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1917 U.S. 9, Clifton Park, NY 12065


42.9012197, -73.7726538




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Double Vision

  1. u suck
  2. albany
  3. Upstate NY'er

    I was here on Saturday. This is a very nice club on the inside. The cover price is excellent for the quality of the girls and entertainment. I was very pleased with the layout. We took seats near the stage. Unfortunately the girls at NiteMoves had solicited so much money from us (and many who we did not want to tip because they weren’t even close to decent), that we weren’t left with much money for the DV girls. The drinks were expensive. We’re used to $3 at our local club, whereas DV was $4.50 for a Smirnoff Ice.

    The stage setup was a bit odd. The far stage was set so far back that you couldn’t really see the girls when they were back there. I know there’s a 6ft rule when topless, but it seemed most girls spent alot of time at the far stage. The stage ceiling is too low. While it makes the smaller girls look taller, it makes the average-tall girls look awkward and cramped…especially when doing tricks. The other pole near the front of the stage, where the stairs are, left me constantly focusing on the stairs everytime a girl’s head would be swinging near it while spinning on the pole.

    I would rates most of the girls an 8. They went on stage one right after another, which was nice. Most of them were very talented on the pole and gave decent lapdances. I did however see one girl who looked extremely uncomfortable onstage, was just all around terrible/boring, and gave the absolute worst lapdance I have ever recieved. If she was new, then she needs a mentor, and if she’s a veteran, then she needs to find a different job. I was very pleased with the other lapdance I recieved though. Most of the girls were all legs, which is very pretty, especially with the right shoes. The tall ladies, however, could have used a bit of a shorter heel. My personal favorite was Autumn.

    The DJ here was decent. The sound system was above average. The lighting was a bit too dim at the front of the stage at times, but it wasn’t too bad. The club is an hour drive for me, but I would definitely return if I was in the area & feeling like visiting a club.

  4. joe

    I seen better shit than that on the toilet this club suck soooo much ass I’d have more fun committing suicide

  5. Karen G
  6. Dr. Love

    Club sucks, ugly fat chicks during the day. Roided out eunuch bouncers at night, avoid. Sucks!

  7. AM

    What happened to all the hot chicks here???!!! I remember the real leggy tall one who was crazy on the pole, and the hot blonde metalhead, and the adorable blonde with all the tattoos. They’re all ugly drugged up chicks now. Gross.

  8. upstater
  9. George

    Not hot

  10. DMS

    nice lively afmosphere…a good time was had by all….visited the club on 8/22-23/08

  11. anon.
  12. Joe Schmoe

    this place is always great, complete turn over on the girls, I do miss the originals like XTC and Autumn, not a lot of fake breast ( I love fake tits) but the all the girls there now are pretty good looking, they kind of just sit around though and are rather boring compared to the older girls they had working there

  13. timmmmy
  14. watcher

    to many girls on during the day food and drinks cost way to much new club manager does not know how to hire girls or run the place he hires fat girls place need overhaul…

  15. poor

    won’t go again

  16. 518

    Drinks are very overpriced and you should keep Lou out and let Ray Run the place because there nothing but drama when lou is there.

  17. Star
  18. jacob
  19. G

    The club has come a long way from the old bunkhouse. the manager is doing a great job.

  20. sarge
  21. Paul

    Clubs was OK. Not the best I’ve been in, but not the worst. They did have a lot of girls on. Most 6 & 7 a few 9’s Problely the best in the area. This is upstate NY you can’t expect much.

  22. rick

    This place has gone way downhill. All the hot girls are gone,

    and there’s a lot of ok-looking dumb girls instead. They’re

    all really boring onstage and in the dances. I can’t believe

    Lilith and Nadine are gone, they were the best. Never going

    here again.

  23. tim m
  24. gus

    disapointing. too much money for too little

  25. Easy Money

    Great club!

  26. nonono
  27. Silly Billy

    God time last night. Got a couch dance from a few girls, without a doubt best in area. If you go wait b4 you buy your dance they will have a dance special every hour to 90 mins. Buy 1 get 1 free, its a good deal.

  28. Nickky

    A girls for every taste…. They have the most dancer I have seen on a shift. last night 18 girls on. Drinks are not over priced 3.50 for beer at a stripclub is great price. Loved the place.

  29. John
  30. ray
  31. bill
  32. BikerDude

    Great club. Chicks are super hot and I got a great private dance. One thing though. When I was there there like 4 girls that looked almost identical. All were hot but all tall brunettes with smoking hot bods. Just very similar looking. I could believe they were sisters. Overall it’s a cool place with a good attitude and atmosphere.

  33. Kuzby
  34. honest

    went their on tuesday september 20 girls where ok but alot of them r fat …manager was yelling at a girl in front of everyone in club being very rude to the girls…they need new manager or that place will be ran into the ground he seems to favor the fat chicks..also seen few fat girls that seem to be selling stuff in the club to people…

  35. LonerGuy
  36. MOney

    what hsppen to this club ? not coming here again

  37. Gurgen Hoffe

    10$ to get in, way to much for drinks. Dark and horrible atmosphere. Girls are ok at best and that’s only if you can get one that isn’t rubbing all over the old man that owns the dump. He looks like a dirty old grandpa. I think he gets mad if one of “HIS” girls talks to guys. He watches them like a perv.

  38. Bodie
  39. CO
  40. G-unit

    What a turn around keep up the good work.

  41. Albany guy

    Came to the club on a Friday afternoon by far the worst club. No manager girls do whatever they want by far the worst music I have ever heard it was all ghetto. One girl a little fat red hair said her name is Molly walking around the club I’m going outside to get high announcing it to the whole club they need somebody that can keep this club in line it’s outrageous

  42. you suckkk

    worst ever

  43. Stephen

    I LOVE this place. You should check out Autumn when she’s on stage, that girl is crazy on the pole! I like Lillith too, best tits out of anyone there, hot blond, gerat attitude. None of the girls are pushy, and the private dances are well woth the $$$

  44. tom
  45. J.

    Love this place!!

  46. M.A.

    The girls are not that attractive and not that hospitable toward female guests

  47. chris

    I agree this club went downhill, I used to go get couch dances from a few hot women, Lilith, Kelly, Malibu, and none of them seem to work there anymore, just ghetto ass freaky chicks there now

  48. not


  49. MC

    Went to this place during a bachelor party…the groom asked where the big boobs were. Enough said.

  50. wondering

    The day shift only had a few good looking ladys. While the nightshift had many. Regulars, I need you help. who gives the best lap dances in this club? I will be coming back soon.

  51. promartinimaker
  52. IMTE

    stopped in last night Sept 30 – have to say the overall look of the dancers is much improved since I was here last over a year ago – I’ll nevcer understand the rules about where and when the girls can be topless – been told it’s an “upstate” thing. Will certainly go back this trip upstate to spend more time with dancers I watched but could not get close to

  53. Trev

    Fri was my first time to a strip club in the area with some close friends after the track, expected a dive but not at all. Had an excellent time and came back a second night in a row! What fun pretty girls. Cool website, would have never known to come.

  54. Brent

    Hot new talent, renovations look great, be back soon.

  55. DL

    Was in last night, had a great time. Got several dances from Lilith, hottest one there. A lot of the girls here have nasty attitudes, especially some short old one who was really weird. The DJ was not that great. Overall, the girls range from 4-10. Lilith was great, though, will definately be back to see her.

  56. Pete
  57. Karen
  58. Eric

    Total ripoff- money grubbing chicks. Very poorly managed club

  59. Tony

    I was there last night. All the girls were gorgeous and very social. Bonnie, Jasmine and Jewel were fantastic!! Jewel thanks for the awesome couch dance honey!! Loved how Samantha and Exctasy handled the future groom.

  60. Eric M.

    Wow, great place. over 20 girls on Friday.

  61. s.s.

    to the stupid person below me… only like 5 girls work day

    shift & like 15 at night shift.. i think the ratio to good

    looking girls compared to bad ones are good on both shifts in

    this club…

  62. not impressed
  63. Hugh Briss

    Great club!!

  64. kc

    this club was good; but a little trumped up

  65. jon

    really nice place hot chicks

  66. Henry
  67. jl

    I must say the prettiest and most entertaining girls there are Ricki and Kelli, not only are they the hottest, but they are fucking crazy and fun to be around. only reason i go back there.

  68. jim
  69. A.J.

    This club sucks!

  70. Gary
  71. Al

    The best thing the manager has done is get the girls from the other clubs to work here. DV has moer girls than any other topless bar I have seen.

  72. Sal
  73. LOL

    Hey joe do the world a soild and kill yourself then… FAG

  74. L

    Cleanest club in the area, and the most girls on at one time. The girls are friendly and mostly aren’t too pushy.

  75. GROSS

    these girls are nasty!!!!

  76. Hueyfan

    A 4 star review (out of 5) is warranted, for the Albany area. Flashdancers this is not, but there were some quality girls when I stopped in on a Wednesday afternoon during happy hour. 2 for 1 from 4 to 6 PM. There were only 3 girls there (all pretty with nice titties) but there was too much time in between their dancing. Drinks are reasonably priced, girls do know how to make you happy with close contact table dances. They don’t try to hustle VIP couch dances that much. Got out of there for under $20 in a little over an hour (and I don’t tip $1 at a time). Not a bad way to spend some time.

  77. NY Funk


  78. shaun

    someone told me Autumn was back. is this true?

  79. bbc
  80. jojo
  81. dave
  82. some dude

    haha I think its funny that everyone is talking about how hot Lilith was, lets talk about trashy; a huge NIN tramp stamp, and the only reason she had nice tits is cause she should lose about 15 pounds, and had a flat ass.. there are still exotic hot chicks there, Lilith was not that good, her private dances sucked, well maybe because more than half the clientele is red-necks thats why you liked her

  83. n/a
  84. Saratoga

    Can someone answer this question?? How is it your best Dj is only on Sunday and Monday nite .. This club is so much better when Butch was doing the hiring.. he was bringing all those hot Vermont girls I remember when he found the two girls working at McDonald’s.. this Hass to be the worst owner of strip clubs or is the worst management for not having this kid here more..

  85. ...........


  86. steve
  87. love the girls

    Toni, Autumn, Reese, Storm, Raven, Jaden, can it get any better! Toni behind the bar YUUUMMMMM!

  88. Jeremy

    Hey guys I had a great time last night, just wanted to drop a note to say thanks. The dance I got with the tall chick was my best birthday gift.

  89. sharkem
  90. Jay

    That blows that Lilith isn’t there anymore. She was fucking awesome. All the girls there are so trashy now. I agree that it’s gone downhill. What the hell happened? This winter it was great. Now all the hot ones are gone, and it’s just miserable ugly girls. Never going here again.

  91. TIMMY
  92. Jeff

    Have been in here a few times in the past month. Not that many customers to compete with, but plenty of girls to choose from. I am a repeat customer of Ecstacy and Lilith, and I recently tried out gorgeous girl named Aurora, really hot, great experience. Take my advice and stick with the hotter girls there, don’t go for one of the ugly ones cause you think they’ll give you a little extra. They won’t. There seems to be a lot of drama revolving around one or two of the uglier girls and their high-pressure sales pitches. I had one come and pressure me for a dance while I was at the ATM. Told me all the other girls are thieves and overcharge the guys. Wouldn’t leave me alone. Finally gave in and got a dance, and it was TERRIBLE. What a desperate, fake whore. Wouldn’t stop bitching about her shitty life and all the other girls there. Such a negative experience. Lesson learned, the hot girls are definately the best picks. Go on Tuesdays, all the private dances are buy 1 get 1 free.

  93. scott

    I stopped by this afternoon and had a private dance from this lil hottie names Kylee she was AWESOME and her cunt was so wet she was dripping onto me.. She had my dick so damn hard.. I will be back to see her and next time I will keep her in that room longer lol.. Thanks Babe xoxoxox

  95. L8 2 B around

    great place!!!!

  96. Fred
  97. hello


  98. Dissapointed

    Been there it sucks won’t go back.

  99. Peter T

    The Club is looking Good!! When are you going to start your own Web Site? And Open the Kitchen??

  100. Who cares

    Had fun!!!

  101. ralph
  102. Anthony
  103. james
  104. murdoc

    It is best on friday and sat.

  105. ny'r

    still a good club.

  106. Ed
  107. f-dc's
  108. BobK

    I was impressed… It’s a very clean and large area. The dancers are hot, drinks are priced reasonably.

    I was there Sat afternoon and there was a nicely laid back atmosphere…friendly staff and regulars willing to talk.

    The dancers surprised me…all were great looking and very friendly(without being pushy at all)…and that was on an afternoon.

    I have to go some night to get the real feel of it….but right now I have to say:

    You have to go a long way to get this quality at this price in this area.

  109. vixens

    hey you should check out for pics of the girls, the current events, and the schedule

  110. Boobu
  111. MR BEAN
  113. missy
  114. buffy
  115. biztravel

    Solid club for locals, nice couch area, good overall relaxed atmosphere, not pushy, pretty girls, cheap drinks. Recommend.

  116. Charles
  117. MICK


  118. Paul R.

    I go for one reason……the private dances. Wow!! It’s worth the trip every time. Always satisfied!

  119. Just Me

    1 word Amazing!

  120. bob

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