Midnight Express



3847 Sparta Highway, Smithville, TN 37166


35.950305, -85.740871




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Midnight Express

  2. stinger
  3. fgt
  4. CB
  5. customer x

    well miss thang you must be at another club cause we all know big a don’t put up with that shit and neither does his bouncers, i have been known to sell drugs in my time but i know better than to try and bring them in this club and i respect that, i like coming here so i won’t piss em off by tryin to bring drugs in so bitch you must be in la la fuckin land cause big a and the boyz run a clean club and they don’t put up with no shit, they’ll fuck ya up in a heartbeat if ya get outta line, seen it done here many times, but tha ones that got it deserved it so if you come here be on your best behavier and don’t try no shit and you’ll have a great time and leave the club all in one piece

  6. hell yaa

    Ron Jermy rocks

  7. Charlie Pride


  9. Jhon
  10. otrd

    it was ok

  11. Dirty

    the club was amazing ill be back next weekend

  12. Rick T.

    We went on Friday, had a GREAT TIME! All of the dancers were a pleasure to watch and very nice, great atmosphere and friendly service. We especially enjoyed the cutie named Brooklyn- she was awesome on stage and gives 1 hell of a lap dance. Guys, take it from me- you want a dance from this girl!!! Hope to see you next time sweetie 🙂

  13. boomer

    this place is nice…if you have no class.

  14. Scott

    Great place. I will be back soon to get more dances from Jamie. Her lap dance was WOW and need i say it.. she is HOT. Everyone come check it out. Don’t let the location fool you they have some of the hottest dancers in TN..Jamie.. See you soon.

  15. hot rod

    this place rocks no matter what anybody says

  16. chastity

    hey are all nice

  17. the name fits

    you fit right in with the rest of the goat fuckers around here

  18. knothead

    this club rocks

  19. Naitch
  20. To The Haters

    For the haters who made up the shit about Scarlet & Lola…when I was in 1st grade I used to be afraid of “girl germs” too. “Cooties” we called em. Luckily I grew out of it by 2nd grade and have loved women ever since. Always amazes me when a chick DOESN’T put-out, “she’s a whore” When she ends a relationship, “she’s a whore” and when she won’t give you the time of day because you’re a loser, “she’s a whore” And of course, some of you really believe that all women who work in strip clubs are whores. Whatever! And you wonder why you can’t get laid! Get a fuckin clue dude! If you’re scared of Titties, stay home….strip clubs aren’t for everyone. I love to see you talk your trash to these girls faces. They’d go Chris Brown on your bitch-ass and give you a real reason to hate on em. You’re a real pussy-ass motherfucker!! At least make your trash-talkin believable, you dumb fuck.

  21. hell yeah

    this place is great no matter what anyone says!!!!

  22. Zipper

    Super HOT strippers !

  23. boobie glitter
  24. Larry

    Nothing but rude bitches in here! They want to meet you after the club closes but thats it! Nothing to see here! What a waste of time and money Just shows you the City is so much better than these po dunk country bars!!!!

  25. cabron

    spechless with it the best tere is in TN

  26. gas blaster

    sorry, that was me, i had a bad case of gas, but for those concerned i feel better today, i couldn’t help but to blow out a few notes on my butt trumpet but i didn’t think they smelt like rotten eggs, but i guess anything can smell like rotten eggs when you got your nose stuck up my ass

  27. yep

    it’s smokin

  28. like it

    it was the best club i have been to in a long time

  29. razz ma tazz

    i been here quiet a few times and i have always seen the place run clean, thats why i keep coming back, there might have been a few times i have seen one of the girls drunk but never stoned, so don’t believe everything you hear folks they run a good and clean club here and very safe, thats why they say ladies and couples are always welcomed because it is a nice place to bring a lady friend cause its not your typical strip club, i give it two thumbs up and suggest you check it out for yourself

  30. Satisfied customer

    Brooklyn is the best!!! I loved this place and all of the girls were great, but Brooklyn stole my heart hands down. Everyone should come here, don’t let the fact that it is in a small town fool you. The girls are way hotter than you would expect and the atmosphere is friendly. Check it out and don’t leave before getting a dance with Brooklyn- you will not be disappointed.

  31. jason

    loved the visit! I have been both to cornersville and smithville, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS!

  32. benny

    love this place, the best around

  33. Jimbo

    Great place, had a great time.

  34. nope

    nah we got rid of the whore, we fired your momma last week when we caught her givin 2 dollar blowjobs in the parking lot to mexicans while takin it up the ass by some black guy, so i guess your dumb ass will have to get out and find a job now since your mom lost hers, huh?

  35. The Horsemen

    Keep up the great work guys!

  36. Jenny

    I think that it is a great club, especially for the area. As opposed to most other counties in the state, these girls are do not seem subject to stringent regulations regarding distance and touching. Nashville, for example, doesn’t even allow the women to lap dance in bikinis, or touch you even with their clothes on. I think the girls at Midnight are both attractive and talented. There was not a single lady there that did not know how to pole dance (Which is NOT easy to do or make look sexy). Some girls were also climbing to the top of the nearly 2-story pole. THere are girl on girl/team dances. Most girls were athletic and toned. All of them were very pretty and friendly. It is also nice that you can buy a beer while watching your favorite entertainer.

  37. the cheater


  38. wild thang

    nice club

  39. bonehead
  40. Stripper Magent

    What can I say…its like my second home. Love the guys and love the girls. I will be back soon so be cautious…LOL

  41. Harry

    I don’t know how they get this rating? It is not that great.

  42. skyarmy

    Ive came to this club a few times now and ive gotten dances from different girls…they have all been great except for the other night i got one from scarlet and she seemed like a good chick…but then i got a dance from her! I come to this club to have a good time not to catch a DISEASE! This bitch was nasty as hell, she dont know me from adam and started licking and kissing all over me…if i wanted a whore i would have went to a whore house hell she even gave me her number and told me to call her sometime…i should have just went ahead and fucked her im sure i could have! The management really needs to check up on their girls so they dont end up hiring WHORES!!!

  43. Nguyen
  44. Chris

    Enjoy the place greatly. Everyone is great. Lola is a personal favorite. Great girl.

  45. dumb shits like you

    you must be the one the other night they threw out for trying to touch the girls, they run a good clean club and don’t need dumb asses like you in there trying to cop a feel!!!! so if it sucks so bad don’t go back, cause we all know your punk ass bitch will be back in there this weekend

  46. Shawn

    This club consistently gets famous feature dancers such as Stormy Daniels most recently. STORMY DANIELS!!! Nashville can’t say that with any of their clubs. The staff of the Midnight Express went out of their way to make me feel welcome on my first trip out. Great service, great performances…great weekend!

  47. Doug T.

    It was a great, fun place and there were some very pretty girls like the petite, blonde dancer- I don’t remember her name, but she was so hot, especially as a school girl! She looked like she should be in a magazine like playboy not a strip club. I would recommend this club to anyone looking to have a good time in a relaxing atmosphere, will go back soon.

  48. tonight

    amateur contest for the ladies

  49. bret

    this place rocks, nuff said!!

  50. tig ole bitties

    this club is da bomb, love all the girls and ronnie rocks tha house

  51. lol

    well you can say more than most of the retards that come in here so your doin good to know that many words, maybe hooked on phonics did work for you….loser

  52. it's me bitches
  53. tha club

    well its a good thing we don’t have anybody that works at this club with tri color hair try somewheres else!!!!

  54. BIG A

    Bad exp. you must be the guy that we kick out last friday, or some one from th BUNGALO the true is we have 3 good clubs and going strong so if you don’t like it don’t came back , if your afraid of better clubs in the area make your place smell better but tanks for taking the trush we don’t need them

  55. party

    great place to party, and for the haters, if ya don’t like it don’t come back, fuck you all, this place rocks

  56. franchise6

    Its always a good night at the midnight, get out to the greatest club in the state, with the most beautiful ladies and the best atmosphere anywhere around!!

  57. re conway

    Just in case anyone doesnt know that last msg was written by Jerry Prince he is the idiot that runs the bungalow club. you can tell it is him from the piss poor spelling and placement of words ” i has been to both clubs ” come on fuck head maybe you should get your kids to help you with your sentences

  58. Daniel Y.

    This place is great!!! Will be back very soon- everyone check out Brooklyn, she is hott!

  59. re: last comment

    yeah i have heard that too so your not the only one that has come from some of the girls that work there say they had to do sexual favors to get or keep their job too and yes that is sorry to abuse your power like that but of course some don’t mind doing it i’m sure. a few has had to do friends of management to get or keep their jobs they take em and get em all liquored up before they take advantage of them though and the owner is just as bad from what i hear from the girls and here i thought they said they run a nice clean club

  60. peachy keen

    who doesn’t love titties and beer

  61. lmao

    reading some of these comments just proves stupid people shouldn’t breed, some of you are such dumbasses its not really funny, in fact it is quiet scarey to know half of you exist in the world much less have a computer to show the whole world that your imbred, hell half of these comments are for another club but your to fuckin stupid to be able to read which club you are putting the comments on as the old sayin goes better to keep your mouth closed and be thought of as a fool than to open it and remove all doubt and yes i know for the dumbshits posting bad comments for the hell of it won’t understand that saying and there will be a few comments come in that says oh is that how you feel about your customers, well let me tell you these people are not customers nor have they ever been customers so don’t play all high and mighty and act offended when you have never been here in the first place, our true friends and customers know what kind of club we run, how clean it is, and what kind of entertainers we have here and they know how we treat our real customers since we bought the other club people have been trying to bring us down as well as utopia but as said before we don’t need this site to tell us what kind of a club we run or how good our club is, the true customers that come in every week knows and they don’t need any fake scores and comments that get posted to know this, hell half the people that go to stripclubs don’t even know this site exists to go and post bad comments and points, but club owners and there employees know, thats why half of our negative comments and our high rating at one time went down, to make this other club look better but they still can’t get their points up so when we bounce back and start gaining points again and working our way up and catching back up to this club that has tore us down we start getting bad rates and negative comments again so don’t think we’re stupid guys, we know who is behind all of this and it must be sad to be that scared of us beating your ass and closing your doors for good that you have to resort to these kind of tactics, you came whining to our owner that you wanted all the bad things said about you stopped but you can’t seem to leave it alone can ya, you like to dish it out or have someone do it for you but you can’t take it when the shoe is on the other foot!!!!

  62. Ben

    Good times always at this club !

  63. DOO-DA


  64. Max

    Always a good time here.

  65. to mr. clean gene

    i’m in there all the time and they talk to me and i don’t do drugs either pocket full of money or not, now as far as strung out you must have been somewhere else because the manager here don’t put up with that shit, they would have been sent home or fired on the spot, been there and seen it done, maybe they didn’t come over to you cause your a perv, did you ever think of that????

  66. the midnight express

    if you hated it and there was nothing to see here you must have been the one we caught in the parking lot kissing another guy, this is not a gay bar but i guess you thought that cause it said gentlemens club so you thought you would score or get lucky and get your butt plugged and get to gobble on a goober and when you came in it was fine ass women strippin on stage, damn i guess that did put a damper in your night and thats why you hated it and there was nothing to see here but for the straight people that like to see some fine ass ladies come on in, oh by the way mr. fudge packer, ya might wanna come out december 11th to the club, thats when they will have the male review there for your viewing pleasure, damn you would be in hog heaven, you might see something there that tickles your fancy

  67. james

    beautiful girls, and wonderful club

  68. A FAN


  69. Shrey

    This Place is full with sexy and hottest Dancers.The main thing is that the Dancers know thier job.They makes u feel special.They never tried to force anyting to buy from them neither Drink or Dance,thats good thing.

    Those Girls will blow your mind off surely.

    U need to visit this place atleast once.

  70. jazz lover

    had a great time here, hope to come back in the future

  71. do what????

    as you put it you was nat impressed? to which club are you refering, the one in smithville or the one in cornersville? because apparently here lately no one can read and know which club they are leaving comments on, and far as that goes, who did you have problems with, staff ranges around alot of people so which part of staff did you seem to have problems with and again which club was it? people always have problems but never go into details on what the problem really is, we are not mind readers

  72. pete

    great place

  73. Wow

    Been to both clubs and both of them suck! Nothing but rude ass dancers! All they do is talk shit about each other. I come in to have fun not listen to how broke they are or what girls does what! What happened to to having a good conversation? I know money is tight but damn if we wanted to here bitching we would be at home with our wives!!!!!

  74. party time

    place is great, will be back soon

  75. do you know who i am

    This club is off the hook!

  76. great place

    and if ya don’t like it stay tha fuck out for all tha haters

  77. impressed!!!!

    will be back soon

  78. fuck off

    if you don’t like the place then go fuck yourself we don’t need your faggot ass around here anyways!!!!

  79. seth

    this is worst club ive ever been too

  80. dman37190

    great place and the dancers r hottt

  81. doin my part

    lets get this club to #1 in tha state!!!!

  82. to JOSE


  83. beer belly blues

    great place

  84. Jack jack

    Not at all “jack” You’re somewhat amusing, kinda like bad gas!

  85. one of tha guys

    just showin some love

  86. Jim Borst

    This place is great. I will be back very soon to see all of the pretty entertainers. Especially the beautiful Brooklyn- I look forward to getting up close and personal with her in a vip couch dance next time.

  87. no drugs!!!!

    i have never seen any drugs in this club, i have seen the bouncers to tell people after they pat them down at the door to take any kind of medications or pill bottles back to their car cause they were not allowed in the club and a few times drugs have been flushed down the toilet by the manager and bouncers and yes even a few times girls have been fired on the spot for drug use and management and the bouncers have been known to go into the dressing room and do bag inspections on the girls, a few people have even been asked to leave if they found drugs on them or they were asking for or trying to sell drugs, so to whoever keeps posting the comments about the drugs needs to get their facts straight before they post such bullshit!!!! big a don’t put up with that kind of shit in his club!!!!

  88. BigJ

    I have worked security in several Nashville clubs & been to clubs pretty much all over the US due to my current job.If you want to just come out enjoy a few COLD beers,look at some very HOTT ladies then Midnight Express is the place to be.I have been going to this club pretty much since it opened & it has always been great.The girls have changed but BIG A, the security & a damn good DJ still remain…If you want to have a good time then go down to the midnight.. If you want a HJ,BJ or anything else go find a hooker cause it ain’t the place…Tn just isn’t a good state for clubs cause I do think you should be allowed to touch a lil more cause in the other clubs I been at it has gone ok just no KITTY GRABBING, & well Midnight does have a pretty high cover charge,but if you go at 3 it is alot cheaper…..Have a good time & don’t listen to all the crap on here

  89. You Know Me

    The downside to this website is that anyone can post any kind of lie, and no one will ever find out who did it. You can even pretend to be someone else, just to stir shit up. This site was supossed to be about rating the club….but it’s gotten away from that. Sometimes, some of the shit on here is so silly, it’s almost funny (in a junior high kinda way) Sometimes it goes too far! People’s kids SHOULD BE OFF LIMITS!! It’s one thing to slam the club or an employee, it’s another thing to lie about their kids. Anyone who knows Julia, knows she NEVER gave up her kids. If another dancer had a problem with her, don’t you think she’d go to Julia and confront her? Dancers handle their own disputes in the dressing room. If you’re a guy who’s making up this vomit, grow some nuts and step up to her old man, if you want some resolution! It’s easy to be a bad ass, sitting behind the computer in your bedroom. If you’ve really got a problem with someone, stop being a pussy and stand up in person. That’s how people in this club solve issues. It’s easy to see most of this shit is made up by someone outside the club. Notice this was posted on the page where you score a rating! If you do got a beef, leave the kids out of it! Karma is a bitch!!!!

  90. yeah ok

    come on guy your gonna have to do better than that, anyone that knows anything about this club knows there is a bouncer that stands at the vip room and watches you and the dancers while the dance is going on and will stop the dance at the drop of a hat if you do something wrong, so before you try to make yourself out to look like billy bad ass do your homework on the club and their rules dumbass, you probibly haven’t even ever been in there so shut the fuck up till you know whats going on and remember it is always best to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool than to open it and prove you are, so there, you been set out fool!!!!

  91. to the dumbasses

    just goes to show what kind of retards post stupid shit on here like the last few comments that have been posted the dumb fucks can’t even fuckin read what damn club they are tryin to post negative comments on not to mention they are so full of shit that its down right funny, kinda surprised most of these country bumpkin hillbilly redneck goat fuckers even have a computer, oh yeah they probibly go to the library to use a computer, guess the best part of them run down their mommas crack and in their daddys underwear, guess mom should have swallowed instead huh? so in the future for all you dumb fucks out there, pay attention to who you are posting comments on so we don’t have to set your dumbass out like we just did here for these folks!!!!

  92. Answers about laws

    There’s no 3 foot law here! That’s a Nashville “Metro” law that their clubs were forced to comply with. State law bans smoking in all bars & restaurants everywhere unless it’s 21 and up, we wanted to allow 18 and up admission (so some go smoke outside.) The county we’re in (DeKalb) bans beer sales everhwhere, after midnight, so that’s why we close when we do. If you vote in DeKalb County, contact your elected officials, that might help some day.

  93. pole kat

    yes they have the biggest stripper poles in tennessee as far as i know and those girls really know how to work those poles, if ya haven’t seen em you should go check em out

  94. givin the run down

    well to start out, you dumbshit, there is no wateringhole next door to us, your dumbfuck third grade education can’t fuckin read who you are even trying to post bad comments about so go try hooked on phonics, next, the only hookers outside was your mom and sister, they wanted to go smoke and oh by the way your bout a dumbfuck too, now to johnny, thats ok cause even for strippers these girls still have standards and wouldn’t touch your sorry ass so you just need to go home and whack off cause thats all you can get anyways, to mnt man, well i don’t know what your problem is with the cold, are you just a pussy or did you just want something to bitch about? get a life loser, now moving on to sally, your just pissed cause we wouldn’t hire your ugly ass, we hire only the best, you might want to apply at deja vu, i hear they are looking for one ugly girl as advertised, and last but not least, to kindrid, then maybe you should go back to your counrty cause sounds like you are use to the garbage dispoal in your country, now to the rest of you that has left good ligit comments thanks and to all the haters from the other clubs that keep leaving these comments on our page, fuck you and fuck off!!!! signed the midnight express gentlemens club

  95. pee wee

    i got a std from here. please dont go i worn u

  96. NedsTesticle
  97. the club

    don’t forget amateur night this tuesday, cash prizes for the first and second place winners

  98. rimshot

    can you say booger????

  99. Tim "opie"
  100. Harv
  101. sad feet

    whores is all thats here

  102. adam
  103. pauncho

    this is good club, like dancers very much

  104. Krusty
  105. Earl

    A + + +

  106. free ride

    was not that imprest

  107. little joe

    hope all is going well, see ya soon

  108. rockin

    the beer is cold and the ladies are hot!!!!

  109. slap nuts
  110. Ffo Kcuf

    Only worth going to if there are no other options…

  111. Big D

    Cheap cover charge. No drink minimum. Friendliest girls I’ve ever seen – and sexy as hell. Safe, secure, and clean surroundings. I have been to a lot of clubs in a lot of places, and this is one of the best. I live 10 minutes from this club. I can’t believe it took me this long to check it out again. I’ll definitely be back – and I’m going to see Jaime and Morgan. Thanks you girls for the 2-on-1 lap dance.

  112. Charlene

    I’ve worked at this club on and off for 3 years now, and I love it!!! I love the people I work for and I love the customer’s… I’ve been in an out of the business now for 7 years and had danced for 5 of them, so I’ve been around a lot of different club’s and this one is the best!!! Come check us out

  113. theman
  114. A few Michigan Vistors

    Festive Nature,Do it yourself enviroment, Secluded loction. It was very nice to see girls that enjoyed working. We don’t get that all that much up here.

  115. wiz-kid

    gettin back up there soon

  116. to concerned

    you must have this club mixed up with another club cause this club here has not went down hill in no way shape form or fashion, as a matter of fact it is at the peak of its game and no where near the hill to go down, now they might be going up but its never been going down in the almost 5 years its been opened and as far as drugs they have always been cleaned up in this club, there are no drug problems here so for concerned, the next time you want to post a review, make sure you know which club you are reviewing so ya don’t look like a total dumbass as in this case here!!

  117. tommy tender nuts

    great place

  118. Ken

    woooooooo this place rocks

  119. Lola

    I would like to reply to everyone writing horrible stuff about our management…I have worked at the midnight express for 2 and a half yrs and I have never had to do anything sexual to keep or have my job. The girls that supposively said this is full of shit…our management does not make anyone do anything sexual and does not take advantage of anyone. As for the comment of a guy wantin a job and our general manager sayin he’d have to suck his dick, I garuntee he was joking around with you. If you can’t take a joke thats your problem… he is a married man and a loving father and over all a damn good man, that goes for all of our management. So you need to learn how to take a joke! As for the owner he is also a very good man, they are always there for us girls and I don’t appreciate anyone talking down about any of them. You all need to know what your talking about before you say anything.

  120. willy

    were is this place

  121. Red

    Very nice club.

  122. joshdill

    this is one of the best clubs that i’ve been to. i have been to several in Nashville, but when you go to the Midnight, they make you feel like family.

  123. well done

    great place

  124. Frequent Customer
  125. yep yep

    you tell em sasha

  126. DOG POUND


  127. C & J Dale

    Best club we’ve been to. Lots of couples guests. Clean, fun and sexxxy dancers. We’ve been to clubs all over the USA and were shocked to find one in Smithville….and to find out that it’s the best!

  128. captain howdy
  129. peppi long stockin

    what the last person said is true, every word of it, ya should really check the place out sometime soon

  130. tellin it like it is

    fuck all tha haters



  132. nobody

    great club girls r awesome friendly drinks r a little high but hell it’s a strip club cant complain

  133. Christina

    We drove all the way from Giles County to Smithville and that was a hour and a half drive. We had the best time we have had in a long time. It was great.

  134. Louie

    It’s just OK

  135. Jerry's Doctor

    Stop being a Hater, Jerry, it’s unhealthy and could cause you to have cancer or any number of dread diseases! It’s not normal to carry this much anger. It’s just business, and business is good!

  136. bebop

    had a great time just hate the new no smokin in the building rules, other than that had a great time from what i seen, to busy goin in and out to smoke

  137. little ole me

    droppin in to vote for youz guys

  138. Jackie Brown

    Great Club!

  139. piss willie

    go midnight

  140. B.Richardson

    This should definitely be the number 1 club and i truely think it will be once everyone gets on here to vote. This is such an awesome place to unwind after a hard day and just relax and enjoy bein around some of the most beautiful girls around, the atmosphere is amazing unlike anywhere else. recently a few of my friends went to the club, and we had 2 of our female friends making there first trip and they were very skeptical, but after going they said they would definitely love to go back because it was like nothing they thought it would be, so if you havent been, get out to the Midnight cause its always a good night!!

  141. Stripper Magnet

    When can I get a cot in the back room??? I swear I am here more than my own house.

  142. dunkin d

    i love this place, better than driving to nashville

  143. vanderbiltprof

    This club is a waste of time, avoid it if you can, just as bad as Nashville

  144. to little willie

    you must have caught it from your mom

  145. Boomer?

    Boomer…that’s a Polish word, meaning “Goat Fucker” Go figure!

  146. wild child

    stormy was awesome, great show

  147. midnight

    not to worried about them coming here, maybe we should go buy them out as well lol

  148. curious

    checked out the club, it was great!! i’ll be back

  149. BRN
  150. Roger
  151. impressed

    this was one of the cleanest clubs i have been in in a long time, run very professional and everyone was so friendly, will be back every chance i get



  153. joey

    loved the place this weekend!! Scarlet and Jade were the hottest there.

  154. Cameron

    Best club in the city !

  155. its me again

    just throwin down some rates

  156. stormy daniels

    stormy daniels will be at the midnight express september 19th and 20th for two shows per night, shows start around 9:30 to 10:00 and the second show around 11:00 or so

  157. about Stormy Daniels

    I saw her in Dallas and she got really drunk and I got a lapdance from her and she let me finger her puss and she even sucked my cock!!! Yours truly Steve Cole

  158. ??

    is this a customer writing all this junk??stop writing all this shit your making urself look like a pathetic lowlife!Is this all you have to do?? You talk about how the club is so bad with comments and ratings….right??? well.. think about what you write before you start talkin shit… Nothing would have been said if you would have kept your little fingers from typing crap out about people and there personal lives.. Thought this was about the CLUB ??? looks to me like your making up a new site for the springer show.. But like the comment below… you cant admit to who you are because you like drama… you feed off of it… well.. ha… your the cause of it.. you take the shit to a whole new level.. just hide behind your computer screen & talk shit.. looks as if thats all you know how to do anyways..

  159. bob

    great club I hear they are adding on to it and making it bigger, it’s going to be even better! Can’t wait to go back!

  160. IN LOVE


  161. teaser
  162. slappy

    great place

  163. rick

    one of the worst experiences of my life

  164. for set it straight

    see, that is just another example of people don’t read before they post comments making themselves look like dumbasses, ok i will type slow so you understand and can stay caught up #1 if you bothered to read one of the comments some ass wipe wrote it was not even for our club it was for another which still they are not a customer of i highly doubt and #2 no one is on the edge nor on drugs, just stating the obvious on some of these comments, so let me ask you, do you even know which club you are on? and lastly i highly doubt you have ever been a customer of this club either so don’t try to get all high and mighty and act like we have just hurt your fellings, but for some strange reason i feel like our last comment hit close to home for you, our real and true customers know what we are talking about, this is one of the better ran clubs in the state and we as well as our customers don’t need some bogus page like stripclub list to know the truth about our club, people can get on here all day and leave bad comments and bogus names all day and say what they want to try and make the club look bad, but when its all said and done its our customers that come in and have a good time and see how the club is ran and how we treat them that know the truth, not someone that has never set foot through our doors saying i was there and i saw this and i saw that, and alot of this has come from another club owner which is grabbing at straws and panicing about losing business as well as girls to our other club that opened up down the road from him just trying to make both of our places look bad so he can try and get a little more business just to be able to keep his doors opened, but for some reason i kinda have a feeling you already are aware of that, huh? well when its all said and done the people will make up their own minds about the club, good or bad and they don’t need some site like this to do it for them, alot of people aren’t stupid, they see what is going on as well as we do and thats why people have learned to see it for themselves instead of beleiving everything they read, guess thats why our business has grown and we have 3 clubs and working on the 4th and we have been in business here for almost 5 years!!!!

  165. to whiny ass

    well boo fuckin hoo, what, did she tell you she loved you? or did she give you her wrong phone number? or did she tell you to meet her and she never showed? always remember rule #1 in the strip club game, NEVER TRUST A STRIPPER, your just dollar signs to them, as long as you shell out the money they will tell you whatever you want to hear including your the best looking guy in the club even when your ugly as fuck, so the advise i have to pass along to you is get over it and move on and don’t be a baby about it and post stupid shit on here about your girl problems

  166. Joe Smith

    Very friendly girls, good dances, I’ll go back

  167. THE GIRLS


  168. corey gagnon

    for the area that we live in(the sticks+ the bible belt)it’s a great place to go when your needing that time to get away and be crazy

  169. jackson

    what a wild place to party, out in the middle of nowhere but still one hell of a place, i found my new hangout on the weekends, hot ladies on the stage as well as the lady customers this place really knows how to throw a party and yet run a very clean club, like the way they have someone at the front door that searches the customers as they come in, i felt very safe, also seen their security team in action, these people have their shit together when it comes to running a great club

  170. yeah right

    your so full of shit!! no one has been thrown out for trying to tell on a girl, now i might beleive you were kicked out for tryin to sell drugs or maybe another rule violation but drugs is one thing we take very seriouly and do not tollerate from dancers or customers, so what was her name? let us know, or can you? again we think you are full of shit but we offer you the chance to call the club and talk to the manager, if it is investigated and found to be true then the dancer will be gone but we all know that we will never here from you because this is a bullshit comment to make us look bad, well its not working, everyone that comes to our club knows the way it is run and that we don’t put up with drugs in our club!! just ask the girls in the past that has lost their jobs due to drugs or the people we have kicked out for either having or trying to sell drugs or the ones that have damn near cried when we flush their drugs down the toilet when we catch them with it, so come on, you will have to do better than that before you hurt our business because no one buys your bullshit story!!!!

  171. for seth

    then please by all means don’t come back, no one is twisting your arm, no one wants your dumb ass in here anyways so go back to fucking your goat you dumb fuck!!!!

  172. semore hiney

    titties and beer

  173. Gabrielle's VIP Club

    Gabrielle’s V.I.P. Club will be hosting its annual Ms. Exotic Nashville Competition Saturday, October 26th from 10 till… Any dancers who wants to compete is very much welcome to compete… Cash prizes for the top 3 dancers. Come join us along with 102.9 The Buzz for our Halloween and 4th Anniversay Party that will be going on All Night long! Prizes are being given away to our customers as well courtesy of 120.9 The Buzz. Wear a costume and get in for Free Cover. See you there! You don’t want to miss this Party! 1711 Hayes Street, Nashville, TN 37203

  174. lex

    the show was great this weekend stormy daniels rocked the house and you had a big crowd both nights, keep up the great job midnight

  175. addicted

    this place is great, checked it out tonight, place was nothing like what i have read, just goes to show ya you can’t believe everything you read on here, i will def be back

  176. SLINKY
  177. Robert L.

    Brooklyn is the best (couldn’t stop at just one dance, she is awesome and very sexy)!!! The Midnight is a great club, I’m glad that I found it. Everyone give it a try, you won’t be sorry I promise. Go on Fri. or Sat. and you will get to see my favorite- Brooklyn and many other beautiful girls.

  178. My Bad!

    Oops My Bad! Since you were tipping, that’s really all you can do. At least YOU came in to have some fun! You’d be surprised at the number of people who come for a free-show. That’s why some of the girls sometimes get a little down in the dumps. The bad ecomomy even extends into the adult nightclub business, and many of the dancers are single Moms, trying to feed their family. When it’s dead like that, I’d bitch if I were getting naked for free too! Luckily, it’s not that slow all the time. Weekends after 9, the place is usually jumpin! Hope you have a better time if you come in again.

  179. Storm

    This club is wonderful. The girls are beautiful and friendly but not pushy. They are all wonderful performers and make the night a great time. The club is in the middle of nowhere but it was worth the drive. We had a great time and will definitely be back soon.

  180. happy feet

    can’t wait to get back to smithville and the club

  181. LL
  182. Nancy

    this is my favorite way to spend a weekend

  183. To Ugly Bear

    Stay Home Ugly Bear! It’s not a free show…you’re suppossed to tip, numb-nuts! This is how they make their living. When you sit on your dead ass and waste their time, when they come talk to you (part of their job) you’re going to piss one of them off eventually. You ain’t gotta tip em all or buy a dance from every one of them but if you ain’t got no money, keep your broke ass home!

  184. wooohoooo

    ass and titty thursdays is here

  185. tallie whacker

    great club, hot girls, enough said!!

  186. BIG BOOM

    this place is great, beautiful ladies

  187. sideshow bob
  188. n luv with a stripper

    great place, i never wanna leave but that big mean bouncer makes me

  189. booger
  190. Who

    Who the fuck is Alpine? No one with that name ever worked here!

  191. Re Vanderbiltprof

    Don’t sweat comments from Vanderbilt prof, he’s posted negative shit about most clubs on here. He’s one of the few that expects sex at a strip club. You’d think with that Vanderbilt education he’d realize he needs a whore house, or just a drive down Murfreesboro Road.

  192. King Kong
  193. REX


  194. hop sing

    had fun the other night, this club rocks

  195. puddin tang

    Friday april 4th is the big b-day bash, free admission, miller lite will be on here passing out free goodies and the miller lite girls will be here too, come check us out on myspace or our web page at http://www.midnightexpress.us for more info and updates….thanks



  197. ME

    I ejoy everything about this club the layed back atmosphere is great everyone is friendly I will be back You have a new regular

  198. Randy

    Nice place, a few good strippers but mostly just average .

  199. Johnny 5
  200. just wondering

    since alot of people can’t figure out which club they are trying to badmouth or review should i say this is to ugly bear, was you at the midnight express gentlemens club in smithville or was you at the midnight express show club in cornersville? we seem to be getting both reviews on here when alot of times they are tryin to badmouth the other club because of all of the enemies they have made over in that area and being that most people can’t read they leave all the bad comments here on this clubs page instead of going to the other clubs page because they don’t read what club in what city, this page belongs to the midnight express gentlemens club in smithville not midnight express show club in cornersville, they are still listed under club utopia in cornersville

  201. Craig
  202. stimpy

    had a blast, all the girls are great

  203. medic

    been going since it opened and this is a laid back and fun place

  204. Nate

    Best club I’ve been to in a long time…just two of us went, but we had a blast!


    THIS IS THE BEST PLACE TO HANG OUT AND HAVE A GOOD TIME AND PARTY WITH FRIENDS, I SUGGEST YA CHECK EM OUT, YOU WON’T REGRET IT, ALSO CHECK OUT http://www.midnightexpress.us for pics of the girls, events and their fan page

  206. skeeder

    been to both of these clubs man they both kick ass cant wait till ya get more

  207. dipsy doodle
  208. Russ

    Gorgeous ladies very friendly atmosphere an all around great place to party

  209. scooby doo

    this place rocks!!!!

  210. Carebear

    You know, it says a lot that the other club has over 400 reviews and they still only have a 6.5 rating. You lie about make shit up about other clubs and karma bites you in the ass.

  211. The Post Below

    The Post Below was not written by a Midnight Express Dancer, Past or Present. Even the ones who’ve quit or been let go, would tell you that’s not true! Some of the shit on here IS kinda funny, there’s a few pranksters out there who love to keep shit stirred up….no biggie. The people who know us, KNOW the truth. Notice that the “Dancer” didn’t give her name. Too bad, maybe I coulda hooked her up…..right?

  212. rockstar

    I believe this club is the best in the biz.I say this with confidence, because most of the time I just drink water. I have observed the way the management and the entertainer communicate. Everyone has a good time,but the business asspects are handled in a very professional manner. The entertainers are polite,hospitable,but most importantly very professional.I alway leave antisapating the next time to return.My hat’s off to the Midnight Express Gentlemens Club!! Keep up the good work!!!!!



  214. bango bill

    great place to party

  215. hahaha

    well i guess that will teach you to stick your little willy where it don’t belong, maybe tha sumbitch will fall off!!! not that it really matters anyways since you suffer from sps (short peter syndrome) hahahahahahaha your a loser go back over to your own page at the bunghole you dumb shit!!!!

  216. bird

    this is one of the best clubs i have been to in along time

  217. Kens Gold gone

    Ken’s Gold club closed today . Lost the operating Lic. Under cover cops recorded 50 vilolations on a phone cam. Dont be next and dont let the trash land on your doorstep

  218. good times

    great place no matter what anybody says, check it out for yourself and you too will be a beleiver on how great it is

  219. Danny

    over all for the club was good. drinks was a lil high just for beer. admission was good, everyone was friendly, and love that you let women come in flash and get on rail.

  220. que pasa
  221. willie makeit

    wooohooo your #2

  222. Andy Vaughn

    I live 40 minutes from the club, and just discovered it! It was a Wednesday night, and business was slow, but the beautiful girls just made the evening that much more special! I had a ball and plan to make this place a frequent stop. Definately the best lap dances ever! Thank you Brooklyn and Lola!!!

  223. Billy

    I haved a blast.

  224. Britt

    This is the best club in the WORLD!!!! The girls are awesome and always entertaining. The security guys keep things well under control. The DJ ROCKS!!! Very much worth the money I spend in there almost every weekend!!

  225. Bryan
  226. Ricky The Dragon

    “you are just a fake money hungry one way self centered two faced bitch”

    wow sounds like pretty much every woman i’ve ever dated. if you go a strip club and think that any of the girls are interested anything more than your money, keep the dream alive.

    julia isn’t bad, there is only one that is so bad she really needs professional help

  227. Midnight Momma

    I am a 58 year old women and I love this place.They treat you like family.There go the name.LOL They have the greatest from the girls,the DJ and of course the management.If you have not been there you should and if you have you are the lucky ones.

  228. phillyblunt

    its a great place to hang out and get to see alots of tittes

  229. R.J.

    This must be the only club you fucking hicks have been to because most of these girls are ugly. I only saw 2 that were ok. Get out of smithville every once in a while.



  231. david

    well you can get the rock and roll here but no sex or drugs but you can party as well, as far as nasty and all that ya need to leave ya momma outta the comment section, they fired her wrinkled old ass a while back, on to wrong skin color, what is the right skin color? i have seen it all in there, white black brown yellow and even the wiggers (thats the white boys tryin to be black)and there are alot of them out in the world today, the blacks should be proud that the white boyz are tryin to be like them, then they too can feel like the world owes them something, so this club does not care what your skin color is as long as you have that one color in your pocket (green)thats what really counts so don’t try pullin the race card around here cause that shit don’t fly!!….david, mcminnville…. p.s. see you guys this weekend, i’m ready for a party i’ll be the white guy lol

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