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0 reviews for “Peaches Gentlemen Club

  1. sell ominpod

    Every weekend i used to pay a visit this web site, as i wish for enjoyment, since this this web page conations actually fastidious funny stuff too.

  2. Kira B.

    We had an awesome 5 course meal. Very intimate, and our waiter was extremely attentive and professional. He made us feel like the center of the universe. We were so spoiled. My favorite was a truffle soup – just to die for!You’d never know this place was part of Disneyland.I just loved it!!

  3. Craig M.

    To start, had reservation for a later lunch time – 2:15pm May 16. Process of checking in was strange, but was willing to deal with it since I had no idea what to expect. Just went with the flow. The woman at the below desk was pleasant and accommodating to our large stroller – she allowed us to park it inside, which was well appreciated. In tow, was a 5 yo birthday girl and a 3.5 yo well mannered boy. I want to point out that we take our kids to many different restaurants (have been to Michelin 3stars with them) with the main intent on developing good manners and behavior in all sorts of establishments. Today? They were doing really well for such a later hour and on a hot, hot day. So, we were seated quickly and efficiently. The service started out nice, clear branding of Evian water poured and bread delivered warm and fresh. Again, it was a good start. It was fairly quiet in there with many open tables due to the late hour. And here’s where it became very interesting and sadly, a very souring experience. Bear with the details, as insignificant as they may seem, they are important. Weird as it is, my son likes to place a small amount of salt on his bread plate ( I swear, he’s like a deer sometimes!), then wet his finger and dab at the salt. Well, this salt shaker was empty I asked Daniel, our busboy to have a new one. He was surprised and said, no problem. He brought another one and I shook it and could hear salt in the shaker. Start to shake some out and sure enough, the single hold is plugged. Hmmm, must be caked inside. Daniel came back, and I asked for another shaker…me : “Daniel, I’m sorry to be a bother, but this one seems to be plugged as the salt is caked inside. May I have another?”Daniel “It is? that’s strange. I’m sorry, but there are no more that I can give to you. They are all on other tables being used” I scan the room with more than a dozen open tablesDaniel “Perhaps you can open the bottom and get your salt that way” me with a smile: “I’m sorry, did you say that there are no more shakers? I suppose I can open the bottom….seems to be an interesting way to solve this?” Daniel: “Yes” then he walks away…My wife and I sat there with our jaws on the ground. I have dined at some of the finest restaurants in the world and have never been treated like this even from the French! Needless to say, I couldn’t believe what I heard and experienced at this trumped up restaurant. Complained to the manager, Christine who chalked it up to him “having a bad day”????? Lame. Randy, our waiter was a good waiter. Seemed pleasant enough. Food was decent, certainly not what I was expecting. Kudos to the fresh crab and prawns on ice at the buffet. Oh and a buffet? odd for a “dining experience” Drinks in Disneyland?OK, novel and all, but no big deal. Price?OK so we got our tickets in the form of an ok meal with rude service from a insignificant busboy. So, all in all, from that episode, it’s only two stars in my book. One star picks are reserved for bad service and bad food. Won’t bother to go back. Would rather bring food into the park, enjoy my time with my family than dealing with the whole weird exclusive bs.

  4. Sarina A.

    I would have given it 5 stars but I find the place to be (dare I say) slightly overrated. I’m a huge Disney fan and when I got a chance to go to Club 33, I simply couldn’t say no. My work has a membership and we took our summer interns there for their final goodbye dinner. This place is so exclusive and so elite! Their dress code is never taken lightly. No jeans, no flip flops, no beach wear, etc. If you are wondering what to wear, you can never go wrong with business casual. Trust me, you do not want to get there and have to leave to buy the proper clothing and then come back. Many people I knew had to do just that and it’s a waste of time and it’s also a waste of money. So wear the proper attire people!Food wise, it’s good but the WOW factor isn’t there. The whole restaurant is very small. They even have a tiny tiny tiny store where you can buy some Club 33 exclusive items. Ok so it’s not a store’s basically a glass cabinet and you point to what you want, but nevertheless it’s a way to buy a souvenir of your experience. I got the Club 33 Mickey Mouse ears. It’s thicker than the normal Mickey ears you buy at the park. I still need to engrave it with my name! Oh! All the plates say Club 33. So adorable!VERY good service! Overall, it was a very memorable experience. Just to be able to get inside that door was a thrill. I took the elevator too! I just sucked up the entire experience as much as I could because I wasn’t sure when I’d get another chance to come back. Luckily, I will be able to go again this August! LOVELY! I’m stoked!

  5. Gabe C.

    The 5 stars are not for the food but rather the service. Beyond amazing and the attention from the staff was world class. We ordered the 5 course meal and while I was not a fan of the cheese selection, the buffalo was amazing. During the Fantasia performance the staff invited us to watch from the balcony area, a great experience for my daughter. They even provided a child’s dessert and a tinker bell cup courtesy…making this a memorable experience.

  6. Paul A.

    My only five star at disneyland, unless you count the bathrooms across from the rocket ride.This is a fabulous spot that I have been to before, but never with such a care free attitude as last night. Somebody invited me so I was on easy street in terms of feeling responsible for the group.Our reservation was for 8:30 and the gals and I waited at the front gate for our “Guide” to meet us at the gate. We waited with a family that had four kids and the kids were tired, having been here before I was expecting a less than perfect night for them, because it was about 9pm at this point. I won’t go into how the rest of their night went.The guide lead us from about 30 feet behind us- we know where we are going…The dinner was amazing:Fancy Scallops with grilled watermellon(????) Some Chinook Salmon with risotto and chutney- It was tastyThe creme brulee and coffee were deliciousBut the best of all was opening several doors that I had never been through like the one that overlooked the Blue Bayou and Pirates of Carribean or the huge handicap bathroom that was down the hallway from the girls room.Club 33 is great food, but is much more about the adventure and the history-If I had a recommendation it would be – go for lunch the buffet is awesomeThe dinner is nice and great for a date- we left at 12am+ and there was a couple there on a date and I asked one of the people working and he said “they never ask them (patrons) to leave” he said he had been there till 3:30am before… I am going to do a test of this in the next few weeks if I can find some good looking girl to be my date or any girl…

  7. Rachel M.

    I love Club 33. I have been here three times and it is worth it if you have connection in. As an exclusive club, there is a dress code that may be hard to follow on a hot July day. You many have to bring extra clothes. I just put a blouse that fit in my purse over my tank top, and my boyfriend put his collared shirt over his T-shirt. When they say 2:15 pm sharp, then they mean 2:15 pm sharp. You need to be there early so you do not miss your reservation even if that means not going on Space Mountain a second time. They also don’t let you in earlier. It’s easily to overlook the 33 logo next to the door New Orleans square, especially if you are distracted by the crowd at the Blue Bayou. As soon as you enter it, the cool air of and the quiet overcome you. There’s a cute old fashioned cages elevator that only takes you one level, but it is cool to try. Since it only fits two people, the rest of you party will just take the stairs. The waiters and servers are very prim and proper. It’s very quiet and just blocks the sound from the outside. It’s nice finding a save haven away from the chaos known as the Disneyland crowd. The restaurant is on the second floor and you can look out the balcony feeling like Juliet and Romeo professes his love. The food is nothing short of amazing. You order your entree and drinks. There is an adult menu and kids menu. I love steak so that was my pick. It was perfectly cooked to my liking. The potatoes and steamed veggies complemented my meal. I was able to try the salmon, which was wonderful. A cocktail was necessary for being at Disneyland for almost a full day. I need to wind down. The cocktails were mixed well. There is also an excellent salad and cold bar. It included fresh seafood, veggies, cheese, and cold cuts. However, the dessert bar was right across from it. It caught my eye as soon as I walked in. I told myself to save room. There was chocolate covered this and chocolate drizzled that. They were cookies and mini parfaits. It was the ideal place to indulge my sweet tooth without having to get a churro or ice cream outside. The bathrooms are so cute. I felt like princess. There’s a separate room to touch up and do your make up with the gorgeous vanity mirror. However, the toilet is not just your average toilet. It’s like a full bench with hole to do your business. It was like a little throne. I hate public restrooms, and I didn’t mind revisiting this one. I didn’t want to leave but we had to. About two hours passed and we did not realize it. It was all worth it, and I hope to return soon.

  8. Elana N.

    So, a group of us went to Club 33 this past weekend, hoping to experience the best of the best that Disney had to offer. There was a large group of us, 12, so before we even got there we had to choose our entire menu. We came up with chicken or lamb, simple enough, right? We were told that they were VERY strict on the dress code and to not even try to wear jeans, capris, etc. Very disappointed about that considering the staff that run the rides are probably better dressed. So after spending a long (and fun) day at the park, we had to leave to go change for our 8:45 dinner reservations. Upon returning to the not so secret entrance, we were brought into the lobby where we waited for about 5 minutes until they could seat us. Of course the nostalgic elevator wasn’t working, so we used the stairs. Because we were such a large party, we were seated in their “trophy room”, cool right? NO…it was a cold room off to the side w/no views of anything except the fake homes across the alley. As we were seated, I noticed the chairs were absolutely filthy and stained, classy right? So we’re seated, they take our orders and we proceed to enjoy the 33 experience. Drink orders were taken and then 15 minutes later our drinks appeared. After that, ordering a drink seemed impossible. We were asked what entree we’d like, and once that happened, I don’t think we saw our server again. Then the worst part…once the food started coming, they just kept serving and clearing. When I say clearing, I mean they’re clearing plates not only before the entire party is finished with their course, but before you’re even finished with your meal. One of our guests was still working on her chicken and we’d ALL been served our dessert. SO RUDE. As for the food quality, blah. The lamb was over cooked and bland, and my boyfriend had the chicken and said it was nothing special. The dessert was not edible. The chocolate “bombe” was so rich, our entire table of 12 probably couldn’t have finished the entire dish. The drinks are pricey. The bathrooms were dirty. All in all, a lot of hype for a HUGE let down. Blue Bayou downstairs is by far a better meal. The entire place is tired and probably hasn’t been updated since Walt Disney opened it. Needs some desperate attention to detail, decoration, cleanliness and the 21st Century.

  9. Gary R.

    We were fortunate to be invited to the exclusive Club 33 restaurant. This restaurant is only open to folks with a club membership. Members can make reservations for their guests and not be present. We entered the restaurant through a secret door adjacent to the Blue Bayou. The dining room is old and has an overlying microphone, which allowed staff to listen in on conversations and respond with a bird located in the corner of the room. They did this many years ago and apparently don’t do it anymore. In addition, rumor has it that Walt Disney had his office located in the restaurant. I started off with the unlimited appetizer bar, which featured an array of salads, seafood, and soups. I sampled the ceasar salad, crab claws, shrimp, and mushroom soup. They were all delicous. This warmed me up for my New York Steak, which hit the spot. I made sure to save room for their all you can eat dessert bar. They had multiple cookies, smoores, cheesecake, fruit tarts, fresh fruit, and several other options. I really enjoyed everything!!! FINAL VERDICT: Food 5/5….good stuff. Service 5/5….Disney is all about customer service. Ambiance 5/5….unique place with lots of history and overlooking New Orleans Square. Overall 5/5…..pleasant, memorable dining experience. By the way, you also need to purchase a park admission ticket to access the restaurant. If you develop a desire to become a member…good luck. It’s nearly impossible!!! You practically have to wait a thousand years and pay bazooka bucks.

  10. Joy L.

    Five Stars without even thinking about it…First of all the experience was over the top. From ringing the door bell and riding the french lift (A MUST!!!) to our fabulous meal and buffet, to the souvenirs (we got quite a few), it was the ultimate Disney experience. The following review was for the lunch only.Once you stepped through the door of 33 Royal Street you are introduced to a quaint waiting area with a custom french lift. As with other reviewers, we had to ride the lift, and entered the dinning area. We were seated in the bigger room which is used for larger parties, and it was intimidating at first because we were the first group there, but once the room filled we were able to settle in. After looking over the menu a few of us chose the Chateaubriand and my cousin and sister (who got us the reservation!) got the chicken. Now off to the buffet!Not the biggest selection in the world, but everything they do is delicious. My favorite offerings of the buffet were the pasta salad and bisque. The pasta salad was so tasty, it had bacon that was crispy but not burnt, and the flavors just blended so well. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the bisque but it was the most amazing soup to have ever graced my lips. I made multiple trips to fill the cute little cups they gave us. The rest of the buffet was good, and the crab, lobster and shrimp were very fresh. Now the main course!The Chateaubriand was cooked perfectly. I don’t really have much to say other than it was a very nice cut of meat cooked well. The sides were forgettable though. But the truffle macaroni and cheese…AMAZING! I now know what really mac and cheese should taste like. Now the desserts!Because my family has quite a sweet tooth we had tried a few during the buffet time. Again I can’t remember the names of them, but they were all delicious. Nothing really stood out as amazing, must have dessert, but nothing was bad either.The whole experience was surreal. Although we did have a nice big bill at the end, the fact that we had an amazing meal with free park hopper tickets, and we’re in a spot only a few have had the privilege of eating at, you really can’t complain. Overall just the experience of being at the exclusive Club 33 out weighs the food, but the food isn’t bad either. Please NEVER turn down a chance to go, it is COMPLETELY worth it. I hope I can go again!

  11. Holly W.

    Let them eat cake!I’ve been called both a “bougie” and a “degenerate” by some, and it was a lovely day to show off my bougie side while I ditched work for a leisurely lunch at Club 33. While I raised my glass of Pinot Grigio, utttering that poignant phrase from the balcony of Club 33 to the unsuspecting peasants below was just icing on the cake. But turns out, there’s no wine allowed outside on the balcony and we were quickly ushered inside for fear of us being mauled, just as Royalty always had to stay inside for their own safety. Yes, for that 3 hour lunch, we were treated just as Disney princes and princesses that we were for that short time. And yes, permit me to say this, but you CAN find good help these days! Service at Club 33 was divine! A mid-day meal at Club 33 is no mere lunch, now earning the term of “luncheon” in this case. “Luncheon” consisted of:- Unlimited trips to the cold seafood buffet, which also include cold meats, cheeses, and salads- Choice of a hot luncheon entree, which included: a NY strip, Pork Chops, Braised Osso Bucco, Halibut, or a set of 3 types of Pastas- Unlimited trips to the heavenly dessert buffetDon’t let the “buffet” aspect cheapen your first impressions. The buffet at Club 33 is like no other. When walking in, you’re greeted just like Belle was by Lumiere when he said “Be Our Guest!” Serving assistants wearing white chef hats tip you a friendly nod and give you a warm smile. Pollyanna crystals adorn the room that will inspire you to play the “Glad Game” all afternoon. Note that this is no Hometown Buffet at Club 33. The buffet food was fresh and delicious, especially the shell fish! Tasted so fresh like it had been just caught. And the smoked salmon was my absolute favorite!Though we were clearly stuffed, the hot entree was also divine! I thought I would go light by ordering the Halibut, which was adorned with Meyer Lemon fettucine and a baby lobster tail, but could only manage about half. The tender lamb osso bucco had such a rich and savory sauce that I will order it next time (shall I prove myself worthy enough to receive another invite).My favorite was the absolute splendor of the dessert buffet. I believe I counted at least 10 different varieties, with my favorite being the strawberry parfait! And these portions are so tiny (like “petit 4’s”) that you can try many varieties without committing to just 1! But at this point, I was so utterly stuffed, eating another bite might have me exceeding the weight limit on Dumbo.Overall, a fantastic time was spent at Club 33! If any should think I was honorable and worthy of a secondary invite, I would be forever indebted to their graciousness and hospitality for as long as I shall live. (Curtsies)

  12. April B.

    Got an amazing tour of Club 33. Although we didn’t get to eat there it looked amazing. The staff was warm and welcoming.

  13. Franklyn

    You’ve read about it, you’ve wondered how to get in and then you finally get to go and you wonder if it’s worth all the fuss. I would say yes, it’s a very nice place to visit and the people that work here are always nice, the food is outstanding and the selection is amazing. Sure it’s a buffet but it’s a really nice buffet and there is so much that you have to pick and choose because you will soon get so full that you can’t stand the thought of walking out into the park again, but eventually you will need to leave because if you don’t you will just keep easting and then no amount of walking around the park will work off the calories you just consumed.They have a full bar but that takes away room for the food and dessert. They have a lot of those (desserts) as well and you will need to try them all, or at least most of them. It’s an expensive, but if you are lucky enough to get invited here it’s the experience you’ll remember. They have souvenirs that you can buy on the way out and you really need to do that just so you have something to remember the place by.So start working your network of friends until you find someone who knows someone, who knows a member and casually work an invite out of them, you’ll be glad you did.

  14. Esther C.

    I come here for my birthday , wedding anniversary , and work celebrations , every year. I love it. Coming here makes me feel so special. The staff here are the most kind and patient staff I’ve ever come across. Whatever the cost is, to be a part of such a magical place, is all worth it. I’m a huge Disney fan , not as big as many of my friends are, but I truly am grateful to be able to enjoy myself here

  15. Chris E.

    I went here with Brian S for lunch through a friend’s connection. The seafood buffet appetizer is delicious. Unlimited amounts of perfectly smoked salmon, nice sized cocktail shrimp, meaty crab claws, and lobster tail. You just had to go back for seconds or thirds.As my main course, I had the oso buco… supremely tender. The meat just melts off of the bone. It also didn’t have that really gamey taste that usually comes with lamb. Dessert was also to die for. I will never forget those strawberry jello…. thingies.The ambience is very nice and intimate…. a refreshing change from the craziness of the park.The only thing lacking was the wine selection. For such an exclusive club, I would expect some more variety… but then again, as the only place in Disneyland you can drink, what can you really expect?

  16. William W.

    I thought I reviewed this place already.Anyway, it’s like Cartmanland. It’s the greatest place ever but you can’t go!If you do get to go, don’t go for lunch. Go for dinner. It’s SOOOO much better. They really know how to take care of you. And get a mai-tai. Or two. They’re fantastic. As far as the menu goes, there are no wrong answers. I ordered the chicken, and it came with mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. Except theirs. Their chef is so incredible, he found a way to make mushrooms not suck. The steak is really good. But don’t forget to soak in the atmosphere, and go out on the balcony. It’s so romantic, so don’t go alone.

  17. Erica E.

    And the headline reads “Former cast member FINALLY gets to dine in the elusive Club 33”.That’s right, I have been waiting for this for like, 15 years. Ever since I found out there was a secret dining spot in Disneyland. After working at the park for several years, I only once got to peek into the exclusive spot, when a co-worker was on the custodial rounds and phoned me to come up and see the restrooms- haha.Fast forward and the invite comes my way via my co-worker’s roommate’s finance’s boss and I jumped all over that so fast!The overall experience was amazing from start to finish. The highlight was most certainly taking my glass of wine out onto the balcony during Fantasmic, so seriously, that was a dream come true. I practically exploded out of my seat when heard the first note of the show play. And they didn’t mind that we went out onto the balcony.TIPS:#1: It’s expensive, so just know that and don’t worry about it. Expect for dinner that it’s $200 per person, with drinks. #2: It’s one of the best meals that you will eat, so don’t worry about tip #1#3: it’s fancy. So dress nice.#4: It’s still Disneyland. So the service is fantastic, and it’s fancy but have some fun while you are there!!!#5: Do the pairing. Chef menu, 5 course with the wine pairings. And they will sub out any entree, so go to town!!!!I’m a lucky girl : )

  18. Ellen C.

    YESSS..THE ALL ELUSIVE, SUPER SECRETIVE restaurant at Disneyland!! Okay not that elusive because everyone knows about it, but you have to try this place before you die…no joke. The lure of this place is the fact that it’s hard to get reservations at this place (sort of like Magic Castle but even more exclusive)..because you have to be a member to get one in the first place!Food was surprisingly good. I’d recommend coming here during lunch because at dinner they don’t have the appetizer/dessert bar (from what I heard). Also, it’s kinda more fun wearing regular clothes versus changing into evening attire. The atmosphere would be a bit more stiff and you have to act formal, versus being able to act like a kid at Disneyland.The appetizer bar consists of multiple salads, macaroni salad, assorted cheese, salami, smoked salmon, soup, and my favorite – CRAB MEAT, COCKTAIL SHRIMP, and CRAWFISH. Super fresh and delicious. Help yourself!Our entire table ordered the steak, which was cooked beautifully. Very tasty with the mashed potatoes and veggies, and the sauce they use is very good. I was so full from 2 rounds from the appetizer bar that I could only eat half my steak.My favorite from the dessert bar was the gelatin concoction and the chocolate spiral flutes with the wafers. The chocolate coconut macarons were pretty good but very normal.Coffee and other beverages are in addition to your meal. It was $85 for the buffet and entree (which is required), but we noted it was more than normal because Goofy and Mickey came into the restaurant and took pictures with us. Free champagne per person that day. SUHWEET!You can buy souvenirs after, and the staff are so friendly and helpful that you never had to look for them. They were happy to take our pictures and weren’t annoyed at all when we were getting paparazzi on the place.$110 per person, which includes 1 day park-hopper and unlimited buffet trips. What a great deal!! Suggest all of you to try it. If you work in corporate, ask if they have membership, which I’m pretty sure they do. You won’t regret it!

  19. Gerry A.

    Right, the VERY exclusive 5 stars and I was prepared to go FOUR if it was as potentially exclusive AND “stuffy”/dress codey as hinted at, but we had FUN there, which came with excellent service, views and FOOD. PLUS don’t forget it covers your Disneyland admission. I would have picked LUNCH but I actually think a two hour plus DINNER was a really relaxing way to get away from the CRUSH of all that fun outside. Don’t worry about the dresscode, but big boys WILL have to wear bigboy pants at night and ladies need to make sure everything is covered including your TOES!One of our foursome in particular was in rare form, and not only had two corn dogs outside (deemed the best in the WORLD) just before our 9pm seating and asked for the dessert menu which they laughingly handed him and he ordered and ate a yummy looking apple struedel BEFORE any appetizers etc. You CAN substitute most other choices from the ala carte onto the fixed price menu (NOT the $49 caviar) and that is definitely the better value. The chateuabriand is an unusually DEEP cut so rather than lets say a 6 ounce cut which is wide but only 1 1/2 inches deep this is 3 or 4 inches deep, obviously aged but not marinated with a subtle not overseasoned sauce nearby. I would NOT miss the scallops with the blackened watermelon and the rock shrimp is plentiful and was better than I expected. I went with the sablefish which was a small serving but just melt in your mouth good. Our corn dog appetizer man of course went with what was essentially a very fancy chicken pot pie ala carte that had likely been in their freezer since Walt passed; I believe he voted the Struedel his favorite entry since he gave me half his EXCELLENT crabcake, 98% loong pieces of crab. If you can substitute ANYTHING for the cheese course I would and I LIKE cheese courses, but it was the one course I thought was unusually frou frou and would have taken any plain old english cheese course instead of melting goat cheese on a dark cracker etc. The fixed price dessert was also frou frou but recognizable as a dessert still mouse and chocolate variations, very light as I prefer.Only one of us had a glass of wine, and the pomegranate drink was excellent said our corn dog man since he drank FOUR of them. We never felt pressed for alcohol or time as we were up quite a bit watching a big fireworks show and several times had completely abandoned our table.Our servers were having fun because we were, and we asked for and GOT lots of interesting stories about other odd guests and history, including a tour of Walt’s “kinda freaky” imo SOUND room and how many times Sir Paul McCartney has been there (3).Check it out. See how many people you can get in the faux French elevator!

  20. AssnTits5

    How cool and fun is this place? We were lucky enough to get resies for my bday and had a great time. I overloaded on the lobster tail, crab claws and shrimp at the buffet and of course tried almost every dessert possible. We were one of the first reservations of the day so it was almost like we had the place to ourselves. We enjoyed a really long lunch overlooking New Orleans Square. The service was really good and everyone was very attentive. My server even asked if my Bloody Mary (yes the only spot in the happiest place where you can get booze) was OK since I was nursing it. I hadn’t eaten anything yet so I could save room for lunch hence my light-weight status. I digress, they also figured out that it was my birthday and brought Mickey Mousse with a candle – that was the best dessert. I was so full when we left that we needed to walk around for a really long time before we could go on rides again. Looking forward to returning again and again!

  21. Catherine M.

    I’ve been here for lunch and dinner. For some reason, lunch was a much better experience. The appetizers and desserts are buffet style. The menu is just for entres. The appetizers was all really yummy. They had variety of salads, caprese, cold seafoodnsections filled with lobsters, crabs, and shrimp. Our party had the fillet and lamb. Everyone cleaned thier plate. My filet was cooked to perfections. The dessert was incredible. They had mickey shape macaroons, cheesecakes, cupcakes, fruit tarts, mouses, cookies and lots more.Be sure to spend some time at the balcony. We took pictures during the day. If youre coming to dinner on a late seating, they let you go outside to watch fantasmic on the balcony. It is a bit hidden by a big tree though. It is still better view than downstairs.

  22. Calvin P.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have lunch here. Great atmosphere and staff is pretty friendly. Had a 4 course meal for lunch which consisted of quail, salad, lamb, and dessert. Although the portions are fairly small, it was still delicious. The price was not bad for lunch as I thought it would’ve been more than what we paid. Great to say I’ve had the pleasure of eating here and having a drink at the club. Would definitely go back when I get another opportunity.

  23. igor34

    I’m still excited over the fact that I was able to go to Club 33! Especially since the meal was comped courtesy of my parents bank. The whole experience was amazing and lived up to all my expectations. The service was outstanding and the meal was delicious. I even completely forgot that I was inside Disneyland. If you ever get an invite, GO!

  24. Sarah E.

    Club 33 is the most exclusive place in Disneyland and is a place you have to go at least once in your life if you are lucky enough to be invited. Our group of 8 went for dinner on a Sat evening, and as dinnertime approached, a large crowd gathered at the famous green door next to the Blue Bayou. They open for dinner at 5:30 and were a bit slow in letting each party going in. We were let in approx 10 mins after our reservation time. Once we were inside the doors, the decor is very 1920’s. You must take the french lift to the 2nd floor. It can only fit a few people at a time, but it is worth the wait. Once on the second floor we were greeted and seated in the main dining room. They serve only Evian water, and were very quick to refill your glass. Also, get a cocktail, as this is the ONLY place in Disneyland that you can enjoy an adult beverage. We ordered the blue bayou cocktail, which according to our waiter, hasn’t been served for years (I call BS as I have seen reviews in the last few months with people RAVING about it). It is the most delicious cocktail, and they aren’t stingy with the alcohol either. Just enjoying this cocktail made this trip worth it. Appetizers: Almost everyone ordered the crabcakes, and they didn’t disappoint! They are seriously the most amazing crab cakes I’ve ever had! They are 99% crab, and they are a generous size as well. We had a vegan in our party and they were very accommodating for that, and the chef made a special appetizer for her. We also had the scallops which was served with grilled watermelon (YUM). Entrees: Everyone ordered the Chateaubriand (minus the Vegan of course) and oh my goodness was it delicious! It came out as I ordered it melted in your mouth. It was on par with Ruth’s Chris, however what made this little morsel of goodness even better was the mashed potatoes and sauce that was on it. I could’ve eaten tow of those things!! Dessert: The creme brulee with a side of fresh berries was amazing. The chocolate bomb cake was very good as well, and was extremely rich but tasty. My favorite was the marscopone cheesecake with a side of bananas foster and a shot of milkshake. Overall our waiter was just OK. I was expecting some great stories and he seemed too busy to pay attention to anything. The other wait staff did most of the work, but they were great! We tried to substitute the truffle mac and cheese for one of our appetizers, but our waiter said the don’t have that on the menu anymore and he doubts they have the ingredients for it in the kitchen. (which I call BS again, because once again people RAVE about it during the lunch menu on the reviews last week. Anyway, this is truly a magical place and don’t forget to buy the Club 33 souveniers and visit the bathrooms on the way out as well as browse the original artwork and pictures on the wall that no one else gets to see!!

  25. robby661

    went there Friday night..I guess its a ok place for the High Desert,im from the 818/ you know what im used to..ill give it some time b4 it actually gets wasnt that buzy,but that was ok with me..I got two dances from “Bella” hot little was nice cuz i had her all to myself..hope i see her again…

  26. Kara Q.

    I have had many people message me trying to get reservations… I can’t make reservations for people I don’t know. No exceptions. Sorry.

  27. Lisa R.

    What do you do for your husband’s 40th birthday that is not cliche or does not leave him feeling like an old man? What do you do for man that’s a kid at heart? On top that, mix in that he is the BIGGEST Disney fan and weeks before, mentioned that he wished we could go to Club 33…I put out an APB to every person I know in California, hoping someone could find us a way into the ever elusive and exclusive Club 33. I finally got the email giving us the thumbs up!!!! We were in for his birthday lunch!Beyond my husband practically peeing himself with glee, the staff had a birthday button for him and took us into the “secret” elevator. When we arrived on the food floor, we were happy to step into a time 60 years ago, with cherry wood everywhere, large buffet tables of appetizers and beautifully linened tables.The staff was slightly too busy and that was annoying, but our food was fantastic and drinking wine in Disney felt naughty and fun!!!! On top of that, the birthday boy received a Mickey “Mousse” Mouse head that was pure deliciousness. Very pricey, but so worth the experience, especially for the Disney lover in your life.

  28. Danielle D.

    We have had the privledge of dining at the club since 1997. The food is great, the service is AWESOME and we have NEVER had a bad experience. It bothers me how some people have made note that children ruined the experience or that they took away the magic. I will start by saying that yes I am the mother of a 3 1/2 year old, and a 17 month year old. Do I make my children behave? Absolutely! Do other parents NOT make their kids mind at restaurants, unfortunately YES. It happens. Needless to say, BEFORE we even had kids, we would dine at the club for both brunch and dinner. There were kids there very frequently…….(more for brunch, not so much for dinner) We need to remember that Walt built Disneyland so that families could go somewhere where they could all enjoy themselves together. Disneyland is for children, and for the young at heart. (ie most of us!) We have been to the Club where yes, there were kids being whiny from being in the park all day, (no different from eating downstairs at the Blue Bayou) but you suck it up, and just be happy that you are there period….Disneyland, Club 33 whatever. So if somebody wants to dine at a 4 or 5 star restaurant where there are no kids, um hello? Maybe people should stay away from the DIsneyland resort.So enough of that, let me share with you what we have enjoyed with our experiences:Servers are ALL exceptional!Robert, Terri Jo, Angela, Randy, Carolyn, Alistair…………..if you request any of these folks, you will not be disappointed.We are not vegatarians, so we do not usually order a veg. entree, but I can tell you that the beef, fish, and pasta are all very good. The only thing I will say is that sometimes they do tend to over-salt on the entrees. Other than that everything about the place is top notch. We live in the Bay Area, so we don’t get to frequent as much as we like, but we ALWAYS look forward to dining there, and know that it is very special. We never lose sight of that.

  29. Paul F.

    The wife and I went to Club 33 for our 3rd anniversary, it has been about 4 years since our last visit, and a few things have changed. We have always come for the lunch buffet, they still have the cold buffet but now you pick a hot entree from a list of 5 or 6. The wife picked the salmon and I picked the chicken. Both were delicious and we were stuffed. The service is always awesome and it feels good to hang out on the balcony looking at all the poor souls eating soup out of a bread bowl. Im lucky enough that my work has a membership and we can make reservations when we want. This time for sure we arent waiting another 4 years to go again.

  30. Kristen R.

    This was the best meal we can recall ever having! We would probably give it a 4.5 only because of one person on the staff who made it a horrible experience from the moment she answered the door to let us in…she was rude, condescending, and made us feel like our reservation wasn’t important. Thankfully for Club 33, however, the rest of the staff was pleasant and engaging and the food overtook any negative initial impression we had. We both ordered the 5-course selection – without question the filet mignon was the best we’ve ever tasted! We also enjoyed the chanterelle mushrooms, lobster Rockefeller, wilted kale salad…and the list goes on and on. We were so full at the end but it was worth it! Now if only they can fire that horribly rude woman who answered the door….

  31. the critic

    i came in here on a tuesday night and i have got to be honest, Kinda sad. walked in and paid a 5 to get in, then 6 for a water. which is ok in my book. of all the dancers the best looking was a spanish girl. dont know her name, built for speed though. id rate her looks at like a 5. her dance a solid 6. other then that the dancers were kinda homely and looked like drug addicts. By faar the best lookin girl in the place was the bar tender. believe her name was brittney. she was hott,sweet, and had some nice curves. andwas talkin to people like they were people, not like they were just potential tips. if m in the area again ill go back but otherwise not gonna go out of my way

  32. Richard G.

    One of the benefits of having a diverse clientele is sometimes you get rewarded for all the hard work by someone who appreciates your talents, I just never thought I would receive such a gift of lunch at the famous Club 33 in Disneyland. I stayed over an extra day on my last business trip to take advantage of this nice reward and was impressed as I had to go to the Guest Services by the California Adventure to get my free ticket that is part of dining at Club 33. The ticket was for both theme parks and my host and I had a grand time as I had not been to Disneyland in a couple of decades. We arrived on time in New Orleans Square at the famous green door with a bunch of strollers parked in front. Apparently the word is out as may people were posing for pictures in front of the door and to their surprise we did not stop to take a picture, but went in! It is very elegant and once our luncheon reservation was confirmed we took the little elevator ride up for the full effect. We were seated at a lovely table for two and the waiters hovered over us from the moment we sat down. Talk about 5 star service! I ordered water and they provided lovely blue bottles of Ty Nant Spring Water. Once we place our orders for the entrees we went to the salad bar which was very nice. They cleared our salad plates and brought us our entrees of rack of lamb and Chateaubriand which was cooked to perfection. Our server was new and delighted us with antidotes that sounded like they were from the web page of TMZ about the antics of the rich and famous that recently dined there and those who tried to get in without reservations. Apparently we had just missed Heff and his crew by a day or so and Courtney Love tried to sneak in for dinner and was turned away. Dessert was also buffet style, and like the salad bar I found the only downside to the experience. The pastry chef came out and she described her offerings as well as the main chef came to our table which was quite a treat. If it was not such a hot day I would have ordered a drink from the bar, but I had to drive right afterward I did not want a chance encounter with CHP slightly buzzed. We were encouraged to walk around and you can go through the full length doors out onto the balcony which was real cool. I don’t think anyone saw us up there. Very impressive since it still is an exclusive club in the middle of Disneyland!

  33. Christi Lynn C.

    Well I have to say that if you are going for an event the service is less than fabulous but if you are in the Disney spirit and it’s a great event. Who cares 🙂

  34. Tony S.

    Nothing like eating in this exclusive restaurant. Dinner is a must if you do get in, get the Chateaubriand steak.

  35. brandonresh

    Comparing Club 33 to other fine dining experiences, I have to give it 3 stars. Although the food is good, it is not Michelin star quality. The service was above average, but not excellent. It took 3 1/2 hours to receive our 5 or 6 entrées, which is an hour too long in my opinion. The meat was not cooked as ordered for about 50% of our party which is a big no, no… I guess the exclusivity of Club 33 will always bring people back, so top notch quality isn’t a major concern. When I go again it will be for lunch as it seems a quicker more suitable option.

  36. Priscilla Y.

    A fantastic experience for the Disney enthusiast! The service was amazing, the food was delicious, and it was an experience I’ll never forget!The entrance is no longer the door next to Blue Bayou, but is now down the street after a few shops. Once you enter the courtyard, the staff offers you fresh cucumber water and cold towels. We had a three course set meal… all fantastic. The latte had a ’33’ logo on it and the drink options were great as well.I would recommend going to the bar area, purchasing 33 gear and even checking out the restrooms!

  37. rickywho2

    This place is delicious! We’ve been for lunch and dinner and both times it was amazing. Their most expensive shot of alcohol is $1500, which is ridiculous, but fun to hear about how there are only 3 bottles of that particular type of alcohol in the world. Their bathrooms are amazing. The interior, both guest and member only lounges, are decorated elegantly classic. Definitely go if you get a chance! And if you do go, order a mint mojito with half lemonade. Delicious!Fun tip…if you get the last shot of any of the unique liquors available, they will give you the bottle and shot glass…that’s a piece of history right there.

  38. Michele L.

    Definitely worth the hype. Went for lunch and had a really good time.We were a bit late for our reservation but they were understanding and still seated us right away.All-you-can-eat chilled lobster tails and crab legs as appetizers were definitely a plus. I ordered the Couscous Crusted King Salmon as my entree and it was cooked to perfection. The portion of the entree was also very generous. The others at the table ordered the chicken and were very satisfied with their meal. The desserts were a little less impressive. A couple of the choices were really good and the rest were just okay. Classy decor and wonderful service. Can’t wait to go back!

  39. David R.

    Very difficult to get in, but if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity, I highly recommend not passing it up. Loved the experience from the entrance to the dessert.

  40. Elizabeth R.

    Love love love this place! Every time I have scored an opportunity to go to Club 33 I’ve had an extraordinary day. First, you don’t pay for your ticket (not that this changes things for me, cause I had a season pass, yes I love Disneyland). Next, you get away from the hustle and bustle of Disneyland for a short time, just enough to catch your breath and get back out there. Also, it is pretty decent food! Find a way to get invited here!

  41. Bill B.

    Amazing and special experience to dine at Club 33. I’ve heard a lot o f people have this on their bucket list, so def find a way to get invited. After all the pageantry of getting in and the fact you’re about to drink inside Disneyland, the who process is really enjoyable. The service is so great you’ll quickly forget you are in a theme park.I recommend having dinner around the fireworks show. The staff will ask if you want to hold your dinner and enjoy the show—yes! Food is great, wine is very California focused, and great.

  42. Bill C.

    What a perfect way to end our annual Disneyland pass one week before it expires! Some friends, who have a friend that is a member, got four of us into Club 33. I can honestly say this feels like a completely removed restaurant from the rest of the park. The food was exquisite, the service was second to none, and our entire experience there was phenomenal. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone who can.

  43. Jacquelynne S.

    4.5 starsCould this be true?!! Somebody pinch me, I swear this is a dream. This place is like FAT GIRL HEAVEN for me. My boyfriend decided to head to LA on my 24th birthday: Disneyland, California Adventures, Getty Museum…the works. In all honesty, Disneyland was already good enough for me but little did I know, he surprised me with Club 33 for lunch and a limo ride waiting outside of Disneyland for dinner on my special day. I DO NOT KNOW HOW HE DID IT, but somehow wherever he got the “deal package” from, the person also provided a limo service. I really don’t know how to top that for his upcoming birthday. Any ideas fellas?Anyway, the “secret location” wasn’t so secret. When we arrived there was a bunch of people taking photos in front of the Club 33 door. Once inside, I almost forgot I was in Disneyland. About the food…my entree was alright, I enjoyed the buffet appetizer and dessert table a lot more. I got the 3×3 for my entree, something I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND. It was very bland and all of the carbs stuffed me up, making it difficulty for me to indulge in the buffet lobster/shrimp/etc table. If anything, I recommend the roast monk fish. Another suggestion is you must save room for dessert. For me, there’s ALWAYS room for dessert. Maybe because I’m a diabetic in training, but I suggest you have to take at least one bite off of every single dessert available (two tables worth). The experience, the ambiance, the view, the wonderful service, the selection of all you can eat yummy salad/seafood/dessert, and the somewhat “exclusivity” = high ratings from me. Overall, my belly was happy 🙂

  44. Erika R.

    My boyfriend and I were SO lucky to dine here twice in the month of October! We were invited to dine buffet-style dinner both times.. so this experience may differ from others. I know there is regularly a set menu, but I do not know how often buffet dinners occur.. if at all!It’s awesome to be able to go thru those doors! The whole place is gorgeous and very vintage. Pictures of Walt Disney are on the walls and one room has a Pirate of the Carribean theme. I posted pictures because there is so much to look at and so much to describe! Even the bathrooms are pretty! Only 2 stalls in the ladies restroom! Club 33 will be renovated in January so it was great to see what Walt Disney originally designed. Our buffet menu consisted of a salad station, seafood station, meat station, pasta bar, and dessert bar.I can’t even put into words how delicious the food was. The mashed potatoes with cheese was top notch! It was so creamy and CHEESY!! The salmon was outstanding. The chicken pasta salad was INCOMPARABLE! Ravioli or bow tie pasta was made to your preferences.. delicious! PERFECT EVERYTHING! With the price tag, the food BETTER BE, right?! It most definitely was in my opinion! The dessert was also to die for. I saved A LOT of room for dessert =] I had the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had. Everything that had chocolate in it was so rich! Including the hot cocoa. Mickey sugar cookies was a nice touch! This is the only place in Disneyland where you can order ALCOHOL! One of the times I went, it was my actual birthday (so cool!!) so I HAD to! My lemon drop martini was sweet and strong! Prices for drinks were basic and fair. Gratuity was added automatically which I usually would be opposed to, but my drink was good, my bf enjoyed his, and the bartender was friendly when we talked to him! The staff was also incredible! Very friendly from the beginning to end. They were kind and patient with taking orders for drinks and orders for souvenirs (which are displayed in a glass cabinet. You must ask a cast member to grab it for you). When I was there, they didn’t mind anyone taking pictures of literally EVERYTHING! They’re used to it. They’re also very open to answering any questions and giving you info about Club 33! I never thought that anyone acted snobby or holier-than-thou! They even will let you ride in the elevator as long as someone is on the top and bottom floor to help you!Souvenir prices were very fair! This is the only place you can get authentic Club 33 souvenirs. No annual pass discount, I asked ;] Gold/silver keychains were $15, gold/silver small pins $15, g/s big pins $20, baseball cap $30, club 33 embroidered Mickey ears $20, pen set $90, zipper jacket $125, latte mug $20 and shotglass for $15 – there’s more, but that’s what I can remember!Another cool Club 33 experience was being out on the balconies overlooking New Orleans Square and Rivers of America! It’s a once in a lifetime view! Both times, we were in the club after the park closed so we were able to see and walk thru (only to the front gate) a completely empty Disneyland which is probably more rare than getting into Club 33! Staff repeatedly advised us NOT to take any pictures and even kept a watchful eye out for anyone doing so as they escorted us out. I highly recommend going if you are a big Disney fan and have the opportunity to go!!

  45. Diana P.

    Amazing fun atmosphere and The Food was Amazing way better than I expected it to be…The Foie gras appetizer is to die for and after dinner to top it off we were able to go out and watch the Fireworks and enjoy our Champagne & cocktails with our friends on the Balconey!!! Disneyland Club 33 Really is “The Happiest Place on Earth!

  46. Evan L.

    Club 33 is not the place for great food, service or ambience. I’m convinced that this place is for the people who go places not because they want to experience them, but because they want to be able to say they’ve been there. The exclusivity and mystery behind this semi secret restaurant and that it’s the only place serving alcohol in all of Disneyland’s magical kingdom is all it has going for it. It’s like enduring a night out at the Hard Rock Cafe with overpriced, subpar food. The decor could be beautifully restored and better maintained, but felt like they were just letting the place go. Club 33 should do away with the membership BS and start focusing on making tasty food and providing a better experience. The food should be fun and exciting, not a boring steak with mashed potatoes and asparagus from an 80s steakhouse. And get Mickey Mouse or someone in there to pretend like he’s running the place or like he decided to take Minnie out on a hot date. Give us something to take a picture with other than the locked front door!

  47. Maricela H.

    I have been here twice. It was freakin amazing! We had to get there before the park opened and were escorted to the restaurant for our buffet brunch. (Software company for my friends employer had a company brunch there) The staff was awesome and super helpful. There was an awesome CHEESE SPREAD, a full buffet with ham potatoes, beef, huevos rancheros and a ton of lovely pastries as well as fruit and cereal stuffs. The food was fantastic after eating we were allowed to roam throughout the whole restaurant and hang out on the balcony. We purchased items that had the club 33 logo then eventually made our way out to enjoy the happiest place on earth. This was always one of my dreams…sometimes dreams do come true! I would love to go back so if anyone wants to take me I’ll be available!

  48. Justin F.

    This is a private little restaurant in the New Orleans part of Disney. I guess people wait for month’s even years to eat here. You ring a little doorbell by a sign that says “33” and a little happy Disney person opens the door and asks for your reservation. Your then allowed to enter a small room with an old elevator in it. I decided to take the stairs due to the fact I was riding a trick elevator earlier that day. Also, the elevator was not working that night. When you reach the top of the steps there is a phone booth and private dining room. The next room has the bar and other dining area. The best table is #10 by the way. Apparently some of the furniture in the building was used in some classic Disney films. The dress code is Country Club basics, collared shirt, nicer jeans while dressing up is not frowned upon.

  49. Robert S.

    I’ve been here a few times over the last few years and I have to say the quality of the main dishes has gone down.5 star look but 3 star taste.-Vegetarians , your only selection is a 3 cheese pasta that never changes and the taste isnt worth the price of admission if you have gone beforeLunch time buffet is the best deal because you get a main dish in addition to the buffet. The buffet is always good.They always pour some “high quality” refreshing water like evian or smart water.Club 33 is a great way to take a break from all the Disneyland maddness because when you enter, you forget you were ever inside Disneyland.Alcoholic drinks are extra (yes, this is the only place where you can get alcohol in Disneyland).Some things to note:Dress code strictly enforced – You wont get in if you don’t abide by the rules. No costumes on Halloween either (unless you’re a child).Should take the lift up the dining area and use the restroom with the pull down flush (men’s restroom only) – good stuff.If you’re nice enough to the waiter, he’ll let you keep the club 33 pen used to sign the bill! – a great way to prove to your friends that you’ve been there!While I love club 33, I just wish the food tasted as good as it looked.Also sundays there is an extra 13$ charge for the meal but it includes a “complimentary champagne” and some time with disney characters.

  50. Ashley L.

    No, I’m not a member, so I was ecstatic to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience at Club 33!I really appreciated all of the detail of the place (hidden Mickeys and all!). Most of the people in my party of seven ordered the chateaubriand steak (their signature dish!). Unfortunately, half of our orders were cooked incorrectly. I was so disappointed! My medium-well was pretty rare in the middle. I had to send it back. Although, they were very accommodating, I really didn’t think that this should have happened. Especially on a steak at Club 33!! Pretty easy to cook a steak. But otherwise, everything else was delicious! Everyone is so friendly! And they didn’t even ask me to stop with the flash photography (it was so dim in there!).We requested a tour after the dinner, which made this place even more amazing! I loved learning about its Walt Disney history. The servers were all very polite and accommodating, as you would expect from an expensive/exclusive Disney restaurant. I thoroughly appreciated my time there.Club 33 is amazing! Five stars for the attentive service, being rich in history and letting me hang out on the balcony above New Orleans square. Minus one for the incorrectly cooked steaks. Maybe one day, I’ll have the opportunity to go back, and Club 33 will earn my 5-star review!

  51. David W.

    For those not in the know, there’s a private club nestled within New Orleans Square at Disneyland called Club 33. The top-secret restaurant built by Walt for his pals is home to gourmet meals for paying members and/or invited guests of said privileged few (there’s an approximate three-year waiting list). Just steps away from the newly hip Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the only way to identify the 40-year-old establishment is by the innocuous “33” on a nearby door.The average cost of a meal per person is a minimum of $66, with a prix fix, five-course Vintner’s menu for $75. The upside of this experience is complimentary, all-day tickets to Disneyland and California Adventure, so it’s a pretty sweet deal (if you plan your appetite accordingly).I got the hookup from a friend whose boss is a member, and my newlywed wife and I jumped at the chance to play at the parks all day and then enjoy a 6pm upscale feast. Admittedly, we expected the food’s presentation to be a little more imaginative and the selection a tad more adventurous, but the quality of the meal was more than adequate; light, delicious crab cakes, massive tiger prawns over cabbage puree, succulent pan baked chicken, and the juicy New York Strip with frothy bearnaise sauce were all divine. Ironically, it was their cheese selection that really got me excited (the stinkier and more tangy the better) and the California Mineshaft Bleu Cheese prompted me to ask for an additional dollop before I was ready to move on to the Mickey Mouse chocolate mousse — a surprise dessert after I volunteered that our wedding was a week ago and my birthday was a week before that.Was this meal worth $75 per person? If Club 33 were a stand-alone restaurant, I would vote nay — but with the full Disney experience thrown in as an added bonus, plus the mystique of dining at a top-secret, private club with “the beautiful people,” I would say it was the meal of a lifetime.

  52. Omar R.

    The absolute premier and exclusive place you can eat at the entire Disneyland park. Top of the line ingredients and quality to every aspect of your meal. The dessert table definitely was impressive. I had the chateaubriand steak option, by far one of the best pieces of meat I’ve ever had. Fresh seafood platter that preceded our meal was superb. Once in a lifetime experience, don’t miss out if ever given an opportunity. Hopefully I will be able to return one day.

  53. Yen H.

    Considering you get entry into both parks along with 5star food and service $100pp is a steal! Not to mention bragging rights ;)The lunch buffet prior to the main course was indeed delightful; my friend couldn’t stop eating the caesar salad, I was partial to the mini lobster tails, smoked salmon and shots of curry soup. Decent selection for something that seems like a meal in itself.The main course superb…. the Chateaubriand was cooked perfectly as I ordered it. Medium Rare, which meant soft and silky melt in my mouth & the service was impeccable, as you would expect of anything this caliber (let alone inside Disneyland) but what sets this place apart obviously is all the history, prestige and exclusivity of Club 33. Being able to lift that little cover and ring that secret bell to open up that famous green door and float up on that french lift ~ awesomesauce!I’m glad I get to check this one off my bucket list :)Tip: Ask to take a peek out onto the balconies overlooking New Orleans Square – when we were out there a server snuck out and gave us a great little historical tour of the rooms & what went on behind the scenes of the restaurant.

  54. Nate K.

    No no no! I can’t accept that not only is the food probably the worst banquet/airplane/hospital food but service was on par with Norm’s at 3:00am on a tues night! You people with the five star reviews have been doing lines of tinkerbells pixie dust in the nasto non ventilated bathrooms of the not so exclusive club 33.Sorry to burst y’alls bubble but welcome to the nineties mr. Banks this place needs a complete and I mean A-bomb destruction derby type of overhaul! Somebody hit the reset button.. I’m going to go barf up my overcooked 95 dollar filet now bye.. Ps. Walt is turning over in his refrigerator right now! Pps. I’ve had better food from soup kitchens.. Ppps. Soooo gross…

  55. Luis
  56. Laura C.

    Loved everything! The food, the decor, the waitstaff– EVERYTHING!I got the beat salad (because beets are in season right now), the PLT, the lava cake, and the French Martini.Will happily return 😉

  57. Min K.

    Just went to the redesigned Club 33. I was pretty disappointed because they got rid of the salad, seafood and dessert bar. The redesign differentiates the actual members and friends of members. I’m sure the members only lounge is very nice, but most guests won’t experience it. They got rid of the old school lift tooThe new Club 33 just feels like a fancy restaurant with very good service and just ok food. I don’t think I’ll go back

  58. Alodie D.

    I was blessed to come back a second time to Club 33. I still give this place 4 stars as some things got better and some things didn’t based from last time. Likes:-The French Lift was working.-I finally got to go outside to the balcony and look over NOS. -I was given a Club 33 pen. Dislikes:-My napkin was only folded once. From what I know every time you get up the CM is suppose to fold your napkin and place it on the chair…yeah right that never happened. -Still no Club 33 Mickey Ears in stock, boooo. Still no matter what I feel blessed to come to this secret exclusive place and hope IF I ever step in this establishment again that things can get better…I really want that Club 33 Mickey Ears, 😉

  59. Allan H.

    The husband took some really good friends and me here for lunch for no special reason a few weeks ago. Since I have not stopped pestering JB about finding a way to go since it since we moved to SoCal about a year and a half ago. and since I have pretty much been obsessed with eating here [or just seeing the inside] since I was about six years old, it was certainly time. The room is nice – not over done or too “Disney-fied” but just really classy. The food was pretty tasty. To start, there is a buffet with salads and seafood. I, of course, took advantage of the all-you-can-eat crab legs and made about 4 trips to the bar. They had a very well done curried cream of cauliflower soup too.Jonny B. and I ordered the lobster and avocado sandwich and we were pleasantly surprised by both the size [large] and flavour [great]. JB and Dusty D. had the beef filet which was done perfectly and had was of great quality. For desert, there is another buffet with a wide variety of tasty treats.The wine list was better than expected. The restaurant was out of the first champagne I ordered. Our waiter immediately took care of this by upgrading the bottle to a vintage cuvee and still charged us the same price as the bottle I ordered first. Subsequent bottle of Sonoma Pinot and Napa Cab were also very good.We had a few issues with service but all in all, it was a pleasant lunch and certainly worth the rather hefty price tag.Food 4Decor 4Service 2Other getting loaded in the middle of the day at the Magic Kingdom 5

  60. Jami B.

    The privilege is the thing; the food is excellent, but you don’t go here for the food. We stood on the balcony and watched the fireworks over New Orleans Square. Mickey kissed me. How much better can it get? If you’re looking for equally wonderful food without the crazy connections, check out the Downtown Disney restaurant Catal.

  61. S W.

    I have been to Club 33 about five times. The past two times have been incredibly disappointing. The food is average but the cocktails were completely flubbed up. I ordered a manhattan and got ??? Then I ordered a french connection after dinner (cognac and grand marnier in a snifter) and got something foreign served on ice. My date ordered gin and soda and got gin and tonic. For a restaurant that charges so much money and touts such excellence, one would hope that they could make these basic cocktails.My thought is that if it were any place other than “Club 33” making such grave errors and charging what they charge, they would not be in business long.Sadly, Club 33 is scooting along on exclusivity and nostalgia.(The only reason for two stars is because I too have a warm spot in my heart for what Club 33 used to be)

  62. Shandis C.

    How can I NOT give this place 5 stars?!? I mean come on, it’s CLUB 33!!! I was never expecting to ever set foot in this place, after having read about it as one of the top “Disney Secrets”, the 14 year wait list to become a member and the $7,000 per year membership fee (or something outrageous like that). But unexpectedly on this past trip to the happiest place on earth, my dad’s good friend had a friend that got us reservations and the experience of setting foot in Club 33 was as memorable as the thrill of falling down Splash Mountain for the first time!When you dine at Club 33 you feel like VIP. From the moment we rang the intercom to be let in by host, while others are stopping by the “33” sign just to take a picture, to riding the antique lift up to the dining room, to seeing pieces of Disney history clad the walls and halls of the club, to the very attentive service throughout your meal, I have to admit, I felt like a rock star (ok, now I’m blushing that I just said something that dorky, but I did!). Surprisingly everyone else there I think feel the same because everyone walks in with an awestruck look plastered on their faces, and snapping pictures of every nook and cranny of the “secret” place. The food was delicious, especially the chilled seafood bar and this incredible steak pasta salad. I ordered the Chateaubriand which came with a heavenly potato puree and veggies roasted to perfection. I can’t say much more other than if you get the chance to experience Club 33, DO IT!! But don’t be a snob and criticize every little thing….enjoy it for it’s magical experience that not many will get a chance to have!

  63. Raff

    Club 33 was definitely on my bucket list. My boss surprised me with lunch here for my birthday. I have been inside once before it was renovated when they used the old door by Pirates. It looks so different now and is definitely much nicer but I did miss the overwhelming history of the original setup. Still, it’s really nice and they still have some really cool stuff everywhere you look!Every staff member is ultra nice and attentive. We walked in and they complimented us on our attire which I thought was nice. Also, just about every staff we came into contact with asked “is this the birthday girl?” followed by a very sweet.. “Happy Birthday!” Since I wasn’t wearing one of those park pins where they write your name when you come into the park, they went and got me one. And the Happy Birthdays kept coming for the rest of lunch. It felt really special. There were also very special touches at our table for my birthday as well. Everything made the experience so magical. Just like Disney does best! When we were seated at our table, there was only 1 other table that had guests at it. It was nice feeling like we had (almost) the whole place to ourselves (staff told us summer is their slow season, good to know). Of course, our waiter and waitresses showered us with attention the entire time. The only thing I was a little disappointed in was the attire that other people eating there were wearing. There were people in t-shirts, jeans and flip flops. It was nice to dress up for lunch at a place I hold so much respect for. It was a little sad seeing others treat it like the Hometown Buffet (no offense, HB, much love). If you bring a backpack with extra clothes for the park (like I did) they check bags. I know my post won’t do it justice, but everything was so great. The food, service, decor, it was all so pleasant. Definitely worth it for the experience. The best part is hanging out on the balcony and looking down on everyone.

  64. Abe G.

    Nothing left to sat, except for the fact that Lunch is better than Dinner. It comes with a buffet, and I am told dinner doesn’t. Also, if you come with someone who is a member, you essentially pay nothing, since the price of the meal covers your admission. Also, coffee here is great, and the truffle mac and cheese is incredible.Thanks for making this an amazing experience, Disneyland.

  65. Michael S.

    If you’re lucky enough to dine here, don’t pass up the opportunity. Amazing food, drinks are wonderful and of course the experience of being tucked away in the park with original concept art on the walls is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Love it.

  66. Jeannie J.

    My Club 33 experience was really fun and lived up to the hype in my book. I feel really lucky to have had a chance to experience it for myself! Here’s my take:Dress code: We already knew ahead of time that the dress code for the buffet lunch was more lax than for dinner so we were able to stick to jeans, shorts, skorts etc. However, I’d double check anyway…policies could change. I would have preferred to dress up but we had young children with us, so maybe next time!Staff: We had a baby and 2 young kids with us and I felt that the staff was very accommodating and attentive. I did get my napkin refolded way too many times more than necessary…but that was probably because I got up so many times to get more food. 🙂 Mickey and Pluto came by and not only took photos but played with the kids as well- that was really cool! I’ve never seen Mickey in the regular park itself.Food: The food is not the best I’ve ever had, but it’s not too shabby either. For the buffet lunch, you first choose an entree (my monkfish/lobster bisque was yummy!), and then you can head over to the cold buffet for crab claws, lobster tails, and plumpy shrimp. FYI- there’s a separate kids menu as well! In addition, there were cheese, caprese, and fruit spreads, pasta salads, and potato leek soup with an assorted of crackers and breads. The soup was my favorite! A close second was the dessert spread, which was absolutely decadent. In addition, it was my husband’s birthday, so he got a little Mickey chocolate cake with a candle and we got to sing (quietly) for him.Ambiance: I also enjoyed walking around and exploring the place. The ladies room is totally decked out! Everything feels old and grand, but not to the point of being stuck-up or stuffy. I liked that they tried to preserve as much of the history as they could.My only regret was not going out on the balcony and checking out the view. I’ll have to remember to do that…if I get lucky enough to be a guest again!

  67. Tiki G.

    Go to Napa Rose instead.Seriously – I am arguably one of the biggest Disney nuts out there. I live and breathe all things Disney- but my last experience at Club 33 left much to be desired.I ordered the tomato and red pepper soup. It literally tasted like they took a can of tomato paste and popped it in the microwave. The bread was mediocre; nothing special. We all ordered the chateaubriand; I’ve seriously had better steaks at weddings.Needless to say, yes it’s TOTALLY cool to go once and say you’ve been to Club 33. The service has been better on past trips there, though. Our waiter seemed irritated or annoyed that evening. They also made us leave before we were done because the next seating was coming in. I thought this was extremely rude, especially since our bill was $1200 for three couples and two children under 7.Napa Rose is an amazing restaurant at the Grand Californian. The food there is far superior to Club 33. I think they need a new chef at the Club. Also – if you are ever in Walt Disney World, Victoria and Albert’s is amazing, and for the same price they are not even comparable.

  68. Corina C.

    BEST experience ever! I went last Saturday (2nd visit) for my birthday (they even brought out a fancy candle). The waiter was very friendly, patient and explained the menu items. It is very exclusive and only VIP can enter the turquoise door. Dress code is enforced!!! The steak is very good, and i recommend you do the 5 course meal… (varies) but usually includes:1. salad2. appetizer 3.main dish 4. finger food 5. dessert. if you don’t do that, its a minimum amount of $72 per person; for example, if you only order 2 things and the total amount is $50 dollars. They will still charge you the full $72 amount. So take advantage …its worth it. Cant wait to go again.. (please Vianney ?? :p )

  69. Cimarron K.

    The vintner dinner never disappoints. You can’t go wrong with the five course. Time to make that reservation for August. I. Think brunch on a Saturday will be next. The brunch is magnificent.

  70. Krysten K.

    Nothing is better, more exciting, exquisite or as amazing as Club 33. We have been 4 times – brunch, lunch, dinner and even a special even for breakfast and it is always a delight. It’s my favorite place in the entire park.

  71. JR C.

    It’s not easy to get into here. You need to know someone who knows someone who knows someone. I’m not gonna downplay the exclusivity here. YOU (yeah you) need to be a lucky schmo or a filthy rich schmo in order to get your Disney paws on those two numbers….3 3….say it with me……Club…3 3. You probably aren’t going to call in a reservation yourself, but you can certainly ask your secretary to do so. And while you’re at it, drop the name of 10 other good friends, cuz you can have a couple guests join you. Oh how lucky they are to sample the wealth and success that you stand on. Did I make my point? I hope not, cuz I’m just one of those lucky guests….hehe.-=-Costs-=- It’s pretty exorbitant. If you do not currently hold a Disney pass, you’re gonna have to pay for one. That’s gonna be tacked on top of the price of a $100+ lunch (we ain’t even talking dinner, schmo’s!). the going price for a ticket hovers around the $100 buck range too. Jeebus, you gotta be lucky AND gotta be down to blow a wad.-=-Buffet-=- What can exclusivity and a wad buy you in a park of overpriced food and movie-theatre-priced popcorn? For one, you get access to the only full bar in the Magic Kingdom. You also get access to a buffet, and choice of fancy entrees. It was not the international food selection buffet of fairy tales but you can have a good fix of cold cuts and crab legs. On another small table will be another awesome surprise…oils for dip, but most importantly truffle oil! I made a point to dip whatever I could in truffle oil. For my crab legs, I bypassed the melted butter and went straight up truffle oil dip. This may mark my first and only time that I’ll be able to do this, but it was pretty fun and redeeming. I’m going to ignore the rest of the buffet because that is all that I felt was worth it.-=-Entrees-=- There’s lamb, chicken, steak, fish, and fish. Pretty simple and each entree came with its own selection of sides. One highlighted side here was the truffled mac and cheese that came with the chicken. Luckily, my group shared around so we were able to get a sampling of the dishes here. My favorites for entrees would be the steak and redfish. I like my steaks rare and they overcooked it a bit, but I’ll just attribute that to Uncle Mickey not wanting to get sued for poisoning.-=-Swag-=- Mickey and Goofy came by during our meal so we had fun group pictures with them. When our meal was done, we also asked to hang out on the balcony for a bit and we got more pictures to savor this moment a bit longer. There’s a swag cabinet outside with merchandise ranging from hats, shirts, mugs, and shot glasses sporting that exclusive 33 logo. Do yourself a favor and buy at least a shot glass. This is already expensive enough as it is so top it off with a remembrance. It’s like 20 bucks ish. Just do it.Alright, what’s dragging this review down though? It seemed that once we went through those 33 doors, the Disney friendliness disappeared. We were told to wait downstairs, in a fairly unfriendly manner. No questions, no howyadoins. Upstairs, lost some Disney charm too, but was a teensy winsy bit better. The food was palatable, but not to the fancy calibre that a $100 price tag entails. Come and dine if you can, but even if I had the means, I would probably not do this weekly or monthly. Yearly, perhaps, if that. Then, I can throw it all up on Space Mountain.

  72. brandonresh

    Experience was cool. Service was ok, felt like our waitress or host was a little on the snobbish side and not that friendly but everyone else was great. Food was good, not exceptional but good. I’d say more of a $80 meal rather than $120. Probably a great experience for a Disney lover but from a strictly dining experience it was maybe 7.5/10.

  73. paul h.

    Please I want to write a review but I need to get in first.My bride of 33 years are going down to d land soon and would like to celebrate our 33 year together at club 33. Can anyone help? Please let me know how I can make this happen.Paul

  74. Jennifer C.

    So I have been to Club 33 about 5 times, since I have been there so many times my review is truly based on the food and establishment rather than the glitz and glam of its exclusivity. I have been here for regular lunch, Sunday brunch, and dinner.The first time I came here, regular weekday lunch, the food was DELICIOUS. We had a rack of lamb and a lobster avocado melt with fresh potato chips made in-house. Five stars, for sure. I was so impressed with the seafood/salad buffet and the pretty dessert display, which always remain the same. The appetizer seafood buffet is really good, it’s not that large, but i enjoy the options: salad, fruit, cheese, lobster claws, cocktail shrimp, crab legs, smoked salmon. The dessert table looks impressive, but the taste is just not there. I have never really enjoyed anything I have picked off that table, and I’ve tried a lot.Since my first visit, all the food has been mediocre. I’ve had everything from prime rib to filet mignon to the chicken. Nothing on their recent menus compares to the lobster melt and rack of lamb from the first visit, they need to bring it back.Dinner here is quite different. Instead of having a set price for all the options on the menu, they give you a menu for appetizers, main dish and dessert and you must choose items that will add up a minimum value (the price of a park hopper at the time). Since you choose your appetizer and dessert, there is no seafood or dessert buffet, which is kind of sad.CONS:A major, major con of the menu is that despite changing every couple months, the vegetarian dish remains the same. Pasta with 3 different sauces, and it is not good at all. I can make better pasta with my jar of ragu from the supermarket. I suggest if you are vegetarian, make an exception for the day or your $100 meal is a waste of money.During Sunday brunch they charge an extra $13 because they must pay the characters to come and visit with the guest. Pay for characters you say, even though you’re in Disneyland?? Yes, they must pay characters to come and take pictures on Sunday.Super-strict dress-code. Don’t think you can sneak past them with tank tops or flip-flops, they will send you packing to spend uber amounts of money at the outsides shops to find proper attire.PROS:If you can get in, GO! I LOVE Disneyland and being able to go somewhere so exclusive is really cool, especially when people have no idea where the secret door next to Blue Bayou leads.Free tampons and pads in the women’s restroom!Complimentary one-day park hopper to Disneyland and California Adventure with the meal.Free Club 33 pen with your check that goes for $10 on eBay.Service here is, of course, top of the line, you are paying lots of money. Very attentive.Everything else.

  75. Karyn A.

    Being a Disney FANATIC, one year, my BF & I decided to try every restaurant in the park. We were able to get reservations to Club 33 and we were beyond excited to finally dine in this “exclusive” restaurant. I guess there must’ve been TOO much expectations, because I only found the food to be 3 stars. The big hype was to try the macaroni & cheese – but it wasn’t all that great. The service was wonderful, but I’ve had better food.Sure, i’ll go back for the “exclusiveness”, but if I had a choice of this restaurant and another – i’d probably pass on Club 33.

  76. Dennis N.

    My wife is the best in every aspect (GAG!!!)Club 33 is no exception, we’ve been guests of the Walt about five times now and each and every time has been memorable.I must say that the first time we went we were served Evian… in recent time it has become Smart Water. Times are hard!!!! You guys all know that you get a free VIP PASS to enter both parks w/ the meal… so that alone makes Club 33 5-star worthy… one of our ticket stub actually reads “VIP CLUB 33” on it… oh boy was my nose held high when I walked through the gates (SNOBBY).So… about the food.The buffet is small but QUALITY over QUANTITY is the phrasing that best describes Club 33. The seafood is FRESH… the lobster and the crabs are DELICIOUS… they don’t taste like they’re buffet lobster/crabs.. .they taste like the crab and lobster you would get at a restaurant…how cool is that?!?!?To the left of the buffet is the dessert area… they’re like Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all, gotta catch ’em all!! DELICIOUS as well.I also love the fact that everything has the (33) embroidery on it, the napkins, the paper towels, the mints, etc, etc.Why haven’t I talked about the main course yet? Well it’s because it wasn’t all that exciting to me… Club 33 serves their courses prix fixe, I always get the steak and I’m never WOWED. The cuts are mediocre (often times flavorless)–the sides are forgettable.But, for what Club 33 lacks in it’s meat, it more than makes up for in it’s SERVICE (Read : FINE FINE DINING), buffet, desserts, and free Disney One-Day Park Hopper pass.P.S. this is the only place in the park you can get your BUZZ ON at!!! I’m not talking LIGHTYEAR, you know what I mean?!?!

  77. Christina C.

    I’m probably going to be chastised for this, but here goes.For the exclusivity and pricing of this place I expected the service and food to be impeccable. For all the hype and five star ratings surrounding this place I expected a magical experience. Unfortunately, sadly, for the Disney lover I am, this was not the case. Also, the dress code is not as strict as they make it seem. I’m kind of bitter that my friends and I walked around DL the whole day looking semi-nice when we could have worn comfy clothes supposedly deemed inappropriate. The decor inside was pretty interesting though, so a generous 1.5 stars for that!Our party of 8 arrived early as instructed. We were told to go back out and wait because we were too early (even though it was raining horribly outside). Waited at least 15 minutes standing around outside and then at least 20 minutes waiting inside to be seated. Then our waiter left us hanging for at least 20 minutes to take our orders. And it seemed like what was forever for our food to arrive. I guess this can be a good thing for those who need to spend 1.5 hours gallivanting around the place taking pictures of everything but be forewarned– You very well may starve if you come empty stomached and hungry, as we did.Almost got the prix fixe, but the waiter raved about other items on the menu, so I went with butternut squash bisque, duck with wild rice, and filet mignon with mashed potatoes. I also tried the cheese course that came with the prix fixe orders.The bisque was basically as sweet as a desert, I didn’t like how it tasted just like pumpkin pie and not more savory. The duck was way overcooked, tasting very much like liver, and the wild rice was terribly undercooked and inedible.The cheese course was also disappointing. Cheeses (chèvre and brie) were served cold and with what I discerned to perhaps be a pineapple puree. The cheese together with the puree and crackers tasted musty and strange. You’d be better off gnawing on a random block of cheese from the supermarket. 4 people at our table ordered the filet mignon. ALL were over cooked to some extent, but we found out one person was not even asked how she’d like it done (which usually means they know how to cook steak; at LEAST medium). It came out well done, so unbearable that we had to send it back for a new one. We were very hesitant to ask to send it back, but for $47 a steak we thought it was an appropriate thing to do. I don’t remember how the dessert tasted really (I was in a state of delirium since it was almost midnight), except that it was something fancy-pants: chocolate, way too sweet, and with mini macaroons dusted with gold. They did give a mini chocolate mousse/cake Mickey head to my friend when I told them it was her birthday. How sweet. +.5 stars.I will not be coming back here to give dinner another chance, even though my company has membership. However, reviews for the breakfast buffet seem to be good so I’d give that a try next time.

  78. Richard M.

    I’ve never been here before. It took me quite awhile to get in, but boy was it a treat! The inside has a lot of artwork with a couple floor-to-ceiling paintings in the hallway. The dining room has maybe 10-15 tables, so it’s not a very large dining venue which lends to the intimate atmosphere within. My meal was of the 5 course prix fixe type and you are allowed to choose among 4 dishes per course. I remember having the Lobster Rockefeller, duck consumme, a chicken dish, and then a filet mignon. For dessert I chose the lemon one which was made of a lemony tart and then torched over the top to create a candied shell. They also brought out some chocolate truffles both milk and dark. The new lounge features themed booths. There was a Tom Sawyers Island, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates booth, but the 4th escaped me theme wise. A self-playing piano plays music while you drink and watch the crowds below.This was a UYE made possible by a person who shall remain nameless. You know who you are, and I can’t thank you enough. Also present was Cat N., Trina D., Annee N., Michelle T., Sandra L., and Derrick D. Good food, and good people made this an unforgettable experience.*I cannot get you into Club 33, please do not ask.

  79. Jennifer M.

    I wouldn’t say this has been the best meal we’ve eaten all year, as we’ve hit some amazing restaurants. But for Disneyland, you can’t have a nicer dining experience than Club 33. The interior is lovely although I was sad to see the old Parisian elevator didn’t get incorporated into the new club design (or maybe I missed it??). I think anyone who visited the original Club 33 has fond memories of that. Food was great and deserves a solid 4 stars. The petite filet was the standout star–cooked perfectly and the sauce had tons of flavor. The asparagus starter was good, nothing spectacular. The Molton chocolate cake was very rich but could have omitted the marshmallow topping (texture seemed off). Where Club 33 really succeeds is their service. From our arrival to our departure, we were well taken care of. Our waiter seemed as if he popped out of a movie himself, perfect in every way–anticipating our next desires. My daughter was impressed with the tuxedo folded napkin left at each plate. So they brought a very sweet woman over to teach her how to do it. I think that was her favorite moment of our meal. Five stars just for that!Lastly, you leave Club 33 refreshed beyond words. I think that’s the hidden dessert course which one doesn’t really factor when dining here. It’s worth every penny to enjoy such a sanctuary before heading back into the mayhem that is Disneyland.

  80. Wynn L.

    I wish this place was a little more open to the public so that everyone will be able to experience it once in their lifetime… but then again it wouldn’t be as “special”. For those that are actually members, all I can say is, WOW.I loved it! Went here for my birthday in July with my whole family, yes all 8 of us and it was worth every fricken penny! It’s such a great value considering a ticket now a days for the park costs about an arm and a leg. A menu like this at Ruths Chris will cost you just as much! Lunch was great. All you can eat lobster tail, smoked salmon with capers, salads, and gasps! Dessert! Considering that all that is all you can eat, that’s pretty impressive. I felt a little awkward getting up multiple times to get more food… but to hell with that! Who cares! I also ordered a filet mignon and it was really good too… yummm….Not only was the food great, the overall ambiance and decor of Club 33 was an experience in itself! Imagine a picture of King Louis XIII … I know it’s not even the right era, but the decor you would see behind King Louis can be found inside Club 33. Or maybe not, but something of that sort! The restroom is a little tiny … but it’s so vintage and cute! Mickey Mouse and Pluto visited our table a couple of times too.All I can say is, it was kind of hard to enjoy the food and ambiance both at the same time because everyone was so hyped up about it. I will be back for the second time in about two weeks, I’ll be sure to relax a bit more and actually truly enjoy my lunch 🙂 oh and I’ll definitely be going up that cute elevator. I was too embarrassed to go in it the first time cause everyone in my group called me lazy. It’s not the laziness factor, it’s the cool-ness factor people!

  81. Chris T.

    Truly an amazing meal. It was everything I’ve ever wanted from a fine dining experience. Excellent service, delicious food, interesting dishes (Duck Confit with Raspberry Rice Pudding and Scallops with Candied Watermelon were 2 of my favorites), and a unique atmosphere. It was expensive, but worth every penny without even taking into account the complementary park hopper pass. Anybody lucky enough to have an opportunity to dine here should jump at the opportunity.

  82. Anhers M.

    Only for the experience & service…NoteworthyBrioche Truffle BreadServiceOutdoor walking patioCute french style restrooms5 course prefixe -$105On to the foodThere were so many options …so the things I would pass on..steakcheese platterwatermelon saladEverything was good but nothing I can remember that stood out and I just had dinner on Friday. PS. I saw a lot of kids so parents don’t be intimidated.

  83. AJ H.

    What an awesome experience yet again. We just finished dinner at the newly remodeled restaurant and it was quite the meal. As much as we enjoyed it, it’s too bad that we couldn’t get there more often but it’s a member’s only experience and our friend that pulled it off doesn’t go there all that often. Anyway, if you ever have the chance to make it to this restaurant, you MUST do it at all costs. You’ll really enjoy it whether you’re a Disneyphile or not. Amazing!!!!

  84. Jan Y.

    i had a grand ole time. the 115 i paid went strictly to lunch, and unfortunately did not include admission, but that’s ok. i got my hook ups ANYWAYS (hmph).lunch consisted of salad bar, plated/served entree, and dessert buffet. salad bar: lobstercrabshrimpmozzarella/tomato/basilfresh fruit (really fresh and sweet and delish)teeny tiny tureens of cream of vegetable soupmeat/cheese plattervariety of saladsartichokes and assorted veggiesbreadsticks and herby olive oil/balsamic vinegarthe plated entree i got was the filet mignon. came with mashed potatoes, this MARVELOUS sauce, and some veggies. i only ate half though, cuz the other portions of the meal filled me up. they serve bread at each table, with butter rounds, and a sprig of rosemary atop the butter. i thought that was a nice touch, although i do like little sparkles of sea salt on my butter. adds such texture and flava!dessert buffet:eclairs with sheets of chocolate stating “33” on top of itcheesecake popsfruit tartsthis really dense choc cakereally dense mini chocolate roundspineapple upside down cakecookie that was blahcreme brulee (ran out the fastest)ok, that is all i can think of. their restrooms are cool. so is the lift. so is the phonebooth. so is the foyer table that was in mary poppins. so are the chandeliers. so is the balcony you can walk out on, to regally wave at the commoners below you. perchance one day i will return. perchance i will not.

  85. Chuck R.

    All around best dinner in my life! I totally forgot I was at Disneyland due to the nature of the club. Our waiter MATT was amazing!!!!! If you ever get the chance to go, please ask for him. We were guest of a member and he practically made this night more amazing then it already was. Dress code was in full enforced so be sure to follow the guidelines provided for you.

  86. Jeff K.

    i’m not one to brag, but i got into the exclusive club 33 and you have not! :Pho ho ho, ha ha ha, neener, neener, neener. but on the reals here… this place is legit.the history is rich, the servers are friendly and attentive, the buffet items are actually good and you feel special eating there you have to be invited to get in! we took over the room furthest from the buffet line with 33 people. yea, it was a full room. it consisted of 3 round tables and 1 longer table. if you ever sit in this room… ask the servers to introduce you to the history and secrets of this room. its quite interesting. there used to be secret cameras and working hidden microphones.. it makes me feel like a secret agent… lolas for the main entree, i got the filet mignon. it was good. cooked medium rare with sides of veggies and mash potatoes. the steak is akin to something you would get at ruth chris…however, the best thing was the cold buffet and dessert buffet. omg, they have lobster tail!!! i’ve never seen a buffet serve that before so i had to turn my main entree into a surf and turf.. ah yeah…. ballin meal. for the cold buffet, they had salads, fruit, this interesting salmon side dish, crab and lobster. all excellent!as for the dessert, omg… everything was tasty. i really like the smores with coffee. or the weird cheesecake raspberry thing on a stick! if you get a chance, try them all!they also have a full bar, and i believe you are entitled to one free champagne for the lunch buffet.but be warned, for 130$ per person, this place ain’t for the stingy. I would come back in a heart beat. since i didn’t get to talk more to the waiters for the history of the place. they’ll explain everything for ya if you take the time,PS: we asked if we could walked outside to the balcony and it was very cool to see everyone else on the ground unbeknownst to them, that we were eating in this exclusive place right above them.PPS: make sure you do not wear sandals, they have a pretty strict dress code. If you don’t look nice enough, i think they won’t let you in. My friend wore sandals, and they almost didn’t let her in. Luckily, someone else in our party had extra shoes….

  87. Sean T.

    I came here for dinner. I usually do not feel content eating a high end restaurant, but Club 33 was worth every single penny.This is a formal restaurant so I do advise that you dress up and not show up in jeans and a t-shirt. You should check out their website and read their dress code policy. I highly recommend the Chateubriand; it was the best steak I ever ate! DO NOT MISS OUT if you have an opportunity to be part of this exclusive experience.

  88. larry1

    Of all the ways to experience Disneyland, going to Club 33 is probably the best.Club 33 is one of those bucket list type experiences that you can’t truly put a price tag on. The $119 I spent on this opportunity was well worth it considering you also get a park-hopper ticket which retails now for about the same price. Plus, here you get an AYCE meal.There’s just something cool about being able to walk up to the ticket kiosk and have the cast member there refer to you as Mister so-and-so and then proceed to give you a secret map detailing there exact location of the club. When you actually stand outside of Club 33 waiting to be buzzed in, you’ll want to soak it up and perhaps loudly acknowledge your entrance. People will stare in bewilderment and then envy once you walk through that door. The glass elevator that greets you as you walk in is very Willy Wonka-esque and adds to cool factor of the place.We were seated not at the main dining hall but instead in one of the halls where we were told Walt Disney used to entertain his guests. Above us were light fixtures with microphones installed. When we asked the staff why there were mics, he told us that the room was supposed to be an interactive dining experience where the safari accouterments around the room would come to life and make animal noises and the like. He also told us that Club 33 entertained guest such as MJ and even Steve Jobs. As for the food, you get all the crab, lobster, and shrimp you could want. Already peeled and very tasty. There’s a dessert bar with all kinds of goodies.They recommend the house punch and it is really quite good. Not free, mind you, so know before you go.Of the entrees, the steak was good not great. The chicken ended up being the best of them all.Of course, the service is top-notch at Club 33. Because this was our first time, the staff hooked us up with complimentary Club 33 pens. Which really is great considering if you wanted a souvenir you might have to go with a 10 dollar keychain. Overall, Club 33 needs to be experienced at least once. Thanks Taizo T. for the invite (via his company).**Also, when I went I lost my ray-bans in the park and was bummed thinking they were lost forever in considering the size of Disneyland. I filled out a lost/found sheet at guest relations and about a couple of weeks later Disneyland mailed the shades back to me! Complete with bubblewrap packing and everything. I was so impressed.My friend called it the Club 33 treatment and I totally agree.

  89. eddyL

    I recently had the rare opportunity to dine at Club 33 and had a wonderful time. Although the food was great, the ambiance was truly exquisite. What sets the place apart is the exclusivity of dining at a place that very few people will ever get to experience. Combined with Disney charm, it’s an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend anyone presented with the opportunity to go. You can see my full tour/review and gallery here:… 🙂

  90. Danielle M.

    i thought the service was extraordinaryi loved the crab and it was prepared to perfection,the minestrone soup was good not great but a delisious chunk of garlic bread dipped in it improved to my likingThe service really was top notch and it really helped our group keep our tight schedule into disneyland on full bellies!!

  91. LuvinThemGirls

    Went last Mon night. Was pretty surprised with the amount of girls there and there were a few customers (like 10-13). Cover was good, only $10, you get a card that gives you a discount the next time you go. There were a few sexy girls there, a couple were not too hot (read: fat). But hey, all clubs have their pros/cons. This club is all nude and my friend had the hottest one give him a dance, blonde with a beautiful face/body, young too. I had dances from all types of girls, I had 3 different dancers. One was older, face not great, but a bangin body with tattoos all over, another was petite, young, with nice boobs (real), and the third had a nice chest and ass, sexy as hell – all were very friendly, I was very pleased. The booths all have infrared cameras pointing in them, I believe management watches their dancers for fear of the police coming down hard on them. Everything else is the usual 1 drink min (sodas/energy drinks only), and the whole “would you like to buy the lady a drink” line. The 3 for 1 dances are cool as heck. 40 for an all nude dance. Not a bad place to come out with your friends and hang out in the desert if youre looking for a strip club.

  92. Andrew C.

    –GeneralI’ve been to Club 33 twice for their lunch buffet, and they did change it up a bit from each of the two times I’ve been there. The restaurant is extremely exclusive and if you don’t already know all about it, then go look it up.Now that you know how exclusive, historic, and meaningful this place is for Disney fans, it really becomes a special meal. If you have the opportunity to dine here then TAKE IT. It’s a very rare occasion, and I would even say once-in-a-lifetime chance.If I haven’t given you some sense of awe and wonder yet, then go back and read up on it some more because it really is that special.–FoodSo for lunch here, it’s a buffet style. You go in, order your entree, then get food from their buffet while you wait. Usually they have lobster tails and crab claws (all already peeled perfectly for easy eating), and smoked salmon which is my personal favorite. The second time I went they also had shrimp and a ton of other little dishes, and they also usually have a soup which I always like. All of their food is solid quality and I just stuffed myself without fearing sickness, and you should do the same. The entrees are also on the fine-dining side of things (fish, steak, lamb, etc.). Having been to many fine-dining restaurants, I have to say the entrees at Club 33 don’t quite match up to par with some of the better ones. They really shine with the buffet and the classiness, theme, service, and overall experience. That being said, the entrees are still quite delicious! I recommend the fish dishes (they change) or the chateaubriand steak.They also have a dessert buffet so knock yourself out! Splurge like heck and don’t hold back at this place. This restaurant is the only place in Disneyland that they serve alcohol also, so go for those too! –They no longer give park hopper tickets with a reservation at Club 33, which I am immensely sad about. However, I still recommend going at least once if you ever get the opportunity. Lunch is a much better choice than the dinner by far! Make sure to also walk around and explore after/during your meal, especially the other rooms and the balconies.

  93. Cindy T.

    I was lucky to be invited to Club 33 by a friend. I have always been curious about it and was looking forward to going. They have a dress code, but for lunch tennis shoes and jeans were totally fine for men or women. Hey, you want to be comfortable walking in the park for the day. I think they just don’t want you coming in in tank tops and flip flops. It was a rather formal dining room. The food was good for Disneyland faire. Service was okay,a rather dull waiter. I am not a big “buffet” person, so I just enjoyed the lunch entree. I chose the chateabriand which was okay, they did cook it how I wanted it. It is very cool how you get a park pass for both parks for the day. Very nice.

  94. Marie M.

    Looking out on the crowds around New Orleans Square from the private balcony of Club 33, I knew that I was better than everyone.I’m kidding! In all seriousness, Club 33’s exclusivity makes it such a once in a lifetime experience. I was shaking like a chihuahua nearly the entire time. SO.EXCITING. The staff is doting and fun, uber professional, and providing of top notch service. Our night started being the first in the restaurant, and because the bar staff knew our host was on his/her way, had prepared a selection of drinks for us to choose from. Nothing like walking into Club 33, and immediately being handed a drink. Our table had an incredible view, and with the windows cracked open, we could hear all the sounds of New Orleans square below. The food was amazing. They do not shuffle this stuff in from Blue Bayou. The chef started us off with an amuse bouche, a little goat cheese tartlet and tiny glass of some egg nog shake. It was petite and delicious, and combined with my cosmo, I started to relax into the experience of Club 33. It’s going to be ok, the servers are here to help you. For my starter, I ordered the Pumpkin Soup, which was of course, delicious. It was served in a huge bowl and topped with some balsamic drizzle. For my entree, I had the Chateaubriand. Not being a steak expert, I was basically going for the Club 33 experience, and I’m glad I did. That steak was amazing, best I have ever had. For dessert, a couple hours later (Lingering! How fancy!), I had the creme brulee, which was served with a few small donuts, and a chocolate martini. I can’t, too good to type about. My dinner ended about 3 hours later, with a trip to the bathroom to take a picture with a toilet. Club 33 takes an average Disneyland trip and puts it over the top, to once in a lifetime memory. I don’t even want to go back, it was too perfect (that’s a lie, if someone wants to take me back, I’ll go).

  95. Vince D.

    The only place that sells alcohol in Disneyland, that’s the place for me! I’ve been here once and am dying to get back in, but I’m not a member and don’t know any members, which makes me sad. The food was very good and the balcony is a great place to watch Fantasmic. Damn, I love exclusivity!

  96. Lauren S.

    The food is amazing. The service is phenomenal and they have the best bathrooms to do party favors in.

  97. Cathy G.

    So the only way to grab a meal here is to know someone who is a Club 33 member. That said, I don’t know anyone who is a Club 33 but thanks to my “connections”(note the sarcasm) we were invited here for a friend’s birthday dinner and were able to experience what many call the Club 33 Experience. No, no one carries you on their shoulders. No, Mickey and friends do not roam inside the club itself. I think the thing that makes it so great besides the food and service is the history of the building itself and the story behind in it all. Roaming the upstairs foyer, you’ll find pictures of Walt Disney and Shirley Temple(as a child) on the wall. You’ll see moose heads and set China dishes in glass cases. If you walk through the hallway leading to the bar and main dining area, you’ll see the original Pirates of the Carribbean map along with a baby grand piano off to the side. The entire place is laden with so much detail, it is seriously a lot to take in in one visit. Besides being the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol, I mean how awesome is that to walk around the park with a nice little buzz going? It is truly an amazing place.

  98. Celine O.

    For an amazing Valentine’s treat, my boyfriend took me to dinner at Club 33 in Disneyland this year! I’d been to the club before (not to sound all snooty), but I will ALWAYS take any opportunity I get to return to this historic, Disney enthusiast’s dream! The entire Club 33 experience is nothing short of magically exclusive; from the hidden entrance in New Orleans Square, where you have to be buzzed in, to the antique French lift that takes you to the restaurant…all the way down to the specially made English China made just for the club (so beautiful!)We enjoyed our lovely dinner and had a couple of expertly made cocktails right by the window overlooking The Rivers of America. The food was tasty, but nothing overly spectacular. I ordered off of the Vintner Menu; a set 5 course meal including Filet of Chateaubriand which is their house specialty (probably my favorite dish of the meal). My boyfriend ordered a Lobster Tail over Fettuccine which was also quite delicious, but a little too fishy for my taste. Still an excellent fine dining experience. The 4-star rating on my behalf is due to the fact that there was a tiny little hair in the corner of the dessert plate as it was placed on our table. When we brought this to our waiter’s attention, however, he did give us a free Club 33 Member’s pin to apologize (which in turn ended up prompting our costly visit to the souvenir case). We also discovered after already having left the club, that we were mistakenly over charged for a couple of items. When we called the club the following week, they took care of this issue and compensated with a free club polo. Regardless of our couple of mishaps, it is needless to say that the service at Club 33 is absolutely impeccable! After dinner, we grabbed our mini chocolates and stepped out onto the private balcony to watch Fantasmic! The staff was very nice and took tons of pictures of us all over the club. If you ask one of the hosts, they can give you a little tour explaining more about the planning, decorations and design of each room in detail.********SUPER COOL THING TO TRY AT THE CLUB!! Not a lot of people know this, but there is an antique phone booth right at the top of the french elevator that’s a prop from an old movie. Walt put this phone booth in the club to allow his guests to call anyone in the whole world to let them know that you are dining at the very exclusive Club 33 in Disneyland!! Just ask your host and they will still let you call the operator and dial literally anyone in the world!! Very awesome!!********After making my one phone call, I also got to play Walt’s wife’s harpsichord that had previously been played by such legends as John Lennon and Paul McCartney! Ok Ok… so maybe I AM being a little snooty now, but hey! This was an absolutely unforgettable night, and an unbelievable experience!! If you ever get the chance to take a trip to Disneyland’s Club 33, don’t pass it up, and thank your lucky stars!!

  99. nic0le
  100. Nate W.

    Wow. That was amazing…After getting married, my wife and I took a mini-honeymoon to Disneyland. A colleague of mine is a member of Club 33 and made a lunch reservation for us. It was very special and VERY upscale. If you ever get the opportunity to go, take it! Although very expensive, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. The food was amazing, and like some others have said, it’s the only place in the park to enjoy an adult beverage.

  101. maureen M.

    It was very fun going going in the so called “secret door” in disneyland. The food was good. I am picky so with their 5 course meal they had no problem switching out something that I would like. It was very quiet and enjoyable. My husband and I tried to watch the fireworks from the balcony, but the trees really obstructed the view. That wasn’t that big of a deal to me. The experience is what I was going for and I thoroughly enjoyed everything at club 33.

  102. davin lee

    had a blast

  103. Tay D.

    Got invited here through a member. Honored and humble to have this experience. If you’re able to get my in… Soak up the moment and look at all the fine details in the lounge. Btw the food is amazing!

  104. Cherie H.

    We visited the Club 33 lounge with a friend – we aren’t members. We really enjoyed our visit here. Service was very attentive, they brought some coloring paper for the kids, there was live music which was fun to watch and the drinks were delicious. We had some food in the lounge and that was good too. It was pretty cool to visit since it’s so exclusive.

  105. DexterRexter

    I was lucky enough to get in here twice over the past few years and it was insanely amazing. Worth every penny and gorgeous inside too!

  106. Mark W.

    The food is delicious. The restaurant is small and does have that feeling of exclusivity. Yes, the food is pricey (about $100/pp before tip) but it is all absolutely worth it. The ambiance of the place is unmatchable. Can’t wait to go back

  107. Kat S.

    Been there twice for the past two weeks. Never really figured out the history of it but the exclusivity sure is something to draw you in. Come on, it is like the being the wives of Blue Beard, no matter what is behind the door waiting for me, i am just too curious not to sneak in there and take a peak.Been there for both lunch and dinner. Dinner was buffet style with unlimited amount of lobster tail, cocktail jumbo shrimp and crab claws. (and many more, but sorry, i had my eyes glued to those seafood right away). Jumbo shrimps were frozen, so nya. but oh, i luuuuuuuurve the made-to-order Pasta. Pasta shapes like the head of Mickey Mouse, with sun-dried tomato sauce or Alfredo sauce for your choice. You can add all sort of spice such as pesto too. okay, i am officially humiliating myself now by elaborating how much i love pasta over all the other expensive food, but if we reflect it from another perspective, doesn’t that prove i’m the darn-good down to earth working class little girl? Ambiance was okay, a bit too bright for my taste of a romantic night with significant other. but again, why would you want to make out in a kid-filled place like that?

  108. Daphne A.

    Holy Cow!!! Club 33 was an experience that i plan on remembering in my lifetime. the anticipation of going inside the place, waiting to get seated and getting the menu is quite intense. You feel ultra special when you’re there because it’s such a tiny place. My table of 6 dined on the left side of the menu and substitued the entree (because not everyone wanted NY strip steak) and dessert (because two can’t have nuts). It was fun to frolic to the bathroom after we ordered. and we come back our napkins are refolded. The glasses are always FULL and you get new utensils for each course. It didn’t feel like we were in the park until Fantasmic came on. And they even held our second course until Fantasmic was over. Though you can’t see everything because of the trees, you got a second level view of what you can see when watching Fantasmic. Dessert was delightful. I wanna go back for lunch someday =).

  109. Ray W.

    Food and service was awesome. One of the best meals that I have ever had. Plus was able to have a beer in Disneyland. Only wish that I could have gotten a Club 33 baseball cap, they said that they ran out just a few days earlier. 🙁

  110. livinlikelarry

    Beautiful place – excellent staff – food was some of the best I have ever had. Thank you

  111. Jane S.

    Oh. My. God.By now, I am sure you know all about Club 33. It is the not-so-secret members only club inside of Disneyland in New Orleans square where the famous and not-so-famous (like me) dine. Because I am a Disney dork, I have been wanting to go here for quite awhile…and somehow it happened. How? In a randomly convoluted way, of course. I teach yoga, and became friends with one of my students. She has a friend who has a friend who happens to be one of the original Imagineers. So….47 phone calls later, we had a reservation for lunch last Sunday.Since it is likely I will never get to go here again, I will chronicle all I learned this trip.Once you use the intercom, the door magically opens, and you’re allowed inside. You wait in the waiting area, and can either take the stairs or the french lift up. We chose the lift, for novelty’s sake.Because we had an 11am reservation, we were the first people there, so I got some lovely pictures of the undisturbed buffet. In addition to the buffet, there was a lunch menu from which you choose one entree. Two of us had the chateaubriand, and the third had the mahi-mahi. They also let us order a side of the truffle macaroni and cheese (which I would sell my soul for) at no charge. $85 a person for lunch, which includes a park-hopper ticket for each person. We also got complimentary champagne “since it was breakfast time”. I am not sure how that logic follows, but I am not one to question free booze. The highlights:1.) The food is amazing. I don’t say this lightly. And I don’t say it with the qualifier that it is “park food”. It is NOT park food. This is one of the top 10 meals of my life, and since you know I like to eat, I hope that says a lot. I channeled my not-so-inner fat kid, and basically ate two meals. Halfway through my main course, after already hitting the buffet once, I had dessert. Why? Trying to eat dessert when you’re full is an amateur move. You want to eat it while you can still taste and enjoy food. So I did. Then I went back to the buffet…again. THEN I finished my main course.I am a champion.2.) I got to be the birthday girl!!! Now, no, it was not my birthday. It was my friend Angie’s birthday. But since she hates to be the center of attention, I got to wear the “It’s My Birthday” button, and was treated like a princess. They even give you a special dessert when it is your birthday (see the pics) which is a flourless chocolate cake with a Mickey face. The real birthday girl got to eat his face, but I still got an ear.3.) I got schooled by an 8 year old.Oh yeah, you heard me. An 8 year old. Angie and I were in the dressing room of the of the bathroom taking pictures of the wallpaper (like total dorks) when an 8 year old walks out of the bathroom. We kind of guiltily looked at her, because, yeah, we knew we looked stupid. She looked us up and down and said “First time, huh?” and walked out.We couldn’t stop laughing.4.) Impeccable Service.Truly. My water glass was never even close empty for TWO AND A HALF HOURS. And it was a pretty small water glass. They kept re-filling it with chilled Smart Water, and I was happy as a clam. 5.) Mickey and Pluto came for a visit.Yes, I am a 5 year old. And yes, we talked (they pantomimed) to them for about 15 minutes AND took about a dozen pictures. Awesome.We could not have had a more amazing time. I want to go back. If you bring me, I will pledge to you an unborn child. Or I’ll put out. Whatever floats your boat.

  112. Patchara R.

    This was my third time coming here and I’m never disappointed. The food is always perfectly cooked and I love their wine parings. My favorite dessert is the chocolate bomb, it is so chocolaty and awesome I love it! The view from the balcony is so beautiful. I highly recommend this place if you can come.

  113. Willy F.

    This is an elegant place to dine, which is sometimes disrupted by people that come in exhausted from the park. Lunch is better, I guess. I’ve eaten here four times and have never been disappointed. The price, like Brian noted, is the full price admission for the park, so unless you have an annual pass, or the Land is running a resident special, pretty much takes care of it. With drinks and tips, it comes to about $15-$20 more per person. Exclusivity does have its appeal, but even in terms of just food, it does deserve four stars. My friend, who is the member, and I once tried to figure it out, and Disney probably breaks even running the place, but just had to keep it up as a commitment to the corporate members.

  114. Karla T.

    Was invited along with my coworkers to Club 33 by a member . We had agreat time and food was delicious. We even had souvenirs waiting for us at our table. We got to enjoy the park afterwards . If you get a chance to visit dont forget to buy. A souvenir 🙂

  115. Anne P.

    I went here for my boyfriend and his best friend’s birthday dinner. The whole membership/exclusivity of this place in my opinion is what makes it so grand. The food however was okay. I would choose Mastro’s over this place any day if it was just about food. The staff were very friendly and attentive. I thought that there was a dress code here but I saw people who were very dressed down. The decor was an old classic fashioned type of setting, similar to the vibe that Morton’s Steakhouse gave me. All in all we each spent $100. Was it worth it? Yes, solely to check it off my list of places to eat as well as being able to soak in all the Disney love from Walt. There is an awesome elevator and rooms that you can look at. But if you are going for the food then you will be disappointed, at least you can say you went to Club 33 though.

  116. Trina D.

    It’s very rare for me to update a review, but I recently revisited Club 33 after the renovations and everything has been revamped. Dinner reservations were made for 6 pm. We met outside the Court of Angels and walked through the new entrance. It was nice to see the Court of Angels again. Now they serve complimentary hot chocolate there and there are lights that follow the stairwell. Kim Irvine led the interior renovations. Gone is the trophy room which is now replaced with a lounge. The dining room is now larger with a new window added for viewing the Rivers of America. The logo has changed so everything that bore it previously has been updated as well. But most importantly, the menu is now under the helm of Executive Chef Andrew Sutton, who also happens to be the chef at Napa Rose. The menu changes seasonally and there is talk of having an a la carte menu in addition to the prix fixe but currently it is prix fixe only. For dinner, you have the option of 5 or 6 courses (with the 6th as an optional cheese course before dessert). Some of my friends do not eat seafood so luckily, they were able to order something else from the 2nd course instead of partaking in the 3rd course which was all seafood. I opted for 5 courses and ordered the prime NY black and blue seared steak with tarragon roasted garlic puree, beet carpaccio, grilled diver scallop and gulf shrimp with cheesy grits and butter shrimp nage, Colorado rack of lamb with spring garlic, mushrooms, and syrah sauce, and meyer lemon creme brulee with fresh citrus and lemon drop cookies. I also had an alcoholic mint julep as recommended by a friend. If you dine with a Club member then your meal will be discounted by 20%. One of the best parts about dining at Club 33 during dinner is that you can see Fantasmic and the fireworks from a different place in the park. It’s probably one of the best places I’ve ever seen Disney fireworks at. After our meal, we wandered into Le Salon Nouveau. The lounge has some really cool features. There are themed booths and there is even a self-playing piano. The lounge boasts a full bar along with ample lounge seating for guests. One of the neat features is a painting with disappearing band members. It’s a back lit painting with a little Disney magic thrown in. It was a wonderful evening with friends and I really enjoyed myself. I consider myself lucky for the opportunity to dine at Club 33. Big thanks to the member, who shall remain nameless. *I cannot get you into Club 33, please do not ask.

  117. Chase A.

    Nicolas Cage was eating at the table next to mine. Pretty freakin Awesome. Lets just say the place has alot of Class

  118. Karen R.

    We went there yesterday for brunch. It was my 4th visit. And I too have mixed feelings. The food was delicious, but honestly the menu seems a little tired. I have eaten at 4 and 5 star restaurants, and the food here while good, just seems like my grandparents’ generation. Also some of the service was not very friendly. Nadine who answered the door downstairs was not welcoming or friendly. That is not acceptable anywhere.. Ihop to the French Laundry. There was a server upstairs (tall woman with blond hair) who had words with one of the busboys. She grabbed something out of his hand and said let me do this myself in a rude way. I should not have seen that. Our server Bob and Timothy his backup were professional and helpful. We appreciated having them wait on us. Did we have a good time yes. But it just feels tired and like something is slipping there.

  119. Clara C.

    As a Disney freak, I feel a bit guilty about not giving five stars… But I’ll get over it.Went for lunch, so didn’t have to dress up that much (see profile photo). Had the Chateaubriand steak, which was delicious and melted in my mouth. Service was great… However, part of the magical illusion of Disney was tarnished when I saw the cast members goofing around and blabbing about their weekend plans. (I want to believe you don’t have outside lives, dammit!) But everyone was super polite and accommodating. Appetizers and dessert were buffet. Both were good. I was expecting the desserts to knock my socks off, but they didn’t.Mostly, I just enjoyed being there, soaking in the smug exclusivity of the place. That’s right losers, we can have alcohol and look down on you from our high and mighty balcony! (Uh… Kidding.)Check one off my bucket list!

  120. Gerry J.

    I really don’t get it.Service – sub-standardFood – not close being up to par for a high end restaurantAtmosphere – in an off-side room with crying kids at two the four tablesThere are many fine restaurants in OC’ but this isn’t one of them. Although still enjoyed the evening with my lovely wife and our good friends.

  121. Angelo B.

    This place was really nice, the food was good and the super secret James Bond type feel you get as you enter is cool as hell. We went for lunch and along with the menu items we were able to select from. There was a buffet setup with different types of seafood, some pastas, cheese and crackers and a deli type platter. All of it was pretty good but I liked the crab legs the best.While we were waiting for our food and munching on the buffet items. We were able to order drinks, I got a sprite, my son got one too and a friend across the table ordered a martini…a MARTINI?! I proceeded to change my order to what she got and to my surprise I got it! ALCOHOL IN DISNEYLAND?! WTF NICE!!!!!Needless to say, I got more than my fair share of drinks before our food arrived and was pretty buzzed when it came. I do remember it being good, but in my excitement I just ate it to eat it and not be hungry. Then I ordered more drinks.By the time we left Club 33 I had a nice buzz. Not stumbling, not slurring, but I had a nice delay in my train of thought. We even got souvenirs, I got a t-shirt and a hat with the Club 33 logo on them. I wanted to get a license plate frame but that was for members only.Being that this is the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol I am now on the waiting list for membership. Yeah it does cost a pretty penny but hell, the experience was well worth it. Plus I want that frame = )

  122. Claire T.

    Club 33 is an experience. If you’re a history buff and love all things vintage, the elevator is enough to make you happy. Everything from the tiles to the bathrooms was designed and requested by Walt Disney himself. The historical value is worth going for, at least once. Aside from the ambiance, the food is delicious. This is the only place where I order steak for dinner. The cheese plate is good opener and the salads are good to split. The whole menu is filled with savory options. Having gone here every couple years for birthdays and date night, the steak and cocktail is filling. My favorite dessert comes with apple cider and if you ask nicely the waiter will get you a glass. It’s worth saying that being too desperate {the tampon story below} does effect other guests so if you’re going to go, relax and have a good time. Last time we went everyone crowded outside our window on the patio and quickly became annoying. The food and ambiance are part of the membership so it’d be nice if people acted respectfully accordingly. Also, it is true members can only bring a certain number of guests each year. However, park admission is still included with reservations. If you’re lucky enough to have a dinner reservation then your cost is just the $80 per person meal. A bargain for a good steak dinner and drinks.

  123. Courtney H.

    Club 33 is a must. If you can get in, by knowing or being a member, do it! I have been a few times now, be prepared to spend some money. The 5 course meal is my favorite, with the wine pairing ($50 extra pp, pricey but worth it). I still have yet to have the Sunday buffet; the pictures looked amazing. When you have dinner here, you get a free park hopper ticket, so the dinner is around the same price as the ticket. The cocktails are very expensive, the first time my boyfriend and i ate there was for Valentines day and he spent $350! The service is amazing of course, and the balcony is awesome. You can even order extra portions of food for no extra cost. You also have to abide by dress code, no shorts or sandals or t-shirts. Go check it out if you can get in!

  124. felixnada

    Going to Club 33 was always a dream of mine and that dream came true when my fiance took me to have dinner there. We both had a 5 course meal that lasted 3 hours long. The food was amazing, to say the least. I ordered the sauteed asparagus with ricotta cheese dumpling, salad of frisee (high recommend this dish), sauteed veal, fried pheasant, and the Mississippi molten chocolate cake. For drinks, my fiance and I had a Moscow mule and the apple lemonade. Everything was delicious! As for recommendations, if you are able to have dinner there, go! It is more pricey than lunch, but the experience I had was one I will never forget. We got to watch Fantasmic twice and Disneyland Forever (the fireworks) all while sitting and enjoying our dinner. It does get a little loud during the shows, but it makes the experience that much better. We were the last ones in the restaurant, so we got to tour the area without having to worry about ruining other people’s dinner. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs at the end!

  125. Debbie P.

    Club 33 was one of the perks of working at my old company. They had a membership which allowed me to use when we weren’t using it for our clients. It’s makes going to Disneyland fun again since you feel like an elitist being able to dine at Walt Disney’s private club that he use to entertain his friends. It also makes the idea of dining on amusement park food non-existent. After waiting in line all day the last thing I want to eat is a chewy burger or hot dog. I also don’t want to book months in advance to dine with Pirates. The food, the service, the history lesson all makes for one wonderful end to the Magic Kingdom.

  126. fletcher w.

    Ok thought it was pretty cool to be able to go to this place. Spent the day at the park and had a really nice time. We even went home to change into fancy clothes to eat dinner. The bottom line is the food is mediocre at best we had the duck a rib tips fore our entree. For our appetizer we had the scallop. Being in the restaurant business I was very disappointed in the quality, very boring. Other than the atmosphere there isn’t anything special about this place. Our server left in the middle of our dinner for his lunch “break” and was kinda strange to begin with. Here is the kicker, food poisoning takes 8-12 hours in SEVERE cases to show symptoms. Exactly 8 hours after eating dinner at club 33 only one of two meals eaten all day I proceeded to have the worst food poisoning of my life. Throwing up every hour until dry heaving. Diarrhea for three days. It was the most disappointing experience I have ever had at any dinning establishment. I am us ally pretty forgiving about these things and not interested in making a big deal about them. After calling to do them a favor and notify them of this experience they took 4 days to respond at which time they had very little remorse and basically told me they didn’t believe me???? Subsequently they sent me a letter with legal notification of the statue of limitations in which I can sue them??? I don’t fucking sue people I am a business person and do not believe in frivolous law suits. Their handling of this situation is out of control displeasing! Ultimately I really hope I never have to take my children to Disneyland I am forever boycotting Disney. Everything they stand for is a contradiction.

  127. Desi V.

    Anddddd we got to attend dinner!! Beyond thankful & blessed to enjoy this experience again and at the new club, with the new menu and during the holidays! So exciting!!We arrived at the new doors and were greeted by a club 33 host and entered! They have the most amazinggg (i mean amazing) hot chocolate! We were able to help ourselves and take photos until we were called to our seats. Took the new elevator and were seated. Definitely different from the last time I was there. They changed it up and added a lounge. We had the best service, had christmas carolers sing as we ate our delicious 5 course meal and even got to chat with mickey & minnie. We even got to watch fantasmic and fireworks for the balcony!We had sooo much fun! To top off the evening we chilled in the lounge for a bit before leaving to the park to enjoy the last two hours before it closed!

  128. Dan C.

    Been here 3 times (twice for brunch and once for dinner) and all three times I’ve left feeling like a kid in a candy store. Really, there aren’t too many places around that can match the superior level of service, the unique dining environment, and the excellent menu choices that Club 33 provides. If you ever get the opportunity to go, I highly recommend you go for brunch and then take in a few of the parks attractions afterwards (plus you can walk off some newly gained calories). Also, don’t forget to ask for Walt Disney’s favorite fruit punch. And did I mention it’s the only place inside Disneyland that serves alcohol? Not that you needed that to have a good time here.

  129. pablo

    2 drink minimum at 10 bucks 4 a 1 dollar gatorade

  130. Matthew N.

    Club 33 is definitely a special dining experience. This is a private members only club, so to get into the restaurant, you either need to be a member or know a member. I have been here three times, but this was the first time since the recent remodel and the first time for lunch. The food was delicious, and the desert was amazing. If you are a Disney fan and ever have the opportunity to dine at Club 33, you have to experience this place for yourself.

  131. Tavis L.

    Expensive, delicious and makes you feel like an ultimate bad-ass.

  132. Ramil M.

    A previous associate had invited me to Club 33 for lunch, I’m a big Disney fan and I visit the resort atleast 3 times a year. I was dress in shorts, and a casual t-shirt, feeling a bit under dress since every staff member was in a tux. The service was superb, the staff made it seem like I was the owner of the Resort, not only that but the beer….OMG the beer was delicious! I can’t even recall which beer it was, it was either a Heineken, or a Newcastle but the beer was super ice cold not frozen, and it tasted like God placed his finger inside that bottle swirled it around and made it the most delicious beer ever in the world! Lunch time we all had the buffet, it was incredible, if you do get invited or pay for a membership, make sure to look for the “secret bathroom” inside. We didn’t have to wait, or make reservations a year in advance, we did make it a month in advance. The free guest pass to the park was a great additional bonus.

  133. Nina H.

    I came here to celebrate my 4th year wedding anniversary, I have never been here and it was amazing, from the minute you walk in the door to your last bite the staff is very attentive to you, You can take pictures of EVERYTHING and the staff will even help you!!! I thought that was wierd or that the staff would think I was wierd but they told me they do this all the time so I felt so much better. I will come back for sunday brunch, This is when Goofy and Mickey mouse come visit, so you dont have to wait in line to take photos, very cool

  134. AhLin C.

    If you are not a Disney fan, you won’t understand about Club 33. It’s exclusivity is one of them. You can’t even get in if you pay! The memberships are limited so when I heard that I was going to be a guest here, I was ecstatic!Anyway, the food is great! The best part is the seafood buffet appetizer bar and the dessert bar. I can literally eat them all day long. And just because it’s a buffet does not mean that they skim on the ingredients. Everything still tastes awesome! I will definitely want to come back if I get a chance to.

  135. Mary C.

    I’m not a huge fan of Disneyland, but I figured this would be something to see. We went for lunch, as guests of a member. I expected to wait for our 11:30 reservation, but when we gave our name, they buzzed the door right open. There was an electric scooter inside the door by the stairs, so it was a bit crowded. The receptionist seemed really new. She looked at my niece and said, “We have a dress code.” Then she just stared at her. My niece had a sweater to put on over her tasteful sleeveless top, and we were fine. The hostess then told us we’d have to wait, and buzzed in a party of three. Older couple, he in an electric scooter, and their daughter. The hostess said they’d have to park the scooter outside. Now this was their own scooter, and the other larger one blocking the stairs was a Disney rental. These folks weren’t pleased, the hostess wasn’t helpful, and it just didn’t seem like the way you’d treat someone about to drop $80 or more for lunch. We finally helped them disassemble the scooter so the hostess could store it in a closet, then helped the man up the three steps to the elevator.After that, we finally headed up the stairs. Again, a bit of a cold fish leads us to our table. Maybe they were both new and nervous? Hey, I’m still looking forward to the meal.We’re seated in the corner, with both sets of French doors propped open on a lovely day. Our server was excellent–friendly yet with a bit of formality in keeping with the room. We all got key chains since it’s Club 33’s 40th anniversary.The cold buffet was decent–a few green salads, very nice pate, some cheeses, and the seafood bar. All the meat eaters had very good meals–chateaubriand which was perfectly cooked, and lamb which was a bit overdone (the woman next to me returned hers in a bit of a snit.) The vegetarian had pasta with three sauces–nothing fancy, but she was happy. Two glasses of pinot noir with the lamb, and I was the happiest person in the happiest place on earth. Oh, and I hadn’t had dessert yet! The dessert buffet is wonderful, with lots of choices of small desserts. We had wonderful lemon tarts, some eclairs, a variety of chocolate mousses, and a few strawberries dipped in the chocolate fountain.When we got the bill, my husband looked at it, then handed it to me and said, “Am I reading that right?” Two lamb sirloins, at $63 each, chateaubriand, also $63, and the pasta special, TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY TWO FLIPPING DOLLARS! When he showed it to the server, her eyes bugged out, and she apologized profusely. She adjusted the bill and brought us some Club 33 pens.We wandered around the room with the birds for a bit, as the server who was clearing the room was quite willing to tell us the history of the place while he worked. This definitely was a fun experience. Not the best meal I’ve ever had, but certainly no comparison to anything else available from Disney! The girls got their money’s worth out of the park hopper passes, and the old man and I went back to the hotel for a much needed siesta. This is a great way to do Disneyland!

  136. Sabrina L.

    food and service are very good. i think anything you order off the menu would be more than satisfying. love the dessert buffet! i believe this past weekend was the last that they were open before they begin their remodel.. can’t wait to come back after it’s done!

  137. Charlene C.

    I have connections and got in this place through work. I came here for lunch…and this is the recommended time to come.One, their menu is fabulous, but it’s the all you can eat, salad, dessert, and seafood buffet that keeps you coming back. It’s a really nice set up, well hidden. If you like wine, cocktails, and fabulous service, then come to this place.Please dress accordingly and be ready to be pampered like the rockstar you are.

  138. Nicole P.

    Wicker Toilets!!This place is full of useless, impractical and dated objects. Like that elevator that doesn’t hold any of today’s Disneyland patrons (and by that, well, I mean obsese). And that waiter that stands next to your table to refill your wine glass, but some loud family at the table next to you brought their 5 crappy kids and ruined dinner. It’s decent food, very good service, but is a lot of novelty. The real reason to go is for the view of Fantasmic at night, if that’s your bag. I’m a “Electric Lights Parade” kind of gal myself. Ho hum.

  139. Christie R.

    I got the grey poupon, you’ve been warned, ’cause all beef return,well done filet mignon. The Don, smell of DOM on my breath, as I yawn. As if you didn’t know, I’m getting dough. Spittin’ flow-like fine wine down your earlobe.

  140. B P.

    I can’t tell you how I got inside Club 33 to enjoy a fabulous dinner, but I did. I made it. I can cross this one off my list of things I had to accomplish before death. Finally. For everyone who doubted me, you were wrong! I’m a winner god dammit!Club 33 is a Disneyphile’s wet dream. From Walt Disney’s personal elevator that you take upstairs, to Mary Poppins table that you can sit at while you wait, Club 33 is definitely a piece of Disney history. The food is excellent. I enjoyed escargot, bass, and several cocktails. The food was delicious and overall it was an excellent dining experience. My only knock? They served water out of plastic bottles. I don’t care if it is smart water, you can’t charge such high prices if you serve water out of a plastic bottle.The look inside resembles a country club dining room. If you are lucky enough to be there at night, you can go out onto the porch and get a one-of-a-kind view of the fireworks.Club 33 is special. If you’ve got a chance togo, don’t let it pass you by. Oh, if you happen to need a companion, let me know!

  141. Colleen H.

    Very mixed about this review — as I was sooo excited to finally dine at the elusive Club 33, and I realize the menu price comes with free park admission (or vice versa). But, the food was so-so and the waiters were bad – not bad like rude, but more like incompetent and this was their first waiter job. There is a minimum $72 price which is the same as park entry – so you want to order many items to hit that price point, or do the $85 tasting menu. A colleague and I did the tasting menu while the others selected their own entrees. We were treated to mini-appetizers that the waiter didnt know how to describe and kept insisting the ladel of white soup-looking stuff with greenish oil on top was just truffle oil as in we were being served a spoon of truffle oil. We knew only the oil on top was truffel oil so we made him go and ask what the white stuff was (it was cauliflower soup, and no warning that it was cold). The other appetizer was a small pastry shell with scallop and shrip ceviche – being a huge ceviche fan I dove in, but the pastry shell was stale and old tasting, not crisp like you would want.Two people in our group notified the waiters of their shell fish allergies, yet they still accidently kept being served shell fish dishes that were meant for the rest of us. They also served one person meat instead of salmon, and it took forever to get our wine pours despite the restaurant not being crowded. I kept waiting for my order of white wine to go with my lobster dish, waiting and waiting and finally had to remind the waiter as my lobster was getting cold. As for the tasting menus, these are usually the best of the best dishes, and smaller portions b/c there are many courses and all supposed to be very flavorful or rich so less is good. The first mushroom pastry dish was entree size and decent in taste but not great or interesting at all. The next was lobster risotto and nothing like descibed on the menu – a tiny smear of overly-creamy risotto but a decent-sized chunk of good lobster. Finally, the ‘medallians’ of chateaubrion beef looked like 3 round dark hamburger patties, not medallians by any stretch ,and the first one very very rare – I realized then that the waiter never asked us how we wanted our meat prepared. Luckily I was so full by then that I only picked a few bits off the edges. I snuck a bite of the lamb lollipop my friend ordered, but even that was really gamey tasting and dry.Cheese plate was fine, dessert was good. But for the price and supposed ‘fine dining’ label, the service and the overall consistent quality was so lacking I would never come back here. Some people may still overlook all this b/c of the nice ambience, history, and free park admission. Your call, just dont expect good food or wait service.

  142. Kevin J.

    Visiting Club 33 was like a dream come true. This is the most exclusive place i’ve ever been to in my life. I was lucky enough to come here twice. The first time I got food poisoning from a plate of seafood, but the second time was a lot better. This review is regarding my second visit. Ambiance: I gave this place 5 stars because its magical. There is so much history in this place and the decorations on the walls are all so meaningful. There is also a piano owned by Walt Disney’s wife I believe. The bathrooms even have thick hand towels that have the Club 33 logo on it and mouth wash for after dinner. I loved every part of this place even after it was remodeled. Food: I gave this place 3 stars for food because the food itself was not that magical. I came here for a special event so I didnt get to order from the regular menu. I ordered from the Royal Street Dinner which included 5 course. The first course was delicious with lobster rockefeller and a crispy oyster. Taste was great. It didnt have too much of a seafood flavor which was nice. The second dish was a squash soup with andouille sausage. It had a nice sweet and salty flavor and was smooth. It was nice but nothing special. The third course was….AMAZING. It was a grilled scallop with corn flan and lobster chorizo. I’ve uploaded pictures of all the dishes for references, but man…i’ve never tasted a scallop so perfectly cooked. The dish was a combination of sweet (corn flan), spicy (pedron pepper), and salty (chorizo), which came together wonderfully. Is it sad that this was my favorite dish? The main course was filet mignon (nothing special) and the dessert was a sweet bread with ice cream (nothing special).I gave this place 4/5 stars because the ambiance and whole environment is great. I would love to come back here simply for that. The food itself was so-so and way over priced. My 5 course meal set me back $150.

  143. kenston12

    I’m so grateful to be able to dine here, not once but twice! First time was before the remodel, and 2nd time yesterday. The food is fantastic, the staff friendly and you can drink inside Disneyland! Doesn’t get much better than this!

  144. David R.

    Club 33 is awesome! If you are lucky enough to get in take your time and check it out. Look at everything, ask lots of questions and last but not least have a cocktail and make sure you visit the chocolate fountain.

  145. Joan A.

    I’m a Disney Fan so my view is going to be slightly skewed in this review, having celebrated my birthday at Disneyland for the past 3 decades. I’ve dined in Club 33 about 10 – 15 times over the years and have always enjoyed the experience. The food is delicious but the offering has changed considerably over the years. It was a great deal when the lunch/dinner included dual park hopper tickets with membership. In recent years, admission is separate and the buffet line has been limited to only dessert and salad. Still, the food is quite delicious.The macaroons are absolutely delicious! The extra nice perk is the full bar. An extra drink or two before heading back into the park is just what you need sometimes!

  146. Tracy S.

    So I normally only review a restaurant when I have visited it recently, but seeing as it is highly unlikely that I will ever be eating here again, I’m going to break that rule (my visit to Club 33 was 10 years ago), mainly just so that I can brag about having eaten at Club 33. Because, really? It’s all about the bragging rights.This restaurant was high up on my things-to-do-before-I-die list, and lucky for me I got in good with some affluent folk who decided to help me out. If you have the means, you cannot miss a visit to Club 33. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.First, the door. You will really feel like somebody special when you go up to that door and ring the bell. Take a moment to look around at all the people gawking at you. Maybe you can make an innocent comment like, “Oh, did you not get invited?” or “Well, you know, Mickey Mouse is a PERSONAL friend of mine.” Then you get to give your name over the intercom and they will buzz you in. BUZZ YOU IN! It is pure awesomeness.In the lobby you will be given the option of walking up the winding staircase or taking the vintage elevator held open to you by a waiting porter. Need I tell you that you should take the elevator? The stairs make for a better photo, but how often do you get to take an elevator with a porter?Then you get seated. You know all of the care and detail that goes into the rest of the park? Now imagine how that must feel when Walt REALLY wanted to impress some people. If you are not impressed with Club 33, then you must be extremely jaded. Every little thing is exquisite. You cannot help but feel pampered.It’s been 10 years, so I cannot remember exactly what we ate, but I do remember loving every bite and not minding the small fortune we paid for it. (We had annual passes at the time, so the whole “getting in the park for free” bonus did not take the sting off the bill.)And then, during desserts, there is a commotion and, oh–what’s that? Fantasmic’s on? Well, just take your cocktail out to the balcony and ENJOY! Let me tell you, even though there are some tree branches in the way, it is so much nicer to see the show this way without sitting on cold cement.Oh, and one last thing. Don’t forget to use the restroom. And steal some of the gold-embossed paper hand towels to prove you were there.

  147. Sara E.

    I have put off writing this review, because what can you really say? It’s Club 33! Yes, it is exclusive, mysterious, a whole other world inside Disneyland! At any rate, we arrived for our reservation exactly 5 minutes early and were let in through the intercom. The French elevator was beautiful and the staff was exceptional. I mean, the service here is just IMPECCABLE. They know what they are doing! Our waitress had been there for 33 years and was still on her toes. We ordered our food along with a bottle of wine that was delicious! The waitress poured us fairly large “samples” of the wine before we purchased it. The buffet was fairly large and included lobster, crab legs, shrimp, various fresh cheeses, meats, and an amazing red pepper soup in tiny cups. I love tiny cups!!!! Tiny cups are the reason I go to the Neiman Marcus restaurant! The dessert buffet was pretty incredible too. The desserts looked like something out of Dr. Seuss and were all very good. Anyways, I had the chicken with truffled mac and cheese. My boyfriend had the monk fish and ordered an additional side of mac and cheese. Our waitress didn’t even charge us for the extra mac! So nice. He wasn’t a fan of the monk fish, but apparently it’s an acquired taste and I wonder if it was more so the way it was prepared rather than the fish itself. I liked it. My chicken was good… not spectacular… but good. I think the real selling point, aside from the exclusivity and all that, is the buffet. It really is just that good. The restaurant itself was bright and airy. You could look out the windows and see the people walking below. The people dining in the restaurant appeared to be really enjoying themselves. It wasn’t nearly as stuffy as you would think! At the end of our 3 hour meal, our waitress gave us little souvenirs (notepads and pens with Club 33 inscribed on them). I also bought some Club 33 Mickey Ears which EVERY store at Disneyland refused to embroider with my name. They were pretty impressed that I had them though…;) We wandered around the restaurant for a little while more before leaving. I did not want to ever leave. 🙁 So to sum it up: Service: 10/10Food: 8/10Ambiance: 10/10″Specialness”: 10/10And for those who are concerned about the price… it really isn’t that bad for what you get! Come on… unlimited lobster?! Also, you get two park hopper tickets with reservations. We didn’t need those (hello, Season Passes), so we gave them to my little brother who came that day with his girlfriend. For two people AND a bottle of wine it came to just a little over $200 and for that experience, its a small price to pay. 🙂

  148. Bob C.

    I have eaten at Club 33 on multiple occasions and never had a problem. This was just a bad day I think. I will first say the FOOD was AWESOME and never better! The problem came when it came to service. We were in a larger group (less than 10) which sometimes makes things more difficult for the staff, but at these prices this shouldn’t be an issue. One of our guest needed to ask for a fork on 4 different occasions on 4 different dishes. Also we ordered the VINTNER selection and some had the wine pairing. With the wine pairing the wine should come at the same time as the food. It did not. The food for the table did not come at the same time as well. Everyone at the table would have food except one person. We would ask where is the last dish and they would say let me check, then later bring out the dish and say here you go. Other tables would have all the servers and even the manager bring out the dishes at the same exact time as a 5 star restaurant should serve food. When we got the bill they charged us for the desserts, which was included in our 5 coarse meals. I said these were included and she said, “Well you only had 4 of the VINTNER dinners.” At that point I reminded her that we had 5 and it shows on the bill. “OH!” she said. You would think with all the staff they have they could keep track of the customers. Maybe that is why she kept forgetting to bring everyone’s food to the table. They automatically put an 18% gratuity and even that calculated to 19.25% I said something to the manager and he said, ” Really? Oh, you’re right. I don’t know how that happened!” I usually tip 20% but, this service was atrocious and I think the manager was a little over his head. I will say if you ever get a chance to eat at Club 33, DO IT! It is a great experience and I am optimistic your service will be much better than ours was.

  149. Trina T.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for those who have no member friends or a membership. The restaurant is beautiful, the food just as lovely, and the exclusivity–fantastic. We buzzed in and waited in the court of angels for awhile, drinking their complimentary cherry water and soaking in the ambiance. Once escorted up the staircase, we were seated in a corner table awsy from the dining room crowd. Our servers were amazing and very friendly. We ordered 2 of the 4 course lunches and I have to say that the flavors, textures, and presentations were fabulous. The food is wonderful and presented with such care. Although smaller plates, it is quite filling. After a bottle of wine and a few cocktails, we took in the balcony views before departing. If you ever get an opportunity for lunch, take it. It’s just as wonderful as dinner.

  150. Shannon F.

    I have been here twice since we have a friend with a membership. The entire experience is 4 stars from the food, to the service. The first time I went I had filet mignon, which I ordered rare. I was eating my steak, which was medium rare, when the waitress SAW my steak and said “that’s not right, i”ll be back”‘. She brought me a new plate of food, including the rare steak- I wouldn’t have complained because I felt it would have been tacky in such a nice place, but I had been secretly disappointed. Knowing they care if every order is right is excellent and I commend the waitress on her service. The filet melted in my mouth and was perfect. And, I was so impressed that it made a slightly disappointing meal into a memorable and special experience.The second time I treated with my parents who were visiting from out of town and had never been to Disneyland before. I really wanted them to have a magical and worry free experience, so I did not want my father to see the bill. I slipped my credit card to the hostess before we were seated. I then ‘went tot the bathroom’ at the end of the meal and signed the receipt. So discreet, and accommodating!. I had he pasta dish which was just as wonderfully delectable as the properly cooked filet.. The food is definitely 4 stars, and I have been impressed with everything I’ve tried from starters, to entrees to desserts. I can’t say enough good about the service. I really feel like I am their only customer when I’m there. They really make you feel special.. Like royalty.

  151. rodneyerm

    Really fun place makes you feel like you’re in a really old movie. Food is just ok but the atmosphere is beautiful the drinks was good 2. Definitely have to try it to see what it’s about it’s been on my list for a while and I finally went last week took ny grandparents they enjoyed it.

  152. Mistercap12

    I first went to the club in 2013 which was before renovations took place and it was fabulous the food & all. Of course my favorite was the dessert bar though! Recently Steven and I went there for lunch after the renovations took place and it was just as amazing! We each had three course meals and the food was to die for! The quail was amazing and so was the petite filet mignon! It was so fun & can’t wait to be back to try out dinner!

  153. Audrey L.

    Amazing place within Disneyland, I spent 4 hours in there for dinner and caught the fireworks show and Fantasmic from the balcony. You can’t easily get in there unless you know someone.There are a some people who try to get in as soon as they see the door open for you because they don’t know what’s going on. People also look at you funny if you dress somewhat nice because of the dress code. It’s a great place with al a cart options or a prix fix and a selection of wines and alcoholic beverages that compliments the food they serve.If your waiter is nice s/he would allow substitusions for the prix fix, I do this sometimes because I don’t like to eat cheese before dessert or whatever.Lunch buffet is good =] but i preffer dinner.Remember though if you do go the minimum is the amount of the price of a regular ticket to Disneyland- so essencially you are paying for your ticket, unless of course you buy more.

  154. Danielle E.

    What is Club 33? Disney’s own Country Club. This had to be the best dinning experience of my life.. I mean, i am a bit of a Disney Freak.. So ringing the bell to go inside the mysterious Club 33 door was a huge treat! From the glass elevator, to wandering the halls where Walt walked, the whole experience was magical.The Service was truly fantastic, our server answered all our questions and even gave us complimentary appetizer. I ordered the steak and it was melt in your mouth. Dessert was phenomenal. Now, off course its pricey,(Dinner for two was around 200) but its a CHANCE OF A LIFETIME! Yes, you do have to know the right people to get in (people who have a membership). Highly Recommended!

  155. Kathy Y.

    If you get an invitation to go to Club 33, take it. Yes, lunch is pricey (estimate around $100pp) but considering you also receive free admission to both parks (not to mention a gourmet meal), it’s quite a deal. We felt like it was a bargain considering what you get and would jump at the opportunity to go again. We went there for the Sunday champagne brunch and it was all kinds of wonderful. The appetizers, salad, fruit, soup and desserts are all buffet style, but you get to pick your main course. I got the Filet of Chateaubriand medium-rare and it was cooked perfectly. DELISH!The seafood appetizers are a meal in itself. Lobster tails, crab legs, salmon slices, oh my! My brother got a complimentary dessert for his birthday. It was vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate to look like Mickey ears with “HBD” written in chocolate. Super cute.Oh, I can’t forget to mention that Mickey and Pluto stopped by twice for photo ops. We didn’t have to wait in line to go see Mickey! Too bad our toddler was terrified of the giant mouse. Overall, Club 33 is a great way to do Disney if you get the chance. The sticker shock of lunch prices wear off once you average out the complimentary park hopper tickets.EDIT: We went to Club 33 again in the middle of August, where most guests are in summer clothes and shoes. We had a group of eight this time and three of us wore sandals. Yes they do have a dress code but it does not expressly say “no flip flops”. The lady in front of us wore sandals that also went between the toes (no backing either) but she was allowed in because it had a small two inch heel. I said my new $50 Double-stacked Rainbow Sandals probably cost more than hers and it does have a small heel. They still wouldn’t let me in because they considered mine “flip flops” and not a sandal. Seems like the dress code is left up to interpretation for whoever is manning the door. We had to go to a small shop near the Indiana Jones ride and buy shoes. With only two choices available, I ended up buying a $36 pair of ugly gladiator shoes that was basically a thin piece of leather with strings. Since it technically had a heel strap, it was ok to wear in Club 33. Total B.S. I should have asked them if Crocs were allowed in because technically they do have a heel strap. Ha.So overall our second experience with Club 33 was slightly marred but we had a good time.

  156. Annie H.

    Bucket list check! Food was delicious with the six course meal. Drinks are strong just like they should. Staff is wonderful and very nice. Would love to go back again. Dress code is very relax but I dress up, well it’s club 33 not the spaghetti factory. We had a fabulous time. Thanks Mickey

  157. Vicky N.

    Club 33…The food was unimpressive for its price. and trust me, it’s pricey. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to pay! .I am a fan because it’s so exclusive, and of course, because I got in. Muhahahha.

  158. Shig N.

    Our daughters took us there for our anniversary. This was my first visit and it was fantastic! Going to a restaurant – what would you want? Good food, good service, good environment. We got great food, fantastic service, and a very beautiful setting. The menu was easy – two pages – we all (including our son-in-law) just did the five course meal. I was pretty well stuffed by course three but kept my focus and completed all five courses. Absolutely great!Thank you to our host. Thank you, daughters and son-in-law, for a delightful day (which included Disneyland and California Adventure). Thank you, wife, for the years we’ve enjoyed together.

  159. Champ M.

    I was 14 when I went here for my dad’s company dinner. It was a once in a lifetime chance and I had no idea what it was all about. All I remember is getting buzzed in at the secret entrance, entering upon dark wood floors and ceilings, and a $14 burger I ordered. Plain cheeseburger mind you. And I also remember my dad saying, “You will probably never get a chance again to come here in your life, so remember it.” I don’t remember a thing.(The 33 most likely refers to the fact that Walt Disney was a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason, most likely a fact you’ve never known)

  160. Glenn W.

    I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to Club 33 multiple times and I can tell you, Club 33 is a delight every time. I prefer dinner but my partner prefers lunch. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Disney fan or not, if you’re extended an invite, by all means take it.Be aware that this is a private club so you’re expected to follow the attire guidelines. When you check in to go to the club you’ll be presented with the guidelines and rules which I would recommend you read. I’ve seen many people get turned away at the door because they were dressed inappropriately. Be aware that the dress code for dinner and lunch are different with lunch being more lenient.The food is upscale and delicious but very approachable. The dishes tend to be more classical and conservative with maybe a slight twist. You won’t see odd preparations or molecular gastronomy-inspired dishes here.Two dishes that, from what I understand, are on the menu pretty consistently as they’re member favorites, are the lamb chops and chateaubriand. The chateubriand is very delicious and classically prepared to perfection. Other items on the menu are adjusted or add/removed based on the season.If you would like a cocktail, I would suggest the Caramel Apple Martini- a take on the item found in the Candy Palace on Main Street USA. Inventive and delicious. The chocolate martini is supposed to be incredible also- I haven’t yet tried it.Be sure to set aside some extra money to purchase unique Club 33 items from the trophy case. There are some extremely nice items that can only be purchased at the club and they’re are constantly changing out the items so if you see something you like it may not be there in the future (assuming you can get another invite).

  161. Brian S.

    ***NOTE***I have to insert this disclaimer….I CANNOT get you in Club 33. A friend was kind enough to get me a reservation and they are no longer members. Please do not send me messages asking if I can get you in I CAN’T.**********I’ve lived in So Cal my entire life and had no idea Club 33 existed until about 3-4 years ago when I discovered my brother-in-laws parents were members. They all raved about it and said they would get me in anytime I wanted. I thought it would be a nice experience. But, since I don’t get too caught up in being a pretentious-trendy-look at me daddy-tool, I totally put it on the back burner of life and figured I’d make it someday.I just had a birthday and was celebrating a new job so I figured I’d give it a shot. Our reservations were made by the “Member” and we chose to have lunch since it is essentially the same menu as dinner sans the price. I would later find out that’s complete bullsh**. I only wanted to eat at 33. I could care less about going to the un-happiest place on earth. Disneyland would be awesome if they only allowed in the same amount of people they let in in 1973. I hate going there because it is wall to wall people. I swear they should raise the price to $500 a head. Anyway, let’s get back. I only wanted to eat at 33. So we arrived about an hour and half early. My cheap ass skipped the Disneyland parking and went straight to “Downtown Disney”. It’s 3 hours free and $6 for every hour after. At the park entrance you need to check in at guest services to confirm your reservation and get your comp entry tickets. After that we head to New Orleans Square and make it up to the Club 33 door. If you didn’t know where it was you’d certainly walk right past it. At 33 you never want to be late and you can’t be too early. So 5 minutes before our reservation I ring the bell. A woman answers the door and says my table’s not ready and to come back in 10 to 15 minutes. So I return in 10 minutes and we’re allowed in.After the door host verifies with the Maitre Di ,we are allowed to go up stairs via the French lift. Once inside we are greeted by a very attentive staff and seated overlooking the Orleans Square and Rivers of America.Our waitress, Brenda, was nothing short of awesome. This is something people rarely get to experience anymore….a professional waiter/waitress. Brenda gave us the low down on how the system at 33 works. You order and entree and you get an all you can eat salad/appetizer bar and desert bar included.I ordered the Fillet Mignon and it was puuuuurfect! The salad bar was also very top notch. The deserts were impeccable and since it was my birthday I received an extra special treat.After the meal comes the sticker shock. In order to go to 33, Disney has to give you comp park tickets to get to the restaurant. If your meal is less than the price of park admission your meal will cost the price of admission. So in my case lunch cost me $255 less tip.I make a decent living but $255 for lunch? The meals were excellent. My son’s cheeseburger was $68. That’s what it cost when you look at it in that way. Either lunch was $255 and getting into the park was free or, getting into the park was $255 and lunch was free.Everything about Club 33 was very enjoyable and delicious. The staff is top notch. I only have one complaint. The members that made our reservation gave us the list of “Rules” and we followed each of them to the letter. Unfortunately, not all of the other guests follow them. There is a dress code and it doesn’t seem to be followed that strictly. It’s a fine dining experience and guests should treat it that way.

  162. navid

    What a great way to spend the day at Disneyland and then a fine dining experience at Club 33!Overall, I had a great experience at Club 33….At the entrance, we were greeted by staff and as we were waiting for our table we were offered a refreshing beverage (spiced apple cider). Once our table was ready we walked upstairs and our bags, coats/jackets were checked in. I noticed at the top of the stairs to the left was the restroom and to the right is the dining area. So the bathroom is not located inside the dining area! The bathroom was clean and there were single use mouthwash bottles and single use floss/toothpick. Wow!We were seated by the double doors, which lead to the balcony so in the mean time of waiting for our food we were able to squeeze in some photo sessions. From the Le Grand Salon Lunch Menu (four course menu $90 as of 11/19/16)I ordered two items from appetizers-Wild Blue Crab Cake, celery root and fennel apple slaw-“Lobster Rockefeller” with crispy oysters and lemon hollandaiseEntrees-Filet Mignon, huckleberry braised beef short rib and parsnip pureeFinales-Pecan coffee bundt cake, dark chocolate, pecan brittle and cafe au lait gelatoEverything was delicious! Portions are small, but filling. I would be back and FYI their menu changes from time to time.

  163. Christina F.

    So there’s an ultra-top-secret-cool restaurant hidden in Disneyland (along with a bunch of “Hidden Mickeys” – those silly Imagineers) that apparently has a gazillion year waitlist for membership, and even if you were lucky enough to score one, it costs an arm and leg (in the thousands of dollars) to maintain. I’ve been lucky enough to work for companies that have memberships to this mystical wonderland called “Club 33,” so when my inlaws decided to have their vacation down in So Cal, I figured I would pull my strings to gain us access and give them a nice treat during their stay.So the minimum dinner charge is $69/pp, but considering it comes with a free one-day ParkHopper pass to both CA Adventure and Disneyland (which is $91 now…WTF!) it’s not a bad deal, IF you were planning on going to the park. But if you don’t care about spending your day in the hot sun with a million kids, then save your money. The dinner experience here is NOT worth the cash!It’s such a pity because my last two visits to Club 33 were great – the wait staff attentive, the food delicious, and the experience fulfilling. The lunch buffets were always extravagant, and I always had a nice tutorial on the property from some head butler that would also let me go up and down the special glass elevator. This time around, the experience was just a notch above going to Outback Steakhouse. They claim a dress code (and the receptionist gave us the once-over before letting us in), but I later spied a guy stroll in with a t-shirt and jeans for dinner. The server was friendly but allowed way too much time in between courses and drink refills. The food was good, but nothing great, and certainly nothing inspired – think business convention banquet lunches. Of note was the tomato heirloom soup, which was so incredibly thick and rich that it was like drinking a bowl of Ragu pasta sauce. And I don’t really say that in a good way.So asides from the hoity-toity looks you can give to the people huddled around the Blue Bayou trying to figure out why YOU get to go through that secret unmarked door, this restaurant offers not much more than overpriced dining with free park passes. If you were planning to be in the park anyway, it’s a great opportunity….otherwise, there are plenty of top-notch restaurants in So Cal that better deserve the $69/pp plate fee.

  164. Will M.

    Have frequented this establishment about 6 times now because my Sister-In-Law has access through her work. This place definitely, hands down, lives up to all its hype and exclusivity. It’s like getting a free (delicious) meal along with your visit to The Happiest Place on Earth. Guests who will be dining at Club 33 receive complimentary park hopper tickets. We usually start off at California Adventure because we love the Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania then we hop over to Disneyland to get on the most popular rides and leave the park for lunch…returning to go on a couple of rides; such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion (due to its proximity to Club 33), before we head on to dinner. Dinner begins with you ringing the intercom next to the door with the “33” on the front. You are then asked to confirm your reservations and then taken in to this exclusive establishment. Make sure you take the elevator up to the dining room…it is a must. During dinner, rule of thumb, is for each patron’s bill to be equivalent to a single-day, single-park admission (what a steal). The waitstaff is beyond kind and accommodating and food is above par. Make sure you try the Chateaubriand. This is the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol. You also get a great view of the fireworks show out on the balcony, without having to deal with the crowd.If the opportunity ever arises, take advantage! This place lives up to all its hype and exclusivity, and I will be taking advantage of being able to dine at this establishment for as long as the sis-in-law is employed at her place of work and is able to extend the invitation out to family.

  165. Seth E.

    Sometimes you have the opportunity to experience something extraordinary – I had dinner on Saturday night at Club 33, and it was sublime.Both my partner Anthony and I are huge fans of Disney and all it entails. One of the things I have always wished to do would be to dine in their most exclusive location. Unfortunately he was in London when I went, so my review is dedicated to him.We arrived with a party of 10 – a bit large for the somewhat intimate space. The doorway, 33 Royal is nestled between Blue Bayou (my former favorite dining location at Disneyland) and the gift shop. Reservations as other reviewers have indicated are permitted only by members. Dress code is strict and be sure to comply. An easy way to do this is to have a locker in the area behind the fruit cart on Main Street. You can wear your shorts and sandals during the day and have a nice change of clothes to pop into for your meal.Upon arrival at Disneyland, I proceeded to Guest Relations behind the California Adventure mountain and was provided my admission ticket to the park (it was a park hopper, so I could enjoy time at both parks!) and reminded of the dress code and expectations as a diner. Do not arrive too early as there is little lobby space. Part of what I found so delightful was the staff. Jen greeted us at the door behind a reception cube with an antique phone. Riding the lift and being surrounded by wood paneling with rich carpet and set pieces set’s your ambiance. Everyone was incredibly courteous. Marcel, the Executive Chef and I had some things in common and I was privileged enough to tour the kitchen thanks to both he and Aaron, one of the managers on duty. Turns out the coordinator of our visit, JR and his best friend, Brady both knew Aaron. Small world.Matt, our waiter, along with Mike our busser were both knowledgeable and focused on helping us enjoy our time. Matt particularly helped me appreciate the history and nuance of Club 33. He helped introduce me to Marcel and took the time to have Aaron come by the table. That level of service anticipation is part of the magic of the Club.The menu I would describe as distinctly American Continental with some Parisian flair. I greatly enjoyed my amuse-bouche of shrimp and scallop ceviche in pastry cup to warm up my palate. Joined with a Cakewalk Sauvignon Blanc, it was charming. Others at the table enjoyed cocktails and wine as well. Of course the prix fixe menu was well set up, but I opted for ala carte selections.To start I had the Kobe Steak Tartare with toast point & quail egg. The beef was amazing and the tastes subtle. I would even go so far as to say a touch bland. I followed this with the Rock Lobster over Cheddar Rissoto – perhaps the best course of the meal. I literally had to close my eyes to appropriately savor each bite. The Colorado Lamb Chops with Heirloom Tomato & Feta Cous-cous was amazing. I would suggest just a bit more sauce for the lamb as accent.I also have the opportunity to try the Cod with Pancetta and Stone Fruit reduction along with their signature Filet of Chateaubriand (isn’t that a bit redundant?) both were excellent though I preferred the cod other than my extraordinary lamb.Desserts were good though not great. The winners were the chocolate trio and the crustless raspberry tart with a brulee top. Tres manifique! We enjoyed a very leisurely dining experience – about three and a half hours. The balcony was a spectacular view for Nightastic, though partially obscured by trees.Yes, I got my readmission ticket to rides so we could fast pass all night and I also received my Club 33 pen when I signed my bill. Though over $250 for just me, it was an experience I will likely never forget. May it continue to be exclusive, well apportioned and filled with such joy, service and culinary excellence. Thank you Walt for another part of your legacy!

  166. Joel F.

    Thanks to a friend, I was able to dine here last year.It was a really cool experience, but I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if all of the interactive animatronic creatures that were a part of it worked.Sigh…If you ever get a chance to go here, don’t turn it down — you’ll regret it 😉

  167. Andy N.

    I finally got myself into Club 33! I’ve been trying to go here for years! A goal finally accomplished. This extremely exclusive restaurant is not easy to get in. You have to either have a membership or know of someone that has one to set up a reservation for you. My party and I came here for dinner yesterday evening. We rung the hidden door bell and were quickly greeted to enter. We took up the crystal elevator and was once again greeted when we got upstairs. Our party was quickly seated and given the menu and wine list. There’s a lot of history in here. Don’t expect to see Mickey Mouse anywhere in this place. They wanted to make it feel like nothing of the park. The food itself here is very expensive. Each person dining must spend at least $80 on food. The menu consists of appetizers and entree’s. It has the pricing of a high end steakhouse or seafood restaurant. I went with the chef’s five course menu. I had a salad, soup, streak, cheese, and a dessert platter. The only thing I really enjoyed was the dessert. The food itself here is kind of mediocre for what it is. Club 33 is more to tell your friends that you experienced this place. If you expect amazing food then you might leave a little unhappy. This place has wonderful history and a lot of awesome antiques that Walt himself picked out. If you get a chance to go make sure you dress up. It’s semi-formal attire and if you come with beach wear, you will be turned away. Recommendation: Desserts were really good! Next goal: To eat at 1901 lounge inside Carthay Circle restaurant. It’s said to be even more exclusive than Club 33.

  168. Jen G.

    Oh Club 33, how you disappointed me. My gf and I were soo excited to finally be going there, and now that we have…. we don’t think we need to go again. Don’t get me wrong – I did walk away feeling great and full of delicious food. But the service was far below what I was expecting. So let me break it down:Food, 4 : It was great food, and the presentation was lovely for each dish. If I hadn’t had better, I would have given this 5 stars … But I *have* had better. 😛 The first 3 courses of the tasting menu (spinach salad, whitefish, and ny strip steak) were delicious. The cheese course was meh. I’m not a big cheese fan and have never been impressed with slices of cheese and a few crackers on a plate. The dessert course (caramel apple charlotte) was a little too sweet for me. Ambience, 5 : It’s a beautiful restaurant. The kind of restaurant where you can’t help but sit up a little straighter in your seat and bring out the good table manners that your mom used to drive into you at dinner time. Although we couldn’t see Fantasmic out of our window due to the large trees in front of the balcony, we could hear it and got flashes of color lighting up our window. Status, +1 : Come on… it’s freaking Club 33. How awesome is it that you actually got in? And tell me it made you feel slightly good to hear people whisper “OMG, they’re going into Club 33!” as that pale green door swung open to admit your party. Service, 2 : The service was not BAD, per se. Everyone that served us was polite and did as we asked quickly. But the thing with 5 star restaurants is that you expect MORE. I expect my chair to be pulled out. I expect to get the wine list without having to ask for it. When I ask the waiter to suggest a drink from their bar, I expect more than a blank look and “Uhhhhh….”. (What? No special house drink? Seriously?) And I really did expect some kind of tour of the club. It’s got so much Disney history to it, and so many hidden features. We didn’t even get asked, “Is this your first visit to Club 33” …. not even a passing mention of “this lift is a replica of one Walt saw in France” as we waited to be escorted up to the dining room. I’ve seriously had better service at IHOP. *sigh*All in all, a fun night. But not something I need to do again. I’m glad I don’t pay $10K+ a year for that kind of service.

  169. Debbie Chiou S.

    So with or without the hype, this place is definitely mediocre at best. We had reservations for 845 and didn’t get seated until 915. Place definitely felt like New Orleans in an gaudy money kind of way, so at least that was authentic.Dinner started with a Caesar salad, which I didn’t much care for and only had a bite of. Then it was on to the cheese course, which was hit and miss. The parmesan was mediocre, bruleed brie unnecessarily bruleed and not soft enough, but the hard goat cheese was delicious. The entree was a sea bass overcooked and tough though the sauce was excellent. Desserts were definitely lacking. Apple tart too sour and chocolate cake too rich. Sigh. Sorry to burst the bubble folks, but save your money!

  170. Monica M.

    Great service,wonderful desserts,have never had a bad meal here. Whenever there is a special event at work this us one of the places we go. The history of club 33 is one of the main reasons to experince this part of Disneyland.

  171. Lisa B.

    Pssst! Hey you! Yeah! You! Didya know you can actually drink the spirits for real with Mickey and friends? Yep…you just need to know the secret handshake. The mechanics include turning your palm up and handing something like forty large over to the man behind the door. Or you just get yerself some passes….and away you go with an “E” ticket entry to kick back have some cocktails and a five or six course gorgefest in New Orleans Square. So you show up at 33 Royal Street for your resie, hit the intercom and give them your name. A well dressed bloke opens the door and you enter a quaint reception area where they welcome you and escort you into the courtyard. Unless you’re with a member, you are barred from the lounge, so you have to chill in the courtyard where they they have chilled towels and water infused with watermelon and cucumber.Right on time, the hostess grabbed us for our reservation and escorted us upstairs to the dining room. You walk up a flight of stairs and cross over a lovely mosaic of the Club 33 logo.They’ve just redesigned and redone the entire club and it is beautiful. The dining room reminds you of a combination of a very high end French dining room. Dark wood everywhere. The Limoges china was stunning. The service was utterly professional and personable.Choice of 5 or 6 Course MenuCourse 1 of 5Soup: Summer Corn Broth, Green Tomato Relish, Andouille Sausage and Gulf ShrimpQuite sweet, rich and chock full of protein. I’m a soup person….I loved this soup. I cold eat it every day.Course 2 Butter Poached Lobster with Braised Leeks and Minted English Pea PuréeThe lobster was perfectly cooked, rich and the sauce complemented it in such a way that it wasn’t overbearing. I LOVED the pea puree. I didn’t like the potato…it tasted old and distracted me from the rest of the dish.Course 3Creole Mustard Crusted Rack of Lamb with Summer Corn SuccotashThe lamb was perfection. I loved the succotash accompaniment. It was the perfect sized serving.Cheese CourseA Selection of 3 Artisanal Cheeses with Pepper Jelly, Orange Blossom Honey and Toast Points.The most disappointing of all the courses. Very small servings of three cheeses which you almost couldn’t discern differences between. Almost seemed like an afterthought.DessertOld Fashioned Vanilla Crème Brûlée, Apricot Conserve and ShortbreadThey make a show of the dessert. They flame the dessert at your table and put the rest of the dessert together while you watch. While I enjoyed it, it didn’t wow me.I paired my dinner with a glass of the Duckhorn Merlot. It was a lovely glass of wine and perfect with the rest of the courses. I was disappointed that the server I asked never got back to me with a port wine list for dessert.While your there, make sure you visit the bathroom….it’s quite the experience. The sinks have swans growing out of them. Lovely gold fixtures, Feel free to floss your teeth with the complementary floss and follow it up with a quick rinse with some mouthwash.Quite an experience….Bring deep pockets….it ain’t cheap….

  172. Lilly H.

    Club 33 is baller status. I’m sure there are Disney freaks out there that would pee in their pants at the thought of coming here. And it lives up to this hype. Once you do Disneyland in such style, its hard to desire just a ‘normal’ trip to park, it would be too pedestrian.I went for Saturday lunch, which doesn’t have as strict of a dress code and is the cheapest ($72 plus drinks, tax, tip) – well worth it since you get a park hopper ticket. Lunch also offers a appetizer & dessert buffet which consists of salad, cheese, fruit, veggies, seafood and soup. The soup is served in tiny espresso cups – its that rich and that good. The dessert was the weak point of the meal – too foo-foo. The entrees vary I believe, but the go-to is the chateaubriand, so tender it melts in your mouth.Also, its fun to get a little tipsy of the one place in the park that serves drinks, and then go on lots of bumpy rides. Oh, wait…..

  173. Old School Yelper Y.

    I have been to Club 33 twice; once back in 1998 with friends and more recently last month (April 2007) for a college alumni event (go Oxyyyyyy!). The first time around was great – we got to see Walt Disney’s freaky animatronic birds, walk around the whole place for the entire day (if we wished to come back after going on all the rides), and eat whatever we wanted. I think this is because my friend’s aunt was the member and there were only 5 or 6 of us visiting.I say this because last month’s alumni event was held in only one room of Club 33 – the rest of the place was cordoned off, which was sort of a bummer because this was my husband’s first time in Club 33. They also had a limited amount of food for breakfast and we were promptly kicked out after the event was over around 9ish on a Sunday morning. The service was good, but not as amazing as I had remembered it to be back in 1998. This place is cool, but I’m not sure if I’d be willing to chuck out thousands of dollars to be a member just to be able to be “special” when visiting Disneyland. I guess if you’re a HUGE Disney fan then it’s worth it. Plus, the wait list is pretty long to become a member; I think it’s about a 7 year wait at present. I think I’d rather spend my money on the Disney Vacation Club, which is a really good buy if you travel a lot!

  174. Radley M.

    Quickie review: If you’ve an “in,” use it and dine here. The experience as a whole is a great one.Full story:As of today, my kids are 9 years old and 5 years old, and so far we’ve already been to Disneyland and DCA dozens of times (we’re not California residents), Disney World several times, and on Disney cruises a few times. By most measures, I’m sure my family and I would be considered pretty good Disney customers. And so it’s probably no surprise that dining at Club 33 was something we really wanted to do. Well, after years of trying to get a table, it finally happened this past weekend. And it was magical.There was something special, almost surreal, about having my kids press THE BUTTON in front of THE DOOR. I didn’t really know what to expect. At any rate, not even five seconds later, the door opened and I uttered words that I never thought I’d be able say at Club 33, “Hi, we have a reservation for four under ‘Radley Medina’ at 5:45.”After giving her list a quick glance, the Cast Member smiled and said, “Yes, Mr. Medina, Come on in!”I suppose it’s fitting that the Court of Angels awaited us on the other side of the door, because a choral “Hallelujah” kept playing in my head. We were asked to wait in the court while our table was being prepared. As we waited, we walked around, snapped a few photos, and looked at the merchandise in glass souvenir case. Before we knew it, a Cast Member came down to the court to let us know that they were ready for us. She asked if we preferred to go upstairs via the staircase or the elevator. We chose the stairs.As we climbed, I couldn’t help but think about the history and the mystery behind Club 33, and about how we were about to become part of its history while its mystery, at least for us, would soon cease to exist. Yet another surreal moment.We walked through the lobby betwixt Le Salon Nouveau (the lounge that requires non-members to be accompanied by a member) and the main dining area. In this lobby one can find a manned desk, a guest book (which we signed), and more souvenir cases. We were seated near the entryway to the dining space at Table 20, probably because we had children in our party (and the staff wanted to minimize noise disturbances for the rest of the guests). Not sure if that was the reason, but it’s a reasonable assumption. That said, our kids sat through dinner just fine. :)We opted to go with the six course menu. The kids were limited to a three course menu, but from a timing perspective their courses were spaced out perfectly — flowing well with the pacing of the adult courses. I added the six course wine pairing option to my experience. As far as the service was concerned, the team, led by Matt, did a superb job. We never had to wait for refills, the food was paced perfectly, and interactions were at once genuine and relevant.The food was very good, not the best I’ve ever had but certainly upper echelon. As far as Disney-specific food quality is concerned, I would rank Club 33 above Steakhouse 55 but below both Remy aboard Disney Fantasy and Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian. After our meal, we spent a few minutes out on the balcony, which overlooks New Orleans Square, and purchased a few items from the souvenir cases.All in all, it was indeed a magical experience and would love to do it again someday!

  175. Annette F.

    FINALLY!!!! I remember taking a photo with my Sister and 2 Cousins on the stairs in the French Quarter, always wondering where that door leads to (it is the Employee enterance/exit to Club 33)I have been a long time Disney fanatic, I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have been to Disneyland and when I see the buttons that read “First Visit” I wonder “Where the hell have you been?” not thinking of how blessed and lucky I am to have been to such a magical place countless times in my life…The ONE and only spot I have longed to get into has been the secretive “Club 33” Finally I am employed by a Corporation that has a “Membership” and when I found this out, it was my “Mission” to get in :)1 Year Domestic Partnership Anniversary…woo hoo!I can’t believe its FINALLY my turn to lift the little brass door and press the red button (at this point, I am seriously shaking!) 37 Years and it’s finally my turn :)The door opens w a sweet smiling face… “Welcome Ms. Flores” (I feel so special)”is this your first time dining with us”YES!”May I hold your bag here”YES, please…Thank you!”Would you like me to take your picture by the lift”OMG YES! (Still shaking, what a DORK!)He takes a few photos and proceeds with some Disney history, phone rings…”Your table is ready Ms. Flores”He puts us int he lift and sends us up to another Smiling face!We walk through the half of the restaurant to get to our table, the dining room is lovely, quiet, we are seated at a perfect table in the corner right off the veranda, taking it all in, completely in awe of this legendary place that we are actually inside!!! OMG! Bottled Evian water is poured and we order our drinks (Alcoholic beverages inside Disneyland and not @ Disneyland prices SCORE! $8.50 Crown & Coke) We order the Vintner’s Menu and anxiously await the five courses to begin…The meal was amazing! I was full and happy :)The staff here is beyond helpful, happy and all around well informed! We were able to go out on the Veranda after our dinner and the lovely host took pictures for us, he gave us more history on Club 33, walked around with us and answered all our questions.I truly believe this experience is worth every penny spent…DREAMS do come true @ Disneyland!

  176. Keith W.

    Went for the first time in my life this past Veteran’s day. When first offered the opportunity, the thought that I may never get this chance again, we jumped to accept and am very glad we did. Prior to the visit, I was expecting a fancy restaurant with a lot of Disney memorabilia all over the place, and was expecting food, similar in quality to a hotel banquet. Well, I was right about the fancy restaurant part, but a little surprised how subtle the memorabilia was… not that it was bad, just different than expected. The best surprise of the visit however, was the excellent food quality, that far exceeded expectations. The appetizer bar with different salads, lobster, crabs, shrimp, smoked salmon, and assorted cheeses was worth the price of admission alone. But when the main course came, the chateaubriand came, it really pushed things over the top. As mentioned earlier, expecting a warm, maybe chewy hotel steak, I was pleasantly surprised with a perfectly cooked, charred on the outside, medium rare on the inside, tender filet, worthy of serving at a Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris. Overall, a passholder, and for $100/person for lunch, it’s a little pricey… yet still well worth it for a once in a lifetime experience. However, as a side note, if you are not a passholder and want to get into the park, it’s an extremely excellent value. Basically for a little more than the cost of a normal park hopper ticket, your lunch or dinner pays for admission to both parks as well as the momentous dining experience in the club.

  177. Shirly C.

    The best part about this place is the exclusiveness of it all since I’ve heard the waitlist is 7-14 years?..or you gotta know someone who has the connections.So far I’ve been here 2 times but before this I had absolutely no idea it even existed in Disneyland!! Hidden by the walls and doorways of other restaurants this place is easily overlooked by passerbys. When you finally reach your destination by map, you would ring the doorbell and speak to a person inside who confirms your reservation. Next, you’ll be led inside where you can hang your coats and take pictures with the famous elevator…once upstairs you’ll have the choice of unlimited seafood and salad buffet and you main entree. Their food is pretty delicious…especially the unlimited lobster legs…lastly, will be unlimited servings of exquisite looking dessert.. And during the course of dinner, mickey mouse, donald duck and other characters might show up for pictures. Overall i must say it was a great honor to have had this experience…And the price of 100 something per person really isn’t bad if you calculate in the fact that you get a park hopper pass…

  178. Justin B.

    Pros: Friendly service, Mickey and Pluto walk around for pictures, seafood buffetCons: Pricey for the quality of the food ($100 per person for Sunday buffet/entree)I’ve always wanted to come here since I first found out about it years ago. Years have passed and I wasn’t able to get an in. The stars finally aligned and luckily our friend hooked myself and Kristin C. up with Sunday lunch reservation.Club 33 is located in New Orleans Square. When you get to the inconspicuous aqua green door, you just have to use the gold intercom and say your name. After they let you in, the first thing you notice is that the decor has a very Victorian feel to it. There’s even a tiny glass elevator.On Sundays, they feature a seafood buffet. The buffet has different types of salads, smoked salmon, crab legs and lobster tails. In addition to the seafood buffet, you have to order a main entree. I ended up getting the roasted chicken. Pretty good.Another cool thing was on Sundays, some park characters walk around the tables for pictures. I’m not ashamed that I took a couple pictures with Pluto and Mickey haha.Overall, the service and experience was cool, but I don’t know if the quality of the food justifies the price. Moreover, during the Sunday buffet, it’s about $100 per person and that’s in addition to your park admission (although you do get 20% discount if you’re dining at Club 33).I think it’s something you should do if you get the opportunity, but it’s not something I’d do again given the price. You’re definitely paying for the overall experience, not so much the food.

  179. Brian B.

    Um Hi, I’m a con artist and will do anything I can to eat here. Dad’s 50th birthday, I’m there. Friends got married and as a gift how about we take them here for dinner, sign me up. It’s one thing to go to Disneyland for your birthday or anniversary and get a button at the ticket window to let everyone else know what your reason for being there is. It’s a totally different feeling to go to Disneyland, spend the day at the parks and then duck into a bathroom or go back to the car and change into slacks and a shirt and tie. Everyone else is in sneakers and shorts and they look at you like you are crazy while you walk through the park to the Club 33 door. As an adult you might as well be dressed like a Disney Prince or Princess. If only they knew that their reservations at the Blue Bayou are nothing compared to your reservations. (Insert Evil Laugh Wahahaha)If you plan you dinner just right you can slip out onto one of the balconies to watch the Fantasmic show, although some of the view is obstructed by the trees. It’s still better than being squished between some strangers, their children and a stroller. Since being here usually goes with a celebration you might as well go all out. The Vintners menu with wine paring. It makes for an easy decision when everything looks so good. They will also make accommodations if there is something on the Vintners menu that disagrees with you. I don’t eat beef, the third course was chateaubriand medallion with a maui onion consomme which like magic became Citrus Marinated Duck Breast, Pear Croquette, Bell Pepper Gazpacho. On a side note, the Rock Lobster with Tree Ripened Peach Risotto and Charred Asparagus is worth starting a fight over. I’ve never wanted so badly to lick my plate. I don’t like to have a review that is so glowing, so to add a bit of realism to the story, our waiter was a bit of a grump at the beginning of the meal. He asked us how we knew the person we made out reservations through and then made a comment about how high up they were. I get what he was trying to do, but don’t. The rest of the staff was beyond wonderful and by the end of the meal out waiter had softened a bit and become more friendly. The 5 glasses of wine didn’t hurt either.Club 33 delivers the type of meal that you wish everyone could enjoy but secretly you are happy that they can’t because there wouldn’t be the same aura of mystery and sense of supreme jealousy. The happiest place on earth can be a little happier and Club 33 delivers that.

  180. Scott G.

    Having a father squarely rooted in the business world, I was afforded opportunities to do many cool things, like ride an elephant in the Ringling Brother’s Circus, attend numerous sporting events, travel to far off lands… Perhaps, one of the cooler things I got to do was dine at Club 33.Now, being that I was a kid, I really wasn’t that impressed, mainly because I probably didn’t know I should have been. I do remember my father telling me, at the time, that this was a special place and not very many people get to eat here, but it really didn’t register. He then also told me that this was THE ONLY PLACE at Disneyland where you could get a drink and I remember being more impressed with that than anything else. Even as a child, I took my drinking very seriously…Now, as an adult, I wish I would have savored that experience more because it is such a foggy, hazy memory. And, it is sad, that I remember more details about the rides and souvenirs we bought, than the meal. Damn, I was spoiled!

  181. Portia L.

    This place is pretty amazing and swanky. It’s got a dress attire and everything- rules about cellphones- you name it. My experience here was pretty sweet. I meant it’s not every day you get a “buffet” salad bar with all you can eat lobster, shrimp, and crab. It’s not exactly the freshest, since it tasted frozen, but it wasn’t bad. The service was great. I can’t complain because everyone was so NICE. Dessert bar… Oh boy. Don’t get me started!!!! Sugars and sweets here were so yummy.Now, for the entree, I ordered the lamb with polenta. I really liked it. Very good. It was so tender and cooked to perfection. I was so happy with the food. It’s not every day I get to taste food so flavorful.This place is CRAZY EXPENSIVE. Yes, I’m poor, and I got invited by a kind and generous friend. I paid 50 dollars for my lunch. I guess it’s not bad considering you get complimentary admissionThe 4 stars is because the seafood was frozen and not fresh. That is all. Other than that, this place is great drinks, food, service, and more.

  182. Ted A.

    Reviewing this is torture. Because most of you cannot even get in here. But if you do, then this is an amazing experience. We did it on Xmas eve! There is a very easy menu, the service is incredible as many as 4-5 service people taking care of your table at once. They are very formal and we dressed down and they treated us well [jeans] but lots of folks were dressed very very nicely. We planned to visit the park afterward – which we did, so dressing comfortable worked well – however my son wore a pare of stylish jeans with a hole in them, so these are not allowed and he wore a very stylish club 33 pin over the hole – hope he still has that pin!The best part is that we decided to start our lunch with Dessert – so we headed to the dessert buffet and it was done Disney Style – exceeding our fantasy’s for sweet things. We filled up so much we were not ready for lunch – but we managed to fit that in too. The food was terrific, the fillet could be cut with a fork, it was incredible!Everyone had a great meal and they had alcoholic drinks also – we decided to sample the champagne to celebrate Xmas – it was a great choice. There is an incredible seafood bar – cold of course and it had lobster, shrimp, calamari, really everything and it was connected to a great salad bar with an amazing soup.This was the best way to get ready for Xmas. No shopping the day before and just enjoying the whole family being together in a fantastic setting. Club 33 meets the Disney litmus test for fantasy and fantastic. It was a pricey investment but worth the cost.

  183. Melissa Q.

    Time to update my review and I must admit, dinner does not come remotely close to lunch. If I could, I’d give it 10 stars! no joke! After an exciting day at DCA and Disneyland, we fought the crowd of visitors waiting for the nightly firework show and rang that doorbell just outside the door marked only by the number 33. We were escorted inside and made our way through the Victorian decor above New Orleans square.Dinner does have a dress code, so if you get the privilege to attend, be sure men, wear collard shirts, ladies, as long as your blouse has sleeves, pants only, no shorts, and no flip flops. They indeed check you out head to toe to ensure you are within dress code Dinner does not have the cold appetizer buffet, everything is ala cart, from appetizers, to desserts and minimum purchase for food was $85, still not too shabby if you think about the fact it still includes the hopper pass. I opted for the Vintner, which is a five course dinning experience which is a MUST! At least in my opinion. The Vintner menu price is $90, and worth every pennyFirst CourseDuck Confit served atop a raspberry ride pudding – served chilled. The duck had a sweetness which was a treat for my taste buds and the ride pudding was more of an acquired taste which I quickly became accustomed to.Second CourseSpiced Rock shrimp, with steamed asparagus served with a mango Sumac Salsa- My absolute favorite! Don’t be alarmed by the mango salsa, it’s not your typical salsa. The shrimp had a spice that only enhanced the flavor. The shrimp literally melted in my mouth and had a explosion of sweet goodness when you dipped it in the mango salsa.Third CourseMarinated Hangar Steak served over a hollandaise sauce, with a sweet onion brioche – Steak was thinly cut, cooked medium, as it should be. The steak was so tender, a steak knife was not needed. The steak melted in my mouth and I savored every bite. The brioche was so delish that I wanted seconds. Fourth Course Regional Artisan cheese – An assortment of cheeses that I couldn’t even name then. Not my absolute favorite, some I loved, some was too sharp for my taste.Fifth Course – Mascarpone Lemon Cheese Cake with a Banana Foster’s Caramel reduction, with a petite banana shake. Cheese cake was a bit rich for me. The shake was my favorite of the duo. Sharing is caring, so when I tasted the creme brulee, I wished I had substituted for this instead.Service was excellent, always had our waters filled, and they ensured we were present when our food arrived. We stepped out into the balcony for a few minutes to catch a glimpse of fanstasmic, and our food was held for us until we came back into the dinning room.This was definitely a superb dining experience I can’t wait to have again.Note: This is exclusive and not everyone can go. You MUST know someone who is a member. if you’re not part of the cool crowd, sorry, can’t help you!

  184. Jason B.

    This was the most exclusive and prestigious establishment I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. I could write pages about my experience, but there is plenty of useful and interesting information available on the internet and in these reviews. Instead, I will simply agree with most of them and add my insight.If you are looking for the best food around; you should probably try someplace else. However, if you are looking for a place that has excellent service, is full of history and sure to impress your in-the-know peers, Disney fans, and Disney park guests; Club 33 is the place. If given the opportunity I would definitely return!

  185. Jamie C.

    I honestly couldn’t be more Impressed by this place. It’s been one of my long standing Disney DREAMS to dine here and check it off my bucket list. I’ve managed to come 3 times in the last 5 months (twice on my honeymoon and once on my very belated bachelorette party) and I have to say every time has been well worth the money and worth the time staying away from the park. The staff is AMAZING, super accommodating to my gluten intolerance needs (they act like its no big deal) and super nice. Best filet I’ve ever had plus the buffet full of prawns, lobster, crab legs, soup, salads, caprese and so much more are always fresh and delicious. The dessert buffet is also a treat (gluten free flourless chocolate cake and creme brûlée= amazingness). Variety of macaroon and sparkling cookies and cupcakes just reminds us of how the Imagineers along with the chiefs are always thinking of something fabulous to do!The Club is full of history! Ask a cast member to point things out of interest. Look around for “somebodys”, and don’t forget to use the ladies room… Nothing better than a throne toilet right? Have a drink while Mickey and Goofy have a visit at your table and act like a kid, best time ever.If you have the ability to visit this restaurant… DO IT! You won’t be disappointed.

  186. Allison S.

    I finally made it! Finding the entrance wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but that was probably because there was a horde of people outside. After taking the elevator up, we found ourselves by a buffet line and then our table. The lunch buffet consisted of various salads, cold cuts, cheeses, and small bites. My favorites were the caesar salad and the cream of mushroom soup. My main entree was a lobster pasta that was pretty good. The BF had the salmon which was even better. The service was great and our server was really friendly and told us a lot about the history of the club. As for dessert, the dessert table was all decked out with various Mickey-shaped desserts which was too adorable too resist. The food is good but not somewhere I would be dying to return; I still prefer Napa Rose in The Grand Californian as my favorite fine dining in Disney.Some notes: 1) I would have loved to roam the restaurant and look at all the memorabilia but there were so many people! Very fascinating if you are a big Disney buff. 2) Comes with a free park-hopper pass for the day. 3) No special parking, so you have to fork up the $15. Instead of paying, we actually parked at Downtown Disney and had it validated so that meant it was free for 5 hours.

  187. Clay H.

    A friend of a friend of a friend got us in. If you get a change to go you should. Food and drinks(yes, cocktail) are awesome. It’s worth the money.

  188. StripClub431

    For all the hype and excitement surrounding this private club, it really isn’t that great. The food is exactly the same as that sold in the park with really high pricing. If you ever join this club and can afford it, it’s only worth your money if you can watch the firework show. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

  189. billtheguy12

    I wish I could say it was overrated and that you shouldn’t trouble yourself trying to find your way in. I cannot in good conscience say that because you should do everything in your power to find a way, this place is what Disney dreams are made of. The food was delicious and the staff were so kind and understanding of my fan girl status. I went for lunch and the food is pricey. They had a four course option for $70 or a five course option for $80. I had quail for my first course which was so juicy and tender I was in love. The frisée salad was a work of art believe it or not that was my favorite course and I am not a salad person. I’m embarrassed to say when my waiter asked about the food, I gushed all over him about how out of this world my salad was. The filet mignon was very good it had two small potatoes that were gross though they weren’t cooked through. My friends lamb was the winner on this course I wish I had ordered that instead. Finally, I had the dark chocolate fruit and nut tart which was awesome if you are a chocolate covered nuts person this is for you. Ultimately, I got to spend way to much money on merch, saw some cool stuff (Mary Poppins prop), and lorded myself over Disneyland from the balcony. I hope to come back but I will always remember my first trip.

  190. Trianda M.

    I feel extremely blessed to have been able to dine here. It is very difficult to get a membership and memberships are extremely expensive not to mention the waiting list is like 10 years long or something crazy like that.It’s been a few years since I was there, so from what I remember the food/wine/service was all wonderful. But I did feel it was a bit stuffy to be in the middle of Disney and there were people dressed nicely and people dressed like, well, they just came from the park.My understanding of this place is that Walt’s intent for this area has gotten away from them (Disney). This is not supposed to be a place that the public can join. So, though I loved being able to experience it, there is something that doesn’t sit well with me that his intent for this place is not being carried out. This was supposed to be a place for him and his friends to relax, visit the park and hang out. Not just for anyone with the $$$.The story is that they wanted the public to experience it (I call BS. I’m sure they wanted the money. But that’s a great cover story.)Anyway, love that I had the opportunity to go in, buy my hat and wear it proudly every time I visit Disney. I have a pass so that’s often. But I love even more when I’m asked how I got the hat and can answer that I bought it in the club. 🙂 Most Disney employees won’t even be able to see the inside of this place so it’s an amazing experience.Only gave this venue a 4 star and not a 5 due to them pretty much opening it up to the public for a hefty price. That kind of loses it’s exclusivity IMO. I would’ve much rather gone in with one of Walt’s pals. (not that I know any. lol)If you have a chance to visit, DO NOT pass it up! And buy a hat! 🙂

  191. Smudge T.

    It’s a restaurant. It’s an attraction. It’s an institution. It’s a legend. It was a PRIVILEGE! So, my friend and I scored an invite to the elusive/exclusive CLUB 33 a couple of weeks before it closed for refurbishment, with our goal to experience the Club in it’s original and historic format. There is a LOT of hubbub amongst members about the changes, and with good reason (we’ll get to that later). Not to add to the Disney cult side of this place, but I admit, there is something quite special in being able to lift the famous brass panel and push the buzzer button to let you inside. There is something special about the glow and feel of being inside; of taking the lift upstairs; of having excellent service and excellent cuisine handed to you. All-in-all, for us, this was the BEST. DISNEY. EXPERIENCE. EVER.Our server was Jerilynn – awesome in every way! But the thing we noticed is that everyone works together as a great TEAM. Other people worth mentioning were Chase and Timothy.The dinner was GREAT. We both had rack of lamb and it was my friend’s birthday, so he got a very special chocolate mousse for desert that we chowed down on. There was also a dessert buffet with GIANT gingerbread men (our server gave us four extra ones to go). We also got a great tour of the Club from our server. What was exclusive, was that we got to see all the interior before the refurbishment. What is changing and what is causing all the controversies are:- Walt’s “original trophy room” will no longer exist (one of the best rooms in the club).- The original lift is going to be on display, replaced by a new, handicapped-accessible lift.- The logo was apparently never copy written (hard to believe for Disney), so a new logo will be in place.- There will be a new jazz piano lounge (which, according to our server, was part of Walt’s original vision).- There will be more seating, allowing the Club to send out invites to an additional 80 persons.I could go on an on, but this is the gist of our experience. We can’t wait to go back after the refurbishment. If you can score an invite to the Club, DO IT!! This was really the ultimate Disneyland experience for a couple of Disney freaks. If you want great food while the refurbishment is in progress, visit Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel, where the Club 33 chef, Marcel St. Pierre is currently cooking up a storm!

  192. Ryan P.

    I had the pleasure of dining here just last night. Should you believe the hype? Yes.I ordered an expertly prepared mint julep (not to be confused with the green beverage served at the French Market downstairs), and an equally expertly prepared old fashioned to start off. We then snacked on an artisan cheese plate (delicious bleu with a derby port and derby sage) and duck profiteroles (little puff pastry with duck confit). After this we selected, with help from Eric the sommelier, a Russian River pinot noir and began our main course. We decided that since this was a special occasion (I’m sure you’ve heard, but you can’t simply walk in to Club 33) we would order what we wanted. We all wanted the same thing. Filet of chateaubriand in a port reduction sauce, potatos, grape tomatos and green beans. This description does not do this meal justice. There are probably some fancier names for the potatos, tomatos and green beans but I was singularly focused on only one thing. Filet of chateaubriand. I don’t know that I’ve had a better steak anywhere ever. It was unbelievable. It was one of those experiences where, upon your first bite, you could be completely content. You could pack it in and call it a night, but instead you clean every last reduced port drop and tomato seed off of your plate. Moving on from there, we ordered dessert. While J did not receive the dessert that she ordered, Alestair, our waiter, compensated by giving us souvenier pens. I thought that was cool. The three that we received were a flouless chocolate cake, a caramel cheese cake with just about everything else in the world on top of it and a dense almond cake with strawberries and strawberry panacota. These desserts were augmented by some Remy Martin cognac and the fireworks show which we could just make out from the balcony. The night ended with a guided tour of the premises courtesy of our waiter. There is so much history and so much character to this place I learn something new each time. If you get a chance to go, do it. I married into a membership, so this was my fourth trip. It is worth it especially considering the continually rising costs for admission to the happiest place on earth.And a word to the wise, they are strictly enforcing the dress code. We actually had to buy collared shirts, pants and dresses in Downtown Disney before they would admit us for dinner.

  193. Laurel M.

    Once in a lifetime experience for me. I had the chance to go with a kind, generous woman from my running group. She took me, my boyfriend, and some other runners for completing the Tinkerbell half marathon. We pushed the coveted doorbell and were asked for our reservation name, then in we went! It was like stepping into another world! The hostess was incredibly kind and put up with our tourist tendencies- taking our pictures here and there, and sending us on our way to the restaurant via the charming little elevator. Once we arrived we were led past the full bar and to a beautiful dining room. Here’s a tip so you don’t look too newbie: no flash photography in the dining room! But unflashed pictures are ok :)We were seated and given beautiful menus (yes, I thought everything was beautiful!). Our waiter was sweet and funny and full of good stories. I liked that! Took our drink orders. The service was good- timely, yet I didn’t feel rushed, and that we had ample time to chat. We ordered our main courses and appetizers. I had the cheese plate and Chateaubriand. The cheese were delicious! My main course was cooked to perfection. As we waited for our main course, and once we finished, we were free to wander a bit. All the doors are accessible to restaurant patrons and it’s pretty darn cool to go out on the balcony and watch people enjoying their day or night at Disneyland. Of course, I paid the ladies room a visit with my camera- gotta get a picture of the Victorian toilet!The dessert tray had a wonderful variety and I had the s’more. Mmmm I get happy just thinking about it! After that, it was time to pay our bill. They make a point of telling you that you’re allowed to keep the pen, probably because so many people help themselves! There is a souvenir case with some pretty spendy-priced items you can take home. I chose a mug, it was $20. I’m told they change frequently, but when I went (mid Jan 2013) they offered polos, lapel pins, key chains, and mugs. As we were leaving we caught a glimpse of actor Sean Astin enjoying a dinner with his family in the trophy room- the big dining room you first see when you enter. They were nice about letting us take pictures of the animatronic crow in the corner of the room. It was amazing and I will never forget it! Don’t forget to dress nice! Also fun to ask your server one of his favorite memories!

  194. Raymond H.

    FOOD D-SERVICE B-AMBIANCE CDRINKS B-OVERALL EXPERIENCE CFood was cold and meats were all undercooked if not raw. One in my party had duck served raw. My filet was ordered MW and I got it Rare+. Sides of veggies and potatoes cold, not even warm. NOT VERY GOOD. 4th visit and worst yet.

  195. D.J. Y.


  196. Monica H.

    Ok, here’s the inside scoop from an outsider who was lucky enough to go to Club 33 a week ago. This is a LUNCH review.A member or an affiliate (relative of a member) has to make the reservation. With the reservation comes a park hopper ticket for each person (score!) At your reservation time, you go up to the Club 33 door by the exit from the Pirates of the Carribean ride. You push a button on the wall and the hostess will take your information and open the door when they’re ready for you. You go upstairs into a very fancy dining room and sit down, where someone will take your drink order. Alcoholic drinks are like $8, but it’s worth it, because it’s the only place in Disneyland where you can get them and they are STRONG. Then you order your entree ($75 a plate no matter what you get, so you might as well go for the filet). ATTENTION: YOU CAN MAKE SUBSTITUTIONS. If you want the best overall meal, get the filet mignon with the truffle mac and cheese.Then you go ahead to the extensive appetizer buffet, which has a number of cheeses and breads, veggies, cold seafood, and many salads. This was a huge success. I had the salmon which was so so with risotto which was kinda blah. I wish I had had the filet. The desert buffet is open during the whole meal, so you can have dessert first if you want. But nothing was really that spectacular in my opinion. Oh well. Overall, the service was fantastic, I think it was a steal because you get the parkhopper tickets, and it was a fun, unusual experience.A word on the DRESS CODE: You can wear jeans. Even if you are a girl. I would stay away from sandals though, even fancy ones. Be CLEAN, NO holes, and try not to wear a t-shirt. You should be fine.

  197. Evett O.

    CLUB 33.WOW… I’m kinda a Disney freak… so I’ve been waiting as long as I can remember to go to this place ever since I found out about the ultra exclusiveness of it.I never thought this day would come… but it did! And it did NOT disappoint! First off I will say the FOOD is AH-MAAA-ZINNNG and the service is fit for royalty! Our servers Curt & Salvador were so helpful, accommodating and wonderful…. And to top it off they showered us with cool tips & fun facts about Club 33… so I was squealing with joy! Anywhos- I ordered the Filet of Chateaubriand for my dinner entrée. It came with a salad to start… an authentic tasting Cesear Salad that was oh so creamy from the egg yolk! Although I didn’t see any anchovies, it had that nice tang of saltiness that sure tasted good! Then the second course was a mind blowing Crab Cake! I LOVE crab cakes… so I order it a lot but MAN o MAN! This crab cake was like 99.9% deliciously sweet & flavorful crab meat and like .1% filler (bread crumbs & other stuff)! I can honestly say out of all the crab cakes I have ever eaten… this was hands down the BEST! (The famous Maryland Crabcake comes in at a distant second! It was previously hands down my favorite…) The creamy white sauce and fried shallots on top & the perfect bed of veggies the crab cake sat on also helped this crab cake blow my mindNow for the entrée. The Filet of Chateaubriand was BOMB.COM. I ordered it Medium and it came with a side of mashed potato and a medley of veggies!The meat literally melted in my mouth and was better than a Filet Mignon! (my mouth is watering as I write this)The port reduction sauce on top was seriously heavenly and tied everything together!For dessert, we had the Crème brûlée with crème fresh and fresh berries. The dessert was good but I was way too full to finish it! The layer of hard caramel on the brûlée was perfect! (but the winner of BEST crème brûlée still goes to D Bar Desserts in Colorado!) Along with the amazing food & amazing experience… we ordered the amazing Blue Bayou cocktails (actually ordered 2) because they came highly recommended and they were DELISH not to mention very strong!! And when I say strong… they are STRONG! so get ready to walk it off in the park before you drive home!All in all. This was a great experience and hopefully I can go back one day!Until then, Ill keep dreaming about the crab cakes!

  198. Heather M.

    Forget everything you’ve heard about this place. Because until you go, you just can’t understand how amazing Club 33 really is. Regardless if you’re a Disneyland fan or just a big-time foodie, this is a place you need to dine at. If anything, just to say you’ve been. Once you walk through the door, you literally are transplanted back into the 1920’s. In fact, I doubt much has changed since 1955. And that is what makes this place so magical. The staff are friendly and very attentive. Regardless if you’re regulars or it’s your first time attending, they treat you like royalty. And of course, there is the food. We went for dinner, so we had two dining choice options. The first was a seasonal five-course prix fixe menu. The second was an a la carte appetizer and entrée menu. My entire party chose the latter since the prix fixe menu didn’t allow for dining options. There are about five or six appetizer and dining options. The majority of my party chose the crab cakes for an appetizer and the filet, which they are known for, as an entrée. And we were not disappointed. The crab cakes are 98% crab, with just enough filler to keep them together. When you bite into them you get the sweet, succulent taste of lump crab with just enough sauce on it to compliment all the ingredients. The filet is to die for. It’s thick, rich, and tastes as fresh as can be. It’s accompanied by mashed potatoes in a yummy cabernet reduction. There was a small amount of other vegetables on the plate, I’m assuming for show, as they added nothing to the dish. The steaks were cooked perfectly to order. We had one vegan diner with us and therefore received a vegan-inspired meal that was not on the menu. It consisted of potato croquettes, spinach, bok choy, and other veggies accompanied by sweet red sauce (not sure what it was). It was good but I’m glad I’m not a vegan. And then came the dessert. In one word, it was exquisite. There were four or five options. I ordered the chocolate bomb, which consisted of chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache. Then there was a lemon cheesecake with vanilla and bananas foster and a creme brulee with a fruit and whipped cream side. Every dessert was so sinfully delicious that I’d seriously would walk ten miles, in the snow, backwards, blindfolded, just to take another bite of any of them. All in all, this place exceeded my expectations. My only regret is that I most likely will never have a membership of my own to this hidden gem within the walls of the happiest place on earth. I only hope to keep the connection I have so that I may once again grace the walls of this memorable landmark.

  199. Deb L.

    We have been here many times and just when I thought lunch was awesome, they truly out did their new menu at their newly remodeled location. Prices are set like most upscale restaurants where you pay for 5 or 6 courses for a set amount…reasonable pricing too. Before dinner was a la cart (I actually never cared for their dinner menu before) and an appetizer, entree and dessert already had me close to $150…for 5 courses, I paid less and so worth it! Although some may complain portion size is small, but this isn’t Chili’s….and even so, still fills you. I was very pleased with their new menu styling and enjoyed every bite.

  200. Geoff D.

    Five Stars all the way! We were seated at a table by the balcony with really great views of New Orleans Square and beyond. The service was impeccable! Our server was very friendly and didn’t miss a beat. We were encouraged to step out on the balcony to enjoy the views and they even insisted on taking our pictures while we were out there so we had some memories from the fabulous evening. Everything was simply delicious and exactly as ordered. Yes, it is true, there is a dress code. Calm down! You don’t have to wear a tuxedo or black tie. They did call us the day before to confirm our reservation and mentioned acceptable dinner wear. No need to panic or run out and buy a new outfit (unless you want to). We were fine in khakis and a collared shirt. Not too fussy. Is it expensive? Well, yes, it is extremely expensive. Is it worth it? Absolutely. LOVED EVERY MINUTE of our evening and this was my fourth time dining at Club 33. So, if you have an opportunity to go…jump on it and enjoy every minute of the experience.

  201. fuckery12

    Seeing that I am an annual Disneyland pass holder, when I was told I was going to Club 33 for lunch I was ecstatic to say the least! This one of a kind experience is something I will never forget and I can only hope this is a place that I will visit for a second time. The experience was extremely unique, walking through the front door (located in New Orleans Square next to the Pirates of the Caribbean exit), I was taken back by the decor. After going upstairs via the French Lift, we were immediately taken to our table where we enjoyed a pre- lunch buffet that consisted of fresh salmon, assorted salads, veggies, soup, etc. On the opposite wall was a dessert bar filled with cakes, puddings and fresh fruit as well. Essentially, Club 33 is the only place in Disneyland where one can enjoy an alcoholic beverage if they choose and I of course took advantage of this perk :). After sitting down for lunch I made my selection (Braised Lamb Osso Bucco) and it was an amazing dish with an incredible amount of flavor and tenderness. Hands down dining here was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had at a restaurant. If given the opportunity to go, do not cheat yourself out of the experience. Essentially, the amount of the lunch/dinner is equivalent to about what it would cost to get into the park for a day ($75 to $80), but it is definitely worth it!

  202. Shirley G.

    For the price of a meal at Club 33, you get exclusive entrance into this “secret” restaurant in New Orleans and you have full access to the park! So in that respect, the price of the meal pays for itself. As for whether the food is good – I mean, it’s not anything particularly extravagant or anything to brag about, but it’s decent restaurant food with salad and dessert bar that I would probably rate as the kind of food served at a 4-star hotel. But it’s a lot of fun to go and if you have the chance, take it! Experiencing the dining, looking at all the decor and keepsake items and just being able to say you’ve eaten at the exclusive Club 33 is worth it. Champagne and taking pictures with Mickey and Goofy at the table was fun as well! 🙂

  203. Julia H.

    A great, totally fun place if you’re a disney fan or just like good food.A shout-out to any vegans or vegetarians out there — the chef is very helpful and accommodating. I ate there last year and wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but they made me a special entree of lentils, couscous and vegetables that was really delicious! So you’ll be in good hands. Some of the vegetables at the buffet do have butter, but the staff is knowledgeable so just ask.Such a special place and totally worth it, provided you have a way to get in of course. 🙂

  204. Jenn N.

    From the Club 33 Official History Sheet:”Years ago, Walt Disney felt that a special place was needed where he could entertain visiting dignitaries and others in a quiet, serene atmosphere where superb cuisine and distinctive decor would complement one another.”Unfortunately, some members have lost sight of this. Dining at Club 33 was a dream come true for me. It was something I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to do. I know that some members have the luxury of visiting many times. For most, it is a once or twice in a lifetime thing. It is my wish that the members are reminded to respect Walt’s concept, for themselves and for everyone that is lucky enough to visit.Aside from a very loud, obnoxious group of ladies that decided Club 33 was a perfect place to: celebrate a birthday, dress in tacky red t-shirts, drink too much, chant, sing, scream, and bang on their table – the whole Club 33 experience was mind bending for me. I will note that our server was very apologetic for the disturbance of the loud group. We got to sit in the trophy room and I was in awe. I had heard stories and saw pictures but I was actually sitting below the hidden microphone! The lunch buffet was wonderful. The shrimp and crab were fresh and prepared perfectly. I ordered the organic free ranch chicken with truffled mac and cheese. It was served with asparagus and everything was cooked to perfection. The Mr. ordered the pan seared chateaubriand with a cabernet demi-glace. It seemed to be the most popular choice at our table. When I stole a bite, I understood why. The dessert buffet was magical. Gold Club 33 designs dusted the eclairs & cookies. Golden pixie dust adorned the cupcakes. The pineapple upside down cake was divine.As we made our way up the lift to the restaurant, I was face to face with a picture of Walt and Shirley Temple. I couldn’t help but get a little emotional. It tugged at my heart strings and reminded me of my Mother. Suddenly, this wasn’t just a once in a lifetime experience, it was a personal moment that I will never forget.We bought some merchandise from the display and they let us go out onto the balcony to snap a few pictures. Thank you to my wonderful husband for giving me the opportunity to experience this. I hope I will get the chance to return someday.

  205. Brock H.

    I recently renewed my membership after joining in April 2007. I almost canceled after waiting 10 years to join. Here’s why. The service at the restaurant is TERRIBLE.Almost every time we have gone there it has been a massive, baffling disappointment. And I don’t mean the plates and cups. I mean, getting a smile or a welcome out of our servers is like pulling teeth. We were once there with some guests and asked our server for some history and stories about the restaurant – he didn’t say a word, but came back with some faded office photocopies about the place and began handing them out.We dined there with about 15 people a few weeks ago and it was a big disappointment.The server was unexcited and sullen, like a burnt-out diner waitress. Her recitation of the options that our group could order had no fun, no energy – people thought she was joking. I told her the bride and groom (it was a wedding lunch) were sitting over there and could we have some drinks with light-up trinkets? She had to REALLY think about it. There were some no-shows that we had to pay for – she saw fit to tell us that in front of our guests, making everyone feel a little awkward. I gently asked her to discuss the bill, as well as any business matters, with me, away from the table and our guests.The gentlemen assisting her was blank-faced and dull – I asked him twice to get us something and both times he pointed at the waitress and and said “I will pass along your request.” I thought, gee, sorry for bothering you.Now of all this is not uncommon in the restaurant business but DISNEYLAND? I mean, this is where the people who take your money to PARK say “Welcome!” with a huge smile.It’s almost as if the rigorous culture of incredible warmth and customer service stops dead at the secret door, and who knows why. And these people are getting tips (big ones, too – 18% added on).We have complained a couple of times to the manager and were told that we can’t always get our server because it’s “union” and there are rules. Well, sorry, but for the money we spend you guys need to do better. Even the welcome at the front door is always awkward and silent. I’m tired of going there and “hosting” my guests to keep them excited about the place, and I’m tired of hearing my wife prep people for the service (“We will try to get you our favorite waiter but be warned….”).Overall, fun for guests, but the 14yr waiting list to become a member? Skip.

  206. Katrina N.

    After hearing how super exclusive this place is, I had to try it with the help from a friend with connections. After hanging around Disney for a bit, we went in for reservations at 12. So what’s cool about this place is you wouldn’t even know this place existed. There are no signs saying there is a restaurant, there are no door nobs, but just a doorbell for someone to ring you in. The only reason we were able to locate this place was a simple “33” small marking on the outside. So after ringing the doorbell, the hostess let us in and we checked in our bags and took us up the elevator to the second floor. The place is decorated in a very classic, old/antique-ish looking decor. Everything is very elegant and demure (if a place can be demure). She took us past the buffet tables and let us know we can help ourselves any time. I saw crabs, and tiny cups for soup, and desserts, and really high end food. After seating us, a waiter came and took our drinks and orders. The buffet food was excellent, fresh, and tasty, I kept coming back for the lobster bisque, 1 because it was So good, and 2 it was served in these cute coffee cups. The dish I ordered was good as well. I had the chillean sea bass. Just melts in your mouth. The only negative thing, I probably wont come back because lunch was $80! It was good but once in a lifetime experience.

  207. Kate F.

    What a special treat that I was even able to come here! Once I found out that I was able to get reservations I decided to suprise my other and grandma and go here for lunch on a Saturday. My husband also came with us. They called the day before to confirm which is when I asked for clairification around the dress code. The man on the phone said not to worry about it, just wear what you were going to wear to the park. I dont know if this is true, but I saw many flip flops and tank tops that really surprised me. We arrived 10 minutes before our reservation and rang the bell. Right away the door opened and we were escorted into the restaurant. Everyone was very friendly and the place was beautiful others have mentioned about the decor and the elevator so I wont go into that.While taking us to our seats we walked by the beautiful appetizer buffet, the dessert buffet, and the bar into the main dining room. We were seated by a window which was perfect because we could see all the people below and we had a nice view of the water. Our server was nice and explained the process. We ordered our drinks and were off to the appetizer buffet. There I helped myself to lots of bread, some delicious oils (they had citrus, truffle, apple, strawberry, ect), crab claws, shrimp, lobster tails, spring rolls, and cheese and meats. All of which were delicious. I really enjoyed all the unique oils though. For our main meal we ordered the lamb, steak, and chicken. All were delicious but the lamb was by far the best. The sauce they put on the lamb was amazing and it was cooked perfectly! It came with red cabbage that was the perfect contrast of flavors. The truffle mac n cheese that came with the chicken was also tasty. The steak was good as well. I def would recommend the lamb though!!The dessert buffet was also a treat. Lots to choose from..cheesecake, smores, creme brulee, and they brought out a special dessert for my grandmas birthday that had mickey on it! I also enjoyed their coffee at the end of the meal.The worst part of the meal was getting that check….dang! I will say, that although it is expensive its not just about the food its about the experience. I had a great time, and even though that bill hurt I am already thinking about when I can go again 🙂

  208. Kevin H.

    This place was on my bucket list and figured that it would likely remain on the to do list largely because the waiting list is several years long to become a member and the membership fee is more than I make in a year. Well the good lord smiled down on me, he blessed my friend with a membership to Club 33 and I was the fortunate recipient of two Club 33 guest passes and reservations for lunch on my 40th birthday. The Food & Service was 2nd to none, the atmosphere was warm & elegant, the history of the decor interesting. They have a appetizer buffet with mind blowing dishes, lobster, cracked crab claws, shrimp, bruschetta, and much much more. When you see a play of food that looks disorganized it was from my trip to the buffet. For my main corse I order Colorado Rack of Lamb served in a bacon reduction sauce. Oh my….. They were to die for, flavor, texture and presentation were spot on. It was my birthday so we got extra attention from the Disney characters who presented me with my very own special chocolate truffle dessert. First class service all the way around. Club 33 also offers a number of dessert options at their desert bar, this bar is a step above anything else I’ve ever seen. If you ever have the chance to go please do pass it up.

  209. Cathleene F.

    my favorite place for Saturday evening drinks and dinner….atmosphere and friends make it the place to be.

  210. Cheryl R.

    Okay everyone pretty much nailed this one on the head, so I’ll list everything out and make this quick:-I’ve been here twice…both times were great experiences!-Super cool secret entrance where you have to give your reservation to get in. It feels like you’re in a secret society!-If you can get reservations, I’ve heard that dinner is more impressive than lunch. The cost ~$100/person is worth the food as well as the all-day park passes.-The food is DELICIOUS!! (note I’ve only done dinner) Don’t forget the wine pairing with the 5-course menu!-The ambiance is something from a movie…old antique furniture, with a lot of Disney movie memorabilia. When you first walk into Club 33, be sure to use the old elevator instead of walking up the stairs.-The service is amazing…they sure know how to keep that water glass full!-Totally random, but the ladies’ restroom is so elegant! =) There is a vanity, and one of the toilets look like thrones!-Be sure to wear appropriate clothes or you will stick out (I know that’s difficult to do at Disneyland, but maybe keep your nice clothes in a locker until you are ready to head to the club) Okay that’s all. If you ever get the chance, enjoy the magic and exclusivity of Club 33!!

  211. Alicia S.

    Truffle mac n cheese. Seriously. Great food, great drinks, amazing location. I’ve been there for both lunch and dinner; for lunch they have a full appetizer buffet, main course, and dessert buffet that is awesome. When we went for dinner we got individual tasting appetizers in addition to our main course and dessert. The food was of course amazing and both times the chef made a special vegetarian option for me. It you get the chance to go, its a great experience all around. Definitely a splurge, but well worth it!

  212. Tony N.

    For an ultra exclusive place, I was actually suprised by the food. Don’t get me wrong, the food was great. I was there for a corporate event and it was the buffet for us. The selection was great and everything was good, some was outstanding. The best thing about Club 33 is the service and atmosphere. You ring the service bell in front of the door with the “33” on it. Give your name and party you are with. One of the Disney crew opens the door dressed in the “Orleans” theme outfit. you ride up an old fashioned elevator to the 2nd floor. Once on the 2nd floor, there are several rooms, all beautifully decorated. Once seated and the food begins, the service was great. We had a table of 15 ppl and there must have been at least 6 ppl serving us. Mind you, our group had the buffet, so there was not much service, but the staff was great. everytime you left you seat, you came back to a clean area, all crumbs were removed, napkins refolded, and all drinks filled to the top. Overall, it was a great event. I would have given a four, but I learn about the price for membership and then the cost of each individual meal. I just dont think it is worth that much.

  213. Gabe P.

    Great chance to get there invited by friend who works for company that has a corporate membership. Food is really awesome and service is great! Best Chateaubriand I ever had and buffet was great. Got to take pictures with visiting Mickey and Pluto and watched the park from the balcony, totally enjoyed and happy to be invited there. It’s $100 per person but the exclusivity and privilege to get in there is totally worth it. Got the shot glass for $15 but they have other more expensive exclusive gifts too. Great experience over all, used the free pass to DL and CA all day too.

  214. Michael U.

    I was very lucky to be able to come here thanks to a very kind friend who has a membership. First, if you have to chance to come here take it! It may be expensive and the rules may be a bit of a pain for some but it is very much worth it! I came here for my birthday with my parents and brother. You first have to find the door and secret doorbell and an attendant meets you at the door to confirm your reservation. Once inside there is a small waiting area with a lovely old time elevator. The ambiance of this place is really very beautiful. It’s very classical with different art on the wall and everything is very hand crafted and antique. We came during lunch time and the entree menu is fairly limited however it includes access the the buffet which has a lot of different items from lobster to caviar to salad. I ordered the crab stuffed lobster tail and it was absolutely delicious. Club 33 is also the only place in Disneyland where you can order an alcoholic beverage so I recommend doing so, my gin and tonic was very tastey. The staff are very professional and very kind, especially if you’ve never been there before. They are more than happy to answer any question and/or give you a brief history of Club 33. The desserts were very yummy and I was even brought a happy birthday cake for my birthday. My favorite was the chocolate dipped smores. Although this place is very expensive (no less than $100 per person) I would highly recommend it at least once, especially for a special occasion. P.S. – Make sure to check the dress code before entering, they are fairly strict about it

  215. Kristine B.

    I went to Club 33 two weekends ago and we were all really excited since it was our first time. Let me start off my saying the service at the front desk and check in was superb, the honey lime-aid was a great refresher while we waited for our table. This is the only reason why I’m giving anything above a 1 star. However everything after check in went downhill from there. First off, the dining area was completely empty except for one other table when we arrived, yet we get sat right next to them. Not an issue, per se, but it would’ve been nice to have a little more privacy. Our server was an older lady and she was moving slow, took at least 15 mins just to come back after we were handed the menus. Our party had kids and as kids do they were getting bored. We were promised crayons and coloring pages which another table got before us even though we were sat first. The worst part was the food. There is the saying that the customer is always right, but apparently that doesn’t apply to the chef at Club 33. My mother ordered the lamb well done, because that’s how she likes lamb; is it the standard for foodies?: no; but it’s how she wanted to eat her meal. The first time out the lamb is practically raw in the middle. We send it back, at which point the server agrees with us that it is undercooked and even admits that the chef is stubborn and cooks things the way he cooks things! We get it back a second time and it’s basically the same: RAW. The third time it comes back and basically you could tell he re-fired half of the chop we sent back and not the whole serving (it was completely straight on one side where we cut to check the meat). By the time my mother got her meal the way she wanted, the rest of the family has finished their main course and therefore had to wait almost another half hour for dessert. By this time one of the kids had fallen asleep so we asked for her meal to be boxed when it came out, which they also didn’t do til we asked them a second time. The manager did come by to apologize, and offered a fast pass for anything in the park, so we asked for tickets to the new Frozen show. He came back and said that wasn’t possible, so all we got was a fast pass for pirates of the Caribbean. They offered no kind of discount for the meal or any of the souvenirs we bought to cushion the blow of the disappointment my mother experienced (who was the most excited for the meal.) The previous day we are at the Blue Bayou which I highly recommend. Food isn’t as fancy, but it’s good. Ask for Matt, a server who was kind and anticipated all of our needs before we even asked for anything. If you ask me they should switch the staff out at Club 33 with Blue Bayou’s. Especially the chef!

  216. susie l.

    Club 33 is the definition of a 5 star experience. Just a reminder, there is a strict dress code. Our server was perfect!!! Appetizer, entree and desert was as good as it gets.

  217. Eric J.

    I’ve been there!!! Bow tie pasta shaped like Mickey Mouse. I for stuffed! ! Awesome place you have to go at least once! !!

  218. Amy C.

    I love Club 33 because …1) It’s an oasis from the masses!2) It’s exclusive.3) The food is delicious. 4) The staff is amazing.5) The drinks are STRONG.My favorite moment there was when a couple of the Disney characters visited the dining room. Mickey came up behind one of our guys and started to rub his shoulders. “Oh Mickey!”

  219. kristen y.

    Yay! I went to Club 33! Although I have been here once before, my experience this time was far better. It was truly fabulous. The service is superb. I love having my napkin folded when I leave the table. My sister is allergic to nuts so they made sure her entire meal was nut free and even brought out special bread just for her. Although the meal is a little pricey, I figure I didn’t have to pay for a day’s admission so it was no big deal. I looked out a window to the people below. Some were staring up at the 2nd floor windows trying to figure out what was up there. If only they knew! We did the Vintner – the 5 course meal. If there are any items you don’t care for, they gladly substitue something else for you. The bathrooms were so beautiful. I loved using the paper towels with the gold embossed 33 logo on them. I was hoping to see a celebrity but I didn’t notice any. I was too distracted by the ambiance. So if you are privileged enough to go, enjoy!

  220. Minnow N.

    The club is very “exclusive”. They let you take the old elevator up but it’s very tight on space. I can walk a flight of stairs especially if I’m going to gorge on the buffet. :)I had the chateaubriand with truffle Mac and cheese. It was cooked perfectly to my taste (medium rare). The appetizer buffet offered lobster tails, cheeses, crab, deli meats, and more. It was very ver filling. The dessert buffet also offered a wide variety of sweets. The staff are amazing and extremely attentive. Sometimes a it too attentive where we found ourselves whispering to keep some conversations private.Overall the food was very good and the service very nice and accommodating. I enjoyed it very much and a deal since lunch came with free park hopper admittance.

  221. James-Michael P.

    Went here for a birthday party and got to sit in the cozy dining room with the vulture. We had a great host who gave us a tour after we ate. The vintage elevator was a nice experience and very smooth. I was impressed with the quality of food at Club 33. I read some reviews that had me concerned, but the seafood especially was good. They had lobster, shrimp and crab claws, which were naturally sweet and didn’t even need lemon or sauce. The dessert selection is OMG. I was especially shocked at the flavor and texture of the macaroons. I don’t like them as a rule, but they way the cook them combined with dipping the ears in chocolate made for a heavenly treat.

  222. Jack M.

    Literally hidden away in secrecy. Were one of the lucky members who are able to come here every time were here. The food here is beyond amazing! Mouth watering and simply delicious. Whoever gives this place three stars, must have no taste buds. The first course was Duck Confit with a raspberry rice pudding and roast shallot confit topped with hydro watercress. I felt like I was a judge on the show “The Next Iron Chef!” DELICIOUS! The second course was rock shrimp with steamed asparagus on a mango reduction. One word: AMAZING! Third course was a marinated steak with a sweet onion challah turnover and a aroma scented hollandaise. The hollandaise was too overpowering but the steak was magnificent, by far the BEST meal I’ve ever had. Fourth couse was artisan cheeses. To be honest, it was one of my favorite courses! Top notch! Last course deserves it’s own review. The mascarpone lemon cheese cake with a banana caramel reduction was so delicious that it made me stop for a minute or so and just stare at it’s presence. Just make sure you pay for a wine pairing as well! Even though the membership price is ASTRONOMICAL!, it’s well worth it. You get access to the Lilly Belle, which is literally a VIP train. We also got inside the pilot house of the Mark Twain ship. Very cool. And we got a great view of the “Rivers of America.” And being a member has the ability of getting into Disneyland for free… Best member benefit EVER! And since we were a member we got a behind-the-scenes tour at the Haunted Mansion. AWESOME! Great experience. After all, this place is well worth the membership, and the dining aspect is beyond amazing. I’ve never been more amazed at a restaurant. Job well done Club 33, and Walt Disney!

  223. Amy T.

    My Club 33 experience was everything I imagined it would be and more. When I first heard about this exclusive club, I knew I wanted to find a way to go and I couldn’t believe it when the opportunity presented itself. There’s a secret door to the right of the Blue Bayou restaurant labeled “33” and you ring the buzzer to announce your arrival. You are escorted into the lobby by a very friendly hostess who calls down the elevator to whisk you slowly up to the dining floor. It’s a classic looking elevator…like something out of the 40s… (you can also take the stairs, but why bother when you can take the elevator?!)You are then greeted by another hostess at the elevator who takes you to your table. Everything makes you feel as if you’ve entered a different world….40 years into the past…. There’s an all you can eat buffet for the salad and appetizer courses as well as for dessert. You order an entree at your seat. This food was phenomenal. It truly was one of the best meals we’ve ever eaten.A perfectly roasted chicken with black truffled macaroni and cheese served with grilled asparagus spears. My husband proclaimed his lamb chop one of the best he has ever eaten (and he loves his lamb chops).The salad bar/appetizer area had pre-cracked dungeness crab and lobster tail, salads, fruit, soup…. The dessert bar was to die for. There must have been at least 10-12 different desserts out there. Cheesecake, chocolate raspberry cake, mickey mouse shaped shortbread, pineapple and passion fruit custard, creme brulee, petits fours….Service was excellent and you can order wine or alcohol here (the only place in Disneyland!).I visited the lady’s restroom after hearing about the “thrones” — I’m super anal about my restrooms and while it was nice to sit on such a huge throne, it was also very very visibly old…….It was also neat sitting by the window and peering down at the huge throngs of people eating in the restaurant below and walking while we were sitting and relaxing in a quiet and elegant environment in plush chairs enjoying a 5-star meal. You truly feel like a VIP when you’re here.Talk about icing on the cake for a visit to Disneyland!!

  224. Margie A.

    I have always wanted to eat at Club 33 and was thrilled to do so this year.Service: Amazing. NatchPrices – High – expectedDecore – awesomeIt was great to hear to the Walt stories and look down on the hustle and bustle of the street below.Looking forward to checking out the renovations!

  225. Kelly B.

    Thank you to Alistar, our waiter. Our dinner last night was outstanding and the level of professionalism and service provided by our head waiter, Alistar, was impeccable. I am lucky enough to attend many fine dinners in beautiful restaurants, but this was so far and away a new level of elegance, I had to write this review and thank him. It was an evening I will never forget.

  226. Phuong K.

    I never thought I would ever get to eat here and luckily enough I was given the opportunity to dine here with my family; of course I was super excited.I came here for lunch and for lunch they offer it buffet style. You order one entree and the appetizers and dessert is ayce. I opted for the steak. I don’t remember the exact name of it but the sauce was very good and it was accompanied with some veggies and mashed potatoes. It was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. My cousin got the chicken with truffle mac and cheese and I really regret not getting that; we all agreed that, it was the BEST mac and cheese we have ever had in our life. After eating truffle here for the first time, I am now obsessed with truffle; truffle makes everything better!The appetizers and dessert were whatever; nothing that great. The next time I come here I will for sure just order a side of the truffle mac and cheese alone. Overall, it was a pretty cool experience and I would love to go here again!

  227. Maddie C.

    For my 100th review…..CLUB 33!!!!I had the privilege of dining here a while ago. I was made to promise by the person who arranged our visit not to advertise that she can, well, get people in. Surely you can understand why. On to the fabulousness.We walked up to the famed Club 33 door and rang the doorbell. “Club 33, May I help you?” (Yes, we recorded the whole interaction because we are Disney dorks, duh.) “Yes, we have reservations for xx:xx under the name of ‘AWESOME’ [ok not really].” BUZZ. We were let in.Oops, I forgot to change out of my flip flops. Club 33’s door lady immediately pointed that out to me. Red in the face, I quickly slipped out of my flip flops and slipped on my high heels. My brother, sister-in-law and husband took this opportunity to take a million pictures of the lobby, elevator and staircase. Beautiful.”Would you like to take the stairs or the elevator?” asked the door lady. UM DUH, WALT’S ELEVATOR PLEASE!As we stepped off the tiny elevator, we saw the Trophy Room to our left and a corridor to our right. We were led to the main room, past the bar, past the small “buffet” of cold foods laid out for our Sunday Brunch. We were assigned a prime table….the corner spot right by the balcony, to the right of the main fireplace. It was heaven. The table settings all contain the beautiful Club 33 logo. (Snap snap snap went our cameras.) We were offered champagne or apple cider for the Sunday Brunch. On to the food:Appetizers (Sunday Brunch)1. Crab claws, shrimp, assorted cold items— Great, but nothing you know, spectacular (except for the fact that you’re eating these items in Club 33!)2. Tomato Soup—Believe it or not, my absolute favorite thing that I ate at Club 33 was their melty, savory and perfectly seasoned tomato soup. It is served by the buffet “bar” area in a dispenser with espresso sized cups nearby. I went back for this at least 3 times. SO DELICIOUS. It must have had gargonzola cheese melted into it because you can just taste the purree of tomato with the smokey gargonzola cheese in it. HEAVEN. Seriously. If I died and went to heaven, there will be a cup of this soup waiting for me. There has to be.Entrees1. Chateaubriand–charred, delicious steak. Cooked perfectly medium rare. Delicious.2. Fish—yes yes I know. That’s not specific right, but the fish was delicious. I have to dig out my picture of the menu to remember what kind of fish it was, but it was delicious. Pretty sure it was Halibut. (Look at the photo attached.) Better than the steak, I must say. =)DessertChocolate covered coconut macaroons—NOT macarons, like french cookies, but shreds of coconut mashed together with gooey marshmallows and dipped in dark sinful chocolate. Holy moly, I had a ton of these. These, alongside with that tomato soup, will be at the gates of heaven. Mickey will also wave at me while St Peter signs me in.Sunday Brunch Experience—It was fabulous. Mickey and Pluto came by during our brunch for pictures and just to say hi. Since it wasn’t truly a character meal, they came around a few times and figured we were first timers. They really made us feel special. We did Nosies and everything =)Tour– We asked a very very very kind bartender to give us a short history and tour of Walt’s special place. He was so nice….he showed us Lilian’s harpischord (piano) and explained the Trophy room. He led us to the balcony overlooking New Orleans square where we simply lingered and lingered. The entire experience was about 3 hours long. We would have stayed longer if we could but honestly, we were getting tired too. We bought plenty of souvenirs, grabbed some pens (after the OK from the bartender) and headed out to reality. SIGH. When can I go back?!!**Seriously, when can I go back? I no longer work with the person who got us in (totally as a favor, since my brother got married at the DL hotel.) Invite me along next time you go!!!

  228. Malachi S.

    I dunno. I’m just not impressed with the new club. It’s lost some of its charm without the elevator and the Mary Poppins table. The food was decent but nothing special. The waitress seemed like she should not be a Disney employee – grumpy and tired. This is the second time she served is and is consistently unpleasant. They now have a special members area which again makes it that little bit less special and more like an expensive restaurant in the park. I used to love the old desert trays and the kids loved getting multiple deserts and now that’s all gone too. For me the new paint job and stair case entrance has in fact not been worth the wait.

  229. Colbys

    If you’re lucky enough to go, GO! The view overlooking New Orleans square is worth it alone. When you walk in you are greeted by a beautiful piano, chandelier and a gorgeous Abelman Art Glass turquoise feather glass vase. The diamond martinis are fantastic here and we just had to buy 2 glasses on the way out to commemorate our time there. If we could have sampled the entire menu we would have! But we ordered the special, which was in the theme of the marathon taking place there that weekend. Of course check out the restrooms, they are fancy! All in all a rare and wonderful opportunity not to miss.

  230. Ghost-hunter

    I went in early on a Saturday. The girls were great, very friendly. Even when I said I was out of money they were still friendly.

  231. Michele K.

    3 stars may seem a little harsh but hear me out. Don’t get me wrong, Club 33 was pretty good, but I expected more from them for $130. The buffets in Las Vegas are arguably better for half the price. So if you’re not dying to go to Club 33, I recommend against it.I was lucky because my bf’s friend got us in to Club 33… I never thought I would know someone who could get me in. Once I got to the entrance of Club 33 I started snapping pictures like no other. I took a picture of pretty much everything inside the club. The decor inside the club is outdated. Most of it is cool because it’s props from movies or Disney-related art. But seriously, some things like the bathrooms need some serious upgrades!And now for the food… I seriously expected a cold food bar and a dessert bar…. but I was under the impression that you would order your own entree. Instead, our entrees were served to us buffet style which I thought was a bit disappointing. Food doesn’t taste as good when its done buffet style. The service was amazing towards the beginning of dinner. The staff would fold our napkins whenever we left the table and made sure our water was always filled. Then midway through dinner, it seemed like they forgot or gave up.The best part about the experience was really being able to walk through a deserted park and taking pictures. We had to be escorted out but kept making stops to take pictures of seriously everything since we would never be able to get pictures in a DESERTED disneyland park!So overall, unless you’re dying to be exclusive and can even get your way into Club 33, don’t waste your time and money. I would actually recommend spending a little less and going to Napa Rose. They have better food and doing the chef’s table was probably one of my fondest dining experiences!

  232. James V.

    Over-rated and over-priced. Food was admittedly pretty good but there are other places I’d rather eat at Disneyland (such as Blue Bayou or Carthay, and some really good places nearby, such as Roscoe’s and Oggi’s).

  233. Lo L.

    This is a great place to experience at least once. We have been fortunate enough to be able to get into this place. It is all about the exclusivity and the history and ambience of this place. The greeter or hostess at the front door is a little whacky. She wanted to put a Disney button on a little hole that our friend pointed out below his knee which is barely noticable. (because the button will not make it tacky at all, right?!) We get to enjoy both parks for free during the day and the only sucky part is that we have to dress up for our reservation. It would have been ok if the locker area and the rest rooms are near it but it’s all the way at main street, The food is ok for fine dining, I’ve had better ones. The service was good. We were intrigued by the ladies room. They had a little bar area across an old piano that reminded me for a moment of Magic Castle. Somewhat the same set up. The minimum order does not include the alcohol that you buy only the food.

  234. Elena L.

    There were six of us and two of us literally said out loud, “this is the best meal I’ve ever had.” It is also one of the most expensive meals you’ll ever have but probably a once in a lifetime experience so worth it. I don’t care if your Disney fan or not, if you ever get a chance to go to this restaurant do not turn it down. I ordered the five course meal because I don’t care for dessert. But if you do the 6 course meal is a must. They have recently renovated and expanded the restaurant to include a members only lounge with you are not allowed to go into it but I did peek because I wanted to see the old elevator. Mrs Disney brought it back from Paris and it used to be the way that you got up. Now it just sits in the corner and looks adorable. All of the food was seriously perfect. They asked us not to post photos on social media because it is a private dining club but I’m going to add one of the food because it was absolutely amazing. By the time that my filet mignon,. 4th course, came I was so full I just took a bite and let others try some and then took the rest home and the following morning I seriously died because it was even better! We also got the 5 course wine pairing and they opened some really yummy bottles of wine for us. Whatever you do if you have an opportunity to go here it don’t pass it up!

  235. Kyle M.

    I was lucky enough to have been invited to dinner here. The food was amazing. There was a unique ambiance and atmosphere to this restauarant. I loved the antique parisian style elevator at the entrance. Unfortunately it was out of service, so we were unable to take it up 🙁 Supposedly Walt Disney put microphones inside the surrounding birds on the walls so he could listen in on his guests to see if they were gossiping about him. The best part of the whole experience is the location. When you walk out to the balcony you can see all the people walking below, and no one can notice you standing above them sipping on your glass of Cab Sav with a big smile on your face. It’s the only place inside Disneyland where you can drink, and just for that, I give this place five stars.

  236. Emelia G.

    Came her for dinner back in 2012 in December. Unfortunately for us they were going to close in the next coming weeks for remodeling and majority of the art work and all the “Club 33” signs had been put away or stolen by most of the customers. But the food was ok, I’ve had better fine dinning food before. Our server was a complete bitter snob. Would I still have come to “Club 33” knowing all this, absolutely it was the memories I made here with my love ones that I appreciated the most about the place.

  237. Jennifer M.

    Oh my gosh this place is amazing (and that’s not just because I love Disneyland). The food is to die for and the service is impeccable. I ordered the 5 course meal, and everything came out timed perfectly. The steak medallion was practically butter it was so tender. It’s definitely pricey, and you can’t get in without knowing someone with a membership. I’m so glad I do! I can’t wait to go again!Oh, as a side note, there is a dress code, so don’t wear shorts!

  238. Foodie L.

    I was lucky that my brother got hook-ups at work for my family and I to have a different experience at Disneyland. Service was great and so was the yummy cold buffet line-up. I loved the crab legs and shrimp! The dessert bar was wonderful too. Most of my family loved the entree but I ended up with the pasta dish (I don’t know why) that was definitely not worth $79. It is definitely a great break from the crowds and it was fun taking pics with mickey and pluto! i would come again if I get another chance.

  239. RoseMichelle M.

    Whatever you’ve heard about this place…it’s ALL true. PROS: Being born to parents that are Club 33 members…It made growing up as an only child in a strict household ALL worth Thank you, God! (JK). Unfortunately, we stopped going to Disneyland as a family many years back, so just last year we finally were able to visit this little piece of childhood. Anyways, I like how you can use your meal as credit towards your annual pass. I’ve heard it’s damn near impossible to get an invite to join, so it’s best to be asked by someone who is a member.I’m a sucker for the rock lobster, kobe tenderloin and their cheeses. The lunch buffet is almost like the Wynn Buffet in Vegas (and I was AMAZED with THAT buffet). Lox and bagels, fresh salad, fresh fruit and the BEST DESSERTS!! Our waitress was very kind to us, it is an intimidating restaurant but you will be pleased, the service is impeccable! You leave knowing that you may have broke your bank, but your experience was one of a kind and well worth it.PS…you walk away being a small part of history:)

  240. Leslie C.

    CAN I SAY HOLLA ATCHA GIRL Club 33?!I tried to stay classy when writing this but whatever, I rode the elevator and it’s time to get excited about it. First off, food, service & all around legitimacy = amazing. Also yes, you will be spending an indescribable amount of time in here, so hurrah, plan accordingly (but let’s be honest, you’re in Club 33, you would spend all day in here if you could).FOOD: From what I understand, this changes like nobody’s business. I wish I came here for their Sunday brunch but alas, beggars can’t be choosers. Our group got the 5-course meal (Vitner for $90) and the bonus is you can switch out pretty much everything with everything. So super recommend that (you have to pay $80 min anyways!) if you’re feeling like getting the whole I-can’t-believe-I’m-in-Club-33 deal. Go big or go home (and then cry for your wallet if you want). SERVICE: Testament to their service –we asked for a tour earlier (aka 8:30 PM) and upon leaving, forgot we asked and asked for one again at closing time (aka: midnight. MIDNIGHT!) and they happily obliged. Now this is probably why I don’t work at Club 33, but parading a party of 8 inside and around the place at midnight seems like a tiring ol’ task relegated to only the happiest of people at Disneyland (Club 33 people!). The wait staff was awesome as well (aka: teaching/helping us with our fork/bread place-age…but hey, we’re 22… and maybe a little awesome).$$$: Whatup hay, now my dear friend got us in here…but we were not gifted complimentary tickets. So a fair warning to those who aren’t passholders (and are not graced with dland tickets raining on you as you sleep)–you will most definitely be spending $200, including food + ticket! So get ready to bust out the ramen for a week before/after…ha…ha….ha :(I’m glad they don’t rush you at all here (we spent 3 hours + 30 min…almost a trip to Vegas whut) because I eat as slow as a turtle eating a bad piece of lettuce. Obviously, check out the bathroom (spoiler alert: it is like you are sitting on a really weird throne) and take a bazillion photos on the balcony like you’re the king of the world (if only for 3 hours and 30 minutes)! (!!!)

  241. Bianca W.

    What a great experience to have for my birthday. I go to Disneyland almost every week so I was running out of “new” things to do(although that will never stop me from going if I do). The stars aligned a few weeks ago and I met a wonderful woman that was a member of Club 33 and she made me a reservation. I’m so blessed.I was able to take my mom with me for lunch and I will never forget it.the buffets are gone, but in its place is a wonderful 3 or 4 coarse menu with a variety of options for everyone. Even the kids.It’s very fancy and charming and you feel special just being let in the private door. Everyone’s experience is going to be different depending on your level of love and admiration for all things Disney. The only way my experience could have been better was if Walt was still alive and I sat with him. I will never forget this lunch I had, but I hope it wasn’t my last time dining there. Hopefully I’ll get to try dinner!

  242. Yvette L.

    A few of my friends and I celebrated our birthdays here last year and it was a great time. My only complaint would be about the long wait we experienced. We had 9:00 reservations but waited till almost 10. However, the food, and service made up for it. I had the Chateau Briand and it was cooked perfectly. The service is wonderful, not too in your face, but accessible at all times. It was neat to hear what a weirdo Walt Disney was. Microphones hidden inside the chandelier? Kooky.One awkward but funny thing, when I walked in to use the restroom, the tampon machine kept spitting out tampons and they were all over the floor. It just kept spitting them out. Walt really was a sick man.

  243. Emil C.

    If you are a Disney fan and you ever get a chance to go, you really should go! I was very fortunate to have come here on my birthday!It was a very exclusive place to eat lunch. The dining experience was very unique and it felt more like eating at a good friend’s house who happen to have chefs on hand than eating at a normal restaurant. It was a four course experience. Their service was excellent here. You will definitely be well taken care of when you eat here. They pretty much treat you like royalty here!Their food was on the expensive side, but it was excellent fine dining. The presentation was good and most importantly everything tasted good. I especially loved their smoked duck breast salad entrée.Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs on your way out. It’s not every day that you get to enjoy a visit to Club 33! I bought myself a nice cap.

  244. Lauren F.

    Really awesome experience!! Amazing service by waiters and waitresses. Cast members that work in the high end side of Disney are always amazing (like on Disney cruises). The food was really incredible too. We got a 5 course, but really it was like 8. They gave us an extra cracker with a sashimi like topping, a small shot glass of lemon sorbet, and homemade truffles on top of the 5 courses ordered. My absolute faves from the 5 courses were the scallops/shrimp and grits, the filet mignon and the molten chocolate cake. Everything is pretty small portions, but you’re paying for the experience exclusive experience forsure. Things I didn’t care for- the salad which was way too salty and the orange lemonade drink. It tasted like watered down orange juice. The apple juice was great though. Tips are to go to the bathroom and take your time to enjoy everything around you! We even watched fantasmic outside on the club 33 balcony! Loved it and blessed to be able to come to club 33 for a graduation party! (:

  245. Lauren A.

    Such a waste of money. Nothing that great, just because it’s Disneyland but everything was satisfactory. They didn’t have much either

  246. Lisa H.

    Mr. Walt Disney sure knew to entertain his special guests because this hidden gem is top notch. We had gotten reservations for our friend’s birthday and I love an occasion to dress up but decided to forgo the dress and heels routine fearing my 4-inch heels will probably only take me to Indiana Jones then I’ll have to tell my friends to go on without me while sobbing uncontrollably in hellish foot pain. Club 33’s a beautiful place, with an antique piano, glistening crystals, glazed rare wood paneling, it’s hard to connect the very grown-up refinement with the touristy, children-dominated Disneyland that is screaming right downstairs. If you’d like, order a cocktail since this is the only place in the park to acquire a delightful little buzz with your meal. The food is exceptional with a choice of an entree accompanied by a self-serve appetizer & dessert buffet. Presentation is of utmost importance here as the servers swiftly rearrange the dishes to pristine condition when diners take away from the plates; which made me feel bad but I really wanted that third helping of smoked salmon & cream cheese. We had to pace ourselves because one can easily fill up on the array of appetizers alone. I had the lamb chop which was tender and flavorful. The rest of my party’s entrees were perfectly cooked. Service, of course, was impeccable. Be sure to let them know if it’s your first time at Club 33 and they will give you snazzy little buttons that quietly declare your special visit to Club 33 as you enjoy the rest of the day at the Parks (a little pretentious you say? well, just for today cuz you’re a nice person on all the other days) – The reservation comes with free passes to both Disneyland and California Adventure, that’s an amazing deal! This IS the happiest place on earth.

  247. Jessica C.

    Club 33 is awesome, and mostly for the reasons you suspect it’d be awesome (because it’s exclusive). If you are a Disneyland fan this place is a must-see before you die. The room is fairly modest in decor, but there is a rich history inside the room and weird toilets which make you feel like you are witnessing something special. The service is easily the best you’ll find in the park. Everyone bends over backwards to accommodate your needs and so you feel like the most important person in the park — again, Club 33 is exclusive. Obviously.The food is easily the best in the park, but this isn’t also saying a lot if you’re a true foodie. That is, while the meals are delicious in their own right it’s not true fine dining (although it is certainly presented that way). If you come here you will enjoy the food, but it’s important to keep in mind that Club 33 really isn’t about the food. It’s about being at Club 33. The experience I had was a very pleasant one. I loved every minute of it and also got a bit tipsy, which is something else you can’t do anywhere else in the Disneyland park. If you have an in — it’s worth checking out. It’s not worth paying however much the exorbitant membership fee is, but I assume only large companies pay that fee to entertain customers. So my advice is to be a customer, and to make the most of this experience by checking out every last detail, including a weird old-timely elevator and phone booth.

  248. Jenn H.

    Okay, I’m pretty irked that my review got deleted!!! Here is another attempt at my review from what I can remember. I was able to get a reservation through my work to surprise my bf for his birthday celebration this past Jan 2013. With our busy schedules, we went on the MLK Holiday, and since it was a Monday we only had lunch as our option which was fine because I wanted to take him out to dinner in LA.(Trying to sum up what I can remember) Downstairs hostess was nice and offered to help take our photos while we were waiting. We got seated near the window which had a great view of the park on such a beautiful day. Once we ordered, that’s where it seemed to go downhill. We had several waiters ask for our drinks which is odd bc you would assume from such a well-known restaurant (and dent in your bank account) you would assume the staff to be more on point. You are welcomed to the array of starter selections at the salad bar. All were pretty standard and none were mind-blowing-delicious where I had to have seconds, with the exception of the soup. I decided to order the lobster. Why did I, I have no clue bc I don’t really like lobster, but I figured I was paying for it and I would expect something orgasmic. When I got the dish, I was extremely disappointed from 1) the lack of flavor and 2) my meal was COLD. Say whaaa?! YES, COLD. My bf didn’t mind bc he loves lobster, but I couldn’t stand to eat it. It took me 15 minutes to flag down a waiter and I felt like I was in a classroom (yes, disappointing). Even the waiter who came make a joke about it that I was raising my arm. Any way, I told them the issue, they offered to make me a new one since you can’t really “heat up lobster”, and the bf felt bad that he was almost all done but they took his, as well. Took another 20 minutes to get our entrees, and this time they served us with a HOT plate, and then served our broth table side to ensure it was a hot dish. Why didn’t they just do this from the beginning?!While we were waiting for our meal to arrive, the waiter brought out dessert and started to sing “happy birthday'” – I had to stop him and tell him we haven’t gotten our entrees yet. Overall, I was pretty disappointed in the service and the kitchen for their lack of communication with each other. Maybe bc I had high expectations for CLUB 33, but in all honestly, I could have easily had a more delicious meal with the cheaper price tag. It was an experience, and the bf and I can say we dined there.The establishment is well kept with the original pieces, and the bathroom was pretty fancy, haha.

  249. W. C.

    After reading some of the mixed reviews we decided to keep our reservation at club 33. I was expecting a little more. DECOR: The decor was kind of sterile and void of anything Disney. It would have been nice to see some Disney park architectural drawings or memorabilia. Things that you wouldn’t be able to see any place else. It is their 60th anniversary, celebrate that. Have the signature D on the silverware. Something. Okay there were nice crystal water glasses. The bathroom were very nice. FOOD: Beautifully served on what looked to be plane white food network plates. You can have 5 or 6 courses and each course you get 4 too choose from. The salmon was a tinge on the fishy side. The peach dessert – peaches weren’t ripe (hard0. In the past is sounded like they had a seafood bar. They should bring that back.SERVICE: Our waiter was on the one hand was trying too hard and then not trying at all. He reminded me of a 1950’s stereotype yachtsman. Since we were not ordering wine we saw him once after he took our order. Food is delivered by other people.HELD HOSTAGE: I’m kind of kidding and kind of not. We had park tickets for the day we ate at club 33 and the following day. The two of us just spent $300 on dinner. But because they were having a Halloween Party (special event) in the park they would not let us out in to the park unattended. We had to be escorted. It took them over 20 minutes to find someone to escort us! Here is an idea why don’t you issue special wrist bands so that club 33 patrons can go out into the park and do what ever (they might even spend more money), without being questioned by security. We have spent quite enough money and there are only a handful of people that will be dining at club 33 on any given night. its not going to break the bank and its a much more pleasant experience than having to stand around getting annoyed.In the end I wish we would have kept our Napa Rose reservation, but at least we can say we did it right?

  250. Grecia S.

    I came here on a friends invite not knowing what a huge deal it was supposed to be. It was only after the whole experience was over that was I informed how “lucky” I was for having visited. I honestly don’t feel the experience warrants all the hype, for me it wasn’t as memorable as so many people found it to be. I thought the food was okay, (I’ve had better food at places that are fifty times more affordable) and the service was average, the only thing I really liked was the decor. I get that its very “exclusive” and hard to get into, but I don’t see why, I didn’t experience anything above ordinary when I dined here.

  251. stripforme123

    We were so happy to have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to go to club 33! I joined the waiting list about 15 years ago and never got the call. However vendor took us out to dinner and it was an amazing experience. I sat down I was so beside myself! Beautiful artwork inside and such a secretive and unique experience entering the building. We got another opportunity to go back for lunch. Amazing food & great service!! Carolyn, Eric and others were so attentive!! We even got to meet the chef!! I left uncomfortably full!! I wish we could’ve gone to the jazz club and looked around but we did not have a card-carrying member with us. It was amazing experience that I will never forget and so happy I got to go. We spent a little bit too much money at the club 33 gift shop!!!!!

  252. T M.

    Only been there for dinner. Got the fixed menu from the chef, and it was amazing. The place is legendary and the mystic/secrecy behind the place adds to its ambiance. The lunch experience is vastly different than dinner. Go out on the balcony if you’re their during one of the fantasmic shows. Service is very friendly,but slow, but as special as this place is, you want to spend time there and not be rushed anyways. One of the few “special” things in the park that is still kept special.

  253. Hien N.

    I’m lucky enough to have been able to come to this exclusive place 4 times. 2 times before the renovations and 2 times after. Personally I like the old logo decor and food compared to how it is now. That being said it still is a magical place to dine at.If you are lucky enough to come here, I’d recommend dinner over lunch and make sure that “Allica” is NOT WORKING… she’s a very pompous manager and make guests feel unwelcome. Kinda takes the magic away.Remember is Allica (with 2 ls) … she made sure we spelled her name right.

  254. Mike R.

    I grew up in Southern California. My uncle worked for Disney as an accountant; subsequently, I went to Disneyland ALL THE TIME. Needless to say, decades later, I am a HUGE fan of Disneyland. I’ve easily been 100 times in my life and love it every time. Over the past few years, I’v had the privilage of having access to Club 33. As a restaurant, this place is pretty much summed up by the reiews below. You’ve got the typical selection of “French” cuisine, which is more just a “beef/chicken/duck” choice served with some version of potatoes/rice/vegetables. You won’t really find any truly inspired dishes here. However, they are all prepared top notch and taste very good.The bartender(s) have always made perfect drinks, the deserts are unique and fun, and the atmosphere…wow…this is where it excels. Of course it’s just going to look like a mix and match of old world victorian-esque styling to the non-Disney fan, but foe those of us who consider Disneyland their home away from home, this place embodies what I imagine Walt Disney’s brain looked like…Regardless of your feelings on Disney, if you can get access to this place do it. This isn’t some cool hip trendy club that will die out in a few years, this isn’t a place with a “guest list” this is a literal piece of history…so take advantage of it if it’s put in front of you!

  255. Keli H.

    What an awesome experience this was! I was invited by a really good friend of mine, R to this once in a life time experience. To be honest, I never heard of Club 33 until R and let me tell you.. He had been pumping me up about Club 33 like no other. Telling me that one day I am going to call you and tell you we will be going to Club 33 and you will have to say Yes regardless. And so I finally said yes. Because it is that hard to get in Club 33. From the whole experience of thinking Club 33 is a secret and mystery place, it kind of keep you excited. Even though I been to Disney a million time, I felt like a kid again like it was my first time at Disney. I was taking pictures like no other and I believe my friends will never want to take me anywhere again because I was so excited I went up to a couple and asked if I can take a picture of the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Anniversary Dessert plate…’s the memory that counts..don’t hate. I just started getting into Photography. anyways…My two foodie friends and I came here for lunch. It was a lot different then what I imagined and from researching their website, I had a image of the restaurant being dark and mysterious and really classy. And it was when you walk in and you sit in this historic elevator, i don’t think you can find this experience anywhere in la. When we got on the second floor, it was really bright with the sun shinning in. It was really old fashioned. There were painting of past presidents and old Disneyland. It’s a building full of historic memories. It’s definitely a restaurant Bucket list we like to call it. *Restaurant Bucket List- list of restaurants we have to try before we die. Then there are the cold dish buffet full of varieties of salads, cocktail shrimps, crabs, and shellfishs. I wish they have oysters tho. It would have been the cherry on top. The seafood was fresh and keeps you want to get another dish before the dessert. As for the entree, we ordered three different entrees to share: monk fish with lobster sauce, chateaubriand, and lamb chops. My chateaubriand was amazing. Def Flemming’s level. Let’s just say it’s up there. However, the mash potatoes and veg were a little to ordinary for me. The monk fish was amazing as well as the apple polenta from the lamb chops. As for drink, I tried the fruit punch. It was umm like a virgin mai-tai.. For the server to sell it, it should have been a lot better. Dessert, there was the dessert buffet. I felt like it would been a better experience if the dessert was ordered upon request. They need some type of a chocolate souffle with ice cream to top it off. Instead, the desserts from the buffet were delicious presented. However, a little disappointing..only the panna cotta and jello cup tops of with three crunchy chocolate balls really jumps out at me. Before you leave the restaurant, you have to check out the women restroom. I opened the door and was in shock. That is for you to find out why. The whole experience was great..taking pictures with friends, making memories…seeing the different demographic at the restaurant..tasting the food..and just being at the “Happiest place on earth!” made my spring break the once in a life time experience to remember. Tips: Definitely prepare to spend the day at the park especially when you don’t have to pay. 2 parks to be exact. How awesome is that?!? But at the end, it’s all about who you are with. So thanks R, for taking us there. You ” wow” us again!

  256. Kevin M.

    Service and cuisine boarding on five stars! Our visit last night to celebrate a friends birthday was superb! Must recommend the Wine Paired Vintner’s Dinner. The five course meal was spectacular! The duck starter was sweet and smoky, with the following course of fried oysters in lobster bisque was a taste treat! Braised short ribs and whipped parsnips main course melted in my mouth. The cheese course was very flavorful indeed. Dessert was a wonderful arrangement of sesame, apple compote, and ice-cream! Each course expertly paired with a lovely wine! My wife enjoyed the Lentil Soup as her starter and the Hangar Steak for her main course with Hazelnut S’mores for dessert. She raved about each course. Our servers were by the book with very good attention to our needs! A truly superb three hour dinning event!

  257. Jennifer L.

    There was a three-legged table, French elevator, basket-weaved toilet, even an animatronic vulture. Club 33 may have been Walt’s most prized entertainment attraction.The joys of Disneyland keeps on shining with an exclusive invite to dine at the fabulous Club 33. A 5-star experience that blends 19th Century architecture, gourmet eats, impeccable service and a museum display of eclectic Disney artifacts. Decorated in First Empire-Napoleon era with glimmering chandeliers and golden scones, we dined in the Main Dining room, where past presidents, celebs and royalty have enjoyed gourmet meals.Food was delicious and plated beautifully. My friends and I came for dinner and there was a $76/person minimum. I debated whether to order from the popular prix fix menu, but opted for a la carte. I ordered a couple appetizers, Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho Soup (don’t get it, it was too tart) and crab cake. I was delighted to bite into their lightly pan-fried Atlantic Coast Crab Cake, made with real shredded crab. It was crispy and delicate, not heavy at all. I enjoyed my 4 hearty slabs of Seared Rare Bigeye Ahi, over a bed of asparagus and a side of lobster croquette (loved how the croquette was so crispy).As much as I enjoyed the food, I gotta say the service and Disney artifact attractions at Club 33 outshine everything! Aside from the given of a typical fine-dining type of service (bottomless gourmet bread, water always topped off, napkins folded when you return to the table), the Club 33 staff knows their Club 33 & Walt history. Every ornate decor, every furniture piece, every room has a story flowered with eccentricities and history. It was like camp, where we gathered around the campfire with ears tuned into our server’s limitless catalog of stories. We engaged in conversation and couldn’t get enough. We may have prevented him from attending to other tables…It was certainly no secret that Walt loved to entertain and share his love of magic and wonder with his guests. The quirkiest attraction was the animatronic vulture that Walt built to “communicate” with his guests in the Trophy Room (think vultures in Splash Mountain). The whole Trophy Room was filled with bird and nature related paraphernalia (stuffed wildlife, birds, bird paintings, bird statues). He just loved birds. The Ladies Powder Room was entirely feminine, including the most unsuspecting toilet I’ve ever seen.Club 33 is sure a sight that all Disneyland enthusiasts should experience.

  258. marlonmoney12

    Way behind on my reviews – had dinner here during our trip to CA in April. We were fortunate enough to be able to bring our son daughter-in-law and two grandchildren here for a very special dinner. This is not a place for an inexpensive meal but it is a place for an over the top dining experience. The ambiance is terrific and the waitstaff couldn’t be better. When asked if it was a special occasion, we let them know we were celebrating our granddaughter’s second birthday and they pulled out all the stops.The four adults had the 4 course dinner while our grandchildren had 3 course dinners. The meals were excellent and the grandchildren cleaned their plates. This was one of the “once in a lifetime” experiences and I am glad we were able to partake.Now that we have been, I probably won’t be going back anytime soon – but if the opportunity arises again, who knows?

  259. A A.

    I’ve been privileged to dine here 3 x’s in the last 9 months….yes I’m a Disneyland geek….and any experience at “33” is the ultimate adventure and appropriate for the “Happiest Place on Earth”!!! The lunch in the club is probably difficult from a technical aspect. People that are just thrilled to be here, spend a lot of time gawking, chatting, and taking pictures. This was no exception. My friends and I were busily catching up, and taking our time savoring the experience. Yes, they were aware how difficult it is to get a reservation..and so being here was very exciting. The server was so nice….and as a group…it must be a pain watching people fall all over themselves…..but they are patient….and classic/service oriented/genuinely hospitable people…I love being in the park…and the best of the best are probably sent to this dining room to take care of these “special” guests. It was probably our fault….we took so long to get to the cold buffet…our entrees were delivered before we were finished…and this is usually a service no no. But…never leave the Chef’s food in the window to get over cooked and dried out….so the service staff pushed it out….they were in a “no win” situation. Despite this…faux paux….I had a wonderful time….my dining partners are expert “foodies” they dine in some of the sexiest restaurants of Los Angeles and around the country. One is a Chef…and will have a restaurant rivaling Club 33 one day…she is that talented….and the other eats out at every meal 100% of the time, and is the most adventerous “professional diner” I’ve ever met….I warned them months ago…one day I’m going to get reservations…and you better be ready to go !!!!! We loved the cold buffet….we’re seafood addicts, so the smoked salmon, crab claws, shrimp, and chilled lobster really hit the spot. We enjoyed the potato leek soup….mmmmmmmm. As foodies, we always order as many things as we can, no duplicates on the table. So, we tried the monk fish with lobster sauce, chateaubriand, and lamb chops. I think unfortunately, all were overcooked as a result of our lengthy conversations prior to moving to the cold appetizer buffet. Of course I’d like to rate “33” with 5 STARS like everyone else…and I’ve had perfectly prepared food here before…dinner is much more relaxed…I think I was in here for 3 hours in October…the dessert buffet looks very nice….many selections of very eye appealing, small, gorgeous treats. Some don’t taste as good as they look….my friend saw an “Anniversary” dessert the Chef had prepared, she thought it looked so nice….she went over to another table and asked to take a picture!!!! OMG she’s such a “foodie” she can’t help herself!!!! Coffee and cappuccino capped off for me a perfect lunch with two beautiful, talented ladies. The “Happiest Place on Earth”? Yes….it most definitely is….thanks A and K… made it a perfect day!!!!

  260. Scott L.

    Third time to Club 33 and I continue to be impressed with the service (fill your water constantly, fold your napkin when you are away at the salad or dessert bar), salad (lobster tails, crab claws, shrimp, smoked salmon, ripe fruit, etc), and dessert bar (fruit tarts, s’more bars, multiple layered gelatin dessert with mango bobo that bursts in your mouth….). The entrees are standard but cooked to your specifications.The exclusivity makes it a hot ticket and the change in policy (no free ticket in 2012) appears to have reduced the number of interested diners. However, it is still the happiest place on earth within the happiest place on earth to me!!

  261. Brian B.

    I am disappointed. I have had the experience to dine at Club 33 several times. I have enjoyed what was the best of the best… now it is not so much. On my last visit I took 9 guests that had never been before. They all enjoyed it. So I recall, on my first visit how over to top everything was, if one got up from their seat, out of nowhere an attendant would appear, fancy fold the napkin and be gone. There were attendants pouring Evian from bottles and one’s glass never reached empty. The food was decent, but certainly not compared to the price, which dining at the Club no longer includes Park admission. One must buy entry to Disneyland AND pay for their meal. I am not impressed with the only place in Disneyland to buy alcohol. All said, I have had the experience, so if you are going tor the Experience and being able to boast, “I ate at Club 33” then by all means. Otherwise, there are a number of amazing restaurants serving incredible food for less than $150/person… thinking Melisse, Spago, Water, Patina, Osteria, Botte, or other Michelin Star restaurants… of even Mortons or Lawrys. Also, the Club is going through a major wreckovation in which they are tearing out the entrance, the staircase, the lift, the trophy room and more. I am happy to have experienced what Walt built,

  262. David J.

    This place is sweet. Great service. Great Food. Want to come often. I’m too poor. But when I’m rich I’ll do it.

  263. Los Angelin O.

    Just heard today that they changed their policy. In addition to increasing the per person meal minimum to $80 (plus tax/tip), they will no longer provide free tickets into the parks with a reservation. Unbelievable. Sadly, the food is ok, but DEFINITELY not worth the ~$150 price tag. Actually, the food is so average it’s less than ok. The only thing Club 33 had going for it was the novelty and the free park tickets. Who’s ever idea this was… probably not very experienced at running a business. If you’ve never been, chances are, you’ll now never go. Trust me, you’re not missing much.

  264. Eileen C.

    You know how everyone gushes about this place, casually tossing out adjectives like “amazing” and “wonderful” with exclamation points at the end of every sentence? Well, they are all correct. For once the hype is true, Club 33 is really as great as every glowing review describes it to be.First off, there’s booze. Bloody Marys all around with extra olives please! Secondly, park hopper tickets are free with dining reservations. And last but not least, the food is absolutely delicious and includes an appetizer buffet with made-to-order entree. I had the chateaubriand and although it wasn’t definitively life-changing, it rounded out a truly memorable experience. We were like a bunch of giddy schoolgirls snapping photos at every turn and snagging ostentatious CLUB 33 badges. And sadly enough, it took this long awaited visit to Club 33 for me to discover the true awesomeness of ….Boursin. I’m addicted and cleaned out my local Trader Joe’s, Don’t judge me!

  265. Mary S.

    There are so many reasons why I love this place:1. Their super selective doorbell entry that only allows invited VIP guests to enter.2. Their old school elevator, I just wanna ride it all day! (That’s what she said)3. The sheer and utter feeling of bliss, knowing that I am the envy of all my friends because I’ve experienced the ever-so-fabulous Club 33!I was invited to Club 33 from my cousin, who was throwing a birthday party for her husband. There was a huge group of us, but we had no problems with getting seated. The food was fantastic and everything, but all I could really think about was the gigantic dessert display they had going on in the hallway. I found myself piling these tiny desserts on my plate, only to end up taking pictures of them to show off to my friends. And the best part? (Ladies I think you know what I’m talking about) The best part was their super gigantic chair-like toilets in the Women’s restroom! Very tres chic! When you dine at Club 33, you are not only paying for exceptional food, but also the experience. It is very much like a speakeasy, but more upscale and fun. Definitely worth the money!

  266. Amy U.

    Club 33 is the best of the best. Sure the price of the meal is costly but so worth it! The cast members are the best in the park as well as the customer service. Top shelf. I personally enjoy the brunches more than the dinners but at night you get to dress up. Usually it’s frowned on to where tennis shoes or any casual wear for dinner. There is a strict dress code so be aware of that when you go if you do. I just love the decor, the history & ambience of being in Club 33. The menu changes seasonally & just like any place in Disneyland if you have special dietary needs they are happy to accommodate. The chateaubriand is the classic menu item & it is truly the best meal on the menu; besides the decadent desserts. Wow. The bartenders are the best I’ve ever encountered. Honestly the best margarita’s I’ve ever had. Cannot wait to go again soon.

  267. Burt B.

    Have you been to the Magic Castle in Hollywood? Its kind of like that. Same decor, same set up, just probably harder to get into. I was invited to a meeting there, and couldnt pass it up. It was First Class food. The kind you get on the plane, when you fly first class. But that is the only place in disneyland that sells alcohol, and they have a nice full bar. I dont know how this can be the happiest place on earth for these people who cant have a drink all day while waiting 2 hours in line for these rides. It is a cool place to eat. NOT CHEAP!

  268. K N.

    This place was overrated and stuffy, why anyone would shell out $3000 + a year to be a secret member is beyond comprehension to me. the food was good, but i’d rather shell out eleven dollars for the hot dogs outside. at least i can enjoy my food while watching the gloworms parade by…

  269. Steven S.


  270. Johnnyboy123

    I’ve been to club 33 twice – for Saturday lunch and Sunday brunch. I much prefer the Sunday brunch since it includes endless champagne. Also, the Disney characters visit the restaurant on Sundays so I got some awesome photos with Mickey and Goofy. :)To get reservations at club 33 requires you having membership here (which cost a lot and there is a very long waitlist) or if you know someone that has membership. I am lucky enough to work for a company that has membership so I was allowed to make reservations. It use to be free park entry if you dine at club 33 but now, I think you need to pay park entry (which sucks because you’re paying at least $80-130 for a meal here and park entry is about $80)The servers here are very friendly and attentive. Don’t be shy. Ask a lot of questions about the club 33 history because there are a lot of interesting facts. I love the buffet items here – the endless lobster tails are awesomee. I definitely ate A LOT of that. Don’t forget to save room for dessert because it is out of this world! The main course options are pretty good- I got the filet mignon which was served with sides of veggies and mash potatoes. Yumm. It was my boyfriend’s birthday when we went so the servers brought out a free birthday dessert just for him. It was very very good. They also get us free club 33 pens and chocolate since it was a special occasion for us. This place is definitely great for that bougie experience. I think taking anyone here would definitely make their day. Dress nice because there are a lot of spots to take nice photos .Tip: Don’t forget to visit the restroom. It has that old style decor.

  271. Mikey L.

    this heartbreaking while I write a very first disappointing review about my favorite place, disneyland.i’m a HUGE dland fan, annual pass, d23 member, just did the dland run, i just absolutely love dland! so when i got invited to go to club 33, my heart literally jump a beat. i was so excited beyond belief! an exclusive club that everyone talks 33 provides complimentary park hopper, so we spend the day riding and enjoying dland and california as always, however,once we got to the door, my disneyland experience just went down hill.annoyance 1: we all heard the dress code being strict since it’s THAT exclusive and they were right. super strict, fancy flat shoes just don’t cut it for the girls anymore. so they had to purchase funky looking cheap shoes. going in service seems as expected. waiting and polite. once we order our drinks, bam, another annoyance 2. Apparently club 33 is to cool for government issued passport (the most authentic form of identification!) and my friend failed to get a drink because they don’t accept any passport. (um, what about international visitors? I guess they don’t care about them). o yeah, how’s the drink? little to none alcohol. im a drinker and a bartender, making a water down drink is shameful! annoyance 3, worst one of all. FOOD. a party of 12 and chef failed to good a 4 out of 8 medium rare steak. we complained, took it back and bam, 3 out of 4 are still DONE. seriously? being an exclusive club, it just doesn’t make sense how you can cook a steak medium rare to WELL DONE. Fish over cooked and dry. the only thing we kept eating was nothing. we just sat there looking at a dish that tasted horrible.i did feel bad for the service because i kept complaining but they weren’t doing a good job themselves. I usually don’t complain but man, i’m paying HOW MUCH and this is the treatment I GET? sigh.oh yeah, it was my birthday dinner. and my gift from them, a horrible impression of club 33. i wish to go back there again, but the experience the first time has left me unwilling. who knows, maybe they’ll read this and re-evaluate their service and food.or i’ll just wait for the dland food and wine, at least i know the food will be amazing!! 😀

  272. Shelley Z.

    Colleagues and I used to dine here randomly for “team building” purposes and then roam the parks, since the meal comes with a park-hopper pass. BIG OIL PERKS!AYCE lobster tails + a plethora of amazing desserts + sure I’ll walk around Disneyland on a random Wednesday + ALL THAT SHIT IS FREE = extremely happy Shelley.————-Please DO NOT message me for access. I no longer work for the company that had a corporate membership, so I can’t get you in. You can go get your own membership for about $5k.

  273. Phil A.

    Yes, I have been given the privilege to accept an invitation for dinner (thank you Wallace R) because I’ll probably be dead by the time I’m able to become a member. I have to say that this place is very unique. A cozy and intimate place to have dinner. Ok about the food – this is coming from a vague memory so here it is. The bread was served was a basic French bread along with an olive-infused type French bread. I’m a bread person so I have to say I was a bit disappointed. My appetizer was a crab cake, nothing fancy. We tried several dishes but I was feeling fish so I ordered the the Sablefish, the other members of my family had steak. The fish was good but not great in fact it gets blown away by the Chilean Sea Bass at Mastro’s. I know, it’s not fair to compare a different cooked fish but I was I had high expectations. Dessert included a chocolate trio, Crème brûlée, and a berry pastry which nothing to get excited about. So you’re probably wondering why I’m giving this place 5 stars. Well because of 1) the atmosphere & decor – there’s no other place like it and 2) the service is very personable & impeccable, I couldn’t help it. I believe our server was Terry Jo, who I must say, is THE most personable waitress I’ve ever been served by, period. If I were to pick to be served a meal between my mom or Terry Jo, sorry mom, it would be Terry Jo. She gave us a brief history of Club 33 along with her own personal experience of past decades she’s been there. Our co-server was Jeff who at first wasn’t allowed to speak but did so after we joked around with him a few times. We all had some laughs and almost wanted to stay the entire evening. We dined thru 2 Fantasmic! showings so going onto the balcony was fun & cool experience. If you get a chance to go, never turn it down. Cheers!

  274. Sarah B.

    So many years I waited to goto Club 33, five stars apropos.A member I found, up for quid pro quo,So that on my birthday, a lunch he bestowed.The club is amazing, I’m sure you have guessed,so much that one stanza cannot quite attestto the wonderful time I had as a guestof Club 33, of which I’d obsessed.Update! I went back last week with a huge party (10 people). 4 of us were celebrating birthdays. Holy moly, they treated us so well, even though we were super silly (dessert buffet, too much sugar, things got silly). The chateaubriand was even better than the first time I had it, and actually was better than a filet I had at Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak a few days later. Mickey and Pluto showed up while we were waiting for our table and were super chill. I think my group spent a good 10 minutes with them before they moved on to work the dining room. Maybe I’m wrong, but because of their timing, I got the feeling that someone made a “whoa, 4 birthdays at once” call and that’s why they showed up when they did. Either way, I got my first photo with Mickey Mouse during the best birthday party ever.Oh! I was mostly writing this update to say apparently there’s complimentary champagne on Sundays. Sweet! Sadly, they were not able to make my favorite drink from 1901. Oh well.ALSO, IMPORTANT LUNCH TIP: S’MORES. EAT ALL THE S’MORES.

  275. Nancy L.

    My husband and I have been dining at Club 33 for about 10 years now, and it never occurred to me to write a review for it until I ran across other reviews on it the other day. Our family has annual passes to Disneyland so we visit often, and we always make reservations at Club 33. After spending the day in the park we always enjoy the break away from the hustle and bustle of the park by having lunch or dinner at Club 33. We just had lunch there on July 5 and it was as fabulous as it always is. The restaurant was as elegant and the staff was as friendly as they always are.After getting to the park at 7:00 AM we were hungry and ready for a drink. My husband started with an ice cold Heineken and I had a glass (or two) of Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc. Next, we had a sampling of the mired of salads, lobster tail, and crab claws from the salad bar, all of which were tasty and fabulous. Next I had the red fish and my husband had the filet minion. Both my red fish and my husband’s filet were very well seasoned and perfectly cooked. Then we were off to the desert table. We shared a wonderful miniature Champaign/strawberry layered mousse desert, a miniature smores desert, a miniature éclair, chocolate dipped blueberry cheesecake pop, and a small cherry pie, all of which again were fabulous.

  276. Cindy A.

    Through a secret door hidden in the crowded streets of disneyland lies one of the most exclusive restaurants. Club 33. Once you are inside, you can take an elevator (reminds me of one from a movie inside a hotel) to upstairs where the restaurant is located.We came here for brunch.The buffet appetiZer was the best! Not only were there cocktail shrimp and crabs, but there were lobster claws too! Better than the Vegas buffets! There were also salads, cheese, and a very cool soup dispenser and cup. We had our main course too and I chose the steak which was good. It did have a fancy name but it was a normal steak.They had a really pretty array of desserts displayed too but they tasted average. Overall, the food here was better than I had expected. At the end we had to buy souveniors since they were exclusively sold only at club 33. And another fun part was Mickey came by and took pictures.

  277. Remie M.

    I looooooooooove this place. . .u have to be a member or know someone that is. . .well i’m glad i know someone that is! ahahahahacame here for lunch. . .there was 6 in our party. . .u can either go up in a old school elevator or the stairway. . .we were greeted by the friendly cast members. . .EVERYTHING was fantastic!!! From the main course and desserts. . .it was buffet style of the finest desserts. . .We all were so stuffed. . .so we decided to walk around. . .took pictures on the balconies over looking new orleans square. . .The restrooms were very authentic if u will call it. . .in the mens restroom. . .(yes i went in there jst 2 ck it out)they have the chain dangling from the ceiling for u 2 pull 2 flush the toliet. . .the womens restroom was very danity and girlie. . .A nice get away from the crowds. . .and of course we hit up disneyland after.

  278. Patrick S.

    I have been to Club 33 two times in past 2 years, and both experiences have been very memorable. What I think is cool is to have an early lunch at Club 33 and then head over to the Disneyland. (Admission was included for both Disney parks) for $85 per head (kids $60) for lunch at 33 and park admission, it is a no brainer. I love the lobster in the seafood bar, and the beef for the main course is a top shelf. To me it is also cool to have a good martini with lunch or dinner before retuning to the park :-)If you have a connection to get into Club 33, I would highly recommend the experience.

  279. PNotHere E.

    I came here for lunch with a few coworkers to celebrate some major accomplishments. Service: Top Notch — all there is to it. Servers, cooks, bar staff — everybody was awesome. Appetizer: Appetizers were extremely good. Fruit, salmon slices, crab legs, lobster tail, cold cuts, cheeses, a chicken tortilla soup to die for that you pour into a small cup and literally drink from the cup. The cup is too small for the spoons they have on the table. Have some bread with the soup. Main Course: I had the Chateaubriand. It was tender and melted in my mouth. Couple that with the mash potatoes and the vegetable and everything melted in my mouth (I posted a pic). My buddy had the salmon (pic posted) which he said he normally hates salmon as it tastes like fish. This salmon was not fishy at all according to my buddy. Another person at my table had the Mac and Cheese which they claimed would change their perspective on Mac and Cheese forever. I guess Kraft will never be from this day on….Desserts: If you see all the pictures of the desserts bar — I pretty much had one of each. Interestingly I had dessert both before the appetizers and lunch then I had dessert after. I normally do not have that many desserts but all these desserts were small, fantastic and worth every indulgent minute. Drinks: We had the “punch” (pic posted sooner or later) which I talked with the bartender about. He mentioned the ingredients which I was not able to list them down but found a few places online that had potential recipes. So far though — none of these recipes sound similar to what the bartender told me. WORTH MENTIONING: Make sure to look at the curio cabinet on the right side before you enter the bar and food area. In this curio cabinet are souvenirs you can purchase. These souvenirs are NO WHERE in the park after you get out of Club 33. I purchased a shot glass ($18 — totally worth it for me) but looked at the Mickey Ears that had Club 33 embroidered as well as the Polo Shirts and other assorted items. If you can get in to Club 33 at the very minimum get a Souvenir as you really don’t know if you would be able to get back in again.

  280. Victor T.

    I’ve been lucky to have breakfast’s, lunches and dinners at Club 33 before and after the remodel. Thank you Faith and Kerry (RIP). So before the remodel, Club 33 used to offer an entree and a buffet with salads, cheeses, cured meats and smoke salmon, etc. and tables full of deserts too many deserts to even try. After the remodel they changed the club a bit first they made it bigger, they added and piano lounge area, you now enter further down into a beautiful court yard with spiral stairs that lead into the restaurant. The menu is now cut down to choose from an appetizer, entree and desert. I do miss the old way but still the experience and food is amazing. Everything cooked on point. The waiters are extremely friendly and full of Disney knowledge so pick their brains. They may even hint you in some hidden Mickey locations. I did have to give he Club 4 stars just because of the menu change.

  281. Carlo B.

    i ate here some time ago. probably 1998. all i remember was walking around the new orleans, then after awhile, we entered this door and into a nice looking elevator. man this place was pretty neat. very very classy. now i hear that its not easy getting a spot here.great food, ambience, and excellent service.!!!!

  282. Jem K.

    /* No, I am not a member. No, I cant get you in. I was just invited*/First time in Club 33 and the first word that came out of my mouth was “wow” 🙂 We waited in the Court of Angels for a couple of minutes then we were escorted up to the saloon. We stayed in the Salon Nouveau for an hour. There was a player piano, ‘paintings’ on the wall change every 20 minutes(?) and they serve diamond margarita which has a diamond shaped ice. I saw a few kids and some people wearing shorts and running shoes there so im not sure if the dress code applies.Then we went to dining area, the decor is very intricate, fancy, classy, and modern. our server very nice and jolly. We sat at a would have been great spot to watch Fantasmic but there were trees in the way. 🙁 We were able to see the fireworks thought 🙂 The women’s bathroom has a couch, a full sized mirror and lotion. =)))The food is very tasty. You get a choice between Five course meal which is $105 and Six Course Meal for $125. You can choose multiple dishes from one course if you like 🙂 (I skipped the Second Course which is the salad course) Besides our meal, there was bread service that kept coming, Amuse Bouche – very delicious fried potato with something (i forgot the name), and cucumber sorbet to cleanse your palate. 🙂 Small portions but on my 3rd course, i was already feeling full. The main course (4th course) is presented to each guest under a silver dome and is presented simultaneously. 🙂 our server messed up some of our orders but she was able to replace it right away. I originally ordered the lobster rockfeller, but I got the butter poached lobster instead. It’s still good, so I didnt complain. One of our colleagues was given a lamb instead of the filet mignon, and another one was served with the butter poached lobster twice. So you might want to have your server verify your lobster order. The lamb was my favorite. It has alot of flavor to it. I would skip the cheese course next time… and probably get a real dessert like the vanilla creme brulee or chocolate hazelnut 🙂 I dont know what the old Club 33 looked like before it was remodeled so i have nothing to compare it too but overall, it was amazing.and o, if you want a little souvenir… you can ask for the menu.. and they will give it to you… it comes in a little blue bag with the club 33 logo as well *see attached photos

  283. Katie B.

    anyone can go to Disneyland…NOT everyone can visit Club 33 at Disneyland. We had a party of 12 that came here for brunch for my Grandma’s 75th bday earlier this month, including 3 little kids. Just like most people, we were able to go because we have a friend with a membership. The waiting list for a membership to the club was 18 years…now I don’t think it’s even possible to get on it. So, needless to say, my family was so thrilled to have the opportunity to go. As we rang the doorbell, this group of bratty goth teenagers came up to me and said “What is that door? Why do you get to go in?” And as we walked in, they tried to follow but the door was shut on them, kind of cruel but awesome given their sour demeanor towards us. We wanted to ride the French lift to get up to the restaurant, but instead we were just led up the stairs. and they took grandma up on a freight elevator…sad. The place was huge, you would never know how much space was up there. You enter by the Pirates exit, but it wraps all the way across Royal street, and over the french market cafe. The service was as good as could be expected while we were toting around 3 little screaming kids. The cold buffet was amazing…so many different types of salad, crab legs, and shrimp cocktail. All of the entrees we ordered were great and the dessert bar was fabulous. Their fruit punch is really good…sadly I didn’t drink because the rest of the fam doesn’t drink and I felt guilty being the only one. Alcohol is NOT included in the price of your meal. If I could do Disneyland this way every time, I would, since the price of the meal=the price of a park ticket. Club 33 even has their own exclusive merchandise you can only buy while in the club. We got to sit next to Mira Sorvino which was also pretty cool. So, if you ever have the opportunity, take advantage of it!

  284. Nick T.

    By far, a favorite in Disneyland. We go every time we are at the park. Love the ambiance, the service, the food…the view. It’s just great to be able to sit and relax, eat amazing food and enjoy something so “private,” and know that it was meant for a select few.The chateau briand is…AMAZING. I bought the Disneyland cook book just so I could try it at home; I haven’t yet!I’d say go when you’re there, but….

  285. Jenny M.

    Loved it, I was on cloud nine the whole time!!! Small buffet to start and then me and 3 girlfriends all ordered different things and passed them around the table. Everything was amazing.So much history here! Our server said I was in the same chair Elvis sat in decades earlier. Stuff like that. It is expensive for sure, but definitely worth it at least once in your life!

  286. Dan W.

    Despite being only 20, I’m fortunate enough to have been to Club 33 a number of times. The last time I went was for my birthday, and that really sealed the deal for me.Club 33 is a careful balance between luxury and service, and both elements have been mastered by the employees. From the knowledgeable waiters to the excellent food , the restaurant does not disappoint. Simply walking into Club 33 is a privilege, but throw in a personal visit from Mickey and Pluto during your meal and you know you’re being taken care of.For lunch, the meal is structured in two parts. The first part is a previously selected main course while the second is a buffet-style assorted meats, cheeses, vegetables, and desserts. There are times where the buffet portion has included a carving station with superb prime rib and there are times where this aspect of the meal has been decent, but not truly shocking. Main courses can range from beef to chicken, seafood, and pasta among others. Put these two together, and you will be well-fed, no matter the dish you choose.Talk to your waiters and the staff. They are all extremely kind, and some of them have been on board since the Club opened. They’ll be able to share the history of the Club with you in a unique, memorable way. You will soon realize that you’re sitting in a room full of Disney history.Club 33 is what separates my ordinary trips to Disneyland and the memorable ones. The park is successful because of theme and atmosphere, and Club 33 exudes both in a way unique to itself.

  287. Pamela B.

    Exquisite perfection! I am still dreaming of the detail and the flawless palate of flavors! Service was beyond expectations.

  288. K P.

    If I were to rate this place on the food alone, I’d give it three stars. At the risk of sounding snooty, it was good but a bit mediocre for my tastes. Perhaps I’m spoiled at the notion of Downtown Disney having excellent fine-dining restaurants that are a cut above for half the price (e.g., Napa Rose, Steakhouse 55, Catal). But then again, no one goes to Club 33 for just the food…or at least no one should. This place is all about the overall experience and ambiance. Add to the fact that this is the most exclusive restaurant at Disneyland and it’s no wonder that people pay good money to come here and earn their bragging rights. Club 33 is indeed a phenomenon for those in the know.On the outside lies nothing more than an unassuming door that blends into a facade. ‘Nothing to see here, folks! Or so it seems. The Club 33 experience begins when you ring the doorbell and announce your arrival on the intercom, at which time you’re buzzed in. While waiting at the door be prepared to get stares from onlookers who are well aware, or maybe they’re just curious. Or maybe they think you’re a “who’s who”. In any case, this private entry is anything but. Once inside, an interior of opulence and ornate architecture welcome you. No expense was spared here. You’re taken up to the 2nd floor in grand style via the French lift. Peruse the artwork and paintings at your leisure…no rush. Look out the 2nd story window and wave at folks walking by…they probably won’t notice you anyway. Take a good look at the guests dining…one of them could very well be a celebrity. Steal a Club 33 paper towel from the restroom…it’s allowed. Ask lots of questions…this place is rich in history. Other things that impressed me (not an exhaustive list):-the collection of items owned by the late Disney family-the antique furnishings-the restroom-the superior serviceI’ve had the pleasure of dining at Club 33 a few times and every visit has been a treat. I would gladly drop everything in a heartbeat to experience it once more.

  289. Bradley C.

    First of all, let me start by saying that I am a Disney fan… Not a Disney nut. I hung up my Mouse ears years ago, so I no longer buy season passes. I just pop in now and then when people visit me from out of town… Or when a group of friends drag me out.I am writing about my experience here a few years ago.I went to Club 33 with a large group of friends… I was lucky enough to have a friend who won a bid on entrance at a charity auction and invited me (plus date) along.The decor was over the top, dated and gaudy with lots of dark wood, red wallpaper, heavily draped curtains and of course white table cloth covered dining tables… But, fitting and magical considering where we were… The semi-secret, members only, VIP lounge behind the nondescript door next to the Pirates of the Caribbean exit. VERY COOL!The service and food were excellent,. Food, drinks (the only alcohol served inside the Disneyland park) and desert were very expensive… Pricing would be comparable to upscale dining in New York… But, well worth the experience for sure. I have no desire to be put on the 14+ year waiting list for membership to this place… But, I would go again in a heartbeat, given the opportunity!

  290. Aisa P.

    It’s all about the connections.I honestly never knew about the existence of Club 33 until my family of 10 went to visit me in So Cal for my UCI graduation. What better way than to celebrate a grad weekend then to visit Disneyland, and of course the all exclusive Club 33.They have a dress code so leave the spaghetti straps and sandals at home, or better yet bring a cardigan with you. Upon entering the park, showing our tickets we heard plenty of “oohs and ahhs” of excitement that we were entering Club 33. We spent the entire day at Disneyland with the rides galore, (thankfully I wasn’t hungover from celebrating my graduation the night before). Fast forward to dinner and my family is Asian so you can only imagine all the flashbulbs that were taken inside. Seemed like when we were eating dinner there, it was full of the usuals, Club 33 alumni. The food was honestly subpar, not you’re expected I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. (Although the atmosphere makes it seem like that). Overall the exclusiveness of Club 33 and the history about it made it more worthwhile. The Service was excellent, felt like a queen.Left with a Club 33 keychain and Club 33 shotglass as my souveniers. Not only that , but maybe +300 pictures and the urge to visit Club 33 again. Next time, we’re going to be visiting at lunch time for their buffet, which I hear is a million times better.

  291. Lorelai G.

    The new remodel of the club is amazing! So much detail and decadence! Once you enter Club 33, one is greeted by dazzling Cast Members in the Court of Angels (I was wondering where that beautiful staircase went) and then you enter the lobby of the club on the second floor. Lilly’s piano is the lobby, along with the gift shop case. I bought a Club 33 coffee mug, shot glass and pin. The cast member wrapped it nice and tight in a beautiful Club 33 bag (a lot of jealous eyes laid on that bag) but then again I don’t blame them! We had drinks and lunch in the lounge. A piano played us tunes while we were enjoying the view of the park. The Cast Members at the bar were great! My favorite was Chase. I kept using his name as a pun (he was a good sport lol) drinks were divine and so was our food. The place was truly magical. Still can’t believe I was in the other side of that door!

  292. Wendy F.

    Wildly overpriced, mediocre food and poor service. Did not expect that at all! Was hoping for an amazing experience, got fleeced Disney-style. Went for lunch, perhaps dinner is better. Was nice to enjoy a glass of wine while the great unwashed had pizza in the rain. Glad I went, never need to go again.

  293. Brian Y.

    Because it also gets you admission into the park for free it gets extra stars. Food isn’t really all that great, but keep in mind it is theme park food. With that, how many parks offer filet mignon!?! Nice touch with Mickey and Pluto walking around.

  294. Nida K.

    So I just heard the bad news. Disneyland’s exclusive member’s only private club no longer includes a park hopper ticket with your Club 33 meal… that sucks! I’m glad I got to experience Club 33 twice while I had the chance.Back at my old job, I used to be able to reserve a spot at Club 33 for myself and a few friends. It was a great deal because we’d basically pay $80 for a meal and it included a park hopper ticket. This was awesome, because the ticket to one park was already about $80, but with the deal to Club 33 we’d get access to both parks and a “free” meal. Not only that, but Club 33 is the only place in the park that serves alcohol.Although the food isn’t amazing, it’s the novelty of Club 33 that makes the experience special. This is where Walt Disney planned on hosting special guests. Much of the decor is from the early years around the time when Disneyland was built and is still in great condition. Your experience starts by walking through New Orleans Square and looking for the door with the infamous “33” on it. If you weren’t looking for it, you’d probably never notice it. You ring the door bell and the host opens the door and asks for the name on the reservation. If the host lets you in, you’re suddenly transported back in time. The elevator, the telephone, the stairwell is all from a different time period. I like taking the elevator up to the second floor because it’s like experiencing a part of history. It only fits like 4 people or something and you can imagine how slow it is too. The bathrooms are very vintage looking and the toilets aren’t the modern kind you see today.The second floor are where the dining rooms are and it’s one heck of a lavish experience. There is a dress code you have to adhere to since it is a bit on the fancy side. The service is phenomenal and the food is pretty good too. Since the experience here isn’t supposed to be rushed, expect to spend about 2-3 hours here. Sometimes Mickey and a friend come up to visit and they’ll happily stop by every table to take a picture with your party. I want to say the reason why people love this place is because of its exclusivity. Compared to how many people visit the park each year, only a few get the chance to experience Club 33. If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity, I suggest you take it.

  295. Luna C.

    I was treated amazing here. Food was perfect. Angela made sure our food was extra special. When something was inaccurate she changed it for us. She also moved us closer to the window view, since we had a “ok” view originally. I really enjoyed my time here. Bathroom were super clean and lavished. The bar was clean, the dinning area was superb. I really liked my experience.

  296. Cristabella C.

    We celebrated my boyfriend’s 25th Birthday at Club33. It was a really nice experience. Sure, it’s pricier than dining at the Blue Bayou, but the experience was unforgettable! We ordered the five course meal with wine pairing. With gratuity, this cost around $480.We had a phenomenal time! Our waiter was very attentive, down to Earth, but professional. We really enjoyed the food, the wine, the whole experience was an excellent one.They have souvenirs inside that you can only buy there. I’m really happy we went.

  297. Derek F.

    Service was over the top amazing!!!The food was great not amazing, but the drinks were AWESOME!If you get the chance to have dine here GO, it is a trully unique Orange County experiance.Make sure to look around and ask LOTS of questions. The elevator is one of only two french lifts opperating in the US, also be sure to ask about search light the bird.Also please please please remember to dress up, they have a dress code and it would be such a waste if you where turned away for not wearing proper attire.Enjoy and plan on spending at least $100 per person

  298. jessica s.

    bucket list

  299. Marlon T.

    Since I worked for Chevron, I had access to Club 33 and I went in November with 7 of my buddies.I loved the place. Just being here and feeling exclusive was pretty cool.It was a very pleasant/classy dinner as well since you must dress up nice.Being able to order some drinks made the experience what it is.I ordered the Vintner plus the matching wine. It was a 5-course meal and each course had wine that was supposed to compliment the taste of the food. I also ordered a jack and coke. The bill for myself came out to about $120, the most I’ve ever spent on a meal. Nonetheless, the food was extraordinary and delicious. If I had the chance, I would come back again but since I don’t work at Chevron anymore, I don’t have access.It is very pricey but worth the experience since this is Walt Disney’s old private restaurant where he used to chill. You can go on the balcony and sort of watch Fantasmic, but not really since there’s a big tree in the way.The only real drawback is that the waiters/waitresses weren’t the best and seemed kinda clueless when asked food/wine details.There’s lots of artifacts in the restaurant like the elevator and piano, be sure to check those out.Overall, it doesn’t really matter how much you spend here since the restaurant is so exclusive and you can only go here so many times in your life. Most people will probably never experience it so come through and go all out.

  300. Casey S.

    Never in my life did I think I’d be able to get into Club 33. With the club currently not accepting new members and dishes that have price tags soaring into the triple digits, I knew that it definitely had to be something special.And it most certainly was. That Disneyland magic is still captured in this club, except with fewer screaming kids and a lot more class. The waiters were attentive and the lamb was stellar. And the dessert buffet! Macarons of all flavors, eclairs branded with the company’s logo, and loads of other goodies. We even got some free apple cider and champagne!As to be expected, things aren’t cheap here. Then again, if you’re going to live the high life, you’re bound to pay for it. I am forever indebted to my connection.

  301. Deborah A.

    This is the ultimate Disney fan’s wish. To even be considered or have a letter from the Club is exciting enough. But to actually set foot in the secretive doors that are passed by millions of people and to get a glimpse of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, is quite a memorable experience. We first had my friend ring the doorbell and a cast member from inside answered and let us in. We waited in their little lobby while our table was being prepared and when it was, we were given the option either ride the victorian/european elevator, which was amazing, or use the stairs. The elevator ride is something I can cross off my bucket list and say that I did travel back in time of glorious europe. We arrived on the upper landing, and were guided towards the dinning area near the Rivers of America. A long hallway filled with victorian like artifacts, as well as the infamous piano and Mary Poppins table. I felt like I had literally stepped into the mansions in Pride and Prejudice. We were seated and of course, the servers pulled out our seats individually and handed us our table napkins. Whenever you leave, they come to your table and fold it back up before you come back! Fancy treatment! The menu had quite a variety of options ranging from steak to fish. The price is about $86 at the time. If it does increase, its the price of a single park admission, for future references. You choose either the 5 course meal or whatever selections are offered. My brother chose the 5 course meal, and I chose the caesar salad, which would probably be the 2nd best salad of my 21 years of existence. It wasn’t like the regular caesar salads. It was quite tangy and the presentation was exquisite. For my entree, I ordered the New York strip. The steak was delicious but the sides, I wished I had more of the mashed potatoes instead of the broccolini mash. I also split the artisan cheese plate. I’m glad i shared, because it was enough for 2 people! It wasn’t memorable since I can’t remember the flavors, but I do know that I ate more if one cheese than the other. For dessert, I also split the chocolate plate. It had a chocolate ice cream lollipop, chocolate devil cake, and a white chocolate mickey mouse to top off the presentation.The meal was extraordinary. I think I was excited and hyphed up because not many could experience this unless you have connections and/or are filthy rich. I think its worth the meal, considering you already get a free ticket to the park. Plus, you get to dress super fly and stand out from the usual crowd. Always a pleasure to dine at Club33. Can’t wait to come back next month!

  302. rogerrab2

    Had the chance of a lifetime to come here and hell yes I took it! At the time we didn’t have annual passes anymore, so we ended up paying for a day ticket to get inside. It was worth it! I ordered the lamb, it was a bit dry, but flavor was there. I didn’t expect so much because it’s Disneyland. The best part was the buffet. Yummy! Probably wouldn’t come back if we had the chance tho, the first time was enough. I’m just glad we got to experience it.

  303. adamrod

    We came on New Year’s Day lunch. New location, new menu. The menu is limited and the buffet they used to have is gone now. I ordered stake. It was tender and flavorful.The meal wax great, but service was just fine today.

  304. richard95

    I feel soo lucky to be able to get into this restaurant, whenever possible. I’ve dine here for both lunch and dinner and both times have been wonderful. The place is not cheap…but…the price of your meal is comparable to the price you would pay to get into both parks (CA adventureland and Disneyland Park.) Along with your reservations you receive a hopper tickets for free. So pretty much it’s a BOGO! If you love seafood then you would enjoy the lunch buffet. They serve cold cuts of lobster tails, crab, and shrimp. The dessert is also a treat…their may not be some desserts that you’ll enjoy but you will definitely find your favorite. Mine?Tiramisu..Yum. If you have a chance to go…GO GO GO…It’s just sooo worth it.

  305. Janine I.

    First of all…BE SURE to follow the dress code. It is strict, and, they call to confirm your reservation a day prior. They tell you the dress code. I saw a whole party of 6 being denied access because the ladies were wearing sandals. VERY nice sandals, but, they do not allow them, so, they had to go buy shoes. We have been to “The club” many times and it never disappoints. The Chateau Briand (spelling?) is outstanding! The chicken with truffled mac n’ cheese is also amazing. (I am hungry just thinking about it!)The bartenders make fantastic drinks and the service is normally out of this world. (Sadly we had a server a few months back that was NOT worth the size of tip we felt we had to leave because we get in under a friend’s membership.) The lunch buffet is fabulous. Many cheeses, chilled shrimp, crab claws and lobster tail. They have soup and veggies and fruits. You can’t help but overload on the stuff!! Then comes the main course, which is incredible. By the time you roll out of there, you are STUFFED and swear you will never eat again. (The corn dog cart just doesn’t cut it after this!) The nice thing about Club 33 is that they allow you to sit and leisurely have your appetizers, your main course, and, your desserts. (The lunch buffet also has a dessert bar.) We have sat for 3-4 hours each time. Having a cocktail before the meal & coffee afterward. It’s a haven from the hectic scene down below in the streets of Disneyland. If you can get in…jump at the chance! Sure it’s pricey (plan for at least $120 each.) but it’s worth every penny and when you can say you’ve been there people want to know HOW can they get in, but, if you are wise…you never reveal the source! It’s how you keep being able to get in! 😉 They also have a very discreet case of Club 33 merchandise in the club. You will probably want a keychain, a coffee mug or shotglass! So, budget for that too. One thing you can do, without being tacky, is ask your wait person if you may have the ink pen they are using (which has the Club 33 logo on it). They will typically give it to you. Afterall…you’ve probably just spent $250 for 2 persons and will leave a 20% tip! They are usually happy to give it to you. The club has some cool memoribilia too. A table from “Mary Poppins”, a phone booth from “The Happiest Millionaire”. (This among other things. )If you’re able….go! It’s well worth the time, money and charm. When you are done with your meal, you can step out onto the balcony (be sure to ask a waitstaff person to let you out…and don’t trample past folks who have window tables). It’s so nice to stand there and look down at the park and across the Rivers of America.Another nice touch…if you tell them in advance (through the member) that it’s a special occassion, they will make a special dessert and surprise the birthday person or if it’s your anniversary, etc. It’s just part of what makes Club 33 so fabulous!It truly IS a magical experience.

  306. Brett S.

    Well… One more thing checked off of the bucket list!! Ok so this place is beyond amazing if or if your not a Disneyfreak like me. It’s simple once you have a reservation (We got in cause our friend works for bank of America) once escorted upstairs sat at a glorious corner table and presented with fresh cold water an menus. Choices for lunch were 4 different meals which you picked one. While that’s being made you have full access to a soup/buffet bar. But this I no regular buffet. It features fresh fruit an various salads and pastas also some high end crab and lobster tails. Every time you come back your napkins were refolded by some ninja apparently because you never see anyone. Just about time you finish your buffet your full meal comes out and HOLY CRAP!!!! Amazing!!!! I had salmon with pineapple reduction and rissoto. Probably the best salmon I’ve ever had. After you finish all that there’s yet another attack on you from the amazing dessert table. On your way out don’t forget to buy some limited merchandise from the glass cabinet. They’re al ot cheaper than I expected from a place like this. Like $20 for the Club 33 mouse ears hat. People be prepared to spend $100+ a person including tip for the lunches. BUT for the food an experience worth every penny.

  307. XXXbeast

    Rubbing elbows with the rich…so this is how it feels. haha Well it’s not like we knew anyone in there, I really was hoping to meeting someone famous though =)Anyways, how do I even describe the experience? Once-in-a-lifetime? Magical? It’s hard to actually put it in words, it’s just something you really never see yourself doing but you hear about it. Pretty speechless. Big tip for everyone out there going: The Club 33 door changed location, it’s actually around the corner. Good thing the worker at the Blue Bayou was nice enough to lead us to the right door. Gosh so embarrassing haha 1. You knew we are not the top 1% who goes here 2. It really is a secret place! So my BF’s cousin was actually able to get us in and all I could remember was our eyes were wide open, I’m sure close to popping out. Everything looked so grand. The spiral up staircase, the double doors, elegant entrance, chandeliers, well dressed hostess, greeters, waiters. It was so pristine I felt so out of place. As if I should start holding everything with my pinky up, and using proper grammar, it was pretty intense. BF cousin noted after renovations everything looks pretty different, we tried asking for a tour afterwards but they don’t offer that anymore. Bummer (I’m sure this language would not fly there).We went to lunch and they offered choice of 3 course or 4 course. We went for the 3 course, $70. You had your choice of appetizer, soup/salad, entree, dessert. You can do a mix and match, so whichever combination you wanted. We all went for the 3 course, and I went with an appetizer, entree, and dessert. The appetizer that I got was a blue crab artichoke gratin. They did a fantastic job on the menu, it described everything in the dish. Anyways, it felt like I was eating a blue crab butter souffle of sorts, It was a spread you would put on a thin toast. Wow, it melted. Omgosh so delicious. On top of that, if you had it with their bread. Swoon. Oh and I can talk forever about their bread. It was so buttery, soft, warm, pillow that was absolutely amazing. Hands down the best bread ever! As for the entree, I went with a pork brioche. I couldn’t imagine what it was, but when it came out it was like a open face sandwich. But how it was made, the combination of taste, it was all so flavorful, moist and soft I didn’t even think I was eating pork at one point. I think it was sort of like a pork patty, but however it was made that also melted in my mouth. My mouth was definitely spoiled that day. Then the final dish, the dessert. I went with the hazelnut bavarian cream with fruit. Presentation was beautiful, the cream was light and the taste of hazelnut with the tartiness of the fruits. Perfect end. There was another dessert at the table, the monkey bread. That was so warm and comforting, that was definitely #1. With the ice cream and pecan crisp. Sweet tooth heaven. Note: The dessert buffet that I have been reading about, was not there…maybe it was no longer there due to the renovation. That was the one thing I was so looking forward to, but oh well.Either way the experience and food combined I would definitely give this place 2 more additional stars. It comes with a price, but the intention is once in a lifetime, so it was definitely worth it. It is a unique experience that has left me very satisfied. The ultimate foodie’s dream. =)

  308. Manny V.

    Came here a while back through work and at the time didn’t really know the high status of the place actually got to go to twice and everything was amazing. Walt Disney used to listen in on the customers and blow their minds by bringing or doing exactly what was overheard through a secret mic. I hope to go back again

  309. Hannah K.

    Came here with family for a birthday dinner a few years back. If you get an invite to eat here; go! It was definitely a fun experience and we thoroughly enjoyed the food.Not a fan of the ambiance as I’m not a huge Disney fan. Maybe I can’t appreciate all the decor and things on display, but the food and service was excellent.From what I remember the filet mignon was perfectly cooked and I could eat the garlic mashed potatoes for days. They also had an amazing salad topped with this cave aged blue cheese my mom has been searching for forever (I think it’s from Santa Barbara?). Finished off with some of the best creme brulee I’ve had. Very pronounced vanilla flavor with vanilla beans spread all throughout the custard.Makes me want to go back just thinking about it. Now, if I could just make another reservation….

  310. Aldo B.

    I have wanted to go here ever since I learned about it, this year i dined here 3 times, I have never been let down, fabulous atmosphere great views awesome food and Booze!!! Who woulda thunk you could get schnockered in Disneyland! I will go here every chance i get!!!

  311. Steve D.

    I’ve been lucky to dine here for Sunday brunch & dinner many times. The food is very good, atmosphere is very cool & the staff is AMAZING! Shout out to Lisa S, best server ever!

  312. Mary L.

    I’ve heard about Club 33 for years from co-workers and friends. It is as good as they say. Lunch was $80/person (child price is lower) plus beverages, tax and tip and includes park-hopper ticket for the day. The food was delicious, starting with the salad bar that included salmon, crab and lobster. I had the chicken with truffled mac & cheese. My husband had the filet mignon. Both were delicious. He said he has never had a better steak and he’s kind of picky. The desset buffet had at least ten different items. The pieces are small so you can try a little of everything, which we did. The staff is very friendly and the service was great. Even my very thrifty husband said we should go again the next time we go to Disneyland.

  313. nickstrip

    Great service but why isn’t this type of experience to all? There should be several of these throughout the park that anybody could pay a little extra to enjoy during their visit

  314. David B.

    I had the pleasure of eating at Club 33 for my birthday dinner. There were 6 of us total in the party. The service was great, the food was amazing and the ambiance was one of a kind. We spent the day in the parks before dinner and watched the World of Colors show before heading home. Most of us had the Chefs menu, and I had the wine pairing which was iperfect.

  315. Kim G.

    Club 33 is a tough one to review because it offers much more than a typical restaurant. I guess you have to think about it a few different ways. First of all it comes with a park hopper pass which has a considerable amount of value in itself. If you think about it Club 33 is quite pricey, but if you deduct the value of the pass to the park it’s actually a value. When you go to Club 33 the decor and experience is really nice, how else are you going to enjoy a nice bottle of wine in a quiet secluded place in Disney Land? It’s really nice to sit in a nice quiet dining room overlooking the hustle and bustle of the park. I would go to Club 33 again and I would encourage anyone who gets the opportunity to take it. Please keep in mind that Club 33 is an experience not just a restaurant. If Club 33 were an independent restaurant I’d probably rate the food 2 stars. The service is amazing, but the food is overpriced and unrefined considering the price-tag. Keep in mind that they do have a captive audience so the food isn’t going to be nearly as creative and innovative as what you see in the general fine dining scene.

  316. autumn l.

    When my sister and i were 3, we came here and ate. Just this year, however, did we learn this disturbing piece of information. i say disturbing because we do not remember this wonderful experience! Apparently, the food was delicious and everything was great. Too bad we weren’t able to experience it and remember it

  317. Kelli M.

    Yay!!!!!!! Worth every single penny we spent… and we spent a lot of them 😉

  318. Kristina P.

    I had the opportunity to go to the infamous Club 33 for my 4 year anniversary. Luckily my guy has access to this exclusive club through his work. Major brownie points for him. In the morning we picked up the tickets at guest relations near California Adventure. We were given the complimentary park hopper tickets plus a map showing were the the club was located. Its not like we didn’t already know where it was, but the paper made it felt like a treasure map- and the treasure chest was the entrance to Club 33! Because our reservations was for dinner, we changed into proper attire. We weren’t going to take any chances in not being admitted in. I must say, it felt good to press the button. People were looking and waiting for us to go in, just so they can see a glimpse of inside. I was trying to take it all in because i knew not everyone gets the chance to go there. The service was beyond amazing. I guess my boyfriend was a little nervous and excited about being there and was always drinking his water. Our assistant waitress wouldnt let his glass go below half before she was at our table refilling it with Smartwater. I had to tell him to stop because it was getting embarrassing with her coming back so often. Also, right when take out my camera from my purse so i can take a quick picture of the table setting, she comes to our table asking if we would like her to take our picture- talk about serviceee! Our meal was great, but we stopped eating long enough to go out to the balcony and watch the fireworks. It was just a perfect evening. The check came with a Club 33 pen that we got to keep along with Club 33 chocolates. Can’t wait to go back and try the lunch here, hopefully its as good as the dinner. But i definitely won’t forget my first time there. *the only issue i had with the whole experience was the woman at the door who answers the intercom. We were 5mins early for our reservations and she made us wait outside. We thought that was a little odd and annoying at the same time. But I tried not to dwell on it too much because I didn’t want it to ruin the whole evening. Who knows, maybe shes like that because shes all alone downstairs, but everyone we encountered upstairs was beyond nice. haha

  319. harryharry

    Once-in-a-lifetime and checking it off my bucket list!We enjoyed a really special lunch and everything was just delightful! The service was so attentive and Chase our waiter was awesome! They start you off with a cold buffet and soup course. I didn’t want to over do it, so i snacked on the lobster (yes, lobster is a part of the buffet!), and peeled jumbo shrimp. I ordered the chateaubriand, rare of course, and it was made to perfection! I then hit the dessert table and had the creme brulee, a club 33 cookie, and a chocolate/fudge pop…again, everything was incredible.We stayed a while to soak up our monies worth ($500.00 for 4 to be exact) and hung out on the balcony and waved to the commoners (yes, slighly gloating!), checked out the fancy ladies room and took lots of pictures.If you get a chance to come here, bust out your rainy day money because it was SOOOO worth it! 🙂

  320. Tracy C.

    What can I say about the place that introduced me to good wine (before Club 33, I thought all wine was the crappy wine in a box — yes I am a wine snob from the very beginning) — I know, it is also at Disneyland! There is nothing better — well, I guess that is exaggerating — than wine and Disneyland. (Club 33 is the only place in Disneyland that one can get alcohol.) I went there for lunch years ago, but it is still so fresh in my memory. It was the best buffet I that I have ever had. I had just gotten over being sick, so I was expecting just to enjoy the atmosphere and the experience and not eat anything. I ate nothing compared to the guys, but it was so amazing. I remember great seafood (and I love seafood) and a a silver bowl of amazing melted chocolate. Our friend ordered a bottle of wine, which I was just planing on sipping politely while we ate and chatted. Boy, I was very surprised to learn that not only did I like it, I enjoyed it. Not only, did we have that bottle of wine, we had 2 others (over 3.5 hours).I loved going to Club 33. Years later, I still look back on that day as one of my top 3 Disneyland moments.

  321. Renee M.

    A Chocolate Martini in hand standing on the balcony watching all the regular Disney Guests walk by below wondering how you get up there. Very cool thing, then put on top of that the Seared Ahi and some excellent wine, Disney doesn’t get any better then that. the service was of course excellent. You really did not feel like you were in the middle of Disney. If you can find a way to get an invite – enjoy.

  322. Natalie J.

    Third time’s the charm; dinner was even better than Sunday brunch.Wait staff 5 stars! They are so professional. Enjoyed our experience for 3 hours!Even more magical at night stepping onto the balcony with New Orleans Square lit up for Christmas time and seeing the fireworks through the trees. We finally got to ride the lift upon arriving and exiting.

  323. Maria M.

    “OMG!!! VIP status at Disneyland.” That must have been all we said ever since we got invited to have lunch at Club 33. It truly was an experience. Being a huge Disney fan, it really was a dream come true. Dinner and lunch have different menus, well lunch just has a salad bar included. There’s also a dessert bar which -honestly- look better then what they taste. The food isn’t really worth $100 meal but the experience is. Definitely a place for Disney lovers. So happy I had the chance to go! If you get that invitation don’t pass it up — or you could just let me know and I’ll go 😉 —

  324. Joshua S.

    Went for my wife’s 33rd Birthday (thanks Amy & Marc). The food is rich and flavorful. We went to lunch and I had the Pan Seared ChateauBriand…which was one fo the better Filet Mignons I’ve had. The lunch buffet was wonderful…shrimp cocktails, lobster, king crab, cheeses, salads, and the some of the best damn desserts I’ve had in a while. We ordered the Fruit Punch and the Chocolate Martini…both were tasty. The service is impecable. No sooner did I take a sip of water, was it being refilled. You get up to grab some more food from the buffet and come back to see your napkin refolded and ready to go.Overall, the experience was amazing. The service was perfect. And the food, besides being tasty…let’s just say, wear your “thanksgiving” pants. Take time to go on the balcony and wave to the common folk down below…but don’t throw Club 33 cookies to them (pretty sure Disney would frown on that). I would totally go again, although it is a bit overpriced (what isn’t at Disney). Still totally worth the experience…you almost forget you are at Disneyland.

  325. Jeremy D.

    What can I say that others haven’t already said. It’s club 33 and it’s the best food in Disneyland. The cold bar with salad and seafood crab/shrimp/lobster is superb. The full dessert bar is to die for. The entrees are right on the spot. If I knew this would be my last meal on earth, Club 33 would be on my short list to dine at. Really. You gotta try anyway to get in, everything you read about and heard is all true. Enjoy Disneyland the way Walt expected you to enjoy it.

  326. Darren H.

    I don’t even know where to start on this review, but as stated before if you ever have the opportunity to step into the “unknown” that is Club 33 DON’T PASS IT UP! I seriously can’t thank the amazing woman who orchestrated this whole night enough for exposing me to this side of the Disney spectrum. I could not have asked for a more exceptional dining experience.The staff is AMAZING! Everyone from the hostess to the woman filling the water just had an outstanding attitude and you could tell they are proud to be there and do what they do so well. There was never a point we were overlooked, under valued, or disappointed. They kept glasses filled, bellies stuffed, and smiles on all who had attended. Bar none the BEST I have had anywhere prior with the exception of our waiter from KOI in Las Vegas during my wedding anniversary!I can’t even begin to describe the heaven that is was the food. I know the few fam that did attend with me that will read this will laugh when I say I STILL TASTE THE SHRIMP! If even after 12 hours I still wish I was chowing down on a sample from someone else’s meal what does that say about the menu? Haha..=OPSeriously though, the park ticket is basically credit for the meal which always calms the nerves about the bill and gets you to focus on just enjoying yourself among great company and stellar cuisine! We attended dinner which was not the buffet style, but did leave an option for a pre fixe menu or a la carte. Certainly from jumping between the two (sharing is caring when you have people who know how to dine) there was NO WRONG WAY TO GO. There was a 5 course pre fixe menu which in the end I wish I had actually went along with because on paper the food looked daunting, but down the hatch it sent me into a state of euphoria. I thank my buddy Wes for allowing me the chance to sample each course. I have never tried duck confit, but that certainly has made me a fan. It was a perfect blend of flavor and I know duck is acquired taste, but this was not overpowering at all. The shrimp I brought up earlier was the highlight of the entire night. I believe it was a rock shrimp dish and those prawns were cooked to perfection! Right as it entered my mouth it melted away like a cube of butter on a freshly out of the oven roll. OMG! I have never salivated like that from taking one bite of anything and yes groans of enjoyment provided both table humor and infinite hat tips to the chef! As for my taste buds, I ordered the bay scallops for my appetizer and my wife had ordered a crab cake, but we both went for the filet of Chateaubriand. Drink wise I was actually enamored by the refreshing taste of a pomegranate lemonade that certainly was off the chain. The scallops were a 10 on a scale of 1-5 being tender and enjoyed to the very max. The crab cake was the very first I have ever tasted that was not over battered nor salty and ACTUALLY FOCUSED ON THE CRAB PORTION OF A CRAB CAKE. I could seriously have eaten a whole tray of these bad boys! The filet I ordered medium and even from the first stab of my fork in it to prepare to cut it I could see it was tendered perfection! It had been served on a bed of mashed potato puree I believe along with a red wine sauce that had my socks wanting to fly off and wait in line for a fast pass while I ate. Haha. I have only had 1 other steak so tender as Club 33 and somehow I think maybe the chef at N9ne in Las Vegas is a long lost relative. Dessert was indulged in by all (no shock) and I’m proud to say they whip up a killer creme brûlée. Boy did my mouth and stomach get the 5 star treatment last night!The meal certainly showed that there is still hope out there to recover from every time I tear on a rotten outing. The overall experience shows me that with the right people both at the table and behind the scenes there are hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered.

  327. Marissa B.

    Got lucky enough to be invited by a dear friend and…boy, let me tell you! Wow, just wow. Although, I must be honest I am one of those Disney enthusiast and thought I was having lunch with Walt Disney himself. So my opinion could be a bit biased. 😉

  328. AJ B.

    Ah yes, the infamous Club 33 at Disneyland. I’ve read all the stories: secret entrances, 5 star dishes, fabulous decor, amazing service, and a great view of the fireworks show from the balcony. Guess what, it’s all true.I’ve had the honor of dining here twice now, once with my close friends from the AVATAR crew and again with my two boys for our birthdays (ours were close enough together that it made sense). Both experiences have been very special affairs.The catch is that you have to be a member or know a member to get reservations. Thankfully, my girl B was grandfathered into it so I had an in. Cost-wise, seeing as the dinner runs well under $100 per person and includes entry to both parks, it’s actually an awesome value.Now, I was never a big fan of Disneyland… it just seemed way too forced to me. But wow, I could not help but feel really positive about the experience. Food-wise, you can go with a pre-outlined full course dinner (on the left of the menu) or cobble together your own experience with the items on the right. For young kids, there’s a different set of options. Thankfully, they didn’t skimp on the elaborateness of the dishes for the smaller folk… I really wanted to wow the boys, and it was an effort well rewarded. The food was delicious, beautifully decorated and service was impeccable. I especially love the desserts here… very decadent. I timed our reservations so that we would be dining during the fireworks show, so it was a great treat to see it hidden up in the trees on the balcony. The view could be better with some pruning, but there are enough little nooks and crannies to make it a very intimate experience. Thankfully, the staff does not rush you through dinner so you’re free to take your time and take in all the sights and sounds.For any Disney fan, this is a must.

  329. Dennis W.

    In keeping with my general tradition, I’ve waited until the 2nd time to visit Club 33 before I wrote a review… Well, here it is, 15 years later!The first time I came was prior to the remodel. It was a fabulous restaurant with a variety of amazing dishes and treats to make your tastebuds cry tears of joy. The service was equally amazing, but it wasn’t really a “club.” When I came last weekend, I was immediately impressed with the renovations. I absolutely love the new wine cellar (I snapped a quick picture you can check out below). The bar area is gorgeous and now you have the “club” feeling with live jazz music…one of my absolute favorites. Since we weren’t dressed up, we stayed in the bar area for dinner (which I would have preferred anyway since the music was so splendid)! When you go, take a good look at the paintings on the wall, the light fixtures, and the wood around the bar. They spoke to me in ways inanimate objects don’t usually do and I liked it, I liked it a lot. We sampled several dishes off of the bar menu that were all on point with what you would expect of Club 33. The steaks, sliders, chili, etc… Put smiles on all our faces. The martinis were a “perfect measured Disney pour.” What does that mean exactly… Well, that means they bring out the martinis about 1/2 full in the glass. Pretty disappointing, but I understand why–that’s elegant and and not indulgent. I would say that sums up Club 33 in a sentence. I can’t wait to go back!How about a few sexy pics?

  330. XhXeXy

    I am giddy beyond belief to be able to cross this off of my bucket list! We were fortunate enough to visit Club 33 not once, but twice. Both times, our experience was phenomenal!! This takes the Disney experience to a whole new level! Ironically, our waiter both times (trips were nearly 5 years apart) was Alastair who made our trip that much more fabulous! He was entertaining, knowledgable and just downright darling. The food, the wine, the atmosphere was more than words can describe. Chef Marcel came to our table during dinner and drizzled white truffle oil on each of our dishes while telling us about the meal. We had the Prixe Fixe meal which consisted of 5 courses for $85 each. You can add the wine pairing for an additional $50. The food was incredible, with each bite leaving you wanting more, but anxious for what was next. On both of our visits, we had the late dinner seating, around 8:45pm. Dinner lasted for approximately 3 1/2 hours and since we were the last ones to leave the Club, both times we were treated to a private tour of the Club, which consisted of the Trophy Room and the balcony that overlooks Blue Bayou and Pirates of the Carribean ride. On our most recent visit, the lights were turned on inside Pirates, offering a more in depth view of the ride, including the underwater tracks.The club is very exclusive, and not so much of a secret anymore. The waiting list is around the ballpark of 16 years..? However, if you happen to know a member or know someone who knows a member, you can visit. Entrance into both parks is included with your reservation at the Club. There is also a small glass curio case inside the Club that offers Club trinkets for sale (at relatively reasonable prices).Both times, we were literally the last ones to leave the park, which afforded us the time to take pictures of a very empty Disneyland. Our host, who escorted us from the Club to the gate at nearly 1:30am, told us that the soundtrack playing throughout the park stays on all night.Club 33 truly encompasses the magic that is Disney!

  331. Pat D.

    I would never pass up an opportunity to eat at Club 33. From the entrance to the elevator, trophy room and fantasmic on the balcony. For disney fans this is the place to be. As a vegetarian the menu never really does anything for me but the staff is always open to making anything you ask for. I’ve even had a friend order a corn dog and they brought it for him. Another saw truffles on the menu and never had them; just the oil, so he asked for something and they ended up making him a truffles hashbrown dish – no charge. Ive loved everything I’ve been served, as did all my friends who had the pre fixe menu. Never had the buffet, seems too expensive to eat here for lunch. The staff loves giving you tours and answering all questions about the club. (33 is the address of the club, needed for a liquor licence; nothing else.) For $100 I had three drinks (plus unlimited smart water), four courses, and spent four hours in the club; well worth it everytime. (not to mention everyone dining at the club gets a free park hopper ticket. $96) Excited to go back in a few weeks with my family.

  332. Stephanie O.

    If I could give this place 10 stars I would. Thanks to fairy god mother Pandora we are able to enjoy an awesome lunch at Club 33 whenever we are at Disneyland together! You MUST experience this place at least once in your lifetime!

  333. Michelle T.

    If you have visited The Disneyland Resort, you may have heard about Club 33. There has always been an element of a mystery surrounding this exclusive location as its doors rarely open for Disneyland’s guests! Recently, the veil was lifted as we were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to dine at this magical location.Club 33 is located in New Orleans Square, adjacent to The Blue Bayou. You may not make a reservation to dine here as you would for most restaurants. Club 33 is an exclusive establishment that is only open to members and their guests. Therefore, they do not accept reservations from the public.Many years have gone by and I’ve heard stories and descriptions of the amazing decor. To be honest, everything was truly reflective of guests’ accounts of what they discovered. The architects, imagineers, and interior designers captured all of the elements of Disney and cleverly integrated them with high end products. This resulted in Club 33 being one of the most elegant restaurants in Orange County.Prior to walking into the restaurant, you’ll stand at an entryway as you wait to climb the stairs. You’ll notice Tinkerbell encased in a glass lamp perched above a fountain. Gaze at the staircase that is lined with white lights as you ascend toward the second floor for the most magical experience ever! Club 33 has a lounge for a casual gathering along with a dining room for an intimate lunch or dinner. There were 10 people in our party and we were seated in front of a window overlooking The Rivers of America. The table setting was truly classy, with beautiful gold-plated dinnerware that had a “33” front and center. The bathroom had a lot of old-world charm and it was every bit as beautiful and almost indescribable because there’s so much detailed involved in the interior decorations.I opted for the five course meal and I actually consumed products that I’ve shied away from. I began with the Lobster Rockefeller with Crispy Oysters and Lemon Hollandaise. This was amazing as it was perfectly seasoned and cooked to a crisp. Next, our host recommended Duck Consomme which pleasantly surprised me. I rarely eat red meat so it is difficult to describe the taste but the texture reminded me of beef. I am officially hooked on duck meat!!! Soon after, I was presented with Grilled Diver Scallops and Gulf Shrimp served in Shrimp Nage. The shrimp was firm and flavorful but when combined with the Shrimp Nage which is a flavorful sauce, I was very impressed. Then, I ordered the Roasted Cauliflower with Gruyere Cheese Tart. However, prior to viewing our fourth course of the meal, we were surrounded by employees who lifted the metal lids off of our plates in unison to reveal the chef’s creation. It was spectacular!!!! Never in my life have I had cauliflower that was this good! Finally, my meal was topped off with the tastiest monkey bread, perfectly glazed and sweetened beyond my wildest dreams. I like that Club 33 uses the small plate concept in their five course meals because you experience various dishes in one setting. Also being unable to recall or pinpoint specific sauces, seasonings, or ingredients makes this more memorable. Nothing can be replicated as their chef(s) have presented guests with unique creations to have a lasting effect so that you will always remember your experience at Club 33. I would like to say a special thank you to our host who made this dream come true for many of us. I will never forget my experience at Club 33 and I am forever grateful for having this dream come true!*I am not a member of Club 33 nor can I get anyone inside, Thank you!*

  334. Grace T.

    My curiosity is now satiated. Club 33 has always been on my list of must dos. I came here with a friend for his birthday dinner and we had the honor of riding on the Lily Belle around the park before our dinner reservation. It’s definitely a train car like none other that I been on, with it’s Victorian antiques and furniture. During dinner we were seated in the trophy room, since we were a large party. It was fun to see all the knick-knacks inside the room. Dinner was spectacular, the service that you get is one you would expect from a 5-star restaurant (especially with a hefty price tag). Afterwards, we were allowed to see the other part of the restaurant and the balcony overlooking New Orleans Square. At 9 pm, our Club 33 member made arrangements for us to watch Fantasmic from the Club 33 area. It was great to view first-hand the special privileges that come along with the Club 33 membership.

  335. Laura S.

    This is an exclusive club… I get it. It’s like being elite. yeah… I said it haha… just kidding. But seriously… this is an exclusive club. You need to know members to get a reservation here and they are quick sticklers about their dress code.I’ve been here several times cuz of friends. Thanks to them! They are awesome people! 😀 I’ve been here for lunches and dinner. The price is always expensive. Expect to pay a lot. Lunch: They have the buffet of food – soups from a coffee thing (no coffee in it) – all fancy and stuff, lobster, crab legs, shrimp, salads, cheeses, cold meats, etc. Of course, being Asian and knowing they are charging me up the ying yang… I eat the pricey stuff – crab legs, lobster and shrimp. Yummy. Don’t waste your time. :DThen I got the fish – salmon and it was alright. I was kinda disappointed in the quality. You’d expect more if you’re paying $90 (excluding tip) for a meal. HENCE, mini Lobsters baby!Dinner: Same thing without the buffet stand, you just get a salad with the meal and such. AMBIANCE:Cool old look that Disney himself loved. Look for some hidden Mickeys. You can ride the elevator one story cuz it’s an old school elevator. Just a old feel to it. Vintage Mickey. SERVICE:Excellent service. They have to pick the best to serve in this place. Although the hostess was kinda rude. :/ Our waiter was awesome tho. He helped me find the hidden Mickeys. PROS:* Disney characters come to take photos with you* They serve alcohol here* Great views from the balcony* You can buy their merch that says 33 on it. I got a mug* Pretty photos* ExclusiveCONS:* Food quality vs. price… eh, but you do get a lot if you eat at the buffet at lunch* Exclusive – kinda sad for the others* Pricey* You need to buy a ticket. Before, if you made reservations, you could get into the park for free, but now not so much. You need a ticket AND pay for the meal. Oh well.NOTES:* They have a dress code. Please look on their website for it.* Look for the hidden Mickey in the steamboat photo* Lunch is better than dinner* Show up on time. If you come early, they won’t seat you.

  336. dannyboy7

    WHOA.I had no idea this place even existed so when a friend asked if I wanted to join her for dinner there, I said sure with no thought as to what I was in store for.Located INSIDE the park itself (hooray for my season pass!) in the New Orleans Quarter around the corner from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, you are catered on from the second you are let in the front (secret) door. We enjoyed champagne, detailed cocktails, entrees to die for and dessert that I wish never ended. I had the new york strip & frites which may seem a little “ordinary” for a place like this but I didn’t care. They were perfect and our server, Justin, made sure that we had everything we needed.I got a personal tour around the Salon area (where we dined). Got to see the self-playing piano and the cool digital paintings in the booths. I had no idea that Disneyland had so much “history” and hidden gems. Afterwards we enjoyed VIP seating for the fireworks show which was a first for me then got to enjoy the park. The whole evening was pretty awesome.$10,000 annual membership fee is a little pricey for my taste, though. As are the over-priced items you can buy in their gift shop. But I can totally see why the Disney elite shell out the cash for it. It’s truly an experience worth experiencing.Hopefully I can visit again but if not, I’ll forever have the memory to hold on to.

  337. Chess O.

    One great perk from my former employer they had a l decade long membership at Club 33. I got lucky that my old co-worker ended up marrying my brother so Club 33 became somewhat of tradition, every October we’d go to celebrate my mom’s birthday there. So I experience the Club through the years. Attention to details and their number one service is to the children, at least all the times Ive been there. Yes… It’s magical. One time, in the hallway my then 4year son stopped a waiter who literally was carrying a huge tray of food. I was embarrassed, but with no hesitation the waiter stopped and waited happily for my son to release her. The mouse with big ears definitely knows their target market.

  338. Tawny L.

    I got to dine at Club 33 after the new renovations. I went with a group of 8 people for lunch. First of all, it has always been my dream to eat here so you can imagine how excited I was.The staff was wonderful. Our waiter was very down to earth and attentive to all our needs. Not once did I have to ask for a refill of water.In addition to the all you can eat lobster bar and soup, I ordered the lamb chops and subbed my sides with truffle mac and cheese. The lamb was perfectly cooked and flavored and the mac and cheese was my favorite hands down. Among the 8 of us, we practically had everything on the menu. I tasted them all and they were all equally as heavenly. One of my friends who ordered the steak even asked if he could pay another $80 for another piece!Dessert is also all you can eat. A lot of items were a hit or miss, but our favorite was the creme brulee. I would pass on a lot of the cookies though.What I liked about the experience was that I never felt rushed. After dessert, we all stood up and spent at least half an hour looking outside over the balcony into New Orleans Square.Though I admit the food and price does not match up with michelin-star restaurants, everything from the atmosphere, the staff, the mini-buffet and the fact that you get free access to disneyland and california adventure makes it worth while.

  339. David W.

    So to eat at Club 33, you need access to a membership or a member who can make the reservation. It is not open to the general public who are visiting the park that day. As part of the meal, you do get a 1 day park hopper (D-land and CA) ticket. On Sundays, meals are more expensive but you get a glass of champagne or cider and Disney characters come and visit the dining rooms (there are 2). We much prefer lunch since there is a salad/seafood buffet and a dessert buffet as well. There is also a full bar available. I’ve bought my friend who is a Disney fanatic and he had a wonderful time there. There is a dress code to follow and lunch is much more casual than dinner. Food and service are 5 STAR!

  340. Melinda F.

    I love love love this resturant. The food is fantastic. We happened to go on a day when they had a delightful buffet. The shrimp cocktail was fabulous. Prime rib was perfectly cooked. I gorged on crab legs and fried shrimp.What I like best is the wait staff makes every table feel like they are loyalty. When we last went to Club 333, it was my birthday. Tom Hanks happened to be in the dining room and joined in singing Happy Birthday.I so want to go back to Club 333, but a year waiting list is too long to contend with.

  341. Jessica L.

    Is the food here good? Is it worth its hefty price tag? Ehhh, either way do you really care?People come here not because of the food, but because of the exclusivity. If you get the opportunity to come, are you going to be like eh, that seems too expensive……..Of course not! I’m sure people know all about how meaningful this place is (esp. Disney fans). I’ve come for lunch before and I had a wonderful time. There was a raw bar buffet with smoked salmon and precracked lobster tails/crab claws for easy eating. You can stuff yourself silly or try to get your values worth just in the buffet. The entrees themselves all have some French influence on them. The entrees are good, but I don’t think they’re the best French food I’ve ever had. There are many restaurants that shine over these entrees. The menu changes but there are some easy choices to go with (steak, for example). After, there’s a great all you can eat dessert. And even better, this is the only place in Disneyland that you can get alcohol (You can in CA adventure, but this is the only place within Disneyland). Overall, it’s the experience of coming/going to Club 33 that makes everything worthwhile. From getting to keep the nice 33 logo pen when you get the check or checking out their cool toilets or even going outside and looking down at everyone else from the balcony, these are all things that a true Disney fan would go crazy for.

  342. Rick H.

    I won’t reiterate how special and exclusive club 33 is. Being a Disney fan, the opportunity to dine in 33 is cool. I am a season pass holder so I didn’t take advantage of the free park entry. 33 is a big value for non annual pass holders, as it includes park entry. Last night was my second trip and I am happy to report that the staff is consistently superb and friendly. My only gripe is the price of food. I did know the price expectation prior to going but still had sticker shock. Expect to spend $80 plus per adult. The kids menu is $75 per kid for chicken fingers, cheese burger or chateau briand. Yes they do have the normal fair of chicken, fish and steak which is tasty. The portions are average to small and just not impressive. The food presentation is average. As I left with my family the discussion was about how much more of a dinner we could have had at a nice steak house like Ruth’s.As a recap, if you are a Disney fan, the experience is worth it once. The 33 ticket includes entry to the park. The staff are tops. If you want a solid meal, eat elsewhere and put the saving towards the kids college tuition.

  343. Whitney D.

    Such a great Disney treasure and experience! I have been here twice now for work meetings. The food is delicious and the staff is amazing!

  344. Erin P.

    Went for our anniversary this past Friday night. It was a magical experience from beginning to end. The staff are all very attentive and kind. Although we were in a very exclusive private club, I never got that feeling from the staff or members. Everyone was awesome! Dinner was incredible. Desert was incredible & I felt a little naughty drinking at Disneyland. Can’t wait to go back.

  345. Joey L.

    “You down with Club 33….Yeah you know meWho’s down with Club 33…..This whole party!”Through the generosity of my company, I finally got the opportunity to wine and dine at this exclusive, VIP and P-I-M-P restaurant. As I arrived, the hostess took our coats and checked us in. I noticed that she did not look very happy. Where was the Disney spirit? I thought this was the happiest place on earth. I did not let her unwelcoming mood ruin my experience here.My co-worker is a Disney fanatic and she gave me the tour and history on Club 33. It was like having a personal tour guide.There is so much history that goes beyond these walls. The fancy china, décor and architect are indescribable. The ambience was truly exquisite. Now let the FEAST begin. The salad bar consisted of cold cuts, pastas, salad, crab legs, lobster tail and shrimp. On the other side of the salad bar was the dessert and soup. It was so good that I made at least 4 trips to the salad/dessert bar. For the main entre I ordered the Filet Mignon medium rare with roasted potato. The filet mignon had a buttery smooth texture and was cooked to perfection.My only disappointment was the service. Our waitress was a “HOT Mess!” She got the orders mixed up and was nowhere to be found. She looked very overwhelmed and discombobulated. I did not let the waitress ruin my time at the happiest place on earth. This is truly a great experience I will always remember!!

  346. Claire S.

    Thanks to the darling boy, I had the pleasure of dining here recently, and feel extremely fortunate! We came in a large party (16+ people), and were seated in the dining room to the right of the elevator (with the stuffed vulture over the door). The dining room is gorgeous, dark woods, linens, and excellent lighting from the park outside.Our group ordered from a set menu, offering 2 choices of appetizers, and 3-4 choices for the entrées. Before all this, the waiters brought out massive bowls of ice, topped with an assortment of crab legs, lobster tail, and shrimp. If you’re on the opposing ends of the table, you’re at a bit of a disadvantage reach-wise, but that was my only “aww” moment. The seafood was fresh, and delicious! The vegetable dishes for the potential vegetarians was a little less “wow” factor, though. I sadly ate a large chunk of tofu thinking it was a potato. Never again.For my appetizer, I went with the butternut squash soup, which was sweet and creamy without being too cloying, and topped with a roasted/dried apple slice. A little difficult to eat out of such a shallow bowl, but tasty.I had the filet mignon for my entree, which came with a few potatoes and green beans. It was a large filet for me, so I ended up sharing most of it with my fish-eating boyfriend, but cooked to perfection, and very juicy!For dessert, they have a small buffet in the room near the piano, which is exquisitely put together. Sadly enough, though, despite having a huge sweet tooth, nearly everything was far too sugary for me to enjoy, whether it was just too sweet, too dense, or too anything. Granted, the desserts were quite rich, but I mostly just picked at a dense chocolate cake I had selected.Overall, though, it was an amazing dining experience, and I’m so glad I was able to share in it! It’s kind of awesome being able to say I ate lunch with Mickey and Pluto :)(Very small complaint: I know it’s Disneyland, but I was kind of hoping more people who dined there would dress up, it would’ve fit the occasion better, but hey, whatever makes you comfortable!)

  347. Smila K.

    Dreams really do come true especially @ the happiest place on earth!!!We had the privilege to go to Club 33 for lunch. We decided to go for the holidays to enjoy the decorations and ambiance. The experience is one of the best dining experiences I have had by far. There is no question that the food was exquisite, from the cold bar buffet to our main course of heaven, everything was perfect!!! On top of the Chateaubriand that just melts in your mouth with the potato puree and golden macaroni ‘n’ cheese, the desserts were to die for!!! The level of customer service had Disney written all over it and is probably the best service you could imagine. An opportunity of a lifetime and truly worth every pennny!!! If I could give it 100 stars I would!!! 🙂

  348. Shirley V.

    We had the opportunity to eat at Club 33 before the renovations and I honestly did not find the food to be good at all. It was nice that we had tried it but I told myself that I did it and I’d never do it again. Fast forward to the end of 2014 and I was told it had been renovated to so I wanted to try it again despite being a bit skeptical about the food. I just could not believe that the food would have changed along with the location and the decor. I am happy to report that it had. The food was UNBELIEVABLE. Despite all of the 5 star reviews that I’ve given restaurants this place stands out and is on a COMPLETELY different playing field. Sure, Chipotle and Wahoo’s gets a 5 star given its fresh food and such. But that is playing on a little league field. Club 33 earns its 5 stars playing in a major league park! No joke. It was just a wonderful experience that I would do it again. I won’t go into the details of what we ate except to say that everything was delicious. The only thing that I didn’t find very good was that Mickey dessert that my son had. It was really tasteless. I was kind of surprised at the little thought that went into preparing this dessert especially given the outstanding effort that was put towards the other dishes. I mean the kids even had the opportunity to try the escargot in puff pastry! So that was the only downside to the food. I feel like preparing a lemon bar in the shape of Mickey would’ve been received better than this. My son said that it tasted like chemicals. Enough said. The other thing to keep in mind is that this is a 5 course meal. So our meal was from 5:15 to almost 9 pm. I don’t know if this is typical but that’s what happened. We had the pleasure of hearing some of the most beautiful carolers sing to us, taking requests for songs and being ever so gracious about taking more than one request. “O Holy Night” was sung so beautifully and my son’s request for “Sleigh Ride” was also done so well. I loved, loved loved the food, ambience and entertainment. Walt would be proud. 🙂

  349. Megan H.

    Food was good, but tasted just like the other food you find in Disneyland restaurants. Service is amazing, and everyone working there is very friendly. I would definitely eat here again, just for the experience! 4 stars because of the price.

  350. ryan123

    Disneyland’s magic extends far beyond A Spacey mountain, some motley Pirates and a few colorful spinning Tea Cups. For a lucky few, Club 33 offers an escape from the delightful chaos which is, Disney Land.Having eaten my share of world-class fair, I must admit that I was not mesmerized by the clubs food quality. However overall dining experience was outrageously fun. From the very first ring of the members-only door bell, the ride up Walt Disney’s personally commissioned vintage elevator, to the stroll through Club 33’s museum-like halls, each step in Club 33 all equals pure sensory overload. From one-of-a-kind Disney Collectables to immaculately royal place settings a meal at Club 33 is a truly memory making experience. The only thing outshining Walt and his legacy was, Lisa, our incredibly attentive, thoughtful and skillful waitress!I highly recommend, should you be lucky enough to receive an invitation to enjoy the Magic Kingdom’s most secretive retreat, that you take full advantage of it’s delight.

  351. Elda P.

    Overhyped. You come here for the atmosphere and the bragging rights, not the food.Been here for lunch and once for dinner. The food is good – but not amazing. However, I’ve been spoiled by Las Vegas meals, so maybe my expectations are higher now. Service has been good – also not amazing, but I think it’s harder when you come in a big group and that might take away from the experience.Dessert bar = awesome.

  352. Kimberly W.

    The Best Disneyland Has to Offer For a while this was the only buffet I would go to. They make all the food there for you so you get exactly what you want. The seafood is fresh. It’s a nice place to get away from the normal crowds of the park and sit somewhere nice… and the plus is… you don’t have to leave the park! And make sure you check out the bathroom. Nice old fashion classy look with super soft think napkins! Come on… everyone is always curious about the bathroom. Definitely not a cheap place to eat, but what in Disneyland is… If you can time dinner with the fireworks show that’s a nice touch. I don’t know anyone with a membership so I’ll have to go off my memories till then…

  353. firepants

    nice enough girls, although some dont need to be dancing. cant beat a 5 dollar cover and 5.25 32oz beer though.

  354. Brandy B.

    Amazing food and wear comfy pants that will allow you to eat lots of food but, follow the dress code!

  355. alex v.

    I’ve only been to this place once… and you probably haven’t. That’s what this restaurant makes you want to say after you’ve eaten here.I came here with three of my most hated rivals in all the land. I was lucky that they had invited me. I was at work and hadn’t been to lunch yet, they called, it was the most delightful of my three hour lunches in recent memory.The food. Let me say: The food, while rather good, is just that. Rather good. It won’t knock your socks off or anything. And it’s really not all that expensive, I mean, for an alleged high end dining establishment that secures itself with ultra uber priced membership fees and a wait list as long as the world is flat… Hmm, that didn’t make any sense, but who cares. It’s my review. I think what intrigued me most was the decorations and the elaborate wood work, hand crafted furniture, original artwork and such. The “feel” of this place is what really makes it for me. The restaurant, itself, in a way is the star of the show, not so much the food. There is a game room you ought to check out as well with some old school animitronic creatures to observe.In all, if you can come here just do it. If you can rub it in the face of one who hasn’t been do it. And always talk about it like it’s the most amazing thing that you’ve ever done. It’s cool when people think you’ve done something rad.

  356. Kimberly L.

    I love having access to this “Members Only” restaurant at Disneyland. Not only do you have the experience of Disneyland (ticket included with reservation to the Club) all day, but then you can go and have an exceptional dinner (or lunch) with ALCOHOL! WHOO HOO! The service is exceptional and the food is divine! They have a strict dress code, so it is a good idea to get a locker and bring a change of clothes for your reservation. There is a very Disneyesque history to the Club and the restaurant is a throwback to the 1940’s…..very classy and tastefully decorated. It is upstairs near the Pirates of the Caribbean, but you would never know it was there. There is a little door that you get buzzed through and I think the only give away is that there is a little “33” on the door plate. I have always loved Disneyland, but having access to the Club makes it all the better!

  357. Rachael B.

    As a die-hard DIsney lover, my visit to Club 33 was a dream come true! My brother and I are both in love with Disney, and are self-proclaimed DIsney historians. Nothing could be more fitting for us than to have lunch here! My dad was able to get reservations for him, my brother, my boyfriend and myself. It was exciting to ring the bell outside the door, and have people give us curious looks as we walked in. The lobby was beautiful! My dad had polio as a kid, so he was able to use the vintage lift to the dining room. The rest of us climbed the stairs. (which were also gorgeous!) The food we ate was just incredible!The salad bar was so great! Full of fresh vegetables, crab claws, dressings, ect. It was wonderful.I have since developed a seafood allergy, but we visited Club 33 before that, so I got to have salmon. Which was perfectly cooked, and had amazing flavor! My brother had lamb, which he was very impressed with. My boyfriend and dad both had chateaubriand, which was clearly the best meal at the table. They both finished every bite, and talked about it nonstop afterward!There was also a dessert bar. Lavender jello was my favorite!The ambiance of the whole restaurant was just warm and inviting. It was beautifully decorated (ladies, don’t forget to check out the women’s restroom! it’s so pretty!) and the view of Disneyland from the balcony was probably my favorite part. I really could appreciate how beautiful the park was without being in the middle of a huge crowd. Out waitress was a pleasure, and the whole experience was just beyond wonderful! Really exceeded my expectations! I’m so glad I got a chance to eat here, as I may not get a chance later in my life.

  358. Ann N.

    Most people don’t go here for the food (3 stars). It’s mainly for the super exclusivity and experience (service 5 stars). It’s a whole another world inside this restaurant. Luckily, my friend was able to extend the invite through his’ company’s corporate membership. Yay! Our admission to Club 33 was $117 with a complimentary 1-day park hopper ticket (normal park hopper is $101). We came here for Sunday brunch, which consist of a seafood brunch buffet, champagne and main course. The service here is excellent. During the meal, you’ll be told the history of the restaurant and Mickey & friends will stop by.Club 33 is a one time experience must do. Getting into Club 33. One hundred and seventeen dollars. Being able to dine at Walt’s’ place: priceless. So if you ever get an invite, accept it!

  359. Frankie W.

    First off, this restaurant is super exclusive and I was told you need to make reservations 3 months prior and I dont know how my girlfriend got the reservation but anyhow… I believe it was around 75-80 bucks per person before tax and tip. That includes buffet appetizers, buffet desserts, one entree, and an park hopper ticket for both Disneyland and California Adventures (which is already a deal since one day passes usually cost around that price or more) When im talking about buffet appetizers, im not talking about french fries or rice or anything like that. They serve smoked salmon with cream cheese and fresh cocktails, lobster tails, and crab claws! Dessert includes all sorts of french style bakeryFor entree Lamp chop would be my first pick, then filet mignon and chicken last. anyway cant go wrong with it anythng you pick!

  360. Thomas D.

    Went here for the first time last mothers day and it was amazing. First off, you get free admission into both parks! All the food was really delicious, especially all of the desserts. After dinner go out on the patio and watch fantasmic. Overall a great experience, and I hope I will be able to go back very soon because Club 33 is unbelievable.

  361. Aaron Y.

    This review is strictly for Club 33. Disneyland deserves its own review!The fabled Club 33 at Disneyland…it was awesome! Got to ride up the tiny, but really cool elevator. The appetizers were buffet style and damn were they good. I could not stop eating more and more of that lobster bacon bisque. Other lobster bisques I’ve had were a bit too rich, but this one….man oh man, I wanted to fill up my water canteen with it. The crab claws were really good, and fresh! The shrimp was good, and so was the lobster. I enjoyed the smoked salmon and the mixed veggies balanced it well. I decided on getting the Grilled king salmon with cilantro pesto risotto with a pineapple chutney and a beurre blanc sauce, then garnished with a crisp fava bean leaf. Every single thing on the plate was delicious! The salmon, while I prefer to be slightly rare in the middle, was still grilled very nicely and held its great flavor. The beurre blanc and pineapple chutney worked very well together. The cilantro infused risotto was a very pleasant surprise. I love cilantro, but it didn’t completely overpower the risotto, so it was quite enjoyable. The most surprising aspect of the dish was the crisp fava bean leaf. It had some kind of smokiness to it and a good burst of flavor. After the main dish, I went back for more seafood, another couple small cups of the bisque, and then desserts. While it is a very expensive meal, I’d say you shouldn’t miss a chance to eat here if you get a chance. I hope I get another chance in my lifetime!

  362. albert r.

    this place is mysterious and enchanting in its own ways. came here for a company event and had to knock on the secret door/mic in order to get in. i guess you can only get in with people with special membership privileges to club was excellent, the awesome crystal/glass elevator was a trip, and the funny bathrooms with weird flush handles gave me a good laugh also.another thing is that if your eating here at night, and they’re playing fantasmic or whatever show is across the lake… you can watch it from the club 33 balcony with great view and not have kids and parents shoving you left n right.

  363. Christine H.

    Did this little number a few years back. We were able to get in with a friend that had a friend that signed up for a reservation about 7 years back for 10 people. Like everyone has said, this has a secret entrance right by the blue bayou area in the New Orleans Square. So knowing it takes a while to get in this place, I thought it was going to be bursting at the seems but nope! It was almost a ghost town in there with only 2 other tables being served. Pretty quiet place, nice linen, bread guy, table wiper guy, and the waiters. The “cool” thing about this place as AGAIN many have mentioned is that you can drink alcohol here. This is the only place you can on the grounds. Overall the food was a SMUDGE above mediocre. Just know, you are not missing out by not going here. We manged to pick up a few mementos from the place like matches and napkins that said Club33 but do I know where these are now? Not really. Do I care? Not really.

  364. Sean O.

    Was surprised on my 30th birthday by the lady and taken to Club 33. What a cool experience. I had heard about it, but didn’t know all the details. It’s basically a little restaurant/bar that Walt Disney built for when his friends would come to the park. It is upstairs in the New Orleans Square area, next to Pirates of The Caribbean. There is a lot of Disney history in the place, from set pieces from Mary Poppins, to conceptual art on the wall. The food was excellent. We started off with a salad, an heirloom tomato soup, and a chicken ravioli, and they were all very good. We had a bottle of wine, and at this point, i don’t really remember what it was, but it was good(it’s a secret club, its not like i can go back and look up the menu somewhere).For the main course, i had the colorado lamb chops, which were superb. The lady had the filet, also very good. For desert we had a chocolate flour-less cake that was quite tasty. Our waiter was kind of snooty, which cost this place a star. He wasn’t a total asshole, but there were a few things he said to our table that we thought were kind of stuck up and rude. If you are gonna have the postion of “waiter” at the premiere restaurant in all of Disneyland, then “graciousness” should be high on your list of traits. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience, and fun thing to brag to your friends about, IF you can get in.

  365. Connie C.

    I love this place! My hubby (then bf) brought me here for dinner. Little did I know at the time that he was going to propose afterwards. But that’s another story for another time. The decor in this restaurant is very reminiscent of 1920’s New Orleans. I ordered the Duck Confit and it was absolutely amazing. I normally don’t like fruits in my food, especially oranges but the orange sauce in this dish was to die for. The duck was perfected braised with the skin super crispy. I believe I cleaned the plate off. For dessert I got the Creme Brulee and being Club 33, they didn’t disappoint at all. It was one of the best Creme Brulee I’ve ever eaten. Half way through our dessert, the fireworks came on and we were able to walk out onto the balcony to watch the fireworks. It was an amazing experience and would love to come back someday, maybe for our anniversary.

  366. Michelle G.

    Never thought I would be writing a review on Club 33, because I assumed I would NEVER go in! But hey you know what they say, Disney’s a Magical Place where dreams DO come true…. Its no secret that you need to be a member or know a member to get in which is how I came about this fancy spot. And let me just say it LIVES UP to all the hype and more! I started my amazing experience here by ringing the door bell which is secretly covered. Then a woman opened the door and asked for my name. After providing my information she let my date and I in. We waited and then had a choice to go up the elevator or the stairs. Of course I chose the elevator because of how cute it looked ( and I walked through Disneyland to get to this place so stairs were not appealing.) When we got to the second floor they led me and my date to the table. As soon as I sat down in the heavenly chair I knew things were only getting better…. Any move I made there was someone wanting to help me. They have men standing there as servants to assist you. Talk about a royal treatment ! My date and I ordered Lobster, and to this day I can remember the Lobster melting in my mouth! To add to the experience Mickey and Pluto came to visit! I went to Club 33 on a Sunday for brunch, so I was able to eat the buffet offerings.Overall, the service, the food the atmosphere was incredible. I dream about going back everyday, but I cant get to spoiled now 🙂 If you have never been I hope one day you can experience this magical place but dont be too upset if you dont, because apparently Walt Disney never got to experience it either.

  367. Tim H.

    So I was a guest. The food here was awesome. The ambiance was missing the theme park goofy undertones, which was a welcome break. It was not crowded, another awesome break. And the staff was chill, just kind Disney smile folks!The food. Well. The food was off the hook awesome. Serving sizes were perfect. This was one of the top three meals that I’ve ever had – IN MY LIFE!!!! Yep. It was that good. Oh. And my goofy reference is no slant to Goofy. He is right up there with the best of them. Love you man….errrr. Dog.

  368. Hanae K.

    *Read first: No, I cannot get you into Club33*Got to take my siblings here for their birthdays!!! What a great way to spend the day with them 🙂 Unfortunately due to their upcoming renovation, the buffet wasn’t available… Which is a bummer because I wanted to try their truffle oil. On a good note, they still had a small dessert buffet (HOT COCOA!!!), gave us a plate of seafood and lowered the price… Which is great for my wallet. :: ALCOHOL:: Stiff and pricey. I like their old fashion, it’s sweeter than the usual ones I’ve had elsewhere. If you go at nighttime they have those cute light-up clip-ons to decorate your cup. They also gave us a glass of complimentary champagne! :: SERVICE::He was polite but lacking enthusiasm. :: ATMOSPHERE:: The main room is very classy but not as spacey as the trophy room. I got really giddy when Mickey and Pluto stopped by to say hi. Had so much fun taking pictures with them! My favorite part is the balcony where you can relax and people watch. :: DESSERT BUFFET :: small but it was enough for me to go through a sugar hangover. The hot cocoa is the best one I’ve had, pumpkin cake/pie and their Halloween cupcakes were splendid. :: FOOD ::- lamb – tender and good if you’re ok with the subtle gamey taste- salmon like fish – was ok….- steak – thumbs up, I liked their potato- squash soup – had it before, still my favorite dish- scallops – liked it a lot!- birthday Mickey cake – the chocolate is so dense and rich, one is enough to share with a lot of people- truffle Mac n cheese – was ok… Not really worth paying extra $9Overall the experience was magical thanks to great company and club33. Really thankful I got to experience both lunch and dinner before renovation. Tip: -show up 15 minutes early out of courtesy- take lots of pictures- get a souvenir (shotglass!)

  369. Jenn C.

    i didn’t want to leave!!the highlights:the desserts! all of them! the CRAB, LOBSTER, AND SHRIMP the lox, onions, capers, and cream cheese the assortment of breadsyummy saladsthe tomato salad with mozzarella and basil…that was just the appetizer buffet.I ordered the chicken with truffled macaroni and cheese and it was sublime. juicy and flavorful and garnished with asparagus and carrots and shaved truffle. the customer service is EXCELLENT and its more fun to go during lunch so that Mickey and Pluto stop by your table!! I loved it so much and I hope I get the opportunity to go again.

  370. B P.

    We ate here for our anniversary yesterday and it was fabulous! The food was incredible as well as the atmosphere. We enjoyed touring the restaurant and spending sometime on the wrap around balconies overlooking New Orleans Square. Of course the meal was pricey but we knew that going into it. It was about $80 a plate no alcohol. But for the amount of food you’re getting between the buffet appetizers, entrees, dessert buffet…you’re getting your moneys worth. They also surprised us with an amazing dessert for our anniversary. Thank you to the member who got us a reservation!!

  371. jamie j.

    Wonderful food. Great service. Good food for children too. Wouldn’t go to Disneyland without going to Club 33.

  372. Cherry D.

    I just cannot give Club 33 enough stars. I was fortunate enough to be recently invited by a collegue of mine and I’m totally addicted. The food is superb and extremely filling. We ordered the fixed menu which gave everyone an awesome sampling of what the club had to offer.However the best part was dessert. So save room. The bar also has great service and quality drinks. Beautiful views of the parks and thr lights especially since we were their at Christmas time.By the way ask for Matt…wink wink

  373. Patti G.

    I would like to preface this review by saying that I am not a Disneyland nerd (not that there’s anything wrong with them) and am not biased. I had the privilege of dining here for my birthday. It was absolutely magical! Everyone that walked by wished me a happy birthday and they treated me like gold!The service was second to none, impeccable. I couldn’t even begin to complain about anything. Wait, let me think about it…. nope, nothing at all. Even the restroom was awesome!This is no doubt the best restaurant I’ve ever been to. I am a crazed cheese fan and they had an awesome cheese selection for the buffet of appetizers. I was in cheese heaven.The deserts were so dainty that I didn’t want to eat them…but I did anyway! I must say that my favorite desert was my birthday Mickey Mousse. It was so adorable! If you ever get the opportunity to eat here, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT pass it up.

  374. mathewater12

    My girlfriend and I received an invitation from a work colleague to experience the epic Club 33. We signed up for a 5:45 pm dinner. Club 33 is located in the New Orleans section of Disneyland. You come upon a light blue door and hit the buzzer. A well dressed employee will ask your name through a peep hole and escort you to the main lobby where they will have hot chocolate waiting for you. Your main server will come down the stairs and summon you to your seat. Then you are given the menu with a 5 course option. Everything was sooo delicious; some of the best beef I’ve ever tasted. It was my girl’s birthday so they even signed a birthday card for her and gave us free dessert (chocolate truffles). The experience was amazing and I am very grateful for the invitation. If you ever have a chance go do it, please go!

  375. Pris S.

    During my entire dinner, I watched as the chef come kiss the feet of the guy in the table sitting next to us. Basically he personally brought out every dish out to the guy because he apparently screwed up his first appetizer. Doing too much, but I guess that’s why people pay the money they do to dine here, so gimmicks like that can make them feel good at the end of the day. I ordered my chateaubriand steak medium rare, but it was over cooked and dry. I also didn’t like the sauce it came with, it didn’t complement the steak. I expected better from a place that places a $80 minimum charge. The food was forgettable, i had the five course (I think) meal and I can’t remember one thing I haaaave to go back for. Upside: strong drinks. Decor was really endearing. Classic Disney vintage. Service was amazing from beginning with the hostess to the end when I bought a little shot glass from the cashier. The waiter even went outside to the porch to take photos for us during our meal. I had a good dinner there, but I’m not exactly running around telling everyone it’s worth it. In fact, you’re better off with the corn dog wagon (at least their corn dog isn’t forgettable).Great place to impress your friends though. Just the mere mention of club 33 apparently freaks people out. I would go just for that effect.

  376. Vy P.

    Wonderful experience, fantastic service, delectable foods. The reason for the 4 stars is because the atmosphere can get pretentious and “stuffy.”

  377. Jerrold S.

    *** 500th REVIEW ***The 2nd best place to eat at Disneyland other than Dole pineapple whip stand, but only by a hair. And maybe because I’m not a member and can’t get it. It was a once in a lifetime meal. The nostalgia, atmosphere, exclusivity and mystery all help to create a magical experience at the happiest place on Earth. I was luckily invited by a co-worker and member at Club 33. The place reeks with all these little cool secrets and artifacts like the old telephone booth, elevator, piano, pictures, painting and so much more. Started off with a seafood appetizer. It wasn’t Mastro’s but still very nice assortment of shrimp, crab claws and lobsters. All that was missing was the atomic horseradish. The Marcel burger was a beast. Its an off menu item. We asked if the kitchen was serving it and we ordered two. Two patties (not sure what the mix was), cheese, onion rings, bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce and ketchup. Trying to get a bite of everything into your mouth was impossible. I thought the burger was going to be sort of gimmicky and just for show. But in fact the burger was absolutely delicious. Every component was good on its own and added to a great but heavy lunch. The pickle was snappy and briny too. The dessert cart probably needs a write up of its own. Too many things to remember but everything on the cart was good, some better than others. The hot chocolate is a must. Overall a great experience.

  378. Dennis F.

    Gotta make an appointment in advance, dress code, upscale restaurant, expensive, Savor the moment, take some pictures, keep the receipt, not coming back again, take your time. p.s. Use the restroom before u leave.

  379. Graham K.

    My uncle who has a lot of connections somehow managed to get us reservations a few years back when we went to Disneyland. It was pretty cool to experience the historical/novelty aspect of it. Not many people get the opportunity to dine there, and I love how there’s a feel of secrecy behind it’s modest exterior, as it’s almost hidden away. Pretty cool that it’s the only place in the park you could buy liquor too.The food (from what I remember) was good. Especially the mac and cheese I had. I’m a mac and cheese NUT and that was the only thing that stuck out in my mind after leaving, food wise, so it was kind of a big deal. Overall, it was a great experience with good food, but vastly overpriced, as is accustomed to pretty much all dining within the park itself. =) I just think it’s cool to say that I’ve been there.I win!

  380. Sarah Y.

    It has been a dream of mine to eat here for YEARS! For our honeymoon we went to Disneyland because we huge Disney fans. I asked everyone I knew if they had a hookup to Club 33 and finally I found a friend that has a godfather that has a brother that has a membership that would be willing to guest list us for our honeymoon. Dreams do come true! First a complaint, Disneyland/Club 33 messed up our reservation. The day we were told we had reservations was the first day of their off-season, which meant they were not open for dinner. Who ever entered the reservation in the system did not know that, so when that reservation got reviewed, they thought it was a mistake and changed it from the 12th to the 2nd. Grrrr…so there we were standing at the door ringing the bell all dressed up and people asking if we were going in and no one ever answering. I felt like a total asshole LOL After a few phone calls from the friend of friend of a friend, we were rescheduled for dinner the next day. Whew, glad I got that off my chest. Day 2: They answer the door! They also heard about the mix up so we were treated like a King and Queen. They even gave us a window table over looking the rivers of America. We ordered the vinters menu, every course was amazing. Was it the best meal I have ever had? No, but it was still amazing. Dessert was the best though. Since they had heard about our mixup with the reservation the chef gave us a special dessert, one of EVERY SINGLE THING ON THE MENU! haha OMG I thought I was going to explode because I wanted to eat it all! Our server was great, he was funny and really nice to keep up with anything we wanted. Also our busboy was amazing too! I mean I don’t usually compliment a busboy, but he was great! After our meal was done we were able to tour the entire restaurant. There were only two other tables left. So we all wandered too pictures and asked lots of questions. Since it was the off season the park was already closed and we had to be escorted out of the park. It was so cool seeing the park empty and walking around with NO ONE else there. The experience does trump the food, but that’s what it’s about (at least to me). Club 33 is a piece of history. Walt made this place to wine and dine sponsors and dignitaries, now we can experience a little piece of that. Sure it comes at a cost, but hey it’s Disney all things come at a cost. Either way I loved it and would love to do it again some day!

  381. Eric R.

    going here i got to mark off one of my child hood dreams! it was truly magical, I got to go thanks to a friend and we had a amazing time! the $690 price tag was well worth it! the food was a amazing and truly the first time (Yes even though i am a disney freak) i can say it was well worth it! I had the lamb and it was orgasmically good! if you get a chance to go here GO GO GO!

  382. V R C.

    Awesome service by staff. It is a great privilege to be member for many years. Ive enjoyed taking family and friends over the years and have celebrated many special occasions at club 33. Great view, good food and great service. 5 stars!

  383. Claire H.

    So much has been said, good and bad, about the storied Club 33. The fact is that there is no other experience like it for a Disney fan. I’ve been 3 times and each time has been unforgettable in the best way. I don’t want to beat a dead horse but hopefully my review will help some.Both lunch and dinner here are great but lunch is the way to go if you want more variety because you get the appetizer and dessert buffet.Eating here as a vegetarian is heaven because the waitstaff and chefs are more than happy to accommodate and will gladly make dishes off the menu if need be.Truffle Macaroni and Cheese. MUST.Make sure you go out onto the balcony to take pictures after you eat. It’s a very unique vantage point.And, make sure you stop by the souvenir case up front near the lift. They are surprisingly affordable in comparison to the menu. 🙂 I love my key chain.I have to big up Alistair, Caroline, and Chase who are all part of the waitstaff as they are awesome. So friendly and helpful, and they have made my visits to Club 33 truly spectacular.

  384. Russ R.

    Having been to Club 33 on several occasions I always look forward to having a meal here. The food is flawlessly prepared, absolutely astonishing, and the service is impeccable.I typically treat my wife to the club on our wedding anniversary every year, and not only do you get a fantastic meal, fantastic desserts, but then they bring you out a specially prepared Minnie and Mickey dessert to celebrate the occasion.I highly recommend if you ever get an ivitation to eat at the club, take advantage of it! It is absolutely worth the cost!

  385. Laura M.

    What an experience! The moment that beautiful door opened, I knew we were in for a treat. We were first escorted into a lovely courtyard, and given chilled cucumber water and cold hand towels to refresh ourselves with after a warm morning in the park. We were given the option of ascending a beautiful staircase or riding the cobalt colored elevator (elevator, please!) up to the 2nd floor where we entered the dining room. Our server was Steve, who was so charismatic, it really elevated the whole experience. The wine selection was vast, each of our four courses was spectacular in flavor, preparation, and presentation, and timed so that our bellies felt satisfied yet we were never left wondering. We were there for my birthday, and sure enough, the Club 33 staff made sure to celebrate me. From the birthday card signed by all the employees, to the ‘happy birthday’ written on my dessert plate, to the french macarons given to me before my sad departure, I’m sure it was every bit the gleaming service that Walt Disney imagined for his closest friends. Be sure to check the souvenier case and pick up a special momento from your trip. The staff will wrap up your package in a beautiful cord-handled bag for you. Also, visit the restrooms! Far more comfortable place to clean up before enjoying the rest of the day in the park.

  386. May N.

    Once again…just fabulous!

  387. Sara B.

    This was truly a once in a lifetime husband & I were treated by our vendors to this lovely fine dining experience. I felt like a queen. It was a very warm day and we had been running around Disneyland all day. We were offered cool refreshing towels to use to cool off and freshen up. I have never had such a glamorous dinning experience before. The meal came out in 5 courses and everything I tasted was delicious. I would give the food and service 5 stars. This was the first time I have ever had 3 servers at my table standing around to see if I needed anything. Every time I left to the restroom a new napkin would be folded upon return. The only reason I didn’t give this a full 5 stars is because there was a little confrontation between the staff and I felt this needed to happen away from the guests for this kind of restaurant.

  388. Waheed B.

    I had the privilege of taking a small of group of friends to celebrate a special occasion for lunch. The club was very busy and the wait outside the door for 15 minutes followed by the wait inside for another 10 minutes was a bit of a shock. Thankfully the exasperated hostess called our party and we split with 2 in the elevator and 2 up the stairs.We were seated in the trophy room. Table service was very good and the buffet was replenished efficiently so we were able to try everything–I really enjoyed the soup. More shock came when I saw that guests at the tables around us were hoarding gingerbread man cookies. I did not realize the souvenir had changed from bathroom napkins with the club logo to gingerbread cookies!Less than pleasant was the noise of the groups that were also in the trophy room–they were really enjoying their beverages and they were not too obnoxious, but it would have been better to leave the large groups in there and put smaller groups that wanted to hear each other talk in the main dining room.Food was delicious and staff were so gracious when we wanted to take pictures and walk around. Our lunch was later in the day and they were setting up for dinner as well but we did not feel rushed.I have been to this place multiple times over the last 15 years and I am glad the food has remained of high quality. I miss the days when park admission was included.

  389. Ashley A.

    Thank you to Adrianne for being a wonderful server yet again! To Chase & Austin for being so attentive to everything. I love the ambiance of this place is truly amazing and I love love love this place. Im so very fortunate enough to experience this place several times. Club 33 we meet again soon.

  390. Adriana K.

    Private Club, but I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited here three times. Four anyone?The gist:+1 Food Quality – Excellent+1 Menu Variety – Limited to chef’s choices of the day & changes, but enough variety to cover the bases+1 Presentation – Mickey would be proud :)+1 Service – Typically great (Can depend on the number of guests)+1 Drinks – They have everything & add a Disney touch!The details:Huge deal to be invited to Club 33. I know membership is crazy expensive, so nice that I have been able to be on the guest end of the invite. Starts with the buzzer downstairs, relatively hidden if you’re not looking for it… Give your party name and get buzzed in. Beautiful gold elevator worthy of Willy Wonka (or Frank-N-Furter lol), but I like walking up the stairs too and looking at all the Disney Artwork displayed on the walls.Everytime I go, I think that it’s amazing that this secret restaurant is so spacious – it spans several buildings above New Orleans Square. The servers are really on top of everything. I remember that my lobster bisque had a Mickey face swirled into the top – I liked that.Fireworks from the balcony is so romantic. I guess I should preface this next comment with the fact that I turn into a 5 year old everytime I go to DL. I never get sick of it & everything is fun and exciting. The only thing that I don’t like is the crowds and Club 33 is typically not that crowded (depends on the time & day) and the pacing is nice so you can actually relax and enjoy the park for a meal without rushing around. You see the throng below and on the one hand are extremely appreciative for the opportunity to be there & on the other hand are thinking ha ha ha suckers – I’m at Club 33! Woo Hoo! Love the menu. Love the food. Love the view. Love the fact they have a full bar (in Disneyland Park!) Love the little chocolates. Love the nice paper napkins in the restroom. Love the souvenirs!!! Plus, they give you a Club 33 pen with your check.I bought some mugs and pens – but I saw a car bumper sticker this morning which filled me with envy for a moment and then reminded me that I should rate the Club!I miss you Club 33!!! Can’t wait to return!!!If anyone wants to invite me – message me please! 🙂

  391. Shane V.

    Club 33 Dining – A great lunch experience. Be prepared for a long, fine dining meal. I believe lunch lasted 2-3 hours for all of the courses and then the dessert bar. The service is top notch and the food was fantastic.Club 33’s Le Salon Nouveau – The hand made skylights and the hand painted ceilings are beautiful. It’s a great spot to get away from the Disneyland crowds for a few moments and relax with a quick appetizer and a drink. I particularly like the Absinthe Frappé.

  392. Melanie L.

    the real happy place after dealing with lines and crowds. Near perfection with. yummy food, amazing service, history, and a great value.

  393. Robert Y.

    i was probably too young to appreciate how exclusive and special this place was. Located in the heart of disneyland, this restaurant is not open to the general public and you need a reservation from a current club 33 member apparently. After reading a little more about it, I feel very fortunate to have experienced such an exclusive place.Anyways, when you walk in there is a really cool see through elevator that the receptionist will push a button and you will slowly ascend to the 2nd floor kinda like the last scene in charlie and the chocolate factory (the original movie). The whole restaurant is kinda like a museum with many disney memorabilia. The table and chairs are all made up of high quality wood. I remember having the buffet lunch here but I only remember eating a lot of shrimp. Although I dont remember the food being exceptionally great, just being there feels like you were part of history as walt disney himself sat in those chairs dining in such a quiet atmosphere within the happiest place on earth. It was like spending time in his secret hiding spot. the waitresses provided very good service and I wish I could have gotten a souvenir from this place such as a pen that Neenie I suggested. Anyways, If you ever get the chance to go here, I would not hesitate for a second as this is one of the more magical places in disneyland.

  394. Mr. D.

    Great private club hidden in the second story of the buildings in the center of New Orleans Square, only place in Disneyland Park that you can have a cocktail, or wine with your meal, lunch seatings come with a cold seafood, salad & dessert buffet included with your meal, dinner reservations do not. Very good meals & great service from the staff. If you have a friend that can get you in I recommend it@least once.I go quote regularly as I am a member & I along with my guests enjoy our visits.

  395. James A.

    Late review but fabulous place to dine so a good review is well deserved for the food service and ambience. I’ve been here a few times most recently for my birthday. The renovations were beautiful and the menu was perfect. The waiter was very knowledgeable and funny too. If you can get in is highly recommended dinner!!!

  396. JNadene A.

    I am super happy and grateful I had an opportunity to come have lunch here!!!! Having to come thru the door in the New Orleans Square was exciting alone! The experience overall I thought was 5 stars. Other than going to the park itself that Mr. Walt Disney made, actually stepping into an untouched environment since his passing – was a precious moment. The restaurant is small and intimate. The service begins at the door. The host at the door offered to take our coats and bags, she escorted us to the elevator and she was very polite and sweet. The ambience was quiet, still, and the whole place had a Victorian style to it. Sorry, but I’m going to use the word “untouched” a lot haha, because it’s true! The chairs had little dent marks in them, you can see some parts of the door where the paint is coming off, a couple chairs wiggled – I didn’t mind any of this – mainly because everything in here was hand-picked by Mr. Walt Disney! The food too was amazing! I had the halibut and the appetizer bar was yumtastic! The service was nice. Every time someone from our table left, the server would come by and refold the napkin to how it was when we sat down. The manager on staff greeted us and we were greeted by Mickey and Pluto! Mickey and Pluto didn’t stay, they said they were already full =] I’m not going to lie though, it’s not cheap! You better be ready to pay up! I would definitely recommend this place to others. It’s a beautiful piece of untouched art from Mr. Walt Disney. There is also a beautiful painting of Mr. Walt hanging in the hallway of him having coffee. It is a very rare experience to do so and anyone who can get in, should definitely take the opportunity to see this art.

  397. Bonnie Y.

    really fortunate to get to come here multiple times, the only place in Disneyland offers liquor! we were there for the company event so all i’ve tried was their breakfast buffet. it is indeed an awesome experience, too bad that i don’t work for that company anymore… wonder if i’ll ever get to come here again!

  398. Mike M.

    Having lunch in this exclusive restaurant is fun! The food and wine are excellent (not to mention the great view and lighthearted reprieve from the happiest and busiest place on earth).

  399. Kristin B.

    i finally made it to club 33!!! haha…me and justin b. were lucky enough to score reservations at this exclusive club for sunday brunch and it was such an awesome experience! i felt so special ringing the doorbell and actually getting buzzed into the place while a bunch of ppl taking pix of the blue 33 sign stood by and watched as we walked right by them to enter the building haha. we were able to ride up the infamous glass elevator and were immediately escorted to our table – window seat overlooking new orleans square 🙂 we had come in at a busy time and waited a little bit for our server, but when Brenda showed up at our table, she was so apologetic and nice that it was hard to be mad haha. after that little snafu though, service picked up and we were well taken care of for the rest of our meal. as for the food, it was good but it wasnt mind-blowing good haha. esp for $95 for lunch, i think its way overpriced but obviously you’re paying for the whole Club 33 experience. the seafood buffet was pretty awesome though – you can eat your money’s worth of lobster tails, crab, and shrimp cocktail haha. for my entree, i opted for the beef dish and it came out a perfect medium rare which i requested. meat was tender and i was able to substitute the fava bean side for asparagus which our server said was the better choice haha. the dessert bar to close out the meal was very good too. i was a big fan of the smores and eclairs. on top of that sunday brunch includes a glass of complimentary champagne and disney characters like Mickey and Pluto for photo ops which was a fun treat to our so glad to cross club 33 off my bucket list and im grateful to have had the opportunity to dine here. i just wish everything disney wouldnt cost me an arm and a leg haha. although it was a good excuse for me and justin b. to renew our pasess since you now need to pay to get into the park in order to enjoy your club 33 reservation haha.

  400. Harrison69

    I am a big fan of Disneyland and I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to be invited to my friend’s birthday who had reservations to the exclusive Club 33 (YES!! marked off my bucket list!! WOOT WOOT!). So we ended up doing the lunch buffet and from the menu most of us ordered the lobster tail which only tasted okay (although seafood could be a hit or miss at times). But the salmon and chateaubriand was pretty decent. Although, I have to say that the buffet selections were very delicious and the dessert was VERY yummy (I suggest eating the chocolate cake and drinking a mai thai together – the two flavors literally melts throughout your mouth). I also cannot forget about the birthday dessert which was absolutely cute! It was decorated as Mickey Mouse! For the service, it was excellent (they made sure to take care of us), our server gave us a lovely tour around the restaurant and told us many historical stories behind Club 33. We also had the chance to check out the view from the balcony which was very lovely. You can also purchase souvenirs (you must buy some! IT IS A DEFINITE MUST) and I purchased a Club 33 pin and shot glass for my collection and memory. Overall, it was a truly memorable experience and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Club 33 to all Disney fans and anyone who is interested!

  401. anthony1

    Dined here at lunch time to celebrate our anniversary. It was excellent. We went with the four course meal which was the perfect amount of food. Our least favorite dishes were the appetizers. I had BBQ quail and my wife had a sausage dish with maisson pate. Our favorite dishes were the entrées and desserts. We had the filet mignon and grilled veal for entrees and the espresso walnut bunt cake and chess pie for dessert. They were all some of the best foods we have ever eaten. The drinks were strong and delicious. We had the Moscow mule, a mojito, and Mai Thai. Before we sat down in the dining room, we enjoyed spiced hot chocolate in the courtyard area. The details of the construction and decor are wonderful so inspect everything because you will find hidden gems. For example, the brown/tan check presenter with the blue flowers matches the stained glass doors in the courtyard. Service was as good as it gets and we hope to have this experience again some days (we visited as guests). Also, I love the Club 33 baseball cap and Club 33 / Disney 60th anniversary lanyard I purchased.

  402. Frances L.

    To those privileged enough to be invited or to be a member of Club 33, this is the best way to experience the Magic Kingdom. An exclusive dining club located within the park’s French Quarter in Adventureland, is a mystery to many people, only identifiable from the outside by a plaque bearing the number 33. In a nutshell, Club 33 is an expensive gourmet experience at Disneyland, but when it comes down to it, you’re getting a 3 course gourmet meal for the price of a Park Hopper ticket…and that my friends, is an unbelievable steal. For $98, I got an elaborate meal in a very amazing and historic part of Disney history, AND access to both parks for the whole day. We were so stuffed, we didn’t spend any money on park food the whole day! Book your reservations for lunch– you’ll be able to enjoy the day more without having to rush to dinner. The service and ambiance are easily 5 stars. Follow the dress code and arrive on time. Ask to take the elevator– it’s old, tiny, and awesome. Bask in the random artifacts from Disney’s past, including a nearly century-old harpsichord, and check out the balcony views and the bathrooms! The food is great, but teeters between 3.5-4 stars. You start with a buffet style appetizer course with cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, salads, and most importantly,a chilled shellfish bar. I wasn’t too crazy about the salad bar/cold cuts, but all-you-can-eat crab claws, shrimp, and lobster is pretty awesome. My only gripe about that was that it was super, super iced and they didn’t have any melted butter. A couple bites were too icy. Shortly after the first course, our orders were taken. Non-alcoholic drinks come with the meal but they also have a full bar. This is the only places that has a full bar inside the Magic Kingdom! For my main course, I opted for the chateaubriand with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and haricot verts. The steak was cooked perfectly, with a nice sear, but was a little on the beefy side in taste. The cab reduction was tasty, but a little runnier than I like, and the green beans were a little on the rubbery side. For what you’re paying though, this is still an amazing value for pretty good food. The third course is a buffet-style dessert bar. OH MY GOODNESS. Best part of the meal. While I liked some items more than others, overall, this is every child’s dream. i wish they had a couple of conventional desserts such as cookies or ice cream, but it’s a gourmet spread worthy of 5 stars alone. Standouts include a Meyer lemon cream-puff, Passion fruit tart, and Tiramisu in a cup. Overall, it was a magical experience and I am definitely a fan. The food could use a little updating,but for $98 (including tax and tip AND admission), I can’t really complain too much.

  403. Nick L.

    Unbelievable!!! Everything was better than I imagined and probably some of the best food I have ever eaten…seriously blown away!!! Get the Seafood Tower cause that was amazing!!!!

  404. Sam W.

    FINALLY! Bucket list #6 has been full filled!!! After working at the park for 7 years, I was NEVER offered the chance to go into this secret club… until this past weekend.. a whole new world has been uplifted!You honestly have to be a TRUE disney enthusiast to appreciate, understand and absorb every living detail of this awesome kept secret location! I never thought in a million years that I would have a chance of getting the opportunity to step into the mystic green doors that had the numbers “33”… So THANK YOU liezl for having me join you for your birthday!!! :DWe had reservations for 11am brunch, just everything from being able to ring the secret door bell to getting to ride the elevator was amazing! Mind you that they do check thoroughly if you are dressed appropriately, one of her friends had a hole in his jean and the hostess gave him a button to cover it up. This place is definitely 5 star quality and experience that you gotta have! About 50 times better than Blue Bayou, is that enough convincing?? ;)Little tid bits about my wonderful experience (since there’s just so much to list! haha)1. It’s about the cost of a park hopper ticket, but keep in mind – however way you think of it (at least to those who are not pass holders) you’re either getting into the the parks for free and just paying for your meal or you’re getting a free meal and just paying for your entry for the parks, take it as however you want it, it’s not that bad of a deal – sucks they don’t give any kind of discounts 🙁 2. Ride the elevator!! :)3. ALL you can eat APPETIZERS and DESSERTS = all A M A Z I N G!!! if you could fit all to your stomach, get one of everything! I totally got plenty of those lobster tails, crab claws and salmon! ALL fresh!! Desserts were seriously way over the top! My fiance described their chocolate cake as one of the best he’s EVER had! That says something since he’s the type who is just whatever with his food! Awesome pumpkin cheesecake pops!! I love how they have edible glitter on their cookies and cupcakes!! Just YUM!4. You get to keep the pen after signing your bill! hehehe.. Even if you pay cash, our waiter just gave one of our parties a pen anyways! Super cool!5. Make sure you get something Club 33! All that stuff is valuable and one of a kind since only members and those invited are offered to purchase them! You can also “borrow” a couple of their bathroom napkins as you leave too hehe..6. Really GREAT service! Always filling up our waters whenever possible, folding napkins for us whenever either of us leaves the table, etc.. The place is SUPER clean! Spotless!7. Their brunch also includes your entree and a glass of champagne or cider – I got the Filet Mignon and champagne, cooked perfectly! Cooked medium and was tender in the inside and lightly crispy on the outside!8. Mickey and Pluto comes to visit! Of course they would… they better after all that money I spent on brunch! haha..Those are my tid bits on this fabulous place! Remember… if you ever have the opportunity to get into this place, TAKE IT!

  405. Molly Razor S.

    this was the best meal i have ever had, and i am still fantasizing about it. like in seriously inappropriate ways. my only regret is that my stomach isn’t bigger. Yes i made a spectacle of myself. and i don’t regret a second of it. and i would do it again. it was thoroughly decadent. yet subtle and layered. the flavors didn’t overpower you, but i also didn’t have to ask for a bucket of Tabasco. which is nice. started off with the shrimp cocktail (snicker) and classic red sauce. the shrimp was chilled and fresh caught (from god knows where) and the sauce was slightly above room temp. AMAZING. it was spicy and not ketchupy. even the salad was good. like who fawns over salad? had the cobb, it was boss. the bacon was caramelized and the bleu was foreign. tangy, not stinky. by that time my food comma kicked in, but clearly didn’t stop me. we all ordered a dish and shared. the chicken was amazing, so were the chops. We just kept ordering, and ordering, and ordering. even the rolls were heaven. buttery and flakey. like holi zeus i made noises. the ambiance is completely fun and whimsical. (who doesn’t love dining next to pirates! ) and completely different from what you would expect judging by the outside. the piano bar was a nice compliment to the meal. tucked away upstairs, we got to sit on the balcony. and taunt the common folk. and in return i was harassed with mardi gras beads… ;)p.s. – if you get a chance check out the ladies bathroom. 😉

  406. Mike B.

    I love club 33, I have spent anniversaries and my wedding luncheon at club 33.I can’t wait to see the remodel. Yes its a bit pricey but for those that love Disneyland its part of the history and yes just special. So a couple of times a year we go to club 33, we do it right. We always stay at the original Disneyland hotel and it doesn’t matter how old you are, its always magical. I was married in one of the suites at the hotel. One thing that club 33 does is always ask if its a bday or anniversary or a special occasion. And then you get the surprise. Its a wonderful thing.

  407. Kristy M.

    Club 33, what can I say? As everyone knows it’s an exclusive members only club, but I’m lucky to say that I’ve been able to eat here on various occasions. My family comes by Club 33 every time we visit Disneyland (around once or twice a year) and I haven’t been disappointed.The menu tends to change with the seasons so there’s always something new to try on the menu. I’ve yet to try the lunch buffet, but the dinner here has always been good. Food wise it isn’t the best I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong the food is delicious but it’s not the best I’ve ever eaten. Personally I prefer the food at the Napa Rose at the Grand California over this place. The main reason my family keeps coming back is because of the ambiance, there’s truly nothing like it. The service and the decor of the restaurant is amazing and well worth the money you spend on dinner or lunch. If you ever have a chance to visit Club 33 you surely won’t be disappointed.

  408. Britt W.

    Can you believe it? I’m a total Disney Parks fanboy, a former cast member and about as well connected to the Disney inner circle as one can be and I just made my very first trip to “The Club”. How the most exclusive of all Disney experiences managed to escape me my entire life is still a mystery. But now that my cherry has been popped I might as well share the experience. The food at Club 33 is very good but it is still D-cuisine. The fare is a step up from the typical Disney Signature Dining Experiences but not quite to the level of Napa Rose at Disney’s Grand Californian Resort, Victoria and Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort or if you are old school the Empress Room aboard the Empress Lilly in Walt Disney World. This isn’t a Thomas Keller or Grant Achatz or Michael Mina dining experience. This is more like dinner at the White House (the one on Pennsylvania Ave). Like all Disney restaurants, Club 33 is sadly handcuffed to a “safe” menu that will appeal to the typical narrow and unsophisticated American palette. The menu consists of appetizers you know, fish you’ve heard of, cuts of beef that you can pick from a lineup and of course a chicken and duck offering too. That being said, the dishes that Club 33 does do and done very well. The girlfriend, J, is from Maryland and is the world’s harshest critic when it comes to crab cakes. She said that the Club 33 crab cake is the best she’s had since her last visit to the Old Line State. I had the lamb chops as my entree and they were excellent as well. Perfectly medium-rare atop a cheesy polenta that was to die for. The wine list was surprisingly modest in both selection and price. I was hoping for some interesting choices but it is clear that Michael Jordan gets all of the good wine for his restaurant at the Disneyland Resort. Still, I was able to pair a big Lafond Syrah with my lamb chops and it cost less than I would normally pay for a mid-range wine. Since I am splitting hairs I might as well mention the service. The service was very friendly, even by Disney standards, and they had some of the basic moves down like service from the left and clear from the right. However for the number of servers that were buzzing around I was a little disappointed that they had some oversights. For example, we had four people in our party and when they brought out the food our waitress brought out two plates and then returned to the kitchen for two more. Proper service dictates that all four people should be served at the same time. The same goes for clearing plates. All of the plates should be removed at the same time but at Club 33 they pull the plate as soon as it is empty regardless of if others at the table are still eating. Do these little things ruin the meal? Of course not but I will admit that I was a little disappointed that the service wasn’t by the book given the exclusivity of Club 33. So yes, I’ve complained about the food and service but this is a clearly 5-star restaurant. Maybe it’s the fanboy in me talking but even if you aren’t a Disney person this restaurant should appeal to you. The history alone makes this a can’t miss destination. The artwork alone makes this a can’t miss destination (original Herb Ryman’s throughout). The movie props (the phone booth, the busts, the furniture) make this a can’t miss destination. So put on some pants and a collared shirt and get excited about drinking alcohol inside Disneyland without smuggling in a flask. Get excited about dining where heads of state and A-list celebrities have enjoyed a meal for more than 40 years. If you have the opportunity to visit Club 33 do not hesitate for a second, just go and have the time of your life.

  409. Sandra L.

    Every expectation was met. I knew I wouldn’t be let down by anything that this spectacular dining experience had to offer. If you are a true Disney afficionado and a connoisseur of fine food, you will be beyond satisfied with Club 33. Club 33 is a private, members only, Disneyland dining experience which includes many fringe benefits. I’ve known about Club 33 for many years and I had hoped to one day dine here. The dream came true and I am forever grateful that it did. I thought eating at Club 33 would be a challenge since I don’t consume beef, pork, or poultry meat (I’m pescatarian) but I was pleasantly surprised to see so many pescatarian and vegetarian friendly options on the menu. The food surpassed all my expectations. Every bite was delicious, flavorful, and perfectly prepared. My first course was Lobster Rockefeller on Crispy Oysters with Hollandaise sauce. The lobster was rich and flavorful and the crispy oyster was cooked to perfection. A+ . For my second course I chose Garden Salad with Shaved Radish, Baby Cucumbers and Vinaigrette Maison. The small and light salad was a perfect choice after the richness of the lobster and oysters. The tanginess of the radishes mixed with the vinaigrette was amazing. My third course choice was Iron Seared Fish and Crayfish Hoppin’ John and Potato Leek Stew. It seems as if every dish got better and better. The fish was lemony, flaky, and buttery. The crayfish were delicous, as well as the potato leek stew. It was flavorful and delighted the senses. Thank goodness for the pause in between courses to allow the food to settle! As with most restaurants, there was a bread basket. I don’t know where this bread comes from or how it was made, but I can only assume that the gods on Mt Olympus helped create it and maybe angels tears were dusted on it. It’s just bread right? No. I would give my entire daily calories to the consumption of this bread. It’s that good. Before our main course we were given small shot glasses of lemon sorbet with Saint Germain liquor. As if my palate could take anymore more decadence! Alas, there’s more. For my fourth course I chose Roasted Cauliflower, Golden Raisin, Gruyere cheese tart with Carrot Coulis. What an amazing dish!!! If you’re vegetarian or like vegetables, you will love this dish. The roasted cauliflower was crispy and it was a perfect pair with the creamy Gruyere cheese and flaky, buttery tart. My fifth and final course choice was the dessert plate of Meyer Lemon Crème Brûleé with Fresh Citrus and Lemon Drop cookies. I’m a lover of Crème Brûleé, it’s one of my favorite desserts. This did not disappoint. The Meyer Lemon and citrus was a perfect punch to the taste buds. The service at Club 33 was amazing. It was obvious from our large, mixed group that we were guests but we weren’t treated any different than the members. The cast members were polite, friendly, and always quick to be of service. The interior of Club 33 is lovely, the artwork beautiful. The ladies room was so beautiful, I could have stayed in there for a while. The lounge booths were fun and cool to look at. I didn’t get to gawk at the Haunted Mansion themed booth as much as I wanted to since there were patrons occupying it. Club 33, you have my heart. I hope to visit someday again. Thank you to those who made this possible.

  410. Sarah L.

    The best things about this place has nothing to do with the food. What I liked was 1) its exclusive 2) sitting on the balcony and watching the fireworks. I went with my date and we had a good time watching the fireworks.But the food was nothing to scream about. The menu states that you have to buy enough food to cover the price of a disney entrance ticket per person. So my date and I ordered 3 entrees to cover the cost. Kinda pricey.The waiter was an asshole which is why I give it only two stars. He was kinda snobby when we asked for a box to take our leftovers home. But the head waiter was nice and gave us a tour of the place. Admittedly, parts of the place look run down and no one plays the piano like their website advertises.

  411. Chelsea D.

    Hit up the “exclusive” Club 33 on our visit to the ever-happy house of mouse while down in LA. The decor is impeccable and decidedly Disney. The buffet is delightful (the cream of cauliflower soup was delicious), the desserts beautiful (though better looking than they taste unfortunately). The entrees were good, not AMAZING, as some might have you believe. I had the organic roast chicken with truffled mac and cheese (the mac and cheese was by far the best part of the meal and had HUGE pieces of truffle in it). The boy had the fliet mignon (cooked beautifully) over mashed potatoes (meh). I had a delicious glass of champagne, he had a nice glass of white wine.Overall, a nice experience and something new to do at a familiar place. That said, one time was enough, don’t really feel the need to do it again.

  412. Nikkie L.

    5 stars alone just for letting me in 🙂 J’k, being a total Disney freak, a friend of mine was able to pull some strings and got me a reservation there. Completely amazing. Good food, good service.We had reservation for dinner but the waiter was nice enough to even offer lunch dessert off the menu I guess from realizing how much of a Disney fan I really am.

  413. charlie t.

    I love this place!!!! Not only do you get to spend some time in “the happiest place on earth” but you can get some darn good food. The service is second to none, the wait staff is there to help you out with all your needs, they are very on point.lets get to the food- I’m a meat a potatoes kind of guy, and yes the steak there is mouth watering. they put a lot of though into there menu. quality is some of the best i have ever tasted. I like going there for brunch because, the have a buffet of snow crabs, salmon, anti pastas, cheese, a soup of the day to die for, and delectable deserts that will blow your taste buds away. going for dinner is great too, try to see if you can get reservation an hour before the show at tom sawyers island, finish dinner and get out on the balcony to get some prime real estate for viewing the show. If you get a chance to go to Club 33 take it, it is an experience you’ll never forget.

  414. Mace M.

    I have never even been here, because I have no idea how to get in.I once used the buzzer on the door when I was at Disneyland with my brother, and was asked for my name, I told them and they told me I wasn’t on the list, and for us to go away. I’ve had a Premium Annual Pass for about ten years now, and every year I wish there was some way to get into Club 33. Even though I have never been, I can’t give them anything less than five.Who want’s to take me?

  415. Anne Marie P.

    This is a mini-review. I’ve got pictures of every course to adjust on Photoshop, and a desire to put something more thorough on a personal page, but I wanted to make a point of sharing my thoughts. Our first visit for dinner (last three times it was weekend brunch), we were very excited. Due to the multitude of fires burning throughout SoCal yesterday, the waits at multiple rides were 20 minutes or less. Air quality was better than earlier in the morning, so other than a little ash on my MINI, it worked out quite well for us to arrive at dusk. Alastair was a wonderful server. He knew EVERYTHING the bar carried by heart, from scotches to vodkas to flavored syrups. This made our table very pleased. Mudslides, scotches, iced teas, mojito, and wine all around! Also an unexpected pleasure was learning the prix fixe menu was interchangeable. Not in the mood for crab? Substitute for the California caviar sampler (I did). Even better, the entire table DOES NOT need to order it. Half of us customized our choices while the rest pared down and savored three courses. That is more accommodating than most high-end establishments around the country (no offense Providence and everywhere else). Of course, we HAD to pay a visit to the wrap around balcony and wave to the peasants (we are sooo bad!). Lots of flash photography ensued before we raced back to our amuse bouches. Everybody left with purchases. Lapel pins, (pint, wine, and shot) glasses, and I even got a keychain for one lucky friend. Don’t forget to make a free local call from their retro phone booth and visit Walt’s casual dining room that is Jungle Cruise themed. It looked like they seated groups with more children there. Note: Premium passholders do not get any discounts. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, since you are granted a 1-day park hopper ticket per guest. That is a present in itself. Cheers!

  416. Peter C.

    If you’re lucky enough, I’d definitely take the opportunity to eat here. My friend worked for a company that had a membership and they just happened to let us use it. I don’t think I’d have gotten to ever eat here if it wasn’t for that stoke of luck. Food’s great, the buffet items are great, and you can keep going back… alcohol’s a big plus…And being the weirdos we were, we took the paper napkins with the 33 logos as souvenirs. 🙂

  417. Rick B.

    Imagine you are on your dream vacation in southern Mongolia, out for a casual mid-day stroll across the Gobi desert. As barren, lifeless, rocky moonscapes go, this place is total paradise. Suddenly in the distance, in the middle of nothing, you see what appears to be an In-and-Out Burger restaurant. It can’t be true. This must be a mirage. But no, as you draw closer you realize that you won’t have to settle for another meal of black-tailed gazelle. You’ll be eating “animal style” all right, but it will be a double-double with the works, a large order of fries and a chocolate shake. Yum yum!And such, I am convinced, is the appeal of Disneyland’s Club 33 restaurant. Amidst the teaming mass of tourists and screaming kids, all elbowing through long lines to buy cold hamburgers that taste about as good as the paper in which they are wrapped, a beacon of pure culinary light shines from behind a little nondescript door in New Orleans Square. Club 33 is a quite respite in the middle of Disneyland’s endless and pulsating mass of humanity. This is also the only place inside the Magic Kingdom where you can sip a real mint julep, or any other adult beverage for that matter. In short, it is an oasis in the center of a desert.But c’mon, is it really worth all the hype? I don’t think so, even though I admit the food, service and ambiance are all excellent. I find the Napa Rose in the Grand Californian to be a much better restaurant on all counts. And if you are willing to leave the park for a wonderful dining experience, take a short trip up Katella Avenue to Mr. Stox.What Clup 33 offers that sets it apart is exclusivity, period. I’m convinced that if you make anything exclusive, people will go to any means to gain access. This includes forking over tens of thousands of dollars just to say they are “members”. Once again, P.T. Barnum (or was it Walt Disney) has been proven right.Oh, and as for all the hoopla about dining with celebs at Club 33, don’t feel bad if you haven’t had the experience. In fact, if you really want to see celebrities up close and in person, just spend a morning hanging out at the Starbucks in Malibu’s Cross Creek. Its a lot less crowded than the “happiest place on earth” and there isn’t a dress code!

  418. Gadi S.

    Club 33 is the Paris Hilton of restaurants. It’s famous because it’s famous. The decor and location is unique but the food was lazy and mediocre. I guess that there are always enough people that will pay a minimum of $80 a person for uninspired food, just because it was hard to get in. So if you want to spend for the bragging rights — do it. If you want to enjoy a good meal you’d find dozens of better places for half the price.

  419. Anthony N.

    Five stars because it’s Club 33 and not many people get to go here.The food was good, not great, but everything about this place, from the presentation to its secrecy and, of course, its exclusivity make this an amazing experience that I will never forget.

  420. Cupcake V.

    We have been fortunate to celebrate quite a few birthdays at Club 33 over the last five years. Last year, my husband threw me a surprise party here and Mickey Mouse came by just to see me! The friendly staff always goes out of their way to make our visit special. We have always had excellent service starting from the very moment we arrive.The entrees are good and even though the choices are limited, the servings are generous. The appetizer and dessert buffets are well stocked and the bartenders pour great drinks. I find the desserts a little too sweet, which is odd because I am a sugar fiend, but how could anyone find a problem with dining in a beautiful, private setting right in the heart of Disneyland? It’s a magical experience that should never be taken for granted.

  421. Karen K.

    Been to Club 33 twice through connections through my husband’s old company. We went both times for lunch and it was awesome! Even though it’s been about two years since our last visit, I still remember the food course! They have a cold appetizers buffet that had lobster tails, crab claws, shrimp, oysters, and a variety of salads. I love seafood and buffets so I was in heaven. They also have an array of desserts which is also buffet style. The desserts were just ‘OK’ in my opinion. We had a choice of 3 entrees but I don’t really remember what the other two were. We both ordered the beef fillet of Chateaubriand which was like butter I swear. It was actually a little too tender for my liking, but still tasty and satisfying!It was all about the cold seafood buffet for me! The best of all was that we paid only about 70 dollars per person but that was including our admission to both parks. We had a good connection through my husband’s company but he doesn’t work there anymore so I’m sad that I won’t be able to visit club 33 anymore. It was great while it lasted though!

  422. Heather W.

    I had the luxury of dining at Club 33 today on Disneyland’s 56th birthday. To the people who are complaining about their experience – quit being a wet blanket on life! You obviously missed the point of being able to attend this exclusive restaurant completely. I, myself, am a Disney freak and love history so I was in heaven. The decor and stories behind the special items inside Club 33 bring chills to my body and tears to my eyes. The ideas which Walt founded this theme park on are immortal and the memories that I have made in this park are priceless. On to the meal – I had the steak and being from Texas originally I happen to be very picky about red meat. The chef did not disappoint. The good was phenomenal and we left full and tired from a delicious meal, a glass of wine, and lots of laughs. If you ever have the opportunity to go and experience this little slice of history; do not hesitate. It’s expensive but it’s worth it. I am so appreciative of this wonderful opportunity!

  423. Don B.

    I was fully expecting to rate Club 33 with a 4 or 5, but our experience from this past weekend dropped it down to a 3. :(This is the 3rd time I’ve dined at Club 33. We’ve made it an annual tradition to dine here the day of the Half Marathon — a nice a reward to go with the shiny medal. 🙂 The first two times were fantastic. Although quite expensive, the food was always very good, and the service, top notch. Plus, you can’t help but feel special for dining somewhere so exclusive.This past weekend however, the service was not so great. We had reservations for 8:30, and we got seated very promptly. So everything started out perfectly. But unfortunately, the rest of the evening just dragged on very slowly. Somehow, our dinner lasted 3 hours! We weren’t slow eaters, and we weren’t wasting time yapping too much. It just took an extremely long time for each stage of the dinner to progress. There was a whole lot of waiting between courses. And for one of the members of our party, the waiter completely forgot to bring her her appetizer, and then completely forgot to take her dessert order.But it wasn’t all bad. The waiter was very nice, and the food was just as amazing as it has ever been. We also got free Buzz Lightyear and Tinkerbell light up figures! But 3 hours for dinner service is entirely too long. We had plans for after dinner, but they were all scrapped due to how tired we were when we finally left — I even passed on buying the coffee mug cuz I just wanted to head back to the room. We all went back to our hotel rooms and went immediately to bed. So I really can’t give it more than 3 stars. And if it were any other restaurant, I’d give it even less. But our past experiences are what’s keeping it at 3.For next year’s Half Marathon, we’ve decided to have dinner at Napa Rose instead. But the following year, we’ll give Club 33 another chance.

  424. Richard


  425. Carrie M.

    I can officially take Club 33 off my bucket list. Was it everything I thought it would be? Absolutely! The service, the food, and the environment was simply flawless. But the highlight of the trip was just being there. I was raised down the road from Disneyland and I have been an annual pass holder for 18 years so this was the trip of a lifetime for me. I can’t wait to go back!

  426. Juli Y.

    i have never even heard about club 33 before, so i was eating lunch with my parents when my friend asked me if i wanted to come 🙂 ( her family owns a membership) when the day finally came, my friend and i got to California adventure and rode rides until 1ok where our lunch reservation was at 1 30. we went in and had an amazing time. my friend and i are both 15 so we were a little crazy but were completely amazed at the original artwork. when we got seated, we all ordered pina coladas (virgin of course) and ordered. i got the lamb chops (they were so good i almost died) and asked if we could get them when we were done with the buffet. THE BUFFET WAS SO GOOD 😀 yaahhh my friend and i eat a lot so… maybe that explains it. the pina coladas had little tinkerbell light thingy on the straw and it made our faces light up green ( my friend and i took it out at night and everyone asked where we got them) the lamb chops were juicy and tender and just the way i liked them. and it was nearly 2 hours done when we came it was halarious because my friend and i came out a little earlier to enjoy the disneyland rides, and this tour guide was right outside the door and when we came out everyones like oohhh they came out of club 33! lol anny way my friend and i found that halarious…

  427. Keikaikaoakua P.

    i was able to host a lunch on 5.21.16 for a party of 17 (fortunate my friend is a C33 member). overall experience: 4/5 stars. they didnt have yamazaki 12yo whiskey. bartender claimed they had a full bottle and service was still good from my last experience on 2.14.16.i was also informed the napkins are folded only as a rose for valentine’es day, with red roses for center pieces.i DO NOT recommend dining in a large group. the largest table is for 10 in normal configuration so out party was split 10 + 7. also the menu was reduced to 2 selections per dish; and there was no choice for a 3 or 4 course. of the menus we had to finalize with, ea main entree was beef.

  428. Melanie S.

    What an experience…to be honest, i can’t believe I was able to get in. Damn, all I gotta say, its all about networking these days…there’s no way either me or any of my close friends could have access to this place…but, these days, its about who you know sometimes..on to the menuWe made a reservation here for lunch…the appetizers and dessert are served buffet style and the entree is ordered. The appetizers are a delicate array or seafood, salads, and cheeses. CHEESE..damn good, salads..delicate, and seafood….awesome! Shrimp, lobster, and crab legs…yes please!Now to the main course…my boyfriend ordered the fillet and I had the rack of lamb. I LOVE LAMB! The one thing thing noticeably different at this place is the quality of food. The lamb is not smothered with a sweet chutney or orange glaze that typically overpowers the meat. It was just simply lamb with great flavor served with the best polenta i’ve ever had. I wanted to cry…seriously. The polenta was so sweet and creamy, the texture was unbelievable with the lamb. My boyfriend’s chateaubriand was like velvet. Melt in your mouth tender.Finally the array of desserts was just decadent. The desserts ranged from ricotta cheesecakes to rich chocolate truffles. The food is an experience that I didn’t expect of Disneyland. It was fabulous.

  429. John H.

    Knowing about Club 33 is actually half the battle. It’s so hush-hushed most people don’t know there is a gourmet members-only restaurant in New Orleans Square. The other half of the battle is, of course, getting a reservation to said exclusive club.I had the tasting menu with the full five courses. It was very good if not too memorable. Good salad, okay fish, good steak, good cheese, and good dessert. Nothing really stood out.And like the tourists we were, we had to buy souvenirs of our trip to Club 33. There is a glass display in the hallway where you can pick out memorabilia, kitsch, and other unnecessary items.I would definitely go if someone asked again. You get into the park for free with the reservation and it’s quite an experience to overlook the waters surrounding Tom Sawyer Island.

  430. Charlie H.

    Absolutely perfect.Staff (cast) is so kind, and welcoming.The food is delicious and coursed perfectly. Truly an unforgettable experience. Do not pass up the lamb chop, it is amazing.

  431. Nancy M.

    September 20, 2008 – One of the most memorable nights I’ve had in a long time. Great food and great company !!! I love the whole allure and wonder of this place. I knew some people who had gone here already and some loathing me for not being able to take them with me.I consider myself fortunate to be invited to such a truly wonderful and magical place to experience. They treat you very well here. EVERYONE is friendly and attentive to your needs that you don’t even need to ask. Food and service were excellent. I went with the Vitner Menu without the wine pairing and added a soup to my already 5 course meal. Everything was delightful except the salad which wasn’t that exciting for me. T