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0 reviews for “Spearmint Rhino

  1. Tony

    This is the best looking club of its kind for a 25 mile radius! The girls are great and the bartenders amazing. One can easily lose a few hours here.

  2. Dancer

    Jerry’s just another douchebag that sat at the high top tables starring at the girls on stage without giving them a dollar then wondered why a girl didn’t come up to him, expected a blow job or tried to get fucked in the back. I’ve worked all over and this is the best club to be associated with. Jerry, you don’t have to come back!!

  3. Bruce

    Torrance Rhino is a great place. My friend’s and I love Alabama. She’s a great girl with a smokin’ body and an amazing personality.

  4. Raff

    I like the girls their. The prices for labs are great.Like I airways say to my friend ” Great space to enjoy labs and a couple of drinks but don’t expect to much from the private room !”


    Great place to hang out withtht efellas or just meet random women.There are a lot of female customers tha tget wild and horny here.

  6. dannyboy7

    Very nice and classy spot. Management is on point with their services. Roberto was also very professional, thanks for the towels buddy. Thanks Ryan, 5 star service for sure.

  7. Chris

    I come here all the time. The overall quality of the girls is the best out of all the clubs in the area that i have been to, and trust me ive been to many. Most of the girls are cool and laid back. i wont mind making the extra commute next month when i move, its worth it for a good time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. maxxy1

    Not. a bad spot, wed. Are the best. Free entry for socal residents not including wilmington for some reason lol. And three dollar mixed drinks on wed!

  9. danielson

    My friend invited me to a bachelor party because she wanted to screw one of the dudes in the group because he was in town. I figured it would be super weird for two random chicks to show up to a bachelor party but weirder things have happened. We walked in, showed our IDs, and we’re welcomed across a super sticky floor to this area with bottle service. The server was cute and attentive and as I was building my buzz I slowly got more and more into my surroundings. My friend left to go and do her business so I was left to hold my own. There seemed to be a stripper for every taste and clearly the “bachelor” found his and was gone the entire night getting private dances with her. I think the guys were excited that I was excited to be there and were watching too eerily close to tell that I was keen on this one girl, no woman. She was perfect and just my type. I’ll call her B. They called B over to give me a lap dance and I was loving it. I didn’t want to get my hands cut off from touching but she kept asking me to touch her, so I obliged. It was a great experience having her dance and the fact that she hung out afterwards and gave me her number was sweet. Someone in the group paid for another dance from a different stripper and B got into it but kept saying she was “jelly.” I didn’t know what that meant at the time. I thought maybe her blood sugar was low or something. Once this new stripper whose titties tasted like strawberry lubricant, B danced and made a bee line back. I ran into someone from high school which was awkward because I was too drunk to remember or care who she was. Bottle service was great, the “bachelor” had enough teasing for a decade and I met B. The dancers and other staff are professional, I found it sad watching guys come in alone and get dances (where were their wives at to enjoy with them), the bathrooms were clean, and the only downfall was the sticky floor. B was fun to date and play with for 3 months, I wonder what has become of her.If you are able to go on b a night when entry is free, do it. It’s a lot of fun.

  10. JC K.

    Here’s why you should come here during lunch: #1. Tator tots and titties sound better than soup and salad. #2. The music is good. What? There is nothing wrong with a little Get Low.#3. It’s down the street from work. #4. I’m pretty impressed with what 16 years of ballet lessons gets you.#5. and really. sometimes you need something else to talk about when you roll back to the office. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a cheese burger. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a furburger. or a cheesy furbuger. wait. oh gross.

  11. Alex

    I really do like this Club. The Dancers and Wait staff are great,Always have a good time everytime I Come here.

  12. rogerrab2

    Came here with a buddy of mine for couple of hours on a friday night. Only a 10 dollar cover charge and the place wasn’t to busy which was nice. Its very clean and has a classy vibe to the place. All the girls are pretty good looking and friendly. I really like black girls so I was a little disappointed to see that there were only couple working. I would have gotten a lap dance from one of them but they were with some other guys the whole time I was there. Other than that it was a fun night and I wouldn’t mind going back.

  13. larry1

    I had a blast here last night! The waitresses were nice and quick, the big security dudes were actually friendly and helped me find specific girls when I asked for them and we just had an all around great time!

  14. Lisa I.

    My God was this place horrible.The girls here were:a) fatb) uglyc) no titsd) all of the aboveAll I know is I wanted my admission fee back. Not only that people pay to go to strip clubs to see big tits. When the cocktail waitresses and the patrons have bigger tits than the girls, there’s a problem.I was told it gets better on weekends but I don’t care to find out. I guess that’s what I get for going to a strip club in Torrance.

  15. Alabama Fan

    She kicks ass!

  16. Binky

    Seems to be a local ordinance keeping the dancers rather far away from the audience.

  17. Peter L.

    Cheap beer… checkPool tables… checkScantily clad ladies… check.Honestly we just come here to hang out and drink beer sometimes.What? I’m being totally serious.for reals.

  18. fritter17

    Classy spot but too classy I like it to be a little more ratchet Can’t really take away from the establishment but too many large men in suits make you feel like you’re in trouble Nice spot but not for me

  19. felixnada

    Really chill spot. Tons of hot girls. Came here on a Saturday night for my birthday and the DJ was killing it. There’s a hot bartender too. I forget her name but she makes a strong drink. Def recommend this place.

  20. Colbys

    The strippers are really nice. They were very talkative and didn’t pull a lot of the BS you may see at other clubs. The personal connection is a priority, whereas all of the extras are emphasized pressure-free. I would highly recommend this place to someone looking for nice chat and wonderful dancing

  21. Franklyn

    Went there at 115am and only saw one dance for 12min…I tipped the girl 50$ for a lap dance…the girl was nonchalant, gave me the worst lap dance ever, and asked for 40 more bucks(didn’t even sit on my lap)…$ down the toilet..this other one girl was really nice she came to me and my friend was really friendly….besides that total buzz kill…I’ve been plenty strip clubs, this location is by far the worst I’ve seen. I wish I could refund that lap dance and cover, but hey never happening. Don’t waste your time or money here. If strip clubs were weed, this place would be Swisher guts. Definitely wouldn’t recommend. Worst. location in the franchise.Get it together

  22. robert5518

    Good hospitality! Fantastic place to drink and watch the shows. Out of 1 through 10. Rhino(torrance) 5 stars!!!

  23. Rene B.

    MY pal had her 45th Bday party here, now I’m not a strip club surfer, but I’ve been to say 12 in my life it seamed that the sales managers that were married from back east always wanted to go.. Well this place was pretty good, all the gals were great, even our cocktail girl Jessica rocked ! I do have to say the drinks were weak, out of my 5 I had one that was good and I was just drinking Jack n Cokes.They have fairly good pool tables ( need to replace some light bulbs) and they are in a separate room!The one boss dude nicknamed Ginger was a kool dude, most of them types have full attitudes and this guy didn’t was nice for a change !And can we say, GO Alabama!

  24. Chris M.

    Tried to come here for a bachelor party at 1am, they close at 3, told us we were too late, BS

  25. curtis17

    Went once and seen the baddest white girl with the biggest booty i have seen in person. “Ashley”.

  26. Z of Initial D

    Spearmint Rhino in Torrance is a great club to go to 10 dollars to get in and 15 dollars per LD w/ specials that come around the corner. Some girls will hassle you and some won’t I guess it’s a matter of opinion. Anyhow it’s a great place to hangout as well. There’s a separate room for games and pool tables as well. Oh by the way watch out for a bartender named Georgia she doesn’t like anybody.

  27. igor34

    Definitely one of the better clubs I’ve been to and for sure the best in the area. Their day girls are hotter than most clubs night crew. And the night girls here are even hotter. This is every day!Free before 6pm now (used to be 8pm) and dances are $20. They do buy 2 get one free pretty often, but some DJs shorten the songs more than others. They also do a 4 dances for $40 but the songs are quick, so not worth it. Sometimes they’ll do a giveaway with this one, but be advised that the dancers hate it since they are paying for the giveaway. I’ve come a lot over the last year mostly during the day. I find the day girls will sit and hang out for awhile with not too much pressure to get dances. The night girls are a little more forward and pushy, but not like in Vegas. Happy hour every day from 4-8pm. And free entrance all day for locals on Wednesday. Much better than Vivid Cabaret and way better than that gross Dรฉjร  Vu. (Formerly Bay Girls). And I love the fact that they post their roll call on Twitter from time to time so I know if my favorite dancer is there. Quality beautiful girls and a clean club. Nice small and intimate stage with 3 poles. 30 and 60 minute VIP for $50 and $100 respectively. Valet for $5 after 6pm. No food (I think they order out) but there is free popcorn. Great spot.

  28. mathewater12

    Worst strip club as far as strip clubs go! If I pay money to get inside, I should see at least ONE person on the stage at least. But no. Apparently it’s acceptable to say “it’s Sunday!” It’s Sunday and there’s no dancers and no boobs! “Single songs in the back” (which is empty) if you like terrible 80’s music. Who likes that at the strip club?! Someone please fire the manager and take over! This place makes me miss 8 mile! And how many people can say that? On a positive note, Maxi, Misha and Heidi rocked…..but they were also the only ones working!

  29. Lauren C.

    I first heard about this place on Instagram I saw their pictures (which are amazing) and figured I would check it out. So I got there and it pretty electric (especially for a Thursday night!) and it was better than I thought I figured it might be like grungy and trashy but turned out to be really cool. The music is great the bartender was really nice and the girls were really nice as well. Its actually a place I would like to come to drink and hang out with friends. I’ll definitely be coming in more often.

  30. Broken Heart

    My favorite girl moved to Dallas, TX. I feel so alone now. She made me feel so special. Other than that, the club is ok.

  31. Daniel L.

    This place is great even during the week theres fine girls great service and they don’t pressure you like other spots do I like it and I’ll be back soon.

  32. nick

    The girls are bitches.. they’ll con u if ur not alert.. i.e. they’ll charge u for more songs.. though u wouldnt have taken tat many.. specially a bitch by name sophia..

  33. fuckery12

    I live in Torrance (club is free for locals Wednesday), the music is fun, bottles are inexpensive, and there’s always a girl for everyone’s taste….from what I’ve noticed. I visit the Rhino once every couple of months, usually for a celebration or just a random night out. I always have a great time specially when they do their stimulus package…$5 lap dances on the floor ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not a girl-on-girl player BUT I do admire some nice T&A, a cute smile, and baby soft skin. The private dances range from $15-$30 depending on how many songs. Being a girl visiting a strip club has its benefits…I can touch the girls in places the guys can’t ๐Ÿ™‚ I love couples lap dances too…stripper touches me, i touch her, and my man touches me….I’m getting the most play ๐Ÿ˜€ Lol So…who has their bills ready? Let’s GO!!!!Tip: If you wear RHINO gear then you get in free ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. XXXbeast

    Upscale classic looking club, comfy seatings, very clean. Very friendly girls, most of them are cute, bikini dance only, also $20 per song but they have specials all night long. 4 songs for 40 was the best deal I think. Good music, inexpensive drinks, super friendly and attentive waitresses.VIP bottle service area is a good sized elevated booth with the best views of the club, great for parties. We would go back from time to time, just wish they had real lap dances.Ps. Valet, I liked that.

  35. frostbitejones

    Haven’t been there in awhile, but, had dome great times. Looking forward going back.

  36. T&A Man

    I enjoy this club and strongly advise you all you meet Alabama. She’s so friendly and a great conversationalist. Her stage shows are always a pleasure. She love to make eye contact and makes me feel as if I’m the only guy in the room. She’s hot!

  37. tonycluber

    Get a hooker, it’s cheaper…

  38. XhXeXy

    Excellent place, great security. The women are classy and gorgeous. I recommend this place if you’re ever in Torrance for a night.

  39. nickstrip

    Around two o’clock one Wednesday afternoon, I walked into the Torrance Spearmint Rhino with Yumi S., David C., and Nicky S.–all but one of us female. It was a bit of a field trip, location research for a book, and it was very educational.The strip club is in this pretty bland stretch of Torrance, wide streets studded with warehouse buildings, giant parking lots, etc. It looks like a washed-up government building, like a post office or DMV that got gutted and filled with the weird shabby innards of a megachain strip club.There was this little check-in room where you usually pay cover, but thankfully, there was no charge before 6:00. We did get some singles to use inside, and these were crisp, brand-new bills. The guy at the desk was nice and didn’t seem too confused by our party, and I started to wonder if there were posses of Asian women walking in every weekday afternoon. Then we walked in, and an old white dude said to us, “You guys must be regulars.”The place was a lot busier than I would’ve thought at that hour, not packed, but with plenty of customers seated and milling around. Mostly men, but a few women. Lot of men by themselves. Not the most cheering clientele, I guess. We got a pitcher of beer (it was something decent, I think, and it cost a reasonable $15) and found ourselves a table.The club was nicer than I’d expected, with this gaudy faux Vegas vibe. Not seedy, but kind of sad. I knew that the same animal print carpet and flashy light fixtures were repeated in Spearmint Rhinos across America, and that was somehow vaguely upsetting.We stayed for several songs, and the dancers were pretty good, not that I had much basis for comparison. It was too bad the PA system kept blaring, cutting into each song at least a half dozen times. It was obnoxious, loud and garbled and really disruptive. Can’t see how anyone could relax and enjoy the show when there were lap dance specials announced every twenty seconds.At one point, two of us went and sat up in front of the stage. The dancer had approached us about lap dances before and we decided to throw her a bone and leave some money on the stage. She was very friendly, and bit Nicky’s neck. Yumi joked that she would turn into a stripper.Hasn’t happened so far, but if it does, I hope she gets a better gig than the Torrance Spearmint Rhino. I had a good time here and checked that experience off my list, but I’m not aching to go back.

  40. Mistercap12

    its friday night but only about 8 girls there. Maybe 3 worth looking at. i take my 7 dollar beer to the tables which come up to my knees and sit in the tiny chairs. I feel like Im at a childs tea party so I go sit at a booth. I am immediately told by a bouncer that even though the bar is half empty and no one is getting bottle service that i cant sit there. I just left. I was there an hour with 2000 dollars in my pocket and the girls decided to ignore me and sit with a bunch of dudes who think shorts and a baseball cap is cool to wear out at night as a grown up. They werent tipping they werent getting dances so I took my cash and split. First time last time.

  41. Bunny

    I like this place a lot. It’s laid back, but still very fun and the girls are all super sweet.

  42. Not T.

    If you want to go to a great strip club in LA, this is the club to goto. Entrance to the club is FREE before 6:30pm and Mon-Sat they have free food from 3pm till the hungry customers and dancers eat it all up. Drinks are reasonable for LA, you can get a beer and tip the waitress a buck for $5. Happy Hours specials are common, from $3 shots to discounts on the pricey bottle service if thats your thing. BRING CASH, the ATM machines are a total rip off, with a 10% surcharge, and if you get the Rhino Chips from the bar on your creditcard there is still a 10% surcharge for the rhino chips (I would avoid the Rhino chips too by the way).If you are arriving after 6:30pm there is a half off coupon available from the spearmint rhino website, as well as coupons in the LA Weekly if you live in the LA area and can pick one up. There are pool tables in the back of the club and always a plethora of gorgeous ladies strutting around.The girls are very friendly and some are drop dead gorgeous. I personally would recommend Barbie if you like hot Japanese girls, Jordan if you like buxom Blondes, and Erika and Saphire if you have a thang for the sista’s. The DJ plays full songs, so you get your moneys worth for the $15 dollar lap dance if thats your cup of tea. They usually do a buy 2 get one free special, and unlike other clubs (the Downtown Spearmint Rhino comes to mind) they don’t cut the songs down to 30 seconds.Yeah this is by far my fav strip club in LA…

  43. dopeboy19

    From the bottle service prices to having 30 plus girls on a Friday and Saturday night Spearmint Rhino Torrance is nothing but fun! Even during the day you’ll find girls that are better than most other clubs night girls. VIP rooms in the back that are great for a private show with the showgirl of your choosing. The stage has 3 poles two in the front are stationary while the middle is a spinning pole. During the day you’ll get a few showgirls who know some pole tricks, but definitely more on the night. The bartender and waitress staff is friendly and accommodating and attentive. They were able to help me pick out a bottle for around $100.00 which lasted about an hour or so. Hey I was thirsty okay!

  44. L B.

    Worst strip club I’ve ever been to. It had great promise because I liked the den/man cave interior, but I didn’t like the girls. I usually only go to titty bars to watch boxing or UFC fights, and this one happens to be the only one that I’ve found in the area that shows them. I like women who are thick with plenty of titts and ass, preferably real, or done by a good doctor so they don’t look ridiculous. Most of the girls here were skinny twigs with no tits and ass, or twigs who had huge cartoon looking titts. I got two lap dances. The first was by an asian chick with a huge rack just because she was the only non-white girl in the place at the time, and I like variety. The poor girl gave me the worst lap dance of my lap. All she did the whole time was motorboat me; no grinding on my junk or even just dancing in front of me. The second dance was from a black chick who actually had both titts and ass, however the fake boobs she had felt horrendous and were stiff as boulders when she gave me a lap dance. On top of that, she kept shouting at some homies/regulars she knew, and I’m not sure if it was her perfume or something else, but there was a bad stench which unfortunately I didn’t start smelling until after we were already back in the lap dance area.I’m going to have to either find another place to watch the fights, or shell out money to PPV and watch them at home.

  45. Remy O.

    Had a late dinner and met up with the Wodies for the after party. We showed up at SR and grabbed a bottle and a bunch of dollars. Little did I know that the Wodies were regulars and had this trip planned out before we even went to get some drinks.Now being a true playa I know all about the club but SR is classy and clean.This huge converted warehouse has a enormous seating area and a chill private sections for the lap dances. Two for one specials every half hour or so makes getting your homie a dance affordable and fun. The stage has three poles. The music is good but the songs are short. service is fast and courteous but the bouncers wil try to push a bottle on you.If you are looking for a dance Teo or Barbie are professional and make it worth it. For the most part, these girls are very attractive and take great care of themselves. We arrived at 11:00 and left at 2:00 and I still had enough money in my pocket to get something to eat on the way home. Their is a smoking area and indoor valet parking if you want to hide your car from a controlling girlfriend.

  46. Jerry


  47. maxxy1

    I went on a Monday, and Valentines Day Monday at that. So it was pretty dead. This was my and my GF 1st time here but on first impression I would say this place is really cool. Very elegant inside, got free passes, $5 pitchers of premium draft beer on Monday, $15 lap dances, the dancers were surprisingly attractive for it being a Monday night, and staff was very friendly. The downside is that they are strict on contact with the dancers when their tops are off on stage and the ATM fee is $10! WTF! So take money and avoid the ATM.

  48. MAH

    Never seen so many chunky dancers before in my life. The quality of the dancers was so poor that it was comedic. Prices are very affordable, but I would have paid for them to keep them fully clothed.

  49. Harrison69

    I use to come here alot but then all my favorite girls left. So I followed. Its too bad they took the pool tables out.

  50. stripwatch

    stripwatch.com it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  51. timmykilla

    I went on july 11 and I ENJOYED it ….really fun place beautiful girls. The reason im rating it 1 star is because i opened a tap and i got charged tripple just because the machine went down and had to do everything manually. ….I would have totally came back but after getting charged 50 bucks for only 2 drinks ill rather just go to sams their machine never breaks down

  52. sundowner-Tom

    Currently this is my favorite club. (I have been to many over the years.) The club is clean, relatively spacious (most of the time) unless a special event is going on. There is usually a type of dancer to fit everyone’s likes, you just may have to hang around a while to figure it out. The Management and bouncers are cool, and the wait staff are not only very pretty, but are freindly too if you get to know them. Don’t forget to be a gentleman and tip the waitresses and bartenders. It’s a topless club, so they serve alcohol, and the prices are pretty good, even for exotic drinks. I’ve only had a few bad experiences while there, and it usually is because of another customer, either being rude, or just plain obnoxious. I can’t mention favorites here, as there are too many ladies I have gotten to know, but I can say, if you want to have a fun and relaxing strip club visit, this is a great place, just remember to be a gentleman (or horny lady), and give the ladies some respect, and you will be rewarded with a great time. The dances are cheap, so get a bunch with your favorite lady.

  53. Jorge A.

    I gave this place a one star rating at first, due to a complete misunderstanding with there amazing General Manager Ryan. He explained to me the situation and took care of me. I’ll definitely be coming back!!

  54. adamrod

    I used to go to this place a lot. Was a great gentlements club, always beautiful girls, lots of specials etc.. But I recently started a business and haven’t had much time for the luxury of going to blow money. Came here last night and saw some nice new lights and a popcorn maker I was impressed. That’s when I was left standing at the bar for 10 minutes while the only bartender served popcorn… I’m not sure if you have to pay for popcorn but I would think selling drinks would be more important. Then the bartender finally approaches my partner and I only to say she’ll be right with us and goes to clean the damn stage! I understand the stage is the main attraction but the place was pretty empty and no one was sitting at it. I talk to security and he goes on stage to tell her we’ve been waiting and she starts yelling at him saying we weren’t waiting. Bartender obviously has no class to be doing any job working with people. I was tempted to call my buddy Sean who is the regional manager of the place but this place is just not worth my time anymore. If anyone from Spearmint rhino reads this please check cameras for 12/15/2012 at about 6:45Pm

  55. AssnTits5

    Went to Spearmint yet again last week, to help celebrate Wednesday. Surprising number of 9s and 10s working midweek; hell, some of the talent was as good or better than what I’d seen on weekends. Also got bottle service this time, for a great price. Even better is they’ll “hold” the bottle for you up to 30 days, so it looks like I’ll be forced to go back soon in order to finish off the bottle of Stoli. Dammit.One other perk of buying a bottle is that you get to use the VIP rooms in the back for private dances. Giggity-giggity! As always, the ladies were cool, as were all the other staff; ended up staying waaaay longer than I planned. And yes, I made the walk of shame while I was there. Twice.

  56. yanard12

    I like this location, especially on local Wednesday’s for South Bay residents. I will say there are only a few girls who are impressive with their pole work. I mean they all dance great but most of them just hold the pole without ever actually getting on it. However overall the experience is always a good one

  57. StripClub431

    It’s hit or miss here, avoid Sundays though. Overall not bad setup and the strippers are decent, I’ve seen a lot worse. The prices are good during happy hour and event specials otherwise expect to spend quite a bit on drinks alone. The decor, floor layout, and place in general is nice and clean. There is plenty of parking too. During UFC, Super Bowl and other big events they do host and have big projection screens.

  58. harryharry

    The girls are hot and plenty of them. Unfortunately, the service is HORRIBLE. I had my bachelor party there and ordered bottle service, any other place would treat you like royalty. NOT HERE! You pre-pay the tip so it’s almost like the waitress feels she doesn’t need to earn it. This was not enough to keep me from giving this place a second chance. I figured it’s just one rude ignorant waitress. Went back a second time and me and my boy were treated like garbage by some Asian waitress. Her drinks were ridiculously watered down so we asked very politely if we could pay double for her to add more alcohol and she refused, turned around and acted as if we were invisible as I stated that we weren’t the only ones complaning. We asked a waitress to talk to her and she laughed replying that she does the same thing to them and everyone complains about her. A dancer walking by overheard “complains about her” and automatically knew who we were talking about. The place is not too bad otherwise, but for a place that you are basically dropping cash to get treated right, service is King. As long as they keep girls like those around…. not worth it.

  59. playboy

    Great club! One of my favorite, I cant get myself to stop going there, those girls are attactive! Check out Isabella! She is AMAZING and beautiful! You won’t regarded. Always a good place to go to after work.

    Georgia at the bar is also great.

  60. Barry W.

    *** A surprising polished joint in the middle of nowhere. ***Me: It’s Fri. It’s 8pm. What do you wanna do? I’m bored.She: Let’s go to Spearmint Rhino.Me: Wah?She: Yeah, it’s a strip club. I know a girl there and I like her.Me: Wah?She: C’mon B, you said we can do whatever I want tonite.Me: (0_o)She: Well?Me: Ok.We drive to perhaps the most desolate area in all of Torrance.Valet for just $5. Enter for $10. Grab a stage side table, $0.Me: So what’s her name?She: It’s something like “Kahlua”.Me: Kahlua? That’s a silly stripper name!She: Well, I think it’s Kahlua or something like that.Me: (ugh)Waitress: Can I help you?Me: Yes … Champagne, Guinness and the dancer Kahlua?Waitress: Idk but I’ll ask Kahlia to come by. I think that’s her.10 mins later … Kahlia comes over. She was quite stunning.The girls talk, they giggle, they drink, she dances, life is good.Next thing I know, mgr comps a few drinks … more girls come.Mgr: Dude, we need to talk. I’m having a party 27Jan. Coming?Me: Sure b/c I can’t believe that we’ve been here for 2hrs tonite!Mgr: Yup, time sure does fly when you are having lots of fun. (lol)*** Perhaps a habit I can’t afford to develop but I’ll ret’n again. ***

  61. Rashon C.

    One of the nicest, classiest looking clubs in Los Angeles. Although it is a little hard to find in an industrial area its a safe descent area. They have a nice variety of different looking women, its like a buffet. This clyb is pretty big even has 2 stages. The drinks are reasonably priced however the bottle deals are the way to go if hanging with a small group. The staff was really friendly, Mya was our waitress she was awesome and funny. I spoke to the GM Eli who just recently took over, he hooked us up with some free passes to come back which was awesome. The only downside is they close at 2am however that is most places in la. I might do my birthday here, they are very acccomodating and have an extra room.

  62. stripforme123

    Seriously fun and not ghetto. Good drink specials bottle service was on point and great friendly staff. I definitely recommend going to the Spearmint rhino Torrance to everyone

  63. Val B.

    Some very attractive people. Wide open layout. More emphasis on pushing lap dances so the stage stuff is kinda boring.

  64. Customer

    The amount of Ladies working there has increased, but quantity does not equal quality! Most of the newer girls are from Fritz and they aren’t very nice. If you go to this club, I’d hang with the girls that aren’t from Fritz.

  65. Mr White

    It’s like being in Las Vegas but never leaving California.

    I love this place and will be bringing my clients down for a night on the town!!!

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