Rock A Billie’s



1248 Standard Avenue, Masury, OH 44438


41.209568, -80.530365




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Rock A Billie’s

  1. Johnny P

    This is one of the best clubs I’ve been too in a long time. The girls are beautiful, talented, and have great personalities. They have a lot of fun up on the stage and make everyone feel welcome. The management is top notch and they know how to keep the customers happy.

  2. the truth

    This club smells foul.

    Poor management.

    I think there’s a pinhole camera above the mens urinal.

    The male managers just eye you up?

    I think they might like mens pee-pee’s.


  3. chadeley

    Loved this club. Loved the girls, they had awesome personalties, I’d go back again.

  4. lunchbox
  5. joe

    hot gurls and a rockin time

    BYOB saves me a ton and puts this place tops on my list

  6. happy customer

    what a great idea – wish I had thought of it!

    15 girls on Saturday and 13 were HOT

  7. fun loving

    best time i’ve had at a club in a long time and the girls are all hot

  8. Sammy

    this place is the pitts

  9. cowboy

    they had only 1 dancer and it was a pasty club not nude. $5 cover, the lady at the door said there was only 1 dancer but said there would be more. The dancer told me there were 3 dancers, but 1 was sick and the other on vacation.

  10. Kris

    had a good time on saturday when they did the jello wrestling,a bit lame needed more actual wrestling but seeing that big guyfrom the radio run like a little girl was pretty funny. wish there were more girls like the one that was at the door for awhile. got to see her dance just a little before she went to take care of the door and would like to see more if she moves like that on stage cant wait to get her in a private dance. more girls in general would be good too. over all its a fun freindly place.


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  12. tom

    what a shithole

  13. Visitor

    This place is a shithole. I will never go back.

  14. steve

    they sure have improved since they changed management. keep up the good work girls

  15. jon

    all the girls and staff are very friendly. all the prices are fair for a strip club. good music, they play whatever you want,if they have it. girls are lively and energetic, not to mention how hot they are. backroom dances are great and next time i’ll bring enough for a shower show too!

  16. John

    This place is just nasty, but is improving. Dances are way overpriced for the quality of girls.

  17. Not Comingback

    What a total waste of time and gas.

  18. jonplus

    not bad good filling and fun.

  19. Traveler

    Not worth stopping at. Total waste of time and gas!

  20. Ronnie

    This place rocks. What a great idea! Naked women and BYOB – spent all my money on girls instead of beer! Good choice…

  21. David

    Wow, I was there over the weekend they were filming for a commercial. all the girls were in gowns and looked hot as hell. I had never been to the club but was very impressed.

  22. just the best

    this place rocks the girls are awesome and to $10 you can’t go wrong especially when you bring you our beer

  23. puma

    I spend 80% of my drinking time at my family owned bar! Unquestionably, the majority of time, and more importantly fun i have is in my bar. Club Pink is the first establishment to compare (i spend the other 20% there)!

  24. mitch

    Hot Hot HOT – LOVED IT

  25. Raymond

    will never go back to this place.most of the girls have a bad body order

  26. jo

    great time

  27. HD rider

    This place is the BEST – I will be back often

  28. Last Time.

    Paper just reported employee being slashed across throat. Seeings as it was awful last time I was there. I won’t be returning and neither will any of my friends. Besides, there wasn’t even any girls there the last time I stopped and it was 11pm on a sat. i come to the clubs for a reason

  29. ewwwww


  30. dan

    I thoroughly enjoy myself everytime I stop by. They hired several new girls and the whole place is just awesome and comfortable.

  31. Johnette
  32. the Don

    just a nice little “mom and pop” operation. all the girls seemed to have a good time too

  33. Ben

    This place has awesome girls! I’ve never been to a palce where all the girls are friendly and approachable. What a value and the feature shows and dances are incredible.

  34. Bob

    BYOB – saved a ton on drinks

  35. Big Man

    Girls were great…loved watching Sky and Shannon dance…the new girls are great too…definitely got to try this out.

  36. Eric

    This place has to be a front for seeling drugs or girls. There is NO WAY its busy enough to warrant staying open as is. Place only gets busy after two on the weekends and those people dont spend money.

  37. Ytown regular

    Excellent time Saturday night. I counted 11 girls. Three were hot, 3 decent,

    and the other five were a bit too thick for my taste. Private rooms are a

    good bet. 50 for 15 mins closed door session. Ria was my favorite.

  38. Mark

    Waste of time

  39. jo-shmo

    these girls are like watching old reruns on tv

  40. james

    This was by far the absolute most disgusting place I have ever been. There were 3 girls there, none of whom were on stage. It smelled so bad in there, like a backedup sewer. The girls were absolutely terrible, one was so fat she could play soccer with her tits, the other one sounded like a man, Marrissa. Just plaing terrible

  41. jeff

    Had a great time and the private dances were HOT. Saved a ton with BYOB…. GREAT PLACE

  42. ewwwwwww


  43. Mr Big

    atmosphere is very comfortable and the girls are pretty and good dancers but they never tried to hustle me for private dances

  44. Rick

    girls are big tease. cover charge outrageous for horrible atmosphere. have to beg for girls to pay attention. the girls are more interested in each other than making money.

  45. yo mama!

    It is a layed back club. Most of the girls are nice. Some of the girls are kinda nasty! But they have cool shows and BYOB and good people. yeah it’s a good time. 2 thumbs up!!

  46. justin

    girls are really nice. atmosphere about the same as it was before. but i still like it

  47. Josh
  48. rob

    destiny and shannon are so beautiful and know how to dance..

  49. Tical360

    Club Pink is definitely a laid back club with quality entertainers and a comfy atmosphere. The only thing I would change is the quality of security. They need real “bouncers”. Not just some random guy doing security. Sure they enforce the rules, but they don’t rule with an iron fist.

    All it would take is is some motivated and experienced security personnel to set a standard. After that, security would be solid; as well as the club.

  50. Jay

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