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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lookers

  1. Jack

    I hear people are just dying to get into this place.

  2. Zachary S.

    the advice I was given about Lookers:Go towards the end of the month, as the ladies need the money more, and work harder to get it.Lots of mirrors, lots of smoke, and lots of flexible women. This is where my brother does business sometimes (officially speaking, of course).The bathroom has an attendant, but I think he is really an undercover cop to keep down the roughness.My dad almost got kicked out the last time we were there together for acting like he was blind (sunglasses on and everything) and trying to grope the ladies. Jesus.

  3. First Time

    Most of the girls are very hot!!!!

  4. Jake

    WOW the remodel looks great! all new line up too where did all the cubans go.

  5. wander4fun

    Went in on a Friday at noon and had a couple of excellent dances from Andrea (from Europe). What a killer body (easily a 9+ body).

  6. Weedman420

    Stopped in Sunday 8/23/15 at 3 PM and sat at the bar for about 18+ minutes with NO BARTENDER in sight. The dancer on stage, a nice girl – a bit chubby – told me she was chatting with friends and will be back in a bit. After another dancer went up I decided it was time to find a bar that has a bartender actually working the bar. As I left I checked the bar and NO bartender. I suggest you stay away on Sunday if you want to drink anything as they may not have a bartender working. Went down the street and spend a ton on dances there. I have to feel for the girls working here that missed out on dance money but the dancers up the street were very happy and they have a bartender who actually works the bar and had my drink in front of me in less than 50 seconds. I will stop by next Saturday and see if this place has a bartender behind the bar, or if they have hired more competent management or both.

  7. bob

    great place

  8. Ken

    This place sucks bad what the fucks up with the remodel gave me free drink with cover, but you could buy me drinks all night and i wouldnt stay here.

  9. Bob Decker

    Nice place a little bright inside though,need better selection on alcohol

  10. chuck

    had a great time ….keep up the good work …..beautiful girls

  11. Capt. Tom

    Lots of nice looking big breasted babes working dayshift and was pleased to take advantage of the fill up the couch $10 dances specials that they run from time to time, which included today. Come on down and watch Thursday night NFL and do some female sightseeing.

  12. steve

    this club is great i will recommend this club to anyone cudos to orlando great manager

  13. jim

    Was there friday afternoon the place was crazy had a great time!! Will definitly go back.

  14. Fred

    Good lap dances but nothing like clubs in Tampa for the same money.

  15. mark

    alot of girls ,dont under stand vip section its out in open area to many bouncers seemed a little small

  16. goodtime
  17. justin

    2 for 1 shot specials

  18. The real mike

    if you are going to use my name asshole at least spell it right

  19. Junior

    Who’s the new fat guy

  20. Customer Lost

    It was GREAT at one time – not anymore! Lost their dancers, drink prices excessive, mgmt. doesn’t know how to appreciate good customers or employees and the remodel was a waste of money. Wake up owners before you have a “FOR RENT” sign out front! New Managers would be a starting point.

  21. Wisconsin Warrior

    Was down for business/spring break for 5 days and came here twice. Friday night was absolutely nuts as far as the crowd was, people everywhere and had a hard time finding a place to sit however there were atleast 25 girls to cover the 100 people. Went through money like it was air here, beautiful personable girls, fair drink prices, great private dances, and you gotta love it when the girls will grind all over you and shove their tits in your face for a few bucks just as a preview. I will be back when I’m down again! Keep up the great work! Only downside was the guy in the restroom, beggin for money every time i took a leak!

  22. ryan123

    This place sucks. I was here in 04/12 and had a great time. Now you have to piss in the parking lot and $25 a dance is a joke.

  23. miami man

    wow i cam in on friday dayshift and there were 20 girls that were for the most of them hot the v i p dances i got were great and the experience i got will definetly have me back again

  24. Tyrone

    No rap music count me out

  25. DJ
  26. Lance

    had a good time ……will return !

  27. Pat K.

    As I was in town on business I stopped by all 23 clubs because I own one & like to see what’s out there. Of the 3 this was the second best. Servers were exceptionally good especially Luna who is too smart to be working as a server. It’s easy to see why she has steady customers. Didn’t see one girl that I would have dance for me. Quality wasn’t there. Got the usual question – wanna dance? Big turnoff. Drinks were priced right. Diversified crowd. Small club & definitely not comfortable. You have to pay to get a decent seat and not a bench.

  28. Rob

    Best club around

  29. Jimmy B.

    Yes Farah, I retired from my old job and now work at Lookers.still takeing names kicking asses. lol

  30. mike mcarthy

    just not a nice place to go. There are alot nicer clubs in town, that have a better atmosphere and better looking girls.

  31. tim

    nice place will be back soon

  32. customer

    Had a lot of fun! Will go back again!

  33. terry

    I have been to this club a couple times. The first time I was very disappointed. The second I figured ‘what the hell, give it another shot. Maybe it was just a bad night.’ But hell no, the atmosphere is like a low budget 70’s porno with lighting ‘effects’ from spencers. The customers are all mexicans. There were a few cute girls there bringing drinks, but the majority of them looks like they’ve been breast feeding baby pigs, with their pancake boobs down to their stomach. If one of the pigme’s looked at you from across the catwalk, she wants your money, they won’t even touch you (ps I’m not some fat hairless guy, I’m 24yro young buck). But the part that really pissed me off, besides the over priced drinks with no booze, is the service charge to use their ATM was $15.oo+ (plus the bank fee). I’m sure someone from the club will get on here and deny everything I say, but I have no reason to lie. If you like, check it out for yourself. When me and my girlfriend left the crack shack, I felt like the owner thumbed me in the ass. Needless to say, we haven’t been back since.

  34. satterfield

    Was just there this afternoon. Memphis is simply awesome – her beauty, personality, her eyes and thta hot, hot body!

  35. Lazaro

    Isabella doesnt work here any more. Bouncers were always getting in the way of her getting me off and i cant grab her titties. Shes been escorting in the cape last i heard.

  36. Jack

    Wow i have not been here for awhile they really changed this place around

  37. Jack K.

    Me like this club

  38. clubman

    Actually, touching appears to be permitted here.

  39. X to tha D

    I’ve been by the club recently and noticed a “new” d.j. the weekend past(I believe his name is ‘John’) and can say that his Style and Abilities make the club Shine in “New Ways” that will only benifit the club… Great choice… ” KooDo’s ” to the management on this one !!!

  40. jughead

    Stopped in a week or two ago on a Friday. Had a fairly good time but it sucks that they let people smoke in there. I am from out of state so not used to that stench. Actually left earlier than i would have because of that. It is kind of a small place and not many seats to sit down except front row if you get there after 9pm . Had a good time but wish there were more slim and white girls. Seemed to be many curvaceous/chubby puerto rican and black girls. They had to have thin tape over the nipples which was odd but at least you can still touch them. Couch dances were nice but really should be $20 instead of $25. All in all a good time especially if you are from out of town though had to wash my clothes and myself when i got home to get the stinky cigarette smell out! Music was way too loud too.

  41. frank

    this place is a shithole

  42. Dave

    this place rocks

  43. disgusted
  44. joseph1k

    This place had a double murder go down. One of the guys crawled inside to die. They have done nothing to make it more secure.If you go there know the risks. You may die.

  45. Greg H.

    Had a better time here than club down the road.

  46. Tom

    Great club need to visit if you are in the area. the other clubs that write negitive comments about this club need to work on making there clubs better , and less time on the internet.

  47. jim. ft myers

    number one club in this town,best looking girls.even tho the bouncers are are on your ass if you break the rules.I feel safe with taking my wife there.even have bouncers in the parking area.Don’t even ask about drugs,one comment and your be escorted to the door.believe me walk when they ask

  48. To chris

    You obviously don’t know the bartendars…..

  49. AssnTits5

    some hotties, some trainwrecks. good times, last time I went on a Friday night it was a little too ghetto fabulous for me. I’ll give it another shot though. I believe it was $10 cover, a little pricey with the drinks

  50. Dave J.

    watch out for those russian bitches,was like getting a dance from a cheese grater

  51. Club goer

    Not as good as the ones in Key West. Touching is forbidden

    by Fort Myers/Lee County law, both here and at all 3 other

    strip clubs in Lee County; you as the customer must more

    than less keep your hands to yourself, especially as this

    and other Fort Myers area strip clubs were apparently raided

    several times in the past by the police department due to

    touching and such.

  52. Frank C.

    Me like this club

  53. wayne n

    I used to go there a couple years ago before I moved and I will be back in the area in a month or two. I was wondering if anyone that has been going there a while remembers Destiny. Is she still working there? And how is the club these days still like it was a couple years ago?

  54. Brian

    I dont know what you guys are fighting about there are enough people in this town for both clubs …You guys sound like a bunch of chicks figting over a pair of shoe’s …. Looker’s still got it in this TOWN!

  55. Jose

    Alot better than escapades

  56. chris

    very clean and safe the managers is the best and so is the sister bartenders

  57. mike

    went in and place got alot better with girls. heard babes isnt good and dont like escapades atmosphere too small of club there.it will be good when they are done remodeling the place.

  58. Visitor from Naples

    Agree with above comment. This club has gone from comfotable and friendly to downright shithole. Keep catering to the assholes and their shit music (too ghetto for me) and you will surely keep out the tourists and lose your classiest girls. What a shame!

  59. TRB

    Great club, good service and Ginger on days is fantastic. I’ve been going there years.

  60. JOHN


  61. Teddy Bear

    Good variety of the late dancers. The best dancers …….

  62. Rick C.C.

    Nice job on the new hire

  63. robecca

    nice club, always a good time, never a problem that i can see


    NIGGERTROL is what needs to be done to clean up the official ghetto gang club. SOME king of the hood breaks a bottle in the parking lot to create a nigger knife. Like im gonna leave my car to go inside.

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