Red Garter Saloon



208 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040


24.5586494, -81.8051496




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Red Garter Saloon

  1. money

    the owner is a ashole

  2. fritter17

    Essentially got kicked out because we threw away a shot from a stranger that was more than likely roofied. Way to listen to the two females that were trying to explain what was actually happening.

  3. ryan123

    Three friends and I walked in, looked at each other at the same exact time and said “Why does it smell like diarrhea in here?!” NEXT!!!

  4. BOBBY


  5. Victoria A.

    Stopped in on a surprisingly quiet Monday night expecting a decent time, based on the other reviews. Doormen were nice, and there was a $5 cover charge. The drinks were a great price, I paid $13.50 for two Bacardi and cokes; very weak pours but hey you get what you pay for, right?The girls (save for one, from what we saw) weren’t the prettiest. And after they danced, they’d walk around harassing you for a tip or to go to a private room, even though we sat close to stage and tipped each one multiple times. Finally we saw one attractive girl and after she performed we were talked into getting a “private couples dance.” It was $20 per person, plus we gave her a $15 tip up front, to be taken into this weird little back room with about 4-5 benches separated by dividers, each one with another girl giving someone else a private dance. It was kind of skeevy. The dance lasted a whopping 30-45 seconds. Another strange thing. There is no lock in the single women’s bathroom. When I asked the bartender if the door locked, she said no. When I asked how to keep someone from opening the door while I’m inside, she just shrugged. All in all, it wasn’t the best experience. I wasn’t expecting the hottest girls in the world, but I would at least like to have seen a few more who had active gym memberships. I’d probably stop by again, but with much lower expectations (and make sure you don’t go alone, because you’ll need someone to watch the bathroom door for you).

  6. Johnnyboy123

    Ok, not that I’m a major strip club aficionado, but I’ve been to a handful and this place is my favorite! Maybe it’s because it’s Key West (a party city), but there aren’t any creepers hanging out by themselves here. The girls are actually attractive and super friendly! Before talking to my boyfriend, they asked if it was okay, which I appreciated lol.

  7. maxxy1

    Of the three strip clubs we visited in Key West I liked this one the best. It wasn’t the one with the prettiest line up of girls (there are some beauties but about 1/3rd of the girls were heavy or old or both), but the attitude of the girls was best, the atmosphere in the club was fun, and the drinks were cheap.We liked it so much we went back the next night 🙂

  8. fuckery12

    Me and my friends were throwing a bachelor party at this place last week before spring break. This place is actually good and not bad at all for being in key west. Key West doesn’t have many strip clubs to go to by the way. I’d stay away from the over priced clubs that allow you to watch girl from behind the glass. This place is a full nude bar that allows you to touch the girls. I don’t know why it’s marked closed. But as of 3-11-16, it’s still open for business.

  9. felixnada

    I’ve been to Miami and been in the strip clubs this place was ok. Had a lot of women my only problem was the were taking up all the bar stools and I couldn’t even get a seat and they didn’t want to move. But if you want a good time bare assets is the palce

  10. StripClub431

    So this was the first stop on the key west stripper crawl, lol I liked it. It was free to get in. The girls were okay but it was Monday do I can’t be to judgmental.. The bartender was great my drink was strong. The vibe was good. The Dj wanted 20 dollars to play a song!!!! Lmao yeah right buddy! Idiot.. Overall the club was okay, I would go back again, just wish there was nicer more upscale club in Key West. I’m gonna try Bare Assets next! We will see!

  11. XhXeXy

    I recently visited this Club and got scammed by the Bartender and Dancer, then was later scammed by the Manager. I will leave all names out, but I was charged twice for the same dances and same bottle of champagne. I was brought a receipt for both items and signed them, then i was brought another receipt saying my signature was not legible, so I signed another set, well 1 month later after a credit card dispute, turns out the Manager put them in as separate charges. So long story short, check all your receipts!!! They will scam you and the manager is ok with it, because he has a “video” of your dances to use against you.

  12. adamrod

    I think I was in the Ukraine!

  13. Dddavid G.

    For the right price, the girls there will write you poetry.

  14. paul

    ugly girls and the guy who owns the place is a fucking jerkoff

  15. Christa
  16. Club goer

    Ahhh! A much better club. Totally beats the blazes out of

    Chicagoland’s clubs. This club sits in a safe neighborhood,

    two way touching is allowed, I especially enjoyed the lap

    dances, being able to lift her nice rack up and hold it up,

    how I long to be in Key West for the best strip club/clubs

    in America!

  17. Johnson12

    Steer clear. Basically, if THE HILLS HAVE EYES cast came together and collaborated on a strip club… RED GARTER SALOON! The chicks are ogres (I’m pretty sure I saw Shrek pissed as I wasn’t going to risk vision-impairment staring up at her many folds atop the stage) and the bounces are knuckle drugging dunces, salty they couldn’t hack it as meter maids at the KW Police Academy. The grime here… ultra real. The management; I could only imagine sweats often and heavy, donning company issued shark’s tooth necklaces visibly beneath Tommy Bahama polos. I expected low-rent but gatdayum! I would have rather gawked at overweight gators slithering their way nonplussed across a slimy stage. So, um, yeah… won’t be back!

  18. palm tree man

    nice club to visit while in Key West

  19. Jordanp

    Some of the girls are absolutely gorgeous! Some of the girls are on the bit older side. So many accents! There were enough young gorgeous girls there that we went there each night we stayed at the Keys. Full nudity! Strong drinks. Multiple girls on stage at one time.

  20. winston12

    Well what can I say, my wife and I always find ourselves in strip clubs on vacation. We found the girls to be above average in most cases there were a few that need to find a new occupation but for the most part we were pleased with what the grader had to offer. There were a few girls that really have skills in working the poles and I would put them in the “Las Vegas” stripper league. We were a bit discussed with some of the drunk dudes in the bar that actually thought they had a chance in scoring my wife for the night… dumb drunks. I was more worried about the hot and skilled strippers hijacking my wife. BTW… no cover or minimum drying requirements!

  21. Angel

    What can I say I love KW and the RG was a great place to work!!!

  22. maxxy1

    One of the best strip clubs i have ever visited, ended up coming here with some random friends i hit it off with in Key West who were celebrating a bachelor’s last week of freedom before he got married. Came here on a Saturday and they had plenty of good looking girls up on stage and walking around, the only two i remember was this short red head named Jae who was just amazing and had a superior posterior like Sara Jay or Alexis Texas and an older blonde named Brandy who was a total milf and was actually pretty cool to talk to as well. Two different stage areas one with the black light and one without, upstairs is the VIP area if you really want to spend the big bucks. Very very very red themed interior, overall nice vibe and fun. Also for a strip club the drinks were priced really well.

  23. Franklyn

    Curiosity got the best of me so I decided to give this place a try. I spoke to the doorman and let me in without a cover charge. Walked in and it was busy but most everyone was hanging out at the bar instead watching the entertainment. I found out why. They rotate through the dancers so fast you end up spending money here very fast. I am not one that frequent these types of places but I think New Orleans was better.

  24. Jim

    Yeah the owner is a shit head but the girls are awesome and typically there is no cover. Definately worth stopping in there

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