Desert Flame Gentlemen’s Club



11145 East Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85120


33.4166706, -111.6178764




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Desert Flame Gentlemen’s Club

  1. steve

    Friendly hard working dancers make this a fun place.

  2. shannon

    hot 4 danncer, but tiffany is the best..

  3. mike

    Not a good club. Girls were very stuck up! The only girl that came up to us

    was a skinny little white girl. Her face was nothing to look at but her body

    was ok, but no ass. She looked kinda like a tweeker. Its a longer drive but im

    sticking with Babes.

  4. dannyboy7

    Not trying to sound like a fuckin creep but I have been here multiple times in my existence. For starters, they photocopy your ID and credit card which is super weird and doesn’t really seem to be legal but, the booze is cheap as hell which of course i could get down with. If you’re a total creep loser like myself, then you go to strip clubs in the afternoon. There are usually 1-2 girls drunk as hell giving a below than average attempt at dancing. This is total fine with me. I would rather gulp down some bud lights and watch infomercials on the TVs about non stick pans. I actually bought one of those pans. I should do a review for the god damn pan. GET A NON STICK PAN! THEY ARE AMAZING!

  5. nerbean

    The best thing about this place is the weekday, night, DJ.

    Kinda gives the area strip clubs a bad name

  6. bill
  7. MG

    Looking for work and applied here. Was treated better than any other club in the valley. Hope to have a home there soon.

  8. wanderer

    Great time last night with Rebel, Sky and Anna

  9. sam

    it started off slow but than it kicked off after a while and had a blast

  10. slim

    had a hot time

  11. aj local

    The more I stop by Flame the more I like it. It’s a

    topless bar with a friendly neighborhood bar vibe. the

    girls are all friendly and vary from girl-next-door types

    to down right stunning although expect less variety when

    they are slow (like anywhere). Drinks are priced fairly.

    I use to drive into Phoenix to go tittie-barrin’. not any

    more. Flame’s my new favorite spot.

  12. Customer

    This place is nice just not many customers and not the best looking girls.You would think if your the only strip club in east mesa that you would be busy.Time to change something(management,dancers,etc.).

  13. somebody
  14. daniel

    Love this place! New to the area and visited this club after others and this was anreally cool place to be. I will be bak, and back, and back, etc!

  15. bonzers

    uh, let’s get naked

  16. Guess-RE:timmy

    This club is hanging in there.They do have some nice girls and some not so good but its still one of the best clubs to go to.and your dummy comment,GO FUCK UR MOTHER U HOMO!

  17. Ashley B.

    This place over pours and over serves alcohol. I feel like it’s a ploy they use to get you to open your wallet. One that will land them in a serious lawsuit. One recent incident a stripper charged my father in law $60 for talking to him. Yes Talking! He was so drunk that he didn’t even realize he was being screwed. Another incident occurred where they over served my husband regardless of me explaining he was cut off. They served him 8 shots of Jaeger and 4 beers, and he was also clearly drunk upon arrival. Then, a stripper was trying to get him to go to a VIP room when he could Harley talk or walk he was so intoxicated. Luckily I had his wallet though. On this same night my brother in law was attacked (choked) by a stripper because she thought his phone was hers. Once proven that it was not hers she thought a free lap dance would make up for it. This place is very poorly ran.

  18. Tim

    Great place

  19. Boner

    That’s what I get every time I’m there 😉

  20. Dice

    Very nice club. Some Hot Dancers and awesome table dances!! They actually play the whole song so you get your money’s worth! Even on weekends when its full there is still plenty of leg room because the club has a great setup. The bar is kinda off to the side in its own seperate area which prevents the “packed in” feeling I get at say Skin or Sonny’s. Excellent service- only had 2 waitresses and I got my beer faster than Christie’s on average which usually has a zillion waitresses!! Great DJ. Cheap cover. Clean. They also have several large plasma TV’s that play NFL network & ESPN!!

  21. Mistercap12

    Went to have a good time and after we grabbed a drink at the bar we went into the dance room where loud music was playing but no girls were dancing. Sat there for 30 mins to finish our drinks and nothing happened. When we were leaving we asked if there were dancing breaks or nights that there aren’t any dancers and the bartender, bouncer and 2 other girls just started at us and smiled at each other. Then the bartender said that no dancers showed up. I can understand there not being any dancers.. Things happen.. But why would you let customers just go sit in a room, knowing what they are there for, and just not say anything. So incredibly rude. Won’t be back.

  22. Sonny

    This is the best club in the East Valley, dont waste your time going to Scottsdale or Phoenix if you live close, or that nasty ghetto club in Chandler. Great drinks specials and hot chicks here

  23. HI


  24. kent25

    nice club , and beautiful girls! will be back

  25. REG


  26. dude
  27. snow
  28. larry1

    Honestly, this club sucks. It can be fun at times, on friday and saturday. There are some beautiful women who work there. Some of the dancers are really cool, nice women. Very laid back hole in the wall club with a good bar. But for the most part the dancers are pretty busted looking. The management will hire just about any woman who applys and thats the issue. This is the club where 45 year old women can come and stand a chance to make some money because the overall quality of dancers is so low. The customer base out in apache junction is very white trashy. Has potential but they really need to do something to get better looking girls in there. Hot girls come and work for short periods of time but then get burnt out due to how slow it is and also how awful the customers are. Some hills have eyes looking apache junction locals going up in there with their sweat pants on looking for a cheap $10 lap dance. Gross. Managment charges dancers wayy too much money to work there, so girls stop coming. I foresee them going out of bussiness because no one wants to work here. Thats why you show up and there are only a few dancers on most nights.

  29. Rick F

    A couple of months ago, I saw one of your dancers, Dior. She is totally beautiful! Thank you for a great time.

  30. Charlie B.

    Its an average-at-best skin club.

  31. JOJO

    Not every club has all beautiful women. so dont down the beautiful ones that work here from the few bad egg’s that happen to be here!Overall,this club has a good atmosphere,plays the best and newest hip hop n rock music and floorman that know how to treat customers and still maintain a safe enviorment!very nice

  32. shyne
  33. Greg

    Girls are not pretty.Place had 2 customers.

  34. Tony

    Over all very nice surprise for the east valley. Girls are very nice and no cover until 6:00. Went in the afternoon and stayed most of the night. Great time!

  35. Quick

    It’s been a while since I’ve been here, so maybe the place has improved, but the last time I was here, I actually got a lap dance where the girl didn’t even take her top off. She called it a bikini dance, and while I was told it could get more up-close and personal, it didn’t. Horrible dance.

  36. mimo

    nice place

  37. dan

    I dont think words can express how shity this place is all in all I wont be back. Security looks like a couple thugs who couldnt make it into a real gang. a couple of queers if you ask me

  38. desertrat

    18 girls on a Wednesday is good but when i went in it was dead and all the girls tried to hit me up hard for money.

  39. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  40. Lucky

    Better looking girls than 6-7 months ago. nice atmosphere and friendly bouncers.2 very nice dancers gave me the best dance ever,barbie n v

  41. re:seriously

    You must be broke cause its obvious you’ve not been inside to see that whatever you wrote is not true!or you got fired.

  42. Holly

    Booooo, Booooo, DONT bring on the dancing girls….BOOOOOO !

    I like girls, but I didn’t like these. And fer what my boyfriend paid for us to git in, and dranks, it’s totally NOT

    worth it.

  43. bob

    love this place,great location…and a really fun atmosphere.

  44. Timmy

    Spend your money somewhere else. The good lookin girls I hear, just use this place to get started and move on to other clubs. Some stuck up dancer named Bell or Bella made me uncomfortable because all she did was complain about the club and some dancers that were way hotter and nicer. I came in to have fun not be apart of some bitches game. I now know why all the good dancers leave here for other clubs.

  45. Jimmy

    One of the dancers stolded money off my table. Sorry but that makes the club and everyone in it a thief.

  46. rogerrab2

    Best strip club to go and relax, watch sports center and grab a beer. Women aren’t also the best but everyone there in generally nice and there isn’t much drama. My kind of strip joint.

  47. ggfgsfg fs

    dbdg gf gf fgbn gf v sv fsfvg sfgf

  48. Jason

    Like the club dont feel like my wallet was drained by the club before I got to the dancers. Bouncers have relaxed alot in recent months find it alot more enjoyable now. Girls are friendly and all different not your standered blonde fake strippers..

  49. iwasjustthere

    Great time. Lotsa pretty ladies, great music, friendly staff, courteous bouncer. We will be back!

  50. Biker Bob

    Awesome place. Had a great time last night. This is the best in the east valley

  51. I like it a lot

    Thank you for giving me somewhere other than sonny’s to go to. Its hard when you live in Gilbert and there are only 2 strip clubs, but I gotta say this place is awesome

    thanks agian,


  52. will be back for more

    had a great time

  53. D
  54. Bob W

    Great place to relax and have fun. Alexis is special.

  55. Dancer

    I have worked at many clubs in the valley. This is by far the best place to work. House fees are reasonable and the new day shift is great. I encourage any entertainers looking for work in the east valley to join us. You can’t beat the Flame!

  56. Frank

    This has the worst looking girls i have ever seen at a strip club.Stay away!!! Owner how can you have any pride having a place like this.STRIP CLUB = HOT GIRLS Get a Clue.

  57. joey

    boring. good thing they had football on. the girls were so so but could not dance. all 3 of them.

  58. momo

    This club is getting better

  59. z
  60. tiny

    Great place. Nice girls. Friendly staff.

  61. Statisfied Customer

    A great place to have fun, and the girls are hot!! Will be back for more!

  62. Pussy lover

    lots of nice pussy

  63. un amused

    shity club i wouldn’t recomend this place to anyone.

  64. FAN


  65. nice

    nice place

  66. GUESS?

    This club has improved alot within the past 4months for the last comment who put the dancer on blast,If you have a personal issue with a girl keep it to yourself or talk to the head bouncer!If she dont wanna go home with your ass cause she follows the rules than man up and go look for a wife elsewhere instead of getting all butt hurt and putting her name on the scl…….

  67. Rex

    Great atmosphere. Nice and relaxing, not too pompus like some clubs or too ghetto like some.

  68. tash

    club is nice n staff is cool.dancers are better than average .

  69. Bruno57

    I usually hit Desert Flame when I’m in the Valley of the Sun. Dancers are hit and miss, but if you hit the right time, it’s wonderful.

  70. N
  71. tt

    nice place

  72. ted

    nice place guys

  73. seriously?



  74. Razr

    In last Thursday and had a great time. DJ payed some cool stuff. DJ played some off the wall shit. Everything from Techno to SLAYER! Right On Dude!

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