Riviera Gentleman



34-48 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY 11101


40.7556538, -73.922037




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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  2. bologna thongs


  3. jake

    2 guetto

  4. greg

    Good club….

  5. mathewater12

    As I looked at other reviews of this place, I still felt the need to see for myself if the just “ok” reviews were justified. So my friend and I decided to check out this club on a Friday night. We arrived just past midnight and went through the pat down / metal detectors. We also paid our twenty bucks entrance fee each and were on our way. The place is decent sized, very similar to Sin City Cabaret in the Bronx. Smoking is allowed in this place and you get a whiff right as soon as you enter (a turn off for me). Beware because you will leave smelling like tobacco, hooka and weed. Yuk! We then purchased two drinks from a not so friendly bartender. The place was somewhat packed with only VIP bottle service areas having space to move. We hung around an area between the bar and VIP that was a standing area only. As we tried to make eye contact with any of the ladies, most seemed to be not happy about working. They were pretty I must say but it but would have looked better with a smile here or there. I’ve been to a few clubs where there are a couple of girls that are unhappy but not the majority like this place. The ones that are smiling and seem like they are enjoying themselves gravitated to where the money was being tossed in the air. We didn’t even get the chance to make an impression as rival patrons were flinging singles at the happier girls (pissing contest basically to see who could throw more from opposite ends of the bar). It was pointless to try and compete for these girls so we focused on some of the unhappier ones who were just either dazzed out or indifferent. Our goal was to try and make the evening fun and beneficial financially for them. (So maybe they would be as unhappy as money makes the world go round) As we called over a couple of them to say hello or walked over to introduce ourselves, it was almost like pulling teeth. As soon as I got that impression, I backed off and so did my friend. We noticed that the place was filling up yet still there were quite a few girls not working or wanting to work. We were able to sit at the bar and buy another round of drinks from a different bartender. She was better in terms of being courteous but still “out to lunch”. As the girls come around the bar, the tipping parade begins. We tipped every girl that came by but just about all of them didn’t make eye contact or gave a basic thanks. Now I’ve been around to many clubs and usually they try to be somewhat engaging. This was not the case. Just like most service industries, customer service should be a focus. This was the first strip club that it was absent from just about everyone. Unless you were in the VIP area buying bottles or just flinging cash randomly in the air, you were ignored. There were quite a few patrions getting ignored, it was not just us. I can’t speak for the rest of them but my friend and I are not window shoppers. But the assumption that because we weren’t in the VIP area so we didn’t have cash or other currency is laughable. To be passed by over and over again by many attractive yet frowning women was unfortunate. The most friendly person in the establishment had to be the bathroom attendant. He was very courteous, helpful and even tried to make small talk. This should be the gentleman training the ladies who work here how to interact with clients. He has the right idea and honestly received more of a tip then any of women working this night. So to sum up my lengthy review. If you are willing to spend loads of cash on a Friday night while shifting through frowning faces, then this is the place for you. I will not even give it a go on a slower night, I’ll just take my business elsewhere. Too many clubs in the NYC area to focus on the potential of this one. It may be a nice layout in a good area with attractive yet unhappy dancers but the lack of interaction kills it for me. So you have been warned….

  6. johnny for the bronxs

    off the hook

  7. richard95

    It’s wrong to be a fan of a stripclub : ) A-ok sounds just fine.. this was only my 2nd club, but i preferred the latina/black mix this place had vs the mostly white dancers i’d seen in arizona. i also got in a lil dancing to some unexpected music, always a plus for me.these girls pass around and you stick money in their bras.highlight(?) of the night was when one dancer rubbed stuffed my face in her boobs..she’d thought i was a bit too shy apparently. sigh : )

  8. fuckery12

    The business itself is just plain disgraceful. They lost my friend’s ID after taking it to confirm his credit card was valid and instead of being apologetic, they were defensive and still charged us $500 for the bottles and drinks we bought. They didn’t offer to buy anything off of his tab. He asked to speak with the manager and the owner came over and apologized, said something to the effect of things like this can happen and to have a good night. When my friend protested this was bad business the owner said we could take our business elsewhere and then security began to get super pushy with us. What was unbelievable was no one was raising their voice and getting out of line. And we were being bullied.By the way the girls there are all Latina, most of them are pretty busted looking, and the rest are silicone valley. And there was a really skeezy sad feel to the place. MOST HORRID strip joint I’ve ever been to and WORST BUSINESS I’ve seen in years.

  9. george
  10. Rick

    i love this spot the girls are very nice.

  11. eddyL

    Please don’t patronize this place and their sketchy ways. The people who run this joint are awful people who like to try and sweep GRAND LARCENY AND FELONY FRAUD under the rug.The owner of this place is a sketchball, amongst other things that I’m too ladylike to even think of.I was robbed back in 2006 and the lovely ladies that took my wallet decided to head on over to the Riviera to enjoy a night’s partying on me.They ordered two bottles of Grey Goose and chucked the balance of the bill onto my debit card. When I got home around 4 a.m. and realized my wallet was missing, I ran to the computer to check my account and cancel my cards. Lo and behold, the $500 charge was already there from Riviera.After canceling my cards, I called Riviera to tell them about what happened and see if they knew who used my card. The owner flipped out on me and told me it was “impossible” that someone besides me used my card and that I was “just trying to get out of paying my bottle service tab”, saying that they check ID’s when people pay for such large tabs to make sure the person matches up with the card – then he hung up on me.Thirty minutes later, I get a call back from the same guy telling me that he caught the girls who used my card. Since the bitch stole my wallet, she had my driver’s license that she used with my debit card to make the purchase look legit. The only problem is, that chick was Spanish, 5’3” and pushing 30. I was 19, 5’10” and Middle Eastern. Nice job catching the differences. Oh, and yes, I never had a fake ID so my license said I was NINETEEN. How in the world do you sell two bottles of liquor to an underage girl at a strip club if you’re sooo good at checking IDs?The next day I went down to pick up what was left of my wallet that the cleaning crew found flung on the floor. By the way, my then-boyfriend was NOT allowed to go into the place with me to talk to the owner – he told the bouncer to keep him at the door. Sketchy part #8,659. The owner took polaroids of all the culprits as well as their info – but then he instructed me NOT to go to the police because they were part of “a bad crew from Brooklyn and they WILL come after you.” Hah. Nice try. You’re just trying to save your ass because you sold liquor to some girl who presented you fraudulent ID and debit card that said she was 19. I went to the police anyway, but nothing ever came out of it, of course.

  12. Mistercap12

    Horribly run place. They wouldn’t allow me in because I was too “drunk”. We came here for my hubby’s bday after beer garden . Mind u I drank 2 beers!! 2 lol . I’ve been here quite a few times before and have seen men ridiculously drunk or drugged . I’ve seen fights break out and no one do shit about it. Disgusting establishment . I felt extremely discriminated against because both the bouncer and everyone else in my party knew I was not drunk.

  13. Sonia A.

    Never again! I honestly don’t understand why there’s admission fee your going to spend $$$ on girls anyway. 2. They made me coat check my rain jacket which was foldable and can fit in my bag! Wouldn’t going back.

  14. mamagirls


  15. maxxy1

    This crap hole stole my wife’s ID and credit card and when we complained they physically assaulted both of us! They hit me and threw me out the door and then tossed my wife on to the ground like the cowards they are! After calling police we were treated like criminals and then the missing property “magically” appeared after a police ” sweep” of the place. What a bunch of shady pieces of shit. Be warned…they will try to steal our I D and they will hit you if you protest. What a bunch of cowards to hit a woman. I’m discusted at this establishment’s business practices, their staff, and the NYPD for their behavior. Just gross!! So nasty to know they can do whatever they want with the cops on their side!!

  16. Eddie

    Loads of girls.

  17. BJ

    Nah not so hot

  18. hoodini

    NEXT Place to get shut down ….

  19. Jay

    So hood! a fight broke out while there, The girls are definitely on something!!! Plain old wack, and 1 is way too fat!! Dont recommend thisd place.

  20. Sandy

    It sucks once u no the real deal people,,, o dont believe the hype ur drinks r watered down & the food is never fresh. The owners r pimps & racist and the manager mike is a coke head/wanna b drug dealer..HaHa loser… Rivie is going down.. & safety Thats a JOKE.. All the managers peoples walk up in the not being searched and selling coke and smoking weed.. Shut IT Down.

  21. nickstrip

    They did not basically let us in because we are two females. I find this very upsetting because we are both queer, and we’re looking to just enjoy the show. they claimed that it was bc some ladies had come in before looking for their bfs, but that has nothing to do with us. This is homophobic and gender discrimination. BEWARE.

  22. Leron G.

    This place was packed when I went last month, seriously close to being unable to walk. The space itself isn’t very big and they only have one stage along the center so there really isn’t much room to do anything. EXCEPT stare at the gorgeous strippers! Seriously, this place, along with Sue’s offers the best talent I’ve seen in a NY strip club so far. Go here with one or two friends, maybe grab a seat by the bar and enjoy.On the Friday night that I went, they were charging everyone a $20 cover and being VERY strict at the door in regards to I.D.s and fitted hats so plan ahead and be smart.

  23. elvis

    most of the girls are hot , but most are bitchy , they push for the champaine drinks for the kickbacks, lap dances are short and suck. too much bs for the cover. go to rouge for the same price.

  24. Hoodstar

    Love it here anything goes.show them the dollars and it is what it is. Even the stuck up one who acts like shes a saint..$50 and she rubbed me extra.

  25. adamrod

    Pretty good strip club. Cover charge is not worth it. Drink service sucks. Strippers are all beautiful. Bouncers are retarded, but functional. I got in with contraband twice. The girls pick up the slack.

  26. Christian Lopez
  27. pAT
  28. Hec

    Good place to go if you want extra done! ALL the girls are down for whatever!

  29. Jaylene


  30. Bill

    It’s ok

  31. vee

    my man goes there when he goes out so i decided i wanted to go with him even though i’m insanely jealous and i ended up having more fun than him! drinks are only 8 bucks and they’re strong, great music (if you’re into hip hop, reggaeton, reggae), very pretty dancers with A LOT of talent and all different types of girls. good crowd, good seats, i loved it!

  32. Justin W.

    This was my first visit to a strip club ever. The building was nicer than I expected. And the ladies are of a Latin variety which makes this a place more for ass men.I think I’m too nice for strip clubs. I kept telling each girl that “I enjoyed their work” after they jumped off stage for tips.I didn’t get a lap dance or anything like that, so you’ll have to ask one of these guys that get their mail in the strip club for the deets on that action.

  33. billtheguy12

    My first time last night and I definitely will be back. I had a great time & can’t wait to come back for another fun time. Everyone was nice from the bouncers to the bartenders. The women looked great, and I enjoyed the eye candy for sure. Definitely worth spending money last night. 🙂

  34. Ed Torres

    The girls are young, hot and mostly latin….

  35. JP

    Pretty girls.Plenty of energy.Will go back.

  36. robert

    excellent club

  37. mike

    kind of guetto … a lot of lookers.. and girls have stink attitudes

  38. J


  39. p

    bouncers are dicks, girls are out of shape and unfriendly

  40. Arsonist
  41. tonycluber

    New to the area from MIA. Went to a couple gentlemen clubs out here and they felt like I was in the middle of sex slavery operation! Pretty scary. Just when I thought ALL strip clubs out here were like that, someone recommended me to RIVIERA’S. Yea we went out there. Pop’d two bottles, Had all the badest finest chicks with us. So I give them 5 starz for that. I’ll b bak whenever I got time…

  42. haha

    This place is a whore house … get what u want done right at the bar .. dnt even have to go to the back ..

    the dancers are either too skinny or way to FAT and think their the shit.

  43. 123
  44. Vinniebotz

    It’s amazing. Very, Very amazing.

  45. jen/steve aka bon/clyd

    Well we rung in the new year with the riviera girls and we had a good time! Our bartender Katie was sexy and really nice. The dancers were alright but some of them were (in my opinion) stuck up and didn’t really come up to us and talk (maybe bc I’m a chick and bi! lol! who isn’t right?) Anyways I still madeout with some hottie with a beautiful Rhiana hair cut! (wink!) Thanx 4 the good time sexy! next time I’m showering u with green rain baby girl! Thanx 4 the good time and happy new year!!

  46. booogay

    hoy females who aredown for whatever

  47. Shawn B.

    Overall a great strip club. Tons of girls that don’t keep bothering you for tips once you say no. Girls are beautiful for most part and dances are good. Drinks are typical pricing for a club so better to pre game.

  48. igor34

    I came Friday night around 10:30 for a few hours with a group of friends; 2 females, 4 males. Street parking’s easy, cover fee $20, mandatory coat check $3. There’s women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities. I disagree with previous reviewers that there was too a lot of silicon going on. 30% of breasts/butt surgery which is less then other clubs or maybe it was done so well I couldn’t tell. Reasons why I gave only 3 stars: 1. The layout of this place SUCKS. The stage is behind the bar and people reserve bar spots. So unless you made reservations or get table service end up standing around and just straight up staring. 2. Only 4 women did tricks on the pole. One was a older brunette with killer abs, another looked like Ariel from the little mermaid, and the other two had undistinguishable features. The rest of the dancers just shook it. I prefer my dancers to be able to put on a show. 3. When tipping, some dancers would take the dollars from your hand instead of letting you tuck it somewhere. I don’t like that. 4. Smoking is allowed.

  49. Alexander T.

    Standing up was a little tiring because it was so crowded that going to the bathroom was a mission. Overall was Great and woman were gorgeous (a little too much silicone for my taste though) $30 for a lapdance is a little steep but so is the price of a good time.

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