The Harem



100 Route 17 South, Lodi, NJ 7644


40.8850502, -74.0683928




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Harem

  1. MeLLsoN

    i love this club…everyone is friendly…hot girlss….best club ever

  2. Minor too

    Try the Calamari

  3. V

    sick time tonight

  4. METOO

    I spend alot on her

  5. Mikey

    Thankyou kisses. Im broke

  6. Christopher

    Bree Olson was hot

  7. goodguy

    Dj pretty ood, girls disappear alot, food ?

  9. FATguy

    i like the girls but my food was great.Bring a buddy and eat here. I went alone, but didnt stay alone, a russian girl name Savana came and sat with me while I ate and then we had fun . Ill come back again now that i know I can eat here too.

  10. mog
  11. none

    strip clubs should be fun and IMPERSONAL,, when one of the strippers puts their # in a guys phone.. then calls him at 4 am.. GROSS and trashy

  12. johnny a

    clubs is upscale and now with a total remodeling going on ,this place is gonna rock!

  13. Porn Stars

    When are they having porn stars here?

  14. Mr.cruz

    Not worth going to very trashy the girls are all coke heads the staff are rude meet a trashy girl named gia she gave me a blow job for 30$ in the vip she wanted another 150$ to fuck her in the ass ended up giving her 80$ not worth the money she smells like she hasn’t showered in a year and for some reason she told me she’s ashamed that she is a coke whore like I care.

  15. eric
  16. ..........
  17. Danny35nj12

    Its been almost 2 years since I’ve been to this club Its a totally different place. I went last weekend and was suprised that they upgraded the girls. Not one girl under an 8. even a couple of 10’s. You’ll be blown away if youre used to going to bars filled with 5’s and 6’s and nothing but pigs. Definate A+ from what I’m used to

  18. crystal fan
  19. Michael


  20. Big Sal

    I need to see more of that girl from Jamaica. When does she work

  21. FATBOY
  22. Alfredo

    definitely the place to be

  23. Pinky

    Do rooms with Kisses

  24. lori
  25. JIMMY


  26. to review

    That’s a lie, stiletto is garbage too many stuck up pig bouncers there. This place is much better.

  27. Matt

    worst club ever. poor attitude, poor hygeine, no hard booze. rip off!

  28. Sals friend

    Thank God for Savanna she talks to me while Sal is getting dances cause Im broke

  29. Sean

    I love going here. The restaurant has amazing food and the staff is great.

  30. amazed

    they’ve got the best pole dancer’s i’ve ever seen. ashley and tori put on the best stage shows there and give the best lap dances. nice girls had an awesome time.

  31. ztimmy
  32. Jeremy

    Good times

  33. Joe Smith

    This place is the worst. The girls are bad. The actual dances are bad. The food

    is OK. The decor is OK. But who the hell cares about the food and decor if the

    chicks are not hot and the dances are lame. Waste of time to come to this joint.

    Don’t be deceived by the high rating. This is one of the worst places in Jersey.

  34. LETS GO


  35. Fat Bastard


  36. boBBY
  37. Mr. X

    VIP with Kisses worth thr $. Im no high roller but I save it for her

  38. Johnny B

    Always a great time at the Harem

  39. johnathan

    When does Farrah work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Likes em Dark

    Kisses your best value for everything

  41. GYH
  42. Ronny

    Lap dances are amazing. My buddy went in the VIP room twice and loved it

  43. Pleased

    Had dinner here last week with a friend, I have to admit it was great. We are going to make it our Thursday night stop. Thankyou

  44. gunny

    it was poor. i think they are trying but need a new owner.

  45. DJ

    I want to work here but there are no openings for a DJ. I did try the food and it was really good and the girls are all pretty hot.

  46. Justin

    Went here with my buddies tonight and had a great time

  47. Thank You

    Had a buddies bachelor party here over the weekend. Thanks Abby,Marley and the cew at the club. It was the best!

  48. Please

    This club always has alot of girls. maybe you were in the parking lot. loser

  49. hohoho
  50. Minor

    I love coming here. I am not old enough to drink but I still can go here and have a great time. Thank You

  51. Agree
  52. Danny R

    Had dinner here not too long ago. It was excellent.

  53. catherine

    came here with my boyfriend last weekend. it was my first time at a strip club so i didnt know what to expect but i had an amazing time. thank you everybody

  54. Timmy

    When are the porn stars coming

  55. DD

    Not bad!Verry interesting.

  56. Stewart
  57. nickstrip

    Full skins, buddy,Full-on nekked.I don’t care about the hefty cover charge or the price of the cocktails….or…the cute face, nice attitude of these females.All I care about is…the price of that skin-on-skin lap diggity.Pay it, get ya rocks off, leave.Life should be this simple.

  58. John J

    O-k place

  60. back again
  61. jersey boy

    this place is the best

  62. The Geeky Guy

    Thanks Alexa for being sooooo sweet!

  63. Not a rapper

    Nedd to let guys where hats. PLEASE

  64. HEY JOE

    Im actually just a customer here and will be the first one to say GO FUCK YOURSELF

  65. kenmac

    spanish girls make it unreal

  66. Question

    When is Gina Lynn???????????

  67. Mr. Big

    Hows the food at this place, cause the girls are smoking.

  68. nick




  70. Thomas

    I took my boys to this club we had a pretty good time.

  71. John


  72. KILBY
  73. Normal

    No dancers are normal.

  74. DABBY
  75. derek
  76. pete


  77. guyfromny

    stopped in here the other nite. Nice place good atmosphere and the girls were looking good

  78. Lyn

    This club was a rip-off! They employ false advertising to get business! BYOB means Beer only apparently, which the lady did not tell me when I called to ask, but rather the bouncer told us AFTER we paid a $20 each cover to get in. The refused to return our money, yet promptly told us we had to discard of the alcohol that we brought (because the ditz that answers the phones told us it was ok). Furthermore when we asked to speak with a manager because we were displeased, the bouncers would not let us! $160 total to get into the club and we were treated very poorly and could not even speak to the manager! I will never return to this slum again!

  79. fun
  80. Patrick
  81. Cody
  82. Wack Dance

    Have to hang a right 90 degree turn and risk your life to get in the parking lot off of rt 17south. $20.00 cover charge. $20 lap dance on the main floor. Go into the LD Area and you have to pay a minimum of $40.00 dollars for a LD. When at LD-Hands to the side! You cannot touch anything. Bouncer WILL reprimand you as he did me (Not used to this). This place does have traffic. Patrons like to make it rain. Young dancers saw many American. Low value in my opinion great business model though for profit. They take your money quick. You can get much more for your money at other area clubs. Players for one (Hackensack) then Centerfolds. Satin Dolls faghettabout it. Nuff said.

    Buyer beware. Look under the surface it’s not all that.

  83. Frank

    Great time yesterday. Club always seems very busy

  84. Motorcycle guy

    We went there for dinner after hearing the food was good. It was great. There were 8 of us for my friends birthday. The whole staff was friendly and we will definately go back for our xmass party.

  85. TattooU

    Joanna Angel so hot . Is she coming back?

  86. Ron

    This place sucks. Period.

  87. Jay
  88. StripClub431

    Went on a friday night with a group of 5 friends. $20 cover change. U could get a reserved table for 2people $25 or 4 people for $50… Otherwise u have to sit around the stage or stand. The employees are not assholes, which is what u would expect in an adult entertainment place usually. They were very accomadating of my group…Now on to the good stuff…. Most of the women are beautiful! Cant say they are all dimes but the eye candy is SWEEEEET. They have 2 girls at a time on the stage and they rotate every 10-15 mins. The other girls are usually wandering around offering dances. Which are $20 and they last about 5 but they are worth it LMAO music is good , vibe is cool…. Definetly coming back

  89. J

    Good time, good girls, alot of fun, really nice, not overly expensive and BYOB was really convienent

  90. Jared

    Bunch of us ate here last week. The food is incredible

  91. fat ass bitches

    The dancers here are either all drunk or high on some kind of drug. they dont even do anything on stage. Most of them dont even get naked and when they do they cant dance. Waste of money. Brought my own beers and the fat bitch behind the bar said shed flash me her titties for a drink. NO ONE wants to see your disgusting tits thats why youre just a soda tender you dumb fucker. And the “vip” hostess. Really? youre like 50 wearing clothes that are too small for you. And btw its called a bar you cunt! next time charge everyone the same price because you tried to raise mine. Your shit does stink so stop pretending it doesnt. It was a waste of time and money here and ill never go back again. Only good thing was i got a blowjob.

  92. sure

    getting your ass kicked on stage……sounds fun

  93. Blueballz
  94. JP

    Decent club…decent girls.. Met Tera Patrick!

  95. alex

    great club good food

  96. Davey


  97. in training

    in nj for wk, this place is upscale yet relaxed

  98. Fred

    loved it

  99. Holmes

    I love the black girl young with great boobs moca. so hot

  100. Sad

    so many bitchy women make us go to these places. This place is great

  101. fonty
  102. Mark


  103. Mickey

    Is Adrian working over the weekend

  104. Guy3

    Adrian, is balls hot

  105. MIKE not Fat

    xxx to Rose

  106. Recent visitor

    Bad night…or more of the same? I went prior to the “renovations” and the talent was below average. Was hoping that the “new harem” would have stepped it up a bit. Unfortunately not. Not here to bash, just giving the scoop. Stiletto is not the greatest, by far, but they seem to have hotter girls and a friendlier staff.

  107. Angel

    I like this place, nice girls, no beggers. Going to eat next time

  108. mcr
  109. Hungary

    my new favorite country

  110. johndo

    Hi Abby

  111. Cleo
  112. Sweats

    Wear sweatpants and go with Kisses.

  113. Dirk

    LOVE the black girl w huge titty

  114. Joe

    The club is very worth it. i must say the girls there are hot but one in particular is very hot. Her nane is Lindsay

  115. HORNDOG

    I love pornstars ! I had the best weekend! Thank you

  116. hey

    i dont care about the food! finally some real hotties in this place, worth the 20$ since im only 20.

  117. POrno geek

    when is Brooke there?

  118. q
  119. Tim
  120. brian

    Ashely is amazingly talented on the pole…she makes the night great

  121. WTF

    When does Farrah work

  122. Phil

    Awful club same shit each time

  123. bob
  124. Calamari

    Where did they get all the new talent? I went broke last nigh. Needed more $ and the ATM was even empty

  125. Sammy

    This place is a dump. Lots of low rent chicks and low rent clientele. Bottom line

    is that if you’re a cheap loser with no standards as far as women go then this

    place is for you. If you’ve been to decent clubs around the country then you’ll

    HATE this joint. It’s a piece of shit.

  126. BillyBall
  127. Jeff

    Great club hot girls

  128. hey greg

    stop crying you degenerate

  129. Ken
  130. docbiz

    Have been here a couple of times and the girls were fun.

  131. Mokea

    Love her



  133. greg

    love this place. i dont know what other people are saying, but i never leave disappointed.

  134. Helloo

    They dont have couch dances

  135. dick

    see dick run

  136. Crazy
  137. Sam
  138. Postal guy

    kisses is my girl

  139. nix
  140. George

    What a great place to go after a game at the Meadowlands. although wasn’t very crowded on a Monday Night the girls were more than hospitable

  141. Schedule

    I love this place but need to know how you find out when dancers are working and when the next porn star will be there.

  142. Joe Pignatano

    This place is a dump. The quality of the women is low and the dances are the

    worst in NJ. Clearly the shills that work for this joint have been giving it high

    numbers to lure unsuspecting customers. Do not go here.

  143. Jack

    .. that guy is right.. place sux.

  144. GEEK

    When does Alexa work? Thank You

  145. Chubsy

    Finally all smokinn girls that are not beggers. I love this place.

  146. Danny

    Couch Dances were lame and the VIP dances are even worse.

  147. BAD BOY


  148. Creig
  149. Narley Harley
  150. jojo

    liked it

  151. Chris
  152. TR
  153. .....

    fuck off haters!

  154. melman
  155. NY GIANT


  156. wurley
  157. Steve

    This place is a first class dump. The girls are pigs and the food is average. You

    can put some of these pigs in the shower, but no matter where you put them

    they are still pigs. Don’t waste one second in this club. There are tons of places

    better than this piece of shit club.

  158. Tony

    What’s up with the new vip area? I want to rent it out

  159. Billy Bob

    a little trailer trash never hurts

  160. sexxxxxxx
  161. Will

    i liked it here

  162. club goer

    been here twice, once for a bachelor party. its an ok place. very expensive. the girls were nice to look at but no personalities. i’d rather go to X-Ray’s Lounge, i always enjoy myself better there than any other nude place probably cause the girls make me feel like a king. i might go back to the Harem, but for now i’ll just keep going to the closer and more exciting fav club.

  163. Bad Bob
  164. Billy

    WTF When is next porn star

  165. lili

    the worst club

  166. harry
  167. Billy Boy

    When is next porn star?

  168. intheknow
  169. jth
  170. pretty good

    better than the last time i was here!

  171. joseph1k

    One of the best strip clubs hands down. The women are beautiful and each dance is almost 5 minutes long. But the last time I went I had one dancer who couldn’t stand smiling.

  172. Used to dance here...

    Who is the new Manager??

  173. billtheguy12

    Worst place ever to go to we walked in the suppose to be manager/owners daughter charged us40$ just to walkin promising they had our champagne but yet didn’t have anything at the end of the day we were forced to stay without wanting because they don’t refund money even if it’s they’re fault, I would rate a 0 but can’t this place are crooks don’t go

  174. Anthony
  175. NewMeat

    A little quiet but I liked it. Not to pushy or begging.


    Great place! Second time there last night! Would recommend bringing a little extra money for a few lap dances with some of the beautiful and talented girls working there!

  177. roy

    this place rocks, spent time with bree olson last night.

  178. dave

    place was pretty damn awesome. bigger than most i been too. most of the girls were hot except for like 1-2. best lapdance i ever got from chanelle…. amazing…

  179. Michael Mathis
  180. joey

    great place, luv the new shower stage

  181. anonymous

    one of the girls were really stuck up…didnt have any money left and my boys did and yet she still kept asking “so your not ganna tip me” when my friends were right there.. overall it was a good place though except for a couple moody girls..

  182. LOVE IT
  183. Jason

    The food here is amazing, most of the girls are amazing(one skank was a bitch) only thing I don’t really like is the price of a water bottle…its like $6 or $8 for one small water bottle that should cost no more than $1 but overall the management is pretty cool as well. Great club

  184. butch
  185. sewatier
  186. JIM

    Lots of new girls, where are they comin from?

  187. Ricky

    Shes worth 40 bro

  188. I might become a regular

    Great time. Not a silicone waste dump like so many others.

  189. kip


  190. Bill T
  191. soup

    Im living on it because i spend my check on kisses

  192. Hello

    Looking for Farrahs schedule

  193. cruecut
  194. Waste of time

    Will not be coming back stoped bye with 3 friends on a Tuesday night had to pay 35$ each to get in and there was only 4 girls working when the woman at the door told us there was 15 would not refund us are money. Better off going to 35 club hotter looking girls

  195. Mike
  196. vincenzo

    went here yesterday with a few friends. the lap dances were great

  197. Kevin

    I spent a fortune here! Love Moca

  198. bubba

    wow the food is great here. the girls arent bad either

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