Sugar Daddy’s Cabaret



704 South Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33415


26.666903, -80.1121299




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sugar Daddy’s Cabaret

  1. Jack

    I had a great time – got there around 5:30. The girls are gorgeous and very friendly. Couch dances are nice but the fun is in the upper room.

  2. jm

    daytime girls will pleez you nice. they like it

  3. Jon

    it is kind of small inside and tight. cover is $10, parking is $3. the girls are great.

  4. johnny99

    What a rip-off. I was the only one in the club on a weekday afternoon and the few girls that were there were immediately all over me to buy them a drink. Then I’m told it’s $25 to go in the back plus $20/dance. I tell them I have $85 on me and that’s what I’ll spend. So I go in the back and after three dances she says that covers my $85 – I said thanks for letting me know, but I’ll get one more dance. So I get one more dance and as we leave the room and head to the ATM to get another $20, she says I have to go to the DJ to find out how much I owe and to pay him which is new to me as I’m from Canada and we pay the girls directly. I go up to him and he says I owe for 8 dances. I tell him that’s wrong and we argue for a few minutes and to get out of there I agree to pay for 5 (which should be a total of $125 – $25 + 5 x $20). Before I go to the ATM I ask what will appear on my bank statement and am told it will say something Enterprises. So I get $80 out of the ATM and pay him the $125 and as I’m about to leave the dancer gets all over me and says I have to pay her. I said I paid the DJ, but she says I owe her too. This is nuts as I’ve never experienced this before. I argue with her and the DJ for about a half hour with them blocking the door. I told them I’m not paying her another $100 when I’ve already paid for the dances. She later relents and says I just owe her a tip. I give her $20 which she flips out on. I end up giving her $40 to get out of there. So I end up spending $165 for 4 dances and get nothing out of it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.

  5. Weedman420

    Very few words can describe the hedonism and outright slop I witnessed upon venturing into Sugar Daddy’s. The venue is quite small and tge women are trashy. This place is really for the thugs, but to be fair those guys know how to party. I wouldn’t receive a lap dance from anyone of those chicks in there. Stretch marks and worn out vaginas remained a constant sight throughout the night.

  6. Jerry

    This is the hottest club in the region! Action Action Action but the parking sucks!

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