High Heels Saloon & Gentlemen’s Club



2678 North 48th Road, Somonauk, IL 60552


41.6308304, -88.6650136




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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1,096 reviews for “High Heels Saloon & Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Audra
  2. Teresa
  3. Al
  4. Moe Syzlak
  5. MeOhMy!

    I love it here!

  6. Nodule
  7. Sir Rodney
  8. Curt
  9. Love It!!

    We went to High Heels on Friday, and we were there for a little over two hours before we finally saw all the dancers on stage that you guys had working! There must’ve been around 20 or more – it was fuckin’ awesome! Great variety too

  10. Moe Syzlack

    I love this place! It’s like a f * * * ing babe factory!

  11. Lagerhead

    Ooooh baby! Love this place!!

  12. Glen Quagmire

    Gigga-dee, gigga-dee, gigga-dee goo! The women at this club make me feel all tingly in the loin area!!

  13. Harvey

    First time at this club Thursday night. I was impressed! Shotzy really caught my attention!

  14. Baloo
  15. George

    This place is the best. Kappa sucks.

  16. Grombacher
  17. Comic Book Guy

    Best strip club ever!

  18. Honey
  19. hey!!!

    This club is fucking awesome!

  20. Dell Gribble

    You going to have that little cutie pie Lindsey from amateur night back? She was a hottie!!

  21. Melani
  22. CLINT


  23. Harris

    Great club you guys have here!

  24. Naomi

    stop the hating ass bullshit diana is the shit and the bottom feeding losers who talk shit about her and the club can go to hell. Everyone knows that the stupid bloggin that’s going on is some pissed off bitches who got fired from high heels. Grow up and show some class bitches!!!!

    p.s -1.9 kick rocks lol

    Love me, Naomi aka i moan lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Norma
  26. Kendra
  27. Martina
  28. Big Fan

    I was glad to see that Scarlet was back again on Friday night. In my book, she’s the hottest dancer at High Heels

  29. Bobby G.

    Fantastic array of beautiful women here!

  30. Doyle

    The women are hot here, the drinks are pretty over priced, the dj is good. at least the one who worked on saturday was

  31. Stella
  32. Larry

    BAHAHAHA! This is all very comical. Why would anybody have anything negative to say about Diana? What a joke! She is a great bartender and runs the show back there. Her bar is the busiest I have seen it in a long time. Not because it is people lining up because of slow service (unlike some others) but because people hang out there because they enjoy her. Great energy, hot, funny and nice. Love ya Diana!

  33. Kyle

    Had a great time here on Friday! Except for the blizzard! That sucked!

  34. Tony Vacuzzi

    pretty Ladies and great music….reasonable too….Yum

  35. Julius

    I’m spendin’ my whole tax refund here!!

  36. N. Continent

    The club has a few new blondes lately. The newest one is Roxy. She just started this week. Very cute!!

  37. John Dorian
  38. Strip Club Commonsewer

    This place is a mere shadow of it’s former self. Quite a shame, really.

  39. TAYLOR


  40. Phoebe
  41. Wayne

    This place should be open every day.

  42. WillyD


    The girls are friendly, most are average appearance, a few that are young, fit and pretty. Most of the top draws moved on a few months ago, greener pastures or other kind of work, hard to know.

    The club is above board, attitude of the operators and bouncers less than friendly towards the customers.

    A few of the pimp types have moved from the parking lot into the bar, giant turn off.

  43. Tonya
  44. Quinn

    I’ll be in to see RAIN this week! She does some pretty amazing pole dancing tricks!

  45. Elbear
  46. =)

    love the rocker chicks

  47. Imogene
  48. Isabelle
  49. Gougas

    High Heels is the breast…I mean, the best! No, I was right the first time.

  50. Denise
  51. Ally
  52. Swanson
  53. Shrimpton
  54. a guy

    This isa nice place to take in the beauty of all the women here. My favorite is Serenity not only is she pretty and nice but one of the most sensual dancers I ahve seen in a long time. She is great.

  55. Consuega
  56. not too bad
  57. Josh

    Kevin is the shit! Great with playing requests!

  58. Gertrude & Gus Gus
  59. Margo
  60. Janine

    Love this place!

  61. BJ
  62. Impressed!

    Haven’t been here in a couple of months, so my friend & I came to HHS on Friday night. WOW what a difference!! In the women, I mean. You’ve got an almost entirely new roster of babes dancing here since my last visit – and I do mean BABES!! 12 dancers working that night, and I think I’d only seen 2 of them before. The new chicks are V-E-R-Y hot, though!! I think Serenity and Jenna are my new favorites

  63. Destiny
  64. Daffney
  66. Hap E. Camper
  67. Joe Customer

    This club could have potential, but it just falls short

  68. UPS Man

    I love to come here after I finish my route!

  69. Hotmama
  70. Ralph
  71. oz

    i love this place, its right behind my house so have to love it, the girls are great

  72. Willie
  73. Dave

    Best Gentlemen’s Club I’ve been to. I love this place and that’s why I come here often. The dancers are Hot!

  74. Marjie
  75. Pryor

    Had a great time here Saturday! Got an awesome dance from Jackie. What a great set of tits she has!

  76. UNREAL

    It’s been 3 months now, and these classless pigs from The Krappy Kunt-Banana are STILL making it the focus of their obviously empty lives to try and dog The High Heels Saloon on our SCL pages. So here’s what we’re going to do: We’re going to let this go on for a few weeks, like we did last time, having them talk shit about us, and lower our score every day, and spreading their hate as far and wide as they can. Because that’s obviously very important to them. We’ll let them believe, once again, that they’re having some sort of effect on our page. Then we’ll go through, once again, and erase all their bullshit, votes, and various other forms of hatred from our pages…AGAIN! What empty lives you Kappa Kunts must lead! You know that we already made you go away once. Well, it’s going to happen again. So go ahead…waste your time. What the fuck do we care? Fucking idiots!

  77. Jayson

    Great club! Great staff, great music, and the dancers are almost all beauties!

  78. stripperfan

    Great club with a good number of girls.

  79. Dude

    We had a wonderful time. This club is great!! We will be back again.

  80. !!!

    Euphoria and Bianka rock!

  81. Jim

    Taylor I’m still in lust with you, can’t put it any other way. Amber & Heaven…OMG I don’t think I could survive a two girl dance with them.

  82. Olive Oil
  83. ElasticMan
  84. Les Humid
  85. Imhotep (a/k/a - The Mummy)
  86. Melodee
  87. Da Fridge
  88. Artie

    Great club! I’ll be back soon!

  89. Haymaker
  90. Leo

    Very nice club. I will return soon.

  91. ghfh
  92. Alex
  93. Tommy
  94. Nan
  95. Love High Heels!
  96. Regina
  97. Shotzy

    Cum in and See me On Tuesdays and Wednesdays Im feeling Frisky!!!!

  98. Holland
  99. Santa Claus

    Now that I’m all done delivering toys to all of those little, inappreciative bastards, I can go hang out a High Heels, and get some lap dances!!

  100. Cal
  101. Strip Club John

    The new blonde girl is hot, the club should start hiring more girls that look like her. Will be back to see her, whtas her name and her schedule?

  102. Herman Munster
  103. O

    Sweetest girls ever! Next pay check I’ll be back!

  104. pauly
  105. ExtenZe

    This place kicks ass!

  106. Liza
  107. Billy
  108. Ted Bundy

    This place is electrifying!

  109. Lonnie

    TEN dancers on a Tuesday night??!! Things are definitely getting busier here!

  110. Marzella
  111. Fernwood
  112. John Q. Customer

    Congrats to Shalamar – the winner of your 1st amateur night contest!

  113. Shmear
  114. Flynn

    Saw some of the new dancers you guys have…very nice! As usual!

  115. Boregard
  116. Majah
  117. Darin

    Jenna is SO hot!!

  118. MacNider
  119. Kerry
  120. Martydouche
  121. Unknwon in P-Town

    Well let me start by saying the only reason to go to this joint iz for the one and only NAOMI. my goodness does that beautiful dark chocolate big AZZ girl know what to do with what she has…..WOOOOOWWWWWWWW she such a sweetheart and is gorgeous thats all i go there for….i would love to get her into the ?……well i’m sure u can figure out the rest……..LOVE YA SEXY CHOCOLATE!!!!!

  122. Jenny
  123. Blank

    still can’t believe the only hot girl in the club is gone,, who will serve my drinks with a smile now?? =(

  124. Sunny
  125. Vinnie B.

    Saturday night was a blast!! I think I fell in love with about 3 or 4 of your dancers! Crystal and Scarlet are unbelievably hot!

  126. Carnalval

    Don’t get a lapdance from Kat. She’s very cute, but holy shit…what a little bitch she is!! Goddamn, I didn’t know you could pack so much horrible attitude into such a small body!

  127. Carmen
  128. Swank
  129. Debbie
  130. Valentine

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the High Heels babes! You’re all part of what makes America beautiful!!

  131. Melinda
  132. Frequent Flier
  133. Marsha
  134. MacIntosh
  135. Big Red Pena's
  136. Bruce
  137. JJ Kelly

    Unfortunately after last night very disappointed. There was disagreement between dancers which is quite normal but it was handled so poorly owner/management/security something simple was blown out portion and one dancer was fired over. They were screaming and yelling at her. Then manhandled and got really abusive grabbing her. Manager was actually threw the dancer’s phone at her when she asked for it back damaging it. Then the same manager kept lpoking her in the face. Then they called the cops. And when the cops got there the cup for cup looks like he didn’t want to be even be there because of this was a ridiculous. Only been there a few times but it seems to get worse and worse every time I get there. They seem more concerned of or Petty crap. Then the six or seven dancers that are prostitute and doing drugs. Don’t get me started on the night to your list of bartender they’re completely illegal. And the other one that doesn’t know how to serve a beer AR barrel nose out of silver beer. Seems like they’re driving every dancer that’s supposed to be doing their jobs away every part turn to that knows what they’re doing who’s got their getting fired or quitting.

  139. Rhoda
  140. Edgar Allen Pooh
  141. BETS


  142. Marvcus
  143. Donte'
  144. Eugene
  145. Newbie

    Great dancers, great staff, great club!

  146. Marvin
  147. ted

    beautiful girls, great dances, killer music. I’l be coming here more often

  148. Mindy
  149. Anderson
  150. Barney Fife
  151. love tits

    A hidden gem

  152. Riley

    I can’t believe I left a great club like The High Heels Saloon to go work at The Krappy Kunt-banana! I haven’t regretted anything so much since my sex change!

  153. Julia
  154. Spooky
  155. Doug

    Doug digs this place!!

  156. Graziano

    Friday night was a blast! Those VIP dances are the greatest! Got to spend some quality time with Sparkle!! She’s too hot for words!

  157. AquaMan
  158. Captain Chaos
  159. VanDerSplooge
  160. Synchronicity
  161. Violet
  162. Love This Club!!!
  163. Voiczek
  164. Bingham

    Scarlet! Where’ve you been, baby? I miss you!

  165. Steve-A-Reno
  166. Frankie

    Damn, I wish I hadn’t run Diamond’s into the ground, and lost 80% of my dancers to The High Heels Saloon! I’m such an idiot!

  167. Oscar

    Had an awesome time here on Saturday! Great club! I’ll be back soon!

  168. Erock

    Best club in the state!

  169. Curtis

    Angelina is pretty stunning!

  170. Farrah <3

    As some already know, Farrah [me] is no longer going to be at Heels. Due to a very rude turn of events I was asked to no longer turn to Heels as my employer. But don’t worry fellas- I am wokring on something MORE exciting than just merely dancing.. I’ll keep all my fans posted as things are unveiled!!

  171. Penny
  172. Jane
  173. Paul Z.

    Had an awesome time here Friday night! Great variety of beautiful dancers at this club!

  174. Fantwasy
  175. Alf

    Great club! One of the best!

  176. Kirby

    I was glad to hear that you guys will be open on New Years Eve! I’ll be there

  177. Priscilla
  178. Dixie
  179. Howard

    Love it here!

  180. Samurai

    I was impressed with this place! Went there Thursday night, and had a great time! Highly recommended!

  181. Kevin (The DJ)

    You’ll most definitely be missed, Mia! You have been already! You’re one of the biggest sweethearts I’ve ever known…stay in touch, would ya’?! Lots of love to U’!

  182. Villarigo
  183. Ziggy

    I love this place!

  184. Zorro

    Dancer named Delilah makes the trip worth you time.

  185. Uncle Sam

    Heard you guys are going to be open regular hours on The 4th! See you after the fireworks!

  186. Smiley
  187. Stimpy

    I like this place. It’s clean and classy; and there’s lots of hot women working there!

  188. Arnold Shwarzenbagel
  189. Carol

    Security here is great. I always feel safe. Everything here is nice.

  190. Captain Fantastic

    This place is going to become my regular hang out! So many hotties here!

  191. Grape Soda
  192. Chris Moose
  193. Illinois' Best Club!
  194. Greg

    I was there Friday for birthday party. Got there early, stayed late and had a blast! Will be bsck for sure, maybe tonight!

  195. Metalhead Mike

    Bianca’s a little hottie!!

  196. Joe B
  197. Sugar
  198. its me again

    I love this place. ALL the girls are great and I always have a good time. Thank you Lana for the great lap dances and to all the staff for making every experience memorable

  199. Tailgater

    I love the variety of chicks and the variety of music here! Great place 🙂

  200. Clyde

    Just checked out this club recently. Very enjoyable experience!

  201. Edgar Rice Pilaf

    Does Devon still work here? Haven’t seen her here in the past few weeks.

  202. Vic
  203. H.I.-Evan

    Better all together than other surrounding Clubs, Does need bigger bathrooms and VIP

  204. Gary
  205. Jerry
  206. j
  207. Fast

    The variety of girls is a plus, but Nadia is the best.

  208. club-goer

    love this place, i dont feel like just another wallet in the room when i come here, the music is good most of the time, many of the ladies here are gorgeous…with the exeption of a few that i wouldnt let pull a horse cart, but hey,it is in the country lol. dont get me wrong, i love the girls here, sparkle britney lexy lana jessica jasmine to name a few are all beutiful. i can come here and spend a few hundred and not feel like i just burned my money, this place is a good time and i will keep coming back.

  209. Preston

    Lana is a hottie!!

  210. Betty
  211. Tito

    Blows away every other club around!

  212. Vasquez
  213. MidShipman
  214. Horatio

    Great club! Mercedes is a total doll! So is Sophia! Love the music here too!

  215. Miriam
  216. Dennis The Legless
  217. Stan

    Great club! Love it!

  218. Marco
  219. Twisted Blister
  220. Sean
  221. Marty Feldman's Eyes
  222. Patrick

    Nice place! It’s kind of a cruise to get there for me, but it’s worth the drive!

  223. Hallie
  224. Daniel

    Great club here! I guess losers are always coming after you when you’re the best. The Krappy Kunt-banana is beneath our notice. High Heels is the best!!

  225. Some Guy
  226. Keith B.

    I love this place!

  227. Maynard Thumbtwanger


  228. Blake

    Heaven’s a hottie!!

  229. Charlie Chooch
  230. Angelina
  231. Wickman

    Beautiful babes and great music here! The drinks are a little pricy, but when you consider the low cover charge at HHS, as compared to the city clubs, it’s still a better deal.

  232. Animosity
  233. Sammie
  234. Isometric
  235. Cherry
  236. Natalia
  237. Stroid
  238. E. Bunny
  239. Georgia
  240. Merrol
  241. Tiger

    This is a nice relaxing club. You are not pressured into a lap dance like many clubs in the Chicago area. Most of the girls are talented and fun to watch. I recomend this club to anyone who is looking for a fun and relaxing time.

  242. Karman
  243. buck


  244. Gina
  245. Belle E. Buster
  246. El Janitore
  247. jay
  248. Horatio Hornblower
  249. lovin the heel
  250. obama/biden 08
  251. Captain Gigglesnort
  252. Seymour Skinner
  253. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

    As soon as I get off of work at The Quikee Mart, I am going straight to High Heels Saloon, sahib!

  254. Digby

    It’s awesome here! I love it!

  255. London Broil
  256. Trixy
  257. Jennifer
  258. Ailer
  259. Bubble master

    Bianka is the hottest girl there!

  260. Kendall
  261. LeeRoy
  262. Colleen
  263. Uncle Snorky
  264. Veal Piccata


  265. Alex The Great

    Your girl Julia holds this place together. She has natural beauty. Doesnt have to put a pound of make up on like the other girls. I am going to start coming here now because of her. Give her a stripper raise if one exists. I love you JULIA!!!!

  266. Vernon
  267. Tom C.

    I was here on Friday. Lots of new faces (and bodies) at High Heels these days! But that’s all good; they usually hire some damn good looking women here! My faves are: Sofia, Tiffany, Biancha, and Dakota. Keep it up! Great place!

  268. Pebbles
  269. Robert
  270. Romano
  271. Brandon

    wow i was very impressed with this club. it doesnt look like a good club from the outside but the inside is awsome. the dancers were good and meiko gave one hell of a lap dance. its nice to see the girls actually grind up on you and i mean they grind on you. was so worth the trip. also the cover is free on thursdays. defidently worth the trip.

  272. Cunning Linguist
  273. Kim
  274. Penelope
  275. RiCePuDdInG
  276. Bill
  277. Da Squishy 1
  278. Myron
  279. Kendra Is A Moron
  280. Esmerelda
  281. anonymous employee :)
  282. Rhonda
  283. Tiny
  284. Marko
  285. Occasional guest

    Great and diverse mix of dancers. Lap prices way out of bounds. Update the page to reflect your new prices.

  286. Shnookums
  287. Pleased!

    Excellent club, with an excellent staff!

  288. Nicki
  289. Coach


  290. James
  291. Enos
  292. Stupid Girl

    Taylor-sorry I am so jealous of you I have to post lots of drama to make myself feel better-you rock and I wish I was that good. Im soo jealous I have a kid and I dont know where mine is!

  293. Brendon
  294. Saltie
  295. Migrant
  296. Steff
  297. S.T.S.
  298. UNREAL!

    For 2 whole years now, some total loser with obviously no life whatsoever has been doing their damndest to lower High Heels Saloon’s score on this website. They’re too chicken-shit to leave a comment, or anything. They just log on, vote their low score, and use a different fake name every day. Whoever you are, you have become the running, daily joke at the club! I mean, how could someone…ANYONE…carry on a hate campaign against a fucking strip club (of all things) for 2 years of their life? Unless their lives are so completely empty that their hate is pretty much all they’ve got left? Shit, countries don’t usually even hate each other for that long…but I guess cunts do!

  299. Mikela
  300. Winnie
  301. Just me

    Definately worth checking out especially if you get tired of hearing rap and that crap all the time. Some of these girls dance to metal and are damn good at it. DJ kicks ass.

  302. Hunter
  303. Gavin
  304. Reggie
  305. Cameron
  306. The Mighty Thor
  307. Candy
  308. Don Vito
  309. Celeste
  310. Bravefart
  311. Daisy
  312. Kyle Broflovski
  313. Livia
  314. we will miss you

    I did not like this club too much until i met scarlet. she is cool but i am sad to hear that she will be leaving….. congrats on the pregnancy scarlet, hopefully you come back after the baby is born. we will miss you.

  315. Jordan

    best club I’ve been too. Don’t know where the other guys are talking about but maybe they should actually go to the high heel saloon and see for themselves. Not listen to former employees that are just bitter!

  316. Emil

    This club rocks! Don’t know why bitter, jealous people are making these feeble attempts to discredit it, ’cause High Heels is great! And you know, just because of all of the hating that this Kappa place is doing, I’m NEVER checking that place out. They all sound like under-educated assholes…and haters! Who needs ’em?!

  317. Gayle
  318. Damn Tired

    I highly doubt that Kendra gets any of this, on account of the fact I don’t believe she knows how to read. I’d like to say that Kevin is the best DJ ever. All he asks is to get paid. I love you Kevin!

  319. max
  320. Latesha
  321. Rick

    Finally I found a great club! Had so much fun last night! Great girls, great dances, great music and great drinks! This place is a 10!

  322. Darth Vader

    Impressive…most impressive.

  323. Gwennie
  324. Myia
  325. Cecil

    I love boobies!! Especially Cassie’s

  326. Dangerfield
  327. Kevin (The D.J.)

    Thanks a lot for the “love”, kids! It’s much appreciated…and reciprocated!! :o)

  328. disgusted

    this club is a joke

  329. Christopher

    Loving all the new faces and bodies!! Keep up the good work, High Heels!

  330. Frank

    For my money, this is the best club around!

  331. Valessa
  332. Shticky
  333. Theresa
  334. Richie

    Jazzmine is my fave!! That body! Those tits! Mama Mia!

  335. Pollidentia
  336. Phinneas Phrogg
  337. Rob
  338. HalloWeenieRoast
  339. Marcus

    Lotsa good music and hot chicks!

  340. Johnny O.
  341. Sandra
  342. A. Regular

    Happy birthday to DJ Kevin! What was it like to be surrounded by all of those hot naked chicks on stage? lol You lucky bastard!

  343. Darla
  344. Maury
  345. Snidley Whiplash
  346. Geno
  347. "Gentlemen"

    Maybe that’s just the problem, were not pushy enough. Do you guys enjoy strip clubs or not? Because if things stay this way your going to start paying for what you would “EXPECT” at a strip club or run this place into the ground. This place keeps getting worse. We used to be so packed even on weekdays and that’s not even a reality any more. All you guys want is to get your dollars worth then leave

  348. Antoine
  349. JSR
  350. Homer J.

    Great club! Lots of hotties here!

  351. Leelu
  352. Guy Next Door
  353. Latisha
  354. Interferon
  355. Wink
  356. Brendan

    Very nice! You guys have some very hot dancers at this club! See you again on Friday!!

  357. Chris

    I was there friday night… OMG!! the bartender Diana at the front bar was gorgeous… and lets just say… the dancers denfinately know how to… ahem.. dance! Make sure to see Heaven & Kat… oh and Diana, Heaven & Kat, next time I am in drinks are on me 🙂

  358. Aaron olson

    I think that high heels is the best place to hang out to have a great time you don’t have to wory about safty much and it has an friendly Atmosphere

  359. Kappa Kunts

    weez gots a kimputer over h’yonder at duh klub so yew better jest whatch yer assess or weeuns gonna fuk witch yall fer evvir! weer jeenyusses ober here at kappa sew yewz best bee kairfull oh yeah i ullmost firgott – iz yew hiring?

  360. Randy

    good birthday dance thanks

  361. Bob
  362. Great!

    Was here last sat and had a blast. good music, hot girls, cold drinks. I’m in heaven!

  363. Griffith

    You guys have so many new faces lately, I’m having a hard time keeping up! This is awesome! I was there Friday night, and there were 3 or 4 brand new girls working. In fact, the dj said it was their first night at High Heels. This club has a good reputation for hiring some very hot women – keep up the good work!

  364. Kristina

    Always the best T N A

  365. Carissa
  366. Dan Druff

    We always have a great time here! Keep up the good work!

  367. Zaya
  368. Nick
  369. William

    This place ROCKS!!!! Hot girls, cool staff, just awesome!

  370. Well.....

    …at least we know Shania isn’t racist. I mean, she’s dating a guy that seems to be orange in color. A little too much time in the ol’ tanning bed, I guess. But that orange IS offset nicely by the 70’s-era, choker chain that is struggling to remain closed around his chubby neck. Good choice, Shania! You sure can pick ’em! And you’re most definitely NOT an “Orange-ist”. Good for you

  371. Judy
  372. Donna
  373. Stud

    Girls are hot and MERCEDES does the best lap dance i ever had

  374. Sam

    I’ve been coming to this club for a while. It just keeps getting better and better. keep up the good work

  375. Tom & Jerry
  376. Carly
  377. ivplay2

    Drinks are a little pricey but the girls are great!

  378. Sophia
  379. Bennie
  380. Matthew

    Awesome time on Saturday! Very hot dancers here!

  381. #1 Dancer

    I’m with DJ Kevin! To hell with any and all haters! I love working here! Everyone vote a 10 for High Heels

  382. Cheech
  383. Fritz

    Had a really great time on Tuesday night. Be back soon!

  384. Desiree
  385. Mitch

    Hands down, the best club in Illinois! FUCK ALL HATERS!!

  386. Tracey

    Best club that i’ve been to!!!!!

  387. Kurtis

    It’s a great time EVERYTIME we come here!!

  388. Simon

    Great variety here! Something for every taste!

  389. Karly
  390. Jose CanUsee
  391. Bev
  392. AirLeak

    I love boobies too – Jazzmine’s!!

  393. Mooch
  394. Shawndella
  395. Allie McBigOnes
  396. Maggie
  397. Rayburn

    Wow. What a blast we had last night!

  398. Re: Jimmy

    OK, so what you’re saying is: You went into High Heels to order a beer, and because Diana supposedly wouldn’t wait on you, you drove SEVENTY TWO miles to Kappa? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! If that’s true, you are the dumbest motherfucker god ever blew breath into! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That is fucking hilarious! Oh, b/t/w/, I initially clicked on this page so I could vote for High Heels….a fuckin’ kick-ass club!

  399. NutLog

    Devon and Euphoria are a couple of hotties!

  400. Sheldon
  401. Jerzwah
  402. =(

    I miss my metal princess…..

  403. Schmendrick
  404. Nash
  405. C. Everett Coop

    Great club! The girls are not at all pretentious or stuck up. Always very friendly! You’ve got some real beauties working here too!

  406. Randall

    Great place! Love the girls!

  407. Marbella
  408. Uncle Z.

    Classy little joint you guys got here! Love it!

  409. Shnork
  410. Oliver
  411. Capt. Homer
  412. Stevie
  413. Daphne
  414. Marla
  415. ...

    i love this club

  416. Honest Abe
  417. Allister

    Stupendous operation you chaps have going here! Top notch, indeed!

  418. Randina
  419. Andrew

    Really enjoyed this place! Very hot, and talented dancers with lots of pole skills! The girls are friendly, but not over-bearing; and they give great private dances! The music was great too; this club has an excellent dj! All in all, a great place!

  420. Jenna
  421. Laura
  422. Dwight

    One thing I like best about High Heels is that you don’t hear a constant stream of ghetto music like at most clubs. Sure there’s girls that dance to rap/hip-hop here, but it gets broken up with some heavy ass rock too! I love this place, though. KEEP IT HEAVY – musically; not the women! – lol –

  423. Zeitgeist
  424. Cindy

    Good place to work

  425. meh
  426. Malika
  427. Tank

    Wonderful club with some really sexy strippers

  428. Wayne Collins

    This place is almost as cool as a Boss 429 Mustang!

  429. Danny Bonadouchebag

    Love the “scenery” here!

  430. B

    I love the heel. I wouldnt go anywhere else!

  431. Sasha
  432. Balthazar


  433. Karl
  434. Nadia
  435. Sir Cedric Hardwicke

    Got a couple of great dances from Lola!

  436. worst club ever

    i think the lamplighter has better looking girls

  437. Squirrely
  438. Mitzy
  439. Jasper
  440. Chloe

    Great club! I’ll ba back soon.

  441. Petrina
  442. The Guy

    I was there last night and i loved it! The girls were excellent very nice variety my favorite girl was Julia she is gorgeous. I will definitely be coming back there!!!!!

  443. Erik

    Been to this place several times and always enjoyed it. Ignore the spam, HHS is a good time!

  444. Daryl

    Great club! Much better than any of the city clubs!

  445. Uncle Squishy

    Just got home from High Heels…man, do I need a cold shower! You guys always hire the hottest chicks!

  446. Bennie Goodman

    Love the atmosphere at this club, and the tunes!!

  447. Renee

    I dance at another club closer to the city, and I enjoyed this club very much! The guy who was deejaying on Sat nite was excellent!

  448. Adonna
  449. Ludwig Von Drake
  450. Deb
  451. Shorty Medlocke

    We’ll be out doin’ the fox chase just like so many times before!

  452. Donald

    Great little club with some very sexy dancers working here! I give it a 10!

  453. Denny Crane

    This is my favorite club!

  454. Al Bundy
  455. Michelle
  456. Bobby

    Cool place! It’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere, but the dancers here are very hot – so it’s worth the drive!

  457. Danny

    Gotta say, its one heck of a nice club.

  458. Shmendrick

    Saturday night was THE SHIT!! We counted about 18 different dancers. Just about all of them were total babes too! But we were blown away cause we have NEVER heard shit like Chimaira, and Lamb Of God in a strip club before! That was fucking awesome!! Great place! We’ll be back

  459. Jeff G

    I would avoid this place. It’s a local, regular crowd, and if they don’t know you, they don’t talk to you. I walked OUT of this place at 1 A.M. with $200 in my pocket. Really.

  460. Vinwahn
  461. Sonora
  462. Eddie

    Scarlet is the hottest chick I’ve ever seen dancing at a strip club! Unbelievable!!

  463. Ulysses
  464. Mun Kee

    Had a great time here! I’ll be back soon

  465. Dwight Shrute

    This club is entirely acceptable.

  466. Mike S.
  467. Adonis

    I’m glad you guys don’t hire old skanks like Raquel anymore! Keep up the good work!

  468. Bianca
  469. TOBOR
  470. Halloweenie
  471. Love High Heel!
  472. Bud
  473. WoodChuck
  474. C.W. Post
  475. Salicious
  476. Harry

    This club just always has the best girls.

  477. Barry

    This club has a lot of beautiful dancers.

  478. Bernard

    Hot girls, cold drinks and great tunes! This must be what heaven is like!

  479. Tammy
  480. Freddie Mac

    Great club! Keep up the good work!

  481. Anna

    I would agree! Kevin the dj is a big part of what makes High Heels an awesome place to go! My friends and I love it here. The dancers are never bitchy or rude to us. Always very sweet!

  482. Mabel
  483. Martian
  484. Smokey

    See you tonight, ladies! I love this place!

  485. dago

    dancers are hot!! security was cool.

  486. Sonya
  487. Sam K.
  488. Lost Vegas
  489. Phinneas Phogg

    I love this place. I’d live here if I could!

  490. Ebenezer Scrooge
  491. Melissa
  492. Trish
  493. Ruthie
  494. Sheila

    I love this place!

  495. Rudy G.

    Magnificent group of girls here! I’m very impressed!

  496. Lo$tVega$

    Jenna’s butt is the butt that ALL butts should strive to look like!! YOWZA!! I’m givin’ this club a 10 just for Jenna’s scrumptious-lookin’ derriere alone!

  497. Tobias

    What happend to Devon? Come back baby!

  498. RE: AUTUMN

    Hey, why don’t you stop writing about yourself crack whore. Shouldn’t you be shooting up heroin or something?! You can tell AUTUMN AKA the BULLDOG is writing about herself. Both posts are exactly the same talking about the “RUSSIAN-AMERICAN” slut. She is so nasty, tans so much she has wrinkles at age 19 and has an old grandpa wrinkly FLAT ass from all the drugs she does. Yea, sounds like a hottie.

  499. Jack

    As usual we hade our norman wonderful time.

  500. Delaney
  501. Nigel

    Easily the best club in the state!

  502. Vin Man
  503. MOCHA


  504. Jupiter
  505. Buddy
  506. Edgar
  507. Don
  508. Vick
  509. Westwood
  510. Homer
  511. Kenny
  512. Vinnie
  513. Cary Grant
  514. Clarence

    Dis club is da shit!!

  515. Penn Gwynn

    Great club! It’s a little bit of a cruise to get out there, but it’s worth the trip.

  516. Nakita
  517. Stu Pitt (Brad's Brother)
  518. Neffertitti
  519. highheel saloon

    the highheel saloon in saminoch is one of the best over all strip clubs in the illinois area.the variety of music and the class of dancers is fantastic.i feel the highheel is far and away the best club for the money in the greater chicago land area.and i have been to most all of them.

  520. Miller
  521. Renae
  522. Troy
  523. Moe Howard
  524. Jeeves

    I love it here!

  525. Holder
  526. Rev doc

    Great girls, fun service, a had a blast!

  527. Janusz

    Awesome place!

  528. 2Big4U

    Checked this club out on Saturday. Very nice! I’ll be back soon.

  529. G. Miller

    Glad to hear that you guys will be open on X-Mas day! Gives me something to do after I’ve had enough of hanging out with the family! lol

  530. Mr&Mrs

    Nice place to go … very comfortable

  531. Henry Cabot Henhouse III
  532. Jackyl
  533. Rabbi Rabinowitz

    Oy vay! What a great club! Mozel Tov!

  534. Scott

    I could live here! When I’m not here all I think about is being here. When I sleep I dream about it. I need a 12 step program I’m hooked!

  535. Greaser
  536. Lovee S.
  537. Brett

    They are short drink staff now and are hiring. Im hoping they atleast hire a decent looking lady since the only good looking (and good bartender) is gone.

  538. Frankenpenis


  539. Great Club!!!
  540. nObama
  541. Natasha
  542. Derrick
  543. Joel
  544. Michael Scott
  545. Motley Screw
  546. Stanley Motley
  547. Meghan
  548. Tomas

    I love this club.

  549. Inigo Montoya
  550. Dudley
  551. fun!

    great place! love the atmosphere and hot girls!

  552. Anthony

    First timer, really enjoyed myself! One of the better gentlemen’s clubs I’ve been to.

  553. Mercury
  554. Daniel Tosh
  555. Frankenweiner
  556. AsparaGUS
  557. Richard

    Great place! Had a blast here!

  558. DAN the MAN


  559. Sexual Harrassment Panda

    I like it here! I think this place’ll become my new hang out. Hot dancers workin’ here!

  560. Supermensch
  561. Nigell
  562. Samantha
  563. Gerald

    I love this club! Anyone know what happened to Sparkle?

  564. Mikey Jr.
  565. Vin
  566. Fergie
  567. Nix
  568. Marshani
  569. Dr. Teeth

    Very cool club! Great atmosphere, and some very hot dancers too!

  570. Margie
  571. Carmela
  572. Patches
  573. Joey
  574. theman

    my new spot

  575. Herman Z. German

    This club almost needs a construction permit for how much wood they’re raising! 😉 Great place!

  576. Marty
  577. Keith

    Friday night was great! It was like an endless stream of babes coming up on stage all night long! Awesome place!

  578. Beerbelly
  579. chi town mac daddy

    if you go here, go on a weekend, weekdays kinda suck n are slow, go on friday or saturday, autumn is the hottest stripper there, shes a russian-american stripper and really nice.. ” wink wink” …. shes really nice.. if ya kno what i mean…., ooo the things yu wud do to her turd cutter!! i kno yull want to talk to her about payin her if she can walk around for like 3 days wearing the same thong or pantys then giv it to you, for you own private collection.. but itll b worth every penny, yull b going back and paying her to giv you a used tampon so you can use it in your tea as a tea bag as well… I WILL DEFINATLY B GOING BACK!!!!!

  580. Dancer

    DJ Kevin is second to none! Love U!

  581. Jay C.

    Brianna has a nice body and some killer tits! But I swear to god, that girl is a total functioning retard. Rarely have I ever met someone so completely fucking stupid.

  582. CAUTION

    be careful of jenna! she will make you believe shes all into you way more then the other dancers do. its one thing to fuck with guys heads at a nudie club. we practicly expect that. but jenna will fuck with your heart! n to do that just for the money i dont know thats pretty low

  583. Kaiser Soze

    Kevin you know you rock every day!!! And to the persistant haters, I just have to say that we have some of the hottest girls(ahem Bianka)… greatest waitresses(cough Sam)… coolest bouncers(sneeze Jeremy)… so stop hating and come over to the dark side!

  584. Naughty
  585. Gail
  586. Mr. Freeze
  587. Knotty Pyne
  588. Bella
  589. oinqah


  590. Vern
  591. Earsatz
  592. Guest

    Great and diverse mix of dancers. Lap prices way out of bounds. Update the page to reflect your new prices.

  593. Mumford
  594. Lenny
  595. Tia
  596. Jamie
  597. Barb
  598. Jesse
  599. Maria
  600. Farrah's An Asshole
  601. Genevieve
  602. vAnIlLA


  603. claus
  604. Francois
  605. Disappointed part 2

    Wanted add an update from last post like half the dancers didn’t show up last night. The dancer that got fired has bruises from being manhandled by the head of security. Sanders were still getting bitched at for stupid shit. The club was pretty dead most of the night. Most of the guys that showed up were drewellers sitting and sitting in their wanting a free show and not tipping or buying drinks and they were looking for dancers that did extra shit. The blonde bartender was slower then shit and causing drama. She acts more like dancer and wants interfere with dancers talking to customers in getting dances,tipping and drinks. And the one waitress they had hit so fed up left half way thru her shift because she wasn’t getting tipped. Can’t blame any dancer, bartender or waitress for leaving. This place is going down fast.

  606. Sierra
  607. Eduardo
  608. Devenere
  610. RumbleFish
  611. Fanny
  612. Mickey
  613. Big country

    I love tittys

  614. LOCK

    The Music Rocks and So Do The Girls!

  615. Kyle M.

    This club has some hot as hell dancers! I’ll be coming here more often!

  616. Stewart
  617. Zorba

    I seem to fall in love (or maybe lust?) with a different dancer everytime I come here! This time it’s Natalie. Her body is unbelievable!

  618. Hairy Pot-Head
  619. Princess
  620. Markita
  621. Sam Daneesta
  622. Divine
  623. Jack The Stripper (Lover)
  624. Scott F.

    I could live here! When I’m not here all I think about is being here. When I sleep I dream about it. I need a 12 step program I’m hooked!

  625. Eghypt
  626. Lemonhead
  627. Isabella
  628. Vinnitarri

    Excellent club with an excellent staff. Voting an enthusiastic 10!

  629. !!

    great place!

  630. Mountain Man
  631. dizzy
  632. Dustin
  633. Bryce

    I’ve always liked this club. Does Lexi still work here ever?

  634. Melodie
  635. Granatelli

    Superb! Great club here! Beautiful women

  636. Brittany
  637. YEP
  638. Terry

    My heart went beep beep beep when I came through the door.

  639. Henry
  640. ****

    Lots of dancers on weekends, all types, all very friendly. Unlike other clubs, they will sit and have a drink. The ladies put some effort into stage dancing, and the stageside dances are sexy! Get a naked lady spreadeagled right in your face for just a dollar tip, can you beat that??

  641. Lindalee
  642. Superman
  643. Annie
  644. Hannah
  645. Ella
  646. Eckstein

    We always have a blast when we come here! Friday was a great time!

  647. Caeser

    Your amateur contest was pretty cool on Wednesday night. The chick that won was most definitely the hottest! Be back soon

  648. Phenom
  649. Heidi
  650. VanTeflon
  651. Garry

    Easily the best strip club in Illinois!

  652. Billie Joel

    Kevin the DJ rocks and he’s there every night Heels is open! Much props to the most metal DJ ever!!! And I just want to mention that Bianka is one hell of a bad ass chic and is friggen hot as hell!

  653. Gabriel

    I loves me some titties!!

  654. Kaylie
  655. E.T. The Extra-Testicle
  656. Elwood
  657. Monroe

    Great club with a very diverse mix of dancers!

  658. Martini
  659. IguanaFace

    My buddy’s bachelor party kicked ass on Saturday night! Thanks to everyone there!

  660. Pale Old Guy

    The biggest problem of the club isn’t the dancers, the bartenders, the, waitresses, or the environment of the building.. The DJ are inconsistent one or two nights they will let be good and the others nights they sucks. They don’t know how to do the volume on the music to speak over to announce dancers to the stage. Their attempt to play music for the dancers you can see the disgust on the faces when music the hate is played for them. And almost any announcement is totally not understandable. You tell the DJs are unhappy with the dancers, well dancers are unhappy the certain DJs and there reason you don’t get tipped at the end of the night. Suck it up buttercup it’s not your show the dancers are the start of the show.

  661. Franky
  662. Nikki


  663. Shween
  664. Melanie
  665. Bartholomew J.

    Love the ladies here, and the tunes!!

  666. Shannon
  667. Griff

    Best club in Illinois…period

  668. Gage

    I’m with Edgar! This is the best strip club around!

  669. Bub L. Butt
  670. Thomas

    No doubting here! High Heels Saloon is one of the very best strip clubs in the Country, let alone Illinois!

  671. Big Daddy!!!

    Thought this place was a dive but decided to check it out and I will most def be back. The girlz are fun. Julia, her “sister” Scarlet, Jenna and Lana were my favorites. Kendra, I wanted to get a dance but damn girl I was afraid to pop one of those things!!!! Lindsay, you shoulda been out the game years ago, but hey if you are making money then more power to you. The DJ was awesome and I love that he takes requests…..some wont do that anymore. See you soon ladies!!!!

  672. Humphrey

    Dis place is da shit!

  673. former hhs dancer

    Oh believe me John, DJ Kevin has no problems at all getting it up!! That man is an artist!


  674. Hetta
  675. PETE


  676. Freddie
  677. Hoffstetter
  678. weekender

    got a great group of girls here

  679. Passing through

    The night I was in there, there were only like 4 or 5 girls. Relaxed atmosphere though, good bar. Luckily the hottest dancer (by far) approached me…talked for a while, had a couple dances. Full contact, she was really grinding. Overall a really good time. I’d go back if I were to pass through there again.

  680. Nellie


  681. R. Pace

    This is my favorite club in all of Illinois!

  682. Ferdinand
  683. Tazerboy
  684. VanDerPool

    Your new girl Roxie is a little cutie pie!!

  685. Sardonicus
  686. Egghead
  687. Tobie
  688. big tipper

    I really like this club, I’ll be back this weekend

  689. Jetski
  690. Viceroy
  691. Seth
  692. Shmegma Breath
  693. Clemente

    Lovin’ that “Sparkle”!!

  694. Kylie
  695. Sphinx

    Most of the girls here have real tits. I just love real tits!

  696. Elliott

    Hot women, and great tunes at this club!! Jenna is my favorite!

  697. Zeke The Greek Freak
  698. Tabatha
  699. Paulie

    This club is great! The chicks are all gorgeous; and the music always kicks ass! The dj they have at this club is one of the best I’ve ever heard at a strip joint.

  700. Big Lou
  701. mmm kay
  702. Kalvin N. Hobbs

    Seriously great place!!

  703. Roger

    Love This Place!! Saturday night was a blast and all the girls were great. My favorites were Jane(the bachelor party she did was HOTT), Euphoria(the vibrating one), and Julia(natural beauty and AMAZING ASS)!!!! Great job girls. I will be back!!!!

  704. Frank N. Stein

    This place has seriously gone down the shitter this year. The dancers used to be hotter, the music used to be way better, and the lap dances weren’t so short that you felt like you were being robbed; like they are now! I think I’ll be avoiding this place from now on.

  705. Vixen
  706. Shawn

    Talked to my regular girls(who are awesome, sexy and amazing you know who you are), apparently there is some childish rumor spreading and games going on between this club and Kappa. I consider myself a strip club connoisseur. I love going to new places and spending my well earned cash. However, due to this nonsense, I have the pleasure of saying I will never visit Kappa again. The place was going downhill as it was. It went from a well established club, to a whore house. No offense, but I’d rather spend my money on classy and quality entertainment. High heels will be getting my business! Love all you girls! Big Shawn

  707. Tom Turkey
  708. Hank
  709. Paula
  710. Customer

    Hey this club rocks! Cheap cover laid back place. girlies arent pushy at all. And there are some real hotties that will actually sit down and talk to you! Go GO Taylor! Bonito Baby! Shake that sexy thang my way again!

  711. Turkelton
  712. New Customer

    My friends and I came out to this club Friday night. We were only planning on staying for about an hour or so, and ended up staying for 5 hours! We had a blast here! Beautiful women, and a great atmosphere! We’ll be back very soon…guaranteed!

  713. big daddy

    lexi is so f-in hott i would luv to show her my o face

  714. Paul
  715. Stosh
  716. Randrew
  717. Irridescent
  718. CY

    Goddamn this place was awesome. Been to quite a few clubs, and I have to say that this place rocked on Saturday. Nice girls who actually spend time hanging outwith the clients, laid back atmosphere, and it’s ten times better than the Kappa Trailer Park. I can’t remember her name, but the redhead gave the best lapdance I’ve ever had…that girl can dance! Even though my buddy kept dumping his beer on me I still had a great time.

    And I just want to give a shout out to Samantha, the hot little pistol waitress who kept hangin’ with me during the night. I’m definitely coming back to see her.

  719. RE. 4 Vincent

    The girls are all great in their own way. USALLY ALL NEW CUSTOMERS COME FROM ALL OVER 2C THESE LADIES. I seen u in the corner lookin scared of every girl that came up 2 ur cheap ass, 5 dollars 4 a drink is alot, and u say ur from out of town. YEAH right, ur from BELVIDERE

  720. Lydia
  721. Mr.

    These girls are mostly pretty good looking.I had fun BSing with a dancer one time.She made me laugh how she reacted to people.I’ll probably come party again sometime soon

  722. Kim Pewter
  723. Holmes

    I’m in love with Lola!!

  724. Tony O.

    This is a great club! My only negative experience here was with a very slow, and very rude bartender that’s about 4 & 1/2 feet tall. She seemed very put out that I had the nerve to interrupt her text messaging so I could order a drink. Other than her, great place!

  725. Kick Ass Club!!
  726. Myra
  727. JasonD

    Djs good!

  728. Kris Kringle
  729. peter
  730. Alfred

    This place is awesome! What a bunch of HOTTIES they have dancing here! This is my new favorite club!

  731. Greg G.
  732. Ward
  733. Emerson

    Best club in the city, girls are terrific

  734. Nickie
  735. IceMan

    There’s a lot of hot dancers here. Sparkle is my personal fave!

  736. Tom
  737. Juveneaux
  738. Jimmy

    Club is full of hotties. Had the best time.

  739. Edgar Allen Pooh-Stain
  740. Angela
  741. Dolly
  742. Cynthia
  743. Bob Cratchett
  744. Big Richard

    I live in Chicago,and I like to frequent differnt clubs. The girl with the hooters outfit,I think her name was Carmen, she was well worth the trip! I’ll be back on payday!

  745. Nicole
  746. Professor Frink
  747. STS
  748. *M*A*S*H*
  749. Rohrman
  750. Clyde The Glide

    If this place was closer to the city, it would cost at least $20 to walk in here. The cover charge was only 7 bucks, and this place has some of the hottest chicks I’ve seen anywhere! Check out Sparkle and Mercedes WHOA!!

  751. Sapphire
  752. Jessica
  753. Herb...As In, WEED!

    This club is awesome! Had a great time here Friday night! Sparkle is one of the hottest chicks I’ve seen dancing at any strip club – anywhere!

  754. Murph
  755. Archie

    Great club! I’ll be back with a bunch of friends this weekend.

  756. Chris Griffin

    Amyah has great big boobies! And they’re 100% real too!!

    ( o ) ( o )

  757. Rasheeda
  758. Woody
  759. Farrah

    I gotta say I love working at Heels. I love all out girls.. Heels is the chillest placea girl can strip.. everyone knows I’m the loud mouth of the club and that will never change 🙂 so get used to it.

  760. Chico
  761. Jade

    Miss all you guys!!! Hope to be back soon. xoxo

  762. Dat Irish Guy
  763. Phrogg

    How many dancers did you guys have on Friday night? We were there for 2 hours, and never saw the same repeat girl on the stage! Great variety too

  764. fellow employee

    Oh my god- yes, thank god Kevin is the dj! He rocks 😀

  765. Matt

    I love it here!

  766. Norton
  767. Inca
  768. New Fan

    Krystal has the nicest little ass & body! Oh man!!!

  769. David

    I love it here! Can’t get enough of this place!

  770. Lindquist

    My favorite club in Illinois!

  771. Curious

    Does Shotzy ever dance here anymore? I’ve always loved the club – even before Shotzy worked there. But I was just wondering if she was still at High Heels? Thanks

  772. A.J.
  773. Norm

    Great variety of very hot women dancing here! This is a great club. I plan on being a regular.

  774. Linda
  775. Vraiment

    Things are most definitely looking up around High Heels lately! Some of the old staff has returned, which is good to see.

  776. Justin Case

    Love it here!

  777. DonFernando
  778. Bart
  779. Fernando

    This is my favorite club in the entire state of Illinois!

  780. Vic Vaccuum

    You had some real hotties for your amateur contest on Wednesday. Hopefully that becomes more of a regular thing.

  781. MetalManiac

    Thanks for all the metal music Thursday night! That was the SHIT!!! See u soon!

  782. club lover

    This is one of the best clubs I’ve been to. Not only do they play rock here but some of the girls are wicked entertainers on stage! I’ll def be back.

  783. Co-Worker

    Thank God Kevin was back in the DJ booth on Saturday!

  784. Colonel KoRn
  785. Snow
  786. Cyril
  787. Bubba
  788. Jack Skellington

    I’m spending Halloween at High Heels!

  789. Diana

    Hey everyone! I am the bartender at High Heels. I got wind last night that people from Kappa have been bashing us. Obviously they are attempting to keep people from coming to our club. I personally do not know why they are so obsessed with High Heels. Maybe some dancers that are not allowed to return to our club? Hmmm? Either way (ladies) this is showing a lack of class. I guess the standard down at Kappa are much lower since when they all were with us, they did not appear to be this immature. All they are doing is making themselves look bad considering the fact that we are dealing with MEN that want to see WOMEN. If people wanted to deal with BS like this, they would go back to middle school. We do not view Kappa as a threat nor should we. We are 100 miles apart. By posting Kappa all over our page, it is steering clients away from Kappa… except maybe pedophiles that like the 7th grade drama. This not promoting anything positive for Kappa. If men want drama, they would stay home. Many of you come into our clubs to escape and have a good time. We at High Heels provide that… A drama free, friendly, fun club full of beautiful women.

  790. Winnie The Pooh-Stain
  791. jen
  792. Rosa
  793. Honeycutt

    You guys should be open 7 days a week!

  794. Vince

    I am have been to many clubs and this one has many of them beat. From the outside you would never know that there was such a lively, sexy group of ladies inside. The dancers are very sexy but very friendly and just plain fun. The wait staff was on top of it and I never had to wait for my drinks. The bartender was beautiful with a smile that could light up a room. Highly recomend it.

  795. Raven
  796. Mikey Likes It!!
  797. Morris

    I like this club a lot! I’ll be back with some friends this weekend. I hope Jolene will be working!

  798. Egypt
  799. Vinnie Barbarino
  800. Arthur

    Can’t get enough of this club! Hottest women around!

  801. Briatta

    Had a great time at this place Saturday night! Lots of hotties dancing here!

  802. Deus Ex Machina
  803. Atrophy
  804. Dr. Bombay
  805. Phroggy


  806. Natalie
  807. Club Critic

    Super club! It is a bit out of the way. Staff is friendly, girls are great. Check if the main stage is open, the front stage is small and only topless. Privite dances are the best in the area, but again only in the main stage room. The front stage room is way too dark.

  808. Robin

    This is a great club! Had a blast here last weekend! Rating = 10

  809. m

    fun club to go to, I always have a goodtime. Keep up the good work girls!

  810. Go Away Raven

    Or Serenity, or whatever the fuck you’re calling yourself this week. Nobody wants you here. Get lost!

  811. Wandah
  812. Barry H.
  813. Chantelle
  814. Jonelle
  815. s
  816. WonTon

    High Heels Saloon gets at 10 from me!! 😉

  817. Wally

    Heaven is sooooo hot! And she’s awesome with her pole skills too!

  818. Schmickler
  819. Mike

    This club is great. I drive an hour to get there cause it has everything im looking for. I’ve been to alot of clubs but this is my favourite. I really love it here, hot dancers, excellent service, & cheap prices.

  820. True Dat!!

    Raquel was an old fucking whore anyway. She used to try to make extra money by telling guys they could finger her during her private dances. It’s the only way she could compete with the younger, hotter girls who actually BELONGED stripping. Not some holdover skank who may’ve been hot during the Reagan years, like Raquel! What a loser!

  821. I'll Be Back!

    I’ve been reading mostly good comments about this place, so I checked it out for myself. I was pretty impressed, I must say! Be back soon – with more money this time! LOL

  822. Medusa
  823. Phinneas
  824. Stanley

    Hot chicks, cold drinks, pizza, and great tunes! This must be what heaven is like!!

  825. Yves M.


  826. Ira Einhorn
  827. Mia

    i’m gonna miss u guys when i move! 🙂

  828. Lance

    You all blew my mind! This place is like a treasure dropped in the middle of a corn field! They have the best of everything! Hot dancers, cocktail waitresses, bartenders, great music and great drinks! This is my new spot!

  829. Raja
  830. J.K. Brown

    High Heels is one of my favorite places to go!

  831. Mick
  832. Chandler

    Dis place is da shit! Love it here!!

  833. G-ROVER

    Awesome place! I plan on being a regular here!

  834. Rachel
  835. mary jane
  836. :)
  837. Zeek

    Had a great time here on Saturday! Thanks ladies!

  838. Chuck

    This is my favorite strip club!!

  839. Skaykle
  840. J. Drury

    Congrats to SIERRA!,,,the winner of Wednesday night’s amateur contest. It was cool that she stuck around and worked afterwards too!

  841. Amanda
  842. Stephanie
  843. SCN Administrator

    The High Heels Saloon has not been erasing anyone’s comments. We,the administrators at The Strip Club Network (SCN) have been doing that. This is due to the fact that The High Heels Saloon was recently subjected to severe harrassment, libelous claims & statemens, and negative vote-stacking, done against them by some people at another Illinois club; most of whom were apparently former dancers from The High Heels Saloon. SCN determined this to be grossly unfair to High Heels; a club which, for years, has been one of Illinois’ top-ranked gentlemen’s clubs on our site. So to ensure that this does not happen to them again, we will be checking their pages here on SCN on a DAILY BASIS, and erasing any comments/votes that SCN has determined are related to that aforementioned harrassment/libel/vote-stacking situation. Also, if everyone would bother to read our comment posting rules, you would’ve been seeing that the comments we have erased broke those rules. Please read them for yourselves. But be advised, that SCN will continue to monitor the pages for The High Heels Saloon, and erasing any negativity that we have determined breaks our posting rules; or which has anything to do with that other club’s harrassment situation of them.

  844. Diane
  845. Ned Flanders

    This place gives me a bone-diddlee-ohner!