Pharaoh’s Gentleman’s Club



999 Aero Drive, Buffalo, NY 14225


42.9419962, -78.7083066




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pharaoh’s Gentleman’s Club

  1. Don

    Dump. nasty hoes

  2. Dominick

    Staff rude.. try to fight customers. not many girls… ones they have are busted

  3. Old man

    I’ve been a regular customer (2 to 3 times a month) since they opened, and intend to keep doing so.

  4. this club is so BAD

    yea..this is pretty much the shittiest club i have ever been to..girls were nasty looking and rude, drinks were WAY overpriced, management has bad attitudes as well as drug problems (from the looks of it). don’t get me wrong, the interior of the club is very clean and classy, just not the people that work there..

  5. Fun!

    Great Time, Great club. Girls were not whoring themselves out which i like. I enjoy the more normal girl, pretty girl type and this place has great girls, not local prostitutes like some of the other area clubs. But all 4 of us had great time and will be back next time in Buffalo for the game.

  6. Had Fun

    I had a great time here!! My friends and I always come in on thursdays and fridays, lotsa girls those nights. Drink prices were on par for everywhere else I have gone. Guess you get what you pay for. There had to be 30 girls last friday!! Alex and Taylor are HOTTTTT! There was a new girl, I think here name was Angel, she is Hot!!!

  7. Joe
  8. xman
  9. ice cream man

    Daytime dancers are nice, food was good, charged too dang much for a coke…beer was cheaper!

  10. blow your load

    This Club Rocks the girls are sexy as hell and the DJ’s kick some major ass too

  11. jim

    bartender bianca is a thief.. whore.. drunk.. steals your money. poor service!!!!!

  12. smith
  13. Craig
  14. Bianca

    We got raided!!! FUCK MY JOB!

  15. Chris

    I suck little kids for money then come here to work

  16. woo

    thick girl was great for a dance

  17. james

    was expecting more quality girls then the ones that were working, and the atmosphere was just not my taste, went next door where they actually played good music and the girls did not harrass you for not wanting a dance if you were waiting for another girl.

  18. PJ

    Nice place

  19. Jamie

    Ugly nasty girls.. rude drunk bartender druling on herself.. shitplace

  20. Tim


  21. GREG


  22. Great

    I went there a while back, great place to go in Buffalo, makes all the other clubs look like crap. When I go to Buffalo I just hope that perfection is there, she was the best girl in the place.

  23. Billy

    Nasty cracked out girls!!!

  24. BJ

    It’s OK

  25. Terrance

    Sh***y attitude throughout this place. Your S**t does stink too.

  26. buffalo bill

    I usually go to the canadian clubs in the Falls, but have been going here lately because the club is great. fr the area it is in fact, amazing. Great fun decor, good door and bar staff, on top of it management … the only problem is the lack of decent dancers. The only one that is anywhere near worth spending $ on is named Gabrielle. I tried getting a dance from a different girl, I dont remember her name, but she was really skinny with fake boobs and once she took her top off, one of her boobs looked like it was popped of something because it was so oddly shaped and smaller than the other. If the frankenstein boob job wasn’t enough to put me off on the club, this girl literally smelled like she had no wiped her ass. That’s right, she smelt like feces. I actually had to ask her NOT to lap dance on me because it was clear she was not clean. It was enough to put me off going back to the club for a while.

  27. anon
  28. LOL

    Ut Oh, someone didnt get the handjob they wanted, or a song request…Lmao.

  29. erie eric

    the girl called cupcake here is actually called “Kymberlynn” now and you are better off seeing her in erie, pa where she give blow jobs for $80. but yeah her tits are def. gross. but if she didn’t have those, fucked up as they are, she’d have nothing

  30. lefty

    girls were great was in for lunch suprised at the amount of food for the money had a very nice dance from a girl with brown hair will be back soon bartenders could be a little quicker

  31. Jimmy

    Something different than Madems but not in a good way.

  32. Ray

    I heard this club was closed. Someone tried to run the owner down? Anyone know if this is true? Ran right into the walls? Drug related, money owed? Tell me more.

  33. regular

    this place is the best in buffalo. the only problem is lately the waitresses have been terrible. too much waiting for drinks. Alex and Taylor are the best, you guys rock!!!

  34. w
  35. sam
  36. Fun

    Had good time, fun girls.

  37. Allen


  38. fritter17

    Rorschach’s Journal. November 12th, 2009.Entered club at urging of friends. Payed to enter. Payed $10 for a beer. Payed again. Urged to pay for more beer. Asked to pay for shots. Could not pay with soul – cash only. Payed with cash and dignity.Stink of sin and filth overwhelming. I have seen the true face of manhood this night.Foul, soulless exploitation. Drunken men drowning in a pool of their own vomit and sin. It is not my duty. Cannot save these men from this idiocy. Let the lechers cash in. Let them profit from misogyny and despair. Empty. Shells of men. Alone with their fellow criminals and whores. Blake understood. Humans are savage in nature. No matter how much you try to disguise it or try to dress it up. Joke. I heard joke once. Man goes to doctor, says he’s depressed. Life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in threatening world. Doctor says treatment is simple. “The great clown Pagliacci is in town. Go see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears. “But doctor,” he says. “I am Pagliacci.” Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.Only the Dark Lord can judge them now.

  39. Great Place

    This place was the best!!

  40. a
  41. glenn

    nice vibe, awesome theme, friendly dancers. all I need

  42. Tom

    Rude staff. busted girls.. shit hole

  43. intown
  44. jn
  45. myob
  46. tave


  47. Me

    Great place to see very hot girls and have great food!

  48. unknown

    the day shift girls very hottttt!!!!!!

  49. anonymous

    This club is excellent! I would go any given friday or saturday night. Just need to get to know some of the girls and its worth coming to

  50. freddie

    great VIP’s!!

  51. Look at all

    Look at all the desperate Madams posters…Hahaha! Keep trying with your bullshit guys.

    Guy who crashed car through club was random nutcase nothing more, yes bouncers will throw out the scum (they go next door then) 🙂

  52. Zip


  53. x
  54. re: erie

    I am so glad NT to have seen that tweaker Kimberlynn and her broken balloon tits the last few times I’ve been to the club. That girl has a smelly pussy. you can smell it from feet away! ugh

  55. Rodney

    Really good food, but the dancers where so so for the price of drinks and cover. Had a good dance, but there weren’t many truly stunning girls.

  56. It Suks!
  57. dick smoker

    best club I have ever been too

  58. Hoover, Pres of Delta House

    $22 a song and $8 to get in when a feature appears? NY is sick with fees! Fiesty is top notch though.

  59. Big Guido
  60. wize guy

    best in aera

  61. ted

    good looking club and women

  62. tony

    looks like a club should look like. nice theme and lighting and stylish look,and I like the VIP room.

  63. never been

    ive never been to this club, just wondering- is it an “ethnic” club? I ask only because of the girls’ names mentioned in the postings. i don’t want to go somewhere where i would be out of place.

  64. Wow

    Wow, this place is LOADED with girls!!!

  65. al

    Dancers wouldnt stop grabbibg my dick. nasty ugly girl..

  66. Andy

    Went down hill. always dead. no hot girls… only have afew

  67. nick

    awesome place, always lots of hot friendly girls

  68. Paul

    Stopped here… no hot girls.. went to Tally Ho.. Much friendlier

  69. Rob


  70. buffalo

    very clean girls are drug free and very friendly great food!

  71. T

    I like clubs that have a theme. its got great atmosphere and the dancers are very friendly

  72. k.lee
  73. I would

    Go to Mademoiselle if on Aero drive. Tough guy thugs at the door is true. word to wise, if you hit me i will have u arrested…….. get it

  74. na
  75. Pat

    This club should be a juice bar.

  76. Bob

    Gross whole. Girl peed on my leg

  77. 1001
  78. John

    Nice clean club with lots of beautiful woman. Alicia, Fiesty, Sweetness, Sahara, and Jamboree are some of the names I caught. The listeing is wrong about dress code though as I was informed there was one and I violated it. Pasties (sp?) suck of course.

  79. licker
  80. DUMP


  81. Barb

    Shithole !!!! Disgusting girls

  82. Kimmy


  83. slick
  84. simon

    went this past weekend and it was PACKED! who said it was dead in buffalo? like everyone sez, the girls are just ok but the club is good…

    oh and the girl with the messed upped boobs is named “cupcake”.

    I made the mistake of getting a dance from her and I dont recommend wasting your money. She’s def. a whack job (and not in a good way)

  85. danny boy


  86. Wow!!!

    I was in here last Friday and it was SOOOOOOOOO packed!! They had 40 girls! There were girls everywhere!!! So much fun!!

  87. mclovin

    best in upstate

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