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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lollipop’s

  1. Henry

    Better than Players club/Dominic’s den. But no comparison to Bare or Brass. If yor in pasco I highly recomend Them over this place. Especialy if your taking your girl along.

  2. Howie

    Was in town on biz. Stopped by for a drink. Got my dic sucked twice by a sweet little blonde.

  3. Tyrone

    What a POS club. Dirty, Ugly, Nasty would be words I would use to descirbe this club. Ghetto thug ass strippers! Nothing worth your money.

  4. wonderin who u R

    hey im just curiuos ur always on ere talkinbg carap about people but who r u? you sound like someone who use to work here and maybe got fired? i mean u wanna talk smack and threaten people but would u pass that same test? i just think if your gonna hate on people let them know who u sorry but lollipops is just like any other club in pasco county.. they got a great staff.. most of gurls are there to make money not saying there all angels.. not saying that they got good customers and some bottem of the barrel ones.. so again i ask who r u?

  5. Timhey

    One great little club can’t wait to go back.

  6. Dick ferbluntski

    Highly recomend the blunt lounge. With any one of the ladies of pops. Just damn good quality all the way around.

  7. High!

    I highly recomend Cashmere for a romp in the blunt zone. Be sure to catch her around the first of the month. Ya know when rent’s due. Her blunt smokin friends are all unemployed So she’ll do about anything for some dough and some good weed.

  8. TommyT

    I thought pushing alchohal was illegal or something. girls are ok but what is up with the drunk manager in the corner? that guy adam pushes more drinks than any of the girls.. plus he acts like the pimp of the club telling the girls to sit with who, then hittin em up for money. geez wat a loser…

  9. GrtTym

    Just my way of saying thank you 4 a great time!

  10. Reese

    Good place to hang.

  11. the guy

    im really suprised this place hasnt been raided… daytime is way worse than night.. only people who come in are drug dealers.. oh funniest shit is you have adam thinkin hes top dog.. thinks hes cool cuz he has some spanish friends. they use him to sell there drugs.. you have the gm in the middle of a drug ring.. with him and bartender giving cash adveances to let drug deals go on.. plus who knows how much adam is snorting up his nose but its obviuos hes a coke head.. then they use strip club to supply liquor for bottle club illegally using code words to sell illegally.. everyone knows thats the funny part.. joe at night time runs the cleanest shit there..joe dan and ruel doing a good job…ps they have dj selling roxies to girls during day and dj with dreads selling drugs at bottle cub

  12. Treat

    The best club pasco without a doubt.

  13. thanx

    thank u to all the people who come out and have had a great time at lollipops and thanx again for all of your support and to all the haters if u think u bad come get some if not just the fuck up cause u cant hang wit any one of us u childish high school drama bullshit

  14. To:SexyLegz

    Your right about 1 thing. Adam is a drunken pos. But Preacher, angelo,& Derek all suck as Dj’s! All they do is play a bunch of drug addicted or over the hill washed out drunken whores what they want to hear! If they are so good why r they at a pos dump like pops? AS for Ben well we’ll see?

  15. Doug

    This place rocks

  16. Matt
  17. Austin

    There is just nothing good about this club. Don’t waste your time or money.

  18. Nobody

    There’s nobody here I heard her exclaim! As I looked around at the 5 money spending customers in the club! The 5 of us nobody’s were really offended by that. I’m not dancin for nothin I’m going out to get high! I also heard loud and clear! What a waste!

  19. Gee Doc!

    It’s simple Ur high yourself! We would never do that! Pops is awesome! Can’t U see it? Well U can only see it if your High! On drugs I mean. Like really stoned dude! I mean like really like ya. No doubt. best in passco yo! Speakin o Yo! she went to get me a beer and she hasn’t been back yet! It’s been 4 months man?

  20. Wally

    Preacher Dj of the year get on line and vote.

  21. Well

    Double D. U won’t find them here! Been to this place a few times. Was dissapointed everytime.

  22. Score!

    Went to Lolli last night. scored my drugs in the back parking lot. Then went to a real hang out. Got high on the way thanks to you guys.

  23. Larry

    I love this place I go there 3 to 4 times a month and have an excellent time.

  24. OMG!

    More like lolliflops! nothin but drugs thugs and whores up in this bitch! Don’t even get me started on the toothless old whores on day shift. Wouldn’t touch this club with tripple rubber gloves.

  25. Lucky :)

    awesome place

  26. Matador

    Love this place!

  27. Wow!

    What a wonderfull little club. Just can’t say enough about it.

  28. MadMax

    was there sat. afternoon and had a good time.

  29. BckDrMan

    Why pay cover? Just go round to the back. Wait for Ryan, Cashmere or Lala to walk out and fire up a joint! Or blunt if you prefer. You will be treated like a vip after that!

  30. Tanner

    I was amazed at the amount of drug use and gang activity at this club. This is a bad place stay away.

  31. Spooge

    I agree! One big ass mutha fuckin mistake america! This club is a waste.

  32. OhJesusChrist!

    Can I pass the same test? Can u pass 4th grade? I have hair that dates back 2 “61”! Will I pass? R u fuckin kiddin me? Now there r 3! I’m not the only one hate’n. Did I get fired? No! U fucked yourself u pos! U wish U had someone on staff like me!

  33. Jersey Joe

    Best Club in Pasco County

  34. Yo! Nigga!

    This is without a doubt one of the best clubs I’ve been to yo! Hang out here all the time! Yo! Anyone who says otherwise is a rat pussy mutha fucka! Yo! Dig!

  35. Next!

    Next to Players the worst in pasco. No joke! And that’s bein nice!

  36. CCR

    Pops is great club

  37. Billy

    All the reviews are correct. It’s a dump. It’s always been a dump, but now it’s horrible. Drugs, gangs, dirty, scary, nasty. Stay away. I feel sorry for the Italian restaurant directly perpendicular to this place. Surely doesn’t help their business. Just an awful nightmare of a club. I used to tell people to skip Lollipops and drive to Calendar Girls. Now I say go to Brass—-unless you’re a thug gangbanger. Then you belong at Lollipops.

  38. Yes

    I agree with matt.

  39. True

    I swear! This is a club you just got to see 2 believe! No words can discribe. Awesome!

  40. TO:Kashmier!

    What? No response? How bout u Ryan? Affraid to meet me with News channel 9 for a hair and blood analysis? It would be a hell of a story! We can get them to pay the bill! Maybe put your pos club on the map. You all are just affraid some one with the LAW will actually see this and take heed! And bust your ass like they should!

  41. NoPlease!

    Tell me it’s not so! Yep! Got High with LaLa, Cashmere, Serenity, Diamond and Delisa in the parking lot last night. Thanks for the high girls remind me to not tip you on stage more often. Didn’t tip them a dollar and they still got me high.

  42. manny

    this club really is a joke.. they fire joe, they fire angelo,they fire ryan. they keep dj john who snorts like with girls in dj booth making drug sdeals outside. they ran off there daytime regulars, treat girls like shit. I would honestly rathe go to players or calender girls. u got lil punk ass adam sitting in corner like the don of whoredom. drunk off his ass with powder under his nose buggin customers to buy him now the got Big mike at night. wat a fuckin snbake. he got fired from bre assets for stealing to support his coke habbit. needless to say him and adam are buddies. i heard they call him big mike cuz he has a small i also heard the dj is working while collecting disability from gov.. so not only is he fucking the gov over but ur paying for him while he works doing drugs and buying drugs for adam.. oh funniest thing is u got pussy cat uin the slinging coke bragging to me the customer how she has adam in her pocket or his nose. place is gonna get busted real soon if they dont this county is serously fucked up.

  43. Hd

    There’s just no doubt Lollipops rocks! Best looking girls I’ve seen anywhere in the bay area! The sound and light show is awesome! What your guys do with 5 light bulbs is awesome! Highly recomend to everyone.

  44. Nick

    What a great place to party and real close to my house!

  45. Willie

    Nice little club.

  46. Obama

    Nice atmosphere, good location, and great people.

  47. Truckstop Daddy

    Droped by on my thru town. Not the nicest place I’ve ever been but good cocktails, good service, good company.

  48. Chris

    I visit all the clubs in pasco and this is one of my faves.

    Thanks Dan and ryan. keep up the good work guys.

  49. smokebandit

    Alexis will talk your ear off if you let her, but worth the dance

  50. One2

    Don’t know if I would believe all the posts on this page. Why don’t u just go there yourself and see for yourself.

  51. James

    What a GREAT change!! This place is definitely upgrading! New management, new bar staff, and new dancers! Everyone needs to go visit or revisit

  52. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    new management, dj’s, dancers, renovation……come check us out . drink specials goin on have some fun. more prefressional now,, upgrading daily.

  53. lonewolf

    The Day girls are the best Courtny, Alexis, love you girls.

  54. Same Here

    I agree with kamisha! If your looking for a strip club that features the best in rap and hip hop this is the place. Good drinks and some fine looking women too.

  55. Blunt

    check out the all new Lolli Vip cards coming in july.

  56. ShtHol

    what a shit hole this place has become. Players across the street is better! Omg! And that’s saying something.

  57. Joke!

    what a joke! Dirty, Cobwebs, Cum stained couches in the vip.

    burn hole in every seat in the house! Drugs in the parking lot. 5 light bulbs on stage and the girls bitch it’s too bright. Some of the worst music I’ve ever heard. Just a joke!

  58. Anon

    My freinds & I went to a place Called Players Club. Where a girl who goes by Sin pissed us off. So we went here 2 lollipops. WOW what a difference! While we were there we met some really cool people havin a Bday party. Dj Dave was the best. Playin the latest in reggaetone, hiphop, and rock. Everyone made us feel so at home. Thanks guys.

  59. DrJenkins

    Ok.. WTF happened to the night crew over the past year.. You know a club has gone to the shits when the management and security can be found outside smoking marijuana I was beside myself when I seen that with my own eyes.. I was a frequent customer sometimes both day shift and night shift.. Last summer was the first and only summer I ever seen Lollipops stay busy.. even in the slow season they were packed mid week.. The day shift seems relaxed and friendly.. The manager Adam I believe is always courteous to me and has always treated me and my money very well.

    Night shift some nights has no more than 4-5 girls.. that is unheard of.. I was there on a Friday night one night and seen that.. I couldnt believe it.. PLEASE Change staff back to what was working.. what was making Money. If they made that money in the slow season I could only imagine what they made in the busy season. I am just a customer but would like the same treatment I use to recieve and would like the trash driven out. It is very unprofessional to see half of the staff that are running the joint outside where anyone could see them smoking Marijuana with the friggin DANCERS! My Friends and I will bring our money elsewhere until things change and I will be sure to tell others the same..

  60. popssucks

    maybe if half the girls in there weren’t busy trying to fuck the manager, maybe they could make some money, but instead all they can do is whine. i think the customers should take a look back to a year ago when not all the girls where messed up on drugs and the staff was great. does anyone even know what exotic dancing is anymore? they just can’t be there trying to make money for bills, their there to make money to support their habbits, so don’t waste your money or time at this fucking club…some people are still trying to make a real living so i wish girls would stop being whores!

  61. Tinker

    Dirty, Rundown, terrible service, crappy dj’s. No outstanding girls. Not worth the trip.

  62. To:Ryan

    Next time ur out back smoking a blunt with Cashmere or Lala! Which I think is a huge waste of good weed! Ask yourself this question. How Bad am I suckin at my job right now! With you ur 5 light bulbs on stage, adam, angelo, Dan & joe suckin as management! Your Dj’s playin slow ass party killin music just 2 please ur drugged out ho’s! Best club in pasco? Fuckin really?

  63. THOR aka Ryan

    If u got something to say about any one that works there and u got the balls say it to them and u lil pussys i dare u to try me. And this is the best f-ing club it pasco!!!

  64. Dre

    lolli, lolli, lolli love to see them pop that body. This is a great place for people of all walks to hang out. Something for everybody.

  65. kashmeir

    I dont know why your running me and the other ladys in the ground like you are but I do know that all that talk your talking is bullshit! Me or any of the ladys in lollipops have never been aloud to do drugs of any kind in or outside of the club! and if they are seen doing drugs they are fiered right away. Is that what happened to you? Did they see you sniffing roxys and kicked your ass out of lollipops for good and now your crying. Look there is no resone why your talking so much shit about this club. I love this club and wont work at any other one around.

  66. Lil Mo

    Good time at this place. Needs to be cleaned though.

  67. Josh

    Tiny but nice.

  68. Bobby

    Great girles love this place

  69. Myter

    what a bunch of Stoned out!, druged out!, drunken!, Prima donna bitches! My friends and I pulled into a parking space Sat. nite. The three strippers in the car next to us were smoking dope! Later we saw their stoned ass on stage talking to the Dj for a song and a half. One came to our table all she did was bitch about the manager Joe, the dj, & the bartender. We left! Won’t be back.

  70. Not2Bad

    But Brass is better.


    First of all lala hasnt worked there in 3 or 4 months and i see u still talkin smack over the computer but not sayin anything to a face and for the record the night shift is the best in north pasco and if u think it is such a bad club y do we still have the best partys on friday and saturday night with the best managment and dj’s

  72. Rocky

    All around a good place to hang.

  73. to OMG!!

    management has no balls? wich managers are you talking about? how would u rate from best to worst with the managers? just curiuos?

  74. Lapdance guy

    This club has the best dance prices in the Tampa bay area. $20 dances with 2-4-1 dance specials all night. Champagne room is only $75 for 15 mins. This club is a bit run down, but if you go to clubs for dances, then get to this club asap before they raise their prices.

  75. BitchBeGone

    Joe & Angelo needed to be gone. They both suck as managers. Angelo has got to be one of the worst Dj’s I’ve ever heard. Dan would be a good manager but ownership won’t let him do shit! Adam promotes underage drinking and drug use. That’s how he keeps the drugged out whores happy. Ryan smoked sold and traded more dope than anyone there. So from what I hear on the street. Ya got Preacher, John, and derek all sellin drugs out the box! If your lookin for drugs this is the place. If your lookin 4 a safe place 2 have agood time. Go somwhere else.

  76. Brandy

    Killa tracks, Hot chicks, Sports on TV. Vote for preacher

    Dj of the year! He rocks!

  77. Chacka

    Smokin place on Sat night

  78. Gettin

    I was outside with Cashmere gettin high last night. The thought occured to me. Why don’t you have like a bring a blunt get in free night. Or a Crush the Oxy race! Or wear your t shirt get a roxy free. Or Qp night. Quater Pound gets ya sucked and fucked in the private zone. Just a thought.

  79. Kamisha

    When I walked in & saw white boy dj, I though I ain’t never gonna hear no good shit. But white boy know his shit y’all. he kicked it all night long. Preacher he the best! But the others r good Two. For the best in rap and Hip Hop this is the best.

  80. bob
  81. SMOOTH


  82. YoungBlood

    Wouldn’t go anywhere else yo! Love gettin high out back with the girls! keep up the good work yo!

  83. Lovette

    I love cummin here it really makes my day.

  84. chuck

    not good at all

  85. Jaime

    I have a great time here.

  86. Frank

    Preacher Rules! Vote for him for dj of the year.

  87. Nice

    Nice little club. The dj is funny as fuck. Big part of the entertainment.

  88. Rj

    Just wanted to drop by and say what an awesome little club this is. Had a great time 9/18. Will be back. Highly recomened.

  89. Diamond Dolls Daytona

    We are looking for quality, high class entertainers for our brand new, upscale club, Diamond Dolls of Daytona. Speedweek and the Daytona 500 is next week and Daytona Bike Week, is the end of Feb. ph# is 386-255-3654 for info.

  90. 5

    5 Light bulbs! had an awesome time here.

  91. Preacher fan

    Preacher is wihout a doubt one of the finest Human beings I have ever met in all my travels. Vote for him for Dj of the year.

  92. Blake

    I have been in lollipops 6 or 7 times in the past 3 month and I just love it. it has changed for the better about time and the women they have in there are the best alround!

    what a nice place.

  93. babytears

    its sexy

  94. Old Customer/New Club

    Have you seen this place in the last month. The new choices in staff has started a frenzy of good times, great music, Hot young girls, & new barsataff.I cant wait to see what the new bartender Kelly,Manager Chris,& D.J. Loren have in store for this place in the future. Way to go Lollypops!

  95. to omg u lil ho

    But the question is can u pass the same test u lil ho-bag if u haten this much u must have been fired but if u think u strong enough come up to the club and say it to my face or r u banded from the club for using drugs or selling so unless u say it to my face shut yo smack up wit this high school drama

  96. DAVE G


  97. Lets

    See! Ryan’s not on the floor. I’m callin Cashmere to the stage 4 the sixth time! Dan’s in the office playin solitare on the computer. But no one knows Cashmere is out back smokin pot with Ryan? hummmmmmmm? ok! sure! High school drama? How bout real life POS! Piece of shit! You suck!

  98. Don't

    believe blake! This place is a dump! A gang infested whore house! Gun fire in the parking lot! Drug use inside and out side! Hater? I’m not tryin 2 b a hater! I am a hater! And I know the truth about Diamond,Delisa,Cashmere,Serenity,Lala and the rest. So please save it!

  99. Tayla

    Nice little club. keep up the good work guys.

  100. Don'tBother

    I don’t bother going into lolliflops any more. the real party is in the parking lot.

  101. Anthony

    Place looks great,Many changes,new girls,management,Gonna have to add lollipops to my list of regular stops.



  103. mr. baby wipe

    great bar and sexy girls go check it out

  104. Rich

    I hear the new Vip cards entitle you to one free trip to the blunt lounge with the girl of your choice. Is this true? Any info?

  105. Sngl

    There can be only one! Lollipops! This is a really great place to hang out.

  106. jay

    it sucks

  107. NoDoubt!

    There’s just no doubt! There is no other club like it. You got to see it to believe it! Go there! Trust me you will not be disappointed!

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