The Executives Den



19600 South Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44119


41.5748746, -81.5565781




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Executives Den

  1. mandy
  2. Jeff

    Best club in town

  3. mr big

    one word says it all: downhill. this used to be the place to visit for some good grind action. saturday night they had tv’s on in the corners that light up the entire area, so any grind going on can be easily spotted and the girl is then told to stop. 3 or 4 cuties but there used to be 15 hotties working anytime you went in the club ‘anytime’, day or night. not anymore. sad to see the club in this state…at least the carpet is the same from 10 years ago…what’s left of it that doesnt stick to your feet.

  4. Dave

    Waste of Time!! Went out there over the weekend!! Not very many hot girls! there were not very friendly! they seemed to spend more time in the dressing room then any where else

  5. crystal

    hey kids its me crystal miss working for a ass i spent 10 yrs for but oh well he has got fucked anyway doing good still here stay in touch im happy hope u all are happy too lots of love little miss. lush crystal . ps. thanks alot tony

  6. Helen Keller

    The bartender has a crooked boob job & old roast beef lips that should be in a nursing home. So fugly I went blind.

  7. paul

    my favorite club in cleveland!!!

  8. t.s.
  9. josh

    hey i see carla doesnt work there anymore well i wont be back later

  10. pat
  11. KJ


  12. bob
  13. Sam

    This used to be one of the best clubs around. The girls were hot and friendy and gave great lap dances. Now the place is horrible. The girls will just walk up to you and ask you to buy them a drink, without even talking to you first. The girls aren’t even good looking anymore. There have also been problems with cars getting broken into and management doesn’t even care. Stay away!!

  14. michael
  15. gfdgs


  16. robrob

    Its dark so you don’t notice the dirt, girls and all their “regulars” are high on “shit” that place needs to close up

  17. tom

    great place love the girls fun fun fun

  18. Bob G

    Have been going there for YEAR! Love Jessie, Lisa Lisa, and the rest.. MY curretn attraction there is Harley. 😉 They’re still going strong after 20 years!! Congrats!

  19. ronny

    dirty place (and not in the good way)-if you are not a regular do not plan on getting a dance-not a fun place

  20. baseball

    generally a lot of fun, it’s kind of hard to find if don’t know the area real well

  21. george b.

    i loved this place went there last night had a blast.. i will be back soon maybe tonight while i am in town.

  22. robbie

    went in last nite hot girls great dances

  23. bill

    the best in cleveland

  24. warren

    hot girls!!

  25. No Class There!

    The bartenders are very trashy doing dances on the side (CARLA), talking like dirty whores worse than the dancers, have no sense of professionalism and were talking about their “Z-packs” and clamidia while serving drinks (CARLA). They were simply nauseating and very offensive with no sense of concern for either themselves or their obligation to the guests (CARLA). There weren’t enough dancers in the bar to facilitate the quests and when I tried to call and voice my concerns I was told by another bartender who I’m pretty sure gave me a fake name that there is no management structure and any concerns or problems went straight to the bartenders. I then questioned her on her unusual statement and she got very cocky and asked me if I heard her the first time.

  26. Barns

    I’ve been to quite a few clubs coast to coast and their lap dances are the best, bar none!

  27. will
  28. joseph1k

    Lotsa girls with stretch marks and meth problems…so why not give it 5 stars you ask?! Well, its kinda dirty and the hours are weird. A lot of dudes at Lincoln come here when we get our bonus checks! And dont even ask for a rub and tug…

  29. customer
  30. Penna

    Stay Away – This is a poorly run club. It is dark enough that you can’t see your hand in front of your face, about 1/2 the dancers don’t make it onto stage until the song is half over (and then want a tip) and from 7:00PM to 8:00PM on the Thursday I was there, there was NO dancing at all.

  31. jay

    you don’t notice the “dirt”? i’d hate to see your house. the girls spend too much time with “regulars” i only spent money on over priced watered down drinks. such a waste of time. could be a great place with some work on appearance and if the girls would pay more attention to everyone. on the bright side i left with most all of my money. wanted to get to emmy she lost out on three hundred. sorry babe go to the crazy horse in bedford i’ll be the first to take you in vip. hope to see you there. tony stop letting your bartenders run the show you’re scewihg yourself.

  32. howard
  33. ed
  34. jerry

    had a great time sat.

  35. Me

    Best Friction in Cleveland

  36. Dissapointed

    The place is falling apart. The owner is on a firing kick… Bah Humbugh! Maria is gone, Candy is gone, Lexi is gone, Emmy is gone, Paige is gone. What the hell is going on? How bout cleaning this joint up and get rid of gramps at the door while you’re at it.

  37. jack daniels

    trash.the owner is a douchebag who fires everyone except thegirls hes fucking. ugly sluts and expensive drinks.not worth it at all

  38. Ex Dancer

    This is a dump. It’s disgusting. Ghetto and Dark. I’ve been assaulted more than once here and had my property damaged here and nobody cared. STAY AWAY! You have been warned!

  39. not a customer

    I went in there for the first time and boy was i disappointed

  40. ry

    I like to visit on days. Plenty of pretty girls, 8-9’s, and they give you a good dance.

  41. NA
  42. Satisfied Guy

    Went in Early afternoon. Nice girls. One super hot girl. Small club, but will go again.

  43. mike

    had a great time the girls were very pretty

  44. keith
  45. jim

    dirtiest place i’ve ever been. wouldn’t hurt to clean… a lot

  46. Dan

    Tony is a bankrupt felon.

    He has a bankruptcy hearing tomorrow downtown if anyone is interested.

  47. Italian stallion

    Felicia is sooo hot! Great time here.

  48. Polo
  49. bob felcher

    This club is as dank as the weed I smoked this morning.

  50. Chris K

    This place sucks the owner tony is a drug dealer!

  51. chris
  52. money

    very good looking girls, but they mostly stay with their regulars

  53. Larry
  54. Jimmy

    Not one of my fav. places have been to better

  55. char

    The girls are so friendly and sexy. Very classy.

  56. Marlon

    I guess it’s dark enough that I don’t notice the “dirt” others are mentioning. What I do notice are friendly, sexy women who like what they do. I like what they do, too.

  57. TED


  58. todd

    stoped in last night had a great time!!

  59. FYI OHIO...

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  60. David Duke

    Not bad

  61. kilo
  62. Go Gladiators
  63. frank
  64. Fred S.

    I got genital herpes and crab the last time I was here.

  65. jjavalon

    My favourite one

  66. long time

    i have been going to the den for years.i think this is the only club where the girls have been around for a long time, some of them as long as ten years or more. so what does that tell you!!!

  67. Blowecker Johnson

    Last time I went here I got molluscum contagiosum and Hepatitis E. Be careful boys. The BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  68. Ohboy

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