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10am – 7pm


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  2. Julian

    Rachaels is a waste of time and money. If you want a REAL club with model girls head down to Solid Gold down in North Miami Beach.

  3. billtheguy12

    A friend and I stopped in after a flight to Orlando and things started off well. We arrived around 5 PM on a Wednesday and surprisingly, there were quite a few girls at the club for daytime. Drinks were a bit pricey but what do you expect from a club. Had a few tables dances off to the side for $20, what a bargain. After shift change, a new girl showed up and I asked for a dance. Just a dance, but we kept talking and she kept dancing so I went with it and hung out. Then I go to pay her for the dance I asked for and she said I owe he $400+. Needless to say a manager got involved and we settled on much less then $400. We didn’t let one greedy bad apple ruin our night, but watch out for them and if they ask for a unreasonable amount of cash for a dance, get a manager.

  4. Alan A.

    Looks much bigger from the outside, but it is actually quite small. In expensive cover, but everything else is a rip off. We wanted to sit down because that’s what you do at a strip club and was told it was $50 for a table. Never having visited close to 75 strip clubs have I ever been asked to pay to sit down. So instead I just went and stood by the bar. Went to the ATM to take out $300 (the amount I planned to spend that night) and the ATM fee was $30. So essentially it would have been $100 just to walk in, sit down, and order a drink, and none of that was going to the girls, just greedy club owners. Half way through drinking my watered down first drink, the bartender grabbed my glass along with 20 or so empties on the bar and tossed the contents before I could say anything. When she realized that she took my drink (which she had just served 5 minutes earlier), she shrugged, said sorry, and walked away. I took all of this as a sign and walked out. So the $300 that I had planned to donate to the girls stayed in my pocket and they missed out. Total ripoff.

  5. Mike

    Compared to Las Vegas, Reno, Memphis, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York Clubs, this is THE worse club I have ever been in. Dances are done 12 to 18″ inches away! How is this different than watching it on tv? Women are very hot. Smoke filled establishment. Very small club. Friendly. Bottom line…it beats staying in the hotel and surfin the net but not by much.

  6. Mario G.

    Service was very bad only one bartender and no waitresses to get orders. Go else where stay away!

  7. Liam

    Went here. Meet an amazing beauty named Isabel or Isabella. Anyways she’s worth a return! She knows how to shake that A$$ 😉

  8. eli

    to the “dancer” that said there is no girl named “brooke-lynn” at rachael’s south. i’d like to correct you. i’m a regular at rachaels and know brooke-lynn very well. she’s an amazing girl with an awesome body. she’s been at the club since ’99, she used to go by the name “beth” so it would appear you would be the “confused” one. she is definitely one of the top girls at rachaels, a real “10” out of a club with mostly “9’s” …i don’t think you know what you’re talking about hunny, you must be a day girl.

  9. Paul
  10. AssnTits5

    The best part about this place is that when you tire of all the strippers, you can go outside and buy an omelette on the sidewalk. Don’t know anywhere else that does that…

  11. Marco Johnson

    Some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Very nice upperclass club expect to spend money but the quality of women is more than worth it.

  12. Jason Y.

    There was food? Next time I will have to try the food if I can pry my eyes off the buffet of beautiful girls.

  13. Lindsey

    Does anyone know if Shelby still works there. I hope not!!! She was a whore with stretch marks all over her body. Gross girl….She loves black men with big dicks!

  14. New

    Stop in and check out the all new Diamond Dolls of Daytona, this is a high class, upscale new gentlemens club, open now.

  15. Bikerbob

    I like this place. Great stopoff for either going or coming from the airport. Jeff has been there for like 17 years and that alone speaks well for the club. Wish I could get there more often.

  16. knight writer

    This is a very upscale place. I live in Orlando and can tell you that if you’re looking for quality, then this is the place to be. Most other clubs in Orlando will hire any girl off of the street (fat, old, nasty, ugly) But Rachael’s is the only one that require girls to be no less than a 10. VERY beautiful women. Friendly staff. Huge Club. Upscale. There is an amazing girl who has left a lasting impresson on me whom goes by the name of Brooke-Lynn; long legs, great butt, beautiful, toned body and seductive face and eyes, she’s classy and very fun. She is known as the club favourite. The have an awesome 5 star Steak based restaurant in the club as well. Expect to spend $$$, but expect to get your money’s worth. Good music, great cigar selection and fine wine. Absolutly love this place. Don’t waste your time and money elseware. Rachael’s is the place to be. Very V.I.P. oriented. When you arrive ask for Brooke-Lynn, she alone is worth the visit!!

  17. fritter17

    We ate in the strip club side of the building. The service was phenomenal. The attention given to us was great and the food even better. Great experience all around, I will return the next time I am in Florida.

  18. Jake

    Wish it were fully nude, very hot girls.

  19. ryan123

    First off i cant speak for the food since buddy and I showed up at the place after 11.pm. first the good.. somewhat pretty girls. The bad No touching non lap dances for $20, The wimpiest most over priced drinks ive ever had. We both ordred vodka sodas that were served out of glassess barely bigger than a shot glass, was buldging with ice with a crappy pour. No way was a full shot like it should have been. All this for $8. Might i add that smoking is allowed , I left with a sore throat and smelled like a stinking ash tray. WORST excuse for a topless bar ive ever seen..btwy the atm only gives you rachel dollars. This place sucks. Dont waste your time or money

  20. timmy

    one girl actually flexed her butthole in and out as if she was going to shit on stage. her name was jasmine and she looks like she kissed a semi going 60. wow…

    but otherwise the club was excellent

  21. keith

    great club

  22. Santa

    Merry Christmas

  23. Mia D.

    The girls are fake and mean and the drinks are weak and expensive NOT WORTH IT AT ALL

  24. evl01
  25. Jerry

    Yeah, I know Brooke Lynn. She’s a really cool gal. Lost of fun! Very Hot! Actually her pic is on the (read comments) part of this site. I’m from New Jersey but she’d be worth a trip back.

  26. Lorenzo

    I’m a Rachael’s regular, I hate when I read slander nonsense such as the comment below. Brooke is a great dancer and awesome gal. I’ve been going there for 5 years now and know that she is absolutely nothing like that and would NEVER do extras. Whom ever wrote that comment is either a pathetic loser guy who was disgruntled about not being able to get any action, or one of their jealous dancers that can’t stand when other girls get positive attention. Rachael’s is a great place for food and drinks. Many girls with fake tits, Brooke-Lynn is an awesome natural brunette, yet, I prefer blondes, unfortunately most of the blondes at Rachael’s have mangled faces.

  27. Brooke-Lynn

    Hey Everyone! This is actually “Brooke-Lynn” herself from Rachael’s South. I just heard from a fellow dancer at my club that my name was mentioned quite a bit at this site. I’m surprised (to say the least) that I’ve been the topic of discussion at a forum I didn’t even know existed until this afternoon. First off, I’d like to say It really means a lot to me to read all the positive reviews that people on this site have had to offer. Secondly, addressing this “so called” “Scott from New York” I don’t know anyone by that name and the post itself is just so absurd and ridiculous that I’m sorry I even have to address it. Let me just say that I am a very confident and proud woman and that immature, untrue comments such as that do not phase me. It’s obvious that whom ever posted such nonsense is a VERY insecure person whom feels he (or she) needs to bring others down in order to feel better about themselves. And for that I feel sorry for you. Now, moving on… To the dancer that posted the comment right below this one whom said we’ve worked together I’d just like to say thank you so much for sticking up for me and coming to my defense. It really means a lot to me to read that. I’ve been at Rachael’s since December 99′ and I’ve never had a problem with any girls there. Rachael’s is a great club with a great staff and full of beautiful ladies. I think it’s important to have pride as a “Rachael’s Girl” and to stick up and support the profession and club that we all share. I don’t believe that any “one” girl is “better” than the next. We all have our own qualities and persona which make us unique and beautiful. The one thing I can guarantee anyone about the ladies here is that each one carriers herself with class and poise. Thank you to everyone again who’s said the nice things that they have. I hope you all enjoy a great time with great people when you come by our club. 😉 -Kisses, Brooke-Lynn

  28. New York

    Great club, plenty of 9s and 10s

  29. Me
  30. Danny Bakerly

    Club has best girls and food in Orlando bar none,,,Randy beasley Managing Owner MJP Legend,,,,,,,,

  31. Rachel W.

    This is a strip club and a steakhouse. We ate dinner first, and it was very good. An upside is that you can get a table dance while waiting for your food, and they have a TV that shows what is happening on stage while you’re in the dining room. This is a no contact club, which I was unaware of before going. I’m not from Florida so I’m not sure what the usual experience is like, but in Ohio you get way more contact depending on the club. I had a dance from a very nice girl who was new to dancing. She put her boobs in my face and immediately was yelled at by the floor guy. I felt special.Girls here are very hot but I don’t know if it’s possible to have any real fun, no matter how much money you spend.

  32. Confused

    I am a dancer at Rachels south and I have never heard of a dancer named brooke-lynn I think you have the wrong club or wrong dancer name, but anyway there are plenty of pretty girls there.

  33. Mike O'Connell

    Although there are plenty of attractive women, Orange County’s restrictive rules about no touching prohibits any type of contact (even accidental). People were paying large sums of money just to have the girls sit with them, much less a lap dance (no such thing at Rachel’s). So unless you are going to show up with money to lose and get no entrertainment value out of it, don’t bother. Don’t waste your money here, get a taxi or rent a car and drive out of Orange County.

  34. Stacey

    my man and i just moved to fla, we had our first rachaels experience last night. fancy top notch club! pretty girls, met some awesome girls, especially tabitha, candy, brooke and margo! these gals were definitely the creme de la creme of the club. we’d defintley go back. I agree with “lorenzo” below though, not enough pretty blondes, most had cellulite, looked a little too old to be dancing and could of used some work in the face department.

  35. Flower

    The girls are mean, the housemom is rude and laughs at problems, sells ugly dresses, manager doesn’t care to handle problems, drinks are to strong, lots of rules and they want you to prance like a Princess on stage. Don’t touch the pole (that’s low class) don’t touch your dress (that’s not lady like) don’t touch the girls (that’s just slutty) don’t touch yourself (keep your hands busy) wear a lot of make-up and think you’re better than everyone else cuz you are! You work at Rachel’s!!!! Don’t go.

  36. bored

    this club used to be better back in the day. lame now. not much fun to be had here. better off spending the dough at mons or odyssey

  37. NH
  38. evl 1

    great club best of Orlando the new owner seems to a bit nicer than the old owner. some of the best dancers too see are Roxanne,Esmerelda,Elizebeth,Laura,Joy & Carrie. Dont expect extras Its not that type of club, Orange County is always watching .

  39. Tristan

    Does anyone know if Violet still works here?

  40. The Famous Brooke-Lynn

    Just wanted to say thanks once again to the insecure girl pretending to be

    different guys on this site so that they can make up shit about me. Wow,

    whomever you are you must be sweating my clit really hard. Its flattering to

    know that I make you so jealous. You really think petty negative lies can

    break such a bombshell as myself? Keep posting all the shit you’d like under

    different names, I hope I’m occuping every aspect of you mind. I’m loving

    every minute of it!! It’s fun going by different names, isn’t it? That way you

    can hide the true insecure little girl that you are. It’s okay, one day you’ll find

    your place in life and become comfortable with whom you are rather than the

    welfare of others. P.S. God bless your pathetic little heart.

  41. Devon McAllister

    Thanks for the advice from the dude from New York. I talked with Brook-Lynn at the club and she did a great after hours show for me to with alot of extras! Business must still be really slow because she was more than eager to meet up after closing time! I will be back but will skip the club next time and just give her a call to stop by the hotel! What a hot little slut!

  42. AnonymousGuest

    4 Shark-o-Mat?

  43. Please!!??

    Some one tell me. does a girl named Danika still work here?? thanks

  44. Tom

    Hottest girls ever!

  45. mj

    their just jealous of you brook-lyn…the people that really know you know how awesome you are and beautiful inside and out…but on the other hand, even bad publicity is good publicity, their making you famous..hahaha!..

  46. Scott New York

    YUP I know Brooke-Lynn also. Out of the ten girls that I asked to do a private show at my house she was the only one that said yes. She seemed like she knew what she was doing but said that it needed to be discret because of the gay laws in Orange County. She took my business card and we met up later. She is not very expensive and well experienced. If you are looking for some “extra fun” that orange county does not allow in the clubs Brooke-Lynn is the one to talk to! (take it from me!) She left me very satisfied (if you know what I mean) and my didn’t break my bank account. Look her up for sure!

  47. harryharry

    On this last trip to Orlando I decided to do something different and Rachel’s was on the list. Not only did I hear the steak was delicious, but this was one of the classier clubs. First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that there is a gentlemen’s club with EXCELLENT food.Do yourselves a huge favor and order the filet mignon. This was hands down the BEST filet mignon I’ve ever had!!! I ordered it medium rare and it was PERFECT!!! If not, I suggest the rib eye. To die for! For drinks I had margaritas. Yummy! Not too strong, not too weak. Things to know:-Cover charge is $10 per person (yes, that means us ladies as well)-Table dances are $20Overall I’d say I was very impressed with this establishment. So impressed that I came back the very next night! Beautiful women AND an amazing steak?! Genius!!!

  48. bonwie
  49. casey

    Rachael’s sucks. Overpriced, under poured drinks. $10 table side dances. Absolutely NO contact. Many hot girls. I disagree with Stacey; there are MANY beautiful blondes at Rachael’s. Not much for personality though. Despite it’s downfalls I had a good time thanks to a beautiful Brazilian girl named Tabitha.



  51. joe

    first time in the club. not a bad place, the girls are very attractive and friendly.

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