Spearmint Rhino



2154 Zip Code Place, West Palm Beach, FL 33409


26.7095192, -80.1098654




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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146 reviews for “Spearmint Rhino

  1. Caballero

    Chipmunk guy mark with the Bad veneers , super rude very unprofessional. Had a big table of professional athletes and his customer service was garbage . I’m glad we took a 4min drive to Monroe’s . Better girls and great customer service ask for Luis ! Great guy

  2. Larry
  3. u know

    Terrible club. nasty girls everyone wants to be blonde? i hate blondes

  4. Mr. J

    Love the atmosphere and the layout. Definitly better than those clubs with the techno and the fog machines. The girls are very attractive for the most part, although, there could be more of them. The service leaves something to be desired, and the pricing varies, but is on par with most gentlemen’s clubs. It is one of the better clubs in South Florida in my opinion. This and Scarlett’s are my mainstays.

  5. Anonymous

    I had a great time at the club last night

  6. Greg
  7. LA
  8. no name


  9. boynton bch

    i love Erica

  10. Matt
  11. poor
  12. jason

    the food is really good. there are some really hot girls at the club. cheetah isnt better- its dirty and the girls are skank. they need to expand the club a little and get a new dj

  13. Mike
  14. FL MEN


  15. Serenity

    How much is the house here? Tip out to other as well? want a part time job.

  16. Frank

    good times

  17. Deerfield bch

    best in west palm

  18. Aaron
  19. d
  20. SCAM

    SCAM. Stay away! Had my drink spiked and was scammed. Managers and bartenders are in on it. Wouldn’t doubt if the cop standing outside was in on it too. 10 percent fee for ATM. Strippers will raise prices on you midway. Will charge you for services that didn’t happen. Better get it in writing. It’s one big cluster designed to drug you and scam you. Will never go there again.

  21. Sam
  22. Good Place

    Great Club so so waitress

  23. jake
  24. #

    great club but there are aolt of girls that you need to get rid of like al your daytime girls taylor, jorden,kendall,coco,asia i could go on but those are he ones really.

  25. lap dance stan

    place keeps getting better and better.

  26. Jack

    Sucks Bigtime

  27. Dean

    Nice club, cool dancers, poor service

  28. Steve
  29. Emperors

    World class Gentlemens club Emperors palm beach

  30. Maimi Style

    Gentlemens club! with a touch of night club. Hot chicks.

  31. More Fun

    I had more fun in Pasco County. Average Bar, Average Service.

  32. Tim

    Had fun, Thanks

  33. Me

    Good music with hot dancers. Suprised nobody came over to talk or offer me a dance. I would have gotten one if I was offered. Oh well. It seemed nice so I’d give it one more shot. But if the customer service doesn’t improve, it will be my last visit.

  34. Trent
  35. Good
  36. BIG RICK


  37. Mac
  38. ryan123

    “Single dollars being thrown from the back, I got that white girl, and you skinny and you black.”I like to think of myself as a throwback to a different era. A simpler time. A time where men were men, and bitches were hoes. That being said I very rarely go to strip clubs, so when I do it is generally quite a treat.This particular night, it was a Wednesday and I had just come from Island Jack’s, right next door. It was about 2:30 and I just wasn’t ready for the night to end yet, so someone suggested Spearmint Rhino. Excellent.Upon arrival, I was very impressed with the entrance, as it reminded me of something I might see in Nucky Thompson’s Atlantic City. The classiness continued into the actual club itself, leaving me to give it a 5/5 based on architecture.While I will be somewhat forgiving, due to the fact that it was a Wednesday at 2:30 in the morning, I was very underwhelmed by the strippers. In my (limited) experience at strip clubs, there are two kinds of strippers. You have the ones that seem to enjoy working and are really creative, all smiles, etc. Then you have the ones that you sense are forced to do this job, due to some unforeseen circumstances, and just kind of make you feel bad. Unfortunately, the girls on this particular night seemed to be of the latter type. They just went about their routines, they seemed to have it planned out, and didn’t really improvise or show any enthusiasm. I still gave them money because they are doing their job and deserve to get paid just like everyone else. I have heard great things about this place from friends so I’m gonna chalk my experience up to an off night.

  39. cugar
  40. Anonymous

    Great club!

  41. N/A
  42. Dan
  43. newbe

    who would i ask if i want bj or fs?

  44. Bob
  45. N. Rogers

    Nice club

  46. Joe

    Best club in West Palm

  47. Dave
  48. Jamie
  49. Doug
  50. Best in WPB

    Was there Saturday and it was busy good lineup of girls, Unfortunatly they close at 5 and i was just getting comfortable it sucks they cant be like walmart open 24 hours

  51. Evan

    Sharon is back (she still have the same long, long legs) This makes the club come alive.

  52. dd
  53. James
  54. Tom
  55. pink lady

    girls are cute and they make girls are very friendly!

  56. XhXeXy

    An upscale strip club. Very nice inside, very classy in..almost..every way. The service is very good and the ladies are friendly. They swiffered the main dance floor 3 times in the 1 hour that i was there..which i have never seen before at a strip club..they really keep the place clean. I went to the one in Las Vegas, which is heaven on earth, but the one in West Palm is not to shabby either! $10 cover, i went during the week and was imagining how awesome it must be on the weekend.

  57. rick boynton

    lap dances are great there but they need a new dj and sound system that fag dj sucks

  58. Roy
  59. k2
  60. JB
  61. Stephen
  62. worth it

    Worth every dime and every time!

  63. Harry Reasoner

    $80 BJ and $140 FS!!!! Very Good Deal!!!!!!

  64. sib
  65. Don

    I was in the club Wednesday night, blonde with big tits is beautiful. Sorry bad with names.

  66. Maine

    Is it nude here or just topless? Coiming from Maine and want to visit this club. Heard great things about it.

  67. Fred
  68. Hilk
  69. Vincent
  70. sflaguy69

    stopped in there on a off night had decent girls ok atmosphere ! gotta teach the girls to talk to customers instead of asking for a dance as soon as you walk up ! had a waitress change my 50 for singles and i never count my money but for some reason i did that night, sure enough i had 41 dollars instead of 50 as she seen me counting on her way back with our drinks she said oh i dropped this on the floor and gave me 8 dollars back and was still short a dollar !! il always count my money when im in there ! i guess they all think not everyone tips for service but they ended up taking from the wrong person im a good tipper !!!

  71. Chastain

    A Chain stripclub that doesn’t live up to its namesake

  72. Clyde
  73. Chris H.

    Always the party place on a Saturday night. But West palms best kept secret is 1/2 Off on Sundays. This is always my favorite place to chill. And the location of some of my best stories.

  74. JJ
  75. Chris

    The club itself looks great. The layout and decor give the air of ‘top-notch’. Unfortunately, the lap-dance couches are nothing more than narrow padded benches. It’s impossible to enjoy your dance when forced to sit perfectly upright. I’m skinny so I managed but my friend is a large guy and was downright miserable.

    The girls were attractive and varied but many are inexperienced. I went early on a saturday and of the 4 or 5 that I talked to, all but one were there for the first time (1, 2, or 3rd night working). That’s kind of exciting in a way, but sometimes you want a woman who knows how to chat you up, grind it, and then leave you alone to sample another.

    Make the benches bigger and my rating of this place would jump.

  76. Best
  77. Jim
  78. Delray
  79. Dancer

    We are a nude club. Come check us out.

  80. Roger
  81. billy k

    best club in fla. love this place

  82. Aa
  83. fritter17

    Very clean and upscale. beautiful women and great drinks. What else can you want. Vip service is great they have very attentive staff besides the girls that make sure your taken care off. Great customer service.

  84. Jerry
  85. J DUB


  86. Carler
  87. kevin

    this place was ok not great but ok

  88. fuckery12

    It was fun and my friends and I had a good time, however for our first time to a strip club it taught us some valuable lessons… I was offered a dance according to each of my friends their dances went well. However my “entertainer” did not inform me the amount of time a dance was and did not ask me if I wanted to have multiple dances so as a first timer I let her do her thing only to find out that she had automatically charged me for 6 dances 150.00$when I was told 25.00$ not stopping once to inform me that the original dance I had asked for was over. So I am disappointed that she took advantage of me when she was aware that it was my first time, we probably won’t return

  89. poor club

    You guys SICK

  90. aj

    Had a great time last Thursday. Kera (sp?) was super hot. All the girls were pretty much top-notch. Definitely recommend going.

  91. Barry
  92. Rock
  93. B
  94. Gradi
  95. Jorge

    I really like the $1 beers and the chicas I will bring my amigos for lunch

  96. Hollywood CA

    Food/ Value for money no it sick

  97. Tatt
  98. mj

    not what it used to be.

  99. Charley

    Service needs to be improved…pretty dancers.

  100. victoria
  101. customer

    I was hustled for my money. warning don’t go there.

  102. Rick
  103. shizzo
  104. Ryan
  105. WPB
  106. Sal
  107. BILLY

    I had a great time I thought the girls were smoking

  108. Nathan
  109. crucifuxs

    This club rocks

  110. Dale
  111. pgaguy

    Service was terrible the waitress must have thought I was a camel and only needed one drink for the whole night. The private dance value while somewhat expensive was excellent

  112. Charles
  113. Al
  114. Craig
  115. Robert
  116. lowe
  117. Tony
  118. SkyGuy

    This is actually one of my favorite clubs. The dancers are very personable, and often quite attractive(Depends on the shift) Drink prices are actually lower than most of the bars i go to, however i have to go to the bar to get it because the waitresses there are preoccupied(always). If they get better waitresses and more comfortable benches(those things are horrible, im a skinny 6’1 200lb guy and im still sliding off those benches… GET COUCHES)then this place would be perfect(well, damn close to it). This place is great especially if you just wanna sit back and relax.

  119. Carl
  120. lilith

    Hey Ashley, or is it “crucifuxs”? Nice to have you back in the club. Maybe you should start working the dayshift and get things back to where they were?

  121. Gus
  122. edge

    I love this place. The women are fantastic and the drinks are well-priced.

  123. Josh
  124. Land
  125. jones

    hey i love these places its like a dream come true i hade these one girl shakira she look like her too but she a very nice girl and she gave me the most wonderful dance i ever hade. she know how to move very fine and her ass is off the meter she has the best ass in there well i say she the most pretties girl in there and she has a real boby she does’t have fake breast or a fake ass she a real hot origanl boby

  126. Joe
  127. Varietyman WPB

    The discounted lunch is $3 for the burger and if you want fries, another $3 on top of that. Heck, they might as well offer a dance in the back for half price and offer to show you the other breast for same. The decor, DJ and some of the dancers are friendly and not pushy. However, they are not the same Spearmint Rhino that we’ve experience in Vegas or elsewhere. Hopefully things will pick up when all the snowbirds return soon and more money opportunities abound. I am not too jazzed by the high cover cost and the ever diminishing size of the signature hamburger. It was larger when the chef was more infrequent.

  128. boston guy
  129. kevin

    went to see pornstar jayden jaymes and she was the only stripper in the place to get nude. management said nudity is optional! not a nude club save your time and money

  130. John
  131. back
  132. Ted

    Not bad but over rated.

  133. Sean

    I love this place!!!!!!!!!

  134. The MAN


  135. Rob

    It rocks! I don’t feel like I’m going to get herpes by sitting on the chairs like I do at Cheetas. Food’s good and hot ass waitress and dancers!

  136. Mick
  137. F
  138. mustang man

    What happened to this place? This club has a really bad vibe to it. One dancer I was talking with said she is ready to leave for some new club opening. She didn’t go into it much, but said there is a lot of drama here and she didn’t like her boss.

    I did like the $10 dances(until 7:00 each day?). The drink specials were alright. The variety and quality of dancers has really gone downhill. Whoever picked these girls needs glasses.

    I did find one girl I was willing to do a vip room with. Nothing special. However, the manager cheated me out of about ten minutes of my time. I didn’t say anything because he looked like the violent type. Afterwards he brought my bucket of drinks back to our table and just kinda slammed it on the table with like it was a big inconvience. Yes, I tipped him well as we went into the room. I’m thinking he is just a trainee or substitute. That dumb jock won’t make it long in this industry.

    Next time, if I come back, I will try the night shift and see if it’s any better with different employees.

  139. Brad
  140. THOMAS


  141. Ray

    had a great time saturday night…my waitress rocked..all the staff was super hot. got dances from haze..this is my new saturday night hangout

  142. Regular Guy!

    Very clean and nice inside!!!

    Plus all the girls that you get a P/Rwith take care of you pretty cheap!

    And they’re not nasty…

  143. Jarvis
  144. Dr. Evil

    Paris is a cute little blonde that gets hotter and hotter the more dances you buy.

  145. todd
  146. Mark

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