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8013 Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46231


39.7351579, -86.3075035




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Dancers Showclub

  1. shutterbug007

    The food is great and good value for the cost. The dancers are friendly and do not pressure you but will set and chat while having drinks with you. The couch dances are very good from most of the dancers but do cost $20 each. Very good quality ladies!

  2. Be back again

    Very nice club.

  3. ryan123

    My hot girlfriend and I were bouncing around Indy’s strip clubs tonight. We found our way to Dancers, only to learn that they charge female customers the $7 cover charge. That is simply not right, so on principle we declined and took our money and fun elsewhere.

  4. jeff foxworthy

    you know you are a stripper when……. You know all the words to “Girls, Girls, Girls.” You are out in public and someone shouts out your stage name and your respond not realizing it wasn’t meant for you. You get angry when you see lesbians walk into a club. After you’ve watched “Showgirls” for the 4th time, you say to yourself, “God, I really wanna move to Vegas!” You buy hand sanitizer and baby wipes in bulk and you don’t have any kids. You made $300 in a night and are complaining that it was a shitty night. Your boyfriend has to remind you to take a shower before work because the blacklights will illuminate the cum stain on your tummy. Even your own mother calls your tribal tattoo a ‘tramp stamp.’ You feel totally comfortable being naked with only shoes and a choker on, bent over with your legs spread and looking another female straight in the face and asking, “You can’t see my string can you?” You could fit a nights’ wardrobe in purple Crown Royal liquor bag. You’re on all fours, one can see ripples in the tit-job you got ten years ago. You have CDs you bring to the tanning salon. A pimple on your butt is more of a problem than one on your face. Your find yourself forced to dance to, “A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying,” because you didn’t tip the deejay. You see yourself in a mirror more than you see your own kid. You know that sanitizer & wipes along with your boob job is a tax write off. You get pregnant and try to migrate into waitress/bartending/house mom for supplemental income. Every pair of shoes you own has some sort of high heel. Trying to leave a couple hours early from work, it always seems some hospital has your cell phone on speed dial and your kid always has a 103-degree temperature. (There wouldn’t happen to be a customer in the parking lot, would there?) You go out with ‘regular’ friends and feel the need to censor yourself on the dance floor. A “car accident” is the reason your eye is black. Your pet has glitter in its fur. You can judge how much money your work day will wield just by pulling into the parking lot and noticing familiar cars. A guy tries the pickup line “Don’t I know you?” and you immediately think he must be a customer. Your cell phone address screen looks like this: Bambi (Jenny,) Aspen (Sharon,) Diamond (Debra) Raven (Melissa) Desire (Stephanie) Passion (Beth.) You know why baby oil is evil. You get dressed and undressed while not removing your shoes. You have to “think” when you introduce yourself. Sex kinda turns you off once you get home and sell it to the man you’re supposed to. You don’t own any porn, but you’ve met more porn stars than most people can imagine. You know why in the world a woman would possibly put hair spray over the latex on her nipples. You can pee, change shoes, change tops, smoke a cigarette and talk on your cell phone all at the same time. Breakfast takes place before you go to sleep. Asked the question, “Where have you been the last 2 weeks?” and the answer is, “My mom’s been sick and I was visiting,” (Code for, “I was recovering from an abortion.”) You can show up for work 10 min, 40 min, 2 hours, or 3 weeks late and still have a job. Going out clubbing with friends, you are the only one who doesn’t complain about the cover charge and drink prices. You think the house mom is your best friend. You gawk more at beautiful women than beautiful men. Your father unexpectedly walks into your work for the first time, sees you then family get-togethers thenceforth will never be the same. You’ve given more head on the way home rather than in a bed. It’s become almost expected that any Mexican behind you will try to stick his tongue in your ass. Your wardrobe has more street value than your vehicle.

  5. John

    Drank some beers, had a few dances, got hassled by manager when I was out of money

  6. Gold Club Arrest

    Two strippers at the Gold Club were arrested Thursday night for “conducting sex acts” on customers.

  7. Not impressed

    I have never seen a club that sucks this bad and i’ve been to alot of gentlemens clubs but this place was full of wiggers and rednecks! The girls were, “maybe,” 6’s or 7’s tops and with bad attitudes. Save your $$$$$

  8. Great Club

    This club is great. Many beautiful girls to satisfy any need. The drinks and cover are within reason. Always have a great time here. Check it out for yourself…you won’t be sorry.

  9. New Will

    Best selection of hotties in town. Stiffy city.

  10. Pacer fan

    First time there. Nice, clean club. ++++++++

  11. The Shooter Guy

    GREAT club. Dylan is the best, and the new Massage girl, Haley is tops.

  12. BMW Guy

    Kitty, Crimson, Dylan, and Haley are the BEST! Best girls in the city.

  13. Blow Job City

    Best club in the city for a blow job. You have to tip the manager and the bouncer, but it still a good deal. Have a nice day ! Kevin

  14. Sex in City

    I would recommend Dylan to anyone who wants a quality blow job from one hot stripper. She has a fixed price of $200, but is well worth the money. Have a nice day ! Kevin

  15. GROSS

    After coming here, I’m so glad there is Edwardsburg, MI. Now that is the best club ever! Escape Reality…Edwardsburg, MI about 3 HOURS nouth from this dump!!!


  16. Mitch

    I am a customer, not an employee of this or another club. This was my first trip to Dancer’s and it was GREAT! The low cover on a weekday generally leads me to think that the variety or quality of girls might be low, but it was quite the opposite. At 10:30pm on a Tuesday night, there were at least 15 beautiful women dancing. The girls were all across the spectrum of age and body type, but they were all very outgoing and worked every minute that they were onstage.

    The three stages were kept full and the music was a good mix of a lot of different styles. My compliments tot he DJ and the lower rating on quality of sound is probably a result of the club being fairly empty.

    I had an AMAZING dance with Audrey and cannot be happier with my excellent experience. No pressure, lots of beautiful girls and reasonable cover and drinks… what’s not to love?

  17. Good Times !

    Yes, that is what I am talking about ! Men go to strip clubs for sex ! PT’s or Babes or Brazz or Dancers West it is all the same. You go to the club, pick out your girl, pay your money and screw your brains out. That is what life is all about. (clubs do get raided when they have not paid off the cops however) Have a nice day ! Kevin


    nice club, cheap drinks for a strip club, hottest girls in town!

  19. Jim

    Too damn big. Meat market with attitudes.

  20. Ed

    Afternoons are great.

    Amateur night is pretty good

  21. Scotch drinker

    Haley, and Dylan are the BEST. Melissa, the waitress, is DROP DEAD HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Bill J.

    Not what it’s cracked up to be.

  23. stripclubfan
  24. Engineer

    Stop in and see Joelee. She pulled a train for FIVE guys last week.

  25. Kevin

    Daytime see Dylan, looks EXACTLY like Lindsay Lohan. Nitetime see Haley. VERY hot, and would also look good holding a AK47.

  26. lover of dancers

    the girls here are beautiful and i love coming here.

  27. P.T's sounds fun

    Thursday two undercover IPD officers went into P.T.’s. Two girls approached them and offered them sex, and drugs. They called for back up, three uniformed officers came in the back door, arrested the girls, and took them out in handcuffs. Now THAT sounds like a good show.

  28. Coors Light Guy

    Love this place… came in a couple of weekends ago and had a great time with Sabrina, Nikko, and Mallory… they r the best

  29. wahoo

    the girls that work here are so nice and so pretty, i love spending my money here

  30. Mitch Wisp

    As a “regular” connoisseur of these professional services, I can definitely say this is Indy’s #1 spot. I go to Brad’s, PT’s, Red Garter about once a month and Dancer’s once or twice a week (don’t bother with the other dumps). It is not what you find in Vegas, LA, NY, or Niagara Falls (my fav- try Sundowner!); but the girls are Indiana girls on those Indiana nights- they are much more modest and fun to just talk with making the dances even kinkier… Lots of variety in body, face, style, talent; but 80% are 8+’s. Thursday thru Saturday are best, but if your in town, there’s almost always a few hotties in. Just tell them that “Wisp” sent ya. Ask for Angel, Caitlin, or Cadence (have all the right stuff)…

  31. Erick

    Nasty dancers and they are ugly ass girls.

  32. out a towner

    The guys who dis this club must be fags or real losers. This place rocks with some damn good looking babes. I will be back next time in town.

  33. Ali H.

    Poor customer service , managers are rude and don’t care . You’ll be treated like a turd . Restrooms are disgusting , quality of girl is bad and they are full of it . I visit Indy twice a month , will never go there again . Left the place and went to place called Brass or Flamingo , tens of young beautiful girls , very nice and respectful . We enjoyed the night .

  34. Bill

    Great time, I’ll be back soon.

  35. Tom

    Girls are hot, prices are good.

  36. willow

    this is the BEST stripclub in Indy…

  37. Airport Guy

    Clean club. Nice girls.

  38. Big Mike

    OK club. Been to better.

  39. MiamiMike

    In town once a month on business. Well run club and the girls are awesome. Many (but not all) are available for OTC at nice price.

  40. RandyD

    Great club with some terrific looking women. Many (not all) are available for OTC at a good price. The girls that want to offer extras make that very clear. These are 8s

  41. Buster brown

    Nice club pretty girl’s

  42. XhXeXy

    They’ve gone even crappier now. Still crappy drinks and crappier women. The door guys are still douche bags. Here’s what’s worse….. They actually make the ladies Pay now too, seriously who makes women pay?

  43. Hawiian shirt guy

    Dylan, Haley, Kitty, and Candy are the BEST in the city.:):):):)

  44. KC

    Heley, and Rachael, are the BEST! Great club.

  45. Colt Guy

    Hell of a club.

  46. Good Point

    It does cost more to have sex with a stripper at Dancers West than some of the other clubs in the city. But Dancers is clean, the manager has a deal with the cops, the girls are HOT and CLEAN. I do not mind paying top dollar to have sex with a hard body stripper. You get what you pay for and sex is no exception.

  47. Number One Club

    This the best club in the city to have sex with a stripper and not get arrested. Dancers West has a sweet deal with the police and every one stays happy. Also they have some super hot girls. Prices for sex are actually going down as the economy continues to tank. The girls need the money !

  48. BIG Daddy

    Decent club, with the exception of having too many trashy, tattoo covered, trailer park queens, but the 20% of the dancers that are hot are just that, HOT! I hadn’t been in for a few years, but when I did I was impressed to see some of my favorites still there. It shows that the smokin hot ones know how to make the cash. Scarlet, Eden-Grace, Heather, Jenna, Abbie, Olivia, and April are always my favorites. They remodeled the bar and it’s definitely better, but the strobe lights are too rave-club for my taste.

  49. Jack Mehoff

    This place is so Overated. Much better clubs in town and you don’t have to drive so damn far. I go to all of the clubs that are worth my time but this one is no longer worth it!!! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

  50. Club Soda

    Dylan, and Candy are the two BEST day girls in the city.

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