Dancers Royale



5221 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32807


28.5542131, -81.3199161




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Dancers Royale

  1. Franklyn

    I’ll start this off with the disclaimer that I am not in anyway shape or form a strip club expert. I’m not even entirely sure why I was there. But it was clean, though the restroom situation is awkward for women as we share it with the dancers. And it was a really small establishment, really small. The serving staff is friendly, and the drinks are poured to be strong. I guess if you’re into strip clubs this is worth checking out, but I don’t have much to compare it to.

  2. adamrod

    beautiful girls not alot if fake plastic big tits like Miami it was nice to see REAL GIRLS. had a blast the drinks are weak bt the staff friendly and it was nice.

  3. robin

    great little place

  4. Cocksman

    Girls aren’t friendly at all. The place is way too small. We found a girl that was pretty ho and wnated her to do a table dance for us, but couldn’t get a table.

    No private dances available, but there’s not many there you’d want to hire anyway.

  5. JT

    Stripers wear tape on their nipples, and 2 panties. This place is really small and sometimes you have to fight to find a seat; it’s so small that walking around is not easily possible. The girls do not go around to ask for private dance and you keep hearing the DJs asking ppl not to touch the dancers even when they are giving them tips. $8 for vover charge is way too much for a place like this!

  6. Ben

    Whats the deal with all the ugly girls?

  7. hunter

    go to diamond club!

  8. Veronica pulse

    The dancers are extremely hot, they can actually dance…the club is also very lady friendly. The only thing that sucks is how small it is, if you go on a sunday night..hospitalitiy night, beware, you cant move.

  9. PAUL


  10. Josh

    This club has the best girls in Orlando!!! This place is small, but 10 times better than Rachel’s or Dollhouse! Centrally located and definitely the best bag for your buck in Orlando, especially Sunday 2 for 1 hospitality night!

  11. porno John

    This club is awesome.. You HAVE to chgeck out the dayshift.. they have alot of drink specials and dance special’s.. It is the only club in O-town that gives away free drink’s daily.. Check thjis out..

  12. fuckery12

    I was there for my bday with 2 of my friends Friday night the I got kick out of there because when I tip the Girls I grab the girls ass even tho we spend over $1000 ……It’s Friday’s night the place is pack but they only have about 20 girls ….. Seriously if you gonna spend serious money and you wanna have a good time save your money go to Tampa Odessa 2001 or 11 Miami where there’s full nude and you can touch

  13. eddyL

    I want to get a job their … Wonder what you have to do In order to become a cocktail waitress

  14. SamiRoxi S.

    Ladies, come Mondays! 🙂 free admission and half off drinks and lots of other ladies there also!

  15. nightowl

    First time there and loved it would go back again

  16. curtis17

    Took the fiancée to her first strip joint and got her first dance. Dancer’s Royale definitely exceeded my expectations. It was a fun night out. When I heard about the laws here in Orlando, it turned me off. What’s the point in a strip joint if the girls wear pasties? Honestly when it comes down to it, it really did not matter. We all had a great time and we had a couple first timers with us so it was a good way to introduce them to the scene. It was packed… probably due to the long weekend. The girls were all pretty good looking, but one of them really looked like she did not want to be there. Felt kind of bad seeing her RBF (resting bitch face) as she was on stage. I got the fiancee her first dance from a nice blondie who gave us a great show. It was fun seeing the reaction from my fiancee. Drinks were strong pours, so it was worth the price we paid.

  17. Mariah S.

    So no lie, I don’t understand why this place is rated so high. First off, apparently reserving a space for ten people, with bottle service (four bottles, we should have been in the VIP section) means a small table near the front doors, without enough space for everyone. I mean this was my birthday party, and my guests didn’t have any space.The dancers were great, though it is pretty awful that their $20 dances are performed on a chair three feet from you, instead of anywhere near you. On top of that I ordered a body shot for my friend, and the cocktail server refused to do that for a guy, and would only serve it to me. I wouldn’t have ordered a body shot if I hadn’t seen other waitresses serving them. So why wouldn’t she do the same? None of us really had a good time and it seemed like a huge waste of money. The dancers where nice, and I did like the music, but I just can’t rate this place over 2 stars

  18. wgf

    love this club!

  19. larry1

    Orlando strip clubs are by the far the worst in the country. But this place has extremely cheap drinks and not too shabby ladies.

  20. Kitty

    The Best In Orlando!!!!

  21. harryharry

    If Cheers was ever a strip club, this us the place. No pressure, couples welcome, they always remember you.

  22. Jamie B.

    I always have an amazing time at Dancers!! I’m from Orlando and moved away but when I’m home visiting it’s a given you will find me at Dancers! I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for years and I have to say this is by far my favorite place to go. The staff and the management are awesome!

  23. ILoveStrippers

    Best in Orlando by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. t

    this place is not owned by the owners of dollhouse; the people who own dollhouse are a seperate company that owns some of the other bars in town. dr’s is owned by one guy and he is very particular about who he puts on his floor. the girls during the day may not be as attractive as the night girls, but all the girls are beautiful and professional. you should check your info before you stay stupid things about a great bar.

  25. igor34

    Been to quite a few strip clubs. Unfortunately I have to not recommend this place. Wife and I came here and there were ok girls dancing. When a bouncer tells a female that she can’t put her money in a strippers g-string but in her garter somethings wrong with that picture. Wife never touched inappropriately.

  26. bb
  27. Jenna

    i love this club its my favorite place to hang out.

  28. StripClub431

    This place is EXTREMELY overrated. For a club that claims to be of the highest class & of best quality service & entertainment, yet is has only a few exceptional dancers & it WREAKS of cigarette smoke. I walked in there smelling like Chanel and walked out smelling like a bag of smoked cigarette buds. I was trying to have fun but I couldn’t breath through the damn cigarette smoke. It’s disgusting in there and I will never go back, it was a waste of money.

  29. Brad
  30. Dollhouse rejects

    Place is owned by the same owner who has the Doll House, and it looks like he sends all his uglier girls here. Nice popcorn machine.

  31. Vaughn B.

    Former home away from home while I was living in Orlando several years ago. Sunday is my favorite day as they have free BBQ and it’s a pretty relaxed sort of deal. The girls here are all pretty personable and usually there’s at least a couple of real head turners no matter what shift is on. I’m sure that I will be back again….and again..

  32. sptf

    nice club

  33. ?


  34. New Club

    Stop in and check out the all new Diamond Dolls of Daytona, this is a high class, upscale gentlemens club in Daytona Beach.

  35. richard95

    Even if there wasn’t a stage, a pole, and half-naked girls walking around, I’d go here for the staff. During the day, the servers and bartenders are friendly and engaging, and at night, when it’s not so packed that you can’t even walk, so are all of the night staff. There are a few obnoxious/creepy people there, but I don’t think there’s a strip club in the world that doesn’t have those.The dancers are either friendly and talkative, focused on doing nothing other than making money, or terrible people. So it’s a roll of the stripper dice – you never know which girls you’ll get. If you get the friendly ones, great. If you don’t, you might not have the best time.Daytime drink prices are very cheap – $4.50 for most mixed drinks, $3.00 shots most of the time. I’d recommend it for anyone who just wants to have some fun and doesn’t mind a little risque in their day.

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