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37034 Louisiana 30, Geismar, LA 70734


30.2125933, -90.988084




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Crazy Horse Cabaret

  1. :-)


  2. jerry

    come see muh ma fuckin old beotch an’ strip. nobody can get jiggy wit it like muh ma fuckin old beotch.

  3. Bart

    I was at Crazy Horse Too this past weekend and OMG the girls are amazing not a bad looking girl in there. no one under a 8 and this one girl Haley is the hottest there. You have got to check this club out.

  4. Bettey

    Hey Morgan, don’t stop there. You forgot we also have child molester, drug dealer, thieve, etc. The list goes on. We’ve got it all at Crazy Horse, too. lol.

  5. Kenneth

    The place continues to amaze me. Beautiful girls and a party atmosphere. I have a great time with my friends here. It is almost like a regular nightclub with topless chicks. I have never seen anything like it.

  6. steve
  7. Chris

    This club is way too getto. A lot of crack heads. One of the dancers offer to sell me some drug. She even told me that whatever I need she can get it from the manager.

  8. impressive

    i stopped by here on saturday. the place was packed like a crazy house party that had half naked girls all over the place. most would talk and mingle, no pressure, really relaxing and fun. there were a couple of bachelor parties and the shows were off the hook! i would try this place out on a slower weeknight just to see what it’s like. i’m already making plans to come by again.

  9. andy c.

    i like the crazy horse in port allen better. if you want and of the extras go c naomi, envy and honey i got to play with some amazing pussy;) i will be back to play with my girls

  10. Jimmie

    I went there for the first time last Friday. I got 2 lap dances from two diferent dancers. Both needed to bathe!!! was there a common thing there? After the first one, I thought that might have been an isolated incident. But two??? damn!!!

  11. Mark and Beth

    what can I tell you the DJ at the this club is bad ass he knows how to work the people in in the club. We have been to all the club in Baton Rouge and we have never heard a DJ like we did Friday night in Crazy horse Too. Everyone need to go hang out at Crazy Horse Too, Try there jello shots they are made just right.

  12. sally

    This club is the shiznit and I love it. The girls, staff and entertainers, are all gorgeous, not to mention that guy Josh, their DJ, is a sexy lil beast and the best DJ I’ve ever heard by far. No other club that I’ve ever been to can come close to even being partially as bad A$$ as this one.

  13. Ed

    I never been here before-but will definitely be back! Beautiful dancers and hot hot hot waitresses! I had a great night and think I found my new bar!

  14. ME


  15. ben
  16. Travis

    this is a great club, and to see some dick head talk shit about this club is so funny, the only reason I can see anyone doing this is because one they dont have anything better to do, second they must not like the managers here because maybe they wont let them work at this club, are is it a club that has no class and is trying to take the customers away from them. who knows all in all this club is the best club in Prairieville hands down.

  17. Sammy


  18. Duck!

    Crazy Horse TOO has the hottest and best bartenders around!!! I would do them all!!

  19. perry h

    great place to go on saturday nights

  20. Paul S.

    Still the best party in town. There are a lot of new girls, fresh faces, with hot little bodies. The quality of dances remains steady…. best deal in Baton Rouge, with out a doubt! The dances are 4-5 minutes of heaven. No nonsense, no hustle atmosphere with a very pleasant and friendly angle too. The VIP rooms are top notch with complete privacy and comfortable seating. Highly recommended I dont know the other two are three posting before me or but they have not been to the same club I go to. Crazy Horse Too has great managers and staff they will help you when ever they can. Looks like some club are people are just up set they club are who they work for does not have what they going. Stop hatting on them, because you know that all shit that was postted. I’m at this club every week and have been coming here long before it crazy horse, Jimmy and Kevin the managers are the best thing thats ever been in this club.

  21. kevin & kimberly

    this place suck!!!!

  22. goerge

    ah love dis here club. dey gots everything ah need. hoes, drugs, moneys. bitches w0rd! dis here iz where ah make all muh ma fuckin moneys what the fuck sup now?

  23. guy

    the best club around the girls are nice and friendly good food for lunch and great music

  24. Dog

    My girlfriends and I like to come to this club just to hang out. They always have great music here! And the dancers are never bitchy or rude to us, either. They’re all really down to earth. Brittany was especially sweet!

  25. dickhead

    wow, travis. you sounded like you are taking this very “personal”. was it because you are one of the managers who has been logging on to this sit to boost your own rating? lol.

  26. George

    I just want to say this for the record. Just because I’m black does not mean I sell drug. Why is it that a black guy can’t go into a strip club without having stripper bombard you wanting to buy drugs from you. I’m sick and tire of this shit.

  27. .


  28. Ryan

    This is the best club around town. The new management has changed everything about the club and made it a whole lot better. The girls here are amazing and also the best looking girls around town.

  29. big boy

    this has it all

  30. Joseph

    Great to have a poboy for lunch and have Sierra dance for you! She is amazing!

  31. Baby

    I had a great time at the party this pass Friday, I dont see any of the bad talk that is placed on this page and I have looked. I just wish people would not tell lies about thing like that. It make all the strip club look bad. me and my husband go to all the clubs in BR there are some i like better then others, this club is very clean with a good staff working it. If you read this just go check out the and make your own review.

  32. Michael


  33. Slimer

    A nice place to go and get away.

  34. brent
  35. J C

    I have to say the girls are great, The staff is great and the people are good. I enjoy myself a lot and will not go anywhere else. It’s the best all around. I have been to many clubs in the past and this one just keeps getting better plus the 4 screen tv’s are great to watch the game when i am not busy there. lol

  36. #1

    it’s #1

  37. John

    Definately my favorite place to have a good time. The staff is very friendly and the entertainers here are amazing. Very fun and classy enviroment. I would recommend this club to anyone.

  38. April!

    I love this club!!! They have the best looking girls in town!!!

  39. poopoo
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  41. :-p


  42. Drew

    It is obviouse that the management of this club is posting the comments and giving themselves the high ratings. Read between the lines and you can detect it.

  43. James

    I have a good time every time me and my friends go there. They have lots of fine females. If your ever there make shore to get a lap dance from Brittany shes very fine.

  44. Tank

    hey Travis this is Tank I got your back with dickhead he must be a fag. If

    he’s knows so much about crazy horse and its managers you would think he

    could do so much better. I bet if he works are owns a club he would pay

    more time to make shore his place is clean because they will take him down

    soon. If he was any kind of a man he would give his real name and step up

    to the plate. When this is all over with we will see who’s still standing and I

    have my money on crazy horse too and there managers and owners.

  45. chuck

    all ya peeps wiff young child beware. child molester in da crib.

  46. girl

    go see brooke

  47. DAVE


  48. Troy
  49. Joey

    Great place myself and a few buddies are from Lafayette and we make this a trip to come down at least once a month. And this past weekend we had lot’s of fun as always. Thanks

  50. cindy

    Morgan, keep your teen-age daughter away from this club before someone molest her. lol.

  51. Grace

    All I can say about Crazy Horse Too is that it’s the SHIT!! The Girls are HOTT and the atmosphere is geat, What more can you ask for? It’s really a great place if you haven’t been there your really missing out!! LOVE IT!!

  52. Kevin

    Be ware of thieves here. From the manager on down. I’ve talked to several of my friends and they had the same experience like me. Do not use you credit card in this place. you will never know what you will be charged.

  53. david

    My friends and I came in to check this place out on Friday and Saturday night. They have a lot of very pretty womens, really sexy and toned with nice bodies and pretty faces. The lap dances are the best than any other club I’ve been to in Baton Rouge. The fees at the door is a good and you can also eat at the club for free. The food was really good but it arrives later in the evening. So it’s not that expensive in the end. There is ATMs so you can get money to buy dances. The dances are really good the girls are very close to you not like in other clubs where they are far away dancing from you. They are also very nice and from a lot of different towns. Some of them travel all over the state or are students from other regions. Most of them are young and new to dancing. It is exciting to see how each girl dances differntly. My friend went to the VIP room with his girl. He said it was a really really good time. I’ll try it next. Sounded really good.

  54. DJ

    Always enjoy myself although some nights are slower th an others. Terrific selection of quality dancers.

  55. nino

    This place has gotten better. New and hot sexy dancers. I go once a week. After the viewing I make love for a long time to my wife. We both benefit from the dancers!

  56. TC

    After having been in a few other local area clubs, the Crazy Horse Too is by far the best in the Louisiana in my opinion. The atmosphere is great, the facility is clean, the DJ is amusing, rarely are there any technical difficulties, the music is loud, but entirely coherent, you are treated with respect (door man/woman and bartenders), and the majority of the dancers are stunning, each in their own unique way. Each dancer is different, and while The Crazy Horse Too has some of the same dancers regularly, they have a number of girls who come and go, and then your next time in the door, you really wish they hadn’t left. I have private dances from a few of the ladies, each time the dancer was very sweet and a pleasure to be around. The private dances are worth it. Only a few of the girls seem rude if you turn them down for a dance, but that’s not a regular occurence, and it’s certainly not isolated only to Crazy Horse Too. If you are planning to visit some of the Gentlemen’s Clubs in the Louisiana, The Crazy Horse Too is a must, especially if you plan on only going to one. Note, that I gave the Guest to Dancer Ratio an “Excellent”, but I do not normally go on Saturday Nights, on Saturday Nights it can be quite busy, but they still have 20 or so dancers. If you go on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday I’ve seen between 15 and 25 dancers.

  57. Dude

    Love what they’ve done with the place, it looks great!

  58. Taylor

    Love this club, everyone need to come check it out, Dont let anyone tell you its a bad place because its not.

  59. Tammy

    I was there this Friday for there St Patrick Party it was great. I have been to all three of there parties and had a great time. the girls the are so hot, there one the name Brittany she belong in playboy. there is no club in Baton Rouge that has a girl as sexy as her, Everone need to check her out.

  60. c


  61. Al

    Girls are very friendly!!!!!!!!!

  62. Henry

    Dancers here don’t know how to carry themselves. Typical trailor trash. All they want is drugs. I had at least 4 – 5 dancers approached me for crack on my last trip there.

  63. jose
  64. Dogg

    Awesome club, all the girls are hot!!

  65. jason


  66. Ryan Magee

    What can I say, The girls here are very hot and stuck on them self. I got a VIP with Summer and had a great time in vip with her. She is great on stage.

  67. spam

    quit spamming you idiot. quit posting comments of your own club. the rating supposed to be posted by the public you idiot.

  68. keith
  69. mike

    Beat club in the area. Hot girls and friendly staff.

  70. Blake

    WOW what a club the girls here are very hot. they have this new girl that just started everyone need to see she goes by something cat this girl can do thing with here body that very few people can do and she hot

  71. Summer Rodriguez

    Okay, so…. THE MANAGEMENT TEAM rocks my sox off. Jimmy, you are the bomb diggity (whatever that means) Ive known you for a few years now & you still have a way of taking care of both dancers & customers as if i was a brand new dancer & KEVIN…. Oh Kevin. Im trying to find the words. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Ok, people, Kevin is the best social chamillion ever, besides myself. He has a way of satisfying both the women & men. (LOL) He has a positive personality that seems to charm most everyone. Keeping the girls happy means keeping the customers satisfied. Good work guys!

  72. Funny

    On a scale of 1-10 I give it a well deserved 10. The girls are very friendly and on the nights I have gone very pretty and energetic. The days I have been there were Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

  73. lance

    ah know dis here fo’ fact dat one o’ da managers sells drugs. cuz ah ganked some from him

  74. TB

    Very sexy women in the Baaton Rouge. Super hot outfits, I would spend my savings on a hand full of dancers. Yummy it’s like going to Baskin Robins (so the DJ would say) 31 flavors or more take your pick.

  75. Todd

    went there thursday. they had about 20 or 30 girls and no pressure from any of them. most were damn sexy and i had more than a few laps. gotta come back and check out the vips in the back. can’t wait to visit again. I will be there this Friday night everyone need to come check out this club.

  76. Jeff

    I was at Crazy Horse Too Saturday, I had a blast. This club rocks. The bartender April is very hot, I wish she would dance I would give her all my money and then some. The club played some good music. If you ever get the time to go, it’s a must, You will have a great time.

  77. Danny B

    This place is the best place I have ever been to. I have a boner as soon as I walk in the door. Even the door girls are so fucking hot. Alex and Grace they need to dance also. I know they do VIP’s I think i will get a vip from one of them soom. LOL

  78. Tom Tom

    Did anyone know that the night manager J.Ross is Jew its true look up the name Ross LOL

  79. Brittany

    I wanted to take the time to thank everyone that wrote about me. I really enjoy entertaining everyone that comes into The Crazy Horse Too. Management is wonderful to work for. Their every opened minded, friendly, and get to the point. The dancers are all friendly and fun to work with. The floor guys are always keeping things running smooth. I love the D.J.’s, they are the BOMB. They really know how to ROCK the HOUSE. Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to entertain everyone that comes to the club.

  80. Kenny

    This club is sumthin else been to this club more then once the new mgr’s have made this club #1 in Baton Rouge. The dancer’s amazin to look at and are as sexxy as hell, the food is nice the d.j. do good work work wiht the music over all my fav club in Louisiana.

  81. Jim

    Crazy Horse Too is the best club around, forget all the others on Baton Rouge, where by the time you sit down u have already spent a few hundred dollars for nothing. Crazy Horse Too has it all, top notch girls, good atmosphere, a local hang out where u can get the top notch treatment with out goin broke………….

  82. :)


  83. Tommy

    this club is the last one to have drugs. I think they busted the club last night that has the drugs its called Escapades not Crazy Horse Too read the news paper.

  84. Morgan

    This is by far the number ONE club in the entire Baton Rouge ! It has it all ! The girls, the atmoshpere, the drink specials, and a first class sound system. I just love this little club !

  85. Jeffrey O

    Crazy Horse Too is just about the only club I go to now because every other club is overrun with money hungry gold diggers and “hosts” who want you to sign over your house for them bringing you and a girl to the VIP. I know, I’ve been to the Scores Chain, Penthouse, Rick’s… all over! This is the only club that delivers a good time for a reasonable fee. The girls are cute, mostly natural, and pretty young. They don’t harrass you, they don’t intimidate you, they just show you a good time and I leave feeling happy. Not like I got played for a fool at those other clubs. If you haven’t tried this place, give it a try. I don’t think you’ll be sorry. and they may have drugs here just like every club. its not out in the open at all like some other club on Airline Hwy. This club has some top girls there. So dont let these few people keep you away. It sound like someone is mad at the manager here so they are posting shit. this is a great cabaret and lots fun There Party are the best, there next Party is April 25 start at like 7pm everyone need to check it out.

  86. Perry

    this club has some great changes, Starting with new managers and lots of new girls. they have some great shot girls, they have good looking women from the time you walk in to the club till the time you leave, every Wednesday night they have free steaks for everyone.

  87. jay
  88. N T

    Went to the club for the first time because of this site.Must say it was well worth it!Never expected a free buffet (was delicious) and the girls were great.Will be back soon.

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