Diamond Dolls Gentleman’s Club



16361 US Highway 19 North, Clearwater, FL 33764


27.9215952, -82.7301551




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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In addition to our beautiful girls on stage, a private dance is always available for you. Enjoy a dance were you and your favorite girl dance together to romantic music in a intimate, private area of our club. Let the beautiful girl of your choice give you a close personal dance you will never forget. Throughout your stay we will offer you dance specials that are sure to please. Private Dances cost $30 an Private Couch Room V.I.P. Dances are $105 for 15 minutes or $190 for 1/2 hour and $290 for a hour. Bottle Service Available. Free Lunch Buffet starting at Noon and 1/2 Price Beers/Drinks and Shots 12pm – 9pm http://www.FaceBook.com/DiamondDollsClearwater


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689 reviews for “Diamond Dolls Gentleman’s Club

  1. K-522

    Simply amazing. The girls were everything. Will be returning without a doubt!

  2. Russell Edmonds R i P

    Russ the DJ has passed away. Diamond Dolls is having a Fund Raising Event Saturday November 17th, 2012 at 1pm. Free Food. Can’t make it, donate at RussellEdmonds dot org

  3. Zander

    Always a good time.

  4. JD and Fran

    Couples night is lots of fun. Lots of couples. We go there almost every Saturday night.

  5. Shaun

    That club was slammin on Saturday Night, I had a great time.

  6. Mike and Sally

    We have been going to Diamond Dolls Saturday nights for couples night. Lots of couples and lots of fun.

  7. Chris

    Great Club, another club must be posting negative shit to this site.

  8. Shelly

    love working at this club, everyone is nice, lots of customers.

  9. Russ

    Standing room only friday afternoon, this club had some gorgeous women and kick ass specials.

  10. HurricaneMatthew

    what a great place to ride the bad weather out, love you guys

  11. Hank Johnson

    This club rocks!!!! My favorite dancers are Mons and Veneris. Can’t wait to return!!!

  12. Frank

    Diamond Dolls Christmas party is open to the Public. 8pm Dec 18th till 2am. Join us.

  13. Top Two

    Nightmoves Magazine Ranked Diamond Dolls as 1 of the Top 2 Topless Clubs in Pinellas County, Excellent News!

  14. Doug

    Free food every day, I am so there

  15. Mark

    Club looks great and has a great vibe!

  16. Ben

    V.I.P. Dances are $90 for 15 minutes, and I make sure to tip so it is worth it. πŸ™‚

  17. Percy

    really nice club. women are super friendly.

  18. gty
  19. Keith

    I enjoyed Diamond Dolls, have almost everytime I went there over the last 20 years.

  20. Roxanne

    Has to be one of the Best clubs in central florida, I love working at Diamond Dolls.

  21. Layla

    I’m Back at Diamond Dolls, Love it here and vacation was great. come in and see me please. πŸ™‚

  22. Robin

    very good club.

  23. Bill

    Nice Club.

  24. Yelp

    Best Way to Get Over a Women is to Get under Another !!

  25. Mitch

    me and my friends had a good time.

  26. Kenny

    Kick ass Staff and Good Looking Women, love the club..

  27. Stormy

    Lovin Diamond Dolls, come see me.

  28. Junior

    good club…highly recommend

  29. Tony

    good club, great girls, no high pressure sales. πŸ™‚

  30. Rain or Shine

    This place is open and you can beat the heat any day of the

    week, happy ending with uber.

  31. Walker

    It is a long drive but worth it for the girls

  32. Grant

    Great club. Like cheers with Tits and Ass. Woo Hoo !!

  33. DiamondDolls

    Open Noon with Happy Hour until 8 pm

  34. Tyler

    Everyday at 12:30 I go in, order a water, eat lunch and leave. No one ever says anything negative to me. Two Thumbs up, with my fork in hand.

  35. Freedom

    Happy 4th of July !! See you July 5th for the 1/2 Price Drinks, beers, shots all day and night.

  36. Cliff

    club overall is very nice, the dance area isn’t all that, but the vip rooms have nice couch’s and the girls are real friendly.

  37. Party

    Thanks for the great time last nite.

  38. BucFan

    You gotta love the $2 Tuesday promo!! Cold $2 beer and hot young ladies all night long! An excellent combination!

  39. Sammie

    What a nice club and super staff. Just got in town from Kansas and love it.

  40. Timothy

    excellent club with fair prices and hot chicks.

  41. Justin

    Man, 1/2 Drinks Rock, I love Mondays at Diamond Dolls !!

  42. Genesis

    Chastity was picked Girl of the Month “Dayshift”. Good for her, she deserves it. Congrats to Candy for getting girl of the month “Night Shift” !! You go girls.

  43. gg
  44. Tom

    had fun, nice girls, good tunes

  45. Arnie

    really nice club, I had a wonderful time.

  46. Carlos

    very nice place.

  47. Daniel

    i like the overall setup of this club, that stage is nice and the v.i.p. rooms are really private.

  48. Albert

    We went to the DD Friday night. The place was rockin. Lots of energetic music and a ton of girls.

  49. dl
  50. Ted

    Incredible Club, High Energy, Low Prices, this place has it all.

  51. Liz

    I went to Diamond Dolls last night to meet my husband and some friends. I arrived early and asked if I could enter the club and wait for them. They let me in even though I was a single female. The Manager came over to me and reassured me I was welcome. Much ro my surprise. This club is very nice. We had a great time.

  52. Blake

    the girl I sat with had a great personality, and the dance was very good also, thank you heather.

  53. Hardcore harry
  54. OpenMemorialDay

    Open All Weekend and Memorial Day Noon to 3 am.

  55. Trevor

    Biker Friendly Bar, Hog or Crotch Rocket, had fun just drinking red bull.

  56. Fetish Luv

    I cannot wait till the Fetish Party next thursday, Diamond Dolls Rocks.

  57. Rumor

    Glad to be back, love all the improvments done to the place. Thanks to the girls for such a warm welcome.

    Rumor xoxoxo

  58. Tommy B

    I Love this club.

  59. K Dog

    really nice club

  60. Santa

    Hmmm, Naughty is Nice. πŸ™‚

  61. Cody

    Very Nice Club to work at.

  62. Allen

    really cool club, 18 and up is the part I like.

  63. Mike T

    Diamond Dolls has to be one of the best clubs in florida.

  64. alfred

    I think diamond dolls is a great place to chill.

  65. Oscar

    fine club, not to stuffy, yet totally classy.

  66. Jim
  67. bobby

    incredible little strip club, even if you don’t get dances, the girls will stay and talk for awhile.

  68. Ric
  69. nate

    really nice big club, i score them 9 out of 10.

  70. Skip

    Hot club. Gorgeous girls.

  71. rocks!

    great club this club rocks!

  72. Party on
  73. NMAEA

    Diamond Dolls is up for Best Topless Club 2008. Ranked in the Top 4. Great Club !!! See you at the Awards Show.

  74. Al

    We all go to the DD Tuesday nights. Almost everything is $2. Lots of fun. Busy for a Tuesday.

  75. Jackson

    First time at Diamond Dolls. The place is very nice. Lots of beautiful girls.

  76. Open 6pm Thanksgiving

    No Cover and 1/2 Beers, Drinks, Shots

  77. Ed

    I like the free food and drink prices during the day, i dont know about thier nite shift, i havent been in.

  78. 1stFriday

    Just had the time of my life in this joint. The ladies are hot and friendly and it was packed, nice friday watering hole.

  79. Megan

    My 1st Day at Diamond Dolls and I worked dayshift, walking out with around $100 bucks an hours. I recommend any girls looking for a nice club to work at, give them a call. Hell I didn’t even try to hustle, it was really nice.

  80. Jay

    I think Diamond Dolls is just fine. I really had fun.

  81. tyrone

    really good club, love the ladies!!

  82. Corey

    clubs a rockin, that place rocks.

  83. Louis

    What a great time we had, this club is awesome.

  84. Kevin

    great club, girls are wild….

  85. Lilly

    Superb Place to work. I Love it at Diamond Dolls. I worked a mid Shift and made mad cash. Hell Yeah!!!!!!

  86. Jonny

    This club has a relaxed and comfortable feel to it. Lots of sweet girls. Cool bartenders too!

  87. roadway inn

    fun club, like the fact i dont have to drink and drive.

  88. sss
  89. Tobin

    1/2 price drinks til 8pm can’t be touched at any other strip club, diamond dolls gets my vote.

  90. Rebecca

    Great Club, I Really Love working Here. This Place Rocks.

  91. Veronica

    Great club

  92. Dorian

    My bachelor party at Diamond Dolls was sooo awesome.

    Thanks DD.

  93. Aaron

    one of the nicest clubs in the area.

  94. Anton

    dayshift is totally different than nightshift, but both are really nice.

  95. Jeramy

    This is club has the best drinks out there.

  96. Samuel

    diamond dolls is a very nice club, i stop in once a week.

  97. Rufus

    This Club has it all, loved it!!!

  98. Jack

    great club, plenty of girls friday night, and all were very friendly.

  99. Dani

    I love dancing to country music, come see me on dayshift.

  100. William

    Very good Club, only club with food at night in pinellas. love the place.

  101. Wayne

    fun place to party had a good time.

  102. Morgan

    I haven’t seen diamond dolls this busy in months, love the new DJ. Also, I like diamond dolls myspace page, thats how I found out about Strip Club List.

  103. Eddie from Montana

    where’s the fat girls, i walked in an and all the girls were skinny, not 1 over 130lbs. sheesh, what happened to variety?

  104. Hank

    highly recommend this club…great drinks.

  105. Densel

    Club is very nice, s for things have changed for the better thats for sure.

  106. et
  107. BestoftheBest

    When it comes to Pinellas County, I can always count on a good time at DD.

  108. Harvey

    club opens at noon but seems to get off to a slow start, i would suggest going in atleast 30 minutes after they open.

  109. DJWicked

    Love this club, was in the Booth back in the early 200’s.

  110. Reuben

    4pm and 10:30pm are the 2 primetime hours to go to this club, enogh time for a good buzz and the best selection of strippers.

  111. Kitchen Open

    Diamond Dolls kitchen is now open with a all new staff and menu, you can see the menu from thier web site, prices of the food have dropped, taste has improved, you can even order it to go. Also, mention StripClubList.com and get in FREE on Sunday Night.


    Kitchen Manager

  112. Josh

    Tuesday’s are kickin ass, keep it guy’s.

  113. John D

    Nice Club. Very friendly staff.

  114. Tommie

    Best topless club around here.

  115. Nite Out

    Great Club, Love 1/2 Price Drink Monday…. Have a Great Superbowl !!

  116. Alec

    Charisma is incredible, get a chance, get her in the champagne room.

  117. WDT
  118. Boner

    I Love this Club

  119. der
  120. Hogger 666


  121. Thomas

    had a good time at this club, worth checking out.

  122. Jimmy

    They have the best day D.J I have ever heard. The girls are incredible. 5 Stars.

  123. Hank J.

    This club rocks!!!! My favorite dancers are Mons and Veneris. Can’t wait to return!!!

  124. Adam

    i think diamond dolls is a good club, and i think daisy is beautiful.

  125. Alea

    Diamond Dolls Christmas Party Dec 18th, come see me.

  126. erd
  127. Da Candyman

    I Love Diamond Dolls and want to thank them for supporting local artist. I have a great time in the club and the women are beautiful..

  128. Andrew

    Checked out the club, and it was really cool. check it out.

  129. Wally

    I use to run the hotdog girls in this county, and diamond dolls was my main recruiting grounds, the chicks are always hot.

  130. Destiny

    really nice place. couples night was slammin.

  131. Keith

    this club is great, you can come in and be yourself, it is a public club with lots of private shit.

  132. Smokey

    Damn, I had a blast the other night, Ashley has 1 great ass, she has my vote.

  133. PATRON

    Im a local music artis and i love this club girls are great

  134. ll
  135. Great Place

    Great Place to get Drunk and Play with Strippers.

  136. Val

    Go Rays !!! Thanks to Diamond Dolls for giving us a great place to watch the game.

  137. Fred

    Another great time at Diamond Dolls

  138. Expert

    Enjoyablw and Pleasing.

  139. Jess

    If you love strippers, you will love diamond dolls !!

  140. Matthew

    Love the club, I have definatly been alot worse ones.

  141. Ray

    Outstanding !!!

  142. Monique

    Mention Strip Club List and get in free on Sundays.

  143. Doug

    Love the Club

  144. Jay

    I think this club has the potential to stay #1 for years to come, sometimes the prettiest clubs are not the most enjoyable.

  145. Lance

    Got the post from diamond dolls myspace, and this site is bad ass. diamond dolls is one of the nicest clubs in clearwater, and this site rocks.

  146. thomps
  147. Peter and Adam

    We go to Diamond Dolls every Friday night. Having been to all the other clubs in the area. Diamond Dolls is the most classy in the area. We recommend you try it and see for yourself.

  148. Drama Dolls

    I go weekly to this place and I have a good time. I Don’t care what anyone else thinks, I know how I am treated and it is good.

  149. ert
  150. Local101

    Great Club, picks up around 2:30pm and continues into the night. Sometimes I go early though, I like the free lunch.

  151. Dave

    Day DJ should be up for DJ of the Year.

  152. Chuck

    Diamond Dolls is very nice, like home away from home.

  153. Trey

    damn, just left diamond dolls, this club has some super hot girls, and they dont seem to be all strung out.

  154. Real Talk

    This club is okay, but it doesn’t even compare to Talk of the Town in Las Vegas. That club is what every club should aspire to be.

  155. Dylan

    enjoyed the half price drinks and free food, good club to visit.

  156. Nicolette

    Diamond Dolls is the Best!! Love the club..

  157. First Timer

    Nice club, will be back

  158. Felicia

    I’m back at d-d, come in and see me.


  159. J Miller

    what beautiful women this club has, wow! gotta check it out for yourself.

  160. Joe

    Great club. Fun place to be. Lots of good looking girls.

  161. 7DaysaWeek

    1/2 Price Beers, Drinks and Shots until 8 p.m., 3 a.m on Mondays. Great Place.

  162. Ashley

    Ashley’s Back and Better than Ever.

  163. CC

    Always a top club

  164. Stan

    Absolutly Great Club !!!!

  165. Heather

    I’m Back at Diamond Dolls, Dayshift. Come see me… Heather

  166. Peter and Jane

    We go tho Diamond Dolls Sat nights as a couple. Lots of couples on Saturdays. Lots of fun.

  167. fre
  168. Derrick

    Food is awesome,Girls are great, Dances in the V.i.P. Room are the Best !!

  169. sam

    great club, when they going to bring back customer appreciation days, i miss those.

  170. Ritchie

    Best Night out in a Long time and Diamond Dolls was very nice to us.

  171. HappyHourEndsat9again

    So for Fall 2018 we got tired of every club using our Happy Hours, so we are giving you the extra Hour back, Happy Hour from Noon – 9 p.m 1/2 off Drinks !!!

  172. Frankie

    Nice club. No pressure. Very relaxing friendly atmosphere.

  173. Paul

    This club has it’s shit together when it comes to strip clubs and being entertained. It has like a locals bar feel with strippers everywhere.

  174. Hungry

    Excellent New Free Buffet made in house fresh daily Monday thru Sat Noon till 5pm. Come meet our new Chef Mike.

  175. Gabriel

    My brother and I loved this club, was a great stop when visiting tampa bay.

  176. Joseph

    Love this bar. So friendly.

  177. J

    Where are you located?

  178. Spongebob

    This Club is incredible.

  179. I Love Strippers

    Chastity, I think you rock !!!!!

  180. Austin

    What a great place. We had a super time.

  181. Roger

    Gorgeous entertainers.

  182. Garrett

    pretty rad club, me and my girl went in and both got a dance at the same time, it was wicked.

  183. Levi

    glad to see the nice tits charisma brings to the club.

  184. patrick

    promoting strip club list on myspace and in the club is very smart, diamond dolls is staying innovating. nice club btw.

  185. eee
  186. Ron

    Like the new carpet, and the other upgrades made recently, I have not been in for atleast 8 or 9 months, they had alot of new girls, but some of the realy hot girls were still there from last year. The girls say it is better working there now, so I thnk everyone is happy witht he changes.

  187. COLT
  188. Ivan

    Friday was hoppin at the “DD”. Had a Blast.

  189. Nate

    Hailey is 1 of the hottest waitress’s in the business and I can not stop talking with her. She alone is worth the visit to DD.

  190. richard head
  191. Pablo

    really good time i had, girls are cool.

  192. Lou

    Alea is so friggin hot, but Anya gives the better dances.

  193. Lucas

    Daisy is one Hot Stripper.

  194. Kaylani

    Come see me on night shift, I help make diamond dolls rock.

  195. Jordan

    Come See me on Diamond Dolls Night Shift. xoxoxo Jordan

  196. Damien

    Huge Club with Hot Chicks, love the 1/2 price drinks till 8pm. Hopefully witht he Price of gas going thru the roof, they will give us some better specials at night. $2 Tuesdays are great, but free drinks for chicks on wednesday, whats in it for the guys?

  197. Mystic

    I love working at diamond dolls, the people are great and the club is fun.

  198. Donny

    I like diamond dolls, it’s a great place to wait out that 5pm traffic jam on US 19. Stay an hour, and then the traffic pile up is gone. Stay on 19 and I sit for 45 minutes in my car. I swear, I found a better veiw. The wife never ask me about the extra 15 minute difference either.

  199. Joey

    Of all the clubs in the area, Diamond Dolls is by far the best club I have worked at. Wonderful management.

  200. 2015 Remodel

    It is about time they remodel all 3 clubs, and they are doing

    a great job.

  201. Rex

    finally found a good non ghetto bar in the clearwater area. glad to HEAR !!!

  202. Earl

    super club, great drink prices, girls were nice.

  203. Carson

    cool place to hang out, love it.

  204. Cory

    I have been going to diamond dolls since it 1st opened, and well it isn’t a new building but the place is still doing good. I suggest you check it out when in the area.

  205. Jilean

    Only Club in Town with NO house FEE. Love it.


  206. dft
  207. Leya

    Miss Working at Diamond Dolls, Graet Club.

  208. Seth

    nice club to visit. love the drink specials.

  209. Jerry

    This Club Rocks. Where’s my V I P Card?

  210. Dannielle

    I Just Moved to town and Diamond Dolls has Thee nicest staff to work for, and the girls are all so friendly. Plus 1/2 Drinks from Noon till 8pm, nice.

  211. Dana

    Nice Club.

  212. Super Bowl

    Super Bowl Party = 1/2 Price Drinks and Free Food, watch the game in HD!!!

  213. Tim

    I really enjoyed myself at diamond dolls, they are always evolving and making the place nicer, I also am diggin the new summer drink specials.

  214. Alexis

    Diamond Dolls has been nothing but a great place to work for me, I have only been here for a few weeks and it kicks ass of any club within 15 miles.

  215. Naomi

    I really enjoy working at diamond dolls, everyone treats me so nice and the money is good. I would have to say it is worth the drive to get to clearwater from tampa.

  216. Gem

    Come See me at Diamond Dolls, I am girl of the month for March.



  217. Luke

    I enjoy going to diamond dolls atleast once a month, they have always treated me nice and everyone seems happy to be there.

  218. Easter2017

    Great place to hunt for eggs. πŸ™‚

  219. Marcus

    I think I am infatuated with Justina, if every club had 10 girls like her, clearwater would be adult club central.

  220. Crow

    I am a shy guy, and after only about 30 minutes I felt really comfortable hangin out. Need a place to go party and your by yourself, give diamond dolls a try.

  221. Chevy

    Excellent Club, Best on 19.

  222. Toby

    I have to say, I love the Russian Girls at the Double D, Anya and Peaches are 2 Sexy Women. Just they way they talk, is so erotic.

  223. ee
  224. Lane

    My Party? No such thing as crashing.

  225. Cooper

    2$ drinks and free lunch on everyday makes this club stand out from all the others.

  226. Kathy

    I Love this place, it’s the only club I am happy to call home.

  227. New to SCL

    I heard about this site from diamond dolls myspace post, love the site and love diamond dolls.

  228. Nate

    this place is awesome

  229. Honey

    Glad to Be Back at Diamond Dolls.

  230. Dick

    good club, great place to party. $20 dances worth every penny.

  231. Cherri

    wonderful club to work at, even on the holiday I made enough to pay my bills

  232. trent

    great club, i’m only 18 and i was still able to get in after 7pm, that was nice.

  233. Welcome Back Chris

    Really Nice seeing Chris “Override” back in Diamond Dolls Booth.

  234. Shawn

    fun club and I enjy the 2$ drinks on tuesday

  235. polank
  236. Jeff

    Nice Club, had a really good time.

  237. Drake

    really good place to beat the heat.

  238. Larry

    Great club, I am glad they told me about this site.

  239. kk
  240. Jake

    Not the New Kid on the Block, but a well established Topless club with beautiful women.

  241. Leslie

    $700 1st Place costume contest, Cash !!! Damn Friday night is off the chain.

  242. CollegeChampionship

    It is Football Season !!

  243. ZingoPinellas.com

    We offer people rides home incase they do not want to drink and drive from diamond dolls, very nice club.

  244. Personalities

    Diamond-Dolls has been remodeled in October2007 it’s quality of girl/staff is Excellent. Lovethe FactDayshift Girls are just as Hot as the Night Crew. I expect this club with it’s new managment to Rock!!! With only 4 Big Topless clubs in Pinellas County, Diamond Dolls Has been voted #1 Topless club 7 times, and I see #8 in the making. Free Daytime Buffet and Kitchen at Night, ATM and Hotel Next Door. Diamond Dolls enjoys the best of everything.

    Sorry, I have been to over 50 Strip Clubs and Diamond Dolls is one of the Greatest. 14 Years in the same location I expect the 15th year will best ever. Sorry, butin reality, in the T

  245. Ray

    i spent 4 hours at that club and the only thing they tried to sell me was lap dances, very relaxing place to go.

  246. Fran

    Diamond Dolls is Cheers with beautiful girls.

  247. Crash

    Diamond Dolls Rocks…

  248. Trye

    love the club and lacie is hot. keep her around please.

  249. Woody

    Art really Misses Diamond-Dols.com

  250. Leroy

    I Love the Place!!! Alway have and always will.

  251. HelloFriday

    this place is off the chain tonight, maybe it is the full moon but I was here all day.

  252. Darrin

    Had a Great time…

  253. gft
  254. Connor

    really good club.

  255. Nolan

    dynomite club, this club is incredible.

  256. Katia

    I work at Diamond Dolls and Love it, everyone is nice and the money is good. come see me.

  257. dede
  258. bruce

    diamond dolls has it’s own chatroom on aol and thats how i found out about this website. great place.

  259. Superbowl2017

    Great Event, Thanks everyone who worked it.

  260. Krysti

    Come see me, I Bartend on saturday day and Monday day at Diamond Dolls.

  261. Logan

    Love the 2$ Beers on Monday Night.

  262. Toni

    enjoyed my time, will be back.

  263. gregory

    we had a good time on monday, the all you can drink for $20 is a awesome promo.

  264. Angie

    I Love this Club !!! Place Rocks…

  265. Turkey

    Thank You for being closed Thanksgiving Day for Lunch. I am Glad you are opening at 6pm. Let people order pizza.

  266. Jacob

    club was nice, i enjoyed it.

  267. Jeremy

    Let’s just say… worth the visit!!!!!!

  268. Orlando

    the girls are hot, and the bartenders free pour, so its easy to get drunk, love the place.

  269. ccc
  270. Marks Signs

    Thanks for the Work, Had fun after Work Also….

  271. Charlie

    Diamond Dolls Rocks !!

  272. jimmy

    I Highly recommend this club, one of the best in pinellas county.

  273. Victor

    Just got back in town and diamond dolls still is doing great.

  274. Hector

    I enjoyed spending time at diamond dolls, nice place.

  275. Georgia

    I Had a blast at Diamond Dolls on Sat nite.

  276. Rj

    I had a great time…

  277. Fletcher

    I won’t rate any strip club a 10, so I give diamond-dolls a 9.8

  278. Lonely1

    Thank You for being open on Christmas Night, Really, Lonely x’s 10 on This Holiday.

  279. Asian Lover

    I think Jasmine your new asian girl is hot.

  280. Bret

    This club was great, and I wasn’t hustled by strippers all night.

  281. Taylor

    Come in to Diamond Dolls and Talk to me. πŸ™‚

  282. StripClubExpert

    Nice to see the Diamond Dolls parking lot full all the time, lovin the ladies…

  283. Bubbles

    Diamond Dolls has to be the best topless club in pinellas county for 2009, I tried them all and this club has everything.

  284. Doll

    I have been to alot of clubs, and this has to be 1 of the better clubs in florida.

  285. Coach

    Very nice club.

  286. Kyle

    This Club is Great. I wish I worked There. πŸ™‚

  287. Gia

    This club is the hottest club in Pinellas County!!!

  288. Elvis

    I love Alea, she needs to work more dayshifts.

  289. ddd
  290. Hal

    Great Place to Party, Check it out when you get in the area.

  291. Tina

    I Will be there friday to celebrate Kat’s Birthday!!1

  292. James

    holy shit i never see anything like this place, and hell yes i am telling my friends we are coming back. *****

  293. Keenan

    Cool Club, Love the chicks and the Music.

  294. Craig

    Awesome Club, best in Pinellas County

  295. TJ

    Really nice place, dancers are not stuck up.

  296. CivTheMutt

    I went in last night, August 11th for my birthday and hado a blast. Athena was nice enough to give me a dance, Stephanie at the door bought me a drink, and the atmosphere was terrific. Thanks to all of you!!

  297. Dennis

    See you on monday for that free lunch, and hopefully Taylor will be working.

  298. Friday

    had a blast friday,love the place

  299. Avery

    nice club

  300. Jenna

    I Love Diamond-Dolls. Next time I am in town I know where I am going. πŸ™‚

  301. ret
  302. Ethan

    really cool club, nice mix of women.

  303. Suggestion

    Spend the 75$ to go into the Vip room, much better dance, the regular private dance area loooks like a pool table room, and a rough one at that.

  304. Roarie

    Shouts out to the Hottest club in Clearwater, keep it up.

  305. Leland

    I love the waitress that smells like coconut, she is so hot.

  306. Perry

    Orlando has a stupid 3 foot law, I really like the fact this doesn’t pertain to Pinellas county. Thanks Diamond Dolls, you made my trip to the west coast nice.

  307. claire
  308. yep
  309. Bella

    Diamond Dolls is a super place to work, and the only club in pinellas county to have food all night.

  310. Zach

    really nice club, and I really list this website too, I am glad DD told me about it.

  311. Cold


  312. Mya

    I’m Back, come say Hello to me… Mya XOXOXO

  313. Steven

    Diamond Dolls is excellent!! I had a duo V I P room and it was the best ever!!

  314. Eric

    Super nice club

  315. Don

    The club looks and feels so much better then it use too! Girls were hot and plenty of them. The bartenders kick ass. Hope it stays that way. Good call on new GM. Last guy was an asshole! See ya in November.

  316. Rodney

    1/2 Price Drinks 7 Days a week is something no other club does. Keep it up Diamond Dolls, we appriciate it with the price of gas costing more than a drink at your place, your club is on my list of FAV’s.

  317. Lary

    I Love Diamond Dolls and Can’t get enough. Highly Recommended.

  318. Ross

    This Club Really picks up after 4pm and then again after 10pm, best dances are from the girls who do alot of champagne Rooms, just watch who goes upstairs.

  319. Wes

    Diamond Dolls Rocks, Keep up the good work !!!

  320. Jimbo

    Hot club!

  321. Rusty

    found strip list thru diamonds dolls website, love both.

  322. Colby

    Great club, had a really good time.

  323. johnny

    Man every time I go to that club I wake up hung over, love that place and this site is pretty wicked, off to surf some other clubs I can rate.

  324. Tristen

    I Really Love Working at Diamond Dolls, the place rocks.

  325. Alicia

    I had a blast last wednesday, drank free and got to get on stage, I don’t work there but my man thought it was sexy, so I got a buzz on and did it for him.

  326. Greg

    Absolutly Beautiful Club. I Had a Graet time.

  327. Astra

    This Club is the Best. Come See me. Ask for Astra.

  328. Aiden

    Friendly Staff, good food, nice place.

  329. T

    Good happy hour.

  330. Lenny

    really nice club, I had a good time friday.

  331. Anthony

    Diamond Dolls is great. Tuesday nights are fantastic – everything is $2.

  332. Gina

    I Love Working at Diamond Dolls, come check me out… Gina xoxoxo

  333. Warren

    I love the Russian Chick. oh the club isn’t bad either.

  334. op
  335. Z

    I Like Z, she is hot

  336. Anya

    From Russia with Love. Diamond Dolls has always been kind to me.

  337. JOjo
  338. Philly Fan

    went to diamond dolls on tuesday and the place was rockin.

  339. Willy

    best club

  340. Dave

    Love the New Look and Love the Club as Always.

  341. Mike

    Open all Day/night X-Mas Eve and at 6pm on X-Mas. That’s what makes Diamond Dolls Great.

  342. Joshua

    I had the best birthday party there, I will defintaly be going back. Love Veronica btw.

  343. x
  344. V I P

    V. I. P. Rooms, worth every penny.

  345. Dave

    Nice Place, Sundays are cool.

  346. Justin Dane

    Really nice place, love all the hot girls.

  347. Open Memorial Day

    I am so glad Diamond Dolls is open Memorial Day and offering

    1/2 drinks and a free lunch buffet.

  348. Rob

    When it is rainy out, Diamond Dolls is always packed.

  349. alex

    hot women, cold beer, nice strip club.

  350. Jessie

    Super Club, Highly recommended.

  351. Leo

    Nice Club, great Sound System.

  352. Justice

    Showin sum Love for Diamond Dolls

  353. Eddie

    love the new V.I.P. Rooms and the format of this place,so when i got thier email, i am more than happy to post good things about diamond dolls. Keep it up and keep me informed.

  354. Tawny

    Incredible Club, the people are great, I love working here.

  355. Sean

    great club, had a super time.

  356. Ruben

    the new night DJ is really kewl, has the club rockin hard.

  357. Pauly D

    Great club. Had a great time.

  358. Madison

    Since moving here, Diamond Dolls has proven to be the best club in central florida to work at, I love it.

  359. Pete

    place is filled with hot chicks!! I had a great time.

  360. Cassie

    Diaond Dolls is a fun place to work when in town, I am here for the next month or so, come see me..

  361. Thursday the 12th

    Thursday March 12th, Get in Free and 1st Drink Free, Free Shots, 1/2 Price Dances, Great Party Starting at 7pm.

  362. Bob

    2$ cover charge on Tuesday Night, and 2$ Beer, See you There !!!

  363. Owen

    really cool club, like the thursdays. nice new v i p rooms also.

  364. Leah

    Diamond Dolls will always be the Best Club in Clearwater.

  365. Rick

    Best club I been into in pinellas county in a long time, place was bumpin and the girls are amazing.

  366. Jennifer

    I work at diamond dolls on and off for a few years now, and this place is getting better every time.

  367. Bud Bill

    I love going to diamond dolls

  368. Archie

    Great Club, Love the 1/2 Price Drinks all the time. See you New Years Eve !!!!

  369. Jeffery

    Ladies are friendly, bartenders/waitstaff are nice. Good Club.

  370. good job

    I agree,the drink prices are reasonable

  371. Chrisco
  372. John

    Diamond Dolls is my home. I love this place.

  373. Theo

    Enjoyed myself. Love the Happy Hour specials.

  374. Barry

    Diamond Dolls takes care of me, really enjoy the place.

  375. Art

    I Miss Diamond-Dolls

  376. Joel

    food, booze, chicks and friendly staff is what makes me keep coming back, oh, and it’s close to home.

  377. Sydney

    I just started at diamond dolls and really like it, what a great club.

  378. Abe

    This has to be the best club in the world !

  379. Max

    1/2 Price Drinks from Noon till 8pm 6 Days a Week. Only Club in Pinellas County with a Happy Hour Like this!!!!

  380. brian

    mistic is one sexy girl, i hope she stays at diamond dolls, she has got my vote..

  381. Selena

    One of the Best Clubs I have Ever worked at.

  382. Eric as Elvis

    I Love Alea

  383. lewis

    I had a really gooood time this week at this club.

  384. JennyB

    Awesome place! Will DEFINATELY come here again!

  385. Sofachrome

    Thanks for all the promotion!! Loved your club!

  386. landon

    happy I checked this club out, it is very nice. Really hot girls.

  387. Spencer

    diamond dolls is a very nice club, and the girls all tell me they are treated like ladies by the staff, must be the secret to keeping them all happy, which allows the entertainers to keep me happy.

  388. wert
  389. Rick

    Beat club in the area. Hot girls and friendly staff.

  390. Rashidi

    I knew a girl that worked at diamond dolls, she loved it and made a ton of cash. 10 out of 10 i rate the place.

  391. Raatt

    Wow, What a Nice Club.

  392. phil

    diamond dolls seems to be the busiest club in the county, and has the most relaxed atmosphere. great place..

  393. Darrell

    1/2 Price Drinks from Noon till 8pm is the best happy hour in the county. I Love this club.

  394. Nicole

    Diamond Dolls is telling everyone that goes into the club to visit stripclublist.com, they seem to be doing a great job at self promoting, and I can’t blame them for that. Hell, I found out about this club via this website and they gave me a job via the internet, I emailed them some pics and they told me to come see them when I got in town. I make good money at the double d, and don’t mind posting it.

  395. Jada

    Diamond Dolls is just a laid back Topless Club with great staff and the girls are sweet. I Love Working there. Carmen the waitress Rocks too!!!!

  396. Lisa

    My Husband and I Love Diamond Dolls on Saturday Nights, couples nights need to be more nights of the week.

  397. LJ

    love the 1/2 price drinks all day on mondays

  398. RSF
  399. Henry

    dozen girls at 2pm, good food. I had a good time on friday.

  400. Athena

    Well I am Back at Diamond Dolls, worked al the clubs in the area and DD is still the best. Love it there.

  401. Gemini

    Love Working at Diamond Dolls, I ave been there for 3 weeks and haven’t had 1 bad experiance.

  402. Mac

    nice club, good dancers, didn’t get ripped off.

  403. Isaac

    4 Stars, great place.

  404. Nick

    any club with free food and 2$ drinks is my kinda club.

  405. Doc

    always a winner, diamond dolls has it down to a science when it comes to a good time.

  406. JP

    I really liked this place. A lot of good looking girls and the food was surprisingly good. it’s the cleanest strip club I’ve been in, in pinellas co. Management seemed very attentive to staff and customers. Friendlist Strip Club I’ve been to. Keep up the great work. Big differance from a year ago.

  407. I Like Anna

    Yes I Do.

  408. jt
  409. cary

    club was really nice, can’t wait to go back.

  410. b-man
  411. ralph

    great time on saturday, sweet club. Hot chicks.

  412. Piper

    Incredible Place

  413. Sammy

    Friday Nite was packed, after a hard week at the office it was nice to relax in a club with that kind of energy.

  414. David

    Club rocks, really down to earth girls, not snobs.

  415. Ty

    the dj mentioned this site so I figured I would check it out, love it, and love diamond dolls. gonna check out some other listings while i’m here. nice free site ya got here stip club list.

  416. Carl

    champagne room upgrades are a great added feature to an already great club.

  417. Reg Joe

    really nice to see the improvments to your private dance area, the new booths with privacy walls are nice.

  418. tt
  419. Emily

    Just started working at diaomnd dolls and I love it here. come in and visit me.


  420. the truth

    best club in florida…whata joke…management logs on constantly with fake reviews…buyer beware!!

  421. Walter

    What a Nice club to visit.

  422. Vic

    Stunning ladies, good stiff drinks, friggin music was perfect. enjoyed myself alot.

  423. Meagan

    I had a blast last time I was in this club, my husband and I got dances, it was hot.

  424. Dale

    had my bacholor party at diamond dolls and it rocked. even my best friend couldn’t believe how nice the chicks are.

  425. Andrea

    I Love working at Diamond-Dolls, the place and staff are really cool.

  426. Rich

    Got wasted. Good Bartenders !!

  427. FF
  428. Tee

    I Love Working at Diamond dolls.

  429. Irvin

    really nice place, has to be in the top 2 of best in clearwater.

  430. John

    Well Played, Gentlemen. Place was fun

  431. Ace

    Love the new Lunch Menu and Kitchen Staff, and with the kick ass summer drink specials, this club is sweet.

  432. Sabrina

    I was asked to go to stripclublist.com and show my support for the club that puts food on my table. I love diamond dolls and I love working here. come see me, I work nights.

  433. randy

    great place to have your birthday party, love the v i p rooms

  434. Christmas Party Dec 17th

    8pm Kicks off the Christmas Party on Thursday Dec 17 2009. See your Favorite Dancer for an invite to get in FREE !!

  435. Brad

    really super club, they will rub you the right way.

  436. Gerry

    This place is great, the women are hot, the club is big, everything about it is world class.

  437. Choo Choo

    can’t stop coming back it’s soooo good.

  438. Leeanna

    Love Diamond Dolls, especially wednesdays when girls drink free.

  439. Harley

    Bree is one beAutiful woman, good job on that new hire !!!

  440. Lucky

    I have family that owns a strip club in clearwater, but I party at Diamond Dolls, it’s bigger and the women are hotter by far!!!

  441. tourist1

    haven’t been for a while – but always nice place. I hear Bubbles is working there now – is that correct. Guess I will have to stop by and see

  442. Angelo

    Nice Club. I wasn’t Hustle’d. Hung out for a few hours, had fun.

  443. Adam the bull

    Place is Hot!

  444. Gene

    diamond dolls is still the best club in pinellas county, florida.

  445. Ben

    I am now managing the swing shifts, if you have any issues please bring them to the Manager’s attention.

  446. Jorge

    had a blast thursday. nice club.

  447. Kev

    Love this club, very friendly girls.

  448. Best

    dancers in the State.

  449. Bryan

    Showing my support for diamond dolls, love the club, I vote it a 10 !!

  450. Nice

    visited last weekend, and i have to say one of the best clubs i have ever been to.

  451. StPatty

    St Patty’s Day the 17th, come get your GREEN on !!

  452. Jasmine

    I love working at Diamond Dolls.

  453. Antonio

    excellent club if you go at the right times of the day/night.

  454. Butch

    VIP Rooms are the Bomb.

  455. gyt
  456. dd
  457. Steve

    Monday Nite 1/2 price drinks keeps me coming back.

  458. Leroy

    Best Club on 19. Cheap, Strong Drinks, Wild Strppers.

  459. OpenChristmasat6pm

    Diamond Dolls will be open Christmas Eve Noon – 3 a.m. and Sunday Christmas Day opening from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. Happy Holidays.

  460. Chase

    always been a good time when I stop in.

  461. Pat
  462. Darrel
  463. Danny

    nice club, nice women, great atmosphere.

  464. Francis

    The girls and staff are friendly and the atmosphere is nice.

  465. Len

    Like most of the big clubs in the area, topless, full liquor, friction style dances. Good place to tie one on.

  466. Tabatha

    I Love Diamond Dolls, especially on saturday for couples nite.

  467. Byron

    man… what a good time we had at this place.

  468. Phillip

    Sinsational Club, my buddy and I reaaly had a great time at the all you can drink night. This club was just off the chain.

  469. Couple of Folk

    We Love Saturday’s at Diamond Dolls, it’s couples nite and we are treated very well.

  470. Fetish Show

    August 20th V.i.P. Fetish Party, see club web site for details and advanced ticket sales.

  471. eli

    excellent club.

  472. Martin

    This club is fantastic. Lots of hot chics.

  473. Ashton

    Heard about Stip Clubb List from the folks at Diamomd-Dolls.com, Love the club, and now I love this site.

  474. Stevo

    love the club

  475. Karl

    my friend dragged me imto diamond dolls friday day, we had so much fun I made my old lady in friday night.

  476. Scott

    hell of a club, big and the chicks are really sweet. I recommend it.

  477. Matt P

    nice to go back to DD after 15yrs and still have a great time.

  478. Pebbles

    I have worked serval clubs in the area, and diamond dolls has to be the best. Thanks to the staff at the “D-D”, you have been great.

  479. Brent

    Diamond Dolls is world famous I check the stats on extreme tracking, its the little blue icon on the bottom of thier website, I have had visitors from every country and get over 1000 visits to thier website a month, that has to mean something. i love the club, but they need couches in the private dances area, my fat ass don’t fit in the chairs in there.

  480. Elliot

    sweet little strip club.

  481. Dolly

    Diamond Dolls is the best club in town by far!!!

  482. Baila

    I enjoy working at diamond dolls, and the house mom is super cool.

  483. Jarod

    It’s really nice seeing all the people that still hang out at Diamond Dolls again, place is still as much fun as ever.

  484. 4thofJuly

    Nice BBQ and $1k Fireworks display. Keep it up.

  485. NFL King

    Diamond Dolls offer’s 1/2 Drinks on Monday Night. See you there.

  486. nfl

    draft pitcher is 5 bucks during the day and free food

  487. Gordon

    had a great time at diamond dolls, can’t wait til I get a chance to go back.

  488. Jane

    I love this club.

  489. Jon

    I love this place. It’s my second home. Keep up the good work DD.

  490. Raul

    I Loved my experiance at Diamond Dolls, if you go in a party bus, have the driver go get you a deal on cover charge.

  491. Jason

    Things are looking up if the prices stay down.

  492. Summer

    Glad to be Back at Diamond Dolls. Come see me and my Sister.

  493. Bradley

    the variety of music and women at that club was incredible. so when visiting clearwater check out diamond dolls..

  494. Ronnie

    Fun place to go with friends or by yourself.

  495. robbie

    $75.00 champagne rooms keep me coming back over and over again. has to be some of the cheapest rooms in town.

  496. Tony B

    One of the best clubs in the county, if not the best.

  497. Benny

    this club has the best jello shooters ever!!

  498. Amber

    This is the Hotest Club South of Pasco County !!!

  499. Robert

    nice club. i wish you had more latin girls.

  500. Terri

    After the Baseball game I checked out Diamond Dolls and it was super nice. check it out if ya can.

  501. Wow

    Nightmoves Ranked Diamond Dolls as 1 of the Top 4 Topless Clubs in the Bay Area, Go Diamond Dolls !!

  502. Supporting my Club

    Diamond Dolls added strip club list to thier links section of their site, so I am posting here in support of my local club.

  503. Gail

    really nice club that has definatly improved themselves this last year. like the new stuff.

  504. tr
  505. Billy

    couples nite is so much fun, every saturday nite me and my girl look forward to going to diamond dolls, the entertainers there are not afraid of dancing for both of us at once.

  506. Michael

    As a Rodeway inn customer, it is really nice having a club like this next door.

  507. Smitty

    man, i like getting dances from charisma, she got some nice tits.

  508. Herb

    I checked out this club thursday night and was very impressed, the ladies are sexy, the drinks are strong, and the dances are full contact. I really enjoyed it.

  509. raymond

    club has some hot chicks and the drinks are strong.

  510. sm00th
  511. alainna

    really great club to both visit or work at. everyone treats you like you belong. the regs are incredible nice also.

  512. Collin

    Went to Diamond Dolls, and the 2$ Drinks and the quality of girls made it worth the Cab Ride Home, so I stayed for 4 hours.

  513. Cris

    can you say “affordable” ! Free food and $2 Drinks till 8pm, love the day crew.

  514. NewYears2016

    Open New Years Eve Day and New Year’s Day Noon – 3 a.m

  515. WhatILikeAboutYou

    Every city has is secret sweet spot, and I think I found You. Thanks Diamond Dolls I had a super good time.

  516. Jana

    I Love Working Diamond Dolls, place Rocks, and it is a big Club, not a little dive/jack shack

  517. shy
  518. GBB

    Diamond Dolls is one of the best clubs in Tampa Bay !!

  519. Dan

    The Drinks are really strong and the girls very beautiful. Diamond Dolls continues it’s 20 year tradition of being a great place to get away from the wife.

  520. Ryne

    I flew into st. pete airport and found diamond dolls less than 5 minutes away. had fun, got drunk and stayed in the hotel next to the club. If you stay next door, ask them for the club rate, I saved 15$ thanks to the door girl telling me about the special rate.

  521. vinny

    great club, had a good time. really like the 15 minute v i p rooms.

  522. Dave & Robin

    Satuday, couples night is fantastic. We had a great time.

  523. harry

    always loved diamond dolls, now i like them even more with all the improvements. KJ is the Best!!

  524. Charles

    like the club, love the girls, hate the haters.

  525. Edgar

    I miss Angelique, but I will admit, diamond dolls has alot of new talent. Still having fun in the Big Pink !!

  526. G-MON


  527. Jayster

    the layout of this club is really nice, drinks are priced right, and the private dance area is worth the $$

  528. Paul

    Incredible Club, almost every guy I seen in any other club I been in, comes thru Diamond Dolls doors atleast once a month.

  529. Kent

    classy little setup this place has, plays itself off as a topless bar when really it is a giant family of customers that just show up all the time. 5 stars.

  530. Felony

    I Love Workin at diamond Dolls, great club.

  531. Christopher

    This Place is off the chain with hot chicks, Love it !!!

  532. totototo

    very coooool

  533. Lee

    had a good time when I was at tis club, my friend saiad the dances were great, full friction. We will be back.

  534. Satin

    I Love Working at Diamond Dolls, come in and see me… Satin

  535. Oct2019

    Best Club in the Tampa Bay area.

  536. Brandon

    I had a Blast on Superbowl Sunday at Diamond-Dolls.

  537. Sally

    Love what you are doing with the club this year.

  538. James


  539. Skyler

    this club has improved alot in a year, like the new vip rooms.

  540. Derick

    Club was a rockin, 34 girls thursday night, 39 wednesday night, the double d is stayin alive like always.

  541. DayShift

    This club has the best Day shift in Pinellas in 2017, seen them, and wow.

  542. Happy Easter

    Diamond Dolls will open at 6pm Easter Sunday, mention stripclublist.com for FREE cover Charge. 1/2 Price Drinks till 8pm then 12$ Buckets of Beer and $4.00 Shots. Also check out the video under the comments section.

  543. Will

    the double d has been a staple in the adult club industry in clearwater for years now, very nice club I visit atleast twice a year, the recent upgrades only make my visits more pleasant.

  544. Stacy

    I went in on Wednesday Night, Drank Free, had a Blast, Def.. will make it a ritual.

  545. Open 6pm Christmas Day

    Open All Day and Night Christmas Eve.

  546. Tommy

    really glad to see Chastity is back, what a great girl to party with.

  547. harold

    really nice place to meet some really cool strippers.

  548. Ying

    Dhow sha biing

  549. Isis

    I just started at Diamond Dolls and I Love it there. Highly recommended, I am telling all my regs..

  550. Dawson

    going into diamond dolls is always a treat, love that club.

  551. Baby

    Been working at Diamond Dolls for 2 weeks now, and this Club is the Bomb, Money is Great!!!!

  552. Luc

    Rock on DD best club.

  553. Drew

    can’t believe Ginger is back, she is so hot. diamond dolls rocks.

  554. George

    Nice Club, I will definatly go back.

  555. Freddie

    Sweet Club, the place is big, girls are hot, and the vip room rocks.

  556. Darrell

    loved the food they had on a tuesday night and the women are 5*

  557. Sin

    Come see me at Diamond Dolls, I Love it here.

  558. Ravae

    I am making great money at diamond dolls, love working there, come and see me.


  559. Nathan

    Just a Great Club with alot of Hot Women! Whatever happened to Jello Wresting?

  560. aa
  561. Stumpy

    I went down on a dancer at this club and I got a yeast infection on my tongue! Avoid this club!

  562. were
  563. Jackie

    If you’ve never been to Diamond Dolls, you don’t know what you are missing. This place is fantastic.

  564. fgh
  565. Wesley

    Bucket of 6 Beers served on ice was only 12$, and thier Jello Shots were in actual sirenges, totally cool. Good place to get drunk. Then get the moped dude to come drive ya home =’s great night.

  566. Parker

    this club is doing so much better now that the ex marine isn’t running the show, hell they even have private rooms now. gotta love it.

  567. Rick

    Not your Daddies Diamond Dolls anymore, this place is Poppin.

  568. Andy

    Nicest Club in Clearwater!!!!

  569. Candy

    Diamond-Dolls is the only Club worth visiting when in Pinellas County.

  570. sandstorm

    Could use a makeover. A blue collar joint but everyone gets along. VIP rooms are

    cheap and very private. Free pizza on Sundays. Some girls are “very good”

    compared to others. Some do get too drunk but management has no tolerance

    for it. DJ’s are excellent.

  571. Q

    A +

  572. Neil

    Swung in on my way home, really nice place, they really do have $2 drinks.

  573. Richard

    2 thumbs up. Hot girls and great drinks.

  574. Curtis

    really nice titty bar, and they have food, a rarity in this area.

  575. Darrnell

    Astra is 1 Hot Chick !!!!! I will defintitly be back….

  576. Peter

    even in the slow hours the chicks are super hot and the price is right.

  577. Shawna

    I went into both OZ and Diamond Dolls, and OZ was really pretty inside, but Diamond Dolls seemed to have more tipping customers and hotter girls. Enjoyed my visit back to pinellas, but I must go back to SRQ where I work now.

  578. Cage

    i really like the new side stages

  579. LarryStump

    I love this club, especially when I am allowed to work here.

  580. La La

    I Love working at Diamond Dolls, come see me.

  581. T Rex

    WOW ! This is the best club ever !

  582. Bigger Fish

    I Love the Fish Tank!

  583. Duff

    took me to now to get over my hangover, love the all you can drink monday nites, looking forward to the new drink specials on wednesday, thursday and friday.

  584. maxwell

    couch dances are sweet, alot better than the old stand up dances.

  585. Rourie

    What a great place to work at, I love diamond dolls and everything they have done for me..

  586. edwin

    really nice club to check out, girls are really sexy.

  587. One Stop Exotic Shop

    I like diamond dolls, I have sold outfits to the girls there and all of them love the club to which they call “home”.

  588. Troy

    huge club with great music and chicks.

  589. Darren

    Finally a club I didn’t feel hustled at, fun place, hot girls.

  590. Terry

    fun club, girls are sexy.

  591. Aleah

    Love all the new upgrades to Diamond Dolls, can’t wait till the fetish party.

  592. Leon

    Peyton, the door girl at this club has to be one of the sexiest women I have ever seen or met. Wow, that’s all I can say.

  593. Chad

    1/2 Drinks Monday Night During Football Season = Very Nice !!

  594. Luis

    awesome club, when is Tawny Peaks coming back?

  595. fff
  596. Thad

    impressive place, I had a great time.

  597. Jamie

    sweet club, really sexy chicks.

  598. Ben

    Charisma rocks my world, lovin it.

  599. Dean

    fun place with nice split tale, worth the visit.

  600. Angi
  601. Angelique

    This club has always been good to work at, and I only see it getting better in the future. Nice New Tile btw.

  602. KC

    Jasmine is soooo Hot, I wish she would make up her mind weather to work days or nights, I hate going in and her not there.

  603. Gary

    diamond dolls is a very nice place to go and cut loose. I had a gooood time.

  604. debbie

    best atmosphere and people in the tampa bay area.

  605. de
  606. Gus

    This club is really nice, what a great place to get your rocks off. Had $2 Shots of Ceurvo and $2 Corona Bottles all day and night. Happy Cincode Mayo !!!

  607. Zack

    Fun place, had a really good time. I miss the jello wrestling, but the V I P Rooms make for it.

  608. Derek

    Told the wife I was playing golf, went to diamond dolls and had a great time, keep it up guys.

  609. good customer

    wow, what a club, beautiful girls, great staff, awesome light show and good drink prices. I love Diamond Dolls!!!

  610. Back to Normal

    The day Buffet is back being catered in, and we love it.

  611. Vern

    Very nice club.

  612. 44
  613. craig

    I love candy

  614. Mick

    nice club, love the changes, I always visit Diamond Dolls when in town.

  615. Matt

    I Love How Diamond Dolls Website is updated everytime the club is doing something. Keep up the good work. I also like the http://www.myspace.com/theediamonddolls myspace page.

  616. Shannon

    Astra is fuckin hot!! Rest of the girls aren’t bad either.

  617. ken

    i love the couch dances, and the champaine rooms, food is nice to have available also.

  618. Nina

    Columbia Hottie Loving Life at Diamond Dolls, Come See Me. I just started thursday and love it. Nina πŸ™‚

  619. Excellent

    Super Place to Party!

  620. El Cheapo

    1/2 Price Drinks 6 Days a Week Noon till 8pm, I Love this Place and Free Lunch 6 Days a Week and a Kitchen at Night. Wow

  621. dser
  622. artie

    what a good time I had at this club, will be back soon. Happy Easter guys.

  623. Angel

    Genesis is one of the hottest chicks in the building, a little freak (in a good way). I always call and ask if she’s there.

  624. kris

    place was nice and we had a incredible time.

  625. Gordie

    diamond dolls is worth checking out when in the clearwater area< i liked it.

  626. Christmas2016

    Best Christmas Party of all the clubs. 5 Stars !!

  627. re
  628. Birthday Boy

    I Turned 50 Today and boy it was a Blast, I love Diamond-Dolls !!!


  629. Vito


  630. Moe

    i had a wonderful time and plan to be back next time I am in town

  631. fgr
  632. In Love

    I thnk the new striper “Erica” is friggin hot!! See you this weekend.

  633. Hungover

    Man, The all you can drink Mondays I get ore up from the floor up. See you thrusday for Yager Day.

  634. Sky

    I Never Danced before, walked in went to work, and made bank.

  635. noel

    excellent place, lovein it.

  636. Ricky

    Loved it !!

  637. Stanley

    i went to diamond dolls recently and the place is always doing better than any of the other topless clubs. Customer loyalty to this club is amazing.

  638. Open X-Mas Eve til 2am

    Open X-mas Eve all day and night, then being open on X-mas Night is one of the reasons this club rocks. Come one Come ALL!!!!

  639. 1st timer to this site

    heard about strip club list while at diamond dolls, i would have to recommend both. whatever happened to “the ultimate strip club list”? oh, ask for sabrina if you want a hot spanish chick.

  640. Just Wow

    Found Diamond Dolls You Tube Video and it does not do the place justice.

  641. Ryan

    OK club and I think Lacie is one hot MILF.

  642. Halloween 2009

    $3 You Call it ! $2 Bottled Beer ! Get in FREE with Costume. Costume Contest. $3 imported Bottled Beer.

  643. Peter

    Loved the Club. Will be back with the wife on Saturday.

  644. Tia

    I love working at the double D! Come see me sometime, I work almost all the time lol

  645. Renee

    soooo cool of a club, place is great to work at!!!!!!!!!!

  646. Jigglyroom

    There is alot of fun stuff including gambling and HD videos at the JigglyRoom.com

  647. Dominic

    finally something to do on a thursday!! Go Diamond Dolls..

  648. Jenson

    Really nice place, the girls are hot.

  649. tfr
  650. Randal

    I can’t stop coming back. Love this place.

  651. dert
  652. Ashley

    Friday night I crashed your party, saturday I said I’m sorry Sunday came and we did it all again.

  653. Myra
  654. Shane

    Graet Club

  655. Glen

    Open 12 till 2am Christmas Eve and Christmas Night after 6pm, nice….

  656. Ceirra

    Great place to work. Everyone is super cool.

  657. DiamondDolls2016

    Diamond Dolls is still kickin hard ! Best Club to get your groove on in the County.

  658. ex pesonality cust

    This place rocks. Management/Owner Have done alot of very positive things to make this club the best strip bar around. friendly staff, great service. Thanks for making this club a great place to be a regular customer.

  659. Jan

    This club rocks almost every time I am there!

  660. Chastity

    I’m Back. Come on in and see me. Love ya Guy’s.. Chastity

  661. Chet

    1/2 price drinks for the 1st 8 hours this club is open, hot chicks and free food, I am starting a new ritual, visiting diamond dolls all the time.

  662. Nash

    club has definatly turned out nice, i hadn’t been since december, like the changes

  663. manager
  664. Strip Club King

    This bar has alot of personality, worth visiting, twice. Voted #1 Topless Club 7 Years in a Row btw. Also, they are #1 in the Nation according to StripClubList.com.

  665. frt
  666. Bud

    Excellent Club, I stopped in on my way to fix some drywall at a sprint store, and was late getting to the job site I had so much fun.

  667. Excellent

    Excellent Strip Club, Strippers from around the world workin in this joint. I had a great time.

  668. Bart

    so I go to diamond dolls thinking I will have a beer and go home, Kylee made sure I was so entertained, I didn’t leave for 2 hours. Loved it.

  669. Alexxx

    Maybe you remember me from Personality’s, come see me at Diamond Dolls.. Alexxx

  670. Davis
  671. Sal

    super nice place to hang with hot girls.

  672. BootyClub

    Love the Strippers and the cheap hotel next door, no dui for me πŸ™‚

  673. Tip

    Best club around

  674. Silk

    Tuesdays have to be one of the best days to go to the double D, Maria rocked my world.

  675. Sonny

    Nice Place.

  676. DiamondDollsClearwater

    Find us on Facebook. Also check out the web site as we update it and the club.

  677. Donnie

    Good place to get a buzz on, I miss the all you can drink Mondays, but love the $2 bottled beer tuesdays.

  678. Lacie

    Diamond Dolls is a great club, call and see if I am working.

  679. Reggie

    Best club in Pinellas County.

  680. KP
  681. travis

    one of the best clubs in clearwater, i remember in the early 90’s, they were voted number 1 like 7 years in a row.

  682. Barney

    diamond dolls is a rock solid strip club, one of the best in the state. not over priced, and the people are friendly. the selection of girls is amazing and the place just says “welcome”. a must visit..

  683. A.J.

    Come check me out at Diamond Dolls, I work nigh shift and love it here.


  684. Sanje

    Wednesday Nights, Friday Day, Sat Day and a Double on Sunday I am DJing at Diamond Dolls #DiamondDollsClearwater Come see why we are slammed.

  685. Red

    Nice club, and free food 6 days a week, I will be back.

  686. vincent

    really nice club, like the new lights around the roof, those are trick.

  687. Twins R Sexy

    We had a incredible time on the twins birthday, they are way sexy.

  688. Todd

    i like diamond dolls, specially after that last GM was replaced.

  689. Kat

    I just started working at diamond dolls, and the place is great. I get to hear all the classic rock and modern trance I am into, the girls are nice and the club is pretty. I like it there.


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