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0 reviews for “Babe’s

  1. Some Guy

    A cramped club with a few dancers. Drink service is very poor. You must push past people sitting at the bar for service and then wait till the ‘tender feels like serving a drink. The ratio of dacers to men is a poor as well. Also most of the time dancers go directly from the stage to the dressing room and do not come around to offer dances. On serveral visits I have left without ever being offered a dance. The cover is very low but in this case ya get what ya pay for…

  2. Matt B.

    All the girls in this place are rejects from the other two clubs. Almost every girl working las night when we went, have been fired from another club. This place is by far the worst in town.

  3. Re: Big John

    You need to get your eyes checked and your brain looked at what you been smoking boy

  4. curtis17

    Would never suggest this place to anyone

  5. Alice cooper

    Best club in town if your black,ex-con or like roaches. This place needs to

    be closed down and bulldozed.

  6. Big John

    Tyffany is the hottest dancer in the club. Watch Jersey shes learning. Kitty steams at night

  7. shame

    shame is that this is the dj from asscapades making all these stupid posts “henry” i think your real name is paul man up bitch

  8. dont order online

    these guys will rip u off dont order online drugs from them

  9. Phil

    Jena, Kate and especially GISELL were the sweetest, sexiest dancers I have ever met. I will never forget Giselle! I will be back!

  10. bob

    i saw i came and left real quick

  11. Bart
  12. theone

    The best looking girls in town can’t wait to go back


    Now that violet’s gone, im searchin for the next cumdumpster. Danny has some nice tits. Paige is well endowed with a fat booty but is kinda frigid. Kat will touch you in all the right places but im a breastman. So,so club. Who is the goregous blond with the perfect tits?

  14. nick

    cant say much better left unsaid

  15. barry
  16. Now hiring

    Now hiring please stop by

  17. Ted

    Club has some of the Coolest girls around,couch dances rock.

  18. bella

    I worked there for about 2 years off and on…ive heard a lot of people say things about mike. and the way he looks but that does not count he is a very good kind hearted person that trully cares about the staff at babes.keep on doing a good job babes!

  19. DJ Friday
  20. Whatup

    This place is a joke, the girls are all rejects from the other two clubs. Crowd is the worst in town by far, thugs and assholes everywhere. Not worth the time or money.

  21. What?????

    This place can not be compared to Babes. It is not the same, it sucks.

  22. Francis

    the last 5 years you fucking dopehead

  23. Aaron

    Violet aka Nicole Russek (see mugshot gallery) is not your 1st time druggie. If they raid this club what do you think shes going to do with her stash? Not the person you want to be sitting next to if the cops come. a drug mongering butt slut like her is a disease on the rest of the club. I hope after her jailin she got a good delousing and the club owner burned all the couches she danced on.

  24. action jackass

    Hey jackson the fag bar is down the road, now we all know why you only stayed 2 minutes, take your broke ass over to the fag bar suck a dick right quick.

  25. Tim

    Great place best one in town, safe atmosphere and very friendly.

  26. Ben Jones

    I know babe’s for some time and they are still the best club around, they always have treated me and others with the most respect, i give all there girls credit

  27. kelly
  28. rick

    this club sucks

  29. cun fused

    romour is that your closing,,, this can’t be true is it?

  30. XhXeXy

    Babe’s beats out Lookers for talent at least week days and especially afternoons. A laid back Gentlemen s club with just about every variety of girl. The inside needs work, it’s a pit, but there were at least a dozen girls working on a Wednesday afternoon. Very friendly atmosphere, prices reasonable, dances were $20 we were pleased with the entertainment. I recommend Babe’s.

  31. louis

    never again will i cme back

  32. big johnny

    The new bar tender at babes ,i think her name is Tanner is absolutely beautifull,and very personable.She wont show them big titties,but her outfits are really hotand leaves something to the imagination.I give her a 15 on a scale of 1-10.Its worth just coming in and staring at her.Seems like she has some class.Shes a keeper,dont loose her.

  33. Tom
  34. CarlosDanger

    This is a very nice club and the girls were really friendly.

  35. This club is lame

    I guess im used to all the full service i got at the west palm clubs for sane prices. Lilly, Danny, Ivy, Kat, Paige all seem average at best. Same deal at the other clubs. I wish back to the good old days at the peekaboo lounge in west palm where Mercedes was an awesome lay for only $50. She was a goddess. Can anyone give me info in Tiffany she seems like the only talent here?

  36. pj

    Nice club for fort myers

  37. Dick

    Best bang for your buck

  38. Wally

    This club rocks because Porsha gives the best dances in town. Damm she’s hot

  39. rich

    dont waste your time here it sucks

  40. PETE


  41. Sad Sad

    Sad, maybe you should stay out of clubs and go back to school. You need to learn how to write before you go public with your comments. I have seen three year olds write better than you.

    This place is a shit hole, and it has nothing to show compared to the other two clubs in town.

  42. Babes

    We will change the name when we are ready

  43. richie


  44. Rodney

    Came down from Naples and hated everything about this shit hole. it sucks and will never be back. If you are new in town, go to Lookers or Escapades, better girls and better clubs all around.

  45. fritter17

    I have been going to Babes for years as a bar patron. I have known many girls there along with the bouncers and owner. It’s a great place for fun, drinks and good conversation. People watching is interesting too.

  46. dereck

    best bang for your buck

  47. Jerry
  48. BigEZ

    Wow, been to a lot of clubs in a lot of cities. It would be hard to find uglier girls in a bowling alley or the Salvation Army thrift store. 3 suggestions: Get younger gals, stress personal hygene, be a little selective as to your guests. Never seen so many broke-ass Tupac wannabe’s in my life.

  49. Tuesday Friend

    All the staff at Babes are very friendly and run a club the way it’s supposed to be run.Management+Staff: Mike,John,Richie,Shelly,Lacey,Daniell are all Good people.

  50. To Dave

    And you would know what a shithole is coming from asscapades,escapades people get a life and stop writing these stupid comments you do your thing we will do ours.

  51. Pat K.

    In town for the weekend on business & stopped by all 3 clubs since I own one. I like to see what is happening elsewhere. This was definitely the lowest class of the 3. But I guess that’s why they only have a $3 cover. The place was busy but there is a lot of wasted space. Seemed like 2 sections – one for participating & one for spectating. Very small compared to what I’m used to. The place needs a cosmetic upgrade. Couldn’t really see many of the girls except when on stage but unimpressive. The place just seemed like a biker type bar and had similar clientele.


    at least they dont pad the comments

  53. Shit Hole

    Ugliest dancers I’ve seen! I don’t care if this place is cheap, nothing here is worth dollar! Smokey, dingy atmosphere. No class. I’d hand these dogs $20 to keep away from me! Don’t wast your time.

  54. Jen

    Worked here for about a week, the dj’s were all great, and the staff other than the manager were all outstanding.

    Dancer drama and no VIP area. Couch dances are decently priced but they aren’t nearly as private as they should be.

  55. Then Dont

    If you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all

  56. P

    horrible looking girls and service sucked

  57. chris

    if it barks like a dog isnt it a dog

  58. robert

    great lap dances drink service was wonderful well run club

  59. scottzilla

    This is the best club i’ve been to in a long time

  60. Fl. visitor

    Me and wife went in sat. nite very nice and the dances were top notch

  61. Dr............

    Wonderfull place!

  62. rick

    rick whoa what

  63. Rob L.

    strip club for sale

  64. Customer

    This club has improved it use to be great now its even better no wonder why they are rated #1 5years in a row

  65. Jimmy

    Does anyone know what happened to a dancer by the name of Summer? Young, blonde daytime girl?

  66. WARNING on lilly

    Britiny Ward aka Britiny Rascon goes by lilly the ugly ass dancer who fucked with my customers at babes. Brittany Ward or Brittany Rascon got arrested again for drugs & is such a ugly nasty desperate whore that the only way she can still make money at the club is to fuck guys bare back on the couches for 30 bucks a song & give guys bare back blow jobs. I’ve seen her streetwalk on 41 between Walgreens & the mall so unless you fucked her asshole, check your dick for diseases

  67. Lacy

    whatever this is the best club

  68. Jake Jones

    Great club! Loved the feature nice big TITTIES

  69. Eden
  70. Jackson

    This place sucks worse than before. It is not the same Babe’s

    I was there last week and stayed 2 minutes. Worse place in town. Even Fantasies is better.

  71. Trip

    The couch dances were a change of pace for me, being from Trashco County as a fan of Brass Flamingo, but I could NOT beat the prices for those dances. I bought from a couple sexy ladies and was overall impressed with how good looking the women were. I’m heading back to Ft. Myers for more work and look forward to dropping in again after such a great first visit.

  72. joe

    the real joke is in your pants

  73. ken s.

    voted #1 five years in a row

  74. dom

    better left unsaid

  75. Sam sux ass

    We know this place sux and asscapades is the best place on this earth blah blah heard it all before dorkzilla bug eyes get a life

  76. stan
  77. BucFan

    Visited on a Saturday afternoon and the talent was decent. I met a blonde Cuban named Gia and she gave some excellent sexy dances! Look forward to seeing her again.


    Strippers where invented by the Pollocks (POLES); Gotta love both!

    Want to come back down.

  79. ryan123

    I’ll preface this review by saying “Yoanna J” is coming across like a bitter, disgruntled former employee of this fine adult nightclub.Babe’s is bar-none a top tier titty-club. Easily one the of the best in SWFL and a great value to boot. The cover charge is a measly 5 bucks. The perfect price point for those of you on a tight budget which is pretty much everyone that lives in Ft. Myers, an economically depressed cesspool if a city, I digress. I’ll defer to the old adage “there’s an ass for every toilet-seat” this never holds more true than when applied to Babe’s Gentleman’s Club. If you like the gangly type of woman with bee-stings they certainly have you covered but for the fussy patron, like myself,you may be more interested in the girls willing to work for the tip. I met a dancer at Babes names Dani, she was a fit young lady with a glazed over look about her. She was one of those strippers who could really get you charged up. Don’t expect any sort of small talk or eye contact with Dani she has the social interactive skills comparable to a 9 volt battery. If you like the chatty dumpster-slut type of dancer you may want to give Sway a spin. She showed me her butthole after I tipped with a ten spot and I’m 80% sure she made it wink, highly impressive. Old or young, you just can’t go wrong with Babe’s, with 2 dollar shots of well whiskey and 5 dollar pitchers of Miller Light its a great spot to hang with your pals and enjoy a game and maybe even seen a 34 year old woman make her butthole wink for 10 dollars.

  80. joseph1k

    Not bad, girls are trashy as hell, “I Like!” (Borat Voice). Every girl in there has at least a few tattoo’s and a pack of cigarettes. Honestly it was a priceless experience and made my night. There is a Dominos pizza right next store, and it seemed like every half hour the delivery guy was bringing the little ho’s some grub. They would sit at this high top table and eat the food just bought for them by there 50 year old, beer belly regular. Girls would sit at this table and stuff there face. My favorite was watching this one girl eat chicken wings. Oh yea, did I mention she was topless. (Priceless!!) She wasn’t afraid to drown that chicken in a tub of dressing and chow down like it was her last meal. As soon as she finished sucking down her food, she sparked up her cig. I love chicks like this, Lol.. No really!

  81. retired

    Lots of talk about dayshift Kristy she must be

    really good with the over time work. I will be

    there this week to see what all the talk is


  82. Eli

    No good. I will not be back.

  83. adam
  84. Kyle

    I see that Violet got busted for drugs. What a shock. No wonder its so dark in there. Violet looks she got rode hard and wet. No talent in that club.

  85. fred

    had a wonderful time,kinda small,but had a real good time

  86. MichaelS

    B A B E S;

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Could be Reykjavik?

  87. Shelly bruno ripoff barkeep

    Shelly Bruno was bartending dayshift when i came in wanted a drink that was 7 bucks gave her a $20 came back with 3 bucks. She said i gave her a $10. So that s how she makes her tips.

  88. RE: George

    Dont be bitter because your girlfriend dumped your sorry ass and they asked you to leave the club fuck boy.

  89. marlonmoney12

    This place was a joke don’t wast your time gas or money going hear they have no VIP room and I was not g greeted took very long time to get a beer the dancers were not performing on stage they were all laying around relaxing like on their own couches at their houses the professionalism was not there and nobody acted appropriate and nobody was dancing on stage this place is a true and utter waste of time do not go hear

  90. Tie-Dye Guy

    I was there on Sunday and Summer, Lindsay, Ivy, and the rest of the girl made me feel at home. Awesome plac, I look forward to going again soon.

  91. 655321

    Had an absolutely spectacular time. Beautiful little blonde dancer with the tightest little body and one-hand size ass that just made me sport like a teenager. I’d go back in a heartbeat next time I travel to the area. I cannot recommend highly enough!

  92. Don't waste your time here!

    VERY small club with nowhere to sit at all. No VIP area so all the dances you get are in plain view. No privacy. Dirty inside and out. Drinks are ok for a strip club. Dancers aren’t all great either. This club, like the town its in, is a shithole. Don’t even bother. Go out of town to see strippers.

  93. Jack F.

    Whos the new hottie behind the bar???

  94. steve

    hell no it is not closing

  95. MM

    hey wisconsin warrior which one did your buddy fall in love with.hope she not one of the money hungry ones.

  96. Keith

    the best of the best

  97. Re; frank

    only the best work here, hows wal mart

  98. Rick James

    Fuck you nigga, im Rick James BITCH!!!!

  99. Kris

    the best by far only place in town lowest cover low drinks

  100. ken

    Amateur nite was great it was packed and we got to see some real talent.

  101. sad

    its pretty sad that the dj has to post all neg- comments on here from asscapades suck a dick fuck boy

  102. re; dan

    small tight and not worth the visit but worth you putting your two cents in come on escapades give it a break all neg. comments not one decent comment worry about yourself and club not ours

  103. Kenny Davis

    Was in this club the other day all the girls from other clubs are working there must say something about this place

  104. kenny

    nice will be back soon

  105. davey

    great club well worth it

  106. David

    Alot of good looking girls at this club

  107. jake

    we are still here

  108. sammy
  109. henry

    never again

  110. BEN


  111. john

    dont listen to the rumors

  112. vinny

    what a shit hole and the girls if you call them that are the worstr i ecver saw

  113. jay

    best club around

  114. Your Girls

    Hurry up and finish your vacation, because the Babes girls want to come HOME

  115. nate

    great club 10+

  116. Santa

    Merry Christmas

  117. Joke

    This place is a joke, waste of time and money.

  118. dan

    Best club ive been too in a long time

  119. ME


  120. Black

    This place is a joke. I guess it helps keep all the thugs in one place. The other clubs must be thankful.

  121. Dave

    The blue pole what????

  122. charle

    what a dump and the girls are the worst i ever saw

  123. Tommy

    Best club in town.

  124. mike

    Still open

  125. Jack ass

    Great club on 41 cant miss it 1 mile north of the edison mall

  126. Em

    This club is the best in Fort Myers. I’ve worked at all of them and they treat us girls real good. Lookers is the worst club to work for. Management doesn’t give a shit about anything accept stealing money from everyone and trying to get their “rocks” off.

  127. jose

    Voted #1 5 years in a row , that must tell you something

  128. Wisconsin Warrior

    Was here 2 nights out of 5 that I was in town. The second night was only because my buddy fell in love on the first night and he was driving that night so he had first pick of where to go. Overall I’d say it was an okay joint but the atmosphere kind of sucked and if I had my choice I’d head over to Lookers

  129. Sam T.

    Had a great time at this club last nite nice girls great atmosphere music was nice and low

  130. Roscoe

    Not a very good strip club very dirty inside and out

  131. MAN RAM

    Went into club today to see tiffany but dammit shes off all week. No one comes close to a 7,8,0r 9 on the Perfect 10 scale. Ivy looks skanky, ditto for Kat, Paige is out of shape to be doing this and the old blonde with the big tits looks like she’s about to collect social security. So much for trying to have fun at a stripclub.

  132. carmelo

    scottzilla is a fag

  133. MaineMan

    Dancers ranged from average to outstanding. Very friendly. Stage shows okay but private dances were amazing. Girls not pushy, willing to spend time and chat. Chloe and Shayla were the total package,looks, personality and gave couch dances I’ll never forget. I went 3 times in a week, just for Chloe.

  134. Tony

    Rachel is at babes now HA HA !!!!!!

  135. Wooly Mammoth

    Ann is a must see. Her dances are physical & intense.

  136. Run forrest run!!!!

    Guys getting stabbed by the DJ,multiple fights a week,AK47’s being

    waved around by the staff, all the other clubs rejected strippers. Thats all i

    have to say about this place.

  137. Gonzo

    I dont think I could have run it better myself,amazing club just the way I remembered it.

  138. Bob N.

    This was the best club in town and everybody knows it and feels the crunch in the money flow

  139. ROB L

    maybe we should call it escababes

  140. Philly

    Got several dances from Violet. Simply the best. She works on dayshift. Will return again & again. Beautiful yet down to earth!!!!

  141. veryhappy

    wow hands down the best place in town

  142. re; chris

    dont talk about your mom that way dont you have any manners boy

  143. Ben Dover

    Never again is what your mom said, Henry and then that whore had you.

  144. sabrina

    hmmmmm….the last time i went in there the girls looked yummy =] but its soooo tiny inside!! thats what turned me off.

  145. acceb

    top notch club… The ONLY real strip club in town… If you dont know… Then you better…

  146. george

    worst looking girls i ever seen and the place is nothing to write home about

  147. No Joke

    What a joke!

  148. Doug

    Nice club inside

  149. sam
  150. Drew

    Best club in town!!!!!

  151. Scorp
  152. Jada
  153. maxxy1

    Not bad lot of women for a small club. Drinks where reasonable 20 lap dance wasnt.

  154. frank

    wont be long now!!!!

  155. chuck
  156. w00t

    Nice club. The girls are friendly. They were pushing for dances since it was so slow, but most took no for an answer.

  157. takin advantage of

    hang onto your wallet with tiffany,she will get you for your last dollar and shes good at it.

  158. Animal

    Might not want to come here for the music daytime DJ sucks who plays music you probably have heard on an 8-track. The dancers are friendly and nice conversationalist all give Great Dances! Great bartenders Rachel and Medina always make me smile. Neighborhood bar where the girls take their clothes off always something to get your attention

  159. somebody

    well me & my friend stopped by over holloween weekend,girls looked pretty hot,bar tender tanner was real bitchy,shes all about give me money.cant be good looking &have a great personallity too.time for a new club

  160. Terry

    really small, not enough girls and drink service was terrible.

  161. will

    cant say a word good about the place

  162. scott

    Best club around this town

  163. JAMES


  164. playboy

    nicest club in fort myers

  165. jack

    pretty cool place not that much drama like other clubs I have visted while down on vac. drink prices pretty fair nice atmosphere

  166. dan the man

    we are not closed just on vacation

  167. RobEcca

    Overall this club, it’s staff and Management are the best. No other place can compare to, so don’t try.

  168. ????????????


  169. bill

    time to change that name isnt it to blue what

  170. howel

    same as before

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