The Goddess



38 South Eutaw Street, Baltimore, MD 21201


39.2876439, -76.6208381




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Goddess

  1. justinlk

    Walking in the door of this place I had some hope. It was easily diminished upon entry and the next few minutes that followed.I walked in on a Wednesday night. I paid $5 at the door. Acceptable wage at 12am on a weekday. I was surprised to see a half full bar with all red lighting and a stage behind the bar that filled the room in the center. Most dancers. Rawlings across the bar for extra TIPS at the end of their routine. In my opinion, Stormy had the best routine of all. The confidence and sexyness was the best in the club! And Karma sat with me for a bit. Her personality was spectacular! I sat on the far side of the bar and a dance almost finished her 2 song set and I was not greeted and in all honesty ignored. So I moved to the other side close to the door. Mel was my bartender. I reluctantly opened a tab with a 30% tacked on because the 20% tip and 10% entertainer fee was tacked on! The service was alright but not 20% worthy. The bartenders were older and experienced but I don’t trust any “free poor” in a strip club especially when my liquor is poured over ice and kept in that tin in front of me and poured our of upon my request which means it is being watered down! So I’m paying $10 a shot for watered down alcohol which is a complete rip off. The stage is behind the bar. Everytime you throw money it ends up in the floor, out of site and the mean faced bartenders don’t even pick it up for the entertainers and place the money on stage . Which it is a strip club. The entertainers are the main reason why guests visit. I don’t understand the hostility. Lastly, a girl approached me complaining about her job there. Saying there is no money and management was yelling at her for not making enough money. Sorry. But this was not what I expected. Before arriving I even called to asl specials and the man who answered the phone seemed annoyed and said, “wr do not have specials here. No drink or dance specials. We are an old school club and we don’t do that!”What you see is what you get and it isn’t worth it. Please, don’t bother.

  2. maxxy1

    What did I walk into?Unless you are with a group that wants a good time- then you have no idea what to say

  3. fantasies

    this club sucks come to fantasies

  4. Yanks fan

    Is this what Baltimore has to offer for a strip club…horrible

  5. yanard12

    Was advised to go downtown instead. Should have listened. Followed a bachelor party to the Goddess, not because of some glowing reputation, but rather because because it was close and we had no intention of driving. At first impression, was surprised that the Friday night talent would have trouble making it onto a Providence, RI B-squad. Not sure if talent was either grossly overweight (or underweight) on purpose, but there was tons to love. Good thing the pole was sturdy.Most interesting are the fellow patrons. Excluding the stags, the regulars are markedly aggressive; on two occasions, a dude was scolded for *slipping a digit* (in the words of Bring It On). That kind of behavior would warrant immediate ejection from Boston-area clubs. Puritans. Drinks were a bit pricy ($10/mixed drink) for what would otherwise be a dive bar. Reasonable pours though. Probably can get a better show for the money. Pay for a cab downtown.

  6. David

    Then an Orioles is in town. I check it out.

  7. Johnnyboy123

    I was bored, it was in walking distance and decided to check the place out. I pretty much never go to strip clubs. Why would I want to pay to just look? Its like going to a deli and telling him to show you the roast beef rub it all over your face and crotch, pay then leave hungry. I want to be satisfied not left wanting. The greeter was nice and very pleasant but the place is extremely cramped for an establishment like this. The traffic space between the stools and booths was enough for half a person to comfortably get by, not one person there didn’t have to squeeze through. I was only there about five minuets as the extreme confined space kept me uncomfortable.If you are your pretty much sleazy guy and like a seedy element to a establishment like this then you may like this place. I am just writing about the design specs and not the dancers, food/drinks or prices as I didn’t stick around long enough.

  8. AssnTits5

    Came back in and they made some adjustments. Slowed down the blinking of the LEDs but was still lacking inventory in their liquor cabinet. Beautiful girls, especially compared to the average “Block” girl…and not too pushy.Lots of flatscreens to watch the game.This is a great place to enjoy a beer!

  9. south


  10. Michael M.

    OK OK… Now I am starting to seem like a total gentlemans club aficionado or something?! So what that I have been here I’m not a bad person don’t judge me!!This place is what you expect nothing over the top weird or bad about the place it’s your typical gentlemans club around a baseball stadium. Attractive women and decent drinks.

  11. Petey

    Ugly bitches and unprofessional staff and dumpy club equals stay away unless you like wasting your time.

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