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2908 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19148


39.9051796, -75.1409222




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Onyx

  1. jon

    better looking girls at full moon saloon

  2. pittsburgh,pa

    i think the club is very upscale and top entertainment. i met a few girls that made my nite unforgetable. haven’t been there in a few weeks but the two that stood out the most was my chocolate and vanilla sundae called mychael misbehaving. this was a combination of beautiful sinless delight. one of the blondes was a workout guru that had total fitness writen all over her. everywhere that your eyes could imagine was defined with a tight muscles the short blonde brunette had wonderful body art all over her back with 2 major muscles that made me scream 4 more. they both had pretty smiles and outgoing personalities that would make u want to spoil them rotten. and i did can’t wait for the next business meeting in philly i will be back.

  3. Tim

    We had a great time here last saturday night. Hot girls, great atmosphere. Not a typical strip club.

  4. Monica O.

    This place fulfills every expectation of a hood spot. I mean it is what it is: you come, enjoys the sights, have a few drinks, and leave (possibly) “happier” than you arrived. LolWent here with a couple guy friends and girl friends on a Saturday night, more so as a joke because they wanted to take me to my first strip club. That night Onyx was charging $25 entry and had a $3 mandatory coat check. Drinks were OK. Darn, no mixologists were working that night. “Entertainment” was just that–entertainment. Music was good.All in all, we had fun amongst ourselves off to the side in a lounge area, mostly talking and just enjoying our drinks and the “sights”. A good time was had by all but you have to go into it with precisely that in mind.

  5. Dean

    had a blast after wingbowl!

  6. Vince
  7. Kyle
  8. Tommy

    I Went in on Friday night and I really was amazed by two dancers in there. Raina gives one hell of a lap dance and Trinity, I just cant get enough of that beautiful face. Raina went to town on one of the best lapdances I ever had. And When I see Trinty smile across the room she lights up my whole night.

  9. Paul

    This place is dead! I was in here on friday night and it sucked.

  10. crazyhorstoo

    this club is awesome! hot bartenders that make your mouth water from from lust of seeing a nice set of twins smiling at you. I fell in love with Amanda and Carmen while they served my drinks with a smile. For entertainment one on one MISBEHAVING MISBEHAVING AND RAINA

  11. fuckery12

    I will admit I came here before 9pm on a Saturday just so I wouldn’t have to pay the ridiculous cover charge. They cashier was nice but other than that I give the place one big meh. It was empty so my friend and I took a seat at the bar. I admit, I came here for the novelty. You know, might as well go to a strip club and see it in action, kind of thing. It was interesting. I honestly wasn’t prepared to give any of my hard earned money back to the dancers. Nothing against them, I just prefer to spend my money on drinks if I’m going out. The place was nice, very nice. But thats about it. I have no intention of going here ever again. I was a bit creeped out by the dancers trying to stare me down. I guess they wanted some money I wasn’t willing to give. It was interesting at best.

  12. XXXbeast

    The Service Was Exceptional For A Gentleman’s Club… The staff was very helpful in helping me find my phone! Food was great! And bathrooms were clean.. Not to mention the girls look great! I would also like to add the manager of Haitian decent was miraculous!! He made sure I was 100 percent comfortable! Thank you would come again.. Traveled from Harlem NY

  13. Pete E

    Here for $2 tuesday. had a great time. will try to come back every tuesday

  14. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. 20 girls to chose from Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  15. na
  16. Kenny

    Stopped in on Wednesday afternoon for the first time since last summer. What a big difference. The crowd was so-so, but they had over 10 ladies working and most of them were white and pretty. I have nothing against black dancers, but that was all that this club had the last time I visited. Bartender and waitress were hot and paid some attention to me. There was no cover and no big pressure to spend tons of money. Big guy manager came by and introduced himself, and spoke to me like a human being instead of just a customer he wanted to shake down for $$$$$$. I’ll be back!

  17. Ray

    Great time here on saturday night. I was here on a bachelar party and had a smokin time!

  18. dave

    Eagles drink specials lots of fun

  19. Ocee D.

    1 StarHoly S***!!!!! I wanna throw up just thinking about this place! I can’t stand strip clubs, and haven’t been to one since I was 22 (maybe younger), but my friend tricked me into coming here with him. We were supposed to be going to get late night cheesesteaks!It was a wednesday, so it wasn’t crowded at all, and no cover charge. he got me a Whiskey on ice to shut me up and get me to stop complaining, and I don’t know how much it cost, but it came out in a little plastic cup smaller than what people make jello shots in!!A lot of the girls there were really ghetto, two of ’em even got in an argument on stage over $2-$3! From what he told me, two of the girls he was talking to farted (not at the same time). One of them smelled so bad that I wanted to cut my nose off and rip out my lungs. After the second time it happened, I would’t go close to the danger zone, so I’ve gotta take his word for it. The good news is that the girls could tell I wasn’t interested, so they left me alone…..either way, I’d rather kill one of Mike Tyson’s pigeons and take the beating he gives me for it than EVER come back here again.

  20. John

    This place rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Peter

    The building is huge, so it looks empty when there are enough people to fill a small place like the Gold Club. The managment doesn’t appear to require schedules of the dancers, so you don’t really know what it will be like when you get there, execpt on the weekends. I like the place.

  22. jorge

    the staff is awesome,real nice people…..

  23. fro
  24. AssnTits5

    The place gets a star less immediately for the unfair $25 door charge!I went with a group of friends (we came in 2 cars and met other friends already inside; 7 girls 4 guys in total), on a Thursday around 1:30am and apparently only the women were charged $25 [the guys reported they were charged $15]. The door is also cash only, but there is an ATM inside which the security guards will escort you to if your let them know. The security here is air tight & friendly, the TSA could take lessons. I didn’t try any of the food, but people around us seemed to enjoy theirs. Our [HOT] waitress informed us Thurs is $100 bottle night, so we got a few and never went back to the bar, so I can’t really speak on the quality of the bartenders, although they were very friendly when we went to get singles.The dancers….There are some amazingly talented, attractive women working in this place. The huge center pole & trapeze allow the dancers opportunity for some crazy tricks. Some of the girls weren’t so ambitious, and preferred to do simple “booty-shake” maneuvers . Two amazing dancers: Bunny and Caramel. Caramel’s body is just SICK, really energetic on stage & puts on a great show. She was really friendly, and gave great lap dances to some people in the group. Bunny does things on a pole that defy physics. She didn’t even remove most of her clothing and NO ONE CARED. If you’re looking for a late night spot, Onyx is worth checking out.

  25. rogerrab2

    Horrible.. couldn’t even touch a stripper because they were paying the men so much attention when me n my girls had the most money. I threw not one dollar that night.. it was that bad. They were grinding on men like was i the club. Boringg . Our VIP was horrible we were set in the back room our bottle was the wrong bottle so the manager snatched it and gave us a way smaller one. We only got to choose one juice.. we didnt even have a table for our bottle. The chairs were set up against the wall like they didnt expect to open that room that night. It was so packed we couldn’t even see a stage. Our waitress never checked back on us… It was just a waste of money. . Admission was $40. August Alsina was there. After he passed by us we left. .. it was way too chaotic. .. ONYX NEEDS BETTER management . Answer ur damn phone!!! We wanted to purchase VIP months ago but they don’t answer phones or email. Stop trying to collect money just for us to sit in the back. .. Waste waste a fucking waste. Go on a regular day with nothing happening. Not during a pole a thon or celebrity appearance.

  26. ron
  27. Frank C

    The best in the city…So far.

  28. ryan123

    Even though its in the middle of nowwhere under a bridge , this place isn’t that bad . Nice atmosphere with plenty of parking . Its funny to see they young guys spend all their money trying to impress the very sexy ladies . And some of the ladies that come in don’t look that bad either . Nice themed evenings and you’ll be suprise who you might run into either . On a avg tues or wed you might run into a Eagle player trying to make it rain in the club. No fights , heavenly lit out side , ok security . You got a paycheck to spare , go inside and have a good time!!!

  29. Kashmir M.

    $2 every tuesdays Friday and Saturdays open til 5am favorite afterhour spotsundays 18+ to enter 21 to drink all summer longChef Smiley in the kitchen

  30. JC

    needs 2 realize this is philly not vegas!

  31. anthony1

    This place is just ghetto. From the time you come in the parking guys were just rude. I mean I know it’s a strip club but they still need to have better customer service cause at the end of the day you are spending your hard earned money.

  32. goalie

    went there for the first time wednesday afternoon club looks impressive plenty of parking not alot of customers dancers were ok to excellent. angel is a total dream took a 30 min vip room with her was worth every dollar

  33. Sucks
  34. harryharry

    Ass Ass ASS, it’s like jailhouse rock in here. Seriously, it feels like an overcrowded Prison. You don’t fear for your life as much as you can’t help to take in the misogyny. That’s if you’re even lucid enough to translate what really is happening right in front of your eyes. I can’t lie though. Most of the women were attractive. There was a very good range of flavor in the women. From very light almond toned, to a dark Sienna. There was more than a few of the women who were very attractive. These women are real. The public gets involved and it’s a fun, enjoyable night by all. Even a porn star took her turn on stage. It was crazy. On the weekends you can bet you’ll probably catch a video crew or two filming in there. At some point all that ass shakin’, sliding up and down poles, and makin’ it clap, tossing thousands of dollars (in $1’s) in the air and on stage dilutes the real pleasure and sensuality of a woman stripping. This is not one on one. It’s one on One thousand. You are inundated, on sensory overload here. You can drink, you can smoke (smoke) here, it’s all good. But don’t get it twisted out there. The guards are posted with automatic rifles, there is security everywhere inside, you can’t go two feet without walking into one. They have strictly enforced dress code protocols. Them cats have a hard job. They do their best to keep the fray at an even keel. It works out. You can definitely have a good time here. Bro’s and Bra’s.

  35. jinxy

    Great place. Very much improved and getting better.

  36. Jason
  37. tante

    I came in for the grand opening for ricks, and it was off the hook I ‘m going to buy stock tomorrow. Serious! I ‘ve always fantiszed about own a club But now I get it and no head aches. Love the new look, somthing for everyone

  38. Glow Gentlemens Club

    NOW HIRING DANCERS!!! Ladies my name is Mark Mariano i run Glow Gentlemens Club in Bethlehem. We are now hiring DANCERS to work for Glow. We promise you more money than you are making here at Onyx. Come check us out or call. Ask for Mark or Paul. 3868 rte. 378 Bethlehem PA (610) 866 2110

  39. winston12

    Never disappoints. (well mostly never)The drinks tend to be strong, go on $2 Tuesday, that’s the best and cheapest. On weekdays I believe the cover is $10 for girls, weekends after 12am $20. (there is a Military Discount)regular seating and VIP is separated by the stage, which is great because no matter where you sit you cans till get motor-boated, or ass in your face. There’s always dancers on the floor and most of the time are friendly (although there have been some snippy ones)Place is pretty big, has many rooms, I’ve been plenty of times, even Valentines day was a blast. The food is actually great, and the place closes at 4am. When there’s an event or special quest host, the price at the door can get ridiculous.

  40. bob

    Beautiful club good looking staff

  41. adamrod

    Gentlemens club…hmmmm?There were about 3x the amount of woman to men and they werent all workers.You will NOT find your girl next door but the bodies are nice. Decent experience. The girls were good looking and had nice bodies…just pay attention

  42. brandonresh

    Visited Club Onyx for the first time on a Saturday night (12AM). The entrance fee was $20. The club was packed; there were over 300 patrons for 20 girls (25 to 1 ratio). There was no place to sit outside of the “VIP section” which required bottle service. The club was disorganized with girls just wondering around without a purpose. The girls on the stage were dancing with very little energy or pole skills. The drink prices were slightly over priced ($12 top shelf mixed drink). The music was mediocre with a DJ shouting over all of the songs being played. The girls were averagely attractive (5). I’ve been going to Strip Clubs for over 20 years all over the US, in other countries and this is one of the worst that I have encountered. This place is so bad I’d rather be in the front row at the Donkey Show in Tijuana than come back to Onyx. Save your money and look for a better establishment.

  43. james1412

    One star for the one pretty girl. It was 20 dollar cover even for Women and a mandatory $3 coat check. The drinks were watered down and the one half naked okay looking Bartender had big time attitude like really bish! It was only about 15 girls there for around 75 ppl. It needs a better set up and better girls. I mean these hoes had bullet wounds and harsh faces. I did see one or two pretty girls but not many. I know big girls need love too but they dont belong on anybodys pole or lap. The girls were very aggressive. As soon as my boyfriend got change two okay looking girls rushed him he was not ready lol. I had high hopes being from Va but this place fell short. Will not be back.

  44. caseyjonzin'

    I went Weds. 10/11 and this club is actually quite nice, almost too nice, but pretty dead to be honest. The majority of male patrons were cheapskates, pay the cover and sit around watching naked chicks dance from across the room. Many lap dances had in various corners of the room, but very few bills tossed on stage for the average house dancer otherwise. Personally, I got two lap dances from one sexy kitten, but my primary purpose was to see the feature (who appeared to have a hard time making any $$ herself). She alone made the drive worthwhile.



  46. mathewater12

    It’s a whole lot of ass in here. That’s for sure. Even the bartenders and female patrons. Whooo.I mean, it’s a fun fun time. The cover charge may be a little steep for how much they’re making in there anyway but hey they got $2 drinks on Tuesday nights. Maybe that makes up for it… And the honey bbq wings are bomb. Ooooweeee no better combination than watching something juicy clap whilst eating some honey bbq wings.Ok I’m done being a pervert.

  47. Steve

    1st class place!

  48. Daniel

    Its about time a new management company took interest. I knew it had the potential and finally seeing some good stuff in the neighborhood

  49. joey

    New stage,new girls,great t.v.for Eagles game!

  50. Steve Spielberg

    Apparently if you aint white you aint right. You get treated like shit regardless. I don’t recomend this shit hole to anyone. Just proves you cant read a book by its cover. outside is hot inside is garbage. its like having a smokin hot chick with a dick.

  51. Sasha

    No money for the dancers in this club. Too many female customers taking the money & tricking the customers. more of a night club than a gentlemen’s club.

  52. Alvin
  53. cherry

    the club is beautiful, especially the vip. the dancers could work on their hospitality but the hosts were accomodating and friendly.

  54. Tom

    I was here on saturday night. This place is easily becoming the best titty bar in philly. The feature was awesome. $20 cover was worth it to see some of the girls NUDE! I’ll be back again, and again, and again…

  55. Tony C

    I was here with a bach party on friday night. I had a great time. Some of the girls go nude! Very relaxing, fun place. Laid back. Great time.

  56. fred

    very nice

  57. bigg daddy
  58. average joe
  59. Strip Club Addict

    I didn’t know what to expect from this club as I’d heard so many differing opinions. I checked it out Tuesday and Saturday of last week. On Tuesday there were plenty of hot dancers to choose from, most all were friendly, and I didn’t feel like they were trying to shake me down. I ended the evening with one of the sexiest V.I.P. dances I’ve ever had, but can’t remember the dancer’s name. (Long, dark hair, curvy, personable.) I went in Saturday to see if the atmosphere had more momentum. It was busy, but didn’t have the strip club energy that you normally feel on a Saturday night, plus the dancers were a little more aggressive, but I still enjoyed myself. I’ll probably opt for an off night again to avoid the “power strippers.” This is a relaxing club if that’s what you’re looking for. I’ll go again.

  60. jim bob
  61. scott k

    had a blast!

  62. w
  63. m
  64. el
  65. David

    the club is really big and nice

  66. bignstuff

    had a great time there last. met a sweet seductive girl named sable. she rubbed and seduced me the whole time. she made me melt n her hands! have to get back there to see who can come close to what i had.

  67. Big Tim

    Had a great time here. Hot girls. A lot of fun.

  68. John C
  69. frank
  70. Doug

    The best in the city… Period!

  71. customer
  72. Willis B.

    Onyx is a good look..Beautiful woman nice bodies, 10 dollars to park and $20 to get in…But it’s a good atmosphere…

  73. vincent

    I like this club girls got better looking

  74. employee$$

    Its beautiful inside but I can’t speak for the minds and looks of a

    few entertainers there except for “my bitch” BUNNY LUV!! THE BEST


  75. Sergio
  76. dee
  77. thatguy

    had a blast after wing bowl. Some gorgeous girls there. can’t wait to go back!

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