Candy House Cabaret



205 Snyders Corners Road, Wynantskill, NY 12198


42.6738416, -73.6061405




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Candy House Cabaret

  1. carl

    Stop by just to see Diamond- a real russian jewel

  3. mac

    great club hot girls nice very friendly if you lower your dance prices word will get out and you have the dance club market to yourself by far better than the other local clubs

  4. phil

    it’s cool that they have the upstairs. no clubs around here have that, especially the jacuzzi. more girls would be better. quality is good. long drive.

  5. Love stripping

    I have been to this place with hope of having some fun however was disappointed both the times.. dancers are not interested in talking or giving you lap dances.. Half of them will not come out of the changing room.. their services suck but still they will ask for tip which must be atleast equal to dance price.. .. no fun just the disappointment here

  6. khjiku6876


  7. Kev


  8. big pimpin'

    intimate little joint. always fun time. girls friendly. i recommend.

  9. Review 12-22

    This club was a real nice experience. The girls are very pleasant and I enjoyed a really hot private room experience with a dancer Loola. Club is a little hard to find but GPS took me right to the door. I will definitely be back.

  10. khijht87y5t


  11. jonas
  12. Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all

    Capital Hideaway spiced up my mariage! I took Elin here, and for a $60 – 15 min. V.I.P., she got to see the type of fun, erotic, sexy clean dancing that goes on in these clubs; now she dances for me like this at home; and wears exotic clothing around the house. This was by far the cheapest place i have ever been to, and the girls and staff here were so friendly, courtious, and helpfull. They really went out of thier way to make my wife feel very comfortable so that I may come back again. Hurray for full nudity.

    Thank you,


  13. Mr.D

    They can say what they want but last night was the best and the first time i had ever been with one dancer more than 6 times in one night and two of them were for a 1/2 hr.It’s not fair to post her name on the review because of the other dancer who i love just as much.I will say Capital Hideaway has gotten another a gift.For a small club this club has just about everything.They have as many hot girls as you would see in any Albany area club.If you can do the math you will also see the best deals.Nice thing you can sit back and relax without having to tip the girls unless you want to or your up front at the stage.

    Take the extra time and go out of you way and give this club a try.Take it from me I know were the hot girls R.

  14. long time friends

    Wow what a spectacular club.The Mrs.& I love coming here.We always have a good time,the girls are great to watch and laugh with.The prices are very reasonable.The girls don’t beg for money.The manager treats you like part of the family.This in my book is a 5 star establishment.

  15. TJ

    Went tonight. Girls were all very nice if not super hot. Of the 2 nude clubs in the area, this is the better one.

  16. keith

    It’s cool but there are definately much much better out there.

  17. re:comparing

    Summer is not wild by any means…actually, she’s a rookie when it comes to dancing. And she’s a bit late in the game too,being in her early 30s. Jenna on the other hand, is a banging little 20 something with a tight,sexy body and man does that chick know how to move! Very sexy, also very skilled on the pole and stage. A real sweetheart too. I would recommend either her or Marie. Both excellent dancers.

  18. brian
  19. x

    just wanted to make a guess-loner guy is the owner???

  20. Taylor

    this was my first time at a strip club. I got a 30 min vip dance and i was very happy. Eva was beautiful and most of all she was very plesant, not rude like my friends told me strippers were. I will be back T

  21. That guy....

    The girls are hot. The girls are friendly. The atmosphere is so relaxed. And you get exactly what you pay for. I don’t know how it could get much better. Actually I do. A little bit more lighting on the stage and in the upstairs rooms wouldn’t hurt. I always have a wonderful time here. There are maybe 2 girls on the whole staff that aren’t my type (just ’cause I don’t like huge boobs). But I’ve had private dances from most of the girls and I’ve never been disappointed.

  22. wondering.

    Regulars.. I need your help. What lady or ladys gives the best vip dance? I will be there this month.. thanks.

  23. jim

    place seems to be well organized. nice to walk in a place and deal with girls who are not complaining about everything. i will return.

  24. alex
  25. Mike

    Not too impressed. Far drive, didn’t agree with the “diamond in the rough” comment. Cool place for locals maybe.

  26. zhorny
  27. stewart

    my heart belongs to the 18 year old hotties here.

  28. spanky

    lower yor prices and you wil need a dump truck to haul out al your cash make it priced so the average guy can visit and have enough cash left for he fam.

  29. mark
  30. brett

    great vibe, friendly and intimate atmosphere!

  31. Moi
  32. jmngui90yugftf


  33. review

    quite a turnaround. this place went from nothing to the best in the area. maybe a wake up to the other places

  34. Stan

    Place still smells like pee pee

  35. well well

    i think this place beats all of the competition by far

  36. hotties

    The hottest girls in the capital district. love the VIP action!!!

  37. MG

    Based on what I saw on this place’s website, I was disappointed with my trip here recently. This extremely rural (middle of nowhere really) strip club looks infinitely better online than it does in person. This place apparently used to be called the “Pink Lady”, “Cory’s Closet”, and “MaXXimum Exposure” in the past. It’s located about 30 mins. or 21 miles outside of Albany, NY. Take I-787 Exit 7E, then go East down NY-378 to US-4 South to NY-136 East to NY-150 South to get here quickest. You can also get here by getting onto NY-66 as well. The club is a small, white house with a gravel parking lot. There cover charge is $15, but that includes all-you-can-drink non-alcoholic drinks as well. The LDs downstairs were $25/song, but they were not pushed at all. The LDs upstairs in some semi-private rooms were $60/topless LD & $75/nude LD. The upstairs LDs lasted for several songs (15-20 mins.?), and there were full, two-way contact. The stage dancing was all-nude, and they have a small adult store on-site as well. The dancers here weren’t top-notch at all IMO.

  38. I'm not telling

    Male dancers, very sexy!

  39. teddy

    hands down better than any other club in the capital district

  40. jon

    fucking amazing club! hot hot chicks, shaved pussies!

  41. Joe

    This is the best club in the capital region. I love this place and i am going to go here more often.

  42. Big John

    Had a blast will have my divorce party here…lol that was funny eric

  43. open 6 days

    now open 6 days a week mon – sat 7pm till 3am ohhhhh wow

  44. br
  45. tom

    what to say

  46. na

    great little club. good looking girls, had a good time…

  47. ClubSucks


  48. ban me now u fuck

    hector is a nigger and all the girls know it. dont go to capital hideaway its secretly the dirtiest club in ny. wonder why all the girls are leaving?? BECAUSE OF HECTOR so the next time u think hes on your side think again i know tons of people and ive never met someone as grimey and scummy as this manager

  49. DAN

    What can i say,mmmmmmm but I have had more fun at this club than I have in the last 3 years..The girls keep getting hotter and hotter

  50. bill
  51. Emilio

    The girls here are very easy to talk to. Lots of pretty girls. LOVE the VIP!

  52. Sstripclubpro

    All the strippers were old and dirty with stretchmarks. I had to leave within 20 minutes after seeing these skanks. All the girls are amatures and have no idea what they are doing. I recommend staying far away from this shithole.

  53. DG

    you got ripped off lol

  54. Ron

    Love this place

  55. honestly

    2 pretty girls and 10 ugly ones!

  56. Randy

    The club has made a lot of great changes and I will spend a lot more time there.

  57. comparing

    To the dude that wrote about Jenna…what makes her vip dances so good? I heard a dancer by the name of summer is a wild one? is that so?

  58. morgan
  59. Steve

    A couple really amazing ladies here.

  60. first timer

    a pleasant surprise. very good looking girls and a very laid back environment. this will be my new hangout.

  61. Spider
  62. Moneybags

    Run, don’t walk to this great strip club!

  63. mr d

    this still is a great place.keeps getting better all them.

  64. CH

    Hey Guys, come on out and meet our new staff of dancers for the summer season!

  65. Paul

    This club is very inexpensive, great little place off of the beaten path full of friendly ladies.

  66. no name

    Going to ch is better than having a girl friend or wife.Never seen a hotter lot of babes.Can’t stay away from my girls..

  67. private club

    fun place. private club thing is different but i have been a few times and it’s all good. you sign up once and then you are a member. definitely the best girls in the area.

  68. erik
  69. Richard

    This is by far my favorite club in the Albany area. The atmosphere is very relaxed, every girl there is gorgeous and sexy as hell. The number of girls is small but there is tremendous variety. And my man Hector is the best manager in the business.

  70. Capital Hideaway

    New Girls Welcome… Come check out our hotties!

  71. walter

    come March 22 saturday it will be fun i was there fri

  72. all i ever wanted

    evreything i could have ever emagined this place to be it has become and i will be there more often this is my new favorite place.

  73. Hector

    Saturday March 22, 2008

    2 year Anniversary Party/Customer Appreciation Night

    Free Catered Food, Giveaways, Prizes, all kinds of fun!

    St. Patty’s Theme!

    We look forward to seeing you all!

  74. rick

    the hideaway is my favorite place.

  75. be your self

    thank you for being the most relaxing place ever i hade a fabulous time.

  76. Visitor from CT

    Had a wonderful time at this club on Friday night. Had a sneak peek dance with Phoenix and a VIP with Peaches. Would definitely return if I can when I’m in the area again.

  77. bob

    the girls are great just went in there 1/28/11

    low prices, great atmosphere, wonderful service

    very clean. no one is pushing you to spend money.

    sit and talk with the girls sammy, mya and bonnie are the best dancers, they are so much fun.

  78. Lover Boy

    I like the girls here over any other club. I wish other clubs were more like this one.

  79. Stretch Mark City

    Please do not go here unless you love seeing stretch marks from former pregnant women, N-A-S-T-Y!

  80. Tim

    Went into CH for first time, was not impressed, very dirty money hungry vulchers for dancers, yes they have stretch marks and Ive heard the nasty old one with the gut and saggy tits is married to the boss. They all have like 12 kids and their snatch shows it. Very filthy, I would not reccomend going there.

  81. larry
  82. so-so

    it just gets better and better

  83. me

    i am a strip club guy so i have been to all the clubs, especially in this area. very surprised and impressed with the quality of dancers at capital hideaway. the hospitality of the staff is top notch. i went about a week ago and have been back 3 times since. i definitely recommend checking it out. prices are very reasonable. bottomless soda for $5, bring your own drinks if you want, very cool scene. check it out.

  84. Stripclub Review

    Great club! I have a full review on my review page. The club is well worth the drive. Nice Job Eric

  85. Loner Guy

    I’ve been visiting a few of the local clubs lately (you miht see some) just for fun and I finally tried Capital Hideaway. I’m glad I did! Yes, it’s a bit off the beaten path (19 minutes away from Nite Moves according to Garmin) so I’m glad I had my GPS to guide me. I was, unfortunately, the only customer there when I went so I felt a bit awkward. The dancers were beautiful, as good as any club in the capital district, so I’m not sure what some of the negative reviews are talking about in that regard, maybe I lucked out and the other reviewers didn’t. Staff and dancers were both very friendly; it had the feel of a small mom & pop business appreciative of customers. That’s a rare find in any business these days, let alone a strip club. It has a *very* relaxed and low-pressure atmosphere. It’s basically the exact opposite of Shennanigan’s in that regard.

    So onto some detail, couch/lap/private dances are $25/topless-song downstairs. Upstairs they are $65/topless-15 minutes or $75/nude-15 minutes. It strikes me as odd, I mean, who is going to pay the $65 but not have the extra $10? Anyway, it being quiet in there I quickly went for a $75 nude VIP dance upstairs wih a very petite and sexy exotic girl. I tipped $80 upfront. The rules are a little bit more relaxed than Shennanigan’s or Nite Moves. It was a great dance, and when prompted, I tipped another $20 afterwards. $175 is a bit steep for 15 minutes, but with the closing of Cloud 9 lap dances like these aren’t available anywhere else in the capital district.

    So to summarize, it’s a great club, but expect it to be out in the middle of nowhere with a much lower-key atmosphere than you’re probably used to at other clubs. VIPs are a tad high due to the tipping rate (or I just need to learn to say ‘no’ – lol). I think if this club were on route 9 or central ave, it would probably be the #1 club in the area, but it suffers from location. I seriously suggest giving it a try though! I’ll definitely be back; my guess is I’ll be splitting time between here and Nite Moves.

  86. That Guy

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