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0 reviews for “Europa Club

  1. Heath R.

    I probably wouldn’t go to Europa, but it’s in my neighborhood, and Scenic’s been booking some decent punk-rock shows there in recent months. (It’s usually a Polish dance club.) Not too long ago I went to see Gaslight Anthem, Tim Barry (Avail), and the Bouncing Souls. And last night, I went to see Bloodhook, D.I., and Agent Orange. (I left before Fear’s set.)I don’t drink, so I don’t know what drinks cost. The sound is just OK, and shows start pretty late. Last night’s show’s door was at 7 p.m. I got there around 9:20 in time to see the second band of five. The downstairs room was lively — the first time I’ve actually seen it open.I don’t have much more to say. The venue could be anything, anywhere. But the bands they’ve been bringing in are good. I’ll keep going because it’s one of a few venues within spitting distance — and as long as the schedule continues to appeal.

  2. Thomas C.

    Europa cracks me up and really pisses me off at the same time. I’ve come here for a few shows over the years, because they book some of the more abrasive metal bands that just wouldn’t be able to fill a club in Manhattan. Saw Pig Destroyer here back in the day, think I saw Car Bomb once, and saw Atakke last night. The sound is totally hit or miss. Pig Destroyer are one of my favorite bands and I remember it being one of the worst shows I’ve ever been to. Atakke’s sound was really great. Totally hit or miss. Beers are at least twice the price they should be at a place like this in this location, but from what I understand, as soon as the metal shows end, this becomes an eastern european-type disco for underage Polish chicks. So I guess they can jack up the prices.From Manhattan, it’s a total drag to get to and there’s not a whole lot going on around after shows. I avoid Europa unless it’s a band I HAVE to see. Would recommend you do the same unless you live in the neighborhood, in which case it’s actually a decent place to hang out (good seating etc.). Just not worth the trip/money.

  3. Franklyn

    I lived across the street from this club for five years, I’ve lived in the hood for twenty. To the person who complained about the fact that there are Polish people who live here…hello…adding that as a put-down is pointless. Would you go to Bed Stuy and complain that it’s dominated by Black people? If that’s your attitude, then you probably would. Greenpoint has been a Polish neighborhood forever. My Great-Grandmother was born and raised here, and I’m pushing sixty. But I digress…I never set foot in this place, but at 4 a.m. every single Saturday night when they released the patrons onto the streets when they closed, I was treated to chanting, screaming, vomiting morons who made it their business to wake up the entire neighborhood, simply because they can. Not surprisingly, the 94th Precinct is two doors down from the club. Never in all the years I’ve lived here have I ever, EVER seen one cop out on the streets to witness these drunken slobs getting into their cars, potential DWIs, I would venture to bet, most of them…kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Oh, wait, now I remember, ten years ago or so two cops were caught dealing drugs in the club…that’s right…so I’m just trying to make some sense of all that. And it doesn’t. So for all the nights you slobs woke me and my family up at 4 a.m….this review is for YOU.

  4. Joe F.

    Bad place. Problems just waiting to happen. Almost as though ppl r welcomed to problems tht bouncers n cops don’t deter. Rude clip board girl out front, n shot girls suck. 20 to get into this hole in the wall

  5. maxxy1

    The night that I went to is not that bad because I had fun with my friends.. I don’t really like the atmosphere of this club that’s y I gave a 3.. This place is kinda “creepy”.. And I don’t think a place like this should have such an expensive cover charge…Came here because a few of my friends were not 21… I do not have much experience in club… So I do not know how to write a good review… but I had better experience..

  6. james1412

    I went a few months ago and met this mean, horrible polish girl, whom I will call “Jo” Jo is not bad looking, but can be a bit tough to deal with. She is the reason I never went back!

  7. Sean S.

    I went to this place about a month ago cause my friend was spinning with Wolf + Lamb. Was walking around the neighborhood today, and remembered the place. It’s Meserole & Manhattan Ave, between the Nassau and Greenpoint G train stops.It’s not bad, a big space, and huge dance floor upstairs. However, it’s kinda out of the way, a real hike from the Bedford L, more likely you’ll transfer to the G which drops you off two blocks away. Drinks are cheap, and pips are hip, but I would make sure in advance that you pick the right night to go. When I went it was pretty dead, even at 1am when we ended up leaving. But it definitely had potential…

  8. Johnnyboy123

    I happen to get there on some techno music but loved it.

  9. AssnTits5

    I did not like the sound system when I went here to see a metal band, it sounded very dry (it needs that bass) and I found it very hard for me to bob my head to the music. The stage was small..I would come here only if I had to otherwise I don’t think this is the best place to book for bands. I can’t speak much for the clubbing because I don’t club.

  10. harryharry

    StrangePolish Night club thatalso books deathMetal to Australian indie pop shows.

  11. fuckery12

    Europa was great. I haven’t been here recently, but I was here about a year ago for new years and it was the best new years party i have ever been to. Staff is really cool and down to earth- no bullshit here. Hot girls, crazy music, good drinks. People from all over NY come to this place. Very fun club with a fun crowd, people are very sociable. If you want to have a great time and meet great people go to Europa. There is a indoor smoking lounge and the staff is lenient if that makes sense. carding isn’t done hard 😉

  12. Nick S.

    The tallest and tiniest stage one could ever call a stage. Sound and vibe suffer because of this set up.

  13. Sydney K.

    Europa sucks – where do I even begin? It’s decorated completely black with red lights, so it feels like you’re in a dirty strip club (which I assume this place used to be or still is on every other night). The beer selection is paltry, and there are no trash cans anywhere! I try not to just leave my trash on counters and the ground, but I searched all over this place and couldn’t find a receptacle. The staff is extremely unfriendly, and the sound system was horrible. All I could hear was noise, and I was seeing a band that did mostly acoustic songs. Honestly, it felt like a scary meth den. My favorite band could play here and I would never go back.

  14. Abigail S.

    I’m going to go against the grain here and give this place five stars. Why? Because despite the terrible sound system, cheesy disco lights and tacky faux castle decor, filthy bathrooms and overpriced drinks, Europa gave me the chance to see a band that has been one of my favorites for almost a decade.Uz Jsme Doma played in New York last night for the first time in six years, and because of the tiny venue and intimate setting, I was able to hug every member of the band and let them know how much I love their music. And it only cost me $10.Thank you, Europa.

  15. Victor L.

    Just saw World/Inferno here last weekend, I was impressed with the amount of space, its very simple, large 3 sided bar on one side, large dance floor on other. The acoustics for the show were terrible though, different spots sounded muddled I felt. Downstairs is a nice departure, its just a dark laid back bar. The female staff was attractive, and the set of bouncers were thoroughly I’m-not-going-to-take-any-shit.

  16. unome

    been here a few times. had some real good times, and a few bad times. mostly brazillian chicks straight off da boat. no cover charge

  17. Sarah H.

    I believe Europa is a Polish dance club that is trying to become more hipster-friendly, as there is a decent sized hipster contingent living in the neighborhood. The actual space itself is a good size – there is a small bar downstairs with a pool table, and a large space upstairs for the DJs/bands/performers. There is also a small room off to the side called the “gallery”, filled with lots of couches. The interior is done up to look like a castle, but it’s pretty cheesy with painted stone walls and faux stained glass. The thing that bothered me the most about this place other than the band’s music being WAAAY too loud (maybe I’m just getting old) was that they had these cheap ass red candles burning all over the place that smelled horrible. They were not supposed to be scented, but they gave off this rubbery odor that made me wonder how long it will take the toxins to give me a tumor. Europa is ok. I’d go back if a friend’s band were playing, but I don’t think I’d go just to hang out – there are better places in the area where you can chat without screaming.

  18. joseph1k

    One of my bands played here the other week. Halfway through the show, I realized that the sound person was also the bartender. Let me repeat that: THE SOUND PERSON AND THE BARTENDER WERE AS ONE. WTF.You could barely hear the vocals, and the stage was so small that the lead singer had to set up on the floor. Two stars because the bartender was cool as hell and gave me a discount on my first drink.

  19. fritter17

    I came here for a concert and my first impression was that it was very cold (by the doors anyway, it was in December) The bouncer never checked anyone’s ID and they allow anyone to drink in there. Very cool atmosphere for the neighborhood and although it is a small place it has plenty of dance room. It was extremely noisy inside and I couldn’t even focus on anything or communicate with anyone due to the loud speakers. The dance floor is pretty cool and I like the disco ball. Innthe back where the couches are, it can get really dirty from spilled drinks and shoe prints. Very cool place overall though if you love to go out clubbing and partying

  20. eddyL

    I was just here for a (hardcore) concert tonight and this review only pertains to that aspect. I’m not a club-goer, I don’t drink, etc. so I know nothing as far as that goes. As a frequent concertgoer, I can say that this is not a totally bad place to see a show! I guess it’s also worth noting that I attend shows alone but I saw plenty groups here who didn’t seem to have much trouble enjoying themselves together.After all the negative reviews I was reluctant to go to this place but I couldn’t pass this one up as I have been waiting years to see this band live. It’s pretty small, especially the floor in front of the stage and the stage itself. The low attendance at this show was a plus which meant that the fans who were there were actually there for the music and not just to goof around, talk amongst themselves, etc. (things I really hate about going to popular shows; I most recently experienced this with Terminal 5 [see my review for that place if you’re interested in hearing about one of the worst venues in all of NYC])I easily went right up front to the stage for the headlining band, as did everyone else who really loved the band as much as me. The lead singer was constantly sharing the mic with some fans; one fan even went onstage and sung (well, screamed) an entire song with the band (not sure if it was even planned haha).The sound system wasn’t remarkable but I didn’t expect much from this kind of place. I totally enjoyed the show though and loved the intimacy of it – reminds me of The Studio at Webster Hall, just not as geared up for the music. Sound quality generally doesn’t bother me much anyway – which is ironic considering the audiophile I am, but I go to shows to experience the raw-quality of the band performing in front of me, especially when it’s hardcore music like this.I don’t even remember seeing a security guard inside the venue; there’s no barricade, people freely went on the stage, and the only security I remember were the guys who let me into the place (who were dressed casually) with nothing more than a “lemme see ID…alrighty.”Oh, and the show was not cut short in any way. The headlining band finished up by around 10:15-10:30. I was especially glad about this because it frequently shows up in other reviews that the shows are cut short for the nightclub or whatever but this did not happen tonight! I won’t hesitate to show up here again for another show. No one was rushed out; I met the entire band before leaving and they all were able to chat a bit and sign my newly bought CD. 🙂

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