A girl named Pandora took the stage, and she was right on the bullseye for me. Petite, tattoos, piercings, choppy pixie-style hair dyed jet black. Is there anything hotter than a girl that can make that hairstyle work? Gaaahh….So I bounce up off my stool like it’s electrocuted, make my way to the stage, and after showing me all her piercings, Pandora had me seriously thinking about revising my “no lapdance” policy. Alas, it was over too soon…and the next girl up…you guessed it, “Fag”-girl. She didn’t even recognize me! The whole thing had LITERALLY JUST HAPPENED and she came up to me like I was going to give her money.I reminded her that she had just called me a fag 5 minutes earlier and told her to dance on someone else. She wanted me to leave the stage. I told her I wouldn’t, since my brother was there with me and we were the ONLY TWO THERE at the time. So what does she do? Picks up my beer bottle and throws it in my lap. Classy, but then, what was I expecting? Good thing it was almost empty, so I didn’t get any on me. So I laugh it off and sit back down, and what does she do? Goes and gets someone ELSE’S beer bottle and throws THAT in my lap. WTFFFFF It took quite a bit of self-control not to get thrown out at that point, especially since I knew that by then, security just HAD to be hawking me.So in summary, 50 stars for Pandora and -1,000,000 stars for Fatgirl. Something tells me her stripping career will be pretty short-lived.

  115. Old Fart

    By far the best ever, and I have been to many accross the country over the last 25 years. Private dances are fantastic.

  116. Arnie
  117. Bullshit

    Looks like they erased all the negative reviews for this place. Well…it still sucks anyway.

  118. B

    great club–best dancers in town–loved every minute of my last visit–wish I had more time to go there and to stay there

  119. happygolucky_57

    I thought this was a very nice club. All the girls I had any interaction with were both attractive and friendly. I didn’t run into one stuck up b*tch. They made you feel very comfortable. I love strippers and respect what they do, but I can’t stand a woman who takes off her clothes for dollar bills, but acts like her sh*t doesn’t stink. Also, there were several women patrons there, so there was some nice interaction with non-dancer women, too. The club itself is very cool looking. There’s tons of neon, and the place is immaculately clean. I swear, the place looks like a club in Vegas or somewhere. You can see it for miles at night. There’s also lots of TV monitors all over the place, including the bathroom, that are showing XXX DVDs non-stop. I paid a 10 dollar cover on a Friday night, and 6 bucks a beer. I saw lots of posts here from people complaining about those prices. The only thing I can figure is that those people haven’t been to very many nice strip clubs. A 10 dollar cover and 6 dollar beer is not pricey at these kinds of clubs. You gotta leave home with more than a 20 dollar bill if you plan on drinking beer and seeing bare boobies. I thought the club was great. I had a good time.

  120. Mike M.

    Place is going downhill fast. Only the worst of the worst girls still work here. Surprised it’s still open.

  121. Noel
  122. gutterball23

    Unforgettable private dance.

  123. Jessica

    Love the club

  124. re: Big Edward

    You’re the one who is dumb for giving your money to the ones who complain about their lives…An idiot! I only talk to the ones who are fun and don’t talk about themselves and i always have a blast! Blame yourself Big Edward not the dancers for being smarter than you!

  125. Crazy Dago

    was in there today not to much going on beer $8 highway robbery, the club smelled good and hot girls but 2 much on a beer wel lit but i need a club to go to that is similiar but poor man friendly, the lip 2 the stage 2 high cant get 1 on 1 attention. Where is the centerfolds club at? a man said it was the sister club cheaper but just as nice let me know if u know please thanks

  127. Dave

    Trina, knows her stuff well. Great to talk to. Real friendly. If she is working, be sure to get a private dance from her.

  128. old guy

    I have visited many similar clubs and consider this the best.

  129. stlreview
  130. Geo
  131. jenna lee

    Jenna lee Sucked my dick there and know I have a std

  132. Satisfied

    Jasmine makes the trip worth it each and every time!!

  133. WRONG!!!

    Not even close to the best club.

    And the manager during the night sucks too!

  134. !

    Awesome club

  135. He who knows

    A death trap club! Shootings, homicides, car jackings, all

    are a minutely occurance in the immediate area; there are

    criminals in Washington Park that are so vicious that they

    will blow you right off the road with homemade explosives

    for your wallet, jacket, rolex watch, everything. Cop

    killers are all over Washington Park, and Washington Park is

    even worse than nearby East St. Louis!

  136. JR

    This is the best club I’ve been to in a long while. Very clean, friendly staff, and the ladies are hot and have great attitudes. I think the pornos are a nice touch, but after a while, it gets to be a little too much. The cleanest bathrooms I’ve ever seen in a club. Private dances were better than most.

  137. samiam

    This club is the best. I love the girls and im obsessed with the club and talking about it on the internet

  138. Let the good times roll!

    I love this club, the dancers and waitresses. I have never had a problem. Drink prices are really high. Sometimes I prefer to have club soda or water so as not to over-drink, yet they still charge $7!!! Makes me want to nurse my drinks.

  139. barry

    this club is very clean. good looking girls. lots of different personalities.

  140. big guy

    I agree Nikki and Trina are hot hot hot. Both give great private dances. I recommand that you all give them a try.

  141. chicagoman

    Very very much worth it. The owner has put a lot of time and money into this club. The prices are worth the atmosphere and hot ladies.

  142. playboy
  143. JackStalker

    Fucking horrible club

  144. Al
  145. Tony

    Hottest girls around !!

  146. No fun

    No mileage in the private dance area, so why bother with a bunch of snobby hags?

  147. Leftycross

    Worth driving long distances to visit this club. Girls are friendly without being pushy for privates. Good mix of attractive dancers. Club is clean and chairs are comfortable. Tip rail/stage set interaction has to be experienced to believe. Some TVs need to be tuned to something besides porn for variety. Drinks are a little pricey, but lower cost of private dances and high value received at the tip rail make up for it. We had a great time, and will be back.

  148. the man

    Awwwwsom club probobly the best around!! Drinks

    are a little high…. but if your broke dont go to a

    strip club!

  149. Max

    Friendly, attractive girls that know how to entertain and please customers.

  150. dirtygary

    This is one of the best clubs I’ve ever been to. It a nice clean well lit club inside and out. The best bang for your buck. $1 or $2 tip at the stage and you get your hands guided by the dancer to feel her top. What a deal. The VIP is well lit and great contact on a bed.$8 cover. The girls are way friendly. I had the most awesome experience. The girls are gorgeous.

  151. funny

    Pretty fun BOB R chyrstal palace has better reviews then HSC. Maybe its because you are there 2 much and btw can a convicted felon be in a place of business that ones was convicted of .

  152. Stacey
  153. Blunt Bitch
  154. anon

    Best strip club in Sauget/Washington Park area.

  155. Ben

    The atmosphere of this club is really laid back, and the girls will never shun you.

  156. joey jo jo
  157. Club sucks

    The manager during day time sucks

  158. peaches
  159. Mitch
  160. KingMob

    Lot of ugly chicks when I went

  161. mr man

    nice club

  162. joke
  163. KOOLAID


  164. Jared

    Best club I’ve ever spent my money at!

  165. gogo


  166. Day man

    Good club. Great girls, especially day shift. Drinks are outrageously priced.

  167. POPPA

    Good girls, good time, fun place

  168. guy with big dick

    Best looking woman, best lap dance prices in town.

  169. JJ
  170. Happy to have stopped

    I read the comments and wonder what club these guys visited. A house full of beautiful frindly ladies and enough variety for everyone. What more could you ask for? The place is nicer than most and the girls are hotter than most, and the beer is cold. Near perfection

  171. taylor

    hottest chicks cheapest dances this club fuckin rocks.

  172. Mike
  173. Not an employee
  174. Steve

    Very nice club. Drink prices a little high but there was no hidden wristband fee so that was nice. Was very turned off when a dancer by the stage name of Violet was wanting a private dance because she needed to pay her rent. Was ready to leave then noticed a dancer by the name of Barbie glad I stuck around. Just have to go with your gut and know which dancers are decent and which ones aren’t. Barbie made the evening a lot more enjoyable. Will definitly go back

  175. john

    sam was beautifull and pandora was very beautiful and

    sweet to me

  176. horrible
  177. great time

    had a great time, all the girls were very friendly

  178. Jim

    Flashy, but not as much fun as Bottoms Up!

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