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5411 Bethel Sawmill Center, Columbus, OH 43235


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Columbus Gold Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Krey [CG problem]

    These girls are dumb or poorly trained. They judge customers or select their taste…not knowing the guy whom they don’t attack during “uptime” might be very Rich!! See, i was there today with $650 in cash and still left after 3 hrs with $585 .Why? Because these girls are scared of non-caucasians…or something…and i did not come there to chase around girls…if you need money, approach anyone…the guy you don’t approach might just be dying to meet you with lots of cash!!!!this dancer called ” Storm” and the chinese dancer are typical examples…they avoid Mexicans, Indians dudes and, blacks…

    Only dancer “dream” got to get 40 bucks from me…She hustles everyone…no exceptions and i think customer service should be that way..WHEN UPTIME IS CALLED, PLEASE DANCERS, APPROACH EVEN THE GUY YOU DON’T WANT TO, HE MIGHT BE THE MILLIONAIRE!!!!YOU NEVER KNOW THE RACE OF YOUR CHARMING PRINCE THESE DAYS…By the way, i smell lots of “hater dancers” in this club…I sit there…and sit there and sit there and only dream attends to me?!?!?! Well , i had one Heineken and one dance with Dream, then the rest had no idea i sat there with over $500 in cash, waiting for any beauty to approach me…It was overall disappointing…the music is cool though…

  2. J.Tressell

    Went last Saturday to watch the Buckeye game and the free food. They have big screens on each wall so it was easy to watch from anywhere around the bar. Had a good time. The Go-Go girls are smoking hot. Going again this Saturday.

  3. luvhighheels

    1st time visitor. Went in with 5 friends this past Friday. All had a good time. Dancers overall good lookers and plenty working that night. Had three sessions in the lap dance room, girls were very giving but limited by bouncers’ constant presence. One of the better clubs I have been too but not the best. I would return.

  4. customer

    Dakota”ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR”was here last night and she is awesome!Great shows and beautiful body!

  5. CHRIS

    I stop in from time to time to see some of my favorite girls. The club is nice but the girls are much nicer.

  6. lifeisgood

    stopped in friday for the car show and most girls were good looking the drinks reasonable and the vip room at 3 dances for one hundred was a good time….i will return

  7. james1412

    Bartender came at my friends very hostile. Because she rang up our drinks wrong and we very calmly tried to explain to her what was wrong…she got angry, called the manager over and even he knew it wasn’t right. Bar service and unattractive figure…I’ll say it was a bad experience.

  8. mark

    some great looking friendly girls

  9. bill

    Is it true that walgreens bought the strip mall that contains columbus gold?, and that the gold will be shutting down in april???

  10. Will

    Not a bad club, but can’t compete with the nude clubs nearby. I also found some of the dancers to be high pressure and a little shady. I’d recommend the nude clubs where you get more for your money.

  11. Indiana visitor

    I was in town over the weekend and stopped in and it was great. The girls are great and the dances are amazing.

  12. ed

    the wheels on the bus go round and round

  13. Pony Goat

    I totally agree with Ponyless. Georgia’s probably blowing Buck. He could get blown by a 1000 different chicks hotter than her. He needs to get rid of that bitch. And yes, don’t charge me 3 bucks for a fucking coke, or get pissed off when I order tap water instead. I buy booze, but I’m not always in the mood or in the right situation to drink.

  14. Megan

    I was in from Pittsburg on Monday and had the best time! I will definately return.

  15. Mike

    The younger gilrs are hot, but it is time for some to retire.

  16. loved it

    my wife and i and another couple went here and had a great time. was really surprised at how classy it was. $10 table dances which it was damn near a lap dance and $25 vip dances where they took u backstage and ginded on you for awhile. will come back again!

  17. kai

    stopped in sunday night. i had the best time. 2 or 3 girls in particular were fantastic, very good looks and personality. i recommend this place to anybody who is looking for a good time

    i did 1 gold room with this hot little blonde, absolutely fantastic. this place is the BEST IN COLUMBUS. THANK YOU HOT BLONDE, i wish i could remember you’re name.

  18. Joe
  19. goldguy
  20. Bryan

    I love this place!!!!

  21. scott

    Parker rocks… ask for her.

  22. no wonder

    no wonder this place sucks, look at the comments left by customers and dancers. bunch of simple minded children. glad i live someplace else and am not forced to come here.

  23. Tom
  24. disappointed

    I could not believe how run down this club has become. The club use to be one of the top clubs in the state, now its filled with low-life customers, ghetto skanks, and crack whores.

  25. jimmy
  26. love_babes

    Overall OK.

    Went there on a Monday night. Very few patrons (may be 10) and about 5

    girls. May be I went too early in the evening (7:30). Circular stage in the

    center with just one pole. No real good seats around the stage. Lighting was

    almost next to nothing, which I liked. Girls cannot dance for sure. Just

    walking around. No real energy. No tits on the stage. I don’t understand why.

    Girls do take the top off in private dances. Even after taking the top off they

    cover their tits with big pasties. Almost like a band-aid. It’s very dark in the

    VIP section which is awesome. I had a VIP dance with one hot girl. She ground

    the hell out of me. She was pretty liberal with touching. So I guess they do

    allow it. She let me rub her “everywhere”. Overall it was a great dance.

    Parting thought – A club with no tits is not worth the time in my opinion.

  27. SC Ron

    Agree with the guy below–No reason to come in unless there is a feature. Pretty girls but you do not get your money’s worth on anything–Including dances, drinks, door cover… With all the clubs on the north end, I just pass this one up anymore.

  28. Anon - Cols

    They are usually lacking in dancer to customer ratio. Too few girls. The couch dance area is wide open and not private to others in the area. Bouncers are stationed in there during the dances.

  29. Kristie

    I stumbled into this club by accident. My husband and I had been next door at Vanity and decided the dancers were very unfriendly and upon leaving decided to see what was going on next door. I really enjoyed myself at this club. Not sure what all the bad ratings are about. The dances are a little pricey for what they are but, overall they were super friendy and most were hot. We got a dance from Stacey, great dance I highly recommend her! This is a great club for couples, every dancer working at some point came out while we were smoking and made lengthy conversation.

  30. Beware

    First time visit to club and extremely disappointed. Be forewarned – CG has at least one dancer who works the room as a thief. I had bills lifted from my shirt pocket at the bar. I thought about the take — there was an occasional rub to the shoulder and upper chest. This was not about convincing a private dance. She was probing for cash. The lift came from her approach over the shoulder, a rub and then the unnoticed two fingered pinch and lift of the bills. I’ve been to many clubs and never had this happen at a bar. Keep your money in your pants guys. CG needs to clean house and fire any dancer engaging in this. So much for bringing any business associates to this environment. And lets face it, if you have a choice on how to get ripped at least let it be on the up and up – like VIP dances.

  31. Mitch

    The girls are nice and fun but the music sucks

  32. thissucked

    i went here for a guys nite this place sucked no hot girls expensive prices 40 dollars a dance and 20 for a girls drink plus the 10 dollar cover. one girl on stage at a time a nd it was so small not everyone could fit their to tip the girl

  33. Billy

    I enjoy this club alot. There are a few dancers that are not very hot, but the top of the list off sets the rest. The bar tenders are very hot especially Tabby on Wed. afternoons.

  34. re: Pony Goat

    Pony Goat: You are a nasty, cheap, old man. If you want tap water take a cup into the restroom and dip it into the urinal. If you cannot afford to buy a drink then you should stay home, you loser:)

  35. Tim

    The dancers are aggressive pill snorters.

  36. FieldFreaken

    The atmosphere was cool, but dancers were not all that

  37. jj

    had a great on saturday night. very gorgeous dancers.

  38. BEN


  39. Buck

    Vanity has $1.00 bottle beers. All day all night. All domestics. no cover before 9pm.

  40. steve

    great club hot girls well worth the money great atmospher very laid back

  41. Dave
  42. Ponyless

    If Georgia is replaced, the customer service goes way up, at least for those guys who spend enough time at the club to realize how much a bitch she is. And please don’t make customers pay 4 bucks for a coke or 8 bucks for a 3 or 4 dollar mixed drink. Other than that, this place kicks some ass.

  43. clubsetter

    I will not say what dancer I was with but a grrrrrreat club and if you are aguy that travels and like to spend a little cash for a great time here it IS>

  44. billtheguy12

    Girls seemed to forget they are working at a strip club. Only 3 girls are attractive, and 2 of the 3 didn’t take anything off. I would expect if you go on stage your top comes off, but the ones that did I wished hadn’t.

  45. bigbob
  46. Hotlanta

    The only time to go to this place is if you wanna get ripped off, or to see a feature

  47. Tampa Guy

    This place was an OK place to drink at but the $30 lap

    dances were watched by a bouncer standing about 12 feet

    away. He did not move his eyes away from you. The dancer

    told me we could get better privacy going to the Gold Room

    but at $50/song it was too expensive. Also wanted to try a

    $12 table dance but the dancer said she did not give those

    because she did not like other customers watching her

  48. $$

    How much for a private room I talked to three girls and the price changed each time. Am I getting ripped off or getting a deal?

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  50. Shaun

    Dancers are hot, food is not

  51. rl27

    The only real reason to visit is if there is a feature you want to see. The hospitality at this club is severely lacking.

  52. Carmen

    Great looking club, but there were no good looking girls and the stage sets done by the club were terrible. No girls came over to me, so I don’t know about the overall friendliness of the club. I did not get a dance so I can’t say how good the dances are and what the private area looked like.

  53. FYI OHIO...

    CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB will be opening January 28, 2009!!! This 16 thousand sq ft Adult Entertainment Complex offers state-of-the-art light, sound and we have hand-selected hundresd of the area’s Hottest Ladies!!! Come down and Play With Us!! We’re at 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh and open daily noon till 2AM BEAUTIFUL ENTERTAINERS: WE WILL BE OPEN JANUARY 28TH 2009!!! Tons of you have already applied at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club, but in case you’re still on the fence, come down & see what a spectacular establishment you could be working for!!! We are taking applications M-F 10 am till 6pm. Give us a call & come down today!!CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh 412-281-3110

  54. Birthday party

    Me and 15 of my friends came here we all had passes they did not take them they said we cant use the passes if we are a party, we all payed the place is so small we could not all sit togeter it sucked, our bus driver brought us over to another club on the other side of town. alot bigger and the manager gave us a hell of a deal at the door.

  55. Johnson

    Stopping in for the first time this past Sunday. Girls were pretty hot with a good variety of types (hair color, height, size, natural/enhanced, etc). While the girls were good, the features for the cost sucked. Only $5 cover was good and $10 table dances aren’t bad, but the $25 VIP dance is a huge ripoff. The VIP dances are no different than the table dances other than that they are in a semi-private room and more expensive.

  56. cinciguy

    This place was great! I was passing thru on tuesday, heard their radio spot and stopped in. Probably 15 dancers working and they were all hot. Girls keep their tops on on stage 🙁 but take them in VIP and you will NOT be dissappointed. A little expensive, I spent $250 in an hour, but I absolutely got my moneys worth (Thanks Heather). Only thing, take your cash in with you cause your gonna want to stay in that VIP till your broke and the ATM has a $10 service charge. I have a new favorite club!

  57. harryharry

    The club no longer does $12 table dances. Cheapest dances are the $25/chair dances behind the bar. They run the 3 for $100 special at all times instead of just before 10pm. 15 minutes in the VIP is $150, half hour is $250, and full hour is $400. Prices are high but they do have an abundance of dancers and some are pretty hot. Unfortunately this is Columbus, OH so the dancers wear their pasties. The one major downside to this club is that it is so tiny and feels crowded. They do have some booths available but often times there is an extra charge for sitting in them. If you use your credit card there is now a 18% surcharge rather than just 10% like before. Drinks are happy hour before 9pm. They no longer run the dancer drink hustle so you can buy drinks for dancers at the regular prices.This club is not great, but for Columbus standards it is OK.Cover charge is $5 after 7pm or $10 after 10pm. They charge $12 cover if they have a feature dancer working that night.

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