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1010 North Westshore Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33607


27.952958, -82.524714




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Thee Dollhouse

  1. XhXeXy

    Nice upscale strip club. The dancers were nice not my type The Dollhouse was lacking color lol. But for a nice safe time it is here.

  2. harryharry

    Living in Atlanta, strip clubs are aplenty. So, my boyfriend and I will visit one when we go out of town because we normally have fun when we go. This particular strip club is alright. The atmosphere is cool, but the girls all skinny. They don’t get completely naked like they do in Atlanta. They have pasties or paint on their nipples and the don’t take off their bottles. They get touchy feely with the lap dances, but nothing over the top. They are really plain and basic.My boyfriend ordered a drink. I believe he got a Long Island Iced Tea. He said it was watered down and wasn’t worth the $11.00 he paid for it (plus tip). I didn’t get anything because I couldn’t drink at the moment, even though, I wouldn’t have gotten anything after his drink debacle anyways. He ended up knocking it over LOL. I think it was purposely but who knows -hehe-.I wouldn’t recommend this place to visitors. There’s a Penthouse mag strip club down the street. Make sure you don’t wear any tank tops and have plenty of ones.

  3. will

    hot chicks

  4. Please Read!!!!

    This club does not hire African American Or Hispanic Women.

    If you go there for the Amateur Contest. Don’t try to win because it is already determined by your race.

    So if you look like Beyonce Knowles you still get 3rd place. If you look like Jennifer Lopez maybe second place.

    This club is prejudice they only want & hire blondes in burnettes.

    People are now speaking up. They are always in a law suite for racism

    This will freak you out. Ask any girl to go and compete for the amature contest. Watch out Black girls 3rd place & Hispanic maybe 2nd.

    They fired one of the nices prettiest black girls there who made the club alot of mony. But they just kept harrasing her. I hope that girl get a good attorney.

    God bless her!!

    Jim or Big Jim,John,Brian, Rob and Robin are in big trouble!!!

    Stay away from this Demon Possessed Club!!!

  5. joseph1k

    Love thee dollhouse, Tony is awesome and always makes us have a memorable experience. The girls are beautiful and polite not making you feel uncomfortable. This is a very female friendly club I love coming here with my guys!

  6. You Wish

    So I guess 36-24-36 isn’t hot to you because I saw a girl that looked like Alicia Keys get turned down and she had never done drugs in her life. So save it.

  7. Razelle

    Lack of class, discrimination against couples, race, handicap, non-millionares and just about everybody. Girls are whining about being broke. No contact dances. They claim the private room is out of order if they don’t like you. Haha. You have to give away your tips for the ameture contest and they encourage violence. Rough place.

  8. stipperexpert
  9. Foodyguy

    I stopped into The Dollhouse Lounge on my way to the airport. Honest I was just looking for a gas station to refill the rental. Then, I thought Ok I have time before my flight why not have an Amstel and look at attractive women.

    I was met by the valet, greeted by the cashier, and promptly served by the corseted bartender. As I watched a few dances, a lovely woman (Michelle) greeted my and began a delighful conversation. She was attractive, witty and very sexy. I must come back to see more of this gal, and the friendly seductive Dollhouse.

    I should have listened to her better, my flight was delayed.

    A very special thanks to Michelle

  10. jt

    will definitely be back!

  11. Reality

    I called VR Brokers and talked business with a guy who said he hung out here. I told him I was a dancer so when I met him he would know what time it was and not treat me differently. Then I said I was black and he never called me again and wouldn’t meet with me or answer his phone.

  12. nickstrip

    I am not usually on this side of town, but I was having anniversary dinner here and my bf decided to come into “Thee Dollhouse” and see what it was all about. This place was very classy and had a generally good and non seedy vibe. The drinks were great and the ladies were beautiful. I stayed there til close which is out of the ordinary for me, but that is testament to the level of fun I had. I have to admit, I dropped a lot of money here but it was well worth it. I will definitely be back in the future.

  13. SC

    Went in to talk to a manager on a friday and went back on saturday to audition, manager said that there where too many girls and they require you to work 3-4 nights a week and most girls work 5-6 days a week…pssh, that is very demanding and sounds like girls arent making money, girl if you are looking for a place to work and your not super skinny..don’t waste your time…try penthouse or gold club. I have been dancing for over a year and I have REAL 40DD boobs and is a size 5/7 and I have never been turned down..clearly this club is old fashioned and doesn’t understand that not all guys like super skinny girls.

  14. fisherman

    This is a very upscale place. VERY beautiful women. Friendly staff. Big Club. & VIP. Spend $$$ Yes, but its worth it every time. Good music, great cigar selection and champagne. Absolutly love this place. Don’t waste your time and money elseware. DH is the place to go.

  15. dannyboy7

    Pretty girls, some with real talent… And shit for management. They advertise 2 for one $10 drinks till 8, but fail to mention $5 parking, $5 cover. And if you arrive near 8 they won’t talk to you for 5 or 10 minutes, so they don’t have to honor the 1/2 price drink offer. And when you complain the manager pretends he does not have the authority to give you that drink. Sheesh

  16. Jack

    I was in there today; Victoria captured me from the first moment I was there. She is very sweet and hospitable. I have tried a few clubs in my short visit to Tampa. This is the place to be and Victoria is the girl to be with. Take good care of her; she likes some drink called the Bubblegum Minderaser, or something like that! Thanks Victoria!

  17. fuckery12

    This place SUCKS! If you order 3 drinks on you Credit Card they hold $25 for each drink, I have $175 worth of holds on my card 3 days later plus the amount they charged for the drinks…They are making interest on holding YOUR money – The girls are crackheads too – Go to PENTHOUSE! Much Better!

  18. hottie!

    We dont discriminate against race….we discriminate against ugly girls and drug addict strippers! we only hire classy,beautiful women who carry themselves as ladies and not”strippers” we dont allow contact because we are a show bar not a bump and suck club! so if you’re too ugly,fat,or strung out to win our amature contest than please keep your clothes on cuz we dont hire trash!

  19. Russ

    Victoria? Dude, I saw her recently. She’s a schemer and a liar — most strippers are. She took some money from me and I didn’t figure it out until later. Stay away from this place and from her.

  20. DANIEL

    A very classy and upscale club! It is couple friendly and chics even come without men! The enviorment is comforting and makes one feel safe.

  21. ryan123

    If you want yo go to a strip club go elsewhere this is a dance club masquerading as a strip club.That said the staff and management are all professional and fun. Cover is usually 10 dollars. Drinks are a little on the high side of cost. Personally I recommend Cody or Jezebel for lapdances.

  22. OH GEEZ


  23. Rubclubbing

    This club is very classy, lots of great seating and extremely accomodating for couples… in fact, some nights there are tons of couples there. Right across the street from a great hotel (Marriott Westshore), very clean, can’t recommend highly enough.

  24. Mr. Meeting

    These girls look like they need to eat. And please, if you’re going to do drugs, at least put some make-up over the obvious scar under your nose.

  25. tonycluber

    *Dirty thirty*I figured this would be a suitable 30th review.We came here as a group of eight for a bachelor party after gambling and dinner at the Hard Rock Casino. I’m sure about the other reviews, but I’ve never been a strip club that DIDN’T charge a cover. As far as I’m concerned, you gotta pay to play.The interior was dark, obviously, with black walls. Typical strip club layout with a stage surrounded by tables and chairs. We got bottle service so we were placed in the VIP section away from the stage with the “nice” couches.The service was exemplary. We had a (clothed) server who genuinely seemed to love her job and took great care of us. She kept a steady stream of girls coming over to chat with us and made sure no one had an empty drink.Price wise it wasn’t too bad. $10 cover is pretty standard and $300 for the bottle. Split 8 ways, I think we saved money. But that’s not really why you come to a stripper club. 4/5 really fun for a wild night out, either pre-gaming or ending it.Pro Tip: The ATM has a $10 fee attached to it, so make sure you go to the bank first.

  26. william

    Just a nice place

  27. Jeff

    I have to agree with most of the reviews on this page. Club was a better club than strip club. Drinks were expensive, girls were rude, and the nipple tape and no contact basically make it a dress down hooters. Certainly not worth the cover charge.

  28. Jimbo

    Waste of time and money. How can you charge $10 cover and $6.50 drinks at a pastie joint. Even the stripper selection was poor. Not much good to say about this place.

  29. Aidan

    I will just say it was an INCREDIBLE experience. A few of the girls were genuinely sweet as well as smoking hot. I know they make their money that way, but one went out of her way just to be friendly.

  30. MM

    Not a Club for Couples/Females. More of a Bar Atmosphere than a Men’s Club. Very Crowded, no real VIP room except 1 area that is $150 for 30mins and doesn’t include drinks or champagne. Not full contact and the girls have to wear nipple tape. However, most of the girls were pretty. I have been to Many Strip clubs in Miami, Daytona, Tampa, etc. and this one doesn’t compare to most others.

  31. Wildstar

    Pretty good dancers. Not overly aggressive. The lap dances are not bad. They’re

    lowered the VIP rates from 240.00 to 200.00 for 30 minutes from mid-February

    to June. Very strange but guys don’t come in until 11:30 pm. One blonde and

    one very hot brunette from the South West are very pleasant to hang out with

    (can’t name names).

  32. rogerrab2

    Don’t come here. Sure the girls are cute and the liquor is flowing but the strippers will straight up jack you. Had a friend pay for a lap dance and the stripper grabbed his wallet, grabbed all $180 out of it, then turned it into the DJ booth as a “lost” wallet. After talking to the manager he said that he was going to review the security cameras and then never came back. At closing security told us to leave and we said we were waiting for the manager to review the tapes. Five minutes later security came by and stated that it wasn’t visible on camera. Lies.

  33. Johnson12

    I had always heard about this place and had the chance to visit. Note: the girls are not nude (pasties and thongs) but I just wanted a place to have a few beers, smoke a cigar , and look at beautiful women. Entire staff was great. I always try to tip every dancer when they are on stage and every girl stopped by to say thanks and talk. Not much pressure for lap dances, but available when you requested one.

  34. Don

    In town for Super Bowl. OMG, Allie rocks in VIP. Great club, beautiful ladies. I’ll be back before and after the game this weekend!

  35. China Doll

    Business must be great! Any dancers want to volunteer for $6.15? I have an extra birdie outfit somewhere you can borrow cuz I know they’ll need someone outside in front of that hotdog stand. Or maybe you can wear one of those fancy long gowns you guys wear since thatseems to be working.

  36. h
  37. guywholovesstrippers
  38. Bret

    I defineately did not get a good vibe when I walked into this club. To sum it up in a word, I could say, “unwelcoming”. The girls do not talk to you very much and they all I have noticed give the impression they have better things to do then to talk to someone who didn’t give them a $100 bill just because they sat there for one song. From what I saw, pretty talentless onstage and not a place I would bring my clients again. Service was slow and that was embarassing.

  39. bamma

    lots of fun. went with 10 guys and we were all pleased!

  40. sucks

    the place just sucks

  41. Jesse

    The quality of girls was exceptional.

  42. JJ

    Went down hill

  43. GM

    We did not like this club at all, not a place for couples or even females. Girls are stuck up and not friendly. They overcharge you for dances by saying you had 4 when it was really 3 or 3 when it was 2. We’ve been to clubs all over Florida and South Carolina and this was wayy down the list. We tried to find a club that allowed drinking in Tampa so we decided to check this one out. Dances have no contact and the girls do nothing on stage for their money. Even the dances in the private couch area they say no touching their breasts/ass/etc. Very lame and waste of money!

  44. fritter17

    I wish I could only give a half a star-but it won’t let me split the star in half. Sorry girls but y’all are ugly! It was depressing watching you try to dance-so lazy maybe you should consider a good multi vitamin-forget it you’ll still be ugly. Do not go here unless you seriously do not want to get turned on. Their sister club (The Pink Pony) is even worse-especially because they are totally nude so you see even more of their ugliness)!! Go to Scores-that place has gorgeous girls with serious talent!

  45. Codeee

    Loves it!

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