La Boheme Gentlemen’s Cabaret



1443 Stout Street, Denver, CO 80202


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “La Boheme Gentlemen’s Cabaret

  1. JB

    Went on my birthday with some friends. The management bought the first round and paid my cover. That is the FIRST time that has happened! Very customer oriented. Superb lap dances for my buddies as well as for me.

  2. DS

    Nice! A girl named vivienne gave great lap dances.

  3. foco

    Went to La Boheme on a Saturday night. It was my first time at a topless only club. Got a lapdance from Phoenix which was enjoyable, she was very friendly and not pushy. Good experience overall but I must say I still prefer full-nude clubs, the girls aren’t quite so reserved.

  4. swankmman

    I loved the club had alot of fun.

  5. Richard M

    I used to go to La Boheme all the time. Then it was bought out by, well, a major corporation. I could spend a grand a night in there and it was a great time, now its just a high class morgue.

  6. giglr

    You come in for the hot dancers and stay for the even hotter bartenders and cocktails! It is a combination of a very cool lounge and an even better VIP room!!!!!! Not only do you have wonderful, beautiful women around you at all times-you have great customer service and the girls can actually carry on an intelligent conversation with you!

  7. adamrod

    Hi. I’m 28 years old and have never been to a strip club before. UNTIL NOW. Thanks La Bohème for popping my stripper cherry. I am an observer by nature, so these eyes were everywhere. Forget conversations, I just could’t pay attention to anyone/thing for very long. I can only assume this is a higher end strip club, hence the title. I did find it odd that women had to pay $10 cover just like men to get in. But hey, what do I know?Why was I here do you ask? Two words: Bachelor party. Yep. And since when are girls invited to bachelor parties? When it’s your cousin, you don’t live in the same state anymore, and he insists. Sure, why not….we were able to walk to this “cabaret” from our hotel (Hyatt Regency). It’s across the street (literally) from Embassey Suits where the party boys were staying. They’ve got several different stages with seating around, comfy seats and couches too. I observed ladies of all shapes and sizes. Most of them made me feel good about my body, others had us wondering if their tits were real or not. All the guys said these ladies were much better looking than most strip clubs they’ve been to. I’d say they were all average and above. I was under the impression you can’t touch the ladies, but you can, or really they can touch you. My cousin’s dad kept buying him dances, where he would proceed to a more private area for a song or 2 and sometimes 10. According to others, one dance (this is the length of one song) is $50. Apparently this is much higher than Texas (so I hear). We also got him a 4 teamer of girls (each girl was hand picked), and for $100 he sat in a chair on stage and these ladies gyrated on him for one song. They made a hell of a lot more money when they did this to a chick patron, for fairly obvious reasons. I came a buzzed strip club virgin and I left significantly more buzzed, with a better knowledge of how the world works and why men like getting married.

  8. ryan123

    Worst place ever. Don’t ever go to this place because of the awful service and rude front door man. Should be fired.

  9. TJ

    One of the best I have ever been to!

  10. Victor

    Great place, very friendly staff!

  11. Full House

    Really enjoyed myself! Great vibe and great looking dancers. The manager Matt really made me feel at home.

  12. larry1

    A waste of $20 for the cover charge (two of us). The place is dark so you don’t really see the girls and in 3 hours, a total of ONE girl bothered to come over to talk with us. When I complained to the mamnager that the girls were ignoring us, he asked which one I wanted to come over. He talked to her but surprise, she never came over. Do yourself a favor – don’t go. You’ll be bored.

  13. JERKS

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!

    I just got out of this place. They ran my credit card a million times, then said they didn’t, then said my bill wasn’t paid, THEN CALLED THE COPS!!!

    What ASSHOLES!!! I was in the back of a patrol car for 20 minutes until my boss showed up to pay my bill. All of this after I gave them every dime in my pocket. ASSHOLES!!!

    My credit card was good. They just ran it too many times.


  14. james1412

    I don’t recommend going in here on a Monday night. Every girl looked like she needed to eat a sandwich, none of them had any chest to them, and one girl even had a tail. Like literally had an elongated tail at the end of her tailbone. I had been in here briefly on a Saturday once and the weekend seemed to be top notch, but the mid-week girls belong down on Federal Blvd. I miss my hometown of Vegas….

  15. curtis17

    First off. If the management. Doesn’t want a bad review. They should stop giving HORRIBLE customer service. It’s 2015. Information. On people or places. Is very accessible. Amanda and Kristy. Kristy. Is very unprofessional looking with an attitude to match. I’m not sure how she got into management but she needs a lot of work. She had horrible breath like she just finished a bottle of snobs in the back. When I asked to speak to a higher manager. Amanda came out and was racist and rude. I had an issue with these two women. When I went in. I wanted to buy 3 bottles. I ended up leaving and going to Shotguns. Where I ended up buying a liquor locker. I enjoy going to the strip clubs and I always get bottle service. I hate to leave a bad review. But maybe Amanda boss will see this. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been treated this way by her. Amanda needs to call Hopi and get some training on customer service, and how to be a women in management. Amanda you lost a lot of money for the your club. By being rude and unprofessional. I get that your a women trying to manage a Gentlemens club. But you don’t need to be a racist unprofessional to show your power. And let’s remember. You manage a strip club. You are not God. I hope you get fired. Maybe then I’ll go back and spend money.

  16. Franklyn

    Two unauthorized charges showed up on my credit card after coming here. If you choose to go here, only use cash.

  17. fuckery12

    During Denver Comic Con, my friends and I did some imbibing, and somehow ended up in La Boheme when we found out that it was free admission with our convention passes.The drinks were weak and overpriced. The women were beyond lovely. It was your typical pervy strip club experience. We were grateful to not have paid any cover charge, but felt like we paid for it in our drink prices once we got the tab.

  18. Jeff W.

    If you are staying at the Hyatt or Courtyard by Marriott, you get in free…nice talent, comfortable and a true gentleman’s club in every way.

  19. A J.

    I like this place a lot. Nice, clean, cool.Not really a big fan of strippers, but it’s a cool place, and they have a great lunch. It’s like $7 and is a buffet with prime rib, shrimp, good stuff like that.As strippers go, the girls here are nice, usually good looking, and they’re naked. So I guess they cover all the bases pretty much.I went in here years ago when it was the Red Garter, and compared to that dump this place is ritzy. What a difference.

  20. Mary

    I went with my boyfriend during happy hour, but we still spent a ton of money. The girls are all very friendly, and the club is very clean with a nice atmosphere. The girls were in all different shapes and sizes which is great, but some seemed a bit inexperienced.

  21. tonycluber

    BEWARE!! The girls (Cherry-a girl with gnarly nipples) scout out other girls in the club and tag team them to pick pocket you. Make sure to hold on to your wallet, if you choose to go. The bouncers were willing to help but the GM was pretty much useless. This place needs to be torn down and redeveloped. With the lack of talent, theft ring and ugly girls, don’t waste your time. THEFT THEFT THEFT!!

  22. Mandy


    Auditioned Sunday night and was very disappointed with the treatment the manager gave me. The house mom and Holly the dancer were very nice. The DJ needed to get it together, and the manager needs to keep his opinions to himself. Think about the bigger picture and what would be in the best interest of the club. No thanks, I’ll work elsewhere.

  23. StripClub431

    Only 2 stages. For a Monday night the girls were pretty attractive. Drink prices are reasonable. If you have a hotel key, they will let you in for $5. Ladies pay to get in too. I’ll try again on the weekend and see if it becomes 4 stars.

  24. Al
  25. Weedman420

    The girls were cute and the cocktails were stiff. We came on the weekend and it wasn’t crazy packed. We all were able to get seated and the staff was nice. They treated us well and our large co-ed group took over and had a blast! If you are in Denver or staying in a nearby hotel, you should walk over.

  26. Gonzo

    If you’re a high roller who doesn’t mind pissing away money, then this club is all right, otherwise, it’s too overpriced, the girls aren’t very friendly, and the bartenders only pay attention to you if you throw tons of money at them. It’s a bigger money suck than anyplace else I’ve ever been.

  27. imdb

    I checked out this place when I was in denver and it was a blast. No cover for happy hour and cheap drinks? The girls were fun and hot. I ended up there all night and it was awesome. Hi Loki! Miss ya! Shot :30!

    I highly recommened this place. You’ll go back again and again. I know I will.

  28. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  29. never4u2know

    i am dancer and was not impressed by the quality of the dancers or the friendliness, i will be testing my wings in there as a dancer and hopefully my review will change…..see you there 😉

  30. Cappy P.

    only place to go when im in Denver. This place has it all. Hot girls, hot music, cold beer. What else is there?

  31. Ben

    Highly Recommended!

  32. michael
  33. Nick T.

    Someone finally got it right. The nightclub vibe with the Strip Club Talent. They even play the right music!

  34. Sal V.

    Really enjoyed myself service was great!

  35. Bianchi

    I’ve only been here a couple times but the girls are always great to look at. Atmosphere is great. It’s a great upscale club. Drinks are a bit expensive, but they are on par with the level of customers they are trying to bring in. This is definitely not your dirty strip joint. High Class all the way around.

  36. richard95

    I’ll admit this review is being written about my first (and only) time here this past Saturday. My older gentleman friend, a few of our friends who will remain anonymous to protect their local celebrity statuses, but moreso to keep them from having to sleep on the couches in their own home, and I (“bring the girl, she validates us!”), came to watch porn star Jesse Jane’s dance feature.We arrived a little past midnight and upon entering I immediately liked La Boheme. It was classy, a bit rockstarish, dimly (but aptly) lit, with a few stages, 2 bars (that I noticed) and poles on the bar for the beautiful girls. There were some questionable dancers mixed in with the throng of stunning and flexible beauties but that’s to be expected. We caught Jesse’s last dance on the center stage, and proceeded to have so much fun we broke the rules and did the unspeakable – we stayed until the lights came up. But like vampires, as soon as they did, we all faced the bar, finished our drinks and didn’t look towards the stage. Who wants to ruin a fantasy? As much as I liked the feel, the lighting, and the girls in this place I have to give it 3 stars for the ridiculously expensive drinks. I get it, french names give you + classy points but we are in a recession, monsieur. How is anyone going to afford paying the cover, the girls, tipping the cocktail waitresses and bartenders if my friend only wanted a Sprite and the bartender said it was $4. Did I hear that right? If it doesn’t work for the cinema, it doesn’t work for the cabaret, gentlemen.

  37. rich111111

    While visiting Denver went to La Boheme twice and several other clubs. Girls here were more natural, thin and cute compared to the other clubs. Not a real big club. There are three small elevated circular dance floors surrounded by about 8 chairs. Easy to get up and move from stage to stage. So you are up close and personal. This usually means that you go through an awful lot of singles. Fun time with mostly young cute girls. Private dances are expensive $40 – 60.
    If you see Gigi tell her that I miss her already. Nice girl.

  38. Eddie C.

    I had been at clinicals since 0630. I was tired, exhausted, really… I just sat down on my couch and looked at the clock: 1900. Ugh, I knew that I had to be up again at 0530 for another round of clinicals the next day. And, it was St. Patricks Day, so I didn’t even get to go out and get my party on… That’s when my phone went off and I saw that I had a text from my friend Joanne. The text read the following:”Do you want to ge see a midget stripper?”I pondered it for a moment, and then replied:”Why, yes. Yes, I would.” I mean really, who knows when that opportunity would ever happen again.She then called me and informed me that the La Boheme downtown was having “March Midget Mayhem” and midget strippers in honor of St Patty’s Day and that Bridget the Midget (former porn star and aspiring actress) would be the feature entertainer… I had been to La Boheme once when it first opened and was treated to sub-par girls and three N.W.A. songs in the hour and a half I had been there. So, I hoped the midget experience would be better.We arrived at a little before nine, when they said the “show” was to begin. We grabbed a seat and ordered some food, I can’t remember what exactly but I remember that it was better than I thought it would be. The girls were far more attractive than they had been on my first visit (with the exception of a dancer who, in all seriousness, had to be at least 55 years-old). The announcer said the “show” would begin shortly.After three hours of the “show will begin shortly” the first of the two performers hit the stage, followed shortly thereafter by Bridget. I have to say that I thought misrepresenting the time to keep people there buying more drinks was shady, even for a strip club…

  39. GuyGuy
  40. Richard
  41. j

    Was there for a convention and this club is just a block or

    two from the convention centter. They had 3 porn stars as

    features for their 5th anniversary. They were pretty good.

    The hottest was Teanna Kai. The place was fairly empty at

    9:30. Was standing room only by midnight. 1st porn star

    came out around 11. After a while the 2nd, then the 3rd

    around 12. Since it’s only topless they couldn’t put on that

    nasty of a show, though Teanna came the closest.

    Afterwords they mostly just wanted to sell DVDs and

    photos. I asked Teanna whether they did dances. She said

    yes and hers were $100. This didn’t look like a place you

    could get a dance worth $100 so I passed. None of the

    house girls looked good enough to me to get dances from,

    so I just tipped some at the stage.

  42. XhXeXy

    I used to work across the street from this place and loved going over after work on Sunday nights for service industry night. No cover, cheap drinks, pretty girls, nice staff, and a clean environment. I went in last weekend for the first time in a while and they charged me a $15 cover, even though their website said it was $10. The guys standing in line before me were charged $10 and when I asked about it, the hostess said those guys got a military discount. I NEVER saw them pull out a military ID. So I paid $15. Not the biggest deal, right? Well, it gets worse. Once in the club I was approached by a dancer gto buy a private dance (it’s what they do). I was celebrating and thought “why not?” I had never had one here before. I asked how much it was and the dancer said $20. After the dance she told me it was $40. There is not much you can do at that point but pay the money. I FELT LIKE THEY ROBBED ME! What worse is that I have sent hundreds of people to La Bohem who have walked in to bar I work at and are looking to have some fun in Denver. I feel like such an asshole, if that’s how they opereate. I will NEVER send anyone there again.

  43. JR H.

    This place was a dive!The girls looked like the moms of the girls we wanted to see and the drinks were WAY over priced! the cocktail waitresses were nice and the TV’s were fine….but I was there to see the show and the show was bad!!

  44. Sadie P.

    So I am kinda a fan of most strip clubs!! Cheap drinks and its a lot of fun with a group!! So on Sat after a full day of drinking at GABF we decided that it would be fun to stop on by… plus no cover with your ticket!! So we went in to find one stripper for 50 people. One bar open and one person serving drinks!! WTF the GABF had just let out and there was only one stripper!! It was so bad that we finished our one beer and left!! Huge mistake!!

  45. AssnTits5

    The extra star is given due to the fact that the doorman knew about onigo boingo. The interior of this club is very interesting as it in an almost gothic motif. I have had no lap dances at La Boheme.Though according to my roommate whom we had hoped would enjoy the naked women. The lap dances were quite expensive. Also La Boheme is not really a Cabaret venue it is more of a strip club.

  46. maxxy1

    Overpriced. The girls are getting better though. Need to work on lighting and atmosphere.

  47. Shiho F.

    A couple of the girls were hot but the rest, not so much.

  48. Trevor

    The dances are not worth twenty dollars, and the waitresses are rude and only will serve you if are spending a ton of money.

  49. NY Joey

    Great Place! Highly recommend it!

  50. XXXbeast

    What a joke…This is less of a gentleman’s club and more like the Special Olympics. They tried to charge me $4 for a club soda. That’s $4 for water no matter how you look at it. The “bartender’s” were snippy and rude I suspect this is their only tending gig because they are terrible. Look, I know this is a strip joint and a friend was in town from the UK and wanted to go. The only reason I mention this is because I went in with very low expectations was was still horribly let down. My favorite part was when the “bartender” over served a gentleman and the threatened to keep his ID and credit card until he signed AND TIPPED his CC slip. I’ve been in the hospitality business my entire adult life. I can count on one hand the times I haven’t tipped someone no matter how bad they were. This girl didn’t even deserve a thank you. She was far more concerned in making shots for herself and her friends rather than serving a single guest for over 10 minutes. If management is reading this, not a single shot from either bar was rung in. I’d tell you that you’re hemorrhaging money but if you charge $4 for a club soda, it probably all comes out in the wash. Also,Helen Keller could tell that they’re stealing from you so you must just accept it from you’re stringent hiring practice. Crack team of professionals you have there. I’m just glad that that “bartenders” were there to tell us how drinking at a bar works. I’d been lost with out the intellectual juggernaut that is the La Bohem bar staff. The dancers were fine, Seen one…you know.Again, this place is a joke and doesn’t deserve the to call itself a gentleman’s club.

  51. SH

    I was there Sunday night(4/26/09)Private dances are actually not in a private area, A guy walks around and watches you all the time. Had two private dances and at the end she told me that it was 4!!! I asked the “watching guy” and he said that he doesn’t know anything and I have to pay whatever she said otherwise…There are lots of normal bars in that area that you will have more fun and spend less money and probably won’t leave alone after 2 AM. This Club spent lots of money for decoration and advertising but need more experinced and professional dancers and managers. A dancer can’t try to cheat and steal your money unless management allows her.

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