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0 reviews for “Diamond Men’s Club

  1. Frank S.

    This club is closed.

  2. Mentor

    Club is dead and no cute women- dances suck

  3. ronny
  4. annon.

    went in recently and loved everything about it. cheap drinks, hot girls. music a little loud but good all the same.

  5. visitorChicago

    This place is okay, but the private dances are super low mileage. The girl can touch but not the guy, and three different girls had the same rule. It certainly is not like Club O in Chicago, even though the atmosphere is about the same.

  6. Clevelander

    Used to come here a lot – was in Thursday – very slow – if u touch a girl u are asked to leave – was just joking with one and the bouncer warned me – unbelievable – will not be back.

  7. gary

    Would recommend this club over any other in Cleveland. Love this place!

  8. Brandon

    Had a great timeMonday nite. Acually had quite a few ladies most very attractive. No contact but from what I hear thats ever where pretty soon in Ohio. Great place will be back.

  9. former customer

    Club is not the same since all the hot girls went to Chrities

  10. Michael G.

    Evon is a very pretty lady and she deserves your respect. I met her for the first time. I liked her hospitality. She is the one who broke my shyness twards strip clubs. So again very good place. I liked it. Espessialy after comic con. 🙂

  11. another customer

    all the hot girls are gone the ones that are there complain about not making any money

  12. David

    I think the club needs to let loose. A lot of beautiful girls but the club seems to be a little to up tight its a strip club let loose relax a little…

  13. review

    Club is ok but all air dances. Touch and go policy keeps customers away. Better across the river at Christies.

  14. Yeah right

    Diamonds do not know how to treat their dancers. Take it from me, they treat girls like sh!t and many good, beautiful dancers leave them, only to have less quality girls working for the club. That’s bs lie that Diamonds wants everyone to believe…things at Diamonds are not what it really seems. Bunch of hypocrites and a lot of fluffing happens behind closed doors. Diamonds is no better than any club especially, if a girl does not put out for management, she is treated like $h!t..

  15. MR. S

    I like this place

  16. Shill for Club

    It seems that this club posts their own reviews-

  17. otis
  18. frank j

    Last one out turn out the lights. The only girls with customers are the ones that let a manager or owner fk em. He has alredy lost one time for the others to close as well. At this point it would be a mercy killing.

  19. ryan123

    Met a group here late night on a Saturday. This place is looking pretty good compared to last time I came in. Not only was the place packed, there was some gorgeous girls too. Our server was just excellent, which has a lot to do with your experience. The drinks were flowing, girls were a plenty and the food is made fresh in house. I had their fresh cut french fries, they were hot out the grease and damn good if I do say so myself. The crispy chicken, bacon sandwich was good too. Real chicken breast, not a frozen mystery meat patty. This meal prompted me to write the review, it was that damn good. Most ‘Gentleman’s Clubs’ (ha!) don’t cater to their female guests like they should, which is why I had such a standout experience here. They had flavored vodka, this is a first for me. My server treated me like one of the guys, which is what you want. Even though I don’t engage in tipping on stage and lap dances, I’m still paying top dollar for these drinks, tip well and keep it moving honey.Let’s be real, if your looking for attractive dancers, good eats and a helpful server, Diamond’s is in the top 3 in the city. Instead of using past experience to rate the other two, I think another visit is in order to fairly compare them all. Yes, I’m on a quest to find the best strip club in the city, this should be fun.

  20. FYI OHIO...

    CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB will be opening January 28, 2009!!! This 16 thousand sq ft Adult Entertainment Complex offers state-of-the-art light, sound and we have hand-selected hundresd of the area’s Hottest Ladies!!! Come down and Play With Us!! We’re at 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh and open daily noon till 2AM BEAUTIFUL ENTERTAINERS: WE WILL BE OPEN JANUARY 28TH 2009!!! Tons of you have already applied at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club, but in case you’re still on the fence, come down & see what a spectacular establishment you could be working for!!! We are taking applications M-F 10 am till 6pm. Give us a call & come down today!!CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh 412-281-3110

  21. wonderer

    This club is Open and very good. Come visit all the hot ladies and have a drink. Wonderful drink specials and great food too!

  22. Munchausen

    So I was fucking this dancer in the restroom, right, and she asks me, no demands that I give her a “Dirty Sanchez”.

    So I do it and then afterwards she wants to kiss me. I hate when that happens–I am not into scat, especially my own. I tipped her $400.

  23. Hank Jefferson

    I went here this last weekend and these girls are pretty shameless. No class. The one girl I kept getting dances from told me how she escorts and handed me her number. Wow like I really want to go out with u aids infested ass now. Maybe if u didn’t prostitute urself to everyone. Not only that there were girls that were so wasted, drunk high, I don’t even know, that they couldn’t walk straight, let alone give a dance. And no u can’t get a dance from me if I just watched u get fingerbanged by some dude, slut. If u let that guy do it how many others did it to u and how far have u gone with other dudes. Eww totally disgusting, the management needs to do something about this classless place. On the other hand, the place is so empty you can get a handjob from a dancer without going to the VIP room and no one will see you.

  24. diamond fan!!

    First off, this place is classy! For everyone saying that they get extras, it’s not true, they have cameras! Sorry, it doesn’t happen all you ex employees that grind now and give diseases! Christies is where they hand out bjs and diseases! And for the guy thar said he got some in the bathroom, was that when the bathroom attendant watched? Liar!! Why should diamonds be shut down people? Cuz you all want extras from nasty girls? Shows how classy you people are!! HA HA Everyone left because they have no class! Customers included…PIGS!!

  25. valued customer

    this place is not closed and starlett is not working at christies. all the dancer who went over there have no class

  26. Monday Nite Man

    Had a great time last nite. Girls were all very friendly The music was awesome, usually don’t notice that but this guy had this place rockin on a Monday nite. Keep up the good work Diamonds!

  27. Chicago

    This club is slow and the dances suck

  28. richard

    Gotta say I was pretty dissapointed with the girls-

  29. Fred Sarvice

    If this club is closing soon, am I gonna have to go over to Christie’s Cabaret for a BJ?

  30. Greg T

    Love this club and have for many years. Classy ladies with feel good surroundings.

  31. al
  32. Will
  33. george

    Used to come here a lot. Stopped in the other night and club was so dead I thought I was at a funeral. Went to another club (Christies) and saw many former Diamonds dancers who all left because this club was so slow.

  34. Troy

    Excellent atmosphere! Beautiful girls.

  35. BEN


  36. Ricky

    The girls here are above average. The only thing is, its like visiting silicone city. More than half the girls have fake breasts. But, I like this club!

  37. Peter

    All the Hot girls did not go to Crusties putz….just the whores who wanted to take it anal for $20. Diamonds still has many a fine looking entertainer. Stay at Christies and take an STD home to your wife, it’ss be expensive tho.

  38. We had

    a great time. They treat couples great.The girls are really cool about that.

  39. Ed

    Pretty good place, although the bouncers can be a little much. If you even brush the girls leg in the private rooms, they threaten to throw you out. Other than that, I had a fantastic time. Good variety of girls. Will be back!

  40. billy

    average strip joint average strippers

  41. rickywho2

    I had a good time there. Good food, friendly manger and bartender. I would love to spend another night there best place, if you’re looking for fun just go there you won’t regretted

  42. don
  43. What happened??

    This place used to be the club. All the good dancers went to Christie’s I hear! I

    guess I know where I’m going! Went on a Sat. place was dead so I went to

    Christie’s and it was packed. We are witnessing the end of an era!

  44. Jamie
  45. Mikey

    someone needs to tell frank do get rid of the transvestites… alana and lexi have adams apples and bony faces.. . spend less on your chest and more on your faces…

  46. Grant T

    Wasn’t empty when I was there. Had over 25 girls and a nice crowd. Not to mention the great service. Even the music is good here, a little loud on weekends but they lower it. I think it’s a great club.

  47. Fred Samples

    Last time I went here I got Molluscum contagiosum and genital warts. Be careful boys. The BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  48. PT Duff

    Was in on Tuesday nite, Had an awesome time. Lots of girls and the serivice was great. Better time here on a Tuesday than most clubs on a Friday. Coming back this weekend with some buddies. Thanks Collada had a blast.

  49. Satisfied Customer

    Most of the reviewers on this board are shills—management, employees, dancers. The only reason I go here is for the reasonably priced extras–HJs and BJs and sometimes blumpkins.

  50. Is It True

    I heard that Krista audition last night at Christies. Anyone know if she got the job?

  51. Frank

    Iv’e had better times at other clubs. Won’t be back

  52. Just Fine

    may only run 30 -35 girls but almost all of them are 8 or better. Unlike Christies which runs 80 but only about 5 are above an 8. Quality not quanitity. I’ll definatly be back.

  53. John

    This club is always jumpin’, there’s plenty of girls, the food is great, the drinks are reasonably priced. Overall, a great experience!

  54. newguy
  55. Dan

    Love this place. Beautiful girls great music excellent service. Will be back soon.

  56. Tony

    This club is great and classy. I had a nice time and would recommend this place to anyone.

  57. Satisfied

    Best club in Cleveland hands down. Will come back many times. Great time this weekend. Especiall with the beautiful house girls and Tera Patrick. Can’t wait for you next feature.

  58. Guest

    Did this place go downhill or what??!!

  59. swinger

    Hot ladies

  60. Club Hopper

    Best club in Cleveland easily!

  61. alex
  62. alan
  63. Joseph

    This is a joke – no girls, no customers – Spend your money elswhere.

  64. New Customer

    Much better than other clubs in Cleveland. Beautiful girls helpful staff, comfortable enviornment.

  65. Regular

    This club is still one of the best in town. Beautiful women and great food.

  66. JMoney
  67. Tasha

    Club has no business – worked there 2 days and quit – dead. Other girls told me that most of the girls here left or are looking at other clubs to work at.

  68. Current Dancer

    This club is very nice to the girls. More clubs should learn from this example. Good luck to you at Christies. Unfortunatly you will have to make money the way 90% of the girls there do, but then again not everyone respects their girls like Diamonds. Best of luck to you.

  69. New Yorker

    Visited the club and I must say beautiful women. Starlett has got to be the most amazing girl I’ve ever seen.

  70. Colin
  71. Janice

    This club is terrible – don’t waste your time here.

  72. Ted

    Had an ezcellent time Thursday and Friday. They had like 40 girls, 30 were way above average. The other 10 about 6-8. Not bad in general. WOuld rather hang out and spend my money here then anywhere else in town.

  73. Jake

    This is a great place and a great atomosphere, well done Frank!

  74. Visitor

    Cabbie brought us here – place was slow – then went to CHristies across the river and had a great time.

  75. yawn

    blah blah blah sums it fairly accurately-

  76. Hairy Cooch

    So I am going down on this dancer at the club (at her request) and she is the rare type who doesn’t shave–she

    has a mane the size of an afro between her legs—and I get a hairball in my throat. It took me two days to get

    it out of my throat!!!! I hacked up a hairball bigger than my cat!

  77. Cleveland

    Great time Wed. At least 25 girls most very attractive. Looked pretty busy as well. Will definatly be back.

  78. Honest Review

    Club is dead – dances terrible. Don’t know who writes these reviews but they must at Disneyland – not here. Club is better than the downtown horse though.

  79. taman
  80. DuncanSwank

    The club itself is fine. Stay away from a worn out older looking, by dancer standards, named Cheyene. She pulls the “I did two dances routine” when she didn’t actually even dance for one full song. The dance was not good anyway. I kind of think I should get a tax write-off as I was basically donating to a charity.

  81. Like it

    Got a bunch of new entertainers, and alot of regulars back. It seems the shine has warn off the whore house across town. Keep up the good work Diamonds.

  82. mysteryman

    Fantastic steak and sushi!!! Love Starlet she was a blast!!!

  83. Elyria

    This club is empty – Elyria club is better.

  84. Tom

    This club needs a management overhaul -dead, dead, dead

  85. sniff sniff

    what the hell is that smell ? Oh I know what it is, this place stinks

  86. The Hottest Person You Know

    This club is great! Can’t beleive I ever worked somewhere else!

  87. larry1

    I would recommend going to Christies cabaret 2 minutes away instead of this place…but if you insist on going here: $10 topless dances out on the floor or $20 nude dances elsewhere. Both dances are no contact and they have signs saying “if you touch, you go”. Very uptight feel to the club, which made me feel uncomfortable.

  88. larry love

    some of the prettiest gurls i have ever seen

  89. bob

    its going down latly whats up

  90. lala
  91. ex dancer

    F*** diamonds. BS management. No money at all. Despite the rumors of christies, I’ll be checking about a job there.. It’s all about the girl, if you want to be a 2 cent whore, then thats how it is, but if you’re classy, clean, and friendly you’re going to make it. It has nothing to do with the place.. because more than half the girls at diamonds are DIRTY.

  92. It is true

    Krista was working at Christies Friday night. Krista said she will be working every other weekend at Christies. It was great to get a contact dance from her finally! Saw another girl from Diamonds now at Christies Saturday night–I think her name is Destiny. Starlet also auditioned at Christies.

  93. Moe

    Alot of fun, beautiful ladies and great food!

  94. stan
  95. Jerry

    this club is dead- don’t waste your time.

  96. jack

    not a fun place to go

  97. GREG

    AWESOME TIME!!! Will tell all my buddies. Best club in Cleveland!

  98. randy

    what happened to this place. used to be good, now its a joke. wont waste my time coming back.

  99. Steven

    This place is alot fo fun, and very classy… the people who recently posted are probably either old customers who didn’t get their rocks off as they planned or just ec dancers that got fired for being nasty. Just understand these girls are all here for fun anf money… its a great pleasure to seem them work hard and we appreciate each and every one of them. Most are supporting schoo and children and they should be respecting for doing so, god knows I sure couldn’t get up there AND do what they do. ANd Frank and the others work hard to make you enjoy yourself.

  100. Jorge

    This club is so dead they have to play the music loud to pretend people are here.

  101. Strangler

    Great club, and the best part is you can always print a free admission ticket from their website, so no cover!

  102. Mike

    Beers were only $3, dances were only $10, you can get a coupon off the website for free admission. Great value. A good variety of girls…no fat ones or old grannies. Music seemed a little too loud, but still good. Don’t let the surrounding neighborhood discourage you. I would definately return!

  103. Conan

    Does Alana still work there? Knew her from way back, and miss the good ol’ days. 🙂

  104. As a Dancer

    This club may not be wall to wall during the week, but the money is pretty good. Considering they treat us girls with respect and don’t expect us to be whores I’ll take the trade off. If I wanted to make money to have sex I would. Becuase of this club I don’t have to. I’m new so I don’t know who to thank, but thank you great club.

  105. sporky
  106. Patrick

    Hot girls. Starlet and Safron were my favorite

  107. Ryan

    Air dance central. All show, no go. You’ll have more fun picking up a skin book or downloading free porn off the net….

  108. mo

    Most girls are pretty hot but they will come up one after the other and ask you if you want a dance.

  109. average joe
  110. Micky
  111. robert
  112. j


  113. lousy club

    dances were dumb girls don’t even get close to you

  114. matt

    sexy girls!!!!!! great place ill be back!!!!!

  115. tommy


  116. Mr. Man

    Kind of lame. A few girls will give contact dances, but its frowned upon here. Still, no friction or hands on. Some girls don’t do vip at all or won’t for less than 3 dances. On the positive, the wait staff isn’t too pushy. The $10 massage is the best deal the place, go there for that if anything! If you want quality dances in northern Ohio, you’ll have to go to one of the two places in Toledo.

  117. phill

    love the girls here…very hot!

  118. Bob Jefferson

    I was getting a lapdance and this dancer had her period all over me—ruining my shirt. She charged me double because she said it was “special”.

  119. Detroit

    Club was slow with a few girls – not friendly.

  120. allen

    great place hot girls i will be back!!!!!!!!

  121. visitor 2


  122. Monica

    Used to work here management sucks & no money here.

  123. Re what happened

    Keep the Crusty Christy commernts on your site Christie employee. Everyone knows Christie’s can’t compete with Diamond. Before or after your renovation. Million dollar builing $10 employess and dancers inside. Diamonds remains the elite and the MUCH better club.

  124. Larry

    Wow – All of the customers are gone – now Starlet and Krista are at other clubs too! Maybe this can be a new franchise for the Amber lounge – by the way – if you want to see Diamonds ex-dancers and patrons – go to Christies.

  125. disappointed

    Came to see my favorite dancer but she went to Christies. From what the waitress told me so did a lot of others.Place just isn’t the same anymore. Kinda dead really.

  126. Dale

    Club is dated and slow. Many former girls went to Christies becuase of management.

  127. Customer

    Beautiful girls, great music relaxing atmosphere. And the prices are reasonable. Would recommend this club to anyone.

  128. KJ


  129. steve
  130. Another One

    I’m so tired of people saying how all the girls have gone to Christies. The only once who went to Christies are the girls who can’t make money on looks. The girls who don’t mind taken a pop in the mouth for 20 bucks. We still have almost all of the hotties we ever had. BTW most girls move around most clubs in a city.

  131. ray


  132. Dusty

    This club used to be good but all the hot girls are gone. club is dead now.

  133. Jack Johnson


  134. TD

    Great time Hot women. Best club in Cleveland.

  135. terry
  136. Fuck Frank

    This Place should be condemed! Its a shithole, the girls are coke heads.. the service sucks and Frank the owner is a piece of shit. I recommend anywhwre else but here shit even west 25th is better. Go put this place in the hole it came out of Frank and you go with it!

  137. Joe

    Best quality club in town – great steaks – good place to entertain clients – not a dirty dance club like the other club.

  138. sam
  139. Bob Kranz

    This place was one of the cheesiest places in the Strip Club Scene.

  140. Franklyn

    I first came to Diamonds in about 2004. I had a ton of fun and there were really hot girls.I’ve gone in twice in the past 3 months and it was completely different. No hot girls and even the moderately cute ones were weird or never came by after being tipped on stage and asked to come over.Also, the last time I was there a woman came in with two other guys to confront her man who had come to the club to have some fun. They started a fight and the bouncers took forever to kick them out. It was right near us so we moved in case we would get hit by a badly thrown bottle or something. Management never apologized or anything.This club seems more like a place where third-tier dancers go to hang out with each other than a moneymaking venture or fun time for anyone.Go to Christies or Crazy Horse in Bedford Hts instead.

  141. Sarah

    Great Club!

  142. First Timer Here

    I’m a female, who is new to the Strip Club scene. We went Saturday night, it was packed. My husband and I had a good time. The only thing I would complain about is the volume of the music. The DJ can turn it down a tad bit. It was hard to hear the dancers when we had conversations with them. Other than that, it was a good place.

  143. Paul C

    Great time Monday night. Made the Ohio loss better with all the hotties they had. I’ll be back.

  144. Deedee

    Used to work here – this place should close – no customers – Amber Lounge girls – Better clubs in town. Management wants to F#%k all the girls.

  145. CJNDI

    From the moment we walked in (Couple) to the moment we left we were impressed with everything about the club, including the security, admission, parking lot, girls and building.

  146. Bill

    This club is slow with unattractive women – dances are terrible.

  147. outta towner

    where did the girls go, used to be so many girls ?

  148. What??

    This club IS NOT CLOSED. How have I been working if it is closed?

    Get your details straight!

  149. Roofer

    I think they blocked the IP of that useless sack of shit who was writing BS about the clubs. Anyway, I scored some X and a sloppy BJ from a dancer in the VIP room for $300.

  150. mel

    love the girls they r hot my fav is koko

  151. Grant

    Had a great time on the weekend. Had tix to the game but it was too cold to stay lol. Went to Diamonds and they already had a full floor of ladies…most very hot. The touching thing is I’m sure how they keep the hotties. I’ll be back.

  152. Chad H

    Great time on Friday. Bokked a private party, they took care of everything. Reccommend it to all.

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