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0 reviews for “Visions

  1. guesswho

    yes, some nights there are not enough “super-hot” girls working to make some people happy, but i’ve seen a lot of really good dancers at this club, and if they are treated with respect, they will do their best to entertain and make sure you have a good time

  2. Dr. Satan

    Mediocre girls with attitudes.

  3. traveler

    could be a much better club if the girls had better attitudes

  4. Gerald

    club has a few nice women, but some don’t dance at all just stand there and want tips. The cover is resonable and people tend to like the club. The club could use better ventilatioin. If you don’t smoke you will when you come out of this club. You stink extremely bad. I came to see the girls and have a beer not a cigerette. If you are a smoker this is your place don’t buy anymore cigs just come in and breath. Cheapest cigs in the state.

  5. Ar playa
  6. Matt

    Star and Jada are the best looking women there….. they are worth every penny and more!!!

  7. Bob
  8. little hottie

    this club is the shit….i will definately be back to see these girls

  9. Vanilla Lice

    no fun a-tall

  10. Not Much ...

    … going on here. Save your money for Dallas.

  11. suge

    dancers aren’t friendly

  12. arkansas traveler

    unfriendly dancers but good staff

  13. outta here

    this club aint good enough for me to kiss the dancers asses to get a thank you for my tip. bye bye.

  14. roland

    i like it

  15. gnatman66

    The last time I went here I probably spent more money than any 5 people there. Sat at the stage the entire time, tipping every dancer, and only 1 girl took the time to even say thank you. Not once did the waitress even check on me, and the bartender was one of the worst I’ve ever encountered. Every time I got a drink it was a different price. I’ll never set foot in this club again.

  16. I know you see it

    This is a shit hole. Bogus Ass White gurls that seem to be prejudice. These dumb hoes dont know to get up off their ass and speak to customers. So i started tipping them bitches nickles. Threw one fat bitch some pennies. Like i said “I know you see it” and if you dont you will when you walk in this shit hole.

  17. the_gentleman

    This club is a lot of fun. Yeah there are a lot of rules and management actually enforces them, which means this club stays classy. If you want sleazy look elsewhere. Personally I like that there’s at least one decent establishment in the area.

  18. Rzrback

    Those Memphis strippers are a great addition. I have been coming to this club for a while. It’s nice to see some different girls. They are hot. I like the direction this club is headed. I will be back soon.

  19. Not couple friendly

    This club is not at all couple friendly and has alot every extremely stupid rules.Such as no hats, no popped collers, no touching the girls at all, no girls (including your wife)is allowed to sit on your lap, and more on the list as you walk in. Yes the girls are hot but management is to uptight for anyone to have much fun.

  20. Not_Impressed

    Lame, Lame, Lame…the girls are alright, only a few really hot ones. The rest are fat or ugly as hell. The Dj is an asshole, tried to tip him to play a song and he was rude. Its the same music every night in this club. The management are rude and stare at you during private dances. My favorite girls that did work there all quit and went elsewhere because of the bad work environment. Never going back. Victoria I miss you!

  21. Party Time!

    Wow! these girls are smoking hot…i will definitely be coming back!

  22. kevin
  23. Trifecta

    Mediocre girls. Unfriendly. Overpriced.

  24. MyName


  25. Dude

    ugly girls with attitudes

  26. andrew

    I Love This Club…all the ladies were very nice and extremely gorgeous

  27. Vistor
  28. Oh my

    Jada is the finest girl I have EVER seen! Worth goin’ everytime to see.

  29. Sux A.S.S.

    pretty much sux ass

  30. One Who Knows

    Sucks ass most of the time.

  31. Bozo

    not the friendliest of clubs

  32. Rod

    The club has new owners that are much more lenient. The variety is overwhelming. There is defiantly more dancers than customers. However my personal favorites are Skylar and Cheyenne. They are a bisexual couple that are really friendly. The variety of music was good, seems clean, friendly staff (except for the blond at the door. She’s very rude and pushy), but the prices for drinks were steep.

  33. Will

    This used to be my favorite club to go into until this weekend. They fired one of their prettiest dancers and one of the only reasons I would come to the club, I’ve been visiting on and off since living here in Arkansas since 2013. I met Svetlana, who went by a different name at the time in 2014. I’ve been seeing her for years now. I will never go back. I don’t suggest anyone going to this club anyway. The lap dances are over priced and you cannot even touch your dancer. So unless they have a personality then it’s just a waste of your time. The drinks are watered down to

  34. Duke

    Finest strip club in Maumelle!

  35. LittleRockPartyPatrol

    Not particularly friendly. Dances are over-priced, no touching, tops don’t come off, and are not particularly private. Best bet: pay the cover, nurse one drink, watch girls dance, go home.

  36. Hadji

    Pay $10 and get ignored all night!

  37. David Hood
  38. scotty

    what a waste of gas

  39. Ram

    I was in Peaches Tuesday night. DEAD!! I came here to Vision’s last night until 11. Beautiful, friendly girls. Vision’s for my Maumelle hangout…Sensations for my Cabot hangout! Gonna give Papermoon a try friday night. Any thoughts of that?

  40. saywhat


  41. Texican

    VIP isn’t worth price. Go to Dallas instead.

  42. A.Lee
  43. About time

    I hear there is new management now, and I can tell a difference. There are new girls there, the music seems to be better, more variety. Dances are still the same unless you go upstairs, which is where I always go when I visit. This place is really turning out good. I actually was entertained.

  44. JT

    Having been to such a variety of clubs from Cali, to NY. The Private dances in this establishment left a little disappointing.

  45. sucks

    sucks sucks sucks. stuck up bimbos

  46. Jerry

    Best I. Arkansas

  47. JP

    Chicks keep getting better looking.

  48. Brandon

    If you can get over all the obease girls who should never take off there clothes and the fact that they are all so drunk to dance I guess its okay to go and look at there fish tanks.

  49. Nonya

    Great club. Lots of rock music, laid back crowd, friendly girls, personal, friendly atmosphere. Treat the ladies and the waitresses right and they’ll make sure you have a great time!

  50. bobby

    not much going on here

  51. so sad

    very very weak

  52. bryz

    only a couple hot girls (candace, lacy). everyone was nice, just feels like a barn. one good thing though is it’s pretty open, so you don’t have to sit very close to anyone else. plenty of stage access. private dance WAY too expensive and not nearly private enough. poor value. nice fish tanks.

  53. ROB
  54. Lil Snottie

    this club is shit….i will definately avoid coming back to see these girls

  55. ugh


  57. Kris Wilson

    This club ROCKS!!! I’m almost 75 miles away from this club, but it’s well worth the drive for the great atmosphere, the awesome waitresses, the DJ’s and especially all the lovely ladies!!! I haven’t had a chance to meet all of the ladies, but I can tell you the ones I have met are first class beautiful ladies! If you stop by look for Heavenly, Juliana, Lucious, Jada, Crystal and Eden…and on the very top of my list are three of the finest, sweetest, ladies in the state, Baby Girl, Kendall, and Dallas! Trust me guys, don’t pass up this club! And when you are there, I dare you to try to take your eyes off of the gorgeous Baby Girl or Kendall! If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at kris”at”

  58. xXx

    Big Spenders Only!

  59. Hugh G. Reckshon

    Coldest girls and hottest beer in town!

  60. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  61. jack
  62. Overall Happy Visit

    I haven’t visited any other clubs in the area yet, but

    Visions is OK. There are some dancers that are large but if

    they didn’t make money, they wouldn’t be up on stage.

    Somebody likes them. There were more dancers than guests

    but it was a Tuesday night and I had to leave rather early.

    I did get to have a great conversation and had an excellent

    lap dance before I left.

  63. seth

    a few of the girls have the attitude that if they wernt there the club would close but most of the girls are very nice

  64. pops

    girls are nice but need someone that knows how to play a varity of music heavy metal is ok but there is other types of music that can be played

  65. happyman

    This is definitely the best club in Arkansas. The girls are lots of fun and love to party, and there were some incredible dancers. If you’re in the area, you should definitely check it out.

  66. travelingguy

    I was there during the week, the club had a decent crowd and a fair number girls dancing. The club was clean and a nice atmosphere. The only drawback was that I was there for 3 hours and never got approached once by a girl for a private dance. Most of the girls were too busy just hanging out. While the club itself was not bad, the lack of attention by the girls would make me say I would not go back.

  67. Kurious K

    What do these bitches have to be so stuckup about?

  68. Rudger

    I went to Visions for the first time last night and had a wonderful time!

    All the ladies there were really great and very nice! I plan to be a regular and bring many friends from work.

    Thanks for an awesome time! (^_^)

  69. peyton
  70. ArkansasPlaya
  71. LRPartyPatrol

    No touching dancers. Dancers wear pasties and aren’t very friendly. Generally a cold atmosphere.

  72. Tourist

    Homely chicks with attitude.

  73. Bazul

    I heard there was new girls there. I might check it out this weekend.

    I liked it last time I was there. Nice company, hot woman.

  74. Disappointed

    I won’t be back.

  75. vsfvswf

    weak boring mediocre cold

  76. sugar daddy

    Sorry to say, the girls there at sensations are just a rude and snooty as the ones at visions.

  77. HotMama7587

    I absolutely love this club! Most of the girls are friendly and sweet. If you are nice to them then they will be nice to you. Most are absolutely gorgeous but every dancer is beautiful in one way or another. I recomend you stop by if your in the area and if Casey,Molly,or Danni are workin you are in for a real treat.

  78. john

    lots girls a couple with even go out with you if you ask

    the only complant i have is the dj sucks

  79. Collin W.

    Moving from Memphis, I would have to say what a great change. Ever since Memphis’s clubs went downhill (as in they don’t show ANYTHING) I stopped going. Then when I got transferred for work, I decided to give this place a shot. Man I love it. The girls are very nice, and sexy. The dances are full contact like Memphis used to be. Love the upstairs rooms. I also noticed a few Memphis dancers have made the switch too. I made sure to dance with them.

  80. Out of Town Guest

    Almost didnt go after reading on here….but checked it out anyway…..was in town for a week….enjoyed the mellow atmosphere early, and when it was time the place was rocking!

  81. LR Party Posse

    Go to Memphis or Dallas instead. Nothing to see here!

  82. %%%%%%%

    Had an alright time, some of the girls were kinda bitchy

  83. StripClubGuru

    This place has issues. The girls are great, but the managment is terrible. I have seen some bad things here, and will never go back myself.

    I have seen the “bouncers” at this club abuse the rights of customers many times. I have seen a person get slammed head first into a door, then when he fell on the ground, the bouncers kicked and hit him while down. All because he asked why he was asked to leave the club. (they served him drinks to the point where he could barely stand up then kicked him out.) Other instances involve customers having windows busted out of cars by bouncers, cars kicked and dented by bounces, people being thrown in the air by two or more bouncers, people being choked by bouncers…

    I have also seen more than once people having to wait IN THE STREET off of their property just to wait for a CAB, or their ride to come. These wern’t trouble makers, just people that stayed until closing time and then were told to leave the property while they wait on a ride.

    This USED to be a nice club, but for the time being, I would recommend avoiding it at all costs. There are much more friendly places to spend your money, and places where the bouncers dont have “complexes”.

  84. Lance

    I have never been treated as good at any club. The doorman, bar tenders, dj’s, dancers, Billy, etc….they all rock!!!!!

  85. s. faren

    if you ask one of the blonde’s about “the 1 bill” they will give you a nice head. best experience ever

  86. HAWG FAN

    Once you get passed the rude blond on crutches and pain pills

    at the door not a bad place, Lots of friendly girls great

    music and a clean facility. Ill be back hope the blonde isnt

  87. nobody likes the dj
  88. jj

    Some of the girls have attitude, But I love this club!!!And most of the girls are down to earth and sweet. If you treat them like ladies they respond better….They are not objects..but real people!

  89. Gene

    This place is terrible. Girls are fat and ugly and will steal money off of your table. girls are also not friendly. go to paper moon its a little further out but worth the drive. girls that are hot and give great lap dances.

  90. businessman

    NOT a good experience

  91. Try Sensations

    Sensations in Jacksonville is more fun.

  92. The stripper tipper

    vip rocks

  93. Gentleman Bandit

    About as charming as a cow barn. Dancers aren’t very friendly and management is crappy. Overpriced dances are fully clothed. If this is Arkansas’ best, go to Memphis or Dallas.

  94. XhXeXy

    Wow where should one starts! Worst experience I have ever had bar none at a gentlemen’s club! usually when you drop 470 bucks inside 5 hours you expect the place to at least appreciate your contribution to the establishment! Needless to say I will not be back, I do not recommend anyone go here! Bad location, poor parking, unattractive women, that want to start drama and accuse customers of stealing from them! The theft accusation was enough for me! I have four business and two websites had I treated a customer like that I would expect a letter! Hence this is my letter, If your looking for a good time…. Good Luck your not going to find it here! As I said watch yourself, your bar tab, and your wallet here very very close!

  95. Ark man

    I had a great time last weekend. I met a few of the Memphis girls. The tall black headed one with the huge rack is my favorite. She gave awesome lap dances. I will be back this weekend to see her. I like this club a lot better than Little Rock’’s in the hood. No way I’m taking chances there.

  96. Jake_Peterson
  97. Space Cadet

    Average girls with attitudes.

  98. Mikel

    I first started at Visions b/c it was close to home, but the more i went the more i was getting bored. There’s 2 chick out of 30 that looked good and out of the 2 chicks that looked good 1 was nice. I looked at the back of my card and decided hey give Sensations a try. I love it! Fuck yeah Sensations.

  99. Ben There

    girls cold as ice

  100. Brent
  101. $pender

    Girls aren’t very friendly. I found it dull.

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