Hot Bodies



4134 Felter Lane #B, Austin, TX 78744


30.196737, -97.705901




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Hot Bodies

  1. Jimmy

    Worst place ever 17 dancers got into a fight someone lost an eye worried

    for the customers if things like this are going on what does that mean.

    Made the news for being Terrible.

  2. Denny

    This is my new favorite club in town. Nude girls and BYOB in a clean and new club.

  3. jose

    this club rocks.$5 nude dances on wendesdays is a great deal. had fun also on sunday night watching football with $10 cover and $10 dances all night long.

  4. Harrison69

    Hot Bodies which my friends and I have affectionately referred to as “The Dirty”. Things you should know about Hot Bodies is that it has a cheap cover and is BYOB. Other than that its your standard second tier strip club. Personally, I have seen some women here who should be working at much better places and I have seen some who should be paid to keep their clothes on.Its BYOB and you can see some action. If that’s is your thing than Hot Bodies is your place. If not then move along. I will take the unpretentious action over the other places in S. Austin.

  5. tellingitlikewas

    This place was ghetto. The girls were all ugly except one named carmen and she was taken by the batchlor party that was there. None of the girls had nice boobs, they were all saggy. The stages were small. overall go somewhere esle this place was horrible.

  6. kevin

    Went in last saturday and had a blast. The talent has definetely improved a ton since I went there last month. They have now $5 dances topless all the time or nude for $20. Their topless club next door also is featuring $5 dances as well, but the best attraction is $2 drinks anything on the house. Came very handy and cheap once I ran out of my vodka. will be going back soon.

  7. J

    This club sucks. Nasty girls and waste of $20.

  8. StripClub431

    Great place good music. Two of the girls made me feel really comfortable. Club is welcoming. Good even on weekday. It’s BYOB too so that’s cool. Glad I gave it a chance

  9. joseph1k

    Never again fates dirty and worst packing I got towed with in 5 min of walking in I will never return

  10. dave

    went there during the day and had a great time. lunch was pretty decent also.

  11. Tyler
  12. robert

    was at the club Sunday night, they have $10 cover and $10 dances had a great time. they also kept announcing $5 nude dances on Wednesdays and also $2 drinks on their Hot Bodies 2 club next door Thursday – Saturday. will go back again on friday to see the other club with $2 drinks also.

  13. ClibHopper

    this club rocks!

  14. steve

    This club has come a long way from what it used to be and they are getting ready to open one more club next door: Hot Bodies Too. Once will be BYOB and the other one topless with liquor. It should be interesting as it will be the only place in austin where u can have topless and nude club next to each other. girls have definetely improved.

  15. mustafa

    very nice looking club (both interior and girls).

  16. mike

    Went to the new HotBodies club last night and its amazing. They opened next door their new BYOB fully nude, and that club is huge and very upscale. I couldn’t believe how it looks now compared to how it was before. They have also 2 different VIPs and lots of new talent. great club.

  17. christopher

    this club is getting better and better each time I go. talent has improved significantly and you can’t beat $5 nude dances on Wednesdays. great BYOB club

  18. tom

    This club has some hot nude women dancing and it is close to downtown. I went on a Friday night so it was pretty busy, but I’m going to check it out again on a slower night. Jade said she works Mon nights and she is a cutie. BYOB so don’t forget to stop by the store.

  19. roberto

    great BYOB club in atx.lots of fun.

  20. Bill

    They just opened the new club next door (the re-model). The older part is not open at all. I was really impressed of how great it looked compared to the old club. This is by far the best looking club in town. I went on the first day of the new clubs opening, August 19th. The girls were really nice. There’s a variety of different girls to choose from. I had a great time and will become a regular!!

  21. william

    lots of fun at a great their $10 cover/dances on Sundays.

  22. mathewater12

    Really bad idea. VIP is not worth paying for. Out of 10 girls, only one might be worth the 20 dls cover. Got towed while being inside!!! Never going back.

  23. doug

    Went to the club on Wednesday. They had $5 dances going on and lots of talent to choose from. I had couple of bottles with me that I put on my table which attracted most of the girls, so its a good way to bring talent over without any work 🙂 DJ kept announcing they have $5 dances now during the day as well so I will have to check that out also. I paid the extra $20 and went to VIP which is more private and had quite a few great dances. overall a very fun experience, will go back.

  24. ryan123

    Probably the worse club ever. I mean like you want me to spend my hard earn money, when you are not even trying hard to dance. I’m still trying to figure out how you can dance so slow to a fast song, like can we get some hustle out of you please. Oh! And let’s not talk about how the dancers look 🙁 can we say you shouldn’t be dancing with no clothes off.

  25. scott

    Great place. it was the best one that I have been to in a while. I hope to return in the near coming weeks. I would rate as a 100 if i could.

  26. GlubGuy

    upscale looking club with lots of hotties.had lots of fun sunday with $10 cover and $10 dances all night long.

  27. shannon

    dis club is da shyt!!!! i luv it!!!!

  28. Traveler

    Not bad if you like girls that can make up the Offensive line for the Long Horns.

  29. dawn

    its great to work there

  30. juan

    great club with lots of latino girls to choose from.they also have a cantina/taco stand in the front that cooks food for the club inside.

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