2360 East International Speedway Boulevard, DeLand, FL 32724


29.064776, -81.259106




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Softtails

  1. Nick
  2. Sarah
  3. Roger

    The girls are beautiful and very friendly. The VIPs are full contact and well worth the visit.

  4. Jay Z
  5. Mitch

    Love the new girls…..

  6. Leslie
  7. Neil

    It’s been written here before why does this place always need help. They can’t keep any employees. Yeah it’s clean but when you have no customers there’s no mess to need cleaning. Don’t waste your time or money!

  8. Butch

    Great Club, beautiful girls.

    Very clean and classy.

  9. JOKE

    The owner is still writting comments to get people to his “upscale” club! If this place was so great why does he have to post ads 4 times a week for evry position. Wonder when the lady GM is going to get tired of training new staff and then watching them get fired or quit after 2 weeks.

  10. fred
  11. Shya
  12. Tim

    Well I have to admit you guys won. You really are the best club around. PinUps really sucked, I got thrown out twice and now I’m out of business just like you predicted….

  13. Jen
  14. Heather

    Love the new furniture, the new VIP rooms, the new DJ booth and the new lighting. This is becoming one hell of a club and a great place to work.

  15. dj a:
  16. Martin
  17. Frank
  18. Dickie
  19. A tourist

    Had a good time here a couple of years ago, but this time was a big disappointment. The girls

    dance fully clothed here now. Went on a Monday night and was charged a $10 cover. Sat and had

    2 beers while watching 4 dancers in bikinis take turns on the stage, none of them approached me

    to say hello. Quality of the girls was pretty low. Go to Hooters, it is better than this and you will

    get some food for your money too!

  20. Joyce

    Two Thumbs up. You guys are the greatest. Will be there for bike week to make lots of $$$$.

  21. From Orlando

    WOW! This club is hot. They have some of the most exotic girls I’ve seen in Central Florida like Ava and Danica. The best part is that they are totally nude in the VIP rooms. Check out Ava’s and Danica’s firm bodies and expecially their boobs. It can’t get any hotter.

  22. Pete

    Wonderful ladies at this club. The VIP’s are well worth the price of admission.

  23. Feel This
  24. John
  25. Current Employee

    Love to read all the hate mail from the jerks who have nothing better to do than vent their frustrations on this site. This is a great club. Idiots cannot change that.

  26. Stan
  27. Mr. Meoff
  28. Joe
  29. Jon

    The club gets better and better each time I visit.

  30. Feeling It
  31. Harry
  32. Darla

    Very sexy bartenders. I want to take Kristana home with me!!!

  33. Norman
  34. Kim

    Wow, this place is amazing, love the new look.

  35. Ralph

    The place was jammed during Race Week. Had a great time and girls were fantastic. Will be back next year for sure. Nicest club in the area.

  36. gentelmen
  37. Scott

    I’m from an area where we have some nice clubs and some dives. This was my first visit to Soft Tails. I read the usual hype and had heard some good things but decided to find out for myself. This is a very nice club and I enjoyed myself. As advertised, it is clean and upscale, the girls are very hot and plentiful, the staff friendly, and the music great. The air was fresh and the furniture clean and comfortable, not the usual cheap wood chairs or old ripped couches. I thought the lighting was a bit dark, but the music videos were a lot of fun and the DJ was excellent, The VIPS that I had with several of the girls were up close and personal and the songs were not cut short. The girls were very pleasant and pretty and were not pushy at all. The managers , door staff and bartenders seem to be right on top of it all. I have been to a lot of clubs and this one stands out as being very well run. Keep up the good work. I will definitely be back.

  38. JC
  39. Ex Employee

    It’s a shame that the owner of this place has run it into the ground. All he cares about is trying to hookup with all the new hires. He’s so disgusting that he has to pay for their time. There is not enough money in this world for me to lower my standards.

  40. Just Visiting

    Was in Orlando on business but drove up to Deland because I prefer nude clubs over topless. Visited on a slow Saturday night, about 10-12 dancers and maybe 30-40 or so patrons at the busiest point in the evening. The club is not very big but clean and nice, the only downer being the cheap patio furniture which was not at all comfortable. Reasonable cover and drink prices. The girls are beautiful and sexy, natural, light on the tattoos and piercings, and not a loser in the bunch. A few got nude on stage, others played peek-a-boo. $20 for topless private, $25 nude. I had a nice time with a new dancer named Nadia, nude for three songs. The DJ kept things lively considering the light crowd, good music mix, and the manager did a good job handling the guy who climbed on stage. Overall a very good club I would go back to.

  41. Lew
  42. Osama
  43. Dave

    Very nice club, beautiful girls.

  44. Dick H.
  45. Joseph
  46. Tony
  47. Roy

    Came in for the races and had a great time. Mona is super hot. Best VIP I ever had.

  48. Vince
  49. Ginger
  50. Jake

    Was fantastic on Friday Night, 25 girls were rocking the place out. Best club in the area.

  51. Bart

    I really like this place….

  52. troy
  53. Shane

    This is one of my favorite places to visit after work. I stop in, have a beer and I’m hassled by too many girls to do much more than that. There were a few that were overbearing about the dances, and others that just want to complain about their own problems. Once you figure out which girls do what, you really start to get to know the “real” girls. Those are the ones that keep me coming back.

  54. dj a
  55. Tito

    Aside from the heavy cigarette smoke, this was an excellent place to blow $200.00.

    Girls are friendly and patient with newbies. It was a turn on for the girls to be polite to talk to you a little and say thankyou after you pay them.

  56. Unspecified

    Was there last night. The ladies were pleasant and all seemed to be smiling through the night. The dancers were topless on stage, and would do full nude private dances. Very clean and upstanding atmosphere, no funny business to worry about. The owner was there as were several bouncers all maintaining a good wholesome atmosphere. Ladies were for the most part very attractive (several 9’s and 10’s), although as with any strip club, a couple ugly ducklings (5’s & 6’s) did work their way in. Bartenders were better looking than the average, but the best looking lady in the place was the cocktail waitress (too bad she wasn’t dancing, I would have loved to get a dance from her!)

    I will be back!

  57. Jay

    Great Club.

  58. Lou
  59. Paul
  60. Brandon
  61. Rory

    Hey, you guys rock!

  62. Adam
  63. Alan
  64. Dan
  65. HarleyMD
  66. The Rabbi
  67. Jack

    One of the best kept secrets around….I’m a convert.

  68. John an Debbie
  69. D
  70. Seth
  71. Peter

    First timer here. Had a great time. The ladies are really beautiful. All are 10’s.

  72. BlueRob
  73. Levon

    I had a great time. Thanks, Sparkle!

  74. Scotty

    laffing at Michael its clean cuz no one goes there

  75. Elvis
  76. Joey
  77. ricky
  78. Bob

    Nice club.

  79. rickd

    The club is about 50 Minutes north of Orlando and well worth

    the drive! It is a locals bar but most everybody is friendly. The

    girls were rating from a 6 upto a perfect body 10. There was

    about 10 to 15 girls and they are not aggresive. The club is not

    flashy but the service is second to none. Dances are $20 for

    topless and $25 for full nude in a booth. You will not be

    dissapointed! GREAT CLUB!!!

  80. Phil

    Just stopped by from Orlando. Fantastic Club, will be back!

  81. Hank
  82. Izzie

    Love you Soft Tails!!!!

  83. Max
  84. BadAss

    Great Club. Had an awesome time.

  85. Adam:
  86. Dale
  87. Barry

    Great Club

  88. Kris P.

    I’m sure that I’m going to have to put a star here I don’t want to give them a star because they’re not worth it me and two of my girlfriends went yesterday to go to the strip club we walked in and because they told us we did not have a male with us we could not go inside what kind of shit is that its a strip club you weren’t busy and you’re going to turn away people I don’t agree with that it’s your rule welcome pretty stupid rule if you ask me my friends and I will never go back so unless they change how they work we will never be back in their establishment didn’t even get to go in good luck on being the number one establishment in Volusia County cause it’s as right now your establishment sucks

  89. Darren
  90. Katie

    I went into this club to see if I could work..the club looked ok from where I was standing but..the door man Cute as hell, wouldn’t let me in the club to check it out..he said I have to fill out an application first and if I wanted to go in its a 3 drink min..ok what the hell kinda club is won’t get this service in any other club. I believe he was a little nervous about my breasts kinda big I guess thats all he kept on doing was staring. I found that to be funny..but the club what I saw of it looked ok..I just wanted to see the stage..I’m a great dancer and need room cause I dance all over the floor..I entertain I’m not just going to sit I’m going to enetertain you gentlemen…anyways..I will be calling this club to see why this HOTT door guy was all up in my tits..LOL

  91. Randi

    Heard great things about this club. Will be by this week to check it out.

  92. Maurie
  93. chris

    naked girls is a plus

  94. Michael
  95. Frankie
  96. Jaimie
  97. J.P.

    Wow, Karma is a bitch isn’t it?

  98. Jerome
  99. mad maxx
  100. Don
  101. Greg
  102. Chrissy

    Thanks Softtails. Had a great race week and made lots of money. The girls were wonderful and everyone was super friendly. Will be back for bike week. xoxoxox

  103. Dale jr.
  104. Tara
  105. Steve

    This club is brand new inside. Great job to whoever redesigned the club. Awesome. Fawn you are amazing and are now my new favorite. So beautiful and tiny. Thanks for the awesome Champagne room. Best 30 minutes I have ever had in a club environment. Thanks honey.

  106. Dirty Dan
  107. George S.

    This club has a lot of locals unlike the tourist oriented crowd of Daytona. Kinda like the Cheers of strip clubs. They all know your name. Its laid back & has a friendly staff. Its not the trashy biker bar it used to be under the old management. Its much cleaner & classier looking. That includes the girls.

  108. Jaimie:
  109. Rod

    Nice club, classy ladies.

  110. Carl

    Beautiful girls, great dances.

  111. Karma

    great club so great that they got their window smashed, so much for the hospitality the owner is afriad and carries a gun in the club.

  112. Adam H.
  113. Keith

    This club is off the charts.

  114. Tori
  115. Ron

    I agree Bob, great club and lots of fun. This was my first time here. Excellent VIPs and the drink prices are reasonable.

  116. Stain
  117. Brad

    There was a really hot little blonde and really hot little asian chick that were my favorites. They really knew how to please me.

  118. Teebow
  119. Hal
  120. dane
  121. Justin

    Can anyone tell me what happened to this club. Use to be fun and packed on a friday night. Drove by around 11:30 5 cars in the lot, what a shame

  122. Ex Customer

    Will never go back to this dump. Owner is a Jackass. Girls are all disgusting.

  123. Trixy
  124. Mac

    This is the best club in the area. Don’t waste your time going all the way to Daytona. The girls are really down to earth and beautiful. Had a great time.

  125. Jeff
  126. Johnny
  127. Leo
  128. Artie
  129. Alex

    You are my favorite club!!!

  130. Sasha
  131. Sam
  132. Heinrick
  133. Cindy
  134. Mike:
  135. Mack

    Best club in the area. Nicest and prettiest girls and great atmosphere.

  136. Izzie??

    Thats a funny comment from Izzie she doesnt work there cause of the outrages fine

  137. Jessup
  138. mike
  139. Dean
  140. Duke

    Love JJ.

  141. Sherman
  142. TJ

    Jade and Star are super sexxy….

  143. Jesse

    I am a club regular. I can’t help myself because my truck always pulls off the road and parks itself whenever I drive by Soft Tails and then it throws me out…so what can I say: This is my favorite place. I have a great time everytime. There are a few places left aroud where I can honestly say that I feel at home — but this is one of them.

  144. No Fun

    No fun, high priced, 3 not so hot girls, a bar not a UpScale Club, bad music, poor lights, un-friendly. Save your money and go some place else.

  145. AJ
  146. Leopold M.
  147. Willie
  148. winston12

    I would give this place negative stars if I could! I went in there, wife and I paid the outrageous cover charge. Sit down and all of the girls are hanging out at the bar together. Nobody on stage nobody walking around. Even after sitting at the table for a while nobody approached us. Wife actually had to go say something to an employee to even get the girls to start dancing. Not only that they were damn ugly too! I would stay far away from this place and I personally will never visit again!

  149. Abdul
  150. Jamal
  151. Yentel
  152. Columbusman

    Went to 4 Daytona area clubs on a recent visit, and this is definately the one I

    would go back to. It is quite run down and crappy inside, but the girls are very

    friendly and the private dances will leave you a happy man

  153. Stephanie
  154. Al

    Fantastic club, great girls.

  155. Steve Q
  156. Allen
  157. Ben
  158. Tom

    I agree with my buddie Brad. A group of us came down for Biketoberfest. We wanted to have fun but most of the Daytona Beach strip clubs were topless only. Some locals turned us on to Soft Tails. We were surprised to find such a decent club with HOT girls out in the middle of nowhere. We went back several times. Most of the girls were a 7 or better. Toxic and Danica were sexy dancers with smoking hot bodies and really hot in the VIP rooms. Totally delicious. drool drool drool Oh, and don’t forget Star. Way HOT. This is definitely the place to go if you are ever in Daytona Beach. We can’t wait for Bike Week. Thanks for the GREAT time girls.

  159. Terry
  160. Will

    The new girls are very sexxy.

  161. Harrison69

    Me and my fiancé, and two best friends got to this place at 11pm, on my bday. A Saturday night. Paid our $48 total cover, and asked if it was a strip club or a bar. We asked because no one was there. The pole was empty. He assured us it was a great gentlemans club. We were the only 4 people in there. We ordered two beers and two waters ($19). Set there for about 20 minutes talking about car insurance. No dancers ever came out. We left and were denied refund for our cover. Never ever ever ever again.

  162. Andy

    Great club with very friendly staff.

  163. Kevin

    The wet t shirt night last sunday was lots of fun. Thanks for a great evening. Very hot girls….

  164. Rob

    This is an awesome club. We had a bachelor party there and had a great time. Much better than the clubs in Daytona and the girls are very friendly and hot. If you have some time, check them out, you will not be dissapointed.

  165. Val

    If you know so much about Tim you must have been one of his clients which fits your name “John”. Passed by the club on my way to clubs that treat you right and there were only 5 cars parked in front. So really nothing has changed at this dumb!!!

  166. cody
  167. Clyde
  168. Jim
  169. KEN
  170. doug
  171. clubber69
  172. Ted
  173. DJ
  174. Charlie S.
  175. Burnie

    Nice little local club, and a good value.

  176. JGM
  177. Chuck

    Great Halloween Party guys….

  178. Dick
  179. pedro
  180. Robert S.

    Just a “10” baby.

  181. Up Chuck
  182. shawn
  183. Orlando Eddie
  184. Neal

    Was in this place last week with some friends and the owner came up and acted like a total jackass. We will never be back and make sure we tell everyone we know not to come here as well.

  185. Staci and Tom

    We love you Soft Tails and can’t wait for the XXX-Mas party.

  186. Quagmire
  187. R
  188. Richard
  189. first time here

    best in the orlando/daytona beach area by far!

  190. Ray
  191. Wes

    it’s a good club!

  192. Bill

    Just found out about this club. What a gem. Lots of great girls and the vip dances are awesome!

  193. David

    im what you would call a club regular. so i know what im talking about when i tell you, you must get a dance from jade and toxic. that is where you’ll get your moneys worth!

  194. George
  195. Lee
  196. Candy

    Best club in the area for bike week! Will be back next year.

  197. Jerry
  198. Evan
  199. jessie
  200. Fantasy

    This is one of the best clubs to work at for race week and bike week. They are very busy and you can make a lot of $$$. Ask for Denny or Jim if interested.

  201. Mary

    Excellent upscale Gentlemen’s & Ladies club. Nicest in the area with the prettiest and friendliest entertainers and very friendly staff. This club has a lot of regulars and is very clean and classy. There were 17 girls there when I went on a Friday night.

  202. Blake from Orlando

    Upscale but not pretentious- friendly and relaxed. Definitely worth the trip. TGIF

  203. Pat

    Nice club.

  204. costumer
  205. Ariana

    I love working here. You are the best!!!

  206. C.J.
  207. Larry

    Had a great time – will definately be back!

  208. Mickey
  209. Glen
  210. Marchello

    Beautiful club. As good as what we have back in Ontario.

  211. Marshall

    Fantastic club. Had a great time there on Friday night.

  212. Stella

    Great Club and very clean….

  213. richie

    just wanted to congratulate jackie and the old man on how well they have done with the club. the club looks great and so do their girls

  214. Tommy

    Dont like this place to much but, its not bad i would much rather go to Daytona Beach clubs like Lollipops and Molly Brown’s.

  215. Earl

    Lisa and Vickie are stunning. Two of the most beautiful bartenders I have ever seen.

  216. Robert

    Yeah, the new girls are hot!!!

  217. Richard

    Best club in Deland. We went this past weekend (Sat night) and had an amazing time. Very clean and upscale.

  218. mark
  219. Emanuelle

    I agree with Heather, the new decor is wonderful and the girls are beautiful. My bf and I are now ‘regulars’.

  220. Rick

    Very upscale. Beautiful dancers and great personalities.

  221. feel 4 yall

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