The DollHouse of Columbus



1680 Karl Court, Columbus, OH 43229


40.0854125, -82.9738404




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The DollHouse of Columbus

  1. Betty

    I used to work here. The house moms a pimp

  2. Steve

    To Small no girls no waitstaff I had to wait 25 min for a drink. The Girls spent more time hanging out with who I think was the manager. There lost I go to clubs to spend money

  3. carth

    how has this place NOT been shut down for all the drugs going in and out yet..?

  4. Chopper Bill

    Too Small, Music stinks, Girls are all ok nothing highr then a 6. the only reasone I go is the low cost of the drinks, If I wanna have a Big time I go to a Big club

  5. jason

    Love this place. I work 5 days a week, 6th day with wife and kids, am here on 7th.

  6. Anon - Cols

    The overall dancer to customer ratio is good. The 2-4-1 dance deal is a great value. Most guys don’t buy dances until they call for the 2-4-1. Table dances are with top on. My rating reflects the Columbus market.

  7. Runaway

    Lots of girls but no real Knockouts. regular girls Wish there were some Hotter girls

  8. Paul

    This club used to be good but the entire route 161 area has

    gone downhill over the years. You won’t find any hot dancers

    working here just a few local hood rats and high drink

    prices. ($5 for a bottle of water)

  9. Annon.

    I was stolen from and drugged at this place. Nothing more to


  10. jamesbond_007

    what happened to this club? a few years back it was my favorite for late afternoon/early evening visits. last couple times its been horrible. in fact, i had to pay a cover at 4pm, then walked in and saw 2 girls and no customers. place has a great location and should do much better. management needs to get a clue.

  11. kevin

    The Music Sucks because they don’t want black people in their club.

  12. Farris

    Great drink prices, ugly girls

  13. Biker

    I went in for bike night I was the Only one with a bike!

  14. Penn

    I love the DJs here because they play the full length of a song during lap dances (unlike at other clubs that cut down the song lengths). However, I think the $10 cover charge is a rip off! I can go 5 minutes to Dreamgirls and pay a $10 cover plus get a free buffet. Also avoid this place on sunday because there is only 3 dancers working and they are all amateurs. I would go to this club a lot more often if I did not have to pay a $10 cover…either release a free admission coupon like X and Kahoot’s or offer a free buffet like dreamgirls.

  15. Pure

    This place went downhill within a year… What happened??

  16. bigbob

    Like most clubs, you have girls that will knock your socks off, and then you have girls that won’t. I have been to just about every strip club in columbus and I keep ending up back here, so I think that it provides better girls and a better atmoshphere than any club I have been to here.

  17. re: mad man

    oh waahhhhh. i guess u better remember to bring ur tissues next time u go to the strip club.

  18. TED


  19. don

    wow all i can say is me and my friends had a great time the other night great girls , friendly staff and great music i will be going back very soon

  20. Big boy

    Fire was smoking hot Wish she was dancing every night.

  21. First time

    First time there last night I payed five at the door happy to the door girls was hot. waited for a dancer as hot to come by and ask for a dance. girls came by but none as hot as the door girl. BAIT and SWITCH

  22. jacob

    nice big screen tv for watching sports…chairs around stage for tipping. decent drink specials.

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  24. nate

    had a great time go bucks

  25. mad man

    I’m mad about the way I was treated by one of the dancers I tipped her on stage she came over I got one dance I really didnot like the dance so when she asked for another I said no thanks she then said I must be gay cause I couldent get it up, she ever think she gave a crappy dance

  26. just me


  28. Ron

    Long time regular of this club. It gets better every time if you know the right girls!

  29. happy hour...

    I came during happy hour 4-7PM and wanted to do the 1/2 lap

    dances but none of the dancers wanted to do the $30 ones

    half off. They pushed way too hard for the $50 half off

    dances instead. I had close to $200 ready to spend but did

    not bother buying dances because of their rip off scam

    tactics. Talk about bait and switch marketing…

  30. bill
  31. SOBER1


  32. SC Ref

    Once again becomming one of Columbus’ Top 3 best clubs.

  33. spiderman

    I like one of the girls……

  34. heath
  35. CapnCin

    long time regular of this club when i’m in town. always have a good time and you can’t beat the drink specials.

  36. skyy

    i love you guys

  37. Customer

    Who was that DJ on Tuesday? What happened to that tall black guy? He’s a really nice guy and plays a nice mix.

  38. Bump?

    A girl said she would do a dance for me for a bump. whats a bump?

  39. monday

    i went to the dollhouse a couple days ago and i was impressed at everything except… i spent to much money on the girls now i am broke

  40. outlawfan
  41. rip off

    doll house is a major rip off. Who the hell do these strippers

    think they are trying to charge $50 for a lap dance?

  42. Matt

    What a friggin dive! me and my friend were hanggin out last night all the girls were sloppy drunk, but the biggest animal was a girl named Jay she was sitting near us, screamin, yelling, trying to fight with everyone, and then starts asking people to go to her car with her to get high. Like I said a Friggin Dive. I had a few bucks to spend but I’m not staying in a place that I might get shanked by a girl or worse cops come flying in to bust the place for a fight or drugs or what ever. anyone know a chill place to hang out and tip some ladies?

  43. ALEX


  44. website

    Do I will say that it has gone downhill ever since

    Dreamgirls and Club X started to be the hottest clubs around

    that route 161 area. The only reason I will go to doll

    house now is because they have a free admission pass on

    their website. I would feel ripped off if I was paying $10

    cover to come here… I hope doll house does not go out of

    business though because it does have the potential to be fun

    if only they had more hot girls working.

  45. cliff

    nice club

  46. tampa guy

    I am from Tampa and I am used to paying a $20 cover charge

    to go to Mons Venus but when Doll House charged me a $10

    cover and only had 3 ugly dancers working I felt ripped off.

    This place needs to treat their customers with more respect

    and don’t try to treat us like a bunch of idiots and maybe

    we would open up our wallets and spend more money here.

  47. Joe
  48. phil

    had a great time

  49. AuburnMan

    Was in on Friday night. Had a great time with the beautiful Olivia. She is by far the prettiest girl in the club as well as the sweetest. The bartenders were hot too!

  50. renee

    me and my boyfriend went here on friday and had a great time the girls were so nice and pretty i think i had a better time than he did lol

  51. tommy

    me and my buddys from work went here saturday night and had a great time a lot of new girls where are the old girls

  52. Stan

    Awesome place..highly recomended.

    Watch out for Aryana tho..she will try to get every last dime you got

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