4458 Purdy Lane, West Palm Beach, FL 33406


26.643787, -80.111758




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Flashdance

  1. Tammicca Burns:thief & a ho

    Tammicca Burns is a straight up hustlin thief & ho. Bitch snatched my hard earned dollas when she worked at Senoritas. Pussy bitch so worn out her pussy is wider than I-95 during rush hour. Watch your paper fore you get jacked! Tammicca Burns goes by the stage name Kahos or Chaos.Get a wallet chain I learned my lesson.

  2. Ed

    Big Club inside. Hot looking girls that know hot to get your

    attention! Barstaff and waitresses were nice to me while I

    was there. Parking area could benefit from someone cleaning

    up the broken glass on a daily basis and light up the parking

    lot a whole lot more!

  3. Awful

    dirrrty on purdy, ewww, terrible club

  4. Kevin

    Was there last night and had a great time, all the girls were really sweat, it seems the place is turningg ROUND. I WILL DEFINETLY BE BACK

  5. Marie T.

    Went in on a Friday night and the place was empty. I soon found out why. I Sat on a mysteriously wet chair in VIP while sipping on some watered down OJ and vodka that was not Grey Goose but was in a Grey Goose bottle. Terrible dancers, they hardly make an effort. Awful, dirty club. Needs a new manager and some TLC.

  6. Waitress

    hello guys Flashdance is a great club to have private time with a entertainer and

    get full friction lapdances we are working our way to get it better, Our

    champagne rooms are amazing!! Day shift is doing very good right now,Most of

    our girls now how to make the guys very happy! Im a waitress there and I

    always chat with clients and make sure to find the right girl for them any

    questions ..? Janell was just in there today and comes by often

  7. stripxpert
  8. rickywho2

    If you want to see the worst strippers ever and their pimps and their drug dealers not even hiding what they are, go here. I’ve never been so disgusted by a strip club. Me and my friend would get on the pole on the side in FULL clothes and make more money then the girls employed. And I’m not even skinny. Like I am a big girl. But whatever.

  9. Big John

    Madison is a ripoff dancer to steer clear from. Went in last weeknight and went for the 3 for the price of one dance special. Note dances are $25 bucks so at the end of the 2nd song she asked me if I wanted another dance. Sure in order to finish up the 3 for 25. End of 3 dances and I gave her $25 plus $5 tip & she wanted $55. Bitch must be so high she can’t count dances or she was a straight up hustler


    Trashdance is right this place used to be a pretty decnt club just plain trashy now

  11. Dan

    This place is a joke. It’s a drug den inside of a whorehouse

    filled with diseased tramps. How is it still open?

  12. DPDVR

    Club is okay. For the most part, most dancers

    are nice and outgoing. A few are snobs towards

    customers. I like to dress average and neatly

    (not like a hood player) and I guess that might

    be the reason some dancers skim over me. To the

    ones that are snobs, I make 150k a year and

    don’t mind spending $ there, just on the

    friendly girls…..

  13. Blowjob Bob

    Best place in Palm Beach County for a jb

  14. BILL


  15. K-Lee

    Nothing good to say about this club. It was too cold inside, no ladies working the floor, absolutely nothing compared to Mirage.

  16. D

    Great club

  17. SubNRG

    If you are a “Chubby Chaser”, you will be in HEAVEN. I, unfortunately (I guess), am NOT. About 3 “6” to “7”‘s there… the rest were BIG and/or dumpy. The staff seemed very nice, and the sound system was good. Bartenders were nasty porn hot (kinda like em that way) and very friendly. Good selection of import beer too. I had one and left. Won’t be back.

  18. Mark

    love this place

  19. Todd

    walked in…walked right out!

  20. Albert
  21. greg


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