Ultra Gentlemen’s Club



312 South Congress Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33406


26.711293, -80.085286




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Ultra Gentlemen’s Lounge provides its customers with a fun and relaxed atmosphere, some of the best DJs in the business, safe and secure parking, and of course the hottest adult film and magazine stars performing live on our stages 5 days a week!


Credit Cards

All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “Ultra Gentlemen’s Club

  1. nitro1
  2. john

    Kelly is still there I hope, as I will be in town the end of next month and hope to see her then.

  3. Toddles

    Skip the feature dancers, Suki is one hot snake charmer!

  4. bryan

    cooterball is the best, i am the reigning champ!!!!

  5. Ted, Bill, Jim, Ed, Gary

    Cameron, Baby and Marilyn were hot! Tiffany felt great! Don’t get dances from Kelly–she teases but doesn’t put out.

  6. Billy
  7. Dani

    Great place!! will be back ASAP

  8. Bobby G.

    #1 in the country and in Florida and TRUST me I have been ALL OF THE WORLD, FIRST CLASS FUN

  9. Moe

    CHEERS WITH TIT AND ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. GCG

    The DJ is hot! My boyfriend and I went and I want to do the DJ!!!

  12. Terry

    A hot blonde walks up to me and says that she swallows for $300.

  13. nogood
  14. Alex

    Hottest women I’ve ever seen, especially on Friday nights. If you like exotic women you must ask for Kelly, Hot,hot hot!!!!!

  15. Varietyman WPB

    Karmi, Cameron and Sinn are H-O-T-T-I-E-S!!! Don’t pass them up, ask to see more…

  16. stevie
  17. from MO

    they made a “big boned” 50 year old feel good

  18. bobbo
  19. tom
  20. joey

    i love this place!

  21. richie

    i love this place!!

  22. Vman

    I miss danielle and jennifer! when can i see them?

  23. Blaze

    This place just got classier with my arrival.

  24. jim

    Looking forward to my next trip down. The girls are awesome and very open to meeting new people, unlike some clubs that cater to the few. Never had a bad time here.

  25. V dude

    I’d love to know what stalking means at a strip club. Smart dancers call that a “regular” and love the attention as it puts them front and center and higher up than the other dancers at the same club who just moan all the time about how people are revealing too much about them. Go figure. Losers stay in the dressing room too long.

  26. jake

    mgt looks the other way when your getin head in the chanpain room cuz they get it later

  27. Josh

    Ronnie went Up and down then the creamy finish

  28. The Dude

    Punk ass thieves broke in while i was in the club today (2/22/2014) & stole my car stereo from my car in broad daylight. Just as i was coming out the door 2 frito bantitos ran from my car into a white little shitbox & ran off. Stay away high crime area.

  29. Jan
  30. Vic

    New owners and hot girls! High crime area? All of South

    Florida is a High Crime Area. Next time you arrive at any

    destination, don’t have your stereo blaring at full blast and

    then complain when something is stolen after your


  31. Mark

    This club is still Palm Beach County’s best value! Devon, Karmi and Mallory have the nicest boobs!

  32. Jerry

    Holly Halston was getting double penetration in front of everyone-Well done T’s!!

  33. John3

    Enjoyed my stay and will be back soon. The girls are friendly and nice to be with. Pick one that appeals to you and leave those that don’t for others and you will have a good time.

  34. Rawdeal

    Now i know why they calls this T’s lounge all the galz are a Tease and nothing more

  35. Jimmie

    Hot little short haired blonde with perfect tits and a sweet tasting pussy made me a believer

  36. Wes
  37. jim bob

    the club has been there a while n i love it!! rock on T’s!

  38. MIke
  39. Jamie
  40. Dave
  41. bigbill
  42. rockstar
  43. h. whelan

    best day shift in wpb, hands down!

  44. Neil

    Thanks for wasting my time and money.

  45. joe
  46. steve-o

    learn how to spell “jake” ass

  47. Dan
  48. Steve
  49. n/a
  50. noone

    awesome club, great girls!

  51. FantasticTime

    Great establishment.

  52. MikeB

    Best club in town by faaaaaaaaaaaaar

  53. David
  54. jack
  55. K

    Went there once on a whim 2 years ago, and had a blast. Soon was a regular there once a week, at least! Ronnie is absolutely the best there. Beautiful Korean girl, and very friendly, no attitiude. Unless you want it! Mike is one of the best bartenders around, too. Skip the $5 dances after the main, better off paying regular price for full song.

  56. SubNRG

    Penthouse Pet was there that night. Cute as hell! Bunch of hard-core party chicks in this place. I’m sure if you came with a some extra “incentive” your night may go wonderfully. Generally fun atmosphere, and the music wasn’t too bad. No Parking charge! (they piss me off) Very attentive lap dancers, but the most UNCOMFORTABLE seats I’ve ever seen in a strip club! I will probably visit again. Still prefer the Cheetah though.

  57. Paul
  58. Brandon

    Kelly is the hottest dancer I’ve ever seen. Her dances are worth every penny. Love T’s!!!

  59. inthebedFred

    Kelly is all talk and no action. She says she normally doesn’t do that kind of thing, but then once she gets the $150 who cares. If there is talk when you’re up to the challenge about cameras, screwem and call her bluff. What do the other girls do?

  60. Max

    what a place! have to go back

  61. sparky

    This club has a long history and by far the best club in Palm Beach, great atmosphere with friendly girls and relaxing environment. The chick from Hungry is smoking hot. One of my favorite clubs anywhere.

  62. Shane

    Sheila and the DJ sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes his wallet, then comes citizenship….

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