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2031 West Peoria Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021


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0 reviews for “Centerfold’s Cabaret

  1. tonycluber

    Always a great selection of girls. Affordable drinks and the steak dinner is amazing. Great customer service just about all the time. One of the best cabarets I’ve been too.

  2. Heath B.

    I have been visiting this club for many years. It is a great friendly neighborhood strip club. The bartenders are nice and friendly, the bouncers leave you alone and the dancers are very nice. There has been some turnover lately but still a good core of dancers.

  3. Montel

    Down the road from Bliss, which is just as good a club. My buddies and I loved this place. Nice variety of hot chicks of all builds. Curvy thin tall short small tits big fake tits big booty small booty etc. No matter what their shape they were all in good shape which I can’t say for a lot of other clubs. Nothing but pretty faces too. Waitress was slow, but did her best. No rap music, thank god. No ghetto guys or bums either. We felt safe at this place. We spent a lot of money on some real ladies and will definately come back for more.

  4. Weedman420

    Strippers were not bad looking with the exception of a few, also a nice and spacious place. The cover fee was a little too much though. Me and my girls had a blast at this cabaret!

  5. Ron H.

    Great looking place but not for older guys. Good looking girls but a 2 on the personality only 1 took time even ask if I wanted a dance, Thank you Nevaeh. If you go there look her up.

  6. itsme

    you should check faith out in the day time mmmmmmmmm

  7. yup
  8. Franklyn

    I came here last Saturday night with two friends, was pleasantly surprised. They have a smoker’s area in a glass box, kinda weird but also kinda cool.The club itself is split into two area; a full nude side and a topless side.We were only in the topless side for a bit, seemed super crowded and noisy. The full nude side was more fun and more relaxed. Bunch of different type of girls, asian, black, white, and hispanic. Most of the girls looked pretty good. The girls will really get up close and personal when they are doing their stage dances.I did wish the girls were a bit more aggressive on getting dances, most of my dances, I had to ask for. All in all, probably one of the better strip clubs I’ve been in.

  9. wadster

    i was a loyal customer at another club for 2yrs. its been a couple of months that ive been visiting centerfolds and im very happy to have found it. every type of girl, and very little rap music.

  10. sivadrolyat

    Relaxed atmosphere and the private dances are well worth the money. The girls are friendly and not too pushy. My favorite club in the area.

  11. jay

    I thought they played too much heavy metal. It made me get a headache. There were too many girls hounding me for a dance. The food was good and the waitress was nice. The stage was too big. I had a vip dance and thought the stuff the girls did was obscene. I am a former police officer and will definately let my vice friends know about this club.

  12. DexterRexter

    LADIES BEWARE: I was roofied by a man named Jim that sits at the bar -Only had one shot with him and I won’t go into the rest that happened but this is a person you should stay away from … I’d hate for what happen to me happen to another women !

  13. Mistercap12

    Centerfold 1st-timer here.Arrived on a Friday night around 7 pm to celebrate a buddy’s birthday. Parking lot right in front of the building was full. No cover to get in and the east side of the club is the 1/2 with the bar. Seats were about 2/3 full and all 3 stages were in use.Bartenders and waitresses were all cute. Cute enough you wish they were dancers. Smiles from everyone and the bartender got my drink order right away. $10 for a small pitcher and $3 for the NA beer for my non-drinking friend. We sat near the 3rd stage which is the one on the far right next to the bathrooms, DJ booth and VIP entrance.Good rotation of girls of all races. Some of them were even tattoo-free, which is rare, nowadays. A couple were HEAVILY-tattooed. Girls really put in the effort on the stages and the birthday boy was more than happy with the lap dances he got. $10 lap dances on the topless side and $20 for their VIP. Dunno prices on the full-nude side.Centerfold’s has a big plexiglass cube for smoking indoors right near the front entrance. Talked for a while with one of the girls from the full-nude side before we went to that side of the club.The cabaret side has a 1-“drink” minimum. Most of the girls were very pretty. There was one who had to have been in her late 30’s or early 40’s. Clearly should not have been doing full-nude work anymore – but there she was.Found an ATM near the cabaret bar. There was a $10 ATM surcharge, so get all your cash ahead of time, if possible.None of the girls on either side were pushy in asking for dances. There was a good amount of clientele around they could move onto if they got a “no”.Of the ones we’ve visited so far, this is our favorite. Definitely on the list to hit up again. We’ve only hit 3 clubs so far, so there are plenty more to go.

  14. ryan123

    Free Wi-FiGood looking girls, and more than Candy StoreKind of a trashy interior, but it’s very spacious.The day we were there, they were having a baby shower for one of their employees. Say what you want about that, but I took it simply as being caring and generous for their workers.The girls were attractive, and definitely a younger group than Candy Store.I don’t go to strip clubs often (maybe 5 times in the last 10 years, and this was one of two in the same day), but I would go here again, if I were going to a strip club.

  15. Felipe N.

    I’ve never been to…I don’t even know if I can call it a strip club…this bad.The smokers glass box is just weird in of itself.We were there for several hours with only 1 girl approaching us the whole night. To make things worse it seemed like every girl was with her boyfriend. Doods where giving the Stank eye.This place feels like the anti-strip club.

  16. Jada Fan

    Next time U go into this club U have to ask for a gal by the name of Jada, Beautiful all the way around.

  17. rogerrab2

    My lady and I decided to go somewhere new to get out the house, so we searched online and found this place.This place was OK. I was very taken back by this place since it was nothing like I’m used to in New York and New Jersey. The girls are very friendly and come in all shapes and sizes and colors. This place is cool to come and have a few drinks and just chill. I must say though, please beware of the lap dances! You can lose yourself and your money real quick.

  18. Sirsex

    No cover charge when I arrived – GOOD. Barmaid slow at acknowledging customers at the bar. Girls very pretty and sexy! Need more with bigger boobs.

  19. sam

    Nice girls in the day shift.The D.J. Plays good rock and roll. Pretty girls. I really liked Jessie and hope. Some real hot latinos too. Food was great. No cover.

  20. Jeremy

    There are more youngers dancers I’ve noticed. The dances are quite good especially in the vip worth the money. Very happy endings these women really believe in pleasing the customers.

  21. james1412

    Stopped for a beer on friday afternoon. Sat at the bar, The blond bartender was the most unfriendly bartender I have ever seen. You would have thought that a smile or an “hello” would have killed her. Horrible attitude. Wish I had a penny in my pocket to leave as a tip. Will never go back.

  22. Sephira

    Great club!Get a dance from Sunny.She is my sister,and EXTREMELY sexy!

  23. Boku S.

    Not mad at this strip club. I like grimy hole in the walls, this isn’t the worst but def a decent visit. Girls could be slightly better, none jerk off worthy but well worth the $10

  24. XhXeXy

    Entrance has changed. Ended up here for the first time in years. Yes the enterance has changed. You now enter on the Sports Fever side. We went in, no cover charge chic, no bouncer at the door, so we went right. It was around 1am so things looked like they were wrapping up for the night. We were approached by a young entrepreneur and I was asked to take a seat along the wall in the back (it was my bachelor party). So I got up from the table and went to the back wall where I was told how to position myself on the couch. This was the definition of a lap-dance as she jumped right up there. As the song and beat played on I was in store for a treat. She managed to drop her top over my shoulder, then began to run her hands all over places (neck, shoulder, thighs…hers and mine). Then all of a sudden she parts the sea and takes her own temperature! I am thinking “Holly Beef-Curtain” as she twiddles her marble right in front of me! I turn to my buddy who is now giving me the thumbs up. The song is over, he is out the $20 fee, and I am saying to myself…I’ll bet they don’t server alcohol here anymore! I go to the table the rest of my buddies are at, and ask them if the server Booze here, they said no, but they do have $8 Redbulls! I ask our tattooed vixen “Does Jonny still work here”, she points towards the door and says “Yes on the other side”. Whew, we head on over to the other side and the memories can restarted! I run right into Jonny, he hooks us up with drinks, we shoot the shit, yes it has been about 6 years (he has been there for 12). Hunter, Simmone, and a few others are still there after 13 years! We get some real dances without the “Frequent Finger Foundlings” thank God. I don’t want to be anywhere close to that or the little blue pill…no not Viagra, the other “V”…Valtrax! We had a good time, sorry to see Speedy Ray the old bartender gone…not. Sorry Ray. Thanks Jonny!

  25. Buzz F.

    I’m not gonna say this is the best club ever. They treat you good and you will be pleased. Girls treat you good and aren’t something the wife is going to hate. If she’s into that kinda thing. Cheers.

  26. hydrology
  27. st

    100 dollars for a lap dance I wasn’t even sure started yet?? If she woulda been nice coulda made a couple more hundred dah. Thanks

  28. fritter17

    How is this place allowed to stay in business? Absolutely disgusting club. I’ve been to cleaner animal shelters.Let me start by saying I’m not a novice strip club go-er. I’ve waitressed in clubs, my sister was a dancer, I’ve had friends that are dancers, and when my husband and I get bored, we like to go to spice things up. Normally I go to Candy or Bliss, but my husband’s friend said Centerfold’s had way hotter girls and they were way better at pole-work. NOT. AND DEFINITELY NOT. I was really excited when we got in. I didn’t have super high standards–it is a strip club. But the carpeting looks like a haboob had went in ten minutes before we got there. The smoking patio looked nice. It was indoor, so that was a plus for my husband and his friend. The inside of the club is…strange. The bar is nice, and the seating is nice, but like I said. Carpeting looks about 40 years old. The stage has a nice spinning pole and a spin bar. I think there’s a VIP room behind the stage? We didn’t stay long enough to find out. We normally drink beer. Occasionally I’ll have a cosmo. Hubby’s friend went to the bar while we found seats. A waitress promptly approached us and asked if we’d been taken care of, yadda yadda. Informed her we had a friend go to the bar for us, but we would probably need her in fifteen minutes. She was very good at her job, very pretty, and I think she was the best part of this club. My friend comes back and I decided that I wanted a cosmo after all. I went to the bar, ordered. Watched the bartender shake my drink—WITH HER HAND AS A THE LID. She poured all of the liquor and cranberry and lime juice, into a cup, and sealed it with her hand, and shook. When she went to pour the liquor, she used her hand as an ice catch. I did not tip, and I did not drink my drink. I wish a health inspector was there to fine her. I don’t care if she just washed her hands, that’s pretty freaking gross. But not even close to the grosses thing I saw there that night. This was a Friday at 11. It was pretty busy. We were hussled by the girls, a few pretty girls, a few not so pretty girls. One of the girls said she would do a discounted couples dance because she was pretty broke that night. She was nice enough, gorgeous, and I respected her honesty, so hubby and I said yes.Her dance was excellent, clean. We paid her. Went to find a new girl since hubby and I have different tastes. Watched the incredibly boring stage shows…The next girl who came up was twice and gorgeous–and atleast four times as disgusting. She lured us in with a nice clean dance, and then when we went back to VIP, she started jiggling her bean and asking my hubby to finger her–which might have been cool if her lady bits didn’t look like straight up roadkill and she didn’t have a tampon string dangling out of her. When we were about to leave VIP she offered my hubby $100 for an hour and she promised she wouldn’t tell me about it. Not only was she gross, but she thought she had balls the size of Canada. She probably did at one point. The last girl who walked up to us before we left asked us if we wanted to party. When girls at Candy Store ask us that, they’re asking us to do shots. So we said yeah, and she said, “well, I can get you X, meth, coke, whatever you need.” And then proceeded to explain her prices. My husband asked her if she also would go home with us for $100 an hour, and she said $100 was a little less than most of the girls charged here. They just need to change the sign outside to say “Drug Warehouse Whore House.” We won’t be returning for fear of AIDS. No idea how VICE hasn’t touched the place.

  29. Black

    Love the Metal. I’d drink SUGAR’S bathwater. She’s Sofa King Hot!

  30. larry1

    Checked this cabaret out last night ( Friday ) and I was amazed at how kick back and relax the club was. You literally could just sit and chill and watch beautiful topless and full-nude women all night and spend very little money other than the $10 cover charge and one drink minimum. The bouncer told me there was no cover charge until 8PM we went at 9PM. Budweiser bottles were $3.50 before 10PM after that they went to $4.50. We were there from about 9PM to midnight and I heard the DJ call out shot specials twice. $3 each for the first three songs after he announced the special. Soda and Water was $4 on the topless side and $5 on the full nude side. Full nude side does not open until 10PM. So basically, no one under 21 allowed in club until 10PM.Centerfolds also serves food. I seen a small menu and it seemed that the prices ranged from $6 to $7.Finally, the ladies ! On this night there were attractive dancers all over. Most seem to be in their early 20’s. I’d be surprise if the majority were older than 24. In the topless side of the club there is three dancers always dancing. Main stage and then two one person side stage.It was a Friday night and it was busy which probably explains why there wasn’t much interaction from the ladies other than tipping at the stage. Even then, it was touch and go. Seems to be a lot of regular customers on this night because the same ones would get the most attention and they weren’t doing anything different than the rest of the customers.Lastly, the bouncers were friendly and never messed with anyone. Answered questions with friendliness. Bar can be slow but there are gorgeous dancers always taking orders so If you want a drink you’ll get one. Table dances very reasonable at $10 and VIP dances $20. Plenty of privacy. In closing, I assume on a non-weekend night and during the day you will get more personal attention because the club would be slower. Centerfolds is definetly worth checking out to relax, have a beer, some grub and a table dance all for a reasonable price.

  31. eddyL

    Id give this place negative stars if I cud. They straight up hustled me, stole my money. Been here bout six times some new girl name valerie(stay away from her) just started grinding on me telling me my dick is big nd all this bull shit(which I knw is not) saying she came nd stuff. Never ask for what I’m I to do shove her off? Its may be partly my fault but I’m a nice guy at my core nd she totally took advantage of that. Well anyways I got four dances forced on me I think. After I order another drink after her offering me a drink to see how much money I had in my wallet (bout 210 in cash) she got a peak at how much I had, she estimated 140 I guess. She said she gave me fourteen dances. No way. I said ill give u fifty, she started fake cryin nd all this. I ended up gaving her 70 just cuz I didn’t want to deal with it. She said she wanted 100, I just happened to get a nice even 10 lap dances now? Wtf? I thought it was 14? I got 14 lap dances in 30 mins apparently. She new I had been drinking never shud have shared how much with her my fault. But I’m just trying to unwind after a 12 hour shift so sue me. So anways she tells the bouncers after I get out the bathroom their is sum bald skin head lookin dude waiting for me saying I owe her 30 bucks nd he has evidence nd all this. I’m well lik show me the evidence ill pay the 30 I dnt care its not even very much money. After I said that he says I was doing illegal titty grabbing nd cooch rubbin nd stuff ( the “girl” placed my hand there wat I’m I to do?) Total intimadation threat stuff. When that didn’t work I said lemme c the manager, he said i am the manger, then he threaten “beat my ass” along with some other skin head back up. I said go ahead nd beat my ass I dnt care u think never had my ass beat. So that didn’t work so he told me to ” get the fuck out nd never show my face again ” does that sound lik a good way to run a bis? 30 for wat in a year is thousands which I was a regular until this point. I did tell him this before hafd but it only fuled his stupidity. Again this chick is valerie I guess she is not even hot she bout 5 of 10 I was just too polite to tell her to get fuck off me, I never said I wanted a dance. My fault partly but 140? 14 dances?? Gtfo, show me ur so called evidence nd ill pay I dnt care 30 bucks? Show me then maybe ima mistaken, instead they threaten me when that doesn’t work they tell me to leave. Drinks watered down, no private dances, club fallin apart, hustler chick with nasty paok acme marks on her booty nd face, said she is latina nd italian, tell her to fuck off even if she rubs ur dick. Are reasons not to go to this terrible thief club

  32. AZ Jake

    Went one time. Going to go back to see how I like it. I went during the day on New Years. Hardly any dancers, no cover, nice server. The dance SUGAR was HOT and real sweet. I thought the VIP pricing was too high. 3 dances at your table would be $30; 3 in the VIP would be $80. $80 for 10 minutes????? I can’t imagine WHAT more you could get.

  33. bob

    MUSIC way to loud in the day shift. I like to talk to my girl. The lights are to bright also.

  34. danny wren

    n n

  35. bearcat

    Great variety of dancers. Whatever you like they have one or more. New music to country to classical rock.

  36. Chad M.

    It was ok but even after a stripper spilled our pitcher of beer they made us pay for the next one.

  37. Big Time

    First time here. The club is not as fancy and pretentious as others, but confortable. Great stage, the bar that let the dancers twirl was awesome. Had the best dances from Jade. She is the best, so much fun, easy to talk to, and is knockout sexy.

  38. StripClub431

    Ok 10 bucks for entry but its only a juice n soda bar , more girls than guys when I came in on wed , pretty spacious , caliber of girls rate from allright to jesus get me out of here. If u have a couple of dollars to spend save that and give ur self a stranger

  39. ACE

    This club overall get a thumbs up but it is a tricky review. First of all the girls I think as a whole would not be described as particularly hot. They do have several that are tour quality and do go to other states. Actually these girls are very hot but really aren’t the reason I vote this club high because there is only a handful of them. The charm of this club is this – over time, I have met several dancers who are normal (low druggy/hustler factor — higher intelligence/nice smile good vocabulary) but have a real sexy girl next door to them. It is kind of hot to have a girl you would consider pretty normal all dressed in hot stripper clothes and dancing for you. The quality of dances have been real good and hot. The 2 4 1 drafts are also priced fair and the new all nude part is great on the weekends. The main drawback to this club is the ‘ghetto’ factor. Guys dressed up like they are playas and pimps. Its pretty funny that these guys can’t tip a couple of bux for the stagers. I have been here probably twenty times over the last year and have had my phone stolen and seen another guy get his jacket swiped. Pretty F in low class. It is not the bouncer’s fault either as they keep an eye out. It is just too many ghetto dudes. Maybe they should institute a 50 dollar minimum on stage tips to keep these losers out. Whats funny is the girls don’t bitch about these lamos and they have a great attitude. So despite ghetto dwellers abounding, the girls staff and layout make it worthwhile.

  40. k

    very bad waitress not good service

  41. dro

    I read the comments about the club and decided to check the club out and wow Danielle is an awesome girl!!! I will definetly go back and visit!

  42. Johnnyboy123

    Would’ve given it 4 stars but the the manager told the server that I had nothing to drink which I did have 1 beer. Other than that it was ok.

  43. Harrison69

    All I have to say about this strip club is go during the day! I’ve been several times before 4 and had a great experience, lots of girls to choose from, food and drink specials and $10 lap dances that were vip room quality. Went late the other night and it was half as good and double the price. 4 stars for lunch 2 stars for the night shift.

  44. InstructorPilot

    Fantastic. Do yourself a favor and go during the day in the middle of the week. You’ll love the ratio. $10 a dance. You can’t get one at that price. If they ask get a dance, the less attractive ones work harder. Wall to wall talent. This club rocked when I left AZ 12 years ago. It has gotten better. Highly recommend. Not my highest rating because of the touching laws in AZ.

  45. yaya

    Visit Danielle in the daytime great attitude and some uumm uuummm lap dances oooo weeeee!!!!! Worth every 20!!! Same time next week Danielle?

  46. Lisa S.

    This place is a horrible joke. First of all, I was waiting in line with my husband and my friend was with her husband. We were standing in line and we physically watched a security guard telling the customer before us that the little blonde girl he was with was too young to be in the club. Then the security went inside and came back out and accepted payment for the under aged blonde to be able to go in. Isn’t that against the law and liquor board?? So we did not feel safe going inside this with these type of obvious rules being broken. the management were mean, condescending, and rude to us, especially my friend. As we sat down we were not seated not even an hour yet before this skinny not the most attractive white female came up to our table and started conversating with my friend and getting too close to her and being fake, minutes later, my friends purse was robbed by the low life dancer and the manager Tim and management stood there as if it were my friends fault that one of thier dirty low life strippers robbed my friends purse. My friend and her husband were so upset and irritated and they filed a police report. We all went in there to pickup a friend of ours and we had to experience robbery and bigotry at it’s best. Then watched them let a under aged blonde inside with getting paid off. Bad business and management. BEWARE OF YOUR WALLET, CAR, AND, PURSE…

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