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0 reviews for “Brass Flamingo

  1. wobler

    This is a great place. May I suggest Midget Search!

  2. Miller

    Brass is the classyest club in Pasco

  3. Neil

    Brass has some serious quality girls. The best in Pasco for sure.

  4. Giving Up

    Well its time to find a new place to hang out ! This place

    is pathetic. I went this weekend to find out the best

    bartender they had is no longer their “Alicia” first Irena,

    now Alicia. Who is running the show here ? I noticed the

    tall nasty drunk is behind the bar now. Last night I

    stopped in and it was dead ! like a few girls and no

    customers. Where is everyone going ? where are the hotties


  5. Pornman Pete

    Brass has certainly distinguished itself as the BEST club ’round the bay! Full nude and full liquor at it’s finest. Shout-out to Nadia, Destiny, Nika and Robin!! Love ya hotties.

  6. TurboLover

    More new girls on Tuesday afternoon and a few stunners to boot! Chrissy is a baby doll. A few of the hotter girls from other area clubs have found their way to the Flamingo.

  7. HarleyDude352

    I saw that someone mentioned Promise and Kitty in an earlier review and I couldn’t agree with you more. Two of the sexiest women dancing anywhere in Pasco. Glad to see Promise has come back to Brass. I’ll be in there soon.

  8. Joseph

    Checked this place out because of the ad in night moves. What a great little club. hada great time here.

  9. Tejon

    Beautiful performers and really fun bartenders. Have a good time each time I go.

  10. Chuckles
  11. To Weht

    Last I heard Lauren is still working at Red Lobster and some other regular bar in Brooksville. She was a lot of fun at Brass. She always used to hook me and my friends up big time. I don’t go there anymore because the girls got ugly and the managers are a-holes.

  12. TPN R

    I love this place and will tell all my friends about it.

  13. Bruce

    Friday night was slim pickins at BF last night. Had a good time with Jen at the bar but the girls left a lot to be desired. The dj is horrible!!!

  14. Nick D.

    A nude lap-dance from Madison, Leah or Nya is worth way more than the 30 bucks it costs!!!! I enjoyed spending every dollar!! Wow!!

  15. Dan is back?

    Wow! Was that Dan Segal, one of the old co owners, I saw at Brass Flamingo the other night? Guess changes really are coming. It’s a good first move for sure. Now all they need to do is bring manager Mike back and get rid of all the garbage and there may be hope for Brass yet. Good move Rick.

  16. Willian Tell
  17. WTF

    happened to all the babes who used to work there? Looks to me like Pasco is drying up?

  18. Billy J.

    Some of the most attractive girls in Florida perform at Brass Flamingo. I always enjoy myself when I visit. Happy holidays to everyone there.

  19. Awww F-ck!

    Just heard through the grapevine that the perverted old man John is back to work at Brass again!! I guess they need to chase some more of the girls out of that place and brought him back to do the job. Another brilliant move on the part of C.J.! NOT!!

  20. Say what you want

    about any club in Pasco but Brass always has the best looking girls in the county!

  21. Rory Alexander

    Had a fantastic time at Brass Flamingo last evening amongst all of the sweet and sexy females and friendly bar staff. Very impressed with everyone’s hospitality skills and overall ”feel” of the club. Will certainly be back.

  22. Skippy

    Has anyone seen the new day girl, Danielle? OMFG! I feel like a perverted old man, and I’m only 31. This girl is just drop-dead yummy! Thanks to manager Mike for his hospitality.

  23. Agree with slick

    Things have taken a turn for the worse at brass. It is sad! Who knows what Rick was thinking.

  24. Marissa Luv
  25. Leah

    Brass is soooooo cool! The guys who hang out there are so HOT!!!!! Broke as fuck but hot as hell! They’re usually there to sell drugs or try and pick up the girls who work there or pimp them as prostitutes outside the club out but who cares. I like looking at them up in the vip section acting like studs and spending no money and the managers who hang out with them trying to be big shots. Oh yea baby! You guys really turn me on!!!!

  26. Freak

    Only $30 for nude dances, do I need to say more?

  27. Speedy G.

    Aubrey is worth every penny! Brass always has the hot new girls!

  28. Danni Odell

    had a great time here fri 11/14. Couldn’t have asked for better. All around the best in hospitality and entertainment.

  29. Gobble Gobble

    Brass offers a lot of reasons to be thankful this holiday. Definitely the best looking and friendliest girls in the bay area and incredible $30 nude lap dances. Check it out for yourself. You’ll be givin’ me thanks for the recommendation.

  30. Anthony

    Brass ROCKS! Other clubs may have more girls, although I doubt it, but the Flamingo definitely has the HOTTEST! And you gotta love them $30 nude lap dances. I’m hooked!

  31. Hater's Rule!

    I’ll be dropping by tommorrow night to catch the show with robin. I will be looking at everything! The quality of your Dj’s, Your bar staff, your so called entertainers! The number of used condoms in your private dance area! And I will come back here to report. If You can guess who I am You’ll get a $50 bar tab!

    Good Luck Ya’ll

  32. Jeff

    Great Place!!

  33. I Say

    Go for it! Get every pedophile pervert in the county in one place and bust their ass for violation of their agreement! I’ve met her and worked with her. She’s a nasty, cum guzzling, prima donna bitch. Don’t waste your money.

  34. to randall

    It’s painfully obvious you don’t work here….come spend some money ya perv…

  35. Ellis

    “Give me your tired, your poor, Your drugged out huddled masses yearning to do more drugs, The wretched refuse of pasco! Send me homeless, over 40 useless whores! I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  36. Andy

    Day shifts at the Brass are amazing. Gotta love the bubbky female manager and all the girls are friendly and fun. The blonde big-booby bartender is a riot. Had a lot of fun and will surely be back again soon.

  37. C.J. GM

    All of this gossip and petty bullshit needs to stop on this page right now! If any of you have an issue with the way I run Brass Flamingo then I invite you to come speak with me and take your issues up with me personally any time! I am a professional in this business and a much better asset to the club then anyone who has worked here before me. I do not do drugs and I do not condone the use of drugs at Brass Flamingo. All the x-employees who come on here to post negative rumors about Brass are just showing their true colors since there’s a reason they were fired in the first place. How sad is it that they have to come cry on here? I guess they are not happy at there new club? Enough is enough already! Come see for yourself why Brass Flamingo is still the best nude club in Pasco County and maybe all of Tampa.

  38. J.J.

    They have done some nice work at Brass lately. Improved the girls, the staff and the club itself. Nice job guys!

  39. Way To Go, Please!

    My true colors? Here They Are. I don’t know u C.J. and your not the ass that fired me. Managment at Another club notified me that Brass was going to fire me a week ahead of time. Still I went to work and did my usual Excellent job! On the night I was fired I produced a RECORD night for Brass. I had not 1, Not 2, but 5 people approach me & tell me they had been 2 several different clubs on 19. I was the best they had seen! Customers that will never b back! At the end of the night? Oh thanks for the record night! By the way your fired! Managment claimed they didn’t know anything about it? The owner claimed he didn’t know! Yet people at other clubs knew a week befor? Why? Because they Lied! Your Next C.J.

  40. Roger
  41. Hot

    Brass Is hot fun! Day time night time. It don’t matter Brass allways has hot babes.

  42. MegaMan

    Went 2 three diferent clubs sat. Brass was by far the best!

    Will be back for sure.

  43. Damien
  44. Mr Lincoln
  45. Alan, Spring Hill

    The club was definitely rocking on Friday nite for sure! To many young & tenders to mention. I got dances from 3 new girls and they were all worth it.

  46. Dan, Trinity

    The club is nice but that’s about all I can say that’s positive about the place. It wasn’t that long ago when Brass used to dominate the market in Pasco and now I’d say it’s among the worst. Really sad state of affairs.

  47. Daryl

    More new hotties – Mallory (Wow!) – Blue (Best tits in the biz!) – Precious (Tiny little tight babe!) – and Promise is back!!

  48. Rick

    Good Club. Fair prices.

  49. Can't

    I Can’t Find me bloody address book! Has anyone fuckin’ seen it? Bloody Hell! Sharon! Have ya seen me fuckin address book!

  50. Tony G

    Looks like things are getting worse at The Brass Flamingo. Last night’s selection of girls was terrible! I keep giving The Brass Flamingo chances but I think it’s time to find a new strip club in Pasco.

  51. To Larry

    All the cool people you’re talking about were fired within a few months after the new general manager C.J. took things over. His idea of cool are girls and employees who will kiss his ass and party with him. The atmosphere at Brass took a nose dive shortly after Sideshow and them all left. I go to Bare more often now. Last I heard Sideshow was at Emperors on day shifts and Irean is barting at a pool hall in Holiday. Don’t know for sure.

  52. Wayne

    Some incredibly HOT talent at the Brass on Friday night! Had to be at least 30 girls and all of them were FINE!

  53. Richie

    I would definitely rank Brass amongst the best strip clubs in the bay area (Mons, Penthouse, DejaVu, etc.), and easily the best of the Pasco clubs. The girls alone are worth the trip from just about anywhere.

  54. Trixxxie
  55. reply

    Alicia is still at brass (yes the old doorgirl) she is tending bar durning the day you should go see her as for the rest if u dont like brass then dont go i seem to think its still a cool spot to hang out at

  56. Danielle Bass
  57. PoppaBoner

    Brass has a lot of really hot girls! Now if they could only get their door girl Brianna to take it all off! Wow!

  58. Pete&Dave

    Both pete and dave r both totally right no one else could compare!

  59. Ted n Mary

    Another amazing Couples Night on Saturday! Brass is the best couples hot spot on Saturday nights. Had a blast! Thanks to Irena and Scott.

  60. Ron

    Pasco’s Hottest night spot! great party last night. Thanks guys.

  61. Micky Fyne

    Great time Friday nite! Some seriously sexy hunnies!

  62. Gary

    This club is absolutely the best in Pasco county! No doubt about it! It’s definitely the most upscale club in the area and the girls are beyond compare. Great girls, great drinks, great staff.

  63. Moe

    The club looks prettier then the girls. Lynne is a cool bartender. The rest of the staff needs to go!!

  64. New Girls

    Kinley, Layla and Peaches are three of the hottest all-natural beauties working the Pasco circuit and Brass has ’em! I’ll be blowin’ my paycheck there this weekend!!

  65. Artie

    Beautiful club and playful girls. Top notch for sure.

  66. Rodney

    I allways come here for a good time.

  67. Al Cohall

    Had a great time at the halloween bash. well u know what I mean. Our staff knows how to treat our staff.

  68. Ass-tounded

    Gee? Were you educated in pasco? Seems that lots of people here were. I mean you guys keep telling them so. 7.6 guys?

    Lets try a little harder shall we?

  69. Nicholas

    The girls are always outstanding at Brass! Glad to see old daytime manager Chris back in the mix. A bunch of sexy new babes on the scene. You should definitely check it out!

  70. My Opinion

    It’s obvious that Rick & CJ don’t care at all what their patrons have to say because they’ve taken down the guestbook feature on the club’s website. Not that any of what people have to say on here means anything either, but they need to do something with Brass soon before the ship sinks beyond rescue. Management is the biggest problem with this club and the attitude of the girls shows it. I used to stop by Brass 4 to 5 times a month and drop some pretty good coin back when Scotty was the night manager, and now I’m hesitant to even step foot in the club maybe once a month because I get no respect as a customer from the management. The drama in the club is overwhelming and definitely not inviting. I’ll keep spending my money at the other clubs until things change.

  71. Alan

    I agree I like Brass ! I miss some of the ex management as

    they were much nicer and made me feel more welcome. I guess

    the customer service was better so to speak. However the

    reality is I’m here to see the girls so I’m still coming

    back. Its just not the same. I still recommend Brass to

    anyone ….

  72. Bucsrule2

    I went to the brass flamingo this past Friday night and was really shocked as to how bad things have changed. I was overrun by young degenerates and didn’t feel comfortable staying for more then a few minutes. I hope they change things back soon.

  73. Steve

    Just a shout out to all the beauties at the Flamingo! You girls rock!

  74. Greg

    Amen to that Rich ! All the ex employees and kicked out loser customers are hatig on this web site. Thats why they dont tell you who they really are on here COWARDS, DRUG ADDICTS,DRUG DEALERS AND SCUM BAGS ! I LOVE this place and will continue to come here and spend my $. I come here for the girls and Brass always has a good selection ! End of story folks. Some good and some bad just like anywhere else. If you dont like it here dont come here … More girls for me …. LOL

  75. Arianna

    Couples night was so much fun! We have never seen so many people in a strip club before. Spin the stripper was hilarious. We will be coming back as much as we can.

  76. Prego

    Hot news and so shocking……… I heard from a few girls over the weekend

    that the Mgr are all banging the girls and The day shift mgr got one prego.

    What a huge surprise.

  77. RUforReal2

    I Agree. Firing good, sober, drug free people for no fucking reason. The drugs, The prostitution, The drama! Not one of your drugged out whores actually puts on a show! Same Ole outfits, same ole pole tricks, but you can get your dic sucked if the price is right. You really have brought Exotic Dance to a whole new level!

  78. Michelle

    I love going to Brass with my friends! Dancers are beautiful, servers are friendly and the manager always says Hi.

  79. Natalie

    Brass Flamingo is my new favorite! The girls were SO nice and super hot!

  80. Nutty Jack
  81. Danny

    The hottest selection of “Boner Babes” I’ve ever seen!

  82. Awe Shucks

    Saw old man Jon planting poles in the parking lot today. Went from manager to maintenence man. LMFAO Brass only hires the best. LOL And usually fires the real quality ones. What a joke!!!

  83. jimmy

    the girls are very nice and sexy the are not rude and dont rush us men into getting dances my favorite girl is alise i am in love with her i will give her all my money as long as i am on this earth

  84. KDog

    i agree with anthony! Been 2 all those other clubs and brass has more! Brass is the best.

  85. Sharon

    I like Brass Flamingo. It’s a pretty club.

  86. BigNoney

    I’m sorry I can’t tip you out tonite! I spent all my money on coke. Would you like a line? No you silly girl. What am I going to do with a line? Why don’t you sell that shit and give me my ten bucks?

  87. Sir Charles

    Stopped into Brass on Thursday and all I can say is WOW!! 16 of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in one club, especially in Pasco, in quite some time. Excellent job to ownership and management. You’ve truly turned this place around from what it once was. Hope to stop in again sooner than later.

  88. Alex

    I haven’t seen a rotation of gorgeous entertainers like this since the hay-day of Mons. Brass Flamingo has truly stepped-up as the best in the bay area!

  89. Stan D. Man

    Love them babes at Brass! High class ass all the way!

  90. Jupiter
  91. Rory

    BF gets an A+ from me.

  92. Wario
  93. Amazed

    Made a trip to a few of the clubs in Pasco and was amazed how bad things are at the Brass Flamingo. Emperors and Diamonds had a better looking line up of girls on a Saturday night then Brass did. What happened to that place?

  94. Coolio

    Dem biotches at the Flamingo be smokin’ baby!

  95. Congrats

    To Brass owner, Rick, on his receipt of the Lifetime Achievement award at the Nightmoves show. Well deserved! You always run a great club. Your crew was the loudest and proudest at the show and very well represented. Great speech too!

  96. Jon

    I go to Brass and have a good time sometimes 🙂

  97. Shocked

    I was just told about this website. I’m blown away by what

    i’m reading. Although most of it is true. I didn’t know

    this site existed. I go to Brass often usually on the

    weekends. They have been having management issues for a

    while now. Hopefully they get it right sooner than later.

    Friday I asked who the manager was and the girl pointed to a

    white haired old guy. He was doing shots with 2-3 dancers

    and hanging all over them.Really ?

  98. NytRdr

    First visit Sat. 10/25. The place was jammin. The girls and staff really know how to treat their staff. I highly recomend.

  99. strip club junkee

    wow what awesome changes,,,new management is great ,,,beautiful women, super friendly staff

  100. Ronnie D.

    Didn’t know what to expect when I visited last night and I was quite impressed. A heck of a lot of girls. Great feature act too. The club is surely more upscale then some of the other north pasco clubs.

  101. Scott

    Wow, somebody really did drive through Brass! I hope no one was hurt. I like a few of the girls that work there. I hope they had insurance.

  102. Another change of staff

    The managers at the “dirty bird” have been all over craigslist hunting down new dancers, bartenders, shooter girls, waitresses and djs lately. CJ must have tired of all the old crew and is looking for some young blood.

  103. Charley Z
  104. Lori

    Spanking fine girls!!!!!

  105. 2/5/09

    I had a great time at this club. Not too, big not too small,

    not to quiet. Just right. Will recomend it to my friends when I get back to Ohio.

  106. Leo Marel

    If using a real grade scale like letters or stars I would sadly have to give the Brass Flamingo a “D” or only half a star following my visit this weekend. I try and go every year around this time when I’m in to see my family and taking care of property business, but I don’t think I’ll be going back again anytime soon. The club has sadly lost it’s luster. They got rid of some great people, bartenders, and a disc jockey I used to like. It’s too much of an operation and not as much of a party like it used to be. The two semi attractive girls they had working were both so into themselves that I never got a chance to talk or dance with either one.

  107. The end is near!

    A few friends and I stopped in to Brass Flamingo early this week and it will be the last time we ever go back for sure. The managers are more into all the young cracked out girls and bar tenders then they care about old VIP customers like me and my friends. I dont see this place recovering from the hole it dug itself so we’re going to spend our money someplace else.

  108. Mega Cycles
  109. Romeus Prime
  110. Danny Boy
  111. To Lacey Seriously

    Thanks (Rich S. or whoever this is) for proving that there is someone directly from the club trying to save it’s reputation on this site. LMFAO! Good luck! You’ll need it!

  112. PascoDude

    U gotta love all the hot babes at Brass!

  113. TPNR

    Drugged out, Thugged out stripper whore: I didn’t make any money tonite! I can’t tip you out. Funny! I made $40 off the customers tonite and I have a penis? What’s your problem? Why don’t you text the owner about how the Dj sucks now?

  114. Dangerous
  115. Gettin' better


  116. Terri
  117. Corey S

    BF delivers what others promise. Loads of hot girls and erotic lap dances. Promise is back and looking better then ever. Had a really good time with all the babes last night.

  118. AngeliquePetyjohn

    It’s a beautiful world we live in. Sweet romantic place. Beautiful people everywhere. The way they comb their hair. makes me want to say. It’s a beautiful world. It’s a beautiful world. For you. For you. For you.

  119. Might

    Just have to go there just to see if it’s as bad as you all say it is.

  120. Rich

    You all know it’s people that have been fired from Brass Flamingo that come on here and post negative comments about the club right? What losers! They don’t have anything better to do in life!

  121. Toby

    Went to BF on Wednesday afternoon and was surprised to see ex porn-star Shane Tyler was their daytime bartender. She is too cool! They had 13 beauties dancing too which is impressive for a day shift in Pasco. BF has definitely stepped-up their game.

  122. Mickey

    Hey Sean! I hear ya bud. Drug free work place my ass! 90% of your girls couldn’t past the test. They got on talent what so ever. They can’t sing, They can’t dance and they got the same outfits as every ho in floda! As for your staff I know most of em and they’re far from drug free.Just cause u got a script don’t make u drug free.

  123. YankeesRock99

    Brass Flamingo got some of there better day girls back. Rene, Arianna, Danielle and a few others. All sexy and each worth the price of a dance or room. Will be spending a few more afternoons there.

  124. Bigdog

    Vote for dj Dennis Dj of the year!

  125. N2Deep

    There are some seriously fly chicks at the Brass! The honnies are everywhere! Lyn is 1 tight and toned dancer.

  126. OMG

    Look at that! That has to to be the hottest pussy I’ve ever seen! I mean really I just want to stick my dick in it and fuck for days! Anyone got any Viagra for sale?

  127. Sannie
  128. Attention Rick

    You need to get a hold of your club soon man! The word around town is you dont care about BF anymore and they way things are looking it sure seems that way. Cj, La, John are all talking shit about you and are running your club into the ground quickly and I always liked you and BF and think you deserve better. It wasnt that long ago that everyone around here used to say great things about BF and now its the joke of the town. I hope you can recover the club quickly and save it from its rapid decline in status. Just wanted to be a friendly voice of reason.

  129. Todd O

    Smoking hot girls and a great party!

  130. Danny C.

    The best in Pasco for sure! Brass is what the other clubs only hope to be when they grow up. A vast improvement from the old Flashdancer days. Good work girls!

  131. Mr. Walsh

    Praise to Brass and their management for operating such a fine club. Lots of beautiful women and a great party atmosphere. Some seriously strong drinks too. I was very impressed.

  132. Beastie Boy

    I’m amazed at how many hot girls there are at Brass lately. This place gets better every time I stop in. The new young’ns are amazing.

  133. Dancer

    This is a great place to work.

  134. Allen

    I have been stopping at the Brass for years. Usually after work. I own a business and have over 500 employees. I use to go every week. I have seen managment change here too many times. I am not sure who owns this bar but I have scene some good managers just disapear. Some say they get fired and others say they dont know. I can say over the years the best managers were Scott, Rich, and Alvin. These three always remembered my name and treated me like a king. In some cases bought me a shot or two. I stopped going for a while and went in the other day and was told Rich and Scott are back. I didnt see them but if this is true look out because the Brass could make a come back. It was very sad the other night. I think I saw 2-3 girls. I heard they had 20 girls a night again but that must have been bad information. I pray this place makes a come back as I need a place to go and use to really enjoy this stop on my way home.

  135. Mackenzie

    If you visit this club you will have a great time I did. The women are hot. The cocktails are strong. And the dances are only $30 bucks.

  136. OhMyGod

    Jade was great. me and my friends had a really great time at the show thanks guys.

  137. Markie53

    Visited on March 25, Thursday mid-afternoon. Full nude with alcohol, yeah! Good customer base: Older guys like me enjoying the company of young ladies. Good lighting onstage to see all the female glory. Well-gromed pubic areas. All for a buck! Did a 2 for $40 private dance with a very friendly dancer(I’m bad with names). Great personality and body. I wish I lived nearby. Will visit again.

  138. Reily O.

    Devin – Madysin – Cali – Kayla! 4 of Florida’s finest all in one spot and all the way NUDE! Turned me in to a regular customer for sure!

  139. Lenny G.

    Heard about it on Cowhead and went to see the naked comic, Jade Simone. This place is awesome!!! Every girl was babe-alicious and Jade was a riot! I’m based in Tampa but will definitely make the trip to come visit again.

  140. Beware

    Diamond Dolls is posting fake rating and comments to make them number one in ALL of florida

  141. Marshall

    Brass has the most delectable day shift girls I’ve ever seen! Fun and friendly always keep me comin’ back.

  142. RaysFan99

    I went to the Brass Flamingo after seeing it featured in Cheri magazine and was extremely satisfied! A lot less money in my pocket, but spent every dollar with a smile on my face. Jenny and Destiny are real sweethearts. They need to open a Brass down here near St. Pete!

  143. WOW!!!

    Wow…looks like another trumped up contest…who cares who got left out and who won??? this is a business and you selfish ppl put it out to the personal level it should never be….i have been dancing for a long time and it is really sad that you can’t even make money in this god awful townbecause of the haters and personal vendettas out there sideshow is a great dj…what about anthony and fro from brass or dennis from emps and so on….pretty sad when a lady has a chance to win best dancer and goes to work instead…..isnt it ironic….don’t ya think???

  144. Pittsburgh Joe

    Great place and beautiful babes. Rates A++ with me.

  145. Old vibe huh?

    That’s funny becuase I too stopped by Brass on friday night and all I saw were young kids not spending money and an old man manager trying to hit on all the young girls working including ordering drinks for the underage girls. That is the old vibe? It will take a lot more then what I saw in there on friday to bring Brass back to what it once was. Once again only 3 girls get mentioned as being attractive on a friday night? That’s definitely not the Brass of old that I remember.

  146. Lance H.

    Friday night was one hell of a party at Brass Flamingo! A true bevy of beauties all around. Sweet!

  147. Jingle

    Merry Christmas EveryBody!

  148. Vin

    Brass Flamingo has a bunch of pretty girls and great dances. Had a great time spending my money there. Maddison is just too damn cute!

  149. HVNT

    Haven’t been able to get back to brass for a while. But I’m Baaaack! And everything is looking good.

  150. Big Bubba D
  151. Mary and Mike

    Brass is surely the very best club around Pasco. We go once a month or so and have a great time every time we visit. Their Saturday couples-night is always a good time!

  152. Mark

    Class “A” all the way!

  153. ElvisJackson

    I’ve been to BF a couple of times in the last month, once on dayshift and once at night.

    The quality of dancer here is awful, both day and night. There’s a tiny hot redheaded dancer named Dynamite who’s a bright spot in the lineup, but for the most part the girls are either 19 and drugged out or 40 and burned out.

    The best looking girl in the place is the dayshift bartender, Pandora. And she’s the best looking by a HUGE margin.

  154. Wow!


  155. Drive Thru Open

    So I heard someone decided to make Brass a drive-thru strip club? LMFAO! That’s what happens when you allow drunk patrons to get behind the wheel. This is like the 3rd time this has happened to this club. Good looking out there on the management’s part.

  156. Partyup727

    Brought some of the crew up last night and the house was rocking!

  157. Tim T.

    Brass always has the hottest girls and the best party. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  158. Ex Employee?

    U bet Your Ass I’m A disgruntled Ex Employee! But Not Everyone here is! U Over Served the Guy! He probably Scored the roxy’s He took courtesy of 1 of ur fine entertainers!

    Fired for being totally drug free and sober, I was hired less than 11 Hours Later at another club! Fired At 2am! Working at 12pm the next day! What does that tell you? I’m Fucking Good At What I Do! U Can’t handle the truth can u?

    I lmfao everytime I pass by and see the blue and red lights outside! U have reduced Exotic Dance 2 suckin and fuckin in the private rooms! Congratulations!

  159. Andie & Lance

    We agree, another great Saturday night at BF. Some of the couples were as hot as some of the girls dancing. We had a great time and will be back at Brass next Saturday night for sure.

  160. Detroit Dave

    Brass is my favorite place to party in Pasco!

  161. Very Impressed

    Friday night I came into Brass Flamingo with a few friends after hearing about it through friends and we all left very impressed. A whole load of some of the prettiest young girls I have ever seen in one strip club. The manager Michael was very welcoming and the whole staff was fun. Be back the next time I’m around Pasco way.

  162. Johnnyboy123

    Stay away. Where can I start?!!!!! First on their website and Facebook page that posted 5.00 for Long Island ice tea, well that’s great but they charged $10.00 for them. Got my bf a lap dance, was suppose to be $30.00 for one song. She started in the middle of a song and ended before it did so about 30 seconds. Some of the dancers were pretty some had plenty of extra padding. It’s great to see a dancer with rolls every time she moved. Stay away and save your money.

  163. Pasco Garage

    Brass kicks ass!

  164. Ahh? Gee Do Ya Think?

    The employee’s r backstabing cj cause he sucks so let’s get rid of em all. Wothout looking at the real problem! In the mean time your customers r going to places like diamonds!, lollipops!, and calender girls! Why?

  165. Shannon F.
  166. Phoneix Cage

    Words can’t say go and see for yourself. Just simply the best!

  167. jerseygal
  168. Bobby S.

    Great place to hang out with plenty of lovely ladies.

  169. Secret Spanker

    Of all the clubs in Pasco the ‘original’ is still the BEST!

  170. Dutch Oven
  171. Kip
  172. Johnny

    I have been going to this club for the past 8 months and if things keep heading in the direction they are now, then this club won’t have any customers or quality dancers left. Brass used to be fun and full of life. The girls were hot, sexy, and exuberant all the time. I have gotten to know a lot of the girls at brass and I’ve seen many come and go…but I don’t know WTF is going on with some of the girls they have been hiring lately. No doubt, this all started when new management took over and started making all kinds of changes, which in my opinion as a customer has really fucked things up. It’s not just me saying this, just read what everyone else is saying. I myself have personally seen a lot of what others have been saying so as I read the comments I find myself agreeing with them. I keep my opinions to myself for the most part but after what I saw last night I just had enough. I have seen and heard staff being rude to the girls and literally yelling at them and talking down to them as if they were a piece of trash and in front of customers no less. Shame on you! Is this how you want your club to be recognized?? Last night after getting a private dance from BLUE, who BTW is the ONLY reason I go there and spend so much money on drinks and dances, I witnessed a staff member ( I won’t name names) yelling at her about shit that I know wasn’t even her fault because I was right there. And he was doing this in front of other customers and dancers. WTF is wrong with you? First of all, you do NOT talk to people that way PERIOD! You must be seriously stupid to talk that way to your October 2011 Nightmoves Calendar girl and who is also featured on the cover of this months issue of Nightmoves magazine, which you guys plastered all over the walls in the club. You guys should be kissing her ass instead of giving her a hard time. If management really wants to make this club the best around like it used to be, they need to start paying attention to what their customers and dancers are telling them. Cuz it aint pretty! FYI, I would have rated this club a 10 before all these changes.

  173. Bud Bundy
  174. Ben

    Dropped by sat nite place was rockin. Best in the county.

  175. Pittsburg Joe
  176. RobynFoxx

    I’m coming to Brass Flamingo this month!

  177. VodkaTonic

    Some real sweethearts on the day crew at Brass. The blonde barmaid (Shayne?) and waitress (Vanessa) are a bundle of laughs and have two amazingly nice natural racks! Had a great time and will be back for sure.

  178. nickstrip

    This club is awesome if you’re looking for an up beat kind of place! First off, this is the only full nude, full liquor in the area. This means than girls CAN and are encouraged to go full nude but are not required. I was slightly deterred by the fact that they are located in New Port Richey but do not be discouraged. The club is incredibly clean, large and well designed.Second, in this industry, management is often a collection of greasy men.. not the case at Brass. Management is fabulous and so is the rest of the staff. Bartenders are hot, friendly and educated (same for servers) DJ vibe is the best. There is a LARGE variety of women. Of course everyone has their own type, so there really is someone for everyone. Weekends you can expect to see anywhere between 15-30 dancers. You’ve got your fit girls, plastic surgery hotties, milfs, thicker women, large women, tiny women… As this club is located in NPR, there is a wide range of cliental. Expect to see wealthy older gentlemen, married couples, snow bird, local “rappers”, drug dealers… Along with a mixed pool of clients, there’s also quite the mix of dancers. I’ve known hot Tampa girls that drove 30min-1hr to dance at this club but you also get your high school dropout, NPR riffraff. No kitchen. Drinks are fair priced. Nightly specials on drinks as well as shot and dance specials throughout the night. Nice VIP area- average priced. Smoking allowed inside.Future dancers- floor guys and bouncers do a great job of making you feel safe. No house mom but there is a woman that comes and sells clothes occasionally. Not super strict about drinking. My personal fav club :)If you’re looking to have a good time this is the place to go. If you want to keep to yourself in a super classy boring environment maybe try something else. (Opinions based on my experience as a dancer at this club)

  179. Really?

    Open on September 11th? Guess even strippers need to make a buck on the commemoration of this tragic day. Had to be a C.J. idea!

  180. Marty C

    Had a blast at Mobster Ball. Lexi Lamour is frickin’ hotttt!

  181. James J

    Quite an attractive line-up of ladies at Brass Flamingo in an upscale atmosphere. Friends and I had a great time Thursday night. Thanks to bartender Dana for the laughs and great smile.

  182. Davie

    this club sucks now. where are the fun ppl. the new mgr is doing a crackerjack job….hey that’s funny CJ = crackerjack job.

  183. TrimOne

    Had an excellent at Brass first time in. Lots of pretty girls and lots of fun.

  184. GoneGlobal

    Brass was hoppin’ on Friday night! Never seen so many smoking hunnies in one club – ever! We will be back next weekend!

  185. The Brooksville 7

    Dropped in Thursday night and was floored by all the talent in the joint. A great selection of ladies and a great party too.

  186. Trip's wrong

    Either Trip is a total PL or he’s working for the club. I know that girls who do extras aren’t summarily fired from BF. How do I know? BECAUSE ALL THE GIRLS WHO DO EXTRAS HAVE BEEN THERE FOR A LONG TIME.

    I don’t care if girls do extras. Getting all defensive when the suggestion is made is kinda weird for a customer, Trip.

  187. BornBucsFan69


  188. Rocky

    New girl, Christine, on days is likely the HOTTEST girl to EVER to get naked on a Pasco stage. OMFG!! Scrump-dili-icious! Better check her out while she’s still around, we all now how the girls float around the club scene. Between Christine and Danielle you perverted old men don’t stand a chance!

  189. Joey

    Love this place! Great looking girls.

  190. Buster

    Went by Brass on xmas eve day and wow! Lots of sexy girls. Vanessa and Shane were fun to.

  191. Maury

    Extremely disappointing club considering how nice the club itself is. Took forever to get a drink with only a few other people in the place and the manager was rude and couldn’t care less when I said something about it. Only a few attractive girls but they were all about the drinking and drugs and didn’t pay much much attention to me and my friends who all had money to spend. Was a short visit.

  192. Johnny B.

    Brass has the sexiest and naughtiest babes in the entire Tampa area. 30 dollar lap dances are well worth the cost.

  193. Behind The Scenes

    The truth is if you do drugs, lie, steal, drink excessively , and fuck and

    suck you have a requirement to work here. If you are honest reliable and

    a good employee than stay away. Come on just look at the big picture.

    Look at all the good people that quit or got fired. I know on here there is

    ex employee bashing, but some really good ones were chased out. I

    wonder why ??????

  194. Unhappy....

    Wow is all I can say. I don’t want to mention any names

    because the employees are scared for their jobs. I guess if

    you don’t smoke dope, do cocaine, or prostitute the new

    director of Brass doesn’t want you in the building. Who

    owns this place ? I have been coming here for years and its

    always been so friendly and now its like a hospital waiting

    room. Very sad and depressing. Time to go somewhere else.

  195. Dan & Fro

    Are at Lollipops. You can see them there for a short time untill they get fired or quit. Friday night 4 girls the only one under 45 was fro’s girlfriend.

  196. Brian

    Best club in Pasco.

  197. tsg

    This club continues to go downhill. I heard Blue left the club. Looks like all the good girls are going!

  198. To Todd

    It’s me Sean, a real customer and once all-too-familiar regular customer of BF in it’s true hay-day. You seem to know just as much about the inner-workings and staff of BF as I do, so does that make you an ex-employee too or maybe you’re a current employee or manager trying to defend the club because you’re paid too? Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who used to go to BF back when cool, fun and friendly people ran it knows that things these days suck in comparison. Even the girls are bad mouthing the recent management! Does that not tell you anything? The only reason I post on this site is because I do care about the future of BF and the few cool girls, bartenders and wait staff who still work there. I would hope that someone would do something about it and try and bring BF back to it’s prominent status it once held. Unfortunately I don’t see those type of changes happening anytime soon.

  199. Ha Private

    The reason the last rating was written by “Private” is because it was written by Rich, the a-hole floorman/manager/suck-up, who mentions himself and is f’ing Holly and pimping her out!!! What a joke Brass has become since people like Rich and CJ and John have taken command!!! Save your time and money people and head south on 19 to Emps or Bare for a really good time with cool people and hotter girls!!! Brass sucks ass!!!

  200. Jeremy

    Was in Fri had an awesome time. Can’t wait for next weekend!

    See ya soon guys.

  201. Field

    Brass has the most awesome night shift. Fun, friendly and allways willing to work a deal. keeps me comin’ back 4 more.

  202. Hal

    had a really great time here.

  203. Hi Jimmy .....

    ….. um, I mean CJ, or Rich, or John! lmao – Do you really think we’re idiots on here? Nice try with the management bashing statement. lol – Pretty girls? Not one of the girls you have a picture of on this site or even your own site still works at the squirty bird and all the cool and sexy girls who used to work there now work for your competition because management chased them out. We are the real patrons who go to the clubs in Pasco!!!

  204. OHI'mSOsURE

    Anything above .02 rates as the best

  205. MasTequila

    Brass has more sexy girls & women then you can shake a ”stick” at! Always a good time in the champagne rooms. Turned me into a regular.

  206. Frankie B.

    The doorgirl at Brass on Saturday nights (I think her name is Breeana?) is amazing!! Drop dead gorgeous and really fun! Someone needs to get her to dance.

  207. Elvis Jackson

    Carl—-this club is not even the best place to spend your money in Pasco county, much less Tampa. BF has gone massively downhill. New management won’t keep out the roxi zombies. Management apparently has no interest in hiring attractive women. Skinny, titless, pill heads are no fun. As for “Tampa”—-I’d rather go to Mons or 2001 than BF. Mons will have much better looking women, and 2001 is just as dirty as Brass with hotter chicks.

  208. E-Roc
  209. Rich S.

    A top-notch adult entertainment experience all the way.

  210. Joe Jetso

    Have a wonderful time every time I come here. Try it for yourself.

  211. Evan

    I think Brass Flamingo is a great place. It’s fun and the girls are beautiful. What else could a guy ask for?

  212. Jeremiah

    Only one word to describe Brass Flamingo…. Exquisite! I’ve never seen so many attractive girls in one club at one time.

  213. Joey James

    I agree that Brass has definitely become a lot worse under the new managers but it’s still one of the better clubs in the pasco county area. It’s alot nicer club then Diamonds or Calender Girls but I have to agree the girls are looking much better at Bare and Emperors. It will take a lot of work to get Brass back to it’s glory days but I won’t stop visiting.

  214. Better Than Awesome
  215. Teppopnct Knabnatypbl

    Was in on wens. had a great time. Without a doubt the best in pasco. Will be back.

  216. Benny

    A+. I like all the sexy naked girlies!

  217. Frank G.
  218. Marc

    Brass is a great place! The new female manager, Lisa, is a great addition. The girls are always hot and playful. Shout out to Pandora! You’re a true hottie!

  219. BrooksvilleBob

    I love me some fine n’kid girlie girlz! And Brass has got ’em!

  220. eric

    stopped by for the first time in a while on wednesday and i have to say seems like many improvments have been made, the girls rock, see you next time im in town

  221. Corey G.

    A friend told me good things about the Flamingo so I checked it out for myself. The place is very nice and the girls are amazing. Lauren is one really cool waitress. I’ll be back for sure.

  222. Tajan

    Quite an erotic experience. The best of full nude and liquor with some of the hottest girls I’ve seen anywhere. Keep up the great work.

  223. SNS45

    The collection of girls Brass had performing on Saturday night has got to be the BEST looking group of girls I’ve seen naked anywhere! … Ever!

  224. James

    Awesome club!! I love that dancer Candy that’s working dayshift. She’s a great entertainer.

  225. Teri and Tony

    We had soooo much fun on Halloween. Tony was in heaven. I had a great time playing with Vanity. Couples night at Brass is getting wetter every week! lol See everyone next Saturday.

  226. Miss Terry

    Sexy girls and stiff drinks make for a great combination!

  227. 352 StereoGuys

    Girls like Penny and Bella and Promise could leave a man speechless and broke! Talk about drop dead spankin’ gorgeous and great personalities to boot. All the girls at Brass are hot but these 3 really stand out.

  228. George
  229. Weekend Plans

    Gonna make the pasco run thru Bare, Emps, Foxy, Brass and CG tonite. Hope things have got better at Brass since the last time I went. Will post my findings later.

  230. Wouldn't You Like to Know!!!

    I use to be a entertainer at this club and all I can say is WOW!!! The Brass Flamingo has gone down hill! I like to come in once and awhile and see my favorite girls but this place has changed for the worse!!! 90% Of the girls here are very unattractive and one even approached me about drugs! This is ridiculous.. There are only a few of the good girls left like Peyton,Lynn,Rio,and Erika… I’m glad I left this club before CJ took it over this place seems more like a brothel then a stripclub!!!!!!!!!! I am so disappointed The club should permanently change it’s name to the Dirty Bird!!! Because I feel so gross when I leave there!! They also need Sideshow back!!!

  231. annonymous
  232. Skeeter

    Allways the best.

  233. Kirk

    CJ the new GM of this club is a total fucking idiot.. He calls his self a Stripclub Manager yet the truth is he use to work in telemarketing, even though he tells everyone he managed a baseball team.. Yeah right and you decided to lower your lifestyle to manageing a stripclub.. He’s been fired from every club he’s worked, because he is an incompetant piece of shit… Rick pull your head out of your ass and get rid of this guy before it’s to late, and CJ lay of the cocaine…

  234. Steamin'Steve

    No doubt about it, the Flamingo is pasco’s best booby bar! Congrats on the upgrades.

  235. Employee

    Yes I’m an employee here and will keep my name a secret. I like working

    with Don and Mike. CJ I am scared to go anywhere near as you never

    know from minute to minute what his attitude is going to be. I heard it

    was drugs but seems more like he is bi polar or something. If we had a

    nomination and election Don would be our GM for sure. CJ would be

    next door at burger king and mike would be back on day shift. Just my


  236. PascoPauly87

    A few banging ass foxys at BF!!

  237. 7.6Guys

    Let’s try a little harder shall we! Keep posting those positive comments!

  238. Phil from Philly
  239. Spike

    Some of the hottest collection of talent I’ve seen in one place in years! The new girls are worth the trip from anywhere. Good job Rick and Mike.

  240. NJ Tony

    I like the new changes they made at Brass Flamingo. Went in for the customer appreciation party and left really happy. Some sensual new babes working and the dj and manager were having fun with everyone. I am going to stop in more often.

  241. Frankie O
  242. A.J.

    I think Brass is the best club and has the best girls in pasco county. Sweet girls and great dances. I go back every time I am in Florida.

  243. Marc R.

    The girls are sexy and playful and the drinks are top notch. Won’t take long before I become a regular.

  244. Paulie
  245. Lacey Seriously

    All this coming from a girl who was a stripper and lied about having bartending experience to get hired at Brass. You got fired and you want to bash Brass on a web site. Seriously ? You sucked as a bartender and were fired. Go back to being a stripper.

  246. Answer

    What a joke Brass has become! It’s a sad day when clubs like Emperors and Foxy make Brass look bad! My friends from Tampa and I will not be going back to Brass till we hear things have improved. Good luck!

  247. Mrs T

    My husband and I were visiting and went in for happy hour. Nice bar, nice TV’s. HOT girls, were very friendly and accomadating. Got a private dance from a cute brunette named Bobbie, well worth the money. If we are ever in the area we’ll definently be back.

  248. Leo

    Amber Star is back on day shifts and looking hotter then ever. She may be annoying to listen to after a while but you cant help but look at her and she gives a great dance.

  249. Brody

    This is a great place

  250. Brian P.
  251. Ritchie R.

    I have a great time at the Flamingo every time I go. Great everything!

  252. boris
  253. dickie
  254. Ronnie

    I have been going to Brass for a few years now. I havent been there in almost 6 months. I don’t know what to say other than the management turns over too much. A few years ago they had a big Country boy as a manager and he had the place running good from what I remember. Then the bald guy I liked I think his name was Richie, and some of the others were ok I guess. I remember these guys because they always had time to shake my hand and even buy me a drink. They appreciated me as a customer. I always felt comfortable and welcomed when these guys were there. I am going to try Brass this weekend and will see if what I am reading is true or not. Im back in town now and use to really like the Brass.

  255. Mark ATL

    A friend suggested I visit the Brass Flamingo while in Tampa and I was very happy he did. The girls are outstanding and the club is very cool. The closest thing I’ve seen to Altanta clubs. I’ll be back 4 sure.

  256. EC Driver

    Daaaaaaaam! There are some seriously F I N E girls at this place! Got my money’s worth on the 30-dollar nude lap dances with a few of them. Be back for sure next time I’m thru Florida.

  257. Temp

    This is a great place.

  258. MRhodes

    Yet another great couples party on Saturday night! Loads of girls and lots of friends, we always have a blast! Looking forward to the tattoo party on the 26th.

  259. Impressed
  260. Randall

    Everyone needs to stop bashing this club! CJ is a great manager! He has turned this place around and made it a real gentleman’s club. All you people are just haters!

  261. Spuds

    Came in about a week ago from out of town. Absolutely amazing! The girls are a lot more friendly and personable here than at Bare Assets. I especially like Bambi….she’s a wild one. Also, the DJ with the piercings had me laughing all night. Great music! I will definately be back in Feb.

  262. Seriously

    Hot goin’s on at the flamingo! Definitely worth the trip.

  263. To Real VIP

    Real VIP huh? Lmao I doubt that. You can’t even spell correctly! You’re probably some drug dealer who’s upset that you have to pay a cover charge to deal your drugs. If you go the club’s web site there’s a contact link to get in touch with Rick. Why don’t you speak to him directly instead of crying on this site? I doubt you will. Brass is still the best in Pasco county bar-none!

  264. Amazed? Really?

    What’s there to be amazed about? CJ, the coke distributing general manager, Mike, the former pride of Bare and, Don, the constantly drunk manager running a Pasco strip club? They fit in just fine! Guess Rick is using Brass as a write off?

  265. Henry

    Great time. Monica Mayhem was hot.

  266. Live2Ride

    Michael and the girls at Brass Flamingo treated us like VIP guests and it was our first time in. Fellow bikers rejoice! This is a great club with super hot babes. You’re missing out if you don’t see for yourself.

  267. CJ Beware

    Your mouth seems to be writing a lot of checks you can’t cash and no one who you think has your back really does. Just looking out for you man.

  268. Brooksville Bill

    Well worth the trip from anywhere. An experience unlike any other.

  269. Antonio

    Friday night BF had over 25 of the hottest babes in the Tampa area! Trust me. I visited every club in Pasco, Pinellas and the Hills. The place was drowning in sex appeal! Young Penny is my personal fave with Miss Kitty runnin’ a close 2nd.

  270. John Carns

    One of the best i’ve had the pure pleasure of attending and i don’t ever think i’ve ever met a groop of staff members. I went to bare assholes on Us 19 and it was a bad expeience all together. Same with foxy show bar, extacy, lollypops! The Brass Flamingo is in my time of going to adult entertaiment clubs is the best anywere all up and down us 19 and throughout all of Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete ect. Try it out once and you will be a believer. You have my wod on it. Mr. John Carns.

  271. There is proof

    in these posts that things have really gotten bad at Brass Flamingo lately 🙁 If you look at the older posts everyone talks about all of the beautiful girls that used to work there and now they only speak highly of one or two namely Blue or Mallory. The old posts talk about fun bartenders and waitresses, flirty door girls and cool djs and managers and now it’s all negative stuff about who replaced the staff that they fired. I understand ownership maybe wanting to make a few changes but the decision to get rid of everyone at once looks like it’ll backfire. It may be a nice looking club but it will take alot of work to change it’s ugly personality. They can start by getting rid of the old lush of a bartender on dayshifts.

  272. Dave

    Saturday night was a blast! Girls were hot, atmosphere was jumpin’! Freindly bar staff. I’ll be back.

  273. Don & Fro

    Its sad to see such a good manager and one of the BF best DJ’s leave.

    I’m not surprised. I guess all of us can just sit back and watch the show.

    It’s clearly going to be a show as the two old washed up has beens run

    Brass into the ground. Yeah I said it ! CJ and Mike are all washed up in

    this industry …… Nowhere else to go for you guys

  274. Smokin Joe

    As the song says …. Y’all are frickin’ awesome!

  275. Mitch L.

    I heard about Brass on the Cowhead show and gave it a shot. It was well worth the trip from St. Pete. Some incredibly sexy talent in the room and plenty of ’em! We’re headed back for Jade in February.

  276. the big man on campus

    kitty and paris and nya are girls i want to walk out with every night they are hot as fuck and keep things spicy i love it dances with them will drive u mad and push u over the edge its so worth it those girls kno how to give guys what they want.

  277. SnowFlake

    This is a really great little club. Come see for yourself.

  278. Jake Troy

    Pandora – Chloe – Danielle – Renee – Lexi – Nya – Dakota – Angel – Paris – Madison – Remi – Misty – Gia – Ashley – This list of ultra-hotties could easily go on forever, and Brass has got ’em all!

  279. Loni

    Dropped by for the first time on sunday. Had agreat time.

    Will be back next time I’m in town.

  280. OK

    OK, OK, OK I give UP! This is the most upscale #1 club in the county! Delete, Delete. With out a doubt pasco’s #1! Delete, delete. The lowest tipout in the county! Delete delete! Anything else U can DELETE 2 MAKE BRASS LOOK GOOD! Bring It!

  281. Carson

    The Flamingo is incredible! What an awesome collection of beauties!

  282. JJ

    Had another wonderful time here.

  283. Awesome
  284. PeteHudson

    Brass and Bare are definitely neck-and-neck for best clubs and best girls in Pasco. The others in the area don’t even compare. I have read through a lot of the comments and reviews for for both BF and BA, and it seems to me the only people who have something negative to say are the SCL scrubs with nothing better to do in life. Sad, really! All I can suggest is that you check out Brass Flamingo for yourself and form your own opinion. I’m quite sure you’ll agree with me.

  285. Len

    Hey! I still like Brass!! I don’t understand why they brought back the dweeb manager Don after getting rid of his pal Rich but whatever. The girls are still cute and Jenn/Lynne is the coolest bartender in town! It’s sure worth checking out.

  286. 5Stars

    If you want to hang out with the finest in the bay this is the place.

  287. Changes coming

    Rumor mill has it that the owner is finally fed up with the way things are going at Brass Flamingo and that another shift is coming soon. I hope it’s true.

  288. Chico

    Had a great time here. The waitstaff was a little slow but other than that I had a good time.

  289. SteveO

    Went to see porn star Rachel Ryder and she was great! The club is classy with a lot of pretty girls. Most of the girls were very friendly but some were a bit too stuck on themselves. Overall we had a fun time and we will definitely be back.

  290. Brian B.

    Has anyone seen the new young girls Kitty and Angel at Brass? They are absolutely SMOKING HOT!!!! There seems to be a lot of new girls working at Brass Flamingo lately. A few of them coming from other Pasco clubs.

  291. pumped

    AWESOME time yesterday !!!!!

  292. jillian

    to paul, devon is now a redhead and hardly dances anymore as she was maimed in a motorcycle accident 2 yrs ago and is lucky to b alive. to everybody else brass has always had the highest turnover rate in management and staff in all of pasco. rick should definitely spend more time in his club and cj is an improvement over john

  293. Stu, Trinity

    Very impressed with the hospitality at Brass Flamingo. The club’s GM, Mike, handled a small problem with my credit card Friday night with great professionalism. Good to see there’s still some old-school personality out there. The girls are beautiful and friendly. A great visit and I’ll surely be back more often.

  294. Dude

    There’s nuthin better than an all nude lap dance from one of the countless babes at Brass Flamingo!

  295. Jaun

    This is the best club around.

  296. Barry Wood

    There’s no doubt that Brass stands alone as the BEST all-nude club in the bay area. Best girls, best bar staff and the best management team .. Bar none! Other area clubs talk a ‘big game’ but can rarely back it up. With Brass the proof is in the Party! Check it out for yourself.

  297. YaKnow!

    Ya had a good night at Brass when ya leave a head of foam on the toilet in the morning!

  298. Theo

    My friends and I had a great time at The Brass last night. The girls are beautiful and the bartender was really cool. We’ll be back again soon.

  299. Sindee

    Went to see Rachelle last night and I was blown away. She’s got to be the best feature I’ve ever seen. Great shows and even better personality.

  300. Monroe

    No doubt about it Brass is the best! If your ever in pasco Definetly worth the trip.

  301. 9 2 5

    I find Brass to be a great break from the daily grind. I stop by on my way home now and then to let traffic chill out. Great place good people.

  302. B. Toralla

    My friends and I heard an ad on 102.5 and we were all happy we decided to check it out. You really want a review? OK. Environment: ‘B+’ (very upscale but still kinda down home), Girls: ‘A+’ (there were over 20 girls and only 2 didn’t do much for me, that’s not a bad ratio), Dances: ‘A++’ (nude lap dances and the girls really do work your lap), Drinks: ‘A’ (a bit expensive but you can actually taste the alcohol), Service: ‘A+’ (friendly and fast and great personalities).

  303. Doug

    I almost got whiplash trying to catch a glimpse of all the hot babes at Brass! They’re all over the place. Got a dance from Danielle. Nice!

  304. Marcus

    Wow. I read a bunch of the reviews below mine, and it seems like they’re either written by disgruntled employees or I’ve been going at the wrong times.

    There are a LOT of young(18-25) year old dancers at Brass. Um, that’s what I go to see! For a LONG time, Brass had a couple of dancers who were easily pushing 40,and not a fresh 40. It was time someone pulled the trigger on them.

    There are some really good-looking girls dancing here. Mallory and Darby could be professional swimsuit models. Blue is sexy(although it does appear she’s less fit than she used to be). JoJo looks like a thinner version of Mila Kunis. Could some of the girls in Brass’ employ have drug issues? Sure, but strip clubs everywhere have drug-taking employees. Guess what? So does every other business.

    I am a regular and am always treated extremely well by management. I’ve never had an issue.

    The club could use some remodeling. I’m worried that the upholstered couch hasn’t been cleaned since I’ve been going there, and that’s been a year and a half. Other than that, I think it’s the best club in Pasco County.

    And to the poster that had a “better time at Emperor’s”, WTF? Emperor’s is filled with skinny drugged out prostitutes. Not that I mind, but that’s what the general knock is against Brass…

  305. Maxwell

    Lots of beautiful women. I had a pleasant time Wednesday evening. Will be back often.

  306. Smiley

    I love everything about Brass! Zoe and Danielle are 2 of the hottest girls I have ever seen naked. Yeah baby!

  307. Dale M.
  308. Rj

    It was excelent!

  309. Mr. Lincoln
  310. RCD

    I went to Brass Flamingo with friends last evening and we didn’t stay very long since it was very disappointing. There were not very many attractive girls and our waitress was quite rude. We will not be coming back anytime soon.

  311. ???

    The girls and staff really know how to treat???? the staff???

  312. C.J. and L.A.?

    Guess Rick has moved the drug trade from Oasis to Brass? Wow!

  313. Oh Please ?

    I have been a customer of this establishment since it was Flash Dancers and had different owners. I’m not revealing my name because we all know the big GM would ban me from the bar for freedom of speach and voicing my opinion. The reality is you wont last and will be gone eventually just like the other ones. In any bar business with absentee owners this is the result. Its seriously sad that the owners arent more hands on here and care about how the employees and customers are treated. All the employees are scared for their jobs, Customers leave and dont come back, etc. What a joke your a professional and dont do drugs. It looks good on paper but the word around town speaks VOLUMES Mr. G.M. CYA at the local Walmart when the owners figure out your nothing more than a warm body collecting a paycheck killing their profits. PS they have had better managers in the past. “Dan” is just one example of a true Professional. Just one of my past favorites !

  314. -->reganam<--
  315. Matt

    Vote for Dj Dennis, Dj of the year. He rocks and he knows it!

  316. I'll be back

    It was wonderful, my hubby and I had a lap dance with a beautiful big chested girl that was extremly nice and my hubby wanted to leave because it was getting late and I wanted another dance:)I guess we’ll have to go back!

  317. Marty S.

    Brass Flamingo is my favorite place to drop a load – of cash!! lol Easily the best girls and best club Pasco has to offer. The food guy outside is pretty good too.

  318. Timmy G

    There are a lot of ordinary strip clubs to go to in Pasco but BF is anything but ordinary. I feel like such a pervert watching some of these hot young things get naked. I need to be spanked!

  319. Supercharged

    Blue; Pepper; Danielle; Rene! I suggest you check them all out naked for yourself.

  320. Milo & Lydia

    What a beautiful club! All the girls are attractive and very nice too. We had a wonderful time Monday nite. We’ll be back for couples night on Saturday.

  321. William

    Michael and his girls at Brass are the best in the business!

  322. Brandi & Chris

    We had a really good time with our friends at Brass Flamingo on Saturday night. Every one of the girls was really sweet and extremely beautiful. We’re out of town next weekend but will be back the next Saturday. Hope to see everyone there 🙂

  323. Really Cool!

    It may seem that way from the outside. A really cool club does not fire a dedidated, hardworking, drug and alcohol free employee for no reason what so ever. Saying “we’re just making some changes” Even Diamonds the scum hole of the earth has the balls to tell you up front “Hey guy it’s not working out. So at the end of the month you’re going to be replaced. Ok? Sorry!” At least some managers have Honor and the balls to stand up to the owner to do what’s right even if it means losing their job. I guess it comes down to some people are better than others.


    May I suugest you check out the lovely Lexi on days at Brass Flamingo – All natural, blonde country girl with a smile to die for and an ass to match. Really fun dances too!

  325. lalala
  326. AtlantaGeorge

    Travel to the TB area quite often. The only place I party when I’m in town.

  327. WoW

    Up to 35 plus girls a shift! Far and above anything else in pasco.

  328. Reggie

    Not to big but a nice club. I highly reccomend it.

  329. Marco
  330. WTF happened?

    As others have said, Brass has gone downhill lately. I’ve visited Brass for several years now, and I barely recognize the place. The ONLY good thing I can say about the club is the facility is nice. It’s always clean and well-lighted. Other than that, it sucks. Last time I was in there was exactly ONE attractive girl dancing. One.

    That would be Mallory—and why she sticks around this dump is beyond me. Maybe it’s “big fish in a little pond” syndrome. Bare Assets dwarfs this place in dancer quality. Last time I visited there, I saw a lot of gorgeous, fit, blonde, big-busted model types. Brass has skinny drug addict types. It’s a shame.

  331. Tattoo Party

    Saturday night at the “dirty bird” was electric! Sooo many sexy girls to choose from and a just a great party spirit! Brass just keeps getting better every time I visit.

  332. Visitor

    Nice club. Too much old music. Makes me feel old

  333. Gary Deez

    I came in last Saturday night when the power went out. Big ups to the club for keeping it going and trying to keep us entertained even after that. Props to madison for continueing to dance with only the music of cell phones. Also, as if the DJ wasn’t funny enough on the mic, he was even more hilarious with his random jokes as he walked around the bar. I’ll definately be back again. We only got a chance to hang 15 mins before the power went out so i’m looking forward to see how the club is in full swing. Thanks for not being uptight like other clubs.

  334. Roland

    There’s nothin’ finer than seeing a group of hot young ladies getting naked and having FUN! Brass is the place to see it all! Maddie is just too fine!

  335. Jeremiahhhhhhh

    Thursday night’s contest was awesome. Way to go kitty, you deserved it. Got drunk and had a lot of fun with my friends. Bella and Penny are my favs though. DJ was great. Hilarious without being too annoying. Me and my firends plan on stopping in again for the feature. Thanks Brass.

  336. Bailyn

    Just hot naked fun everytime I go there.

  337. Lollipops

    Is the place to be!!! Brass has lost it’s ass!

  338. StripClubVIP

    I won’t go anywhere else! Enough said!

  339. Patrick

    I always leave Brass Flamingo with a smile on my face and a stiffy in my pants! Love ya girls! Hope every has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  340. Fred

    I like everything about Brass. Sexy girls and great staff. Very pleasant, little hustle. Nice job

  341. Comical indeed

    If the owner did background checks and drug tests on all of his managers and general manager he wouldn’t have anyone to run the place! This club has turned into the biggest joke in the county. Girls all say they make decent stage money but no big money in dances, and when they say something to the floor guys about getting finger banged in the dance room for 20 bucks they tell the girls to f–k off

  342. Studley Durite

    High class ass all the way!!!

  343. Jenn

    BF is my favorite club! The girls are always real nice. My hubby & I have fun whenever we go. Its fun for boys & girls.

  344. To: Rich & Cj

    If you honestly believe all these posters are ex employees. Your living in a fuckin dream world. If I were you I would take heed! None of you club owners in pasco have a fuckin clue. You’re all too fuckin greedy! U fire good people for no fuckin reason. There must B a reason Sideshow gets fired one day and is working the next? However I wouldn’t hire a face full of metal for my Dj either. Can’t wait to see his ears when he’s 60!

  345. Troy

    Who ever it is. They are no competition for you. Brass is

    worth the trip from anywhere. Keep up the good work guys.

  346. Trip

    I started frequenting Brass Flamingo Jan 2010 as a regular after celebrating my birthday there the October before. Compared to other local clubs in the area, Emperors, Silk Stockings, Bare Assets, Diamonds, Foxys, Lollipops, and misc smaller venues, Brass is the best by a long mile. They have undergone several staff changes, but the quality of service is only getting better–despite my now having to pay cover, even though I work in hospitality.

    The dance booths for single songs are WIDE with partitions, and the DJs routinely offer dance specials of two songs for 1 low price. (1 song is $30, under the special 2 for $40 is great for customers like me!)

    And if you’re looking for girls who do illegal things in the back, look elsewhere. Brass is known for summarily firing any dancers who solicit. DJs take pleasure in that sound byte, “Step into my office, because you’re FIRED!”

    It’s a big place without a warehouse feel, always has cleaned and stocked facilities, and runs drink specials and shot specials all night, every night.

    I’ve been to all the big clubs in the area, and none of them compare to the quality of Brass Flamingo, even under the new management.

  347. To Sean

    Dude! Do u go to strip clubs to see managers or girls? We were there last night and they had a bunch of hot girls! I’m 36 and a professional and wasn’t offended by any of the girls or the music. Sure there were one or two “thick” girls but some people like that. None of ’em pregnant, none of them obviously high on pills and as for being drunk it’s a damn BAR! It looked to me like everyone was having a great time. Maybe you should see what’s changed in the last few weeks? You might be surprised.

  348. O Yeah

    Another spankin’-fine fresh hottie at Brass, Pepper! She definitely lives up to her name. A must see on nights!

  349. StanD

    Brass Flamingo should use Gillette’s tag-line — The Best A Man Can Get!

  350. Marko

    I almost got whiplash Friday night from eyein’ all the hot tail at Brass! The 30 buck nude lap dances are well worth the cost. I will be back!!

  351. Jesus Christ

    Wow. How the mighty have fallen. This place is now just about as bad as the Hudson clubs. The building itself is fine. They’ve always had the cleanest bathroom around, and that’s the best thing about the place.

    Strip clubs are about FANTASY. Joe Redner hasn’t been making a fucking fortune with Mons Venus because he hires ugly girls with bad bodies. Shame Rick doesn’t understand that. There should be some standards. There are pics of the Night Moves calendar contest on All Adult TV’s Facebook page. There are maybe TWO in the whole contest who belong on a stage. Otherwise, it’s a collection of bad bodies and tacky ink.

    Sideshow is an excellent DJ. Shame he’s no longer there.

    The bar staff is so much more attractive than the dancers it’s not even funny, and that’s a shame.

  352. JadeRocks

    Droped by last night and caught the show. Jade was awesome!

    Every bit as funny as the last time. Whe I get back from Iraq this will be one of the first places I go.

  353. Rick!

    U need to snap out of whatever funk ur in and get a hold of things at BF! Your new managers r sinking this ship quickly n the buzz from us long time customers is not good!

  354. Ricky and Lisa
  355. slim


  356. Pat

    Scrumptious babes gettin’ naked!!!!!!

  357. Mike

    A great place to blow-off some steam! Brass has some real sexy dancers and good strong drinks. I think Remy is the sexiest girl dancing around Pasco.

  358. Tyler

    I visit Flamingo on dayshifts cause I work at night and the girls are very cool.

  359. david c
  360. brandonresh

    Straight women are not allowed there without a male escort. Creepy that they would put that kinda connotation on their establishment. I’m not gonna let my guy to go there anymore.

  361. Beware of 'Big Country'


  362. BC Charlie

    What happened to all the cool sexy people who used to work there? This place sucks now! The managers are all asses and not fun at all. I wont be back any time soon for sure.

  363. Upscale

    During mt 1st time visit I was really impressed. This is a great little club. With a great staff. I highly recomened

  364. Francis

    I would say more 6’s and 7’s then 8’s or 9’s but at least it’s not the 4’s and 5’s like they have at Calendar Girls up the street.

  365. To Employee

    You certainly pegged CJ correctly! Lmfao! You were smart not to put your name in the review either because if CJ found out you were talking about him you would be fired already. Lol!

  366. Kai
  367. Jarred

    I live locally and have been going here for years. Yeah the

    employees have a huge turnover rate and it may not be like it

    use to, but this place still rocks. Have a great weekend

  368. Pretty

    Pretty sad that is! Not even hosting a feature this weekend could help put butts in the seats at the dirty bird! lmfao!!! Cj has done a bang up job of destroying this club’s reputation. On the positive side it cant get much worse. lol!!!

  369. M in CC

    I’ve gone to BF since August 2009, and have rarely been disappointed. It’s a good club. Clean, well-designed, friendly staff.

    The girls are fantastic. At one time, Bare Assets was the top club in Pasco. Not any more. Dance price is $30/song, $75 for 15 minute Champagne, $150 for 30 minutes. Drink prices are typical strip club, which is high. I just drink domestic beer, so my cost is minimal. Dancer drinks are expensive though.

    The new talent has a lot to do with that. Blue is so sexy she gives me goose bumps. She’s confident, beautiful, strong, and a lot of fun. She truly seems to enjoy what she does, and that’s a rare thing. Too many dancers are just going through the motions. Not her. She’s an astoundingly sexy woman.

    And then there’s Mallory. Imagine if Liv Tyler was a 5’11” supermodel with a punk rock edge. Now, she’s not a suicide grrl. No ink. Normal girly piercings—navel, etc. Absolutely gorgeous. This woman radiates sexuality from the core of her being. She’s amazing.

    I love this club. It’s my favorite. I’ll say I like it better than any club I’ve visited. There’s no need to drive to Tampa. Hell, if you live in Tampa I’d still suggest a drive to Pasco.

  370. Trace

    A great combination of up scale entertainment with a down home feel. Girls are beautiful and personable. They’ve made a new regular out of me.

  371. Charlie

    Noticed some nice changes recently, some new faces and improvements. The back bar with tvs looks cool, and the woodwork makes it feel like pop’s basement. Nya & Vanity are still there and still look great! New girl Jazz is cute and fun, they need more girls like her. Always a good time.

  372. Mr. Tuscadero
  373. Stone

    Hot naked girls and cool liquor drinks makes for a steamy evening of sin and sensuality. I’ve found my new playground in Pasco.

  374. Wow Trip

    Are you producing a commercial for the club as well or just sucking up to the bosses? The whole come to the office cause your fired thing was Sideshow’s who’s no longer there! Really? The girls are all good girls even in the champagne rooms? LMFAO You must have us all confused for the idiots who currently hang-out and work there? There is unfortunately nothing good about Brass any more. Not like it was before your birthday party for sure.

  375. Nate Dogg
  376. BrassFan

    What can I say I just love comming to brass. It’s close to home. The people are friendly. The cocktails are strong.

  377. Josh

    Someone at Brass told me about this website and I had to check it out. Just wanted to say I wish I had more time and money to spend at Brass. You have areally nice club.

  378. Grey Goose

    This place has fallen apart in terms of the tantalizing atmosphere it once used to boast about. They still have a few sexy girls left from last year but most of the new girls aren’t worth much and seem to spend most of the time with Jon the manager at the bar. I also hope something changes soon so I can go back and spend money like I used to.

  379. Tom

    Hottest bartenders in the county.

  380. Good vibes

    Wow,this weekend was a blast at BF. Friday night had the old vibe and the girls seemed busy. I would definately say the front runners are Blue, Mallory, and Layla. Maybe Blue has already lost the “weight?” I couldnt see anything wrong from the angles I was looking at and damn she can work that stage. I hope they keep it up and I look forward to Brass making a comeback!

  381. F'n Awesome

    There’s always alot of sexy girls ‘n’ a great party goin’ on at the Flamingo!

  382. Ellie

    To all my hotties and the ultra cool staff at B.F. – Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a happy nude year! lol Brass rocks!!

  383. Crying In Your Beer :-(

    Of course the managers at the dirty-bird are going to try and blame negative reviews on ex employees because they can’t handle the truth! SCL is an open forum for a reason. You just might have some ex employees posting on here but there are plenty of us unhappy patrons that have a right to voice their opinions as well! You can’t even handle managing a strip club well so stop trying to manage this site too! If I were you I’d pay less attention to what people are saying on here and direct your attention to running your club better. Quit your bitching and fix it!

  384. Chris R.

    Full liquor, full nude fun at it’s finest! Brass is a blast!

  385. Ted
  386. BigMike

    Wow! What a great club. Can’t wait to get back there. Just wanted to say I had a great time here. Peggy and Fran are the best.

  387. Len ? Really ?

    Just another anonymous degenerate loser that knows nothing about anything wasting our time on this site. Your opinion is meaningless and shows your ignorance. This site is for rating the club not present or past employees. Go to rehab and get yourself cleaned up loser.

  388. Built 4 Speed

    New girl Blu is indescribably sexy! Scott and Mike were great hosts on New Years Eve. We had a real good time. We’ll be regulars in the new year.

  389. Spartacus

    I was at Brass on Friday night. I keep hoping I’ll go back to find a return to the quality of old days. There were some very attractive girls—-JoJo, Mallory, Darrian. The waitresses are hotter than any of the dancers.

    A good percentage of the girls working on Friday night were hyper-skinny and heavily tattooed. There was a chubby blonde who didn’t even take off her bra(WTF IS UP WITH THAT) on stage. She didn’t get topless at a nude bar.

    The club is seemingly run well. It’s clean. They just don’t seem to be recruiting very well lately. But that seems to be par for the course for all the Pasco clubs.

  390. Jerry

    Pasco’s best.

  391. DMA

    In case there was ever any doubt as to which the best club all-nude club in pasco county is- Brass Flamingo had 20 of the most beautiful girls working on a Sunday night- Talk about selection! All the girls were attractive and attentive and the place was a party- on a Sunday! We will be back 100% for sure.

  392. bucsfans99

    Couples night was great on Saturday. Lots of cool people to party with and plenty of pretty women. We had a great time.

  393. The?

    The Johnny G? Thought you’d be taller. Well Johnny maybe I’ll go check it out some night.

  394. Congrats Girls

    Just wanted to congratulate Kitty, Remi, Bella and all the girls of Brass Flamingo for a great event and great time on Thursday. 24 girls in the contest! Wow! The Nightmoves people said that was a new record by a long shot. The slip up from the Nightmoves chick was hilarious! See ya’ll on Sunday.

  395. Momma D.
  396. Dave L.

    Great club!

  397. Studley DoRight

    Brass babes are the best!!!!!

  398. Swing

    Awesome club, best in pasco! Staff is very friendly, Dj is great, and make sure to visit the exotic beautiful Maria Fuel for the most sensual dance of your life;)

  399. Ryden

    Scott and the crew at Brass Flamingo have the hospitality thing down baby! The club is very friendly and inviting. Had a wild time on Tuesday.

  400. Sparticus

    Wonderfull place to hang out. Hear some good tunes. Check out some naked babes.

  401. Mike H

    I don’t know why people keep coming on here and bashing Brass? I love this club! The girls are pretty. The bartenders and waitresses are friendly. The managers are cool. The club is nice and clean. What else do you want in a strip club? I think old employees like fired DJ’s, and floormen, and strippers are just trying to give the club a bad name. Not going to work here!

  402. Cornelius
  403. OMFG

    Promise on day shift is easily the hottest all nude performer anywhere!!!

  404. Terry

    Great Club

  405. RaysFan

    Dropped by sat. to watch the game an check out the ladies. had a great time and the new cook was awesome. Not everything you read is true check out Brass for a good time.

  406. Kendra

    My boyfriend and I checked it out Tuesday afternoon and we were very impressed. Deven is absolutely beautiful and every girl was fun & friendly. We both left with a smile.

  407. Louey

    This club is the best! 5stars, 2 thumbs, way, way up. There’s no place better.

  408. Snapper Dan

    I love Brass Flamingo! The girls are sexy ‘n’ sinful and everyone is always real friendly. Shane and Lexi are a hoot. They made a regular outta me!

  409. Dave Zaman

    Did a tour of the Pasco clubs on Thursday night and have to give Brass it’s props! Better lookin’ girls than Emps, more girls than Bare. The place has stepped it’s game up and looks like it’s winning.

  410. Tampa Party Pros

    Brass Flamingo dominates the Pasco party scene when it comes to adult nightclubs. Other area ‘strip’ clubs have little to offer in comparison to everything that Brass presents in grand style. Not only more girls but better quality entertainers and a level of hospitality that’s unsurpassed in the Pasco county area. Good, strong drinks and a friendly bar staff top-off all that the Flamingo brings to the party. They certainly have a ‘leg-up’ on their competition.

  411. JT

    Girls were rockin’ it Thursday night at Brass! Some serious hotties and a fun place to play.

  412. Kelly C

    A very well run operation. Some really great girls!

  413. What's Goin On?

    U Ain’t got no oxy’s roxy’s or coke! Next time bring some. let someone know you got. They’ll be on you like stink on shit! Pre Crushed is even better. Mercy Me! If you want your cock sucked tell’em TPNR sent you.

  414. T Stone

    I like Brass Flamingo. They have some really pretty girls and they are all very nice. I go there once or twice a month and always have a good time. Thanks

  415. Hey Cj!

    I hear your Dj’s Suck balls! Is that true? Cause I Got balls that need suckin! Who’s the best ball sucker?

  416. Lenny D.

    Danielle on day shift is the hottest thing working in Pasco!! All natural and sweeeeeeeet! Good to see Mike back as manager on days too. I will be checking in more that things are back to the way they were.

  417. The Best

    The best, of the best, of the best Sir! With honors!

  418. Half Off

    Hey! Do we get half off the cover charge for when the midget is there this weekend? lol TINY TINA friggin’ rocks!

  419. Brian B

    Girls are way hot! Drinks are good and strong! New BBQ is kickin’! Staff is upbeat and friendly! The place ranks up there with the best!

  420. Dorian

    Hey everyone! What happened to all the old-skool crew from back in 09? Brass used to really rock back in those days. I miss those days and all the hot girls who used to work there. Anyone know what happened to Misty? It’s still a great club.

  421. Rodger

    was in fri nite with some freinds. had a great time. my entertainment dollar was well spent here.

  422. Ken
  423. S. Richards

    The very best of the best in Tampa Bay. Attractive girls from all age ranges and all very welcoming. I’m glad a friend told me about it.

  424. Morgan

    This is a really nice little club I highly recomend it.

  425. TrippinDick

    Heard about Brass on the Cowhead Show and decided to check it out. Wow! Very impressed with the number of hot girls and $30 nude lap dances were definitely full-contact as advertised. All I can say is awesome!

  426. Robert P.
  427. SeaSide

    My freinds and I allways have a good time here no matter what. Can’t wait for super sunday.

  428. John K.

    Amazing girls and great party Saturday night! Place was packed and everyone was enjoying themselves. We’ll be back soon.

  429. Ritchie K.

    I used to go to brass regularly up until December of last year but the club has taken a nose-dive downhill since then. I hate to say it cause I used to love going there but the reality is when you have a bad vibe in the place you chase people out. Back in the days of Dan, Sideshow, Irena, Debbie, Chuck and a few others I can’t remember the flamngo had such a great party vibe to it. Things stayed cool and the girls got better when Scott and Mike took over. When they got rid of everybody and brought in the old perverts things just changed for the worse quickly. It’s just not fun going there anymore. All the hot girls are at bare or emperors and even foxys now and all the cool bar staff have disappeared. I stop by brass from time to time but things are still bad.

  430. Jersey Gene

    Theres a lot of pretty girls at brass flamingo. I always have a good time when I go. Miracle and Krissy are always fun to hangout with.

  431. Steve O

    Luau party was a hoot! All them fine young things in grass skirts. Wow!

  432. Dale

    The dayshift girls are awesome.

  433. Smokey G.

    Nice club with a few attractive girls and cool bar tenders

  434. Ya!

    Notice how they don’t change themseleves!

  435. PascoJoe

    Brass has the best babes anywhere!

  436. Not the best club in Pasco

    I’ve gone to Brass for a couple of years, and it’s definitely not as good as it once was. The main change is the dancer talent level. At one time, you could count on Brass having hot girls. Not so much any more. There are cuties(JoJo, in particular), but the 4s outnumber the 8s, for sure.

    Bare Assets has much more attractive dancers. Much more. Unfortunately, that club is not as friendly or comfortable.

    Fuck it, I’m going to Tampa from now on.

  437. Sandy

    Brass is a great place. A great place to pick up dance moves I find. Lots of toe work. Jazz hands anything with jazz hands.

  438. Thursday Night

    Stopped into Brass for a quick drink and was ass-tounded by all the hot babes working. Stayed longer then I should and got bitched at by the wife, but it was well worth it! 🙂

  439. Rob G.

    I always leave Brass with a smile. Great girls and good drinks. I make it a once or twice a month stop.

  440. Tony

    This place is awesome!

  441. Yuri

    Nice place. Few cute girls. Blue is hot!!!!

  442. Rachet

    Great place to hang.

  443. C.Burke

    Dropped by first time on monday bartender was kick ass! Some nice girls on But the Dj sucked. Who ever hired this yahoo wasn’t thinking. The wasteoid alcoholic thing is so 70’s. Let’s face it guys you need to upgrade at least 1 Dj.

    Other than that nice club.

  444. Paul in Pasco

    Brass Flamingo Rocks!

  445. Player
  446. UltraSexy

    My husband and I always have a good time when we visit Brass Flamingo. Everyone is really nice and the girls are always entertaining. See you next Saturday for couples night.

  447. To John

    It doesn’t! Things have gone steadily downhill since you were there last. Mallory is still there one or two nights a week, don’t know about JoJo or Diamond. You’re taking a shot in the dark at this place now.

  448. George Riley

    Friday night was a little scary at Brass Flamingo. Where did all the hot sexy fun girls disappear to?

  449. Naughtyboyngirl

    Brass has the best day-time girls in the area. Friday was great! Lotsa luv to Deven, Zimmy and my fave server Peg. Hope 2 see ya’ll next weekend.

  450. Yes VIP

    Actually I went to the Brass Web site and that link isn’t working. I tried it

    twice. I would love to reach out to Rick the owner and tell him what

    goes on. PS I’m not a drug dealer. I’m just lucky to have a great job

    that pays bmvery well. I know strange right ? Young guy with money

    hanging in strip bars. Well I’m young with no real responsibilities and

    love strip clubs. Don’t hate.

  451. Alexis Is Amazing!
  452. WOW !

    After my visit on Friday night I will never go to this place

    again. What a mess I don’t even know where to start or


  453. Yeah

    He is. Sorry for the previous comments. I was drunk.

  454. HDFatBoy1

    When you’re ready to be treated like a VIP and not just another customer I suggest you check out Brass. The girls and staff are all very friendly and fun to look at too!

  455. Really???

    You guys bring in manager Big Mike from Bare and make him a floorman? How does that benefit you guys? And you still have nobodys like CJ and LA and John running your show into the ground? Brass is sinking fast!

  456. John

    Incredible talent !

  457. Lyndzee
  458. disappointed

    This strip club is too crowded and the music is way too loud. The girls aren’t very friendly with the only few coming by only to ask for dances or drinks. This club is also quite expensive with a $10 cover fee and the barmaids dogging you all night and even getting rude with their 2 drink minimum. I would not recommend this club to any of my friends. There are plenty of clubs in the area where a guy could have a lot more fun.

  459. Praise
  460. Attention Kevin

    Re: Holly, I liked her too. I saw her not too long ago and she told me she was going to stay in the Orlando area, where she’s from, because it’s more convenient and because she no longer enjoyed working at Brass. She was one of the only cool, sexy, fun girls left working at Brass last time I went there. I hope they got some new girls to take her place but I can’t imagine anybody being as fun and flirty as Holly 🙁 I don’t go back to Brass much very often since I feel my party wasn’t treated very well last time I visited. There are a lot more hot girls at Bare and the vibe is a whole lot better there.

  461. Art

    had another great time here.

  462. Romeo

    Some cute girls but place has no energy and the bartenders and managers are too into themselves. Not fun.

  463. PascoPHound

    To put it simply Brass Kicks Ass! Raven, Tasha and Isabel are three of Florida’s most smokin’ hotties! No wonder I left there broke, but happy. Great job everyone at BF!

  464. Jay Zee
  465. junglegeorge

    great place, most dancers great, Jillian is the best.

  466. Dave

    The girls are strung out. This place is nothing but a front for prostitution. I was stupid and gave into this ho jasmine. They should call the vip room the vd room cause thats what i got. Gonorrhea from that hoe. They have also been busted for hiring underage dancers and when you got in there though stage butt smells like rotten fish probably from them taking all of mine back in the VD room. These hoes arent worth your mobey or your life. Im still waiting on the aids test

  467. Amazed ....

    What happen to brass ? They hired CJ and Mike from BA as managers.

    This place will soon be a drive through again.

  468. Boo Yaa

    Well, Well, Well,?

  469. Oh boy,

    you are trippin! Day shift has been terrible at BF lately. Rio is finally leaving? It’s about damn time!

  470. Ronnie D
  471. LMAO CJ

    Yeah ok CJ believe what you think…. You are pathetic and a sorry excuse for a manager in my opinion. Look what the employees and customers think of you. The blinking red light is your termination light. Yeah ok the owner is happy and all these are rumors. Thats what you said months ago when the old perv got fired. You are out of the loop and soon out of the BRASS ! LMAO

  472. It's so sad

    when someone doesn’t have the BALLS to step-up and say claim how they truly feel. Some lackie Pasco idiot keeps posting one line back-handed compliments about the club but then rates it a 0.1 to try and decrease the rating. Like this wasn’t noticeable? Must be sad to have no life and keep your feelings hidden. Careful, this jerk off could be the next Pasco “thrasher”! But when one has little else to live to for what do you expect?

  473. Chris

    Best club in the area!!

  474. Nothin' butt

    stunningly beautiful and playful girls at Brass. Love this place!

  475. Hail the new babes!

    OMFG! Brass seems to be a magnet for some of the hottest new nude girls I’ve seen in a looooong time. Tiffany is amazingly sexy – Peaches is one fine young beauty – Hailey is almost illegal to look at!! I’ll be blowin’ my paycheck at Brass this weekend for sure.

  476. So sad to see

    Brass going down hill so quickly. Who are the 2 new managers? I cant tell you because they stand in a corner and watch the girls all night. Mike and Scott at least say hello and greet customers. And the new managers moved Irena to the back bar? WTF! She is the coolest. The number of girls seems to keep going down every time I stop in maybe because of the new managers. Rick had better do something fast or this club may not be able to save itself. It is sad really. This used to be favorite club.

  477. Alan B.

    An all around beautiful club! Beautiful girls, pleasant atmosphere and a fun attitude.

  478. RU4Real?

    The club that was once the pride of Pasco is now struggling to crack 22K a week? LMAO Rick, you need to get your managers in check and tell them to keep their mouths shut! Bare Assets could close 3 days of the week and still break 30K. This should say something about what the girls are making or aren’t making and how loyal the managers are. LOL Brass has lost alot of their class.

  479. Way2go

    Guys! 7.7 your getting there.

  480. WhO u KiDdInG
  481. Pinky
  482. Marty

    They had 30+ amazingly hot naked women the other night, and they’ve got Bridget The Midget this coming weekend!!! What else could you possibly ask for? A+++ in my book!

  483. Management

    Don’t any of you have anything better to do with your time then leave negative comments and personal attacks on this web site? We are just trying to do out jobs here!

  484. Tempest

    Great place. Nice staff. Hot girls.

  485. chuck

    still the best in pasco

  486. Maverick
  487. Diamond Dolls Dayton

    We are still looking for entertainers to fill out the schedule for Speedweek/Daytona 500 this week and Daytona Bike Week, then end of Feb. Please call 386-255-3654 for info.

  488. TunaSandwich

    Great place I highly recomend.

  489. Brian K.
  490. Angie

    My husband and I come in her every Saturday. It keeps getting better.

  491. Mercy Me!

    Now, Now, Now. Boys & Girls! You’re so deffensive? What were U Masturbating? We all know that titty bars fire people for no reason. And people leave for better jobs. Obviously this person knows u. Maybe they were just trying to help u out. Let people know you were there. U yourself said u r traveling entertainers with 20+ years! Which means u won’t be there long. Less than 2 years. I was there Sara 40. Sammy 40+. fantasy 40+. Mercy ?. Stalker? You are pretty people But— Oh what ever. You ain’t worth a comment on that.

  492. Kickin'

    Brass is kickin it! With four big ass flat screens. Two full liquor bars. Along with some of the hottest staff and girls I’ve seen anywhere.

  493. Artie D

    There is something special about the atmosphere of Brass Flamingo. Great girls and always a PARTY! My new regular hang-out after payday.

  494. Breaking News - LOL

    I was here last night and they have a new night manager. The

    old drunk that tells everyone he is the owner and hangs all

    over the girls is gone ! He was nothing more than a manager

    and is now gone. FYI last night I had a great time at the


  495. Turk183

    had a great time at brass sat. nite. lots of hot girls.

  496. I Tried !

    I tried emailing this Rick guy from the Brass web site

    several times. It is disabled and doesn’t contact him. I

    am guessing thats another way this CJ loser keeps him in the

    dark on how bad he treats his customers and employees. I am

    going to try some other resources to reach this so called

    owner. Someone from our side needs to reach out to him. He

    has a HUGE problem in this place and it all starts with CJ.

  497. YaKnow
  498. tristen
  499. OhYeahBaby

    The one and only Brass Flamingo baby! As featured on 98.7’s Orlando & The Freakshow. This place is da bomb!!

  500. Bob
  501. If CJ is reading this

    I dare you to introduce me to one girl who isn’t on drugs or who you’re not having sex with that is willing to say one good thing about your management skills! I’ll lay $100 on the line that you can’t! I’m coming in Friday night and I’ll introduce myself at the door. Bring it on man!

  502. Big G

    Smoking hot girlies always at Brass! Love ’em!

  503. BoltsFan
  504. Johnny V

    New girl Tori is out-frickin-rageous! Talk about young and sexy. She gives one hell of a lap dance. Make sure to check her out next time you’re by Brass, you will not be disappointed.

  505. Lots of new girls

    Each time I go to brass flamingo I see new girls working. They are all really cute and fun. It looks like the girls who have run their course are fading quickly. Nice job to the management.

  506. Todd
  507. Congrats ...

    … To Rick and Mike for finally hiring a hip, professional day manager in Alex. Went in on Monday for a quick beer and Alex introduced himself and made sure I enjoyed myself with all the lovely ladies working his day shift. I say he’s a keeper! The new girl Aubry is amazing and the bartender Shane always makes me laugh. Keep up the great work guys and gals!

  508. Johnnie G
  509. DaBomb
  510. Adam in NPR

    Everything about BF is great! The women, the bartenders, the atmosphere are all top-notch. Definitely a step if not two above any other club in Pasco. It will be my new home for titties and beer!

  511. Killer Zs

    Brass is a great place to party!! Always fine sexy girls to play with and they’re all playful. Went through $500 in no time doing 1/2 hr champagne rooms. Love it!!

  512. Lots of hotties

    This club is really impressive lately. Not all the girls are 10s or even 9s, but there are solid 8s and a variety of girls to choose from. Natural young girls, older seasoned strippers, Tampa-level augmented beauties.

    Blue is smoking hot. Mallory is pretty and tall enough to be a professional model. Faith is gorgeous with an amazing body. New girl Tayla(?) is a petite blonde who looks like she just stepped off a California beach.

    There are only two clubs worth visiting in Pasco. Those are Bare Assetts and Brass Flamingo. I find Brass to be much more laid back and comfortable.

  513. david

    just moved to pasco county and came in last night, wow your girls are beautiful, see you tonight

  514. Drew

    Brass has been hit or miss lately, unfortunately more miss then hit when it comes to girls. The club itself is very nice and the bartenders are cool, but the selection of girls needs some work.

  515. 1stTimer

    Absolutely the best. Enough said.

  516. SFD

    Got to love the dirty bird 🙂

  517. Sure It Does!

    That’s why there were 10 cars in the parking lot at 10pm on wens. night. 5 of those belonged to staff. Unless the entire staff is so broke they gotta car pool. To VIP: As soon as I find my address book I’ll give you Rick Hall’s Cell #. So keep watching this page.

  518. Delete This

    It’s funny how every post on CL looking for entertainers in Pasco county seems to mysteriously disappear except for Brass Flamingo ads? Guess things are pretty bad at the bird when they are worried about their girls going somewhere else. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  519. ChevyPro

    Great girls! Fine and friendly. I’ll be back for sure.

  520. S&Din Jax

    Overall we had fun! Most of the girls were 6’s to 8’s one 5 and a couple of 9s. Very couple friendly, wife and I had a good time, she wants to go back for my b-day or Father’s Day. Blu you were wonderful and your girlfriend was so sweet.

  521. TangoFoxtrot
  522. Watch out BF Employees

    Just spotted a Craigslist ad with the title “Now hiring all bar staff positions” that says “Out with the old in with the new. Seeking fresh young faces as bartender, waitress, shooters, door girl, and dancers. Be over 18. Call today work today”!!! Looks like CJ is cleaning house right under your nose!!!

  523. REAL VIP

    Is Rick the owner ? How do I get in touch with this guy ? He needs to know whats going on in his bar ! I’m assumming CJ is the new GM ? If so he has no clue ! This place is the worst I ever seen it. I bet the profits have tanked the last couple months. I am a very big spender in the local club arena and Brass use to be my main spot of choice spending thousands a month, thats right not hundreds, thousands ! Bottles and VIP. Recently I have been charged cover twice and told unless I buy a bottle I cant sit in VIP. Seems you guys forget who spends the money on the off nights ? I am good for 1-2 bottles almost 90% of the time. My firends and I SPEND $. Guess what Brass…. Lets see what happens now that we will be going elsewhere ! We get treated like VIP up the road much better !

  524. Arthur

    Sweet & sexy dolls all around and good strong drinks. Brass has a winning combination going. Thanks Sideshow and Scott.

  525. Brass sucks ass

    If I were you Trip, I’d rather hang out at hooters than go anywhere near that club anymore. Also, I know that for a fact that The step into my office thing was sideshow’s catch, so either you’re full of it,or the dj’s are theives. I love the fact that you seem to know so much about what goes on behind the scenes in that club. I’ve been going to brass since the days of dan, greg and frank and seen it undergo various changes, but the way it is now is a joke. It’s ashame that one idiot GM can mess it up for everyone. I’m not a big strip club goer….but brass was the one club that i still had fun at. Oh well, guess i’ll see good old trip at hooters….if he really works there.

  526. Dude Love
  527. Mega Man

    Absolute perfection!!!!!!

  528. Tim C.

    I went to Brass this weekend and was really disappointed. The last poster said they got rid of some of their older girls but those are the kind of girls I could actually talk to! Yes Blue and Mallory are the exceptins, a few of the girls were cute, and only a select few but they are all strung out on something. Brass used to be alot of fun. Now I stay for a drink and tip a girl or two and quickly hit the road south where there are alot more cool girls. Oh yea if you think that couch on the floor needs to be cleaned just think what the champagne room couches look like? lol

  529. Holy Smokes

    Has anyone seen the promo posters for Little Cassee? 2’10” spinner midget!! Coming in December to Brass. Bet your ass I’ll be there to see this one. Also going to check out the naked magician chick this weekend.

  530. Tristian

    High class all the way! Too many hot babes to mention.

  531. Old pro

    I’ve been going to Brass for a couple of years now. Things have changed. Dayshift has always been weak, and it’s weaker now. Too many really skinny girls with too many tattoos, IMHO. The upside to the recent changes is that management seems to be hiring nothing but really young girls. The downside is the number of really hot stereotypical strippers(tan, fit, fake boobs) has drastically reduced. To be fair, I’ve also visited Bare Assets and they’re in the same boat. WTF is going on? The economy is terrible—that should lead to more and better strippers.

    Bar service is lacking. I sat for 10 minutes last Friday on dayshift waiting for a drink. And I’m VIP.

    Mallory is the best looking girl they have. But she’s gorgeous. Blue has indeed gained some weight, and not in a good way. There’s a dancer I’ve seen there twice(Darby) who looks like a Victoria’s Secret model, but she’s a drunk. This club may be on a downward spiral. I doubt it will ever be as bad as Calendar Girls, but it’s not the club it used to be.

  532. Grady

    Amazing is an understatement, the girls of Brass Flamingo are frickin’ incredible!

  533. Amber is hot

    New black girl Amber is the most amazing thing to walk into Pasco in a loooong time! Sexy from head to toe and she dances to newer rock! She’s a new night girl. Good hire Brass crew.

  534. LMFAO!

    Really Jack? U don’t have a clue as to what goes on behind the scenes. If ur talking about the Diamond I know, she was in Lollipops the other day setting up dates w multiple johns. Her pimp was blowing all her money on getting new ho’s! Tell me JACKSHIT on your best night of the year you crank up over $500 in sales! You Get Fired! How the fuck would u feel? Even Diamonds the low life, piece of shit club in the county has more balls than BF! Oh Hey Thanks 4 ur best! Ur Fired! Fuck U Jack!

  535. NY Groove

    Brass Flamingo reminds me a lot of the clubs up north with lots of really sexy girls and a fun atmosphere. Got a dance from Puerto-Rican looking girl Remy last night and it was incredible. I’ll be back a few more times before heading back to NYC.

  536. eddyL

    From what I hear this is one of the best performing arts venues in Hudson, Florida.

  537. CJ

    Brass Flamingo is looking for djs, shooter girls and entertainers. Apply in person only.

  538. Carl

    Do not pay attention to all the haters on this site!!! Brass Flamingo is the best place to spend your money in Tampa bar none!!!

  539. Digital Man

    The girls of Brass outshine all the other area clubs by a mile! Hot babes all around and awesome nude lap dances.

  540. Rich S
  541. Private

    I went to the Brass with my brother last night for the second time and had a blast. We go to many clubs and really enjoy it here. I’m not sure what everyone is talking about but this is a nice place. We stayed for several hours and really enjoyed ourselves. I met a beautiful young lady “Holly” and we did several private dances. FIRST CLASS guys let me tell you. If you want to meet a great gal ask for Holly. Thank you Rich for your hospitality. See you real soon. It was great seeing you too but Holly is amazing !

  542. Manny G.

    Great girls and beautiful club. I’m impressed.

  543. Brooke
  544. Arliss

    Heard about Brass Flamingo on Ron & Ian and decided to check into it. This club is excellent! Mike was a great host to an amazing party loaded with sexy women and good strong drinks. Well worth the trip from Tampa and I’ll certainly be back again soon.

  545. Daniel C.
  546. G. Stansell

    I’ve spent a lot of time around the pasco clubs and Brass always has the best girls. The wildest party action always happens there and evryone is cool. One of the true hot spots around the area.

  547. Brennan813

    A friend suggested I check out the Brass Flamingo when travelling through Pasco on business. Good call! Come to find out the busty blonde bartender on days is former XXX star Shane Tyler. She is too cool! The performers are beautiful especially Danielle & Lexi and are real flirty too. Stuck around alot longer than I had planned. Great club!!

  548. WTF!

    No good looking girls and a really ghetto attitude? No Irena? No Fran? No Sideshow? No Mike? No Lynn? No thanks! Time to take the party south.

  549. Edgar

    Had a great time this weekend. can’t wait for the milf hunt and Hailey hart!

  550. Randy

    Top-notch beauties ‘n’ booze! What else could I ask for?

  551. Tim

    Best club in the county.

  552. Danny V.

    A+++ We always have a great time. Some of the sexiest girls I’ve ever seen. Love this place!

  553. DJ

    Seriously who cares what the DJ looks like ? I have been

    hitting all the Pasco Clubs for years and Sideshow is definitely one of the top in the area and can clearly work

    anywhere. The girls and customers will follow him. I’m

    sure he got fired for all the wrong reasons just like most

    of the good ones we don’t see anymore.

  554. Lisa
  555. Mark Brown

    This is a great place. I entertain clients their all the time. Been going here for 3 + years now. A+++

  556. Reiley

    Amazingly beautiful entertainers and friendly bar staff. I go every time I’m in Pasco.

  557. Stu

    The babes at Brass are scrumptious to say the least. Lynn and Mallory are two of the finest all-natural hard-bodies in the biz!

  558. The Girl with the Boobs

    One of these days I am going to come out there withOUT my husband. I can only imagine all the trouble I would get into with all the hot chicas…

    By far, our favorite club 🙂

  559. Roman N

    This club is classy, girls are friendly entertaining, and DJ is very funny I had always great time, thanks also to Pasco county 🙂

  560. The Good-

    Beautiful club, beautiful girls, and a cool party atmosphere. The bad- The bartenders and waitressed are always frumpy!

  561. Good2b

    It’s good to be back in the land of total nudity. Hot naked babes everywhere. I just love promoting them all.

  562. Shovelhead69

    A+ Girls! Worth checking out fo sure.

  563. Surprise Surprise

    Why can’t this place hang on to the good ones. Either they quit or get fired. I just left Brass and heard Manager Don quit and so did DJ Fro. Very interesting…. Does anyone know where they are going ? Or is it a Coincidence they both quit ? If anyone knows please post as I liked them.

  564. DocMarshall

    Quite impressive!

  565. Does Anyone?

    At this club have bush? Or a really big clit? Have money want to see!

  566. Mick NYC

    Down in the bay area on business and checked out Brass Flamingo on Friday night and was very impressed. The place has that northeastern feel to it. Lots of sexy chicas and just a great party atmosphere. –

  567. VikingSteve

    I come to Florida every winter to be with family and have been going to Brass Flamingo every year I come down. I went there this past thursday night and was really disappointed. The quality of girls dropped off from last year for sure and just the mood in the club was bad. Does anyone know what happened to their old crew? It was so much fun last year.

  568. Louie

    Checked out the dirty bird Saturday and did not stay very long. I’ve seen businesses decline before but this place sets new standards for dropping a lead weight on business. Everything about this club is a joke. I will not be coming back.

  569. Nomad
  570. Daniel
  571. Rollin' Banks

    Mike and his girls are great! Me and my crew always have a great time at the Brass.

  572. Bill2.0

    Aren’t they now.

  573. What Now?

    Looks like everyone that Brass fired or chased out is now doing better in their new clubs. Sideshow wins Best Dj and Franki wins Best Dancer and BF gets left out in the cold again. lmfao!!!

  574. B-

    A few nice girls and the club itself is beautiful. One of the cooler clubs in Pasco.

  575. Wagner

    Love this club. Best in pasco.

  576. Christine and Salz

    Brass Flamingo is like the “Penthouse” of Pasco. Large, upscale and definitely the best looking girls in the area. Couples night this past Saturday was great! The trip from Tampa was well worth it.

  577. Jo Bob

    Pasco’s best booty bar.

  578. Sad

    Brass isn’t anything like it used to be mostly fun 🙁

  579. Yes!

    More drink specials. $1 anything in the house! Free shots for the big spenders! Then we don’t give a fuck about how you get home. As long as it don’t cost us anything! If I Had Oj’s money I would be suing your ass for over serving me and winning.

  580. Lenny

    A hot group of girls gettin’ naked and some good strong drinks! That Nya girl is a little freak, and I love it!

  581. Ex Employees A Joke !

    Strip club list really needs to do something about these ex employees that

    were obviously fired. This isn’t an ex employee forum and none of us

    really care why you were fired. Seriously go look for a job and stop

    wasting your time on here. Reading some of these comments pretty

    much explains why you were fired !

  582. Darrel

    Michael and the girls at Brass Flamingo always make for a great party. Very friendly and just plain fun to party with. Always have a great time every time I visit. Thanks

  583. Bud

    Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  584. Happy Birthday Lynne

    Had a great time on Sunday night with bartender Lynne and all the girls at Brass! Left broke, drunk and happy!! I’ll be back next Sunday!

  585. Jiminy Racket

    Brass is always ripe with new talent! Killer amazon blonde Starr is back and looking better than ever!! Worth the trip from CLW

  586. Gee!

    Why Are some of The hottest of brass girls at lollipops? It’s not the four walls guys! It’s the people inside it. Some of the best of the best are now at pops. Jaques Cousteau eat your heart out!

  587. Hawk

    Was there Friday afternoon and into the night shift and the place was slamming with hot girls! They got rid of some of the bad apples and replaced them with some hot new cherries. Very impressed and will be back as much as I can afford it. Check out new girls Samantha and Emma!

  588. Great reason

    Yes there is a great reason ! Nobody can work with this guy CJ. He

    likes young dirty girls. He is ok with drugs and underage drinking. This

    guy thinks he is so great. It’s sad he ran this place into the ground.

    Where are Don & Fro ? Wherever they are I wanna know and so do

    many others ! Hopefully they are with the rest of the good ones that got

    out of this dump.

  589. NJ Neale

    If any out there is a fan of Angelina Jolie may I suggest you go see Jojo at Brass Flamingo! This girl is OMFG amazing! Looks like a more petite brunette version of her with obviously smaller but beautiful perky breasts. She is cute as all hell and gives a great dance! I’m going back tonight before heading back up north.

  590. Luap Trellow

    As editor of KIS (keep it stiff) magazine, I highly recomend this place. I try to get there every time I’m in town.

  591. Stu & Lisa

    We had heard about couples night at Brass Flamingo and decided to look into it last night and we were very happy we did. A lot of beautiful people there and more beautiful girls than we could have imagined. Lisa got a dance from Lynn and I could not keep her off of her. We had a great time and will be back when we can.

  592. Mario

    The place was looking good Thursday night. I agree new girl Kinlee is really a sight to behold. The new shooter girl looks just like Heather Graham. Nice changes each time I go by.

  593. AWESOME!
  594. Not The Same

    This place has tanked for over almost two years now. Reality folks… The owners dont care about the employees or the customers. This place is a dirty drug infested hole in the wall. I would never go back. Its sad to see a place that was once a FUN place to go turn so nasty. Facts owners still get their cash at the end of the day. SAD SAD SAD… Just Saying

  595. PapiChula

    Brass is the BEST bar none!

  596. I like BF

    I don’t know what everyone is complaining about, I like Brass Flamingo. The girls are pretty, the bartenders are hot and the club looks very nice. The recent managers are all assholes, but who goes to a strip club to see the managers? Mallory is indeed the best thing at Brass by far! Great private dances. I’ll be back in a few weeks.

  597. Brett

    Brass Flamingo continues to dominate the Pasco strip-club scene! Best babes! Best dances! You ladies put on quite a show. Thx

  598. Thomas James

    I had not been to Brass Flamingo in a long time and went there tuesday night and left extremely disappointed. Everything about Brass Flamingo has turned to the worst and I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon.

  599. Brandon L.

    I agree with everyone that there is some premier talent at the Brass Flamingo. Some of the new girls have really stolen the show especially Blu and Mallory. Wow!

  600. Max

    You have to visit this place and see for yourself, what a

    wonderfull place it is.

  601. Lydia

    I went to Brass this weekend with my girlfriends. Everyone was very nice to us. Treated us like part of the party. Good fun.

  602. Emilio

    Hung out with friends at Brass on Sunday night and had a great time. New bartender Shane is to cool. Penny & Lynn are a dangerous combination for sure. Thank you to manager Scott for being a great host.

  603. VermontSteve

    Was here on my thru. Found this club to very nice.

  604. Meow Kitty

    Kitty did deserve to win! She’s hot as hell, great personality, always upbeat and always there. What else could Brass ask for in a calendar representative? Remy and Bella are both worthy as well and have the same characteristics. The contest was a lot of fun!

  605. Larry

    this club was everything expected, a litle further north than I thought, but very nice.

  606. Nathan

    All the spectacular babes and nude lap dances are outstanding! Me and the gang had an awesome time Sunday night. We’ll be back!

  607. Eddie

    Brass is a hidden treasure around the pasco county area. Went in yesterday, after about 2 months, to a brand new club. The remodel looks great! This is one classy club, but it definitely has it’s wild side. Tori- Wow! Promise- Wow! Izabel- Wow! The girls are just knockout hot! The manager, Mike (?), said they’re not even close to being done on the work they have to do to improve the place. I don’t see Brass needing any improvements. That’s my take. Eddie

  608. Adam

    Always have a good time there. Many pretty girls and really nice. I like Penny and Mistee.

  609. Jimmy J.

    My favorite nude & full liquor strip club when visiting Florida. Nothing else even compares! See you guys and girl in May. Maybe sooner if it doesn’t warm up here soon!

  610. Joshua

    B++ When you are looking for more high quality and friendly girls and less seat fillers and wasted space Brass is the place for you. Cool girls and fun room.

  611. Megan Fox

    Love this place had a great time here.

  612. Confused

    I just dont get it, If you people all HATE BF SO MUCH and thinks its such a hole, then why do you keep wasting your precious time and making crack pot comments? Just MOVE ON for crying out loud, its a strip club, things change. I really believe most of the lousy commenters are disgruntled employees who continually change their names to make it look like several people are unhappy when in fact its the same ole ones that just cant MOVE ON.

  613. Rollin' n Pasco

    Great club! Sexy girlies everywhere!

  614. danielson

    This place is much nicer on the inside than the exterior would suggest. There are a lot of hot dancers and it is a full nude bar. The drinks aren’t weak and the servers smile. I will definately hit the BF again the next time I’m in town.

  615. moneyman2

    Everyone was good. Nikkie jeanette on the other hand is someone you don’t want to see. Rude and not how I like being treated. 1 star due to how rude she was. Might just take my friends elsewhere every week.

  616. Nikki Seven
  617. Lame

    Brass has taken a nose dive in the past months. There is nothing really positive left to say.

  618. Grant

    This place has become a joke! Everything said about the atmosphere and the quality of the club has gone downhill. The way that this club screws around their staff is ridiculous. Where’s Sideshow? Best DJ ever. Big mistake for getting rid of him. Shame on you guys. Who’s these other clowns? Where is anyone for that matter? Boring boring boring. It will just be a matter of time when no one will wanna work for Brass. I guess I’ll have to find a new home base.

  619. DJ vs DJ

    Now now you silly boys! Enough with your name calling and ego slams please 🙂 Sideshow is a great Dj and no one who’s worth anything as a customer should care what he looks like. I was sorry to see him go but there have been other good Djs in the club before and after. If you had a problem with a girl on stage you should have gone to the manager not the Dj. Don’t be pissy on here about an x Dj! Talk about us girls and the good times we have at work 🙂 No one cares about the other stuff.

  620. Happy Halloween

    Just wanted to send a shout out to all the beauties at Brass for a Happy Halloween. Hope Fran and Irena have a great time in Vegas!

  621. Johnny G.

    Kitty and Danielle on days are two of the hottest babes dancing anywhere right now! Both are young, natural and give great dances. I’m going back again for another ride.

  622. Dave2

    Been going to brass for years. Seen alot of changes. for the better. New girls, new staff, allways a good time to be had at Brass.

  623. Night Driver

    Brass is filled with sexy ladies. I get the 30 minute dances and always leave happy. Hi to Blue & Jade 🙂

  624. Shawn

    Another amazing Saturday night with loads of talent!

  625. What A!

    Beautiful Club! Love it here.

  626. Brad
  627. BoltsFan352

    The Flamingo has definitely ”stepped-up” their game lately! The managers have done a good job of replacing the tired-out drama queens with smokin’ hot and friendly new girls. I applaud ’em and I’m back to being a returning regular.

  628. More Hotties

    There seems to be more new girls working at the Flamingo lately and they are all hotties!! Brass gets better every time I visit. Good job guys!

  629. Jason

    Best little club in Tampa bay. Full nude, Full liquior. What more could you want. Great girls and staff just yop it off.

  630. Jay

    Well loved the club and everytime i come up i will come and visit again everytime.

  631. Bruce W.
  632. Merc
  633. All U Haters!

    Don’t you have anything better to do?!!! Brass is awesome! If you people want to get a hold of Rick, try going to the club’s website and clicking on the Contact link. Brass kicks ass!!

  634. Fuck You

    You Piece Of Shit!

  635. AJ

    Mallory, Baby Girl, Lynn, Dazzle …. The list of hotties at Brass could go on forever!!

  636. TBolts2K4

    Read some of the posts here on Strip Club List and decided to go check out Brass Flamingo for myself and I was happy I did. Almost every girl was a head-turner and they all were smiling and pleasant. Micheal the manager introduced me and my friends to 2 really sweet girls Lucky and Raquel and we had a great time. The club is really upbeat. Classy too. I will come back from Tampa again.

  637. GreatMuta
  638. Ian S.
  639. Trevor
  640. To WOW!

    C’mon! Tell us what you thought was wrong with Brass Flamingo this Friday. Unless you’re some disgruntled ex employee just posting more negative stuff without explaination? You guys are a joke!!!

  641. It sucked

    last time I went there!!!!

  642. Robbie

    Doorgirl Jenn is way too cool and way hot!!!!!!

  643. Dan The Man

    Sunday night was a blast! Passion and Promise make one hell of a team. Great dances too. I’ll be back next weekend.

  644. STB

    New babes Pepper and Aubrey are beyond words!! Wow!

  645. Ace

    Graet club, great entertainers and staff. I highly recomend it.

  646. RodgerDodger!

    If your lookin to get Jacked, Sucked, or fucked by the finest babes in the county. This is the place for you. Just bring condoms, Oxy’s, Roxy’s or cocaine and a whole lotta cash. And your good to go. Check out the number of used condoms in the private dance area at the end of the night? Hope ya don’t mind sittin on seaman. Brass got more seaman than the Forrestal! No I didn’t misspell! And no I wasn’t educated in pasco!

  647. Frank
  648. PascoPerv

    Brass has stepped up their game! 11 girls on dayshift and not an ugly one in the bunch! Tori and Dakota can have all my money anytime. I’ll be back for sure.

  649. Sid

    Absolutely the most upscale club I have been to in the Tampa Bay area. Everyone always talks about Mons or 2001. Yea they are nice, with many girls to chose from, but the atmosphere is nothing compared to the overall Brass has to offer. Comfortable seats both around the stage and throughout the club. Then there is Mallory. Tall, long legs, perfect body, eyes that hypnotized me, life of the party, and what a party she gave me!!! She is well worth the price of admission, and then some. I have only seen her on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, so I have been making those my nights to go out.

  650. LMAO
  651. Darrien

    As pretty as this club is it’s still a hole! A few of your average drugged-out Pasco county strippers is the highlight of their rotation. Time to move on!

  652. Lisa & Steve

    New Years party was awesome! All those first time girlies getting naked was a sight to see. We’ll be back for sure. Happy 2010 to everyone at Brass

  653. Daryl813

    I go to Brass frequently and noticed they’ve lost a lot of their problem girls and headaches in the last few weeks. Looks like they’ve chased away the druggie girls and attitudes. A few less girls but a much better quality. The place has always had class and now the girls to match.

  654. Get Out

    While you still can! The girls and staff are all jumping ship for a reason, likely cause it’s sinking faster then ownership can save it! Really really sad!

  655. WeeMan Jr

    New young’n Dazzle is a smoker! and I don’t mean she lights up. Wow!

  656. lil k

    I love this place.

  657. Tarnished Brass

    In under a year Brass Flamingo went from being one of the best clubs in all of Tampa to being the bottom of the barrel in Pasco. Makes for quite a sad story and sorry to see it happen.

  658. RealDeal
  659. Bryan

    Brass is a friggin joke! Nothing but druged out crack hoes and kid ghetto punks hanging out there. The managers promote all the stuff that happens there. They just wanna screw all the girls!

  660. Naughtyboy65

    All the girls at Brass and pretty & friendly. I suggest you check it out.

  661. Aplus
  662. Nicholas Sweet

    Just moved here and found a goldmine in Brass Flamingo. Beautiful club with beautiful girls and a friendly wait staff. Had a great time!

  663. Ya?

    Your all a piece of shit! Fuck you and anybody who even looks like you! You all suck! Ther’s nothin good about ya! Fuck U and the horse U rode in on! NO! I wasn’t educated in pasco!

  664. WEHT

    What ever happened to the waitress Lauren? Does anybody know? Thanks.

  665. Jenny

    Used to work here years ago. Stopped by for a drink recently. Wow what a change! Made me want to break out my old stripper shoes. keep up the good work guys.

  666. Lackey

    Screw you haters! Brass rocks!!!

  667. Stoner Steve
  668. Lil jon

    had fun here.

  669. chuckman
  670. Jon H.
  671. Paul

    There last Friday. Had a great time. Had a couple of lap dances with a very hot beautiful petite lady that was unbeleivable. Will definatly be back.

  672. Desperate times

    call for desperate measures. They’re bringing back the beat up, worn out midget stripper who nobody wants to see in porn or in person, how sad!

  673. Matty

    Promise has got to be the hottest young thing you could look at naked within legal limits! I love the Flamingo!

  674. Sideshow

    Don’t normally come on here but I was told about these comments. First, Dj, if your’re in a gentleman’s club and worried about what i look like, you should try an “alternative” bar where you belong. Second, if you have something to say, say it to my face. $100 says your pussy ass won’t cause you’re a keyboard gangster. Have a nice dsy, and don’t forget to to go f**k yourself. Oh, and you mother sucks c**ks in Hell. Ciao!

  675. Cameron

    Brass has some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen! Paris and Nya are just plain Yummy!

  676. Mitch

    Finally made it out to Pasco and boy am I happy I did. One girl, Promise, is the ultimate hottie anywhere around Tampa Bay! This place was packed with hot girls. 30 dollar nude lap dances, from girls like Promise, will definitely bring me back again.

  677. Coolest club in

    Pasco, or anywhere ’round the Tampa area for that matter. Certainly the best selection of girls!

  678. Matthew

    Gotta love them $30 naked lap dances! The babes of Brass are incredible.

  679. Blake

    Stopped by BF on Monday night and was really surprized how bad things have got there. Only 6 girls working and everyone of them was a 18 year old pill head. What’s happened to the hot and mature girls they used to have there? The door girl is now a bar tender and an old dancer is now also a bar tender and neither one had any personality. BF has taken a nose dive in my opinion.

  680. Teran

    This is a great little club. Can’t think of any other place quite like it.

  681. Smart Alec Alex

    I love this place! The girls are hot, upbeat and having fun all the time. Kudos to mgmt and staff for keeping the moral up and keeping everyone motivated. Jagerbombs and washington apples only, “Five F’n Dollars!”

  682. SportsFan352

    Brass has some stunning ladies on their roster. Had a blast with Nikki at the back bar Friday night.

  683. MartiniMike

    Sexy women everywhere and a great personality to the club!

  684. Darren

    I think Brass is still OK. It’s not as much fun as it used to be when Dan, Mike and Greg were running it but it’s still the best on 19 in Pasco in my opinion.

  685. Vinny G

    New girls Eva & Mallory are scrumpdilicious!

  686. Christopher
  687. Jack

    Love this place. Too much old music though.

  688. Amy

    If you do go here Its amazing …..Ask for Libberty

  689. Charles

    Nice club and beautiful girls.

  690. Don

    Brass Flamingo is a great club!

  691. Awesome!!!!!

    Everything about Brass Flamingo totally rocks!!!!!

  692. TexasTony

    The Flamingo always seems to get better every time I’m in town. Scott and Lisa were excellent hosts and the girls seem to really enjoy themselves. See y’all next year!

  693. Warren
  694. Believe Dat

    Rumors are out once again that big changes are coming soon to the staff at Brass. Maybe Rick has finally realized that CJ isn’t the best thing since sliced bread. Looking forward to good things changing soon at Brass.

  695. Mikey

    I went to Brass this weekend and had a pretty good time. It was an expensive evning, but I left happy. I’ll go back again.

  696. ronm

    i had an explosive good time there the girls were prettier there than other places in the area.i had a dance with gina an adorable petite blonde.the dance was one of the best i can tell she really enjoyed her job.i also danced with rio she was fun.i find brass flamingo to be one of the better strip club expierences.

  697. Steven

    Looks like Brass is the couples hot spot on Saturday nights on this side of the bay. Great night with some really hot new girls and always a great time. Looking forward to next week and Mobster Ball on Wednesday.

  698. Billy

    Brass has some really sweet girls and a really friendly bar staff. Shane and Vanessa are a hoot! I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Keep up the great work folks.

  699. Rich is gone!

    A heads up to all you pill popping ladies and customers that Rich the floor man is no longer working at Brass! Its safe for all the cool customers and girls to come back now.

  700. J.T.

    There are few things in this lifetime better than a totally naked lap dance from one of the many hotties at Brass Flamingo … Except for a private half-hour champagne room!! Lovin’ it!

  701. Charley
  702. To Jarred

    Thanks for the input Don, CJ, Rich, Jon, or whoever this really is. We’ll have a great weekend, at Emperors or Bare or someplace where the real party is, cause it definitely ain’t at the Squirty Bird that’s for sure!

  703. Whats Up?
  704. TrinityCouple98

    The Saturday couples nights just keep getting better! We met some really cool people at Brass on Saturday and the girls, well, Wow! Scott and Billy were excellent hosts. Thanks.

  705. Lisa & Ronnie

    Another great Couples Night this past Saturday. The girls keep getting better all tjhe time and the new waitress is really hot. Thanx to Mike & Scotty for throwing a great party.

  706. Mason

    I had a good time the first time I went to brass, and I still have a good time every time I go there.

  707. GuysGoneWild

    Stopped into Brass Flamingo last night and had a great time. Nya and Kayla are just too damn sexy! Danielle the bartender is hot as hell and a bundle of laughs. We’ll be back fr sure for football season.

  708. HighClass38

    The girls keep getting better all the time! Love this place!

  709. Brock

    New daytime girl Jazz is a sight to behold!!

  710. Nina
  711. Roger S.

    The best of the bay is right here in Pasco! Brass kicks ass!

  712. Yeah, Sure.

    We’re all x employee’s. You just keep believing that. Drink more it will go away. Your girls highly reccomend blu’s. Picking up the used condoms at the end of the night is really fun. I love my job here. I remember the days when the club didn’t have to supply rubber gloves. Ya know 93 – 97. Cj? The finest managment team in floda? Like hell you are.

  713. Barney

    Dino (the D.J.) Rocks this club, and everything about it was pleasent, except some of the prices for us Pasco Folk. I Don’t like renting space to get a dance in a place I already paid {rented} to enter. Greed is killing the Adult Club Business. Look around, all the family places are filled when they are suppose to be, the economy is slow, but pricing yourself to the bottom of this list I would consider a bad move. Just a thought….. Lower some prices and get better results.

  714. Happy

    I had not been to Brass Flamingo for a couple months until yesterday. Holy Shit! What a difference in the girls. they are smokin hot !

  715. Al

    If saturday night is any indication of what Brass has become then there is little hope for this club. I know my friends and I wont be going back any time soon. They need to learn the meaning of customer service and hire some more attractive girls. Rick really let this club go.

  716. Slick

    Well, Brass has gone down hill ever since the “new management” takeover. When you have a good staff that”s been there for years, why would you fire all of them. I, personally have been coming in for years and the last time I did, no Chrissy, no Pandora, no Sideshow Bob, no Scotty, no Billy……who are these new people? There were times that I came in to hang with them as they all became my friends. It’s like everyone that works there forgot how to have a good time. The weekend DJ is horrible and very inpersonal and plays too much superfast music. you’re killing your girls and my ears. The waitstaff isn’t as attentive, and isn’t the new manager the guy who got fired from Bare Assets and Lollipops for stealing? Yikes! This place is going downhill and the girls are unhappy…!

  717. USF07

    A++ Hot Dames! Great Dances! Good Drinks!

  718. ImSensingChanges

    I could be wrong but I’m sensing some dramatic changes coming soon to the Brass Flamingo management line up including at the very top! Good move Rick!

  719. T.M.

    Some spankin’ new babes at the Brass! Naughty girls too!

  720. Bradley

    Brass is a great club! Plenty of pretty girls and always a smiling face behind the bar. Thirty dollar naked lap dances are a bargain. I’ll be back soon.

  721. William D.

    Brass Flamingo is a great place to check out some premium talent. Some great looking girls and good dancers too. I always enjoy myself each time I visit. Thanks.

  722. ChampionLimo

    We’re always happy to bring our clients to Brass Flamingo. Everyone is treated as a VIP and the club is very upscale. Great job to the management and staff.

  723. Markus T.

    U gotta love all the hotties at Brass! Every one sweet and sexy. Great girls and great club!!

  724. Joke

    Well confused, that is a perfect name for you since that describes what you are… You must be an employee or a manager that wants to use disgruntal employees to explain away the obvious.. This club was on top and now you have taken a place that was a fun and classy atmosphere to hangout in and made it into a slum.. With old perverts running it.. If it makes you feel better use your ex employees to cover the truth, but it doesn’t change the facts… On any given day, why don’t you take a ride to Diamonds (club 54) and checkout there business compared to yours. It’s sad when a club like that is attracting more people then BF… REMEMBER ONE THING NUMBERS DON’T LIE!!!!

  725. Steve E

    Beautiful girls. Beautiful club.

  726. Dan

    Malona, Your the best.Write soon.Will have to visit more often.Thanks Fantasy!!!!

  727. Brass Kicks Ass
  728. Praise The 'Y' Crew!

    OMFG! Mallory – Lacey – Bamby – Holly – Vanity – Luckey!!!! The list of spankin’ fine girls is endless. Love ’em all!

  729. Gino

    Hi Lynn!! Sexiest gothic bartender anywhere!!

  730. Tim D.

    Wasn’t expecting much at any strip club on the 4th of July but Brass surprised me with a house full of hotties!! Great job.

  731. Sad, Really

    So I decided to ignore all the negative stuff thats been posted on here about B.F. and give it another chance this weeknd. Bad move!!! The girls are terrible. The crappy drinks are overpriced. The managers are all a-holes. The only thing worth anything was laughing with Lynne at the bar while she was slamming everyone. I wont be going back anytime soon for sure. Bring back the old crew.

  732. Sean

    I have been going to this bar for the last few years. I try to visit my Tampa Office monthly and always try to visit the Brass. Stopping here isnt a priority any longer. I have never in my life seen an establishment go down the drain so fast in all my life. The management in the last 8 months is pathetic and unprofessional. Half the girls are fat, nasty, pregnant, toothless, or wasted on drugs and alcohol. My most recent visit was a few weeks ago and they played Gangster Rap to the point where I just had to leave. Some of the managers in the past seemed to have this bar on the right path. Whoever runs Brass needs to bring back the old team that use to run the bar. I dont know who owns this club but maybe it was sold and the new owner brought in his own flunkies. Some of the managers I remember from the brass that should be brought back are a spanish guy I think his name was jose or carlos, a tall country boy who always called me sir and bought me a shot, Alvin, and the bald realtor Rick. I really use to like this place. Its sad to see it this way. Where did all these managers go and where are the hot girls now ? Does anyone know ? I want to go where they are !

  733. Oscar
  734. Eddie and Lisa

    The best of the best in Pasco and perhaps all of Tampa Bay!! We’re headed back to Brass Flamingo again tonight! See you there.

  735. Damon727

    Always a good time

  736. Kevin

    I think Brass Flamingo and Tootsies are 2 of the best clubs in the entire state of Florida! The best girls and the best party attitude. I travel a lot and always have a good time at both places.

  737. Lacey

    Brass is a joke when it comes to places to work in Pasco! They treat the girls horribly, take a lot of money in fees and fines, demand a crazy high tip-out, do not show any respect for the girls who make them money, and allow the other staff to make fun of the girls in front of customers. All this is very unprofessional and there’s better places to work in Pasco and management seems to forget that. All the managers want to do in this club is have sex and get sexual favors from the entertainers!

  738. Barry

    I had a really good time Monday night at Brass Flamingo. The girls are all beautiful and Mike and his bar-staff made me feel very comfortable. Will be definitely be back soon.

  739. CJ's conscious

    Maybe if we didn’t fire all of the employees that worked hard for brass all these years, we wouldn’t be looking to hire anyone new….hmmmmm

  740. James W.

    Glad to see Brass has joined the SCL VIP Listing! Full liquor and full nudity make for the best combination. The smoking hot girls at Brass definitely prove that. See y’all this weekend.

  741. Raliegh

    There is some truly talented dancers at Brass Flamingo. Great looking girls who can really dance. Very nice.

  742. Gary Levy

    Great girls . great club. Loads of fun and excitement.

  743. GoBolts

    My wife and I had an outstanding time at Brass Flamingo on Friday night. Talk about hospitality! A pleasant greeting at the door will do wonders. We have never seen so many pretty girls in one room and all of them smiling. We will be back soon.

  744. Truth

    Brass Flamingo can never be what it once was but it’s still the best in the area and still the nicest club in pasco. I hope thr owners do what they have to and fire who they have to to get things back in better shape.

  745. Molly

    Hot little place to party. My friends and I love it here.

  746. Donnie B.

    Girls are smoking! The asian girl Maleena (I think that’s right)is top notch. Pandora has one of the best bodies ever! The DJ with the spiked haircut played a lot of old school rap and 80’s which is right up my alley. Plus, he fucks with everyone over the mic. He’s an asshole just like me. That’s awesome! Drinks were strong which when you pay strip club pricing, they should be. Bar staff is very fun. Keep it up Brass and I’ll keep coming back.

  747. albert ferrer jr.

    it was good

  748. Lance

    Did I see that Shay Lynn is coming to Brass Flamingo in August? …. She is the hottest brunette babe on the net!! I’ll certainly be there to check her out nude in person.

  749. Trippy Hippy

    New chick Miracle is a total hottie. Day bartender Shane is a fucking riot! Had me laughing all day. Great club.

  750. Comical

    You would think the owner would do criminal background checks. Then he

    would see his day manager served years in prison and has an arrest record

    longer than you could imagine from Fl, GA, & OH

  751. Leo McGinley
  752. S.C.J.

    Brass Flamingo has done a lot of good things lately including getting rid of some of the Pasco Trash girls they once had. The girls are hotter and much more friendly then I remember from my last visit. $30 nude dances with friction are a great deal and with even hotter girls it’s an even better deal. – S.C.J.

  753. Xxxquisite!
  754. Jim

    This club is a wonderful gem. The girls get nude, there is a full bar, and there are nude dances and VIP treatment sessions available. There was everything from the 80’s rock girl to the ultimate girl next door. There wasn’t much in the way of a variety in race of the girls, but this club is one that should not be ignored. I give it a tremendous recommendation.

  755. D. Digger

    Jade Simone had be drooling and laughing at the same time! I just had to stay around for another show. She’s really cool too. All the girls working looked great. Sunshine, Blaze and Brandy May were especially friendly. B.F. is the hottest spot in Pasco for sure!

  756. Peter

    Prepare for a hot time with Nakita kash! Seen her many times

    she is amazing! Will definetly bet there to see her.

  757. Rich is Gone ?

    Thats Hillarious ! I wonder who posted that comment one of the drug dealers or drug addicts Rich chased off maybe ? I was a customer of the Brass for many years and he was one of the few managers that place ever had that was against drugs. For those that don’t know him he quit the brass for the same reason many girls and regulars have left ! Its a drug infested whore house that wont change with the current clowns running it as they like drugs and prostitution… JUST SAYING

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