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94 Rivington Street, New York, NY 10002


40.7258004, -73.9119047




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Rouge NYC

  1. vic

    Great Place .. Pretty gals .. Music on Fridays is horrible though.. get a better dj!

  2. Joe
  3. HATER


  4. bi-polar

    so over-rated that we are always on your mind!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. JIMMY
  6. Eddie

    Still the best.

  7. Dino

    Nice Girls.Good crowd.Nice time.

  8. rogerrab2

    Went with some friends and had a great time. This review is for the Goat Cheese Salad specifically. It is pricey but delicious. It is the best I’ve had in the states. I’ve never been able to find a goat cheese salad like the ones in France and I’ll definitely be back again for that.

  9. king in queens

    i dont know about you but the more the merrier. bring it on.

  10. old timer

    small club….left a big impression…great spot….beer is freezing cold, and girls are hot as hell. i will be back.

  11. bo
  12. DV
  13. s
  14. Q


  15. Alex
  16. Clubhopper

    This is the club to go.Nice girls.

  17. Vinny
  18. Dancer

    Its a great club.Funny how the club on Borden ave never got bothered for all the things they are doing.Maybe because the manager’s cousin is on the club task force.Hmm

  19. NOFAN

    Losers! Get a LIFE.

  20. cal


  21. sETH

    Been coming here along time. Right now way too many rude new Russian chicks! I was there like 3 fridays ago .. One of the PR girls bday’s .. it was packed … and all you saw was money flying … Had a good time.

  22. jr

    Nice laid back atmostphere, went w my wife she fell in love with the thick spanish girl. 1 thing i didnt like.. for a friday …music was horrible. im white .. and couldnt stand the music!

  23. tonycluber

    The workers are very tired, the food is not tasty. I didn’t like it. The food and atmosphere were bad. It’s not like the French restaurant.



  25. ?

    how many girls a night?

  26. glucl


  27. AERO

    finally someone got it right…hot girls!!!!!

  28. why?

    so clueless

  29. willie
  30. jeffrey
  31. StripClub431

    The food is quite mediocre in terms of quality and portion considering its price. The kitchen staff kept running back and forth from downstairs to the bar during our meal. The service was great, hence the 3 stars. Probably a good spot for some drinks, but definitely not for the food. Good thing we came with a Groupon deal.

  32. xenon
  33. Utica
  34. neon

    i agree

  35. quarters

    loose change

  36. zo-no

    i love LOLA!

  37. LAMES




  39. big jon
  40. hotties

    im in love with a stripper!

  41. gg
  42. james1412

    It’s a new, interesting spot in LES. The decor is nice, but like my girlfriend said, it’s a little too busy looking. We were brought here by an awesome groupon, which basically gave us 50% off, but in all honesty I don’t think our meal would have been worth it at full price. The portion sizes were quite small compared to the steep prices you pay and some of the dishes were a tad bit off. The foie gras was too “americanized” with an adulterated “dumbed down” taste that I felt was bland. The steak tartare was good, but in many places in Paris and the rest of France, you can find versions with a quick sear just to add texture and flavor, but after asking about this style (aller retoure), the staff was very nice to ty it, but seemed quite unfamiliarized with it, and essentially made a cooked burger patty. That was partially my fault, because I guessed it was supposed to be seared on both sides, but apparently it should only be seared on one side. The mac and cheese was great, though quite simple, so I’d be shocked if they messed that up. The risotto and salmon dish was decent. The risotto was great, but the salmon was quite lackluster, and the portions for both were small. Also, we were the only ones there and it felt slightly awkward, because the music wasn’t loud enough to prevent the waitress from hearing our entire conversation at a normal voice level. The service was overall great. The waitress was sweet and accommodating with us. Overall, we had a great meal for 50% off, but I tried to write this review with the same scrutiny as if the 50% was never there.

  43. Rich

    Laid back club, Some nice looking girls, The spanish ladies are my favorite.

  44. hotpants

    love it

  45. ilovea$s

    Not many spanish girls .. But the one w the biggest ass is all you need! Saw her last friday night..HOTTTT! Nice round fatty! The russian chicks are 98% rude …

    Music sucked though, but overall club is cool.

  46. samm
  47. Cruise

    Good crowd.Beautiful girls.Good location

  48. mathewater12

    Fantastic little hidden gem in LES. I stumbled upon it when I heard some fantastic middle eastern music playing at about 8pm. I had a glass of rose and their spinach goat cheese salad along with the organic salmon and a creme brûlée to finish things off. Every bite was perfect and the portions were just the right size. I came back with three girl friends the next day. Great vibe and music in there for a nice midday glass of wine or full dinner! Love it!

  49. WUT WUT

    go here once and youll become a regular

  50. pimphandluke

    i went on a late Tue night and 2 out of 10 dancers were super hot and gave great LPs.

    The 8 of 10 weren’t bad either, just not my taste which is skinny russian blonde girls – probably depends which night one goes to and which ones you find hot. The staff was cool too.

  51. hotist
  52. soooo hot!

    all the girls are on point!

  53. Kurt

    What is all the hype on here about? Average club at best

  54. .
  55. curtis17

    Love, love, love! Super cute environment. I grabbed drinks and appetizers with a few girlfriends and the bill wasn’t scary at all. They have a drink special everyday and the staff is so accommodating and sweet. Thanks for a wonderful experience, Rouge!

  56. Hank

    Awesome strippers !

  57. jq
  58. lol

    in your mouth…you must know!!!!!!!!!!

  59. steve
  60. felixnada

    For my birthday, I wanted to host a dinner at a non-pretentious restaurant that could accommodate a large group and had outdoor seating. Rouge NYC grabbed my attention because of its edgy decor and totally open facade. It exceeded all of my expectations. On Fridays they have a pre fixe menu, and the special they had going on my birthday was one appetizer, one entree, one dessert and one bottle of wine EACH for $49. I haven’t heard of a better deal in the city. The staff allowed me to increase the size of my party that morning, placed us at an outdoor table per my request, and allowed us to substitute certain sides for appetizers. Everyone in my party was very pleased, and even expressed eagerness to return. The ambiance was perfect – I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

  61. DT
  62. nomo

    russians are rude, but best bartenders in queens

  63. Guest

    Great laid back spot. But why does the music suck balls soo bad on a Friday? Shouldnt that be the best music night?

  64. Traveler

    Finally got to stop in on my last trip. A bit off the beatin track to get there but I was pleasently pleased with the club. Smaller than I had imagined but a great all around atmosphere. I will definetly stop by again the next time I am in town.

  65. EURO

    worth checkin out

  66. PEEKER


  67. mikey boy

    its that time of year 50 girls and more im in heaven!!!!

  68. GODESS

    MIRACLE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Nunzio

    Nice girls.Will go back.

  70. AJ
  71. DW

    WHAAAAAAAAAT??? This place is sick

  72. timmykilla

    This was a great experience. This place is a fun party with delicious food and a fun atmosphere. A bit of Miami in New York City. I like the cozy feeling it has as the owner of the restaurant is there personally and the chef is there too and they greet you with a personal touch. If you want to have a fun night in the LES, go to Rouge! The waitstaff is caring and warm and they make sure you have a really memorable dining experience.

  73. Kylie

    Cool Club

  74. Ninja.5

    I have been to this club on several occasions, and I have yet to be disappointed. I don’t know what these other guys are complaining about, unless they are going during the day which would be stupid.

  75. Ed
  76. larry

    can’t get enough of this club. mostly russian girls …. try LANA: she will rock your world. One of the best talents in the city!

  77. truc kin
  78. dfxtrc


  79. BOOB MAN


  80. I SEE YOU!!!

    HELLO STALKER!!!!!!!

  81. Man

    Good spot! Girls are pretty and even some smart ones! I was impressed!

  82. Jake
  83. eddyL

    If you are comfortable being uncomfortable, then this is the place for you. If not, then please read the following:Do not go here. Ever! My boyfriend and I came here on Christmas Eve and within the first few minutes knew something was off about this place. Completely empty, odd decor and an awkward wait staff/owner. We both ordered the steak and some red wine. 25 minutes later, two gigantic steaks came out that was totally overdone and missing the sauce that was listed on the menu. The steaks also had sides of ketchup and Dijon mustard on the plates, which was pretty strange for a place that seemed fancy… Our sides (macaroni & cheese and fries) came out a few minutes later. We took a few bites and came to the agreement that the food was inedible and we needed to leave as soon as humanly possible. The owner and waiter came over asking several times if we wanted to take the food home or have some complementary dessert. They also asked us repeatedly what was wrong with the food so they could make the necessary adjustments, but we both felt too awkward to say anything negative. The whole place seemed like a cover for the French mafia or something. I don’t know, but whatever you do, DO NOT GO HERE FOR DINNER!

  84. harryharry

    It was an awful experience. I had a living social voucher which was said that I can order any food or drink on the menu. However, things is not like this at all. When I arrived in the restaurant with my friend, the waiter is so reluctant to service us becuz we have a living social voucher and basically there is nothing I can actually order on their menu. The waiter said that they just don’t have what I ordered. I asked what they have. He only pointed out 4-5 items of the entire menu!!! Both my friend and I can feel that the waiter didn’t want to serve us at all just BECAUSE we have a VOUCHER!!!!! This is a ridiculous place!!! I read the review and I am not an occasional case!! To the owner: if you don’t want to serve those who have vouchers, simply don’t listed ur place on those websites!! This is a horrible experience.

  85. los

    the few spanish & black girls are HOT

  86. styffer
  87. JEDI
  88. attention

    lmao… the thought of being the center of your lame life!!!!!!!!!

  89. poppers
  90. awake
  91. RJ


  92. ZOO


  93. i see you!!!!

    nooo scrubs!!!!!!

  94. NASA

    houston we have a problem……..and they are called “HATERS”….GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. geo
  96. BORRIS
  97. chulo

    gotta go back soon.

  98. nick
  99. EddybearNY

    This place is a hidden treasure. Great LD’s – real nice girls. May not all be the best looking, but all are friedly and down to earth. This place rules!!!!!!

  100. hater!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we must be doing something right since we got you sweating us!

  101. $

    Passed by Sunday .. Nice club ..

  102. LL

    Pretty girls.Nice crowd.No hustle.

  103. BYOB


  104. ellz
  105. AssnTits5

    Here’s the deal with this place: I guess they had a GroupOn deal or something a while back and people got upset because they didn’t think they received what the Groupon promised. Spoke to the owner– apparently the mess-up was on GroupOn’s end. It’s a shame that hurt the ranking of the place, because the owner is a really friendly guy and they have terrific drink specials.As far as food, I would recommend smaller plates and sides. I had the lamb which was a bit dry and slightly overcooked. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as advertised. My wife had salmon- she thought it was undercooked a bit and a bit bland. That’s the bad news.The good news? The owner cares and the service is terrific. The ambience is wonderful even if the music (on our night it was more like a South Beach night spot than a LES spot, given all the Pitbull, J Lo and the like) was a little goofy. That Rivington/Orchard block is a great one- and given the warm winter we’ve had it is a really pleasant spot to sit and drink wine. Good wine list, and a nice little lounge downstairs too. Our side dishes– a truffle mac and cheese and goat cheese salad, among others– were excellent. Stick to that and wine and you’ll have a nice evening.

  106. Ford Bronco
  107. tom
  108. Reviewer


  109. boob-man

    Some of these girls need a lift.

  110. mike

    nice no drama! .. needs more spanish girls.. but cool

  111. HJ


  112. sam
  113. Bee

    Krissy is by far the hottest in that club! wow!

  114. asshole

    get a life!

  115. oh yeah

    so not!!!!!!!!!!

  116. mio

    chill spot!

  117. beware

    lmao at olley….what bust? wrong club fool!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Sally G.

    We used a groupon to go here for dinner. DON’T! It said we would get 4 salads, but we got 2. It said we would get 4 entrees but when we ordered we could ONLY get a choice of 3 specific entrees. Since this was a groupon for a specific product – a la carte dinner for 4 with no monetary amount, you only pay sales tax on the price you paid for the product, not on the total amount of the dinner. We were charged sales tax for everything. We paid $85 for the groupon for 4 which included, a bottle of wine, 4 glasses of champagne, two appetizers, four salads and four entrees. When the bill came we had to pay tax on the $52 bottle of wine, champagne, food, etc. We do know the tip goes on the total cost of the bill, and we paid a 22% tip which they calculated for us. The food was not good either!

  119. super

    another great club

  120. ray

    was boring

  121. Bill


  122. Donnie
  123. Sage

    This is the club to go to,

  124. vince

    Sure, i have seen better clubs in my live…we all did. But has its own unique atmosphere.

  125. pete

    laidback cool spot… NEEDS more latinas though

  126. Chevy Tahoe
  127. CENTRAL


  128. Pilboy
  129. len

    Nice club and girls.

  130. Semi
  131. uoykcuf

    the best of everything

  132. MoJo

    “Impressive spot”

  133. lou

    im in love with a stripper!!!!

  134. nickstrip

    My wife and I went for lunch Sunday 7/5. We were the only patrons in the restaurant the entire time from about noon until a little after 1:00 PM.To start we were given stale bread and we asked for some fresh bread. The waitress/bartender/hostess apologized and offered to bring us some different softer bread. When we tried the second type of bread it was softer but still stale.A little while later the cook walks outside and 5 minutes later we see him return with a large bag of fresh bread. He brings it downstairs to the kitchen – the restaurant never offering us any. Many of the really good items on their menu on the website were not on the printed menu we received. The charcuterie plate for $17 was really small.The foie gras was so small – about 1.5 inches in diameter and 1/4 inch thick – definitely not worth the money even with the 50% Groupon discount. The fruit under is wasn’t heated enough and it made the foie gras cool.My crab/lobster cakes were tasty but I had to spit out a couple of pieces of shell that were in them. After we got the bill we went to the single restroom downstairs.Something must have died in there as my wife and I both were very offended by the gross smell. The sink is outside the restroom – in the hall at the bottom of the stairs.There are 3 small rectangular planters under the sink – with their fresh chives growing – uggh!When I came back upstairs my wife had sat down at our table only to find (by the wet feel on her back) – that the waitress/bartender/hostess had sprayed the chair with some type of cleaner but didn’t dry the chair off. Now the grand finale. I go to pay the check and a 22% gratuity was automatically added.I told the waitress/bartender/hostess that that was not disclosed on the Groupon to which she replied “the owner of the restaurant can set the rules”I reluctantly paid and we left presuming that Groupon will make good on this terrible experience.

  135. LOVER


  136. jojo

    FINALLY more of a selection! Def recommend this place! My fav is the thick puerto rican! 2nd fav is the slim dominican w the wild hair… Def check them out .. Sorry dont remember names.

  137. dood


  138. stan the man
  139. juice
  140. rr
  141. lois
  142. DD

    Nice crowd.Good time.

  143. QUEST
  144. Jermaine aka Young J

    This club is to have some drink enjoy some good food and enjoy a great show

  145. Mikey

    they need to seriously get rid of the dj on friday n saturdays that dude is pathetic n horrible. i would stay alot longer if music was good!

  146. Vito

    No comparing this club to the average queens shit holes. But they do need a couple more spanish girls.

  147. DELETE


  148. randy

    was there last night … way to many russian girls! i could count the american girls in 1 hand! ur $ goes way to fast with all these girls.

  149. #


  150. fetty

    cool club, hot girls, good service

  151. john_doe

    Overall pretty good. great girls. great service. lap dance was awsome.

  152. Lilly

    Just OK


    Great variety of girls american white,black,latino&russian.

    Most girls are pretty good looking too!

    Girl bartenders are in hot school girl dresses!

    DJ is very good.

  154. audience

    over 50 girls…bannanas!

  155. Ian
  156. JAY
  157. German

    place doesn’t have much pro dancers….but boy are they all beautiful. smoking russians, latinos!!!

  158. Doug
  159. bigsep
  160. YAY YO
  161. xavier

    a couple of these girls look like supermodels,but no english. very pushy with dances, the couple i got were worth it.

  162. PapaD

    Gyals are very pushing for $$$. Slow down take less !!! LOL

  163. the one

    russian girls are the bestttt…

  164. retro
  165. freddie

    dances are descent

  166. lmao!!


  167. dima
  168. EAGER

    hot girls. i love it!

  169. MANECO


  171. meso

    so many new girls….all the old girls are gone!

  172. tri-spot

    off the hook!

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